Chancellorsville Union order of battle

Chancellorsville Union order of battle

The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Chancellorsville of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.


Abbreviations used

Military rank


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of the Potomac

MG Joseph Hooker

General Headquarters

Command of the Provost-Marshal-General
BG Marsena R. Patrick

  • 93rd New York Infantry: Col John S. Crocker
  • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies E and I: Cpt James Starr
  • 8th U.S. Infantry, Companies A, B, C, D, F, and G: Cpt E. W. H. Read
  • Detachment Regular Cavalry: Lt Tattnall Paulding

Patrick's Brigade
Col William F. Rogers

  • 21st New York Infantry: Ltc Chester W. Steinberg
  • 23rd New York Infantry: Col Henry C. Hoffman
  • 35th New York Infantry: Col John G. Todd
  • 80th New York Infantry: Col Theodore B. Gates
  • Battery B, Maryland Light Artillery: Cpt Alonzo Snow
  • 12th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery: Cpt Aaron C. Johnson

Engineer Brigade
BG Henry W. Benham

  • 15th New York: Col Clinton G. Colgate
  • 50th New York: Col Charles B. Stuart
  • Battalion United States: Cpt Chauncey B. Reese

Signal Corps
Cpt Samuel T. Cushing

Ordnance Detachment Lt John R. Edie

Guards and Orderlies

  • Oneida (N.Y.) Cavalry: Capt Daniel P. Mann

BG Henry J. Hunt
All artillery, except for the Reserve, is listed under the commands with which they served.

Artillery Reserve
Cpt William M. Graham
BG Robert O. Tyler (assigned May 2, 1863)

  • Battery B, 1st Connecticut Heavy: Lt Albert F. Brooker
  • Battery M, 1st Connecticut Heavy: Cpt Franklin A. Pratt
  • 5th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Elijah D. Taft
  • 15th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Patrick Hart
  • 29th Battery, New York Light: Lt Gustav Von Blucher
  • 30th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Adolph Voegelee
  • 32nd Battery, New York Light: Lt George Gaston
  • Battery K, 1st United States: Lt Lorenzo Thomas, Jr.
  • Battery C, 3rd United States: Lt Henry Meinell
  • Battery G, 4th United States: Lt Marcus P. Miller
  • Battery K, 5th United States: Lt David H. Kinzie
  • 32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C: Cpt Josiah C. Fuller

Train Guard

  • 4th New Jersey (Seven Companies): Col William Birney, Cpt Robert S. Johnston

I Corps

MG John F. Reynolds

Chief of Artillery
Col Charles S. Wainwright

1st Maine Cavalry, Company L: Cpt Constantine Taylor

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG James S. Wadsworth

1st Brigade

   Col Walter Phelps, Jr.

  • 22nd New York: Maj Thomas J. Strong
  • 24th New York: Col Samuel R. Beardsley
  • 30th New York: Col William M. Searing
  • 84th New York: Col Edward B. Fowler
2nd Brigade

   BG Lysander Cutler

  • 7th Indiana: Ltc Ira G. Grover
  • 76th New York: Col William P. Wainwright
  • 95th New York: Col George H. Biddle
  • 147th New York: Col John G. Butler
  • 56th Pennsylvania: Col J. William Hofmann
3rd Brigade

   BG Gabriel R. Paul

  • 22nd New Jersey: Col Abraham G. Demarest
  • 29th New Jersey: Col William R. Taylor
  • 30th New Jersey: Col John J. Cladek
  • 31st New Jersey: Ltc Robert R. Honeyman
  • 137th Pennsylvania: Col Joseph B. Kiddoo
4th Brigade (Iron Brigade)

   BG Solomon Meredith

  • 19th Indiana: Col Samuel J. Williams
  • 24th Michigan: Col Henry A. Morrow
  • 2nd Wisconsin: Col Lucius Fairchild
  • 6th Wisconsin: Col Edward S. Bragg
  • 7th Wisconsin: Col William W. Robinson

