Changhua County

Changhua County
Changhua County
Traditional Chinese 彰化縣
Simplified Chinese 彰化县
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Changhua County
Abbreviation(s): Changhua (彰化)
Taiwan ROC political division map Changhua County.svg
County seat Changhua City
Region Western Taiwan
County Magistrate Cho Po-Yuan (卓伯源)
Cities 1
Townships 25
- Total 1,074.396 km²
(15 of 25)
- % water n/a %
- Total 1,312,611 (Oct. 2008)
(6 of 25)
- Density 1221.72/km²
- County flower Chrysanthemum
- County tree Peepul (Ficus religiosa)
- County bird Grey-faced buzzard (Butastur indicus)
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Changhua County is the smallest county in Taiwan located on the westside of Taiwan. It is officially governed as a county of the Republic of China (Taiwan).





Urban townships

  1. Beidou Township (北斗鎮 Běidǒu Zhèn)
  2. Erlin Township (二林鎮 Èrlín Zhèn)
  3. Hemei Township (和美鎮 Héměi Zhèn)
  4. Lukang Township (鹿港鎮 Lùgǎng Zhèn)
  5. Tianzhong Township (田中鎮 Tiánzhōng Zhèn)
  6. Xihu Township (溪湖鎮 Xīhú Zhèn)
  7. Yuanlin Township (員林鎮 Yuánlín Zhèn)

Rural townships

  1. Dacheng Township (大城鄉)
  2. Dacun Township (大村鄉)
  3. Ershui Township (二水鄉)
  4. Fenyuan Township (芬園鄉)
  5. Fangyuan Township (芳苑鄉)
  6. Fuxing Township (福興鄉)
  7. Huatan Township (花壇鄉)
  8. Pitou Township (埤頭鄉)
  9. Puxin Township (埔心鄉)
  10. Puyan Township (埔鹽鄉)
  11. Shengang Township (伸港鄉)
  12. Shetou Township (社頭鄉)
  13. Tianwei Township (田尾鄉)
  14. Xianxi Township (線西鄉)
  15. Xiushui Township (秀水鄉)
  16. Xizhou Township (溪州鄉)
  17. Yongjing Township (永靖鄉)
  18. Zhutang Township (竹塘鄉)

Higher education

  • National Changhua University of Education
  • Dayeh University
  • MingDao University
  • ChienKuo Technology University
  • ChungChon Institute of Technology

Sister cities


Name Feature Location
The food of Lukang The cuisines of Lukang includes seafood like sturgeon, eel, oyster, bivalve, river shrimp, and Chinese oyster, and dessert like bird-eye cake, lard cake, cow tongue shaped cakes, shortcake, peanut candy, Chinese bread…etc. Among these shops, Yu-chen chai had operated from Ching dynasty for one hundred years. Lukang, Changhua

quote from Tourism Bureau, MOTC, R.O.C.

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