List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles supporting characters

List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles supporting characters

=Table of appearances=A table of characters showing their appearances in the nine major incarnations of the TMNT franchise.

Ace Duck

Ace Duck is a fictional character from the original franchise.

Toy Line

His action figure was released in 1989, part of the second wave of toys to follow the original ten figures. His origin, as described in the biography on his toy packaging, explains how Krang had a craving for Earth duck and arranged for one to be transported to Dimension X, but a test pilot named Ace Conrad was caught in the transport beam and cross-mutated with the duck. After crashing his plane and landing in the sewers, he came across the Turtles and eventually found himself in their employment.

It is notable that while the original Ace Duck figure was in the package wearing his pilot's cap, later versions of the toy were packaged with the hat as a separate accessory. (The second version of the toy was modified so that the hat has a peg that plugs into the top of Ace Duck's head.) The version wearing the hat had a more limited production run and is considered valuable to collectors. Other accessories included a small service pistol, a belt with "egg grenade" accessories, and a set of wings which plugged into his back.

Cartoon Series

As with several action figures from the TMNT toy line, Ace Duck eventually made it into the cartoon series. Unlike the other characters in supporting roles, however, Ace Duck's appearance in the series was incredibly brief. In the third-season episode "Attack of Big MACC," Michaelangelo was watching an Ace Duck film festival on television. Ace can be seen on the Turtles' TV screen in close-up, cackling in a manner highly reminiscent of Donald Duck, but his cameo is brief, lasting only seconds.

Given that the Turtles were shunned by the general populace due to their unusual appearance, it seems extremely unlikely that Ace Duck would have received a warm welcome by the film industry and have ascended so quickly to television stardom. More likely, the Ace Duck who appears in the TMNT cartoon is a fictional character within the fictional universe, rather than the mutant pilot-for-hire described in his toy package biography.

Archie TMNT Adventures Comics

In the Archie comics, Ace Duck was a wrestler at the Stump Asteroid. He appeared a few times, most notably in issue 7 where he was introduced as a wrestler from planet Perdufus, fought Leatherhead and lost quite easily. He returned in issue 37 where he wrestled a werewolf creature named Bloodbath and also lost. Compared to his action figure, Ace Duck appeared in wrestler trunks and was very muscular. Despite his physique and agility, Ace Duck was also extremely full of himself. His constant babbling about how perfect he is was what lead him to lose his matches. Despite losing to Leatherhead and Bloodbath, he somehow maintained his championship status amongst the wrestlers in the Stump Arena. His matches were always before the Turtles would get thrown into their own matches, so Ace Duck never actually fought the Turtles or interacted with them in the series.


The Adversary was a gigantic, demon-like being created from the souls of early prehistoric rats which devoured the eggs of the mythical Great Turtle. After the eggs of the Great Turtle were eaten by rats these rats subsequently feasted on the turtle's sorrow, growing larger and more powerful, the souls of these rats combined to create the Adversary.

After being called to the wilderness of Northampton by the Great Turtle, Donatello began to hear voices stating him as the "Shaman" whose destiny it was to slay the Adversary and free the turtle souls it had devoured. In reality it was Leonardo who was the one destined to destroy the Adversary.

Climbing atop a mountain Leonardo waged battle against the entity. After a long fight Leonardo managed to slay the creature and free the souls of all the turtles it had eaten.

The turtles encounter with the Adversary was chronicled in "Turtle Soup #1" and "TMNT Vol. 1, #37".

Ancient One

The Ancient One is a Japanese ninjutsu master, who adopted and trained Hamato Yoshi, making him akin to a "grandfather" to Master Splinter and a "great-grandfather" to the Turtles. He is a short, fat, elderly man, who has two different appearances during the course of the series. Back when he trained Yoshi, he had long silver hair and a beard, and wore a green robe. When he met Leonardo, his appearance had changed considerably. He was now almost bald, though it was concealed by a hat, and he wore a revealing vest and sumo-like diaper.

The Ancient One took Yoshi and his friend Yukio Mashimi under his wing when the former returned a coin the old man had dropped. He trained them in the arts of ninjutsu, and they became like a family. The Ancient One also adopted a young girl named Tang Shen, who later on fell in love with Hamato Yoshi. Against the old man's wishes, Hamato Yoshi left his former master to become a Guardian of the Utroms, but the feelings were mutual. The Ancient One was also responsible for the naming of a Tokyo rat that Tang Shen had rescued - Splinter.

In the Ancient One's first appearance, Leonardo is sent to him for training by Splinter, after Leonardo's anger over the fight with Shredder causes him to injure his sensei whilst sparring. Leonardo finds him while traveling down a country path, but does not realize it is the Ancient One. His flatulence and annoying personality is also something of disgust to Leonardo as well as his unsanitary habits (he is once seen picking his nose) and his craving for chocolate. However, this is presumably an act to prevent Leonardo from realizing who he is, as he does not display these characteristics later on. When the two arrive at the Ancient One's dojo, Leonardo fights with a rock creature, whom he later discovers is a mystical representation of his anger. He immediately realizes that the old man was the Ancient One himself. When they sit down to talk, the Ancient One asks what the purpose of training was. He reprimands Leonardo for a lengthy explanation and asks the young turtle to "explain simply."He appears in the following episode "Scion of the Shredder," where he has a premonition of doom, and urges Leonardo to return to his family.The Ancient One's next appearance was in a mysterious underground chamber in Japan. He announced himself, claiming that he had come to plead for the Turtles. He was then consulted by multiple shadowy entities, who all seem to resemble the Shredder.

His last appearance was in the season finale of Season Four, where he entered the Turtles' lair. When Splinter tells him the Turtles are out on an exercise run, the Ancient One claims he is too late. He is later seen on the rooftop the Turtles fought the wood creatures, claiming that Splinter's wish to find his sons is impossible.

The Ancient One also makes an appearance in the "lost" Season Five of the series. He travels with Splinter to the Ninja Tribunal's monastery, because Splinter initially distrusts the Ninja Tribunal and wishes to take his sons home. The Ancient One implicitly states that he was trained in ninjitsu by members of the Ninja Tribunal. He also reveals a tale that was forgotten, when Splinter brought his sons and Yoshi's remains to Japan many years ago. Ancient One was most surprised at Splinter's more evolved form. However, he accidentally lead a bone demon to the Lap of the Gods. It was only through the young Turtles' bravery that they shattered the demon's concealing necklace, allowing the Ancient One and Splinter to defeat. This action was most watched by the Tribunal, who considered them as future acolytes. As a parting gift, the Ancient one gave ninja masks for the Turtles while they were being brainwashed.

The Ancient One resembles the mythical appearance of the tanuki and seems to be inspired by many wise old sages from various movies, such as Yoda and Mr. Miyagi.

In the Mirage comic detailing Leonardo's backstory from the TMNT movie, The Ancient One as well as the Tribunal make a cameo.


As a youth growing up in Casey Jones' neighborhood, Angel comes under the influence of a street gang known as the Purple Dragons. She quickly becomes involved in thefts as part of her initiation and soon finds herself fighting in a wrestling ring to become a full-fledged member. Casey comes to her aid when he and the Turtles infiltrate a Purple Dragon hideout and pull Angel off her path of delinquency. Angel then becomes a close friend of the Turtles.

Angel returns to the Turtles when her older brother goes missing during a construction job, which leads the Turtles to the Volpehart Building and an extraterrestrial creature that forces them to confront their own fear. Angel also appeared at the Turtles' lair for Christmas, as she and Raph tried to get April under the mistletoe for Casey.

In a possible alternate timeline, where the Shredder ruled the Earth, Angel was the head of a resistance commando squad. She was assigned by April to destroy a tanker before it could leave port by Friday.

Angel's most recent relation to the Turtles was serving as a message carrier after their lair was destroyed by Karai and the Foot.

Angel has been seen in 4 episodes:
# Fallen Angel
# The Christmas Aliens
# The Darkness Within
# Prodigal Son


Antrax is a character from the original TMNT cartoon and toyline. He looks like a giant ant wearing the executioner's hood and outfit, and armed with an appropriate axe. In both the toy and the show he's labeled as 'Dimension X's executioner', which makes him an alien rather than another mutant. He appeared once in the older cartoon series in the episode 'Night of the Rogues' where Shredder called all of the Turtles's past foes (including Rat King, Leatherhead, Slash, Tempestra, Chrome Dome, and Scumbug) in hopes of defeating the turtles. Oddly enough, while this was the first appearance of Scumbug and Antrax, April and the TMNT acted as if they encountered them before.

General Aguila

General Aguila is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT. He, along with his three brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Aguila's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Aguila and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.

Centuries later, he and his stone siblings are awoken by Yaotl (now under the name, Max Winters) to help collect all 13 monsters and return them to the portal, thus, undoing their curse. However, liking their new immortality, Aguila leads a mutiny against Winters to preserve their immortality, and bring forth more monsters to assemble an army to conquer Earth.

Winters, along with the Turtles and the Foot Clan, however managed to succeed in bringing in all 13 monsters, and Aguila and the other stone generals were sucked into the portal, where they were restored to flesh and bone and vaporized.

General Aguila is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Aguila means Eagle in Spanish.


Armaggon is a mutant shark from the future. He appears in the Archie Comics version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where he teams up with the Shredder and Verminator-X to obtain control of Donatello's Time-Slip Generator.

He also appears as a playable character in the Super NES version of , though his trademark shoulder-torpedoes are strangely absent.


Aska is a kunoichi from TMNT: Tournament Fighters who enters the tournament to win money for her dojo. She is actually an original character created by the developers specifically for the game, presumably due to the lack of female fighters in the mainstream TMNT universe. Fans of the TMNT Archie comics see that Ninjara (an anthropomorphic female ninja fox character) would had been a much better choice to keep with the heavy Archie theme of the rest of the game. Other fans see that Lotus Blossom from the 1987 series would had been in the game, instead of Aska (and to a lesser extent, April just as she did in the Genesis version).

However there are many theories on why this character was created; some believe that as the game was made in Japan where the Ninja Turtles were hardly known despite several incarnations of the franchise over there (like the OAV anime Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen), she was included so the programmers would not feel alienated while working on a western franchise like TMNT and bring contrast with her as an anime influence. Also perhaps related to this theory, was that as the game would be released in Japan too; she was included to attract Japanese audiences who might feel alienated as well from the TMNT concept.Difference between the American and Japanese versions

Among Aska's attacks one of them consists of launching herself towards her opponent, using her buttocks. In the Japanese release, she wears a thong and her victory celebration is longer in which her breasts bounce; while in the western version she uses some larger tight shorts. So far this is her only appearance in any kind of entertainment media. It is quite possible that Konami holds the rights on her, so any future appearance would depend on the company and it could be possible that she would not appear on anything TMNT related again. However it should be brought into consideration that both Konami and Mirage Studios hold the rights on the character; so both companies would have to agree on her return.

Due to her charm, she has quite an underground fan following. It is still in debate whether her name should be rather spelled as Asuka even though it is still spelled Aska in the Japanese version. Her uniform design is rather similar to that of Rachael from the Martial Champions videogame.

Atilla the Frog

One of the mutant frogs Shredder creates in an attempt to destroy the turtles. He teaches them the ways of ninjitsu only to later be beaten by them. His name is based on "Atilla the Hun."


Constable Biggles

Aloysius Biggles is Chief Constable of 2105's New York City's police force, the Peace-Keepers. A tall, golden-hued robot with a stereotypically-British accent and vernacular, he wears a uniform and carries a nightstick resembling an old fashioned London "Bobby". He is more concerned with proper procedure than in actual results. Despite this, he has shown a clear distaste for the paperwork the job involves, and has managed to establish a working relationship with super-hero the Turtle Titan, despite a clear distaste for his vigilantism, because he "makes my job much easier".

Biggles has had several encounters with the turtles, most of them rocky. Sometimes, he takes credit when the Turtles defeat some villains. Despite the destruction they have caused, Biggles has not yet made a serious attempt at arresting them, presumably because of the influence exerted by Cody Jones and Darius Dun.

Constable Biggles is played by Sean Schemmel. He appears regularly in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward. In keeping with his stereotypical London Bobby appearance, his catch-phrase of sorts is "'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, what's all this then?" which he utters whenever he enters a scene.

General Blanque

General Blanque is the leader of the Federation, and the counterpart of Triceraton Prime Leader Zanramon.

General Blanque wanted Professor Honeycutt to build the Teleportal Device so that he could use it against the Triceraton Empire. However, the peace-loving Honeycutt refused to allow one of his devices to be used for war. Blanque's luck changed when an accident left Honeycutt's mind in the body of a robot. Due to the Federation's lack of rights for robots, Blanque could capture Honeycutt and extract the Teleportal blueprints without legal repercussions.

Blanque's plans were foiled by Honeycutt's resourcefulness and the aid of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Furthermore, Triceraton forces arrived and abducted Honeycutt, given the professor's location by Blanque's own personal lieutenant. However, Blanque was able to locate Honeycutt and the Turtles when they appeared on "Triceraton Gladiators", a Triceraton combat program and the number one rated show on D'Hoonib.

The Federation Fleet appeared in the path of Honeycutt's escape vessel just in time to run into the Triceraton Armada. Harsh words were exchanged between Blanque and the Triceraton Commander, and the argument broiled into all out combat despite Leonardo's truce attempts. Fortunately for the Turtles and Honeycutt, they were beamed to safety by the Utroms.

Sadly, the Turtles and Honeycutt had not seen the last of Blanque. After the initial Triceraton invasion, Honeycutt returned to Earth from the Utrom homeworld. The Triceratons detected this and returned in force, but the Federation had beaten them to it. Joining forces with Agent Bishop, Blanque helped him capture the Turtles for his genetic research in exchange for Honeycutt. However, Blanque discovered that Honeycutt had destroyed his Teleportal plans. The Professor then proceeded to sacrifice himself, beaming a virus into the combat engaged Federation Fleet. At that same instant, the honorable Triceraton Traximus led a revolution aboard the Triceraton flagship, deposing Zanramon and bringing an end to the war. Blanque was last seen in a cell neighboring that of Zanramon, and the two continue their aggression towards each other with insults and attempts to get through the cell wall to attack each other.

General Blanque is voiced by Mike Pollock.


Bloodsucker is the name of a minor character created by Rick Veitch in "Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comic book for his "The River" story arc, which took place in issues #24-26. He is a mutated leech with relative intelligence and great physical power. He has taken on an anthropomorphic appearance, and retains the sucking ability of a leech, greatly intensified by his size. His mutation is result of exposure to the mutagen in Raphael's bloodstream.

While exploring an underwater cave on a training mission, the Turtles find a small cache of baby turtles. Raphael notices a leech attached to one of the turtles, and removes it with great disgust. The other Turtles find this amusing, and place the leech on Raphael's foot. He removes it, and although unamused, allows it to live, respecting its place in nature.

The next day, Master Splinter has a disturbing vision of a large, malignant leech-like creature so powerful that it frightens his students (which is out of character; Master Splinter is usually the pinnacle of calm and contemplation) and makes Raphael faint in shock and surprise.

The Turtles return to the river, with Raphael displaying his usual animosity towards the verbal jabs by his brothers from the leech incident, notices a large snapping turtle fighting with something in the river. They begin to chase it, trapping it in small cave. Raphael stays to watch it as the other Turtles go to retrieve their weapons to defeat the creature. Leo, Don, and Mike return with Master Splinter, only to find Raphael again unconscious in the river. When turned over, the now much larger leech is affixed to his back. It has now grown arms and legs, and is much more formidable in size.

Before the leech had a chance to finish absorbing the mutagen in Raphael's blood though, Leonardo hacked it to pieces. Unfortunately the leech was not dead, but merely regenerating. The leech, now calling itself "Bloodsucker", was now fully sentient and mobile. Going on a vampiric rampage at the nearby town of Booder Falls, killing, among many others, corrupt industrialist Samuel Booder VI, an enemy of the Turtles who had been poisoning the waters of Bloodsuckers home swamp.