   Cpt John A. Reynolds

  • 1st Battery, New Hampshire Light: Cpt Frederick M. Edgell
  • Battery L, 1st New York Light: Cpt John A. Reynolds
  • Battery B, 4th United States: Lt James Stewart

Second Division
     BG John C. Robinson

1st Brigade

   Col Adrian R. Root

  • 16th Maine: Col Charles W. Tilden
  • 94th New York: Cpt Samuel A. Moffett
  • 104th New York: Col Gilbert G. Prey
  • 107th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas F. McCoy
2nd Brigade

   BG Henry Baxter

  • 12th Massachusetts: Col James L. Bates
  • 26th New York: Ltc Gilbert S. Jennings
  • 90th Pennsylvania: Col Peter Lyle
  • 136th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas M. Bayne
3rd Brigade

   Col Samuel H. Leonard

  • 13th Massachusetts: Ltc N. Walter Batchelder
  • 83rd New York: Ltc Joseph A. Moesch
  • 97th New York: Col Charles Wheelock
  • 11th Pennsylvania: Col Richard Coulter
  • 88th Pennsylvania: Ltc Louis Wagner

   Cpt Dunbar R. Ransom

  • 2nd Battery, Maine Light: Cpt James A. Hall
  • 5th Battery, Maine Light: Cpt George F. Leppien, Lt Edmund Kirby, Lt Greenleaf T. Stevens
  • Battery C, Pennsylvania Light: Cpt James Thompson
  • Battery C, 5th United States: Cpt Dunbar R. Ransom

Third Division
     MG Abner Doubleday

1st Brigade

   BG Thomas A. Rowley

2nd Brigade

   Col Roy Stone

  • 143rd Pennsylvania: Col Edmund L. Dana
  • 149th Pennsylvania: Ltc Walton Dwight
  • 150th Pennsylvania: Col Langhorne Wister

   Maj Ezra W. Matthews

  • Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Cpt James H. Cooper
  • Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Lt R. Bruce Ricketts
  • Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Cpt Frank P. Amsden

II Corps

MG Darius N. Couch

Chief of Artillery
Ltc Charles H. Morgan

6th New York Cavalry, Companies D and K: Cpt Riley Johnson

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     MG Winfield S. Hancock

1st Brigade

   BG John C. Caldwell

  • 5th New Hampshire: Col Edward E. Cross, Ltc Charles E. Hapgood
  • 61st New York: Col Nelson A. Miles (w), Ltc K. Oscar Broady
  • 81st Pennsylvania: Col H. Boyd McKeen
  • 148th Pennsylvania: Col James A. Beaver, Maj George A. Fairlamb
2nd Brigade (Irish Brigade)

   BG Thomas F. Meagher

3rd Brigade

   BG Samuel K. Zook

  • 52nd New York: Col Paul Frank, Ltc Charles G. Freudenberg
  • 57th New York: Ltc Alford B. Chapman
  • 66th New York: Col Orlando H. Morris
  • 140th Pennsylvania: Col Richard P. Roberts
4th Brigade

   Col John R. Brooke

  • 27th Connecticut: Col Richard S. Bostwick
  • 2nd Delaware: Ltc David L. Stricker
  • 64th New York: Col Daniel G. Bingham
  • 53rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Richards McMichael
  • 145th Pennsylvania: Col Hiram L. Brown
5th Brigade (temporary)

   Col Edward E. Cross

  • 5th New Hampshire: Ltc Charles E. Hapgood
  • 81st Pennsylvania: Col H. Boyd McKeen
  • 88th New York: Col Patrick Kelly

   Cpt Rufus D. Pettit

  • Battery B, 1st New York Light: Cpt Rufus D. Pettit
  • Battery C, 4th United States: Lt Evan Thomas

Second Division
     BG John Gibbon

1st Brigade

   BG Alfred Sully
   Col Henry W. Hudson
   Col Byron Laflin

  • 19th Maine: Col Francis E. Heath
  • 15th Massachusetts: Maj George C. Joslin
  • 1st Minnesota: Ltc William Colville, Jr.
  • 34th New York: Col Byron Laflin, Ltc John Beverly
  • 82nd New York: Col Henry W. Hudson, Ltc James Huston
2nd Brigade (Philadelphia Brigade)

