Counties of Lithuania

Counties of Lithuania
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The territory of Lithuania is divided into 10 counties (Lithuanian: singular apskritis, plural apskritys), all named after their capitals. The counties are divided into 60 municipalities (Lithuanian: singular savivaldybė, plural savivaldybės): 9 city municipalities, 43 district municipalities and 8 municipalities. Each municipality is then divided into elderates (Lithuanian: singular seniūnija, plural seniūnijos). This division was created in 1994 and slightly modified in 2000.

Counties are administered by county governors (Lithuanian: singular  – apskrities viršininkas, plural  – apskrities viršininkai) who are appointed by the central government in Vilnius. Their primary duty is to ensure that the municipalities obey the laws and the Constitution of Lithuania. They do not have great powers vested in them, and so it is suggested that 10 counties are too much for Lithuania as the two smallest counties administer only four municipalities. There is a proposal to replace the counties with four or five lands, a new administrative unit, that would be decided according to the ethnographic regions of Lithuania and based on the 5 major cities with the population more than 100,000. On 1 July 2010, the county administrations were abolished[1], and since that date, counties remains as the territorial and statistical units.

Modern apskritys should not be confused with apskritys that existed in the independent Lithuania during the interwar period. At that time Lithuania had a two-step administrative division: apskritys that were subdivided into valsčius. Lithuania now has a three-step division: counties, municipalities, and elderates (apkritys, savivaldybės, and seniūnijos). See subdivisions of Lithuania for details.


This map shows counties as well as municipalities. Eight city municipalities and two municipalities are marked by numbers:

1 – Vilnius city municipality
2 – Kaunas city municipality
3 – Klaipėda city municipality

4 – Panevėžys city municipality
5 – Šiauliai city municipality
6 – Alytus city municipality

7 – Birštonas municipality
8 – Palanga city municipality
9 – Visaginas city municipality
10 – Neringa municipality

Municipalities in Lithuania.png


# County
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Capital Area
in km² (rank)
in 2001 (census)[2]
in 2008 (rank)[3]
per km² (rank)[3]
1 Alytus County
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Alytus County COA.png
Alytus 5,425 (6) 187,769 177,040 (7) 32.6 (8)
2 Kaunas County
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Kaunas County COA.png
Kaunas 8,089 (3) 701,529 673,706 (2) 83.3 (2)
3 Klaipėda County
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Klaipeda County COA.png
Klaipėda 5,209 (7) 385,768 378,843 (3) 72.7 (3)
4 Marijampolė County
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Marijampole County COA.png
Marijampolė 4,463 (8) 188,634 181,219 (6) 40.6 (5)
5 Panevėžys County
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Panevezys County COA.png
Panevėžys 7,881 (4) 299,990 284,235 (5) 36.1 (7)
6 Šiauliai County
(listen • info)

Siauliai County COA.png
Šiauliai 8,540 (2) 370,096 349,876 (4) 41.0 (4)
7 Tauragė County
(listen • info)

Taurage County COA.png
Tauragė 4,411 (9) 134,275 127,378 (10) 28.9 (9)
8 Telšiai County
(listen • info)

Telsiai County COA.png
Telšiai 4,350 (10) 179,885 173,383 (8) 39.9 (6)
9 Utena County
(listen • info)

Utena County COA.png
Utena 7,201 (5) 185,962 172,580 (9) 24.0 (10)
10 Vilnius County
(listen • info)

Vilnius County COA.png
Vilnius 9,729 (1) 850,064 848,097 (1) 87.2 (1)

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