Tracking Bloodsucker down to the highlands of Vermont the turtles engaged it in battle. It was during this battle that the turtles learned that Bloodsucker was being manipulated by the millennia-old sage simply known as "Old Man River". In the battle, unnoticed by all except Raphael, (now a regular turtle due to having an extreme amount of mutagen absorbed from him by Bloodsucker), managed to climb on to Bloodsucker and clamp down on him with his teeth.

Gradually Raphael managed to absorb enough mutagen from Bloodsucker's internal fluids to return to his mutated state. Upon returning to normal, Raphael flung the now semi-mutated Bloodsucker at Old Man River, who, by having one of his own spells turned against him, had regressed to an embryonic state, which Bloodsucker proceeded to devour as he turned back into a normal leech and swam away.

Lotus Blossom

In the first cartoon series, Lotus is a female ninja from Japan that temporarily replaced the Shredder, hired by Krang to destroy the Turtles. She developed a respect for Leonardo and tried to get him to become her partner. Her personality and demeanor, as well as her character's place in the series, is similar to that of Karai.

Simon Bonesteel

Played by Scott McNeil, Bonesteel is a big-game hunter who prefers to hunt down endangered creatures; Bonesteel constantly tries to hunt down the turtles with hopes of becoming rich by capturing and selling them. Bonesteel has a habit of giving his weaponry female names such as "MaryLou the Crossbow".

Louis Braunzel

A tenant in April O'Neil's recently purchased apartment in the second volume of the Mirage comic book series, Louis was a witness to Raphael's abduction by DARPA after his battle with the now cyborg Dr. Baxter Stockman. When DARPA agents began to search April's apartment for the other Turtles, Louis told Casey Jones and the rest of the Turtles that he could aid them in rescuing Raphael.

It seems during the 1950s Louis was experimented on by DARPA. These experiments gave Louis mental abilities such as being able to alter and manipulate people's thoughts, emotions, and personality. With these abilities, Louis had escaped his imprisonment by DARPA.

Together with Casey, the turtles and Nobody, Louis broke into DARPA's Nevada headquarters and freed Raphael, along with an alien of unknown species. Soon after the group (minus Nobody, who had been killed by an unnamed monster) left, it was revealed Nevada was under invasion by a Triceraton invasion force. Using a stolen DARPA weapon, Louis and the unnamed alien managed to "phase" a Triceraton city-ship, which was trying to ram the Earth, harmlessly through the planet. The ship subsequently "un-phased" in the Earth's core and was destroyed.

Upon returning to New York, Louis erased the memories of the past days' events from the minds of the turtles, except Leonardo. Soon after doing this, Louis quickly departed from April's apartment and left New York.


Carter is a teenager who appears in the 1987 cartoon from season nine who had come to study martial arts under Splinter. He gained the ability to mutate into a giant yellowish creature after being exposed to the Turtle's mutagen. After the turtles found out a short while later, Carter became a part of the team for the remainder of season nine and the first half of season ten. After choosing to return to his previous college life in season ten, Donatello stabilized Carter's mutation, but on his way out of the city, Carter learned from April that she and the Turtles were captured by Dregg, Krang, and Shredder.

After a failed rescue attempt, Carter contacted the Turtle's friends Landor and Merrick from the future to transport the turtles past selves to help them and was also encouraged by Splinter that he could still mutate. Confirming that he still had his mutation abilities, Carter worked with both groups of Turtles in banishing Dregg, Krang, and Shredder to Dimension X. When Landor and Merrick appeared to send the past turtles back to their time, they offered to take Carter with them to the future to cure him of his mutation which he accepts. He was voiced by Bumper Robinson.

Dr. Chaplin

Dr. Chaplin is a fictional character of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, appearing in the 2003 animated series. Dr. Chaplin is voiced by Sam Regal.

Introduced in the series' third season, the young, enthusiastic engineer is made the head of the Foot Clan's Science Division following the numerous failures and subsequent demotion of his predecessor and idol Baxter Stockman, much to Stockman's chagrin. Much of Chaplin's work is based on that of Stockman.

Upon his introduction Chaplin was in charge of retrieving Triceraton technology to use for the Foot and after designing more effective robotic drones than the ones Stockman had created, Chaplin was promoted to Stockman's old position as the chief of the Foot's Science devision by the Shredder despite that they were unable to defeat the Turtles. He was also shown to have something of a crush on Karai, having based three of his original robots' appearances on her.

Chaplin was also the captain of the Shredder's space vessel as it departed Earth's atmosphere to the Utrom homeworld. He expressed his enthusiasm for the job, not even bothered by Shredder's true Utrom identity. He continued to place faith in Dr. Stockman, who designed the ship's defenses, however, Stockman had betrayed them and sided with Agent Bishop, and shut down the defenses. At the conclusion of the third season finale "Exodus", Chaplin was transported back to Earth alongside Karai after Ch'rell was sentenced to the ice asteroid of Mor-Tal by his fellow Utroms. Karai would resurface as the Shredder in the following season, whilst Chaplin would resurface in the "lost" fifth season of the series as Karai's chief scientist. He developed a number of weapons designed to do battle with the Tengu Shredder, and was among the many combatants in the battle that led to that Shredder's downfall. Once the battle was ended, he and Karai left together, apparently having moved beyond her appreciation of his technical knowledge and his crush on her.


Raphael's "right-hand man" during his reign as the Shredder, Cheng was an extremely powerful healer, curing Splinter of his rabies and mutation into a bat. It would later be revealed that Cheng was a servant of Lady Shredder and that he was against Raphael the entire time.


A dinosaur-like samurai minion of Savanti Romero when Romero time-traveled to 1373 Japan. Appeared in TMNT #46 and 47. His action figure was named Shogun Shoate.

Complete Carnage

As a child, Complete Carnage, then known as Max Wilsocchi was a slacker who believed he could get through life by being a "dumb jock" who could succeed through sports. Unfortunately, Max was mediocre at sports, barely able to make the cut. Due to neglect of his studies Max dropped out of high school in his junior year, and was then forced to do odd-jobs to support himself.

One of Max's odd-jobs was to do chores for a Native American man on a native reservation. One day while doing chores, Max made the mistake of stepping on sacred ground; this act caused a curse to be placed on Max, a curse which would activate years later.

While working at a construction site laying concrete, Max was struck by lightning. This lightning transformed Max into a giant monster now known as Complete Carnage. Seeking out Dr. Hazel Macintire, the granddaughter of the man he used to work for, Carnage encountered Raphael and Casey Jones. Engaging the two in battle Carnage seemed to have the upper-hand, at least until Hazel, now known as Radical appeared. Hazel, like Max had been struck by lightning and had gained superpowers. Carnage was defeated by Radical when she managed to blast him with enough power to send him flying halfway across the planet.

After soaring through the sky, Carnage bounced off a Boeing 747 and crashing into the temple of the Holy Order of Zentaoists, a cult stationed in New York. Treated as a prophet, Carnage learned the full extent of his powers from this cult. Now capable of passing through and absorbing the properties of objects, similar to Marvel Comics' Absorbing Man, Carnage was more dangerous than ever. Tracking down Radical, Carnage attacked. Though Carnage had his arm torn off by Radical, it was only through the aid of the turtles that Radical managed to escape Carnage.

Much later Carnage went after Radical and the turtles again. It was in this battle that Carnage was finally brought down. Attempting to absorb the pavement of a road, Carnage was killed when Radical melted the road around him; when Carnage tried to absorb the road he liquefied himself.

Months later Carnage inexplicably reappeared rampaging across Chicago. This was later revealed to not be the real Complete Carnage; it was a clone grown by the Whelan-Freas Scientific Research Center from the arm the real Carnage had had torn off by Radical. Seeking help from Radical to defeat this new Carnage, the turtles were dismayed to learn that she was unable to help; the "council" deemed Radical's help unneeded as this Carnage was just a clone, not the real one whom Radical was destined to, and had, defeated. It was only with help from the Savage Dragon that the turtles managed to defeat "Complete Carnage 2" by drowning it in Lake Michigan.

In a story set in the future, the original Carnage resurfaced to exact revenge on Leonardo and Radical, ambushing the two in the city, Carnage snapped Radicals's neck, killing her instantly. Having begun a romantic and spiritual relationship with her, Leonardo went into a seven year mourning period, making journeys across the world, before facing Carnage again. Intending to forgive him, Leonardo is soon convinced that he cannot be redeemed and he slices Carnage in half. Seeing that this story is set in the future, it is unknown how Carnage returned, and if this story will eventually happen in the main-continuity.


D'Jinn is a competitor in the Battle Nexus Tournament. He faces off against Splinter in a preliminary match, but loses. During their match, the Turtles think their sensei is being attacked and they rush to his aid. When the misunderstanding is cleared up, D'Jinn reminisces and tells the Turtles about their sensei and his victory in the previous tournament against Drako.


A deranged psychopath, DeathWatch, originally Johnny Lee Reaburn was once a janitor at an elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas. From 1970 to 1976, Johnny Lee slaughtered twenty-eight children at the school he worked in. Johnny was finally brought to justice when his would-be twenty-ninth victim survived and managed to lead authorities to Johnny's apartment.

Due to overwhelming evidence found in Johnny's apartment, the killer was sentenced to twelve consecutive life-sentences in prison. When President Jimmy Carter enacted the Seeker Program, a program meant to send convicts into space for extended periods of time, Johnny was chosen as one of the "lucky" few to be entered into it. Johnny was sent into space April 29, 1979 onboard Seeker 3; secretly he was to search for life on Pluto and for Planet X.

After sixteen years in space, Johnny crash landed back on Earth. Having become even more insane due to his many years in space, Johnny had become extra dangerous. While in space, Johnny fused with a Turrellan probe. This fusion turned him into a super-powered, demon-like being. Emerging from a crater Johnny, now calling himself DeathWatch (presumably due to his love for watching people die) set off to kill all those who had "wronged him", starting with the judge who sentenced him, Judge Pulaski.

While on his way to Little Rock, DeathWatch was opposed by Donatello, Officer Dragon, and Vanguard. Though DeathWatch was, for the time, defeated he did manage to temporarily destroy Donatello's mind, leaving Donatello's robotic half in control.

Later on the trio of heroes managed to track DeathWatch to his hometown where, to their horror they found all the town's inhabitants gruesomely butchered, including DeathWatch's own mother. Encountering DeathWatch again, Donatello, Vanguard, and Dragon began battling him once more.

Eventually DeathWatch was defeated, but he still managed to get away; however, not before impaling Donatello and tearing his arm off. DeathWatch's current whereabouts remain unknown, and he is therefore still at large.


Dirtbag is a mutant mole who first appears in the original cartoon. He and Groundchuck were created by Shredder but rebelled against him. Dirtbag also appears in two of the video games, first appearing in "" as the fourth level boss. He later appeared in as the second boss.

Dragon Face

He was the acting leader of the Purple Dragons after the death of the previous leader in the series' first episode. He hasn't been seen since City at War when he attempted to turn the dragons against their leader, Hun.

Dragon Lord

Coming from the series, Dragon Lord is the king of all dragons. He and his Rank army had been trapped in an enchanted glass and have now escaped. The world was once ruled by dragons and he has emerged to reclaim what was originally his. Dragon Lord still doesn't understand some of the wonders of the outside world and can become amazed at such little things like broomsticks. He is amazed to see walking Turtles and wants to digest the same ingredients that made the mutant in hopes that it will make him all powerful.

There is also a Dragonlord in the Image comics who is a completely different character.


Originally a high ranking combatant in the Battle Nexus Tournament, Drako was a biped of unknown origins who resembled a dragon from Earth. Drako proved himself a worthy combatant, making it all the way to the final match. There he engaged Splinter, and nearly claimed victory by breaking the rat master's leg. However, Splinter proved the better of the two, defeating Drako with only the use of one foot. Drako, unwilling to accept defeat when he had been so close, attacked Splinter with his army of Shadow Assassins, and would have killed him had it not been for timely interventions by first Miyamoto Usagi and then the Daimyo of the Battle Nexus.

As a result of his defeat, Drako spent years learning the use and powers of the Daimyo's war staff. He then seduced the Daimyo's son, the Ultimate Ninja, agreeing to help him take over the Multi-verse in exchange for the staff. However, Drako's plans were jeopardized by the Ninja's determination to have revenge on Leonardo. Furthermore, his attempts to eliminate Splinter and the Daimyo were thwarted by the efforts of Turtles Raphael and Donatello, along with their allies Usagi and Traximus.

Matters came to a head when Drako claimed the war staff as his own. Wielding it, he soundly defeated his former ally. However, as a result of the evil in his heart, the war staff tore open a warp in time and space. In his efforts to survive, Drako grabbed onto the Ultimate Ninja, and they both plummeted into the warp, seemingly to their destruction. However, it was later revealed that the two had been fused together into an "Ultimate Drako" and eventually freed themselves from the rift. By disguising themselves as a pet dragon of Savanti Romero, the two were able to steal the Time Sceptre of Lord Simultaneous.

Using the Sceptre, Ultimate Drako scattered the Turtles across time and space. He then went to the Battle Nexus, weakening the Daimyo and imprisoning Splinter. Disguised as the Nexus Gyogi, he appeared helpful when Leonardo and Usagi arrived in an effort to find Leonardo's time lost family. However, it was all a ploy to obtain the war staff and to toy with him. Combining the power of the relics, Drako trapped the Turtles, Usagi, and Splinter in a battlefield battling unimaginable enemies, and then prepared to destroy the Daimyo. However, some part of the Ultimate Ninja still cared for his father, and could not strike the fatal blow.

The Turtles were able to steal back the Time Sceptre and War Staff from Ultimate Drako. Sensing their emotions, the partially sentient Sceptre coordinated its energy with the Staff's to restore everything to its proper order. As a result, Drako and the Ultimate Ninja were separated, and both turned to dust. However, while Lord Simultaneous revived the Ultimate Ninja as a younger version of himself, Drako is seemingly gone for good.

Drako was voiced by Marc Thompson.

Drako has so far appeared in 10 episodes:
# The Big Brawl, Parts 1 to 4
# Time Travails
# Reality Check
# Across the Universe
# Same As It Never Was
# The Real World, Parts 1 and 2

Lord Dregg

Dregg was the villain who replaced Shredder as the turtles' main enemy in the last two seasons of the 1987 cartoon. Lord Dregg was an alien who attempted to take over the world, but his plans were constantly foiled by the Turtles. His last attempt involved using a robotic suit to absorb the powers of several other aliens, and kill the Turtles. His plan failed after Donatello and Michelangelo used Krang's android body to shrink him down and banish him to Dimension X. He was voiced by the late Tony Jay.

Darius Dun

In the year 2105 Darius Dun is the uncle and guardian of Cody Jones, and C.E.O. of O'Neil Tech.

During his time as C.E.O. of O'Neil Tech, Darius utilized his nephew's company for a variety of illicit purposes. Although the full extent of his operations is thus far unknown, Darius has, throughout the series, shown to have a network of cameras to spy on Cody (including one on Serling, Cody's devoted servant-robot); employed private soldiers, first with the Inuwashi Gunjin and later on with cloned versions of the Turtles; run a weapon-production operation (prohibited under O'Neil Tech's charter) kept under the guise of a recycling program; supplied criminal groups such as Triceraton gangs with said weapons; and perhaps most importantly, stolen plans for Cody's time window. He has also established a resource-sharing alliance with would-be world-conqueror Sh'Okanabo, who supplied him with the turtle clones in exchange for the time window.

The Turtles, who never trusted Darius because of his shady nature, were hard pressed to expose his criminal activities, since his position and cunning allowed him to remain clean. When they discovered weapons in the O'Neil Tech building, he explained them away, claiming that they were weapons confiscated from the streets awaiting recycling. They once overheard him arranging a suspicious rendez-vous and followed him into an ambush (which Dun had arranged); but, when confronting him later, Dun covered his tracks by producing an age-old comic for Cody's collection.