   BG Joshua T. Owen

3rd Brigade

   Col Norman J. Hall

  • 19th Massachusetts: Ltc Arthur F. Devereux
  • 20th Massachusetts: Ltc George N. Macy
  • 7th Michigan: Cpt Amos E. Steele, Jr.
  • 49rd New York: Col James E. Mallon
  • 59th New York: Ltc Max A. Thoman
  • 127th Pennsylvania: Col William W. Jennings
  • Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt William A. Arnold
  • Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt Thomas Frederick Brown
  • 1st Company Massachusetts: Cpt William Plumer

Third Division
     MG William H. French

Provost Guard
  • 10th New York (4 companies): Maj G. F. Hopper
1st Brigade

   Col Samuel S. Carroll

  • 14th Indiana: Col John Coons
  • 24th New Jersey: Col William B. Robertson
  • 28th New Jersey: Ltc John A. Wildrick, Maj Samuel K. Wilson
  • 4th Ohio: Ltc Leonard W. Carpenter
  • 8th Ohio: Ltc Franklin Sawyer
  • 7th West Virginia: Col Joseph Snider, Ltc Jonathan H. Lockwood
2nd Brigade

   BG William Hays
   Col Charles J. Powers

  • 14th Connecticut: Maj Theodore G. Ellis
  • 12th New Jersey: Col J. Howard Willets, Maj John T. Hill
  • 108th New York: Col Charles J. Powers, Ltc Francis E. Pierce
  • 130th Pennsylvania: Col Levi Maish, Maj Joseph S. Jenkins
3rd Brigade

   Col John D MacGregor
Col Charles Albright

  • 1st Delaware: Col Thomas A. Smyth
  • 4th New York: Ltc William Jameson
  • 132nd Pennsylvania: Col Charles Albright, Ltc Joseph E. Shreve
  • Battery G, 1st New York Light: Lt Nelson Ames
  • Battery G, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt George W. Adams
II Corps Reserve Artillery
  • Battery I, 1st United States: Lt Edmund Kirby
  • Battery A, 4th United States: Lt Alonzo H. Cushing

III Corps

MG Daniel Sickles

Chief of Artillery
Cpt George E. Randolph

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG David B. Birney

1st Brigade

   BG Charles K. Graham
   Col Thomas W. Egan

  • 57th Pennsylvania: Col Peter Sides
  • 63rd Pennsylvania: Ltc William S. Kirkwood, Cpt James F. Ryan
  • 68th Pennsylvania: Col Andrew H. Tippin
  • 105th Pennsylvania: Col Amor A. McKnight, Ltc Calvin A. Craig
  • 114th Pennsylvania: Col Charles H. T. Collis, Ltc Frederick F. Cavada
  • 141st Pennsylvania: Col Henry J. Madill
2nd Brigade

   BG J. H. Hobart Ward

  • 20th Indiana: Col John Wheeler
  • 3rd Maine: Col Moses B. Lakeman
  • 4th Maine: Col Elijah Walker
  • 38th New York: Col P. Regis De Trobriand
  • 40th New York: Col Thomas W. Egan
  • 99th Pennsylvania: Col Asher S. Leidy
3rd Brigade

   Col Samuel B. Hayman

  • 17th Maine: Ltc Charles B. Merrill, Col Thomas A. Roberts
  • 3rd Michigan: Col Byron R. Pierce, Ltc Edwin S. Pierce
  • 5th Michigan: Ltc Edward T. Sherlock, Maj John Pulford
  • 1st New York: Ltc Francis L. Leland
  • 37th New York: Ltc Gilbert Riordan

   Cpt A. Judson Clark

  • Battery B, New Jersey Light: Lt Robert Sims
  • Battery E, 1st Rhode Island Light: Lt Pardon S. Jastram
  • Batteries F and K, 3rd United States: Lt John G. Turnbull

