Nine FM

Nine FM
Logo of Nine FM
Broadcast area Chicago, Illinois
Branding NINE FM
Slogan "We Play Anything!"
Frequency WKIF
First air date November 22, 2004
Format Adult hits/AAA
ERP 3,000 Watts
Class A
Owner Newsweb Corporation
Website or "both dead links"

Nine FM is a radio station broadcasting on WKIF (92.7 FM), located in Kankakee, Illinois with an adult hits format. The signal reaches the far southern suburbs of the Chicago area.

Prior to October 20, 2008, Nine FM broadcast on 3 frequencies around Chicago, Illinois owned by Newsweb Corporation. The stations were WDEK (92.5 FM), broadcasting from DeKalb, Illinois, WKIE (92.7 FM), broadcasting from Arlington Heights, Illinois and WRZA (99.9 FM), broadcasting from Peotone, Illinois. Nine FM is Chicago's first and best adult hits radio station and their slogan is "We Play Anything."

On Monday, October 20, 2008, Nine FM ceased broadcasting, and was replaced with a simulcast of sister station WCPT from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m.[1] The former Nine FM stations continue to run the overnight "Dance Factory" programming separately from WCPT.


  • Nine FM originally started out only on 99.9 whose transmitter is located near Peotone which gave WRZA rimshot coverage into Chicago, this automatically put Nine FM at a disadvantage for making a dent in the Arbitrons. Interest, media coverage, and belief in their format, resulted in coverage expansion via the purchase of 92.7 FM WKIE, 92.7 FM WKIF, and 92.5 FM WDEK. Since 99.9 already covered the same area as WKIF plus a lot more, WKIF was broken off from the trimulcast and flipped to CNN Headline News. In December 2008, with a two month absence of Nine FM, the format returned to 92.7 WKIF, serving Kankakee and the far southern suburbs of Chicago.
  • Sky Daniels was original program director. He left in 2005 and was replaced by Matt DuBiel
  • In the beginning Nine FM did indeed play "anything". However, after Matt DuBiel took over, the playlist was tightened (allegedly because of low ratings) and less obscure songs were played.
  • May 19 2006 Nine FM started airing Dance Factory FM Saturday nights, which expanded to Friday nights after August 12, 2006. On May 10, 2007 it was announced that Dance Factory would be airing weeknights as well. While the weekend shows focused on DJ mixes from local Club DJs, the weeknight shows would play Dance Hits all night long on Nine FM.

In 2007 Matt left Nine FM and went on to program WERV, "The River".

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