Fetish magazine

Fetish magazine

A fetish magazine is a type of magazine originating in the 1960s which is devoted to sexual fetishism. The content is generally aimed at being erotic rather than pornographic. Much of the content in fetish magazines is baffling to people who do not share the particular fetishes discussed and depicted.

Rubberist magazines

* "AtomAge"
* "Dressing for Pleasure"
* "Marquis"
* "<>"
* "Shiny International"
* "Skin Two"

Bondage magazines

* "Bizarre"
* "Exotique"
* "Bondage in the Buff"
* "Bondage Photographer"

Spanking magazines

* "Janus"
* "Kane"

Femdom magazines

* "Domination Directory International"


* "Splosh!" -- wet and messy fetishism
* "Girl in th Fishnet!" -- fishnet fetishism
* "Leash Magazine" -- Canadian Fetish and BDSM Magazine.
* "Whiplash" -- Canadian Fetish and BDSM Magazine.
* "Smoke Signals" -- smoking fetishism magazine

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