Second Division
     MG Hiram Berry (k)
     BG Joseph B. Carr

1st Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Carr
   Col William E. Blaisdell

  • 1st Massachusetts: Col Napoleon B. McLaughlen
  • 11th Massachusetts: Col William E. Blaisdell, Ltc Porter D. Tripp
  • 16th Massachusetts: Ltc Waldo Merriam
  • 11th New Jersey: Col Robert McAllister
  • 26th Pennsylvania: Col Benjamin C. Tilghman, Maj Robert L. Bodine
2nd Brigade ("Excelsior Brigade")

   BG Joseph W. Revere
   Col J. Egbert Farnum

  • 70th New York: Col J. Egbert Farnum, Ltc Thomas Holt
  • 71st New York: Col Henry L. Potter
  • 72nd New York: Col William O Stevens, Maj John Leonard
  • 73rd New York: Maj Michael W. Burns
  • 74th New York: Ltc Wm. H. Lounsbury, Cpt Henry M. Alles, Cpt Francis E. Tyler
  • 120th New York: Ltc Cornelius D. Westbrook
3rd Brigade

   BG Gershom Mott (w)
   Col William J. Sewell

  • 5th New Jersey: Col William J. Sewell, Maj Ashbel W. Angel, Cpt Virgil M. Healy
  • 6th New Jersey: Col George C. Burling, Ltc Stephen R. Gilkyson
  • 7th New Jersey: Col Louis R. Francine, Ltc Francis Price
  • 8th New Jersey: Col John Ramsey, Cpt John G. Langston
  • 2nd New York: Col Sidney W. Park, Ltc William A. Olmsted
  • 115th Pennsylvania: Col Francis A. Lancaster, Maj John P. Dunne

   Cpt Thomas W. Osborn

  • Battery D, 1st New York Light: Lt George B. Winslow
  • 4th Battery, New York Light: Lt George F. Barstow, Lt William T. McLean
  • Battery H, 1st United States: Lt Justin E. Dimick, Lt James A. Sanderson
  • Battery K, 4th United States: Lt Francis W. Seeley

Third Division
   MG Amiel W. Whipple (mw)
   BG Charles K. Graham

1st Brigade

   Col Emlen Franklin

  • 86th New York: Ltc Barna J. Chapin, Cpt Jacob H. Lansing
  • 124th New York: Col Augustus Van Horne Ellis
  • 122nd Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward McGovern
2nd Brigade

   Col Samuel M. Bowman

  • 12th New Hampshire: Col Joseph H. Potter, Ltc John F. Marsh, Maj George D. Savage
  • 84th Pennsylvania: Ltc Milton Opp
  • 110th Pennsylvania: Col James Crowther, Maj David M. Jones
3rd Brigade

   Col Hiram Berdan

  • 1st U.S. Sharpshooters: Ltc Casper Trepp
  • 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters: Maj Homer R. Stoughton

   Cpt Albert A. Von Puttkammer
   Cpt James F. Huntington

  • 10th Battery, New York Light: Lt Samuel Lewis
  • 11th Battery, New York Light: Lt John E. Burton
  • Battery H, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt James F. Huntington

V Corps

MG George Meade

Chief of Artillery
Cpt Stephen H. Weed


  • 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry (2 companies): Cpt William Thompson
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Charles Griffin

1st Brigade

   BG James Barnes

  • 2nd Maine: Col George Varney
  • 18th Massachusetts: Col Joseph Hayes
  • 22nd Massachusetts: Col William S. Tilton
  • 2nd. Co., Massachusetts Sharpshooters: Lt Robert Smith
  • 1st Michigan: Col Ira C. Abbott
  • 13th New York (Battalion): Cpt William Downey
  • 25th New York: Col Charles A. Johnson
  • 118th Pennsylvania: Col Charles M. Prevost
2nd Brigade

   Col James McQuade
   Col Jacob B. Sweitzer

  • 9th Massachusetts: Col Patrick Robert Guiney
  • 32nd Massachusetts: Ltc Luther Stephenson
  • 4th Michigan: Col Harrison H. Jeffords
  • 14th New York: Ltc Thomas M. Davies
  • 62nd Pennsylvania: Col Jacob B. Sweitzer, Ltc James C. Hull
3rd Brigade