All changed, however, after Cody himself attempted to expose Darius' weapon-making "Hot-House" (which was hidden by placing an arboretum and the assembly line occupying the same space) to the Peace-Keepers; livid at this latest disruption, Dun decided to drop his facade and confront Cody and the Turtles directly when they truly found the assembly line. Despite ostensibly more firepower in the form of battle-armor and assistance by the turtle clones, Dun was defeated by Cody, who took control of O'Neil Tech from his uncle. Darius escaped, however, and is currently on the run with the cloned Turtles.

He sought his revenge when he took control of Cody's Turtle X through use of a Trojan Horse virus he installed while searching through Cody's database. He captured Cody inside his own machine and tortured the young boy by having all of his artifacts destroyed. However, Splinter and Raphael tracked his location and with his armor damaged, Darius had the Turtle X go on a rampage until it overloaded but the process was stopped by Serling.

Darius Dun is played by David Zen Mansley. He is a regular character in the sixth season of the 2003 series.


In the 2003 animated series, Falcon is a planet racer who rode across hazardous planets on a bigger-than life version of a motorcycle. When Raphael was accidentally dropped onto his course after being temporally displaced by Ultimate Drako, Falcon's partner, Methania, was injured. As well as payback, they promised to find a way to get him home as long as he helps. After the next two races, Raph teaches Falcon that winning without honour isn't winning. When they win two out of three, Raph started to phase out. Falcon tells him that he's a planet racer and the ninja responds back to race with honor.

In the Fast Forward series of 2105, Raph meets a boy who is also named Falcon, only this one is on the run from Constable Biggles. They sign him up on O'Neil Tech's team to get him out of trouble and because he fixed the Hovershell and use his help the Turtles were able to stop Triple Threat from stealing the other cars and he and Raph win the race.

Falcon is a reference to Nintendo character Captain Falcon of the F-Zero series as both share a similar name and racing career.

Vernon Fenwick

Vernon Fenwick is a cameraman at Channel 6. Vernon and his boss, Burne Thompson, often blame the Turtles for crimes. Vernon is very cocky and self-centered and at the same time very cowardly. Sometimes he tries to take April's place as a news reporter, but his cowardice in the face of almost everything is his undoing. In the first season he is called "Vern Burke", and in at least one comic he was called "Vernon Brindle".

Vernon also has a nephew named Foster.

Candy Fine

She is Mondo Gecko's girlfriend in the Archie TMNT Universe. Devoted to Mondo and loving him until the end, she remained at his side after he was mutated, and accompanied him when he joined the Mighty Mutanimals. Aside from Slash, she was the only survivor of Null's Mutanimal massacre in the TMNT Adventure's "Terracide" storyline. She listens to nothing except 1980s heavy metal music which she loved most of all, and attended every one of her lover's practices and gigs.

Abigail Finn

A would-be monster hunter with a small cable access show about monster hunting. She is skilled in biology and technology. She is given a video of what she believes is the legendary green man of the mountain, in reality Michaelangelo going for a walk in the woods. Along with her assistant Parker she tries to hunt down the monster; when she catches the true green man, Don and Mikey replace it with a costumed Casey and when she tries to show off her prize she is humiliated and seen as a fraud.

Abigail Finn appears in one episode:
# The Monster Hunter


After Casey Jones leaves New York in the "City at War" series, he meets a pregnant woman working at a diner. Casey falls in love with and eventually marries Gabrielle, however she dies giving birth to her daughter Shadow.


The Garbageman appeared in two of the episodes and is apparently too fat to walk. When he first appears he lives on an island, the largest garbage manufacturing island in the city. Secretly, however, he is kidnapping homeless people and forcing them to work as his slaves on the island. His guards use violence if the slaves try to escape. When a group of homeless people whom the Turtles have befriended go missing, they track them down to the island where they face the garbageman. With more than a little effort, they manage to defeat the garbageman, who falls into the lake. Thinking he can't know how to swim, the Turtles have to save him, despite his evilness, but they go down there only to find that, mysteriously, he has disappeared.

A few months later, while Donatello and Mikey are taking a ride through their Shell Sub, they spot an underwater city, built out of shipwrecks: Junklantis. They are taken captive and discover that the Garbageman built the city of junk by attacking and sinking ships. When they break out of prison they destroy Junklantis, escaping in the Shell Sub. The Garbageman escapes and attacks the Turtles with a submarine of his own, and is defeated. In the end, his underwater vehicle gets destroyed and he falls into a crevice.

Garbageman was to appear in the episode "Nightmares Recycled", however this episode's production was put to a halt when the subject matter was deemed unsuitable for children. The episode was going to reveal that Hun and The Garbageman were conjoined twins, and separated at birth.

He was voiced by Mike Pollock

Garbageman has so far appeared in 2 episodes:
# Garbageman
# Junklantis


Gauntlet is a superhero within the Turtles universe. He has two giant gauntlets on his hands which grant him super-strength. While taking part in a Justice Force's recruitment drive, Gauntlet attempted to defeat an attacking Nano and was easily defeated.

General Gato

General Gato is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT. He, along with his three brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Gato's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Gato and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.

Centuries later, he and his stone siblings are reawoken by Yaotl (now under the name, Max Winters) to help collect all 13 monsters and return them to the portal, thus, undoing their curse. However, liking their new immortal selves, Gato joined in with his brother, Aguila's mutiny against Winters to preserve their immortality, and bring forth more monsters to assemble an army to conquer Earth.

Winters, along with the Turtles and the Foot Clan, however managed to succeed in bringing in all 13 monsters, and Gato and the other stone generals were sucked into the portal, where they were restored to flesh and bone and vaporized.

General Gato was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Genghis Frog


Glurin is a young Utrom scientist who was stationed on their Earth base. When April O'Neil was infected by nanobots placed in her body by Dr. Baxter Stockman, he came up with the idea of using other nanobots to combat them. He designed the new nanobots after the Turtles and called them the nanoturtlebots.

Mr. Go

Mr. Touch and Mr. Go are a duo of super-powered assassins hired by Hun to assassinate the turtles after the Triceraton Invasion.

Touch and Go draw their power from pressing their fists together to power up their bodies. Once powered up, Mr. Go gains super-human speed, which he uses in tandem with martial arts skills. The power-up is short-lived, however, as both assassins expend their energy with every punch and kick; thus the two must strategize in order to remain in proximity to each other to power up.

The way Touch and Go address each other is based on a duo of assassins, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, who appeared in the James Bond novel and film, "Diamonds Are Forever".

Mr. Go himself appears in two episodes:
# Touch and Go
# Nobody's Fool

Lieutenant Granitor

A blue Rock Soldier with an oddly-shaped head. He appeared in the 1987 series, and was a boss in the arcade game.


Groundchuck is a mutant bull from the original cartoon. He and Dirtbag turned against Shredder after he mutated them to do their own brand of evil. He also appears in "" as the boss of the second level.

Hamato Yoshi

Starlee Hambrath

A skates-wearing girl from the planet Omatran, Starlee (against her parents' wishes) interns at O'Neil Tech, where she occasionally helps Cody Jones and the turtles. She is an expert with technology and helps the Turtles when needed. She is revealed to have a crush on Cody, and despite initial reluctance on his part, the two have begun dating.

Starlee Hambrath is voiced by Amanda Brown. She appears in the following TMNT: Fast Forward episodes:
#Playtime's Over
#Fly Me to the Moon
#Enter the Jammerhead
#Turtle X-Tinction


A member of the Ninja Tribunal, Hisomi is the Ninja Master of Stealth. Such is his dedication to the way of invisibility that he no longer speaks, communicating exclusively with hand signals. His weapon of choice is a pair of tessen.


He is the leader of the Purple Dragons, a street gang. Incredibly strong and physical, he prefers to use fists rather than weaponry. He is noticeable for having three scars on his face, a purple dragon tattoo on his left arm, and a foot clan tattoo on his right arm.

It was revealed in the episode "Meet Casey Jones" by Casey Jones that it was Hun and a couple of other Purple Dragons who burned down Casey Jones' father's store. Casey Jones held a grudge on Hun ever since. He is shown to be very powerful, as the Turtles barely beat him and sometimes a surprise attack is needed to gain the upper hand in combat with Hun. The next time the Turtles fought him (in "The Shredder Strikes, Part One"), he is shown to have grown stronger, faster, and more agile, as he was able to defeat Donatello in just one punch, dodge all of Michaelangelo's attacks and counter-attack for someone his size, pummel Raphael, and disarm Leonardo completely with one slice from a katana. He was defeated after Leonardo relentlessly kicked him, thus pushing him into a glass window on the roof of where they were fighting.

The next time Hun was seen was in "The Shredder Strikes Back, Part One," he fought Leonardo in a one-on-one combat. Leonardo manages to defeat Hun twice by outwitting him, but barely. In the following episode, Hun battled Casey Jones, whom the latter surprisingly gets the upperhand through superb speed.

Hun is obviously the Shredder's most loyal servant, as he is given the job to command the Purple Dragons and some of the Foot Clan. He is also shown to be in charge of punishing Baxter Stockman on failure, which he is later to be seen relieved of body parts.

After he found out that the Shredder he served was an Utrom, Hun severed his ties to the Foot Clan and revised the Purple Dragons into a Foot Clan-style gang that would pull off major robberies.


He is the leader of the Street Phantoms, a small-time street gang with a tendency towards splashy (albeit ill-planned) heists.

Although he is essentially a humanoid (probably from Earth), his reliance on cybernetic enhancements is such that he is often rendered non-functional when one of his new technologies either fails or is sabotaged. Following an unsuccessful burglary at O'Neil Tech using the Body Jacker, a bought device that allowed him to transfer his consciousness into other people by touch, he remained comatose during most of his brief prison sentence. When his goons broke him out and reboot his brain, Jammerhead has all of the moves of every martial arts master in the universe downloaded straight to his cerebral cortex. He then proceeds to take on the Turtles head on but his receiver was hacked by Starlee who used the destructive and clumsy moves of her brother Mildue to throw him out of control. Jammerhead was then carted off to prison again where two of his henchmen beat him up for beating them up.

Despite his intelligence and technical know-how, Jammerhead is often unable to think beyond his most immediate plans, and often without the basic foresight to consider contingencies or potential failure. Jammerhead's strategies are entirely built around his latest technological acquisition, and rarely take into accounting the possible assistance of his henchmen, who usually appear only for the purpose of bailing their leader out of a sticky situation.

He is played by Tom Wayland.


One of the two people of an alien race who fought in fair combat for rule. Her opponent was Moriah. Although Moriah cheated and pulled out four monsters, Jhanna eventually defeated her when the Turtles took care of the monsters.

Jhanna was voiced by Lisa Ortiz.

Jhanna appears in one episode:
# The People's Choice

Cody Jones

The great-grandson of Casey Jones and April O'Neil, Cody Augustus Jones (voiced by Christopher C. Adams) lives in the Earth year of 2105. He maintains a collection of memorabilia from the adventures of the Turtles, and owns O'Neil Tech, a massive technology producer. Due to his ownership of the O'Neil/Jones fortune, he is incredibly wealthy. However, he is too young to run the company himself which is mostly operated by his uncle Darius Dunn. His wealth and position also means that he is restricted to his penthouse apartment, for fear of kidnappers and rarely sees the outside world. He is looked after by a butler-like robot called Serling.

Cody always wanted to see the Turtles in action, but due to their philosophy of hiding in the shadows was unable to find any recordings. To compensate, he attempted to create a method to view them in the past through a special window. However, it had the unexpected effect of actually pulling Spinter and the Turtles into the future. Though apologetic for his mistake, he was thrilled to have the Turtles in his presence. He invited them into his home, promising to try and find a method to get them home while they taught him ninjitsu. He was seen as a brother by them — one they actually liked (a quip by Raphael at Michelangelo's expense). With the Turtles around, Cody's isolated existence was also broken.

Throughout the series, Cody has been shown to have a personality reminiscent of both his great-grandparents. Like April, he has shown incredible aptitude for engineering, designing things such as the time window and remaking a Serling-style serv-bot into the Turtle-X Battle-Mech. He has also being shown as very recklessly hardheaded, inviting direct comparisons to Casey Jones. Darius also says he is much like his parents: too honest and idealistic.

Cody is the object of affection of O'Neil Tech Intern Starlee Hambrath, a feeling that seemed to be at least partly mutual. The two have dated on occasion.

Sid Jones

Casey Jones' less than pleasant cousin whose only appearance in the comics was in Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. One winter, Sid randomly appeared at Casey's Northampton house with his buddies to search for money Sid believed was buried there by Casey's grandparents. At the time Sid appeared, April, Casey, and the turtles were living there after a particularly brutal attack from the Shredder. Attempting to take over the house and find the money that was stashed there, Sid and his friends were repulsed by the turtles and forced to leave.

In the episode "Cousin Sid" of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series which was an adaptation of the above adventure; Sid, instead of searching for the money out of greed was looking for it to pay off the Northampton branch of the Purple Dragons, to who he owed money. However, in the end, all of that money went to charity.

Shadow Jones

Casey Jones' adopted daughter. She is the daughter of Gabrielle, a woman Casey met and fell in love with, and married during the City At War story arc. Her mother died due to complications during childbirth. After that she was raised by Casey as his own. Growing up with the Turtles as her uncles and Splinter as grandfather, wasn't too good for her. She went into a dark phase, but after an incident involving werewolves, she changed her path in life. Casey and April, fearing for her safety, had her moved to a farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts to live with Splinter and another adopted uncle, "Stainless Steel" Steve, and his friend Metalhead. She lightened up and grew very skilled in ninjutsu, which was taught to her by Splinter until his death.


A member of the Ninja Tribunal and the Ninjitsu master of weapons. Of the four members of the Tribunal, he is the most dismissive to the acolytes, thinking nothing of berating and insulting his students. During the acolytes' training, he instructed them to replace their weapons with Mystical ones, including the legendary Fangs of the Dragons.



A young pizza delivery boy trained in the martial arts. He plays a significant role in the and aids the Turtles against the Foot Clan. Keno was played by martial artist Ernie Reyes, Jr., who was a stunt double for Donatello in the first film.


Japanese prince and son of Lord Norinaga. He is displeased with his father's war against the rebellion, and is not afraid to admit it in front of his father and everyone in the palace. Appearing in the third movie, he picks up a magic scepter and switches places with April O'Neil.


A turteloid from the planet Shell-Ri-La, he himself is a bipedal turtle although rather diminutive compared to the turtles. He travels the galaxy in his spaceship which is disguised as a chrysler building. A running joke was that he would approach the turtles with a "small problem", a phrase that would fill the turtles with dread. Kerma's problems often lead them into situations that encompassed dangers that were anything but small. he appeared in the 1980s series in episodes 138, 139, and 162

King Komodo

King Komodo, half-brother of Go-Komodo was originally nothing more than a normal Monitor lizard until he was mutated by mutagen taken from a sample of Splinter's blood. After being mutated King Komodo attacked the turtles as his brother, Go-Komodo escaped from his rapidly crumbling headquarters. Though the turtles seemed outmatched by King Komodo's strength the monster was eventually defeated by a cyborg-Donatello.

Though it seemed like King Komodo had been killed due to being blasted multiple times by Donatello he had in fact survived by injecting himself with more mutagen, increasing his strength. Wandering aimlessly, King Komodo eventually encountered Pimoko, who managed to give some level of humanity to the reptilian monster. After tutoring Komodo, Pimoko let him loose, along with three other Monitor lizards into the New York sewer system.

While in the sewers King Komodo encountered two children who he proceeded to kill. This act caused a bounty to be put on the "sewer monster", the act also caused Leonardo to suspect Leatherhead had gone back to his roughish ways. Entering Leatherhead's lair Leonardo found, to his surprise an unconscious and bound Leatherhead. Before he could react, Leonardo was ambushed by King Komodo. Though Leonardo managed to kill King Komodo's lizard allies, in the end though Leo ended up being knocked unconscious with his hand bitten off.

