Open'er Festival

Open'er Festival
Open'er Festival
Open'er Festival logo
Open'er Festival main stage
Location(s) Gdynia, Poland
Years active 2002 - present
Founded by Alter Art
Date(s) First week of July (4 days), Thursday - Sunday
Genre Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie rock, Dance, Electronic, World

The Heineken Open'er Festival is a music festival which takes place on the North coast of Poland, in Gdynia. The first edition of the festival was organized in Warsaw in 2002 as Open Air Festival. The main organizer of the festival is the concert agency Alter Art, but the performance took its name from its principal sponsor, Heineken International. 2011 edition of Open'er will be held from 30 June to 3 July. Open’er Festival was given the Best Major Festival prize on European Festival Awards awards ceremony in 2010 and 2011[1].


Organization of Festival

Tickets and festival's area

Main Stage at Open'er 2006

Since 2006, the festival takes place on Kosakowo Airport (formerly Babie Doły Military Airport) in Gdynia.

There are three kinds of tickets available for sale: four-days tickets for the whole festival, three-days tickets without first-opening-day and one-day tickets. As it was on previous Open'er performances, ticket will be changed into wrist-band at special points (one placed on the main train station in the center of Gdynia, and the other one right before the entrance to the Festival). Band-wrists serve as proof of a ticket's ownership, which facilitate checks conducted by security guards.

For the comfort of participants, organizers set up a tent campsite, which is situated next to the festival area. Space on this campsite is not included in the price of the ticket. There is an additional fee - 20PLN. In the festival's field, a coupon system is in force - 1 coupon costs 3 PLN and participants are able to purchase them in exchange points and spend coupons in merchandising areas. Attendees are not allowed to carry in sharp items, professional video recording cameras, digital cameras with more than 3.2 mln px, alcohol, or drugs.


The first concerts begin at 4 pm, but the festival area will be opened from 3 pm until 5am (the last concerts start at 2am). In 2008 and 2009 there were 7 stages, which were the most stages in Open'er's history: Main Stage, World Stage, Tent Stage, Young Talents Stage, Beat Stage, Alter Space and Alter Space Theatres. There was also a chillout zone located in a military hangar and a Red Pulse Tent filled with drum&bass rhythm. 2010 edition of festival also had 7 stages.



Warsaw, Tor Stegny
2 July: The Chemical Brothers


Gdynia, Kościuszki Square
Cassius, Kosheen, Layo & Bushwacka!


Gdynia, Kościuszki Square
Pink, Cypress Hill, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp and Adam Freeland.


Gdynia, Kościuszki Square
8 July:
Big Stage: O.S.T.R., Snoop Dogg, Faithless, Fatboy Slim
Small Stage: Less Is More, Rotofobia, Lili Marlene, Hariasen, Pogodno, Boogiemafia

9 July:
Big Stage: SOFA, Lauryn Hill, The Music, The White Stripes, Underworld
Small Stage: Peepol, Öszibarack, Good Girl Killer, Tworzywo Sztuczne, Neo, DJ Seb Skalski
The festival was held on Skwer Kościuszki for the last time in 2005. The event attracted more than 50,000 fans[2] from all over Europe.


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport
6 July:
Big Stage: Fisz, Emade and friends; Manu Chao; Pharell Williams, Placebo
Small Stage: Loco Motive Sun, SOFA, The Car Is On Fire, Cool Kids of Death, Nightmares on Wax, Masala Sound System

7 July:
Big Stage: Myslovitz, Skin, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Rós, Scissor Sisters
Small Stage: Miloopa, Niewinni Czarodzieje, Kanał Audytywny, Maria Peszek, Ladytron, Coldcut, Electricity
8 July:
Big Stage: Abra dAb, The Streets, Kanye West, Basement Jaxx, Roger Sanchez
Small Stage: Psychocukier, Freak of Nature, Pustki, Peter Greenaway, Beats Friendly
However Groove Armada and Matthew Herbert have cancelled theirs shows at Open'er Festival.