   Col Thomas B. W. Stockton

  • 20th Maine: Ltc Joshua Chamberlain
  • Michigan Sharpshooters, Brady's Company
  • 16th Michigan: Ltc Norva1 E. Welch
  • 12th New York: Cpt William Huson
  • 17th New York: Ltc Nelson B. Bartram
  • 44th New York: Col James C. Rice
  • 83rd Pennsylvania: Col Strong Vincent

   Cpt Augustus P. Martin

  • 3rd Battery (C), Massachusetts Light: Cpt Augustus P. Martin
  • 5th Battery (E), Massachusetts Light: Cpt Charles A. Phillips
  • Battery C, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt Richard Waterman
  • Battery D, 5th United States: Lt Charles E. Hazlett

Second Division
     MG George Sykes

1st Brigade

   BG Romeyn B. Ayres

  • 3rd United States, Companies B, C, F, G, I, and K: Cpt John D. Wilkins
  • 4th United States, Companies C, F, H, and K: Cpt Hiram Dryer
  • 12th United States, Companies A, B. C, D, and G, 1st Battalion, and A, C, and D, 2nd Battalion: Maj Richard S. Smith
  • 14th United States, Companies A, B, D, E, F, and G, 1st Battalion, and F and G, 2nd Battalion: Cpt Jonathan B. Hager, Maj Grotius R. Giddings
2nd Brigade

   Col Sidney Burbank

3rd Brigade

   Col Patrick O'Rorke

  • 5th New York: Col Cleveland Winslow
  • 140th New York: Ltc Louis Ernst
  • 146th New York: Col Kenner Garrard

   Cpt Stephen H. Weed

  • Battery L, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt Frank C. Gibbs
  • Battery I, 5th United States: Lt Malbone F. Watson

Third Division
     BG Andrew A. Humphreys

1st Brigade

   BG Erastus B. Tyler

  • 91st Pennsylvania: Col Edgar M. Gregory, Ltc Joseph H. Sinex
  • 126th Pennsylvania: Ltc David W. Rowe
  • 129th Pennsylvania: Col Jacob G. Frick
  • 134th Pennsylvania: Col Edward O'Brien
2nd Brigade

   Col Peter H. Allabach

  • 123rd Pennsylvania: Col John B. Clark
  • 131st Pennsylvania: Maj Robert W. Patton
  • 133rd Pennsylvania: Col Franklin B. Speakman
  • 155th Pennsylvania: Ltc John H. Cain

   Cpt Alanson M. Randol

  • Battery C, 1st New York Light: Cpt Almont Barnes
  • Batteries E and G, 1st United States: Cpt Alanson M. Randol

VI Corps

MG John Sedgwick

Chief of Artillery
Col Charles H. Tompkins

Maj Hugh H. Janeway

  • 1st New Jersey Cavalry (Company L): Lt Voorhees Dye
  • 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry (Company H): Capt William S. Craft
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG William T. H. Brooks

Provost Guard
  • 4th New Jersey Infantry, Companies A, C, and H: Capt. Charles Ewing
1st Brigade

   Col Col. Henry W. Brown, Col. William H. Penrose, Col. Samuel L. Buck, Col. William H. Penrose

  • 1st New Jersey: Col. Mark W. Collet, Lt. Col. William Henry, Jr.
  • 2nd New Jersey: Col. Samuel L. Buck, Lt. Col. Charles Wiebecke
  • 3rd New Jersey: Maj. J. W. H. Stickney
  • 15th New Jersey: Col. William H. Penrose, Lt. Col. Edward L. Campbell
  • 23rd New Jersey: Col. E. Burd Grubb
2nd Brigade

   BG Joseph J. Bartlett

  • 5th Maine: Col. Clark S. Edwards
  • 16th New York: Col. Joel J. Seaver
  • 27th New York: Col. Alexander D. Adams
  • 121st New York: Col. Emory Upton
  • 96th Pennsylvania: Maj. William H. Lessig
3rd Brigade

