List of mayors of Plano, Texas

List of mayors of Plano, Texas

The Mayor of Plano, Texas is the chief executive of Plano's Government, as stipulated by the Charter of Plano, Texas.

The Mayor of Plano served one-year terms until 1884, when the term length was extended to two years. In 2006, the use of three-year terms began. Currently there is a limit to three terms as mayor.

Mrs. Pat Evans is Plano's 36th mayor.

This list contains every Mayor of Plano, with the first appointed on April 22, 1881, eight years after the city's incorporation. Today, the mayor is elected by popular vote of the entire city of Plano. Officially, the position is non-partisan. The party affiliation listed in the table below refers to the mayors' voter registration, as their party affiliation was not officially listed on the ballot.


List of Mayors

# Mayor Term Notes
1 C. J. Kellner 1881–1882 Resigned January 17, 1882
2 Joseph C. Hudson 1882 Appointed as Mayor Pro Tem to complete Kellner's term
3 G. F. Thomas 1882–1883
4 W. B. Blalack 1883–1888
5 J. C. Klepper 1888–1889
6 W. B. Blalack 1889–1892
7 Olney Davis 1892–1896
8 W. B. Blalack 1896–1898
9 W. D. McFarlin 1898–1904
10 Fred Schimelpfenig 1904–1908
11 J. M. Willis 1908–1912
12 J. D. Harris 1912–1914
13 R. H. Crawford 1914–1915 Resigned April 13, 1915
14 J. D. Contrell 1915–1916 Appointed April 30, 1915 to complete Crawford's term
15 J. R. Dickerson 1916–1919 Resigned May 27, 1919
16 J. A. "Fred" Harrington 1919–1920 Appointed May 27, 1919; resigned May 11, 1920
17 Joe Bradshaw 1920–1922
18 G. E. Carpenter 1922–1924
19 J. T. Horn 1924–1932
20 A. R. Schell, Jr. 1932–1948 Longest-serving mayor (5,838 days)[1]; Plano Citizen of the Year, 1951.
21 Odise J. Todd 1948–1950
22 Fred H. Miers 1950–1956
23 David B. McCall, Jr. 1956–1960 Two-time Plano Citizen of the Year.
24 Art M. Stranz 1960–1962
25 J. Alton Allman, Jr. 1962–1964
26 Rob L. Harrington, Jr. 1964–1968
27 Harry G. Rowlinson 1968–1970
28 Conner Harrington 1970 Died of natural causes on June 1, 1970; shortest-serving mayor (58 days)[1]
29 Norman F. Whitsitt 1970–1978 Elected in a special election on July 11, 1970
30 James W. Edwards 1978–1982
31 Jack Harvard 1982–1990
32 Florence Shapiro 1990–1992 First female mayor, Current TX State Senator
33 James N. Muns 1992–1996
34 John Longstreet 1996–2000
35 Jeran Akers 2000–2002
36 Pat Evans 2002–2009 2004 Plano Citizen of the Year.
37 Phil Dyer 2009–present 1998 Plano Citizen of the Year Source: Mozelle Campbell, Maribelle Davis, et al. (1985). Plano, Texas: The Early Years.
Henington. ISBN 0-9651841-0-2.


In 1881, the city's first mayor C. J. Kellner received $10 per year as compensation, partly as the "rental fee" of barn for meetings. Three years later, the salary was approved to officially be $72 per year. Currently, the Mayor of Plano receives an $8,400 yearly stipend.


Below are buildings named for Mayors of Plano. Note that they are all located in Plano, Texas, and all schools are part of the Plano Independent School District.

  • A. R. Schell, Jr. Elementary School
  • Conner Harrington Republican Women [1]
  • David B. McCall, Jr. Elementary School [2]
  • David B. McCall, Jr. Plaza
  • Fred Schimelpfenig Middle School [3]
  • Harry Rowlinson Community Natatorium
  • J. A. Harrington Elementary School
  • Norman F. Whitsitt Parkway (FM 544/15th Street)

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