Waking sometime later Leo managed to free the captured Leatherhead and the two managed to distract King Komodo long enough for Michaelangelo and Casey Jones to appear. The two newcomers proceeded to bludgeon King Komodo into the nearby sewer water, where he was swept away by the water's current. Though it is possible that King Komodo survived being swept away down the sewer, he has yet to appear again.

King of Thieves

The King of Thieves first appearance was in issue number 3 of the Mirage Studio's title "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." This issue was adapted into the Halloween episode "All Hallows Thieves" of the TMNT animated series. He stole a statue from April's shop and used its power to summon countless creatures to steal everything of value. When the Turtles persisted against him, the King awakened the statue as a living being which was eventually defeated. He was sent to jail.


A competitor in the Battle Nexus tournament, Kluh was a large, powerfully built warrior. Michaelangelo made the mistake of calling him puny when Kluh was in his smaller form. Thus, it was much to Michaelangelo's dismay when he found out he'd be facing Kluh in the final match. However, due to the interference of Drako, Mikey won through sheer dumb luck. Having imbedded one of his nunchaku in the ground to keep from being pulled into a vortex, Mikey yanked it out, unwittingly hitting Kluh, who was standing behind him.

During Season 3, Kluh appeared as one of the allies recruited by Traximus for his resistance force. In Season 4, he appeared on Earth with his father and other Levrams to challenge Mikey to a rematch. Returning to the Battle Nexus, they had it out. Unbeknownst to Mikey, a Levram magician had removed the protection spells of the Nexus, and the fact that the Ultimate Ninja was a Levram hostage made it impossible for the Daimyo to interfere. However, thanks to training from Leonardo, Mikey proved victorious yet again.

Kluh's name, as well as his dimension's name (Levram), are backmasked versions of "Hulk" and "Marvel", respectively.

Kluh has appeared in six episodes:
# The Big Brawl, Parts 1 to 4
# Space Invaders, Part 3
#Grudge Match


Klunk is Michaelangelo's pet cat. He first appeared in the Michaelangelo microseries, and was hit by a car and died in the Tales of the TMNT vol. 2 issue 9. Shortly after, the Turtles discovered that Klunk had had kittens with an alley cat. Klunk also appears in a few episodes of the 2003 cartoon starting with The Christmas Aliens.

Warlord Go-Komodo

Warlord Go-Komodo (also known as the Dragonlord) is the owner of Komodo Industries and the last descendant of The House of Komodo, a clan apparently descended from dragons. The rest of the House of Komodo's members had been exterminated in World War I.

In an attempt to embrace his "birthright", to become an actual living dragon, Go-Komodo had Splinter kidnapped by cyborgs with the intent of using the mutagen in Splinter's blood to mutate himself into a true dragon.

Fortunately the turtles tracked Komodo down to his headquarters in upstate New York and, with "help" from Pimiko managed to rescue Splinter and destroy Komodo's facility. Though Go-Komodo didn't get the chance to inject himself with his self-made mutagen, it did get injected into his Monitor lizard half-brother, King Komodo, who was mutated into a giant reptilian monster.

As the turtles fought the recently mutated King Komodo, Go-Komodo made his escape. Go-Komodo was last seen fleeing from New York to Taiwan.


Korobon is an Utrom who declared himself ambassador to Earth from the Utrom Confederation. He addressed the U.N. on live television and explained what the Utroms had planned to do on Earth.


Irma Langinstein

In the 1987 animated series, Irma is a young woman who works as a secretary at Channel 6. Irma, who is April's best friend, is a friend to the Turtles. Irma is one of the few humans in the series who accept the TMNT instead of seeing them as evil just because they are different from the humans. Irma and April visited Europe during the "Vacation in Europe" episodes.

Of course, being a friend of the Turtles can sometimes bring trouble, like accidentally being turned into a convert|30|ft|m|sing=on tall giantess on her birthday and many other incidents. Irma also has a problem of stepping on people's feet whenever she gets upset, causing them to call her a klutz. Irma grew closest to Donatello.

Irma is always dressed in a light blue turtleneck sweater, a light purple dress, yellow socks, and light brown loafers. She wears eyeglasses with rather large lenses and with bright pink frames that connect at the bottom. She wears her hair up, with a white scrunchie holding part of it in place. She can best be described as nebbish. Many fans have noted that Irma looks somewhat like Jeanette of the Chipettes [] .

Irma is boy-crazy most of the time and is always thinking about landing a man. Even when her life is in danger, she is still concerned about meeting men and this humor was used a lot in the series. In one episode, she even fell in love with The Shredder, although she thought it was somebody in a Shredder costume because he approached her at the Mardi Gras costume parade. The only man Irma didn't seem to like was Vernon, and she was always making wisecracks and one-liners at his expense. Of course, Vernon was more than willing to exchange barbs with her.

After the show was retooled during the eighth season Irma was eventually phased out of the show after appearing briefly in two episodes.

Irma was voiced by Jennifer Darling.

Irma's last name was never given in the series. The name "Langinstein" was only used in "The Cufflink Caper" when it was aired on prime-time in 1990 by CBS [] .


Yukio Mashimi

A character created for the cartoon to replace Oroku Nagi, Yukio Mashimi was the life-long friend of Hamato Yoshi. As two orphans living on the streets, Yoshi and Mashimi are taken into the home of the Ancient One where he trained them in the art of ninjutsu. It is here that Yoshi and Mashimi fall in love with Teng Shen, another orphan cared for by the Ancient One. Yoshi and Mashimi eventually become Guardians against the wishes of the Ancient One. Mashimi's jealousy begins to grow as he sees Yoshi ascend within the Guardians along with the fact that Shen loves Yoshi. Mashimi eventually snaps and murders Tang Shen. He then joins the Foot Clan and leads the Shredder to the Guardians' hideout. Seeking revenge, Yoshi attacks the Foot Headquarters and faces Mashimi in a duel. After suffering a fatal wound, Mashimi asks Yoshi for forgiveness and dies thereafter. Likely named after Yukio Mishima.

He is voiced by Sean Schemmel.

Oyuki Mamisha

Created by Dean Clarrain and Chris Allan for the TMNT Adventures comics, Oyuki is a homeless Japanese teen who eventually becomes April O’Neil’s roommate and assistant.

Oyuki first met April and the turtles in the "Rising Sun" arc, where Oyuki was kidnapped and set to be sacrificed by criminal Chien Khan in order to release the demon called Noi Tai Dar. After being rescued by the turtles and their allies, she is offered a home by April.

In New York, circumstances force April to work as a freelance reporter, with Oyuki as her camera-girl. In reporting, Oyuki found her calling; in the story titled "The Angel of Times Square", set in 1999 (five years in the future—the series is normally set in 1994) it is revealed that Oyuki eventually became a reporter in her own right, and that she still lived with April.

Chester "Chet" Manley

While walking home one day with his recently bought pet turtles, Chester "Chet" Manley saw a blind man about to walk into a chemical-transportation truck. Shoving the man out of the way Chet saved his life, unfortunately the case Chet's baby turtles were in fell to the ground and smashed, sending the turtles into the sewer, along with some chemicals the truck was carrying.

Years later (at least in the Mirage Comics) Chet became a sanitation worker in the sewers. It was here that Chet briefly met the turtles he had lost so long ago, now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Interestingly the supercomputer Donatello possessed in the future (as seen in "Plastron Cafe" #1) was named Chet.

Since he is a major part of the turtle's origin Chet has appeared in almost all media portraying them; though usually Chet remains unnamed and is only briefly seen in these many appearances.


An evil Avian and former friend and now enemy of Raptarr. He wanted Avians to conquer humans and had his wings taken away and was banished. However, Mephos was able to build himself metal wings and took Raptarr's crystal diadem. Mephos came back to the Avian city to conquer it and was defeated by Rapptar and the Turtles.

Mephos is voiced by Dan Green. He appeared in the episode A Wing and a Prayer.


Merdude was created by Mirage staff artist Dan Berger. He was made into an action figure and had his own comic book miniseries.


A superhero capable of manipulating his fluid "metal" hair, and a member of the Justice Force several decades ago. In the Mirage comics, he is currently retired from super-hero business and lives in Northampton, Massachusetts; in the 2003 cartoon, he remains a member of the current Justice Force, making him the only member to serve in both incarnations of the team. Curiously, neither incarnation seems to have aged in the intervening decades.

Princess Mitsu

She is the leader of the rebellion against Lord Norinaga. She is in love with Norinaga's son Kenshin. She was played by Vivian Wu. Appearing in the third TMNT movie, Michelangelo developed a crush on her, that was never reciprocated.

Miyamoto Usagi

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a mysterious mutant female who first appears in the 83rd episode of TMNT, "Raphael Meets His Match," when she and Raphael were paired together. She was a college student who majored in physics. One day while on a fishing trip with some friends, a pirate named Captain Filch attacked their boat. Though her friends were able to escape, Filch kidnapped Mona Lisa and after finding out about her knowledge in physics, forced her to help him with experiments on his submarine so he could take over the world. One night she tried to destroy his nuclear reactor and in the process was mutated. After this, she vowed to stop Filch. She and Raph meet when Filch was holding a yacht full of people hostage and teamed together to stop him. Afterward, she followed the Turtles back to New York. She might have been considered as a potential girlfriend for Raphael. What kind of creature she is supposed to be has always been shrouded in mystery. After the explosion on Filch's sub she emerged in her present form; unlike the creation of 99% of the other mutants on the show, no mutagen or animal was in sight. All that is known is that she has webbed fingers, can jump extremely high, and uses her highly developed legs for attacking. She physically resembles a salamander or a newt, only with breasts and hair (distinctively mammalian traits). Given that Captain Filch's henchmen were genetically-enhanced crossbreeds of many sea creatures, it is safe to assume that she is also composed of a variety of different animal types. The show’s infamous amphibian/reptile uncertainty notwithstanding, it is believed that she was intended to be an amphibian (who "swims like a fish" and jumps like a frog). The backing card for the Mona Lisa action figure mistakenly identifies her as "The lovely lizard lady" which only confused things further (Mona Lisa was slightly redesigned for the action figure; in the TV episode she had brown hair and two-toed feet, but her action figure version has black hair and three-toed feet).

Despite following the Turtles back to New York, Mona Lisa was never seen again in any format of the franchise. Despite this, there is a large fanbase for the character.

Mondo Gecko

Mondo Gecko was created by Mirage Studios artist Ryan Brown. In the 1987 TMNT cartoon, Mondo began his life as a normal lizard who fell into New York City sewers when the TMNT were mutated, and he also became mutated. However, Mondo was picked up and carried away by an unknown man. One night, Michaelangelo had a bad dream and woke up. When he heard noise up on the streets, he went up and met robbers. Among the robbers were Mondo Gecko, now a mutated and talking lizard who was raised by gangsters. Mondo was now a member of a gang who worked for "Mr. X", a gangster boss. Michelangelo convinced Mondo Gecko to turn on Mr. X. Together they fought Mr. X. After this, Mondo Gecko ends his career as a criminal and moves to the sewers and becomes "neighbors" with the TMNT and Splinter. He would return in the episode 'Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter' where someone was kidnapping all the mutants in the city, including the Punk Frogs, Tokka, and Rahzar. Always willing to help Mikey out, Mondo let himself get captured so the TMNT could discover where all the other mutants were being taken to.

In the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures" comic series published by Archie Comics, Mondo Gecko was originally a teenage skateboarder and a member of a metal band. One day, during practice in one of Shredder's old hideouts, Mondo accidentally got mutagen on himself and because his latest contact was with his pet lizard he carried on his shoulders, he mutated into a talking human lizard.

After a series of meetings with the turtles, Mondo eventually joined fellow mutants to form the team The Mighty Mutanimals, with whom he remained until the group's demise at the hand of assassins hired by the demon Null.

General Mono

General Mono is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT. He, along with his two brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Mono's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Mono and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.

Centuries later, he and his stone siblings are reawoken by Yaotl (now under the name, Max Winters) to help collect all 13 monsters and return them to the portal, thus, undoing their curse. However, liking their new immortal selves, Mono joined in with his brother, Aquila's mutiny against Winters to preserve their immortality, and bring forth more monsters to assemble an army to conquer Earth.

Winters, along with the Turtles and the Foot Clan, however managed to succeed in bringing in all 13 monsters, and Mono and the other stone generals were sucked into the portal, where they were restored to flesh and bone and vaporized.

General Mono was the only Stone General to not receive a voice actor. Director Kevin Munroe stated in an interview that Mono was based on Non from "Superman II", who like Mono, was a hulking figure who never once spoke. Although in the TMNT movie videogame for the major consoles, they gave Mono actual speaking lines. Due to his size and appearance, he was given Hulk-ish lines, like 'Mono... big!! Mono...strong!!! Mono... hurt you!! Mono... smash turtle!!!'.

Mono means Monkey in Spanish.


Moriah is one of two members of an alien race who were dueling in fair combat for rule against Jhanna. Rather than fighting fairly, she brought four monsters to fight for her. Though she was winning at first, the Turtles came in and evened the odds. Eventually, as the Turtles dealt with the monsters, Jhanna and Moriah dueled with each other. Although Moriah fought hard, Jhanna eventually defeated her.

Moriah was voiced by Megan Hollingshead.

Moriah appeared in one episode:
# The People's Choice


Mortu was the captain of the Utrom ship that crashed on Earth. After the crash, he remained the field-leader of the marooned Utroms, and worked as their liaison to the Humans. In the modern day, this makes him CEO of the front company TCRI. His name is "Utrom" backwards.

Mortu is voiced by Dan Green.


MotorHead is a mutated taxi who rules over all vehicles with his mind control. He battled the Turtles in an issue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine. He was a creation of a Mirage Studio's artist Ryan Brown.

Commander Mozar

The military commander of the Triceraton Republic, Mozar is the counterpart of General Blanque when it comes to military matters. Mozar is the dedicated right hand of Zanramon, the Triceraton Prime Leader. He led the mission into territory controlled by the Federation of D'Hoonib, seeking to capture Professor Honeycutt. He succeeded, thanks to help from Blanque's private aid. However, he also captured the Turtles in the bargain.

Mozar delivered his captives to Zanramon, and was dispatched to pursue them when they escaped the Triceraton gladiatorial games. Whilst doing so, his fleet engaged in battle with that of General Blanque. The two old enemies bickered, and showed their similarity by both planning to launch a sneak attack while talking with Leonardo about a ceasefire. Unfortunately for them, the Turtles and Honeycutt were beamed to safety by the Utroms.

Mozar led the Triceraton invasion of Earth, sending down his forces to search for Honeycutt. As a result of his efforts, Donatello was captured for interrogation. However, Triceraton sensors then determined that Honeycutt was not on the planet, and they set off to find him. Mozar was in command again when the Triceratons returned to Earth in pursuit of Honeycutt and engaged the Federation fleet in battle. However, Mozar proved that he possessed honor when he refused to fire on the disabled Federation fleet. He then stood aside as the Triceraton gladiator Traximus deposed Zanramon.

Mozar differed from standard Triceraton soldiers in his physical composition. He was missing one eye, and one of his arms had been replaced with a mechanical limb below the elbow.

Commander Mozar is voiced by Dan Green.

Commander Mozar has appeared in 11 episodes:
# Turtles in Space, Parts 1 to 5
# Space Invaders, Parts 1 to 3
# Worlds Collide, Parts 1 to 3


Muckman was a garbage collector who was accidentally mutated into a walking pile of sewage, with a manhole cover for one foot. He was the first character to have a small companion. His name was Joe Eyeball and he rode along in a partially-crushed trash can on Muckman's back. When introduced in a list on TMNT display cards, he was listed as neutral from the TMNT or the Foot Clan, along with Rat King. He tended to shift around from the Turtles to the foot side as packaging would be updated, but he was clearly friendly with the Turtles when introduced to the animated series. The action figure came with a small container of retromutagen ooze that could be poured into his head when a banana peel-covered skullcap was removed, which could then drip out of his mouth.