   BG David A. Russell

  • 18th New York: Col. George R. Myers
  • 32nd New York: Col. Francis E. Pinto
  • 49th Pennsylvania: Lt. Col. Thomas M. Hulings
  • 95th Pennsylvania: Col. Gustavus W. Town, Lt. Col. Elisha Hall, and Capt. Theodore H. McCalla
  • 119th Pennsylvania: Col. Peter C. Ellmaker

   Maj. John A. Tompkins

  • 1st Battery (A), Massachusetts Light: Capt. William H. McCartney
  • Battery A, New Jersey Light: Lt. Augustin N. Parsons
  • Battery A, Maryland Light: Cpt James H. Rigby
  • Battery D, 2nd United States: Lt Edward B. Williston

Second Division
     BG Albion P. Howe

2nd Brigade

   Col Lewis A. Grant

  • 26th New Jersey: Col. Andrew J. Morrison, Lt. Col. Edward Martindale
  • 2nd Vermont: Col. James H. Walbridge
  • 3rd Vermont: Col. Thomas O. Seaver, Lt. Col. Samuel E. Pingree
  • 4th Vermont: Col. Charles B. Stoughton
  • 5th Vermont: Lt. Col. John R. Lewis
  • 6th Vermont: Col. Elisha L. Barney
3rd Brigade

   BG Thomas H. Neill

  • 7th Maine: Lt. Col. Seldon Connor
  • 21st New Jersey: Col. Gilliam Van Houten, Lt. Col. Isaac S. Mettler
  • 20th New York: Col. Ernst Von Vegesack
  • 33rd New York: Col. Robert F. Taylor
  • 49th New York: Col. Daniel D. Bidwell
  • 77th New York: Lt. Col. Winsor B. French

   Maj John Watts De Peyster

  • 1st Battery, New York Independent Light: Cpt Andrew Cowan
  • Battery F, 5th United States: Lt Leonard Martin

Third Division
     MG John Newton

1st Brigade

   Col Alexander Shaler

  • 65th New York: Lt. Col. Joseph E. Hamblin
  • 67th New York: Col. Nelson Cross
  • 122nd New York: Col. Silas Titus
  • 23rd Pennsylvania: Col. John Ely
  • 82nd Pennsylvania: Maj. Isaac C. Bassett
2nd Brigade

   Col. William H. Browne (w) Col. Henry L. Eustis

3rd Brigade

   BG Frank Wheaton

  • 62nd New York: Lt. Col. Theodore B. Hamilton
  • 93rd Pennsylvania: Capt. John S. Long
  • 98th Pennsylvania: Col. John F. Ballier, Lieut Col. George Wynkoop
  • 102nd Pennsylvania: Col. Joseph M. Kinkead
  • 139th Pennsylvania: Col. Frederick H. Collier

   Cpt Jeremiah McCarthy

  • Batteries C and D, 1st New York Light: Cpt Jeremiah McCarthy
  • Battery G, 2nd United States: Lt John H. Butler

Light Division
   BG Calvin E. Pratt, Col. Hiram Burnham

  • 6th Maine: Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Harris
  • 31st New York: Col. Frank Jones
  • 43rd New York: Col. Benjamin F. Baker
  • 61st Pennsylvania: Col. George C. Spear, Maj. George W. Dawson
  • 5th Wisconsin: Col. Thomas S. Allen
  • Artillery: New York Light Artillery, 3rd Battery: Lt. William A. Harn

XI Corps

MG Oliver O. Howard

Chief of Artillery
Ltc Louis Schirmer

1st Indiana Cavalry, Companies I and K: Cpt Abram Sharra

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Charles Devens, Jr.
     BG Nathaniel C. McLean

