Division No. 7, Saskatchewan

Division No. 7, Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Census Divisions

Division No. 7, Saskatchewan, Canada, is one of the eighteen census divisions within the province, as defined by Statistics Canada. It is located in the south-central part of the province. The most populous community in this division is Moose Jaw.

According to the 2006 census, 45,532 people lived in this division. It has a land area of 18,835.84 km² (7,272.56 sq mi).


List of Rural Municipalities in Division No. 7

RM No. 131 Baildon
RM No. 132 Hillsborough
RM No. 133 Rodgers
RM No. 134 Shamrock
RM No. 135 Lawtonia
RM No. 136 Coulee
RM No. 161 Moose Jaw
RM No. 162 Caron
RM No. 163 Wheatlands
RM No. 164 Chaplin
RM No. 165 Morse
RM No. 166 Excelsior
RM No. 191 Marquis
RM No. 193 Eyebrow
RM No. 194 Enfield
RM No. 222 Craik
RM No. 223 Huron
RM No. 224 Maple Bush
RM No. 225 Canaan
RM No. 226 Victory
RM No. 255 Coteau
RM No. 256 King George



The following communities are located in this Census division:







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