When Lord Dregg becomes the primary villain, Mung becomes the lackey always getting beat on by his boss. Mung not only serves as Dregg's primary science officer, but also his second in command. He was voiced by Cam Clarke.


A robotic entity made entirely of nano-bots, Nano, also known as the Nanotech Monster was created by a scientist named Dr. Richards. Designed to repair electronic devices, its intelligence at the start was that of a three-year old to help it learn. However it gained a personality and escaped. It was then taken in by a small-time crook named Harry Parker who was interested in its ability to take thing apart and add them to its body. With his "father" the pair began a crime spree that was stopped by the turtles, who despite feeling sorry for it attempted to incinerate it at a junkyard. It later returned as not all of the nano-bots were destroyed. In "Modern Love" it tried to form a family with Harry and its creator, only to be rejected and seemingly destroyed again.

Nano's next appearance was in the "lost episode" "Membership Drive" where it was repaired and controlled by Baxter Stockman. However, the microchip placed on one of its drone caused Nano to malfunction with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. One wanted help from the Justice Force, the other wanted to destroy them. Mikey and Leo shrunk down to microscopic size and removed the chip. Now freed and with a much more mature personality, it joins the Justice Force.

Nano was last seen in the unaired fifth season finale, where he, along with the rest of Justice Force, joined forces with the Turtles to fight the demon Shredder.

Napoleon Bonafrog

One of the so-called "Punk-Frogs", trained and accidentally created by The Shredder in the second series of the 80`s cartoon show. Together with his brothers, Rasputin, Attila and Genghis, he soon joins the TMNT, to oppose The Shredder who had manipulated them against their will. After Genghis Frog he appears to be the most popular of the four frogs in the TMNT universe (only he and Genghis were made as action figures and both had appearances in the series without Rasputin and Attila). His name refers to Napoléon Bonaparte; his usual weapon in the animated series is a whip.


The Neutrinos are the three hipster, flying hotrod driving, teenagers from Dimension X introduced in the 1987 series episode "Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X". Zak, Dask and Kala joined the Turtles on multiple adventures up to the 1993 season, after which they did not appear. Kala and Michelangelo shared a common romantic interest in one another.


Her real name is Umeko, but for reasons that were never fully revealed she goes by the name "Ninjara." She is generally accepted as Raphael's girlfriend in the TMNT Archie comic series, and was once a part of an ancient race of humanoid foxes living on a hidden island off the coast of Japan. She ended up becoming a thief and assassin for the villainous dog-man Chien Kahn, but then had a change of heart when she met the Turtles and fell in love with Raphael. She helped out on many missions, from the Mid-East to the darkest depths of space. Her family life was explored more in detail when her younger brother managed to track her down and convince her to come back home. The Turtles discovered the island was hidden by fog banks, but despite this, it had been discovered by an opportunistic, greedy hunter. She was a powerful member of the team from issue #29 until issue #70, when the relationship between her and Raphael came to an end due to personal differences.

After the Archie series, Ninjara had a brief stint in her own comic in the magazine "Furrlough", a comic from Radio Comix. She has appeared in issues #47, #48, and #52. The tagline was "She's not hanging out with teenagers anymore."

Ninja Tribunal

Four of the wisest and most powerful warriors in history, the Ninja Tribunal members were once known as the Five Dragons, their fifth member being Oroku Saki. The members of the Tribunal are as follows: the strong but silent Hisomi, the brutal female ninja Chikara, the drill sergeant like Juto, and the sage-like Con. In the year 300 A.D. they were the greatest warriors in Japan, and as such were called upon to battle an evil demon known as the Shredder. After a fierce battle, they defeated it, but Oroku Saki was corrupted by the demon's promises of power. As he seized control of Japan, the four others went their separate ways in order to learn the mystic arts necessary to defeat him. Finally, they reunited and did battle with him, overcoming his dark magic and defeating his dragon form with their own dragon avatars. They then split him up into three components-body, helmet, and gauntlet-in order to prevent him from returning.

For centuries afterwards, the Tribunal maintained its vigil over the Shredder's remains, kept young and powerful by their training. In this time, they trained the Ancient One, and were approached by his student Hamato Yoshi for aid in battling the Utrom Shredder. Seeing a time when the true Shredder would return, however, the Tribunal refused Yoshi's request. This was all part of their plan, however, as they saw that Yoshi had to die at the Shredder's hands in order for history to play out as it must for the Shredder to finally be destroyed. They had a brief encounter with the Turtles and Splinter at a young age, in which the Turtles prevented a demon employed by the Shredder's Heralds from securing Saki's remains. The Tribunal then erased the Turtles' memories, but decided that the four would bear close watching-they had managed to see through the demon's concealing magic, something not even any other innocent children could have done.


A Batman-like vigilante, the original Nobody (a.k.a. Longer) from Mirage's TMNT comic books was simply a Northampton policeman who moonlighted as a nameless vigilante (the name Nobody was given to him by the Turtles). In the current cartoon, however, Nobody is a New York detective disgraced due to the machinations of Ruffington, a corrupt arms dealer he tried to expose. In both incarnations, he meets the Turtles while hunting down Ruffington, and quickly becomes their ally. His comic book incarnation was killed during the events of the Mirage volume 2 comics.

Nobody reappears in the fifth, "Lost" season of the animated series, as one of the newest members of the Justice Force. He also takes part in the final assault against the Tengu Shredder's forces.

In the current cartoon, Nobody is voiced by Sean Schemmel. He has appeared in the following episodes:
# Nobody's Fool
# Still Nobody
# Membership Drive
# Enter The Dragons, Parts 1 and 2
# The Journal

Lord Norinaga

A Japanese warlord in war with the rebellion led by Mitsu. He is displeased with his son Kenshin's disloyalty and sympathy with the rebellion. He appeared in the third movie, and was portrayed by popular Japanese-American actor Sab Shimono.

August O'Neil

April's "Uncle Augie", August O'Neil is a world traveler, explorer, and scientist. He imparted in April a love of knowledge and learning. He mysteriously vanished one day due to a strange artifact. The artifact transported him to a world ruled by giant insect like creatures. August eventually discovered an artifact similar to the one that brought him to this world in an ancient temple inhabited by the insect queen, using this device he ended up in another alien world. The world he ended up in this time was inhabited by the Brotherhood, a race of carnivorous reptilian humanoids; they told him that if he fixed their dimensional warp generator, they would share their vast knowledge with the Earth. In reality, they wanted to travel to Earth to eat every living thing on the planet. Donatello and April rescue August from the reptiles, returning him to Earth.

August O'Neil was voiced by Marc Thompson.

Robyn O'Neil

April's older sister, who lives in California. She's an outgoing, but somewhat unorganized and irresponsible woman. In the Mirage comics, she has an ex-husband named Colin and a young son named Trevor. It's interesting to note that her design resembles the cartoon version of April, not to mention she has a brief appearance in the 2003 series in the same episode Uncle August appears.

Professor Obligado

Obligado was a brilliant Utrom scientist. His life and death are shown in the back pages of several issues of the current Tales of the TMNT. It should be noted that "obligado" means "obligated/forced to" in Spanish, although his name more likely comes from the brain component "medulla oblongata".

Oroku Nagi

Brother of Oroku Saki, aka The Shredder. He was killed by Hamato Yoshi for beating Tang Shen, pushing Saki to join the Foot Clan to seek revenge. The Turtles and Splinter would later encounter his ghost haunting the abandoned home of Tang Shen. To set his angered spirit free, the Turtles burned the house down.

Oroku Yoshi

While traversing through the Battle Nexus, Leonardo encountered an entity using the guise of The Shredder. Strangely, this Shredder actually aided Leonardo in battle. When Leonardo felt threatened at The Shredder's presence, he revealed himself to be a well-known warrior in the Battle Nexus, Oroku Yoshi. It should be noted that the Shredder guise Oroku Yoshi wears is actually adapted from the armor worn by Oroku Saki in the 2003 series.


Oroku Pimiko is a female ninja that appears in Image's volume 3 of TMNT. She is the daughter of Oroku Saki, and is the leader of a band of kunoichi.

Danny Pennington

The son of April's boss, a teenage delinquent and a member of the Foot Clan. He led the Foot to the turtles when they were hiding there. He felt guilty when he saw her apartment burn down. He would eventually befriend Splinter and help save him along with Casey Jones. He only appeared in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie. He was played by Michael Turney.

Professor Jordon Perry

Jordon Perry is the head scientist of TGRI company in the second TMNT film. He was kidnapped by the foot to create mutagen to create Tokka and Rahzar. After he was saved by the Turtles, he works with the them to create an antidote for the mutated Tokka and Rahzar. He is portrayed by David Warner. A deleted scene would reveal him to be an Utrom, but wasn't shown due to fear of being mistaken for Krang.

Antoine Puzorelli

A high-ranking italian mob boss Antoine (sometimes shortened to Anthony or Tony) first encountered the turtles when he hired the Foot Clan to abduct Shadow Jones. The reason for this abduction was, Shadow was Antoine's granddaughter. It seems Antoine's son, Albert had a one-night stand with Shadow's mother, Gabrielle.

Raphael, after some searching, managed to track down the Foot and interrogate several members of it. After telling Raphael about their contract to abduct Shadow, the Foot offered Raphael their own contract: assassinate Antoine and take Shadow back. Though Raphael came close to killing Antoine he found he couldn't do it.

After Raphael's failed assassination attempt on Antoine, Michaelangelo managed to track Shadow down to a cathedral; were Antoine and his wife planned on having Shadow baptised. Disguising himself as a priest, Michaelangelo managed to escape with Shadow.

Enraged that his granddaughter had been taken from him, Antoine put a hit out on the entire Foot Clan, who he blamed for losing Shadow. Antoine's hired men found the Foot Clan's base of operations and managed to gun down the clan's entire ruling council and several members before being taken out by Raphael, who had become the current Shredder. After killing Antoine's execution squad, Raphael tracked down Antoine himself and forced him into a truce.

Later, Antoine sees Shadow on TV during Casey's ticker tape parade ceremony for killing King Komodo. After seeing Shadow again, Antoine launches another (unsuccessful) attempt to get her back.

Dr. Cornelius Quease

A leading expert on mutation, Dr. Cornelius Quease was shunned by other scientist due to his "lunatic theories". In an attempt to get revenge on the world Quease allied himself with the Dragon Lord. Quease planned on trying to capture the turtles and find out what caused their mutation so he could replicate it and mutate himself and the Dragon Lord.



A winged super-hero who debuted in the second issue of the fourth volume of the Mirage comics, where he saved Michaelangelo from falling to his death. Since then he has made several appearances, and was last seen aiding Raphael, Donatello, and the authorities in arresting an alien criminal.

In the 2003 series, Raptarr is an Avian, a race of angel-like people who centuries ago had freed themselves from the Y'Lyntian race, who had engineered them to serve as slaves. After a Civil War in the aerial Avian City, Raptarr was charged with watching over its instigator, the Avian Mephos, who had been exiled to Earth following his capture. Once there, he began operating as a super-hero, and repeatedly foiled Mephos' plans for revenge. During their last encounter, Raptarr met the Turtles, whom he enlisted to help stop Mephos.

Raptarr reappears in the fifth, "Lost" season of the animated series, as one of the newest members of the Justice Force. He also takes part in the final assault against the Shredder's forces.

The animated Raptarr is voiced by Marc Diraison.

Rasputin the Mad Frog

Rat King

Ray Fillet

Ray Fillet, originally known as Man Ray, was once a marine biologist named Jack Finney who worked at the Burroughs Aquarium in New Jersey. He was exposed to Mutagen and became a mutant Ray. He originated in the Archie Comics version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where he met the TMNT while being held prisoner by the Oceanauts, pirates that were dumping toxic waste into the ocean. Ray Fillet teamed up with the turtles to escape and put an end to the pollution scheme. Later on, he joined up with the Mutanimals, and the group received a spin-off series from Archie comics entitled "The Mighty Mutanimals." Ray Fillet was also made into an action figure, and appeared in one video game, for the Sega Genesis. Ray also saved the turtles from the Shredder in issue number three of the 1989 Ralston Purina Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal mini comic book series. He was created by Mirage Studios' artist Ryan Brown.

Ryan Brown, at various comic conventions, has explained that Ray Fillet was originally intended to be featured in an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series) called "Rebel Without A Fin". Model sheets were drawn up showing the Mirage incarnation of the character but when Fred Wolf ignored the Man Ray Archie origins and made his character a villain, Brown and Murphy protested forcing the substitution of an aquatic mutant named Ray.

Joy Reneau

Joy appears as one of the eight chosen acolytes in the Turtles 2003 animated series' so-called "Lost season". Almost nothing is known about her past (although the fact that she has an aunt in Kumamoto and that she was the first to recognize Japan upon arrival seem to indicate that she has a history there) or why the Ninja Tribunal deemed her worthy enough to join the battle against the original demon Shredder. However, with intense training, her spirit avatar became a hawk which represents fearlessness. During a trip to find artifacts that would prevent Shredder's resurrection, Joy was killed in battle. During some episodes, it was hinted that Raphael had taken a liking to her, and even invited Joy to look the Turtles up should she ever come to New York after the battle was over. Joy returned the feelings apparently, telling Raph "let's survive this first, eh tough guy".


Renet Tilley [TTMNT page 39] is a Timestress, apprenticed to Lord Simultaneous. Renet is somewhat of a bungler, constantly screwing things up. In her efforts to achieve mastery, she often has to rely on her friends the Turtles to save her sorry hide. Perhaps the worst detail about Renet is her novice use of the Time Sceptre, which Simultaneous allows her to use despite the fact that she keeps losing it.

Renet first met the Turtles in the Mirage comics (Vol.1 #8) when she decided to go back in time and check out New York City, circa 1986. Lord Simultaneous was furious with his servant for disobeying her so she and the TMNT quickly escaped to another point in time where they run into Cerebus. Coincidentally, Simultaneous' former apprentice Savanti Romero was in the area and sought out the scepter.

In the 2003 cartoon, the Time Sceptre was then stolen by Savanti's pet, which turned out to really be Ultimate Drako- a fusion of the Ultimate Ninja and Drako, both former foes of the Turtles.

Simultaneous later entrusted Renet with the Time Sceptre again, once more dispatching her to defeat Savanti, who now threatened the human race itself. Traveling to the Cretaceous Maastrichtian period with the Turtles, Renet was captured by Romero, who planned to sacrifice her to increase his power. He was defeated by Donatello, and Renet was rescued. However, the Time Sceptre fell into a nearby lake and was lost for three months, until Michaelangelo found it in the belly of a massive fish he'd caught for the Turtles' dinner. They were then able to escape the imminent asteroid collision.

Renet is a human, and most commonly dressed in a blue swimsuit outfit that includes an odd helmet which covers her hair. Renet is revealed to be blond, perhaps serving as an explanation of her ineptitude with the old "dumb blonde" stereotype. Her outfit also includes a blue cape and matching boots and breastplate, but her legs and arms are bare.

Renet has so far appeared in 3 episodes:
#Time Travails
#Return of Savanti, Parts 1 and 2

In the Mirage comic series, Renet is shown to eventually grow up and mature, at some point in the future taking over for Lord Simultaneous and becoming Mistress of all time.


Savanti Juliet

The demonic wife of Savanti Romero, she appeared only in one issue of the Mirage comic series -- issue number 42, "Juliet's Revenge." Driven to insanity by grief over her husband, whom she believed to be dead, she set out to both take revenge on the Turtles, whom she held responsible for his death, and gain for herself the power over all time that he had failed in obtaining.

Juliet possessed black magical powers similar to those of her husband, being able to reanimate and control people who were long dead (Robert E. Howard, Bruce Lee, Mae West, Leonardo da Vinci, and Edgar Allan Poe), giving them the tasks of capturing all four Turtles and Splinter for sacrifice in an intricate spell.