Provost Guard
  • 8th New York (1 company): Lt Herman Rosenkranz
1st Brigade

   Col Leopold von Gilsa

  • 41st New York: Maj Detleo Von Einsiedel
  • 45th New York: Col George Von Amsberg
  • 54th New York: Ltc Charles Ashby, Maj Stephen Kovacs
  • 153rd Pennsylvania: Col Charles Glanz, Ltc Jacob Dachrodt
2nd Brigade

   BG Nathaniel C. McLean
   Col John C. Lee

  • 17th Connecticut: Col William H. Noble, Maj Allen G. Brady
  • 25th Ohio: Col William P. Richardson, Maj Jeremiah Williams
  • 55th Ohio: Col John C. Lee, Ltc Charles B. Gambee
  • 75th Ohio: Col Robert Reily, Cpt Benjamin Morgan
  • 107th Ohio: Col Seraphim Meyer, Ltc Charles Mueller
  • 13th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Julius Dieckmann

Second Division
     BG Adolph Von Steinwehr

1st Brigade

   Col Adolphus Buschbeck

  • 29th New York: Ltc Louis Hartmann, Maj Alex. Von Schluembach
  • 154th New York: Col Patrick H. Jones, Ltc Henry C. Loomis
  • 27th Pennsylvania: Ltc Lorenz Cantador
  • 73rd Pennsylvania: Ltc William Moore
2nd Brigade

   BG Francis C. Barlow

  • 33rd Massachusetts: Col Adin B. Underwood
  • 134th New York: Col Charles Coster
  • 136th New York: Col James Wood, Jr.
  • 73rd Ohio: Col Orland Smith
  • Battery I, 1st New York Light: Cpt Michael Wiedrich

Third Division
     MG Carl Schurz

1st Brigade

   BG Alexander Schimmelfennig

  • 82nd Illinois: Col Frederick Hecker, Maj Ferdinand H. Rolshausen, Cpt Jacob Lasalle
  • 68th New York: Col Gotthilf Bourry
  • 157th New York: Col Philip P. Brown, Jr.
  • 61st Ohio: Col Stephen J. McGroarty
  • 74th Pennsylvania: Ltc Adolph Von Hartung
2nd Brigade

   Col Włodzimierz Krzyżanowski

  • 58th New York: Cpt Frederick Braun, Cpt Emil Koenig
  • 119th New York: Col Elias Peissner, Ltc John T. Lockman
  • 75th Pennsylvania: Col Francis Mahler
  • 26th Wisconsin: Col William H. Jacobs
XI Corps Reserve Artillery

   Ltc Louis Schirmer

  • 2nd Battery, New York Independent Light: Cpt Hermann Jahn
  • Battery K, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt William L. DeBeck
  • Battery C, 1st West Virginia Light: Cpt Wallace Hill

XII Corps

MG Henry W. Slocum

Chief of Artillery
Cpt Clermont L. Best

Provost Guard
10th Maine (Battalion of 3 companies): Cpt John D. Beardsley

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Alpheus S. Williams

1st Brigade

   BG Joseph F. Knipe

  • 5th Connecticut: Col Warren W. Packer, Ltc James A. Betts, Maj David F. Lane
  • 28th New York: Ltc Elliott W. Cook, Maj Theophilus Fitzgerald
  • 46th Pennsylvania: Maj Cyrus Strous, Cpt Edward L. Witman
  • 128th Pennsylvania: Col Joseph A. Mathews, Maj Cephas W. Dyer
2nd Brigade

   Col Samuel Ross
   BG Joseph F. Knipe

  • 20th Connecticut: Ltc William B. Wooster, Maj Philo B. Buckingham
  • 3rd Maryland: Ltc Gilbert P. Robinson
  • 123rd New York: Col Archibald L. McDougall
  • 145th New York: Col E. Livingston Price, Cpt George W. Reid
3rd Brigade

   BG Thomas H. Ruger

  • 27th Indiana: Col Silas Colgrove
  • 2nd Massachusetts: Col Samuel M. Quincy
  • 13th New Jersey: Col Ezra A. Carman, Maj John Grimes, Cpt George A. Beardsley
  • 107th New York: Col Alexander S. Diven
  • 3rd Wisconsin: Col William Hawley