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport
29 June:
Main Stage: The Car Is on Fire, Sonic Youth, The Roots, Laurent Garnier
Tent Stage: Afro Kolektyw, Pink Freud, EastWest Rockers, Dizzee Rascal, Freeform Five, Farel Gott, The Strike Boys
Young Talents Stage: Bruno Schulz, Organizm, Cała Góra Barwinków, Managga, The Poise Rite
30 June:
Main Stage: O.S.T.R., Groove Armada, Beastie Boys, Muse
Tent Stage: Kapitan DA, Dick4Dick, Apteka, Crazy P, Kombajn do Zbierania Kur po Wioskach, White Rabbit's Trip, Łąki Łan
Young Talents Stage: Lars, Dezodorant Squad, Out of Tune, NOT, Mikrowafle
1 July:
Main Stage: Indios Bravos, Bloc Party, Björk, LCD Soundsystem
Tent Stage: Me Myself and I, Novika, Bassisters Orchestra, Beastie Boys, Renton, Smolik
Young Talent Stage: Erijef Massiv, Gentleman!, Andy, Mikromusic


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport
4 July:
Main Stage: Muchy, Editors, The Raconteurs, Roisin Murphy
Tent Stage: L.Stadt, Mitch & Mitch Big Band, The Cribs, Fischerspooner, Fujiya & Miyagi
World Stage: Natu + Envee, DeVotchKa, Dj Vadim Live
Young Talents Stage: Kleiber, Kolorofon, Ziemianie, Pornohagen, Biff
Beat Stage: Chill, Harper, Maceo Wyro, Papa Zura
Alter Space: movie: "Music Partisans" + "Open'er 2005-2007", Troitsa, movie: "Life In Loops", Hati, movie: "Free Jimmy", Emitter Franczak,
Alter Space Theatres: Theatre Gry i Ludzie, Thearte Porywacze Ciał , Fire Angels, Mamadoo

5 July:
Main Stage: Cool Kids Of Death, Interpol, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu
Tent Stage: Rotofobia, Loco Star, Maria Peszek, Cocorosie, Sex Pistols, Everything is made in China
World Stage: Karimski Club, Gentleman, Masala Soundsystem
Young Talents Stage: Radio Bagdad, Sekend Hend, New York Crasnals, California Stories Uncovered
Beat Stage: Ojciec Karol, Harper,[disambiguation needed ] Envee, Matman, Ros + Wiosna
Alter Space: movie: "Free Jimmy", Alamut, "Music Partisans" + "Open'er 2005-2007", Tymański Yass Ensemble, movie:"Life in loops" syta[XE]rror
Alter Space Theatres: Teatr Porywacze Ciał, Klan Grus, Fire Angels Mamadoo

6 July:
Main Stage: Lao Che, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, The Chemical Brothers
Tent Stage: Hatfinats, Benzyna, Kobiety, Oszibarack, Ścianka
World Stage: Vavamuffin, Martina Topley Bird, Żywiołak
Young Talents Stage: Setting the Woods on Fire, Gasoline, Bajzel, Dav Intergalactic, Polpo Motel
Beat Stage: V/A Team Hungry Hungry Models
Alter Space: movie: "Life in Loops", Echo TM, film: "Free Jimmy", RH+ audiovisual froup of friends, "Music Partisans" + "Open'er 2005-2007", C.H. District
Alter Space Theatres: Klan Grus, Theatre Porywacze Ciał, Teatr Ósmego Dnia "Arka", Mamadoo
However Beirut and M.I.A have cancelled theirs shows at Open'er Festival.


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport

2 July:
Main Stage: Renton, Arctic Monkeys, Basement Jaxx
Tent Stage: Old Time Radio, The Car Is On Fire, Peter Bjorn and John, Late of the Pier, Łąki Łan
Alter Space: Twożywo - Open'er 2008, Betty Be, Berlin Calling,, Heima, Grabek, Skinny Patrini
Theatres: Yoma

3 July:
Main Stage: Maria Peszek, Gossip, The Kooks, Moby
Tent Stage: Paristetris, Pati Yang, Gaba Kulka, Duffy, Crystal Castles
World Stage: Thievery Corporation cancelled, Warsaw Village Band, Hjaltalín, Speed Caravan
Alter Space: Heima, 100nka, Lucky People Center International, Wiolonczele z Miasta, Twożywo - Open'er 2008, Kakofonikt
Theatres: Salamandra, Yoma

4 July:
Main Stage: Izrael, Madness moved to World Stage due the flight cancellations, Faith No More, Pendulum
Tent Stage: Kamp!, Fisz/Emade, Emiliana Torrini, White Lies, M83
World Stage: Madness, Village Kollektiv, Q-Tip, Buraka Som Sistema moved to the next day due the Madness rescheduling
Alter Space: Berlin Calling, Dagadana, Heima, Kormorany, Lucky People Center International, Szelest Spadających Papierków
Theatres: Salamandra