However, Juliet's spell was noticed by the adult Renet, the Mistress of Time, who traveled back in time from the future just in time to rescue her friends, the Turtles. Juliet was easily dispatched by Renet and crumbled to dust.

Savanti Romero

Savanti Romero is a sorcerer and demon-like being. A former apprentice of the master of time, Lord Simultaneous, Savanti was a greedy and arrogant individual who believed he should by master of time. After a failed attempt at usurping Simultaneous, Savanti was changed into a demon-like being and banished back in time.

After an encounter with the apprentice Timestress Renet, the Turtles find themselves transported 1406 A.D. where they end up crashing into the camp of Cerebus the Aardvark. Savanti (who had been banished to this time) upon seeing the Time Portal torn opened by the arrival of the Turtles and Renet, sends his army out to attack Cerebus' camp, knowing that if there is a Time Portal, the Time Scepter must be nearby. Savanti's attack on Cerebus' camp is a success, upon defeating the Turtles, Renet, Cerebus and his troops, Savanti and his own men return to Savanti's fortress.

The next day Savanti finds his castle under attack by an army of mercenaries hired by Cerebus' to take down Savanti. Easily dispatching the army of hitmen with an army of the undead, Savanti realises too late that the entire attack was a set-up; while Cerebus' men attacked, the Turtles, Renet and Cerebus himself managed to sneak into Savanti's throne room. Before the group could attack though, Savanti manages to bind them with magic. Contemplating how to kill the group, Savanti found his thoughts interrupted by the appearance of Lord Simultaneous, who easily banishes Savanti to the Cretaceous Era with his "Digital Cosmic Quartz", a time-warping wrist watch. With Savanti banished, Simultaneous managed to send the Turtles back to they're own time.

Months later, while April, Raphael and Donatello are attending the dinosaur fossil exhibit at a museum the bones of a nearby Tyrannosaurus Rex begin to float and swirl around and form together to create the image of Savanti Romero. Taunting the group, Savanti reveals that he is communicating with the gang through his magic. After revealing this, Savanti offers a challenge to the Turtles, meet him in the "Ring of Fire" in the Cretaceous Era and face him in combat.

Through the aid of Renet, the Turtles manage to travel back in time to face Savanti; upon exiting a Time Portal into the Cretaceous Era the group of the Turtles and Renet are attacked by a Tyrannosaurous Rex riding Savanti Romero.After managing to kill Savanti's "steed" with a Triceratops, the Turtles can only watch as Savanti escapes they're grasp by riding away on a Pterodactyl, which has Renet in its clutches. Managing to track Savanti to a large structure made of bone, the Turtles learn the mad demons plan; Savanti plans on altering history by channeling cosmic energy through his bone structure he will cause all the volcanoes in the Ring of Fire to erupt, slowing the Earth's rotation around the sun just enough for it to be missed by the meteorite which wiped out the dinosaurs. Engaging a bone armored Savanti in battle, the Turtles manage to defeat the insane sorcerer by tricking him into stepping into the center of his structure right when a cosmic energy bolt strikes. The fried Savanti ends-up plummeting into the river below.

Unfortunately for the Turtles and Renet, Savanti survived this encounter. After crashing into the murky depths of the river, Savanti, using what was left of his strength, manages to put himself in suspended animation. Exiting his suspended animation in Feudal Japan, Savanti set about trying to alter history, knowing that his alterations would attract Renet and the Turtles.Travelling back in time the Turtles, along with Renet, manage find and engage in battle with Savanti and the demon's dinosaur servant, Chote. Eventually Savanti is, once again, defeated when Renet manages to banish him back to the time of dinosaurs.

In Tales of the TMNT number thirty-two Savanti battles the Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa while attempting to obtain control of a mystical cosmic eye.

Savanti has also appeared in the 2003 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon in adaptations of his first two comic book appearances. Savanti Romero is voiced by David Zen Mansley.


Scratch is a Playmates Toys cat cat-burglar action figure. He is one of the rarest TMNT action figures ever made and can sell for hundreds of dollars in on-line auctions. Very few were produced and he was among the last of the villains to be released by Playmates Toys. He is also the first boss in , using a ball and chain to fight. He was created by Mirage artist Ryan Brown. In the Archie series, Scratch's first appearance is in the December 1991 issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures as one of the 3 mutants controlling a town with poisoned water. It wasn't until April was stranded in that town with a flat tire, that she called the Turtles for help, and they were able to defeat the trio of Mutants. In this issue, written by Doug Brammer, Lovecraftian themes are evident.


Scumbug is a mutated exterminator. He is constantly trying to exterminate the Turtles. He first appeared in the Archie TMNT title, in which he fought the Turtles in the sewers and was later confornted by Wyrm (a mutant flatworm). As Scumbug and Wyrm fought kneedeep in sewer water, they accidentally got electocuted by nearby power lines. However they would both return in a future issue, and were slated to return in the final story arc of the series, before its cancellation. He was released as a Playmates toy action figure. He appeared once in the older cartoon series in the episode 'Night of the Rogues' where Shredder called all of the Turtles's past foes (including Rat King, Leatherhead, Slash, Tempestra, Chrome Dome and Antrax) in hopes of defeating the turtles. Oddly enough, while this was the first appearance of Scumbug and Antrax, April and the TMNT acted as if they encountered them before. Scumbug was created by Mirage Studio's staff artist Ryan Brown.

General Serpiente

General Serpiente is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT. She, along with her four brothers led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Serpiente's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Serpiente and three of her brothers into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.

Centuries later, she and her stone brothers are reawoken by Yaotl (now under the name, Max Winters) to help collect all 13 monsters and return them to the portal, thus, undoing their curse. However, liking their new immortal selves, Serpiente joined in with her brother, Aquila's mutiny against Winters to preserve their immortality, and bring forth more monsters to assemble an army to conquer Earth.

Winters, along with the Turtles and the Foot Clan, however managed to succeed in bringing in all 13 monsters, and Serpiente and the other stone generals were sucked into the portal, where they were restored to flesh and bone and vaporized.

General Serpiente was voiced by Paula Mattioli.

Serpiente means serpent in Spanish.

Tang Shen

Tang Shen(唐慎) was the lover of Hamato Yoshi in the Mirage Comics, the movies, and the 2003 animated series. The only TMNT franchise in which she did not appear was the 1987 animated series. In all the franchises in which she appears, her love with Yoshi is ill-fated. She is killed by a jealous lover, and is in some way linked to Yoshi's move to New York.

In the Mirage Comics, Yoshi and Shen's relationship attracted the jealousy of fellow Foot Clan member Oroku Nagi. In order to protect Shen, Yoshi killed Nagi, and for this act he was forced into exile in New York. Nagi's younger brother Oroku Saki was adopted by the Foot Clan, and in time became The Shredder. When he was ready, the Clan sent Saki to America to start a new branch. Saki took the opportunity to track down Yoshi and Shen, and killed them both to avenge his brother.

In the first TMNT movie, Tang Shen's story is similar. Her involvement with Yoshi once again attracted the jealousy of a fellow Foot Clan member, but this time it was Oroku Saki himself. Yoshi and Shen fled to New York to hide from Saki, but he followed them and killed them both.

In the 2003 animated series, Tang Shen was raised by the Ancient One, along with Hamato Yoshi and Yukio Mashimi. Yoshi and Shen fell in love, but this attracted the jealousy of Mashimi. To make matters worse, while both Yoshi and Mashimi were Guardians of the Utroms, Yoshi was promoted up to the rank of Guardian Prime while Mashimi was passed over. Mashimi's jealousy of Yoshi eventually led him to betray everything and join the Foot Clan. He killed Shen and led an attack against the Utroms. The attack failed, and the Utroms fled to a new hiding place, but Yoshi stayed behind and sought revenge. He attacked the Foot headquarters alone, fighting his way up to Mashimi, until finally he duelled Mashimi and killed him. Later, he moved to New York, the new hiding place of the Utroms. On her gravestone, her name was written as "唐慎" ("Táng Shèn").


A robot from the year 2105, Serling serves as butler and caretaker to Cody Jones, a role he has held for the entirety of Cody's life, having been more family to him than Darius Dunn. Proper and refined (although not without a flair for drama and sarcasm), Serling is quite appalled by the presence of the Ninja Turtles and the chaos they have bought into Cody and his life, although he eventually comes to accept that, like him, they have Cody's best interests at heart.

Serling initially possessed no battle ability, making him a rather ineffective protector. Despite this handicap, Serling was unhesitant in risking his "life" to save Cody during his captivity inside a berserk Turtle X, a similar but man-operated robot that Cody had made for himself in order to join the Turtles in action. Serling was heavily damaged in the fight but Cody managed to repair him and reconfigure him into a new Turtle X armor, which he could change into at will.

In 2105, sentient robots like Serling appear to have the right to vote: in "The Day of Awakening", President Bishop tells Cody not to get involved in a dangerous mission, to which Serling says he's glad to have voted for him. However, Splinter and the Turtles drop subtle hints as to how Cody can get involved and he and Serling join in the fight against Viral and Sh'Okanabo inside the new Turtle X version of Serling and save the day.

Serling was sent back to the present with the turtles after Viral reconstituted herself and broke out of his mainframe and used his body to sabotage the Time Window. During the trip through time Viral reinfected Serling again and used his decompiler to decompile Splinter while still in the time stream.

Serling is voiced by Marc Thompson.


Shogun is one of the bosses in . This cyborg alien bounty hunter is an inhabitant of Sector Six in the Dead Star Zone, mastermind behind "the Ultimate Galactic Sword." He fights with a halberd and can detach his head from his body. After being defeated, he explodes, leaving only his legs. Like Tora, this game was his only appearance. (Trivia is from the video game manual.)


An alien villain who appears in the "Fast Forward" season of the 2003 series, and who has been behind several of the events in the series. Sh'Okanabo is, according to President Bishop, regarded as a myth, or an alien boogeyman, by many. In reality, he is a dark shapeshifter who attained the title Dread Lord, whose ambition is to cause what is known as "The Day of Awakening": the transformation, via "gene seeds", of all animal life on Earth into Kanabo drones controlled by him.

Upon realizing that the sun's presence made it impossible to enable The Day of Awakening on Earth, he undertook steps to rectify the situation. Using stolen plans for Cody Jones' Time Window (obtained from Darius Dun), he apparently attempted to use it to send the planet to an unspecified time period; instead, the time machine created uncontrollable time portals which drew the attention of the turtles. Led eventually to his spaceship base, the turtles destroyed the Time Window, severely damaging Sh'Okanabo's ship in the process.

Weakened by the destruction of most of his gene seeds and made vulnerable to sunlight, Sh'Okanabo took his spaceship to the Moon. There, he discovered the existence of the Earth Atmospheric Protection Grid, a system of satellites operated from Moonbase Bishop which controlled the amount of sunlight Earth received. Using his remaining gene seeds, Sh'Okanabo (with the aid of Viral) took over the moonbase, turning its entire population into Kanabo drones and revitalized Sh'Okanabo. However, he was stopped by the Turtles, Splinter, Cody Jones and Bishop, who managed to revert the Kanabos back to normal and prevented Viral from gaining total control of the Atmostpheric Protection Grid. Once again weakened by the loss of his Kanabo drones, Sh'Okanabo was killed by a solar-light grenade, thrown into his mouth by Raphael.

Sh’Okanabo is played by Sean Schemmel. He has appeared in the following episodes:
# Home Invasion
# Bishop to Knight
# Night of Sh'Okanabo
# The Freaks Came Out At Night
# Bad Blood
# The Gaminator
# Timing Is Everything
# The Day of Awakening


Silver is a Himalayan Yeti and the last of his kind. Instead of inhabiting the mountains, Silver lives in New York working as a crime boss in an attempt to make a vast fortune. To aid him in his schemes Silver employed two idiotic henchman; Silver has a habit of breaking into a rage when called an "ape" or "monkey".

Silver Sentry

A Superman-like superhero in the world in the second TMNT animated series, Silver Sentry is the hero who first inspires Michaelangelo to establish a crime-fighting persona of his own, the Turtle Titan. Although generally ineffective as a superhero, Michaelangelo nevertheless manages to save Sentry from the mind control of his arch-nemesis, Dr. Malignus, establishing a friendship between the two heroes.

Silver Sentry makes several other appearances throughout the series, both individually and as part of the second incarnation of the Justice Force, which he seemingly leads. Like other supeheroes in the cartoon, he is also a lucrative product, and is the subject of products like comic books, action figures, and even his own in-show animated series.

In the Fast Forward series, it is revealed that the Silver Sentry had a grandson, who grew up to become the second Turtle Titan.

Lord Simultaneous

The master of time, Lord Simultaneous has two different appearances. One is a large, disembodied blue floating head, reminiscent of that projected by Oz. The other is far less impressive: he is a short, old man wearing simple robes and a headdress. He is also shown to be rather complaintive.

As master of time, Simultaneous' responsibility is to handle any problems involving the time stream. As a result, he has apparently solved numerous catastrophes. However, his attempts to train successors have been less than successful. One of his early students, Savanti Romero, turned on him, and was turned into a demon and banished to the past as a result. The other student, a rather inept Timestress named Renet, has screwed up time and again.

One such screwup involved the Ninja Turtles. Renet stole the Time Sceptre, the partially sentient source of his power, to speed up a period of punishment (dusting) she was receiving from Simultaneous. However, she ended up taking herself and the Turtles to Earth's Middle Ages, where they were confronted by Savanti Romero. The Time Sceptre was stolen by Romero's confidant, Ultimate Drako, a fusion of the Ultimate Ninja and Drako. Renet summoned Simultaneous, who appears in his human form, which Michaelangelo makes a joke of. Simultaneous freezes Ultimate Drako and sends Savanti to prehistoric Earth. However, Ultimate Drako broke from the freeze and stole the Sceptre. Yet, Simultaneous wasn't concerned, for the Sceptre had a mind of its own. He punishes Renet with several more weeks of dusting and sends the Turtles back to their original time.

The Time Sceptre was used by Ultimate Drako to scatter the Turtles across time and space. Eventually, he used it to bring them all together after he stole the war staff of the Battle Nexus Daimyo. However, the staff's sentient nature detected the positive feelings of the Turtles, and combined its power with the staff's to set things right. Simultaneous himself appeared to reclaim the Sceptre, and also revived the Ultimate Ninja as a young boy.

Simultaneous later sent Renet on a mission for her graduation, this one to pre-historic times to once again stop Savanti Romero. Thanks to the Turtles' help, Savanti was beaten, but due to the temporary loss of the time Sceptre Renet and the Turtles were trapped in the past for three months-from their perspective.


Sisyphus is a mutant beetle who appears in for the Sega Genesis. Like Aska from the SNES version of the game Sisyphus was made for the game alone and has, so far, not appeared in any other version of the TMNT universe.


Slash was created by Kevin Eastman and is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. He is a mutated turtle who greatly resembles the four Ninja Turtles. He appears in several versions of TMNT.

In the 1987 TMNT cartoon, Slash, voiced by Pat Fraley, was originally a pet turtle owned by Bebop. Slash was mutated with experimental Super-Mutagen, which Shredder and Krang were devising, by Bebop and Rocksteady. They were tired of doing all the work in the Technodrome, which was located in Dimension X, and wanted to make a new mutant who they could pass the jobs onto.

Unfortunately for them, Slash was much more powerful and dangerous than they were. He also had an unstable temperament and was fixated on palm trees, due to his favourite (and only) toy in his fish-bowl being a plastic palm tree which he called his "Binky". When Bebop dropped it down an airduct he went berserk, stealing Shredder's Shaolin swords and wrecking the Technodrome before being sent to Earth due to some quick thinking on the original mutants' parts. There, Slash ran into some corrupt business men that wanted to build condos in the sewers, and after being thwarted by the TMNT several times, they decided to tarnish the Turtles' reputations. They decide to send Slash to destroy the Freedom Bell, a patriotic symbol in the city, which would give the Turtles a bad name. The Turtles eventually found Slash, and the evil turtle was able to take on all four of them himself. He was eventually sent into space aboard a trash rocket, but the trash contained a small plastic palm tree, so he was content.