     Cpt Robert H. Fitzhugh

  • Battery K, 1st New York Light: Lt Edward L. Bailey
  • Battery M, 1st New York Light: Lt Charles E. Winegar (c), Lt John D Woodbury
  • Battery F, 4th United States: Lt Franklin B. Crosby, Lt Edward D. Muhlenberg

Second Division
     BG John W. Geary

1st Brigade

   Col Charles Candy

  • 5th Ohio: Ltc Robert L. Kilpatrick, Maj Henry E. Symmes
  • 7th Ohio: Col William R. Creighton
  • 29th Ohio: Ltc Thomas Clark
  • 66th Ohio: Ltc Eugene Powell
  • 28th Pennsylvania: Maj Lansford F. Chapman, Cpt Conrad U. Meyer
  • 147th Pennsylvania: Ltc Ario Pardee, Jr.
2nd Brigade

   BG Thomas L. Kane

  • 29th Pennsylvania: Ltc William Richards, Jr.
  • 109th Pennsylvania: Col Henry J. Stainrook (k), Cpt John Young, Jr.
  • 111th Pennsylvania: Col George A. Cobham, Jr.
  • 124th Pennsylvania: Ltc Simon Litzenberg
  • 125th Pennsylvania: Col Jacob Higgins
3rd Brigade

   BG George S. Greene

  • 60th New York: Ltc John C. O. Redington
  • 78th New York: Maj Henry R. Stagg, Cpt William H. Randall
  • 102nd New York: Col James C. Lane
  • 137th New York: Col David Ireland
  • 149th New York: Maj Abel G. Cook, Cpt Oliver T. May, Ltc Koert S. Van Voorhis

   Cpt Joseph M. Knap

  • Battery E, Pennsylvania Light: Lt Charles A. Atwell, Lt James D. McGill
  • Battery F, Pennsylvania Light: Cpt Robert B. Hampton, Lt James P. Fleming

Cavalry Corps

BG George Stoneman

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Alfred Pleasonton

1st Brigade

   Col Benjamin F. Davis

  • 8th Illinois: Ltc David R. Clendenin
  • 3rd Indiana: Col George H. Chapman
  • 8th New York: Ltc William L. Markell
  • 9th New York: Col William A. Sackett
2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas Devin

  • 1st Michigan, Company L: Lt John K. Truax
  • 6th New York: Ltc Duncan McVicar, Maj William E. Beardsley
  • 8th Pennsylvania: Maj Pennock Huey
  • 17th Pennsylvania: Col Josiah H. Kellogg
  • 6th Battery, New York Light: Lt Joseph W. Martin

Second Division
     BG William W. Averell

1st Brigade

   Col Horace B. Sargent

  • 1st Massachusetts: Ltc Greely S. Curtis
  • 4th New York: Col Louis P. Di Cesnola
  • 6th Ohio: Maj Benjamin C. Stanhope
  • 1st Rhode Island: Ltc John L. Thompson
2nd Brigade

   Col John B. McIntosh

  • 3rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward S. Jones
  • 4th Pennsylvania: Ltc William E. Doster
  • 16th Pennsylvania: Ltc Lorenzo D. Rogers

Third Division
     BG David McM. Gregg

1st Brigade

   Col Judson Kilpatrick

  • 1st Maine: Col Calvin S. Donty
  • 2nd New York: Ltc Henry E. Davies, Jr.
  • 10th New York: Ltc William Irvine
2nd Brigade

   Col Percy Wyndham

  • 12th Illinois: Ltc Hasbrouck Davis
  • 1st Maryland: Ltc James M. Deems
  • 1st New Jersey: Ltc Virgil Brodrick
  • 1st Pennsylvania: Col John P. Taylor
Reserve Cavalry Brigade

   BG John Buford

Horse Artillery

   Cpt James M. Robertson

  • Batteries B and L, 2nd United States: Lt Albert O. Vincent
  • Battery M, 2nd United States: Lt Robert Clarke
  • Battery E, 4th United States: Lt Samuel S. Elder


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