Medical fetishism

Medical fetishism
The attraction to nurses and their uniforms is a common example of a medical fetish.

Medical fetishism refers to a collection of sexual fetishes for objects, practices, environments, and situations of a medical or clinical nature.

This may include the sexual attraction to medical practitioners, medical uniforms, surgery, anaesthesia or intimate examinations such as rectal examination, gynecological examination, urological examination, andrological examination, rectal temperature taking, catheterization, diapering, enemas, injections, the insertion of suppositories, menstrual cups and prostatic massage; or medical devices such as orthopedic casts and orthopedic braces (see also abasiophilia). Also, the field of dentistry and objects such as dental braces, retainers or headgear, and medical gags.

In sexual role-play a hospital or medical scene involves the sex partners assuming the roles of doctors, nurses and patients to act out specific or general medical fetishes. Medical fantasy is a genre in pornography.


Physical examination

Intimate examinations are eroticized by some people as part of medical fetishism, and as such are a common service offered by professional dominants.

An intimate examination can form part of a scene in medical play where the nurse or doctor inflicts one or more embarrassing and humiliating quasi-medical procedures on the patient. Often frozen or heated objects are introduced to the patient's body to simulate the uncomfortable sensations that can occur during a real examination. Examinations may include an examination and intrusion of the anus, as well as handling and twisting of the penis, testicles, and nipples. Quite often, strap on play is also incorporated, as this can heighten the intimacy, and also the sensations of the patient. This may be a prelude to masturbation or administration of an enema. Before examination, the patient can be placed in physical restraints and gagged, and wear some form of embarrassing clothing.

Anesthesia fetishism

Anesthesia fetishism is a sexual fetish for anesthesia. This may include the sexual attraction to the equipment, processes, substances, effects, environments or situations. Sexual arousal from the desire to administer anesthesia, or the sexual desire for oneself to be anaesthetized are two forms in which an individual may exist as an arbiter of the fetish. Older-style anesthesia masks of black rubber, still in occasional use today, are one of the more common elements fetishized, and have earned the nickname Black Beauty by many fetishists.

Temperature taking fetish

Temperature taking fetish is a sexual fetish for oral thermometers and rectal thermometers. This may include the sexual attraction to the equipment, processes, environments or scenarios/situations. Sexual arousal from the desire to take another's temperature or have one's temperature taken is primarily what surrounds the fetish. While rectal temperature taking is more prominent, there is also an interest in oral temperature taking. With respect to rectal temperature taking, the scenario for the purist usually involves the use of the traditional mercury-filled with stubby bulb, yellow-banded, red-tipped thermometer. Seeing it lying on the table, ready to be used, next to a jar of Vaseline of a tube of K-Y jelly . . . is the beginning of the arousal. A separate or additional scenario of having the underwear lowered, the buttocks separated to inspect the anus, the lubrication of the anus (with a finger in sex play but traditionally just slightly with the lubricated tip of the thermometer prior to insertion in medical use), and the insertion of the thermometer (again, slowly in sex play, teasing the anus before slowly inserting it into the rectum). Taking the actual temperature and recording the reading is also a critical aspect – while the thermometer is inserted, the buttocks and upper thighs may be massaged, at a minimum, and the thermometer is “adjusted” by rotating it between the fingers and/or moving it in and out. A slow removal of the thermometer intensifies the removal process after four minutes. After the temperature has been noted, and the thermometer cleaned and put back in its case (or, in some cases having to be used again to verify a questionable reading) having the buttocks spread and being wiped of the lubricant is the concluding act of stimulation and submission in the scenario. Lying on the bed, exposed – with a thermometer inserted – is also erotic in a submissive and/or exhibitionist way.

Even though the thermometer is of a small diameter, there is a pleasant feeling associated with it being inserted. The physical sensation is enhanced by the scenario, but there are a lot of nerve endings around the anus and they are hyper-sensitive during this time. Even if the thermometer is inserted quickly and steadily, as would be the case in a medical setting, there is a brief moment of stimulation. It is actually because of the small size of the thermometer that it feels good – like a light touch across an erogenous zone or a playful tickle. Beyond the anus, there is the involuntary flinch or contraction of the anus when it is first touched that also causes a deeper feeling due to the contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle and, in the male, also somewhat stimulates the prostate. With the thermometer inserted, the anus closed around it, there is a constant light stimulation; if the thermometer is moved or the anus is clenched or relaxed, there is additional stimulation.

The feeling of the rectal thermometer [being] inserted is a separate and different sensation from the insertion of a finger, a medical instrument (like an enema nozzle or a scope) or a sex toy. These, while stimulating the anus, also cause arousal due to their size and depth.

Acts, behaviour and rituals

Anesthesia fetish is considered edgeplay when realised outside the boundaries of fantasy, and may result in various degrees of harm, or death. Fantasies are elaborated by the viewing of images and reading of stories of anesthetic inductions. Edgeplay may involve obtaining and scening with various anesthesia-related paraphernalia - usually anesthesia masks for breathplay, the acquisition of anesthetics for anesthetizing others or being anesthetized oneself, and the occupation of a medical setting or environment for the same practice.

Some anesthesia fetishists who seek to be anesthetized may feign or induce medical conditions in an attempt to obtain general anesthesia from medical personnel. This is considered safer than playing with anesthetic agents outside of a medical setting, but may nevertheless be an abuse of all concerned.

Internet influence

The Internet has enabled people with this relatively rare paraphilia to discuss the subject and exchange anesthesia-related multimedia.

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