Slash returned in "Donatello Trashes Slash" where he apparently ran into an alien race of super intelligent beings that put Slash into a machine that gave him genius level intelligence. He returned to Earth with all sorts of fancy weaponry of his own design, and planning to turn everyone on the planet into turtles, so he would be the supreme turtle. Slash managed to turn Vernon and Burne into turtles and was planning to use the Channel 6 satellite dish to turn the entire city into turtles. Donatello tricked Slash by telling him that if he just turned the TMNTs into humans, then Slash would already be top turtle. When Slash tried to blast Don, the heroic turtle threw Vernon and Burne into the way to revert them to normal. As Slash fought the turtles, he fell off the roof and onto his head, which reverted him back to his low-level (even moreso) intelligence. The turtles led him back to the trash rocket and sent him back to space. Slash also appeared in "Nights of the Rogues" along with other TMNT villains like Leatherhead, Rat King, Tempestra, Scumbug, Anthrax, and Chrome Dome. Like the others, he left when he found out he wasn't getting paid after the TMNT defeated the Shredder.

Slash first appeared in the Archie TMNT Adventures comics on the toxic waste dump world Morbus. This version of Slash looked just like a regular Ninja Turtle, but had fangs instead of teeth and wore a black mask. Like Krang, he had been banished there for horrific crimes. Like his animated counter-part, Slash was still fixated on palm trees, although for different reasons. He teamed up with Krang and the criminal Bellybomb when Krang promised to lead him to a world of palm trees (Earth). Slash wandered the Earth after Krang's defeat and eventually ran into the Mutanimals, who led him to a tropical island filled with palm trees. He saw the explosions from the Mutanimals tragic final battle, but arrived too late to help. He teamed with the Turtles in order to halt the latest attack on Earth by the alien queen Maligna. In the end, he sacrificed his life to give the Turtles time to escape Maligna's ship before it crashed into the sun. Slash was shown with almost ridiculous power in the Mutanimals comic, being able to rip apart tanks and being immune to gunfire, and even capable of surviving a missile strike. He claims that "the vultures named me Slash". In this series he carried many varying weapons, but his most prominent weapons were a pair of neko-te (hand claws, similar to those worn by The Shredder).

Slash appeared in two video games. The first was ' for the NES, as one of the bosses. Here he fights with a long kris, and leaps around the screen, making him hard to hit. He also rolls himself into a ball and rolls up and down the screen. He returns in ', the SNES version of the 4-player arcade of similar name. He is the boss of the Prehistoric stage replacing the Cement Man from the arcade version. Considered one of the strongest bosses of the game, he slices you with his Psycho Sai in combo attacks, and blocks your attacks. If you make him block too often, he suddenly busts out rolled in a ball, knocking you to the floor. Slash, in both appearances, is based more on his action figure design and original concept, rather than the TMNT cartoon version. In addition to his kris, and unlike the other turtles, he has a pair of twin metal claws attached to a band on his hand, which is likely the origin of his name Slash, since the kris is a stabbing weapon.


Slashuur is a character that appears in the 2003 series season 2 video game. According to it, Slashuur is an Utrom who was slashed when Shredder attacked his own home planet. He survived, but not without two scars. He is a former competitor of the Battle Nexus. For unknown purposes, he became known as the greatest mercenary in the multiverse, which was after he somehow achieved his Slashuur exosuit, with the cost of his own memory. He worked under Shredder, not knowing he was attacked by him. His weapon is a sickle called Gengetsu, which drains people's energy upon impact, feeding it to Slashuur. He has three known costumes. They have the same design, just different colors. The first one is orange, which appears when Slashuur appears in Episode 4-5. The second one is black, which appears when Slashuur appears in Episode 10-3. The third one is when he is a playable character. It is white. After fighting the Turtles twice, he learns what really happens. Slashuur then assists them in their battle in Episode 11, but only in the cutscenes. It is unknown if he will appear in the 2003 series, similar to Planet Zero's appearance in that same game.


In an alternate dimension, where the turtles are superheroes, Master Splinter was known as Master Sliver. He taught his sons everything he knows about their powers until they became the protectors of the city of Megatropolis. However, Sliver somehow became evil, now calling himself The Sliver and began a campaign to rule the world. Eventually, Sliver had created the most powerful doomsday weapon, the Pandultamid Nullificator, capable of wiping out all life on Earth; with a few modifications, he ensured it could only destroy life "outside" his tower. He planned to lure the Super Turtles to his tower and imprison them in a cage of Utromidium, the only substance stronger than their powers, so he would eventually turn them. He was then tricked by Blobboid, disguised as Michelangelo, who was pulled into that dimension by Ultimate Drako, into releasing his brothers. Unfortunately, the Slvier possessed all of the Super Turtles' powers and extensive knowledge, incapacitating them in seconds. Only Michelangelo was left and with his ninjitsu moves, imprisoned the Sliver in his own cage. The Super Turtles managed to reverse the nullificator into blasting life inside the tower. The Sliver then died by his own device.

Chief Sterns

Chief Sterns (played by Raymond Serra) is the blustery, ineffective New York City police chief who is unable to deal with the crime wave occurring in the city. Browbeaten by April O'Neil, the chief doubts her story about the Foot, failing to see any connection between current thefts and events that happened in Japan years ago. He appeared in the first movie, and in one scene of the second movie.

Barney Stockman

Baxter Stockman's identical twin brother. He is somehow aware of Baxter's mutation into a fly, and tries to avenge him. Gets very upset when people mistake him for his brother Baxter, for he has red hair and believes he's the more good looking. Like Baxter he was voiced by Pat Fraley.

Baxter Stockman


Tatsu (played by Toshishiro Obata and voiced by Michael McConnohie) is Shredder's right-hand man, and second-in-command of the Foot Clan, in the first and TMNT movies. He is skilled at martial arts, but is very violent and has a bad temper - in the first movie, after a bad meeting with Shredder, a frustrated Tatsu starts beating up Foot Clan members. He seemed to be the enforcer of the Clan, leading them in battle while the Shredder stays behind. For example, he led the attack at April's apartment in the first movie, and the robbery/kidnapping at TGRI in the second movie.

He is defeated in battle by Casey Jones near the end of the first movie. He is found alive and well in the second movie, and with Shredder presumed dead, he attempted to take leadership of what remained of the Foot Clan. He nevertheless relinquished command onto Shredder when the latter was revealed to have survived.In the live action series Tatsu made a brief appearance, beating a gong in the headquarters of the Foot Clan.

Tatsu is the third stage boss in the game "", his only videogame appearance.


Tattoo was a sumo wrestler covered in magical tattoos which he could peel from his body and were able to fight for him, for example, he could remove an image of a dragon from his skin and it would become a real dragon that would obey him. The action figure was completely tatooless; his tattoos were printed on clear oblong labels that the user could customize.

Burne Thompson

Burne Thompson works at Channel 6 and is April's boss. Thompson, a stocky and brash man, and cameraman Vernon Fenwick often blame the Turtles for crimes in New York City. He also has a girlfriend named Tiffany who despises the Turtles as well. Thompson was voiced by Pat Fraley, and Townsend Coleman was the 1989 alternate.



Tora is an alien bounty hunter who appears as a boss in . This "ten foot, half ton blizzard beast who, in 2000 years, has never known defeat" is from an ice planet called Traglodoon. Tora is hired alongside Shogun by Shredder to take out the Turtles. He fights with his fists and throws colossal pieces of hail.

Mr. Touch

Mr. Touch and Mr. Go are a duo of super-powered assassins hired by Hun to assassinate the Turtles after the Triceraton Invasion.

Touch and Go draw their power from pressing their fists together to power up their bodies. Once powered up, Mr. Touch gains strength many times that of humans. The power-up is short-lived, however, as both assassins expend their energy with every punch and kick; thus the two must strategize in order to remain in proximity to each other to power up.

The way Touch and Go address each other is based on a duo of assassins, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, who appeared in the James Bond novel and film, "Diamonds Are Forever".

Mr. Touch himself appears in two episodes:
# Touch and Go
# Nobody's Fool

General Traag

General Traag, sometimes spelled "Tragg", is the leader of the Rock Soldiers. He takes orders from Krang.

General Traag was featured in only two videogames, the first arcade game and the second GameBoy game, "Back From the Sewers", on both occasions as a boss in the Technodrome level. However, his Rock Soldier army is nowhere to be seen in the game. In the three games that does feature the Rock Soldiers, ', ', and "", Traag himself is missing. He was voiced by Peter Renaday.


One of the most popular wrestlers for Stump Intergalactic Wrestling. He is ready to wrestle anytime and anywhere. Trap helped the TMNT fight Maligna's forces. Trap also served as a keeper to Wignut and Screwloose. He even was an announcer for some of the Stump title matches.


Traximus was a noble warrior of the Triceraton Republic who believed that its old virtues should be restored. He spoke to the council and, at the orders of the tyrannical Zanramon, found himself in the dungeons with warriors taking part in "The Games".

He befriended the Turtles when they were forced take part in the games if Professor Honeycutt didn't build the teleportal device, at the time a major military asset. He managed to create a distraction so the Turtles could escape with Honeycutt. At the same time, he and the other gladiators escaped during the battle between the Federation and Triceratons.

Many months later, Traximus went to the Battle Nexus to recruit warriors to overthrow the Prime Leader. He also participated in the tournament and ended up losing to Raphael. He later helped Raphael to spring Splinter, and aided in the battle against Drako and the Ultimate Ninja.

During the Triceraton invasion of Earth, Traximus aided the Turtles once more, having managed to convince warriors from the Battle Nexus tournament to aid his efforts against Zanramon's regime and formed a rebellion along with Monzaram and his Triceraton all-stars underneath the Prime Leader's nose. He helped the Turtles rescue Donatello from captivity and played a major part in Zanramon's downfall. Although Traximus was given an offer to become the next Prime Leader, he chose to revive the Triceraton council instead so there would be no more Prime Leaders. He then destroyed the Prime Leader's throne, saying that no one would ever sit upon it again.

Traximus is one of starting characters in .

Traximus is voiced by Greg Carey.

Traximus appeared in 7 episodes:
# Turtles in Space, Part 4
# The Big Brawl, Parts 1 to 4
# Space Invaders, Part 3
# Worlds Collide, Part 3


Triceraton may refer to the alien, Triceratop humanoid race, or it may refer to the specific eponymous character of that race. The Triceratons were featured in the 2003 animated series as a race that desires galactic conquest. They have advanced technology, a strong government, and gladiatorial battles. Due to the Triceratons' hostility towards humans, Earth attempts a nuclear attack on their planet.

The Triceraton character had few appearances. His 1990 action figure biography describes him as a violent, unintelligent being from Dimension X who is hired by the Foot Clan to destroy the Turtles. Triceraton appears in a different look on the cover art of "", battling alongside Mousers against the Turtles, but he is not actually featured in the game. He also does not appear in the 1987 animated series.

Triple Threat

A three-headed pro wrestler from 2105, who was banned from wrestling for his use of violence. His three heads are a red head with a white face and dreadlocks on the far right side of his body (who is the most aggressive and constantly displays a desire to "break stuff"), a green head with one eye in the middle (the brains of the body and the most intelligent be far), and a large yellow head on the far left side (who is so stupid his jokes make no sense). Triple Threat possess super-human level strength (he once easily lifted up a car). In his first appearance, he attempted to steal the championship belt and rob New Madison Square Garden, but was beaten by Raphael and Leonardo. The Triple Threat was a professional wrestling stable. In Episode 125, "Clash of the Turtle Titans", Triple Threat uses a comic book as his guide to becoming a super villain.Their individual behavior is highly reminiscent of the Three Stooges (Red=Moe Howard, Green=Larry Fine, and Yellow=Curly Howard).

Turtle Titan II

Grandson of the Silver Sentry, who, inspired by the tales of the non-super-powered Turtle Titan (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo's super-hero alter ego), took his name and appearance in the year 2105.

Lacking superpowers of his own despite his legacy, Turtle Titan (as with Silver Sentry, his real name is unknown) instead relies on various forms of gadgetry, including smoke bombs, grappling hooks, a jet pack, and a hard-light shield. In contrast to the original Turtle Titan, Turtle Titan II has proven to be a rather effective and popular super-hero, to the point where he has established a working relationship with the New York Peace-Keepers, complete with a Shell-Signal. He addresses people as "Citizen" and is far more mature and responsible than the original Turtle Titan (i.e. Michelangelo).

Turtle Titan II is played by Marc Diraison. He has appeared in the episode "Clash of the Turtle Titans".

Ultimate Daimyo

Father of the Ultimate Ninja and master of the Battle Nexus. The Daimyo is supposedly a great warrior who introduced ninjitsu to Earth, and is the holder of the War Staff of Ultimate Power.

The Daimyo first appeared to recover his son after the Ninja engaged Leonardo in a duel to the death. Following this, the Turtles met him upon their first visit to the Battle Nexus. His history with Master Splinter was briefly talked about, as he saved Miyamoto Usagi and Splinter from an attack by Drako. However, this led to Drako seeking revenge and possession of the War Staff. The Daimyo, summoned by his son, was wounded by Drako's assassins.

After being saved from a second attack by Usagi and Donatello, the Daimyo was forced to watch as his son and Drako were pulled into a warp caused by Drako's use of the War Staff. He closed it, and was left to grieve. Some time later, when Leonardo came to the Nexus seeking his time scattered family, he found the Daimyo weak and not thinking clearly. Ultimate Drako, the fusion of Drako and the Ultimate Ninja, had weakened him and were planning to destroy him. However, the Ninja could not hurt his father, and the Daimyo's son was returned to him as a young boy.

The Daimyo later judged Michelangelo's rematch with Kluh. He sensed the interference of the Levram wizard who removed the Battle Nexus anti-fatality spells, but could not intervene due to the Levrams taking his son hostage. After the Ultimate Ninja was rescued, the Daimyo took the Levrams prisoner. He also appeared with Usagi and Gen at the Turtles' Christmas get together.

The Ultimate Daimyo is voiced by Dan Green.

Ultimate Daimyo has appeared in eight episodes:
# The Ultimate Ninja
# The Big Brawl, Parts 1 to 4
# The Christmas Aliens
# The Real World, Part 2
# Grudge Match

Ultimate Ninja

The son of the Battle Nexus Daimyo, the Ultimate Ninja first appeared when he came to Earth to fight Oroku Saki, the Shredder. However, he was cheated of this battle after learning that the Shredder had seemingly met his death at the hands of Leonardo. In response, he challenged Leonardo to a duel, and the two fought to the death. Where Leonardo fought with honor, the Ultimate Ninja did not, and even attempted to kill Leonardo after the fight ended. The Ultimate Damiyo made his son ask for the Turtles' forgiveness, an act that the Ultimate Ninja considered beneath him and humiliating.

The Ultimate Ninja later appeared again when the Turtles entered the Battle Nexus. Allied to the evil Drako, a former opponent of Splinter's, he planned to destroy the Turtles and take over the multiverse. He nearly succeeded, poisoning Leonardo and implicating Splinter in an attempt to murder the Daimyo. However, the Turtles, along with their allies Miyamoto Usagi and Traximus, were able to thwart his plans. Both the Ultimate Ninja and Drako were then pulled into a warp in time and space ripped open by Drako's use of the Daimyo's war staff.

He later appeared as a pet of Savanti Romero, having been fused with Drako into a grotesque entity known as Ultimate Drako. Stealing the Time Sceptre of Lord Simultaneous, he scattered the Turtles to time and space, captured Splinter, and weakened his father the Daimyo. He later seized the war staff after Leonardo failed to use it to recover his missing family. Wielding the power of Sceptre and Staff, he gathered the Turtles and Usagi together, trapping them in a battle with powerful monsters. With the Turtles occupied, Ultimate Drako was ready to destroy the Daimyo.