5 July:
Main Stage: O.S.T.R., Lily Allen, Kings of Leon, Placebo, The Prodigy
Tent Stage: The Black Tapes, Priscilla Ahn, Kumka Olik, The Ting Tings, Sofa
World Stage: Fat Freddy's Drop cancelled, Jazzanova, Gadająca Tykwa, Santigold, Buraka Som Sistema
Alter Space: Lucky People Center International, Mass Kotki, Twożywo - Open'er 2008, Contemporary Noise Sextet, Berlin Calling, Lady Aarp
Theatres: Mamadoo


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport

1 July:
Main Stage: Łąki Łan, Ben Harper and the Relentless7, Pearl Jam, Groove Armada
Tent Stage: Indigo Tree, Biff, Yeasayer, Tricky, 2manydjs
World Stage: The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Kacezet & Dreadsquad, Tinariwen
Alter Space: Oranżada, Pasimito, Brasil and the Gallowbrothers, Wiracki + Suka Off/BFV

2 July:
Main Stage: Lao Che, Mando Diao, Massive Attack, Empire of the Sun
Tent Stage: Die Antwoord, Fox, Grace Jones, Klaxons, Pavement
World Stage: Psio Crew, Pablopavo, Cypress Hill
Alter Space: Muariolanza, 52UM, Jacaszek, Najakotiva

3 July:
Main Stage: L.U.C., Skunk Anansie, Kasabian, Hot Chip
Tent Stage: We Call It A Sound, Julia Marcell, Regina Spektor, Novika, Gorillaz Sound System
World Stage: Alians, Bester Quartet, Matisyahu
Alter Space: Niwea, Karolina Glazer, Kciuk & The Fingers, Merkabah

4 July:
Main Stage: Muchy, The Hives, The Dead Weather, Fatboy Slim
Tent Stage: L.Stadt, Wild Beasts, Kings of Convenience, Archive, Mitch & Mitch with their Incredible Combo
World Stage: Pink Freud, Nas & Damian Marley, Marika
Alter Space: NP, kIRk, Pleq, Borys Kossakowski


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport

Thursday 30 June:
Main Stage: Pustki, The National, Coldplay, Simian Mobile Disco
Tent Stage: Marcelina, The Twilight Singers, Two Door Cinema Club, Paolo Nutini, Caribou
World Stage: Enej, Daktari, Fat Freddy's Drop
Alter Space: Jazzpospolita, Tides From Nebula, Karbido, Lody
Young Talents: Futuristen, Rebeka, Cuba de Zoo, Woody Alien
Burn Beat Stage: Mentalcut, Daniel Drumz, Mentalcut, My Head is a Dubby

Friday 1 July:
Main Stage: Pogodno, Monika Brodka, Pulp, Foals
Tent Stage: Twilite, D4D, British Sea Power, Cut Copy, Crystal Fighters
World Stage: Abraham Inc., Youssou N'Dour, PFK Kompany
Alter Space: Contemporary Noise Sextet, Igor Boxx, Plazmatikon, Ballady i Romanse
Young Talents: New New, The Phantoms, Bipolar Bears, Très.b
Burn Beat Stage: Harper, Club Collab, Spox, Junkie Punks

Saturday 2 July:
Main Stage: Sistars, Primus, Prince
Tent Stage: Paristetris, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Kate Nash, Kim Nowak, Chapel Club
World Stage: R.U.T.A., Gooral, Big Boi
Alter Space: Grabek, Małe Instrumenty, Niechęć, Snowman
Young Talents: Ailo In Head, Adre'n'Alin, Asi Mina, Nerwowe Wakacje
Burn Beat Stage: Last Robots, Mr. Lex & Novika

Sunday 3 July:
Main Stage: The Black Tapes, The Wombats, The Strokes, M.I.A., deadmau5
Tent Stage: Neony, These New Puritans, James Blake, Hurts, Chromeo
World Stage: Sedativa feat. Dawid Portasz, Janusz Prusinowski Trio, Vavamuffin
Alter Space: Karolina Cicha, Spięty, Wojtek Mazolewski, Baaba Kulka
Young Talents: Revlovers, Peter J. Birch, Wilson Square, Fonovel
Burn Beat Stage: Eltron John, Envee, Bueno Bros, Catz 'n Dogz


Gdynia, Babie Doły Military Airport


Online voting for Heineken Open’er Festival ‘12 line-up

Main Stage: Björk

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