But some part of the Ultimate Ninja still cared for his father, and his hesitation allowed the Turtles to gain possession of the two relics. The Time Sceptre, being partially sentient, combined its powers with those of the war staff to restore everything to its natural order, including the separation of the Ultimate Ninja and Drako. However, both were then reduced to dust. Fortunately for the grieving Daimyo, Simultaneous decided to give his son a second chance, and revived the Ultimate Ninja as a younger version of himself.

The Ultimate Ninja later befriended the Turtles when they returned to the Battle Nexus for Michaelangelo's rematch to determine the true victor of the Battle Nexus tournament. He remembered Leonardo, but decided that he must have been someone he played with and declared him his friend. He was temporarily held hostage to ensure that the Daimyo could not interfere with the removal of the Nexus' safety rules, but rescued by Leonardo.

"Ultimate Ninja" is not actually his real name, and the only person who seriously refers to him as this is himself (ie. he thinks of himself as The Ultimate Ninja). As with the other Battle Nexus inhabitants, he is referred to solely by his title, in his case, "The Daimyo's Son". In his action figure, however, his real name is given as "Ue-Sama", a name which eventually made its way into episode synopses featuring him. Whether the cartoon will officially accept this alternate name is, as of yet, unknown.

The adult Ultimate Ninja is voiced by Ted Lewis. He has so far appeared in 12 episodes:

# The Ultimate Ninja
# [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) Season 2#List of episodes| [The Big Brawl] , Parts 1 to 4
# Time Travails
# Reality Check
# Across the Universe
# Same As It Never Was
# The Real World, Parts 1 and 2
# Grudge Match

Usagi Yojimbo

Vam Mi

Vam Mi is a female vampire who had been in hibernation for centuries after she was defeated by and had her heart torn out by Chung I. Eventually Vam Mi was awakened by her servants Bing and Chu Chi using a magic potion which would last only four days, after which Vam Mi would be reduced to ashes. After her awakening, Vam Mi and her minions set off to get Vam Mi's heart, which was in the possession of Venus in order to maintain her existence. After repeated failed attempts, in desperation she summons the Elemental vampire and is transported to the Turtles's sewer home. The Turtles are prepared and surround her with mirrors. Sunlight is reflected onto her from all directions and she is destroyed, leaving behind a pile of ash.

Venus de Milo

Verminator X

A mutated feline from the late 21st century who has repeatedly fought the turtles in both the present day and in the future. Educated at M.I.T., Verminator X (or Manx, as he was originally called) first came into the turtles' lives when he partnered with Donatello in order to figure out a solution to the flooding world's increasing rat population. Successful in their endeavor, and with their reputations established and comfortable amounts of money gained, Manx set his sights on another goal: immortality.

Manx began experimenting with cybernetics, particularly its implementation in biological subjects. In time, he began experimenting on himself, implanting circuity in his brain and becoming a cyborg. Changing his name to Verminator X, he began a life of crime in order to continue his research. As Verminator X, he teamed up with Armaggon and a time-traveling Shredder to steal Donatello's Time-Slip Generator (a time travel device); later on, he formed an alliance with the brain-stealing alien Crainiac in order to escape Earth.


A computerized system that has the ability to go into computers systems and infect them like a computer virus. Donatello and Cody manage to trap Viral in a battle dummy. When she fails to defeat the Turtles, Sh'Okanabo punishes her by refusing to repair her or free her from the battle dummy. Viral later serves as Sh'Okanabo's personal assistant. In the episode, "The Gaminator", Viral executes a failed plan where she traps the Turtles' souls inside the Gaminator program where she attempts, and, once again, fails to defeat them. In that episode, she demonstrated the ability to phase in and out of the physical world into the computer world.

Viral managed to create a copy of Cody's time-window to send Earth into an unspecific timeperiod. However, the device wasn't powerful enough and caused rips in time all over Earth. When Cody shut the window down, he notes the specifications and when he asked what she was trying to do, Viral left the scene.

Viral survived the destruction of Sh’Okanabo's lair and assisted her master in taking over Moonbase Bishop. When the Turtles and President Bishop were captured, Viral partially explained her master's plan to use the Atmospheric shield around Earth to completely leave it in darkness. As she was about to leave the earth in darkness for Sh'Okanabo, Cody and Serling attacked her with Bishop. She tried to infect Serling, but Serling was ready for her and had a decompiling program to delete her for good. Unfortunately later as the Turtles and Cody finished the new time window, Viral was able to pull herself back together and infected Serling to sabotage the time window, taking the turtles through a jaunt to the past and not too distant future. After Don believed he had deleted her again using Serlings decompiler again, she had in fact reinfected Serling and used the decompiler to delete Splinter from the timestream just before the turtles got back to the present. Once in the present Viral jumped into the internet and found a Foot Clan program of some power. Trying to infect it, it reversed the tide infecting her and turning her into the Cyber Shredder

Viral is voiced by Eva Christensen. She appears in the following episodes:

# Home Invasion
# Night of Sh'Okanabo
# The Freaks Come Out At Night
# The Gaminator
# Timing is Everything
# The Day of Awakening
# Tempus Fugit


An English trader working with Lord Norinaga. Walker only appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, though his hat can be briefly seen in TMNT.


An English mercenary working for Walker, but sided with the Turtles and the rebellion when Walker threatens to kill them. Possibly an ancestor of Casey Jones since April, while trapped in the past, sees some resemblance.


Coming from the series, Wick is the Dragon Lord's small sidekick. The main purpose he serves is to create potions for the Dragon Lord. Despite his position, he's not entirely loyal and would probably jump at the chance at becoming a lord himself.


Wingnut is a heroic humanoid, alien bat who was created by Mirage Studio's artist Ryan Brown and appeared in the cartoon series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series). He comes from the Archie comics version, TMNT Adventures and The Mighty Mutanimals. His partner is named Screwloose, although he seems to be the brighter of the two. The pair are not mutants, but the only surviving members of an alien race. Screwloose's sting would calm the sometimes insane Wingnut. Interestingly enough, Wingnut made his debut as a bad guy in issue number two of the 1989 Ralston Purina Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal mini-comic book.

As the TMNT try to rescue Casey Jones from the Shredder's lair they are attacked from above by Wingnut. He battles Donatello who damages the starboard jet engine attached to Wingnut's right wing. As he tumbles from the sky the villainous bat-man is snatched by Baxter Fly and carried off to safety. The comic book was only available as a premium inside the cereal box. Three issues were produced.

Max Winters

A wealthy businessman who first appeared in the movie TMNT. He has hired April O'Neil to find four statues for him, which are the four generals of Yaotl. In reality, Max Winters is Yaotl himself, cursed with immortality 3000 years ago. He was voiced by Patrick Stewart.


War is a fictional monstrous purple creature with big claws, and one of the evil forces of nature who have allied themselves with Null to defeat the Turtles. Designed by Peter Laird he is one of the four horseman of apocalypse, and appeared in the TMNT video game "", however his allies Death, Famine, Pestilence, and Null did not. They are originally from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics published by Archie Comics.

Oddly enough, while in the comic War talked normally, in the game he was depicted as being an alien and talked with limited intelligence. Plus, in the comics War had the ability to shoot off the spikes covering his body, which would have been a good projectile move for the game, but wasn't given this ability in the game.

Warrior Dragon

The Warrior Dragon is a featured character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic book. In the comics he was a fireman in Chinatown that was forced to use some sort of ancient relic to help save the people in a burning curio shop. While he did save them, he remained with the form of the Warrior Dragon forever. While at first he was giant sized (where he had to battle a giant sized Foot Soldier, impaling him on the torch of the Statue of Liberty), later on he learned to control his transformation to make it more human sized. He also developed a bit of a relationship with April O'Neil, who at the time was also developing ninja skills and use of the Katana. He was made into a Playmates Toys action figure named "Hothead" and was created by a Mirage Studio's artist Ryan Brown. He was also included in the NES game .


Created by Mirage Studio's staff artist Ryan Brown, Wyrm is a mutated garbageman. In the Archie Turtle comic Wyrm is a planarium (often misspelled "planetarium" in Playmates copy) worm exposed to Krang's mutagen. Bebop and Rocksteady dump a barrel in the sewer through which the planarium worm swims. He then appeared in his mutated form while the turtles were busy facing off against Scumbug. Wyrm and Scumbug grapped each other while they were both kneedeep in sewer water and accidentally electrocuted themselves due to some live powerlines. Even so, both Scumbug and Wyrm would return in a future issue. He bears a striking resemblance to Ed Roth's many creations, including Rat Fink.

Dr. X

Based on a storyline by Leatherhead creator Ryan Brown, Dr. X is an Utrom scientist who was caught in the blast of the TCRI building. Left behind and abandoned on Earth after the Utroms fled for their homeplanet, he was found by and befriended Leatherhead who nursed him back to health. He also played chess with Splinter.

He appears in the Image Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title and in issue 38 of the Mirage Studios title Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mr. X

A crimelord who raised Mondo Gecko. He is in one of the 1987 animated series episodes.


Zach is a child who admires the turtles greatly and aspires to help them fight crime. He first appears in the episode The Fifth Turtle of the 1987 series, where he gets in the way rather than actually helping. However, he begins to show up in more episodes, including some where he is quite helpful in stopping the criminals in their plot. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Prime Leader Zanramon

Zanramon is the former Prime Leader of the Triceraton Republic. He led the war against the Federation of D'Hoonib in the Mirage comic book and in the second Ninja Turtles animated series.

Zanramon first appears in TMNT (vol. 1) #6, where he captures the turtles and Professor Honeycutt, wishing to acquire Fugitoid's teleporting technology for the Republic's use. The turtles' captivity is short-lived, however, as they manage not only to free themselves and the Fugitoid but to take Zanramon hostage as well. While making their escape, Zanramon is accidentally shot by his own guards and presumed dead by the turtles. Zanramon is not heard of again until TMNT (vol. 4) #28, where Michelangelo is informed that Zanramon had survived, and was no longer Prime Leader of the Triceratons: after the Fugitoid's escape, the then-leader lost political capital, and he was quickly deposed by opposing factions.

Zanramon is further fleshed out in his appearances in the 2003 TMNT cartoon. In the cartoon, it is revealed that this version of Zanramon seized power via a coup, turning the Republic into a de facto dictatorship.

Like his comic book incarnation, Zanramon wished to use Professor Honeycutt's Teleportal against his enemies. He came very close to succeeding, capturing Honeycutt and his allies the Turtles. However, thanks to assistance from Traximus, a noble warrior whom Zanramon had imprisoned, the Turtles were able to escape and save Honeycutt, adding insult to injury by stealing Zanramon's personal space cruiser. As with his comic book incarnation, Zanramon is taken hostage; however, instead of being shot, he is freed by his guards.

Zanramon and the Triceraton Fleet later tracked the Fugitoid to Earth, which they then invaded. Despite stiff resistance from the Turtles; Triceraton rebels led by Traximus; and their enemies, the Federation (who had beaten the Triceratons to Earth and had been in hiding until the Fugitoid was found) the Triceraton seemed close to obtaining its final victory over their enemies, thanks to a computer virus released by Honeycutt that stopped the Federation ships cold. With the Federation incapacitated, Zanramon ordered his ships to open fire on his helpless enemies. However, his military commander, Mozar, considering the order dishonorable, refused to carry out the order, and allowed the Triceraton rebellion (which had chosen that moment to storm Zanramon's command center) to overthrow the Prime Leader. He was last seen in a prison cell neighboring that of his also-captured Federation counterpart, General Blanque.

Torbin Zixx

In the year 2105 Torbin Zixx is one of the most cunning and ablest smugglers in the galaxy. He has had several run-ins with the Turtles, as both ally and enemy. He commonly uses holograms to deceive his foes (and is especially fond of using them to fool Raphael). He is highly agile and appears to know a lot of martial arts himself (or whatever they call it on the planet he comes from), but he usually uses brains and deception in a fight rather than brawn and fists. Zixx is a smooth-talking, sneaky manipulator and con-man ("You can't spell Zixx without a double-cross").

Known as "Zixx of the Black Blade" and "Zixx the Enigma", he has achieved a reputation as a legendary troublemaker and criminal. He is not, however, completely amoral: in "Bishop to Knight", after finding out that he had been hired to blow up New York's Moonport by Sh'Okanabo (who had only told Zixx to deliver a package without specifying its contents), he aided the Turtles — charged with stopping him by President Bishop — in saving the Moonport and the people inside, as well as the Turtles themselves: "I may be Zixx of the Black Blade, but I'm no monster".

Later, in "Milk Run", Zixx broke into O'Neil Tech to steal a jammer and lured the Turtles to his ship at the Moonport. Zixx claimed that he was delivering medical supplies to a distant planet called Bellerophon, but needed the Turtles' help in order to get past Triceraton space gangsters, who had scores to settle with Zixx. After getting through and finishing the delivery, the Turtles discovered that they had actually delivered a highly explosive metal for use with weaponry. Zixx claimed that it was to help the Bellerophons fight back against the Triceratons. The Turtles were furious at being used to smuggle weapons, but were unable to deal with Zixx since he was communicating with them via a hologram and wasn't on the ship.

The tides seem to have turned in "Zixxth Sense", when he tricked the Turtles into helping him steal a Matter Transmitter. Donatello switched it, so Zixx got away with a coffee machine instead of the item he was after and had to face his client's wrath.

Torbin Zixx is voiced by David Elliott.

Zippy Lad

Zippy Lad (a.k.a. "Pat") is a former superhero and member of the Justice Force, appearing in both the Mirage comic books and the 2003 animated series. A speedster during his prime, he is now confined to a wheelchair. His Mirage incarnation is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Kurtzburg Memorial Hospital (a facility created specifically to treat extra-humans), while his cartoon incarnation was last seen aiding the current incarnation of the Justice Force during their membership drive.


In the Mirage comics, Zog was one of two Triceraton soldiers left on Earth when the Utroms left. Sometime later Raph found him in the sewers and the turtles used him to attack the Foot. His mind was almost nothing, and he thought Raph was commander Zoraph. Zog was very reckless and almost killed Don. He was then sliced up by three mutated Shredder clones.

Zog is also the name of two characters from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series.

The first Zog was a Triceraton soldier who became stranded on Earth after his fellows departed. Due to damage caused to his breath mask, he was mildly poisoned by Earth's atmosphere, causing him to become hallucinogenic. Because of the hallucinations, when the Turtles found him wandering around the sewers, he took them to be a Triceraton reconnaissance squad and Splinter as a general. Donatello repaired his breath mask, but despite this he continued to view them as Triceratons for the remainder of his guest appearance.

Zog proved to be a valuable ally to the Turtles, handily destroying a Foot Mech assassin cast in the image of Splinter. He later helped the Turtles destroy the remaining Foot Mechs and the facility that created them, but was fatally wounded by Shredder. Fighting on bravely, he grabbed Shredder in a bear hug and hurled himself into the heart of the burning ship. Sadly, Shredder survived, while Zog was killed in the blast.

Michaelangelo later gave the name Zog to a triceratops that the Turtles met when they traveled to the Cretaceous Period to battle Savanti Romero. Zog befriended them after Mikey fed him potato chips, despite Donatello's misgivings. Don also corrected Michaelangelo when he mused that this Zog might be the Triceraton's great-great-grandpappy, reminding Mikey that the previous Zog was an alien.

The triceratops Zog proved a valuable ally in the battle against Savanti's mind-controlled dinosaurs. Over the course of the three months the Turtles were stranded in the past, Zog no doubt proved a further aid, and likely as a steed for Mikey.

The first Zog appeared in four episodes:
# Turtles in Space, Part 5
# Secret Origins, Part 1
# Rogue in the House, Parts 1 and 2While the second Zog appeared in two episodes:
# Return of Savanti, Parts 1 and 2

Nagro Monster

The nagro monster was a monster the used it's power to trick people into being greedy.


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