Military of Paraguay

Military of Paraguay
Military of Paraguay
Service branches Paraguayan Navy
Paraguayan Army
Paraguayan Air Force
Military age 17
Available for
military service
1,349,800, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
Fit for
military service
974,313, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
56,701 (2000 est.)
Budget $125 million (2006)
Percent of GDP 1% (2006)
Foreign suppliers  Brazil
 United States

The armed forces of Paraguay consist of the Paraguayan army, navy (including naval aviation and marine corps) and air force.

The constitution of Paraguay establishes the president of Paraguay as the commander-in-chief.

Paraguay has compulsory military service, and all 18-year-old males and 17-year-olds in the year of their 18th birthday are liable for one year of active duty. Although the 1992 constitution allows for conscientious objection, no enabling legislation has yet been approved.

In July 2005, military aid in the form of U.S. Special Forces began arriving at Paraguay's Mariscal Estigarribia air base, a sprawling complex built in 1982.[1][2]



In land forces the Paraguayan Army is composed of a Presidential Escort Regiment, two battalions (infantry and military police), an armored squadron, and a battery of field artillery. Their equipment includes three Argentinean modified M-4 tanks, four EE-9 armored cars, four EE-11 armored personnel carriers (APCs), three M-9 half-tracks mounting 20mm guns, and four M-101 105 mm howitzers. Arguably, this "flagship" of military rule is structurally and physically the strongest of the EP. The REP is an independent unit from other commands. The EP features two artillery groups (GAC 1–12 88 mm QF-25 and GAC 2–12 105mm M-101) and one antiaircraft artillery group (GAA 13 40 mm L 40/60, Oerlikon 20 mm cannons, and six M-55 4x12, 7.0 mm).

Six battalions of combat engineers, one communications battalion, one Special Forces battalion, seven regiments of infantry, six regiments of cavalry (R.C.-2 equipped with 12 M3A1, five operational, 20 M9 semioruga and R.C.-3: 24 EE-9 Cascavels, eitht EE-11 Urutu). This has little organic aviation available to it.

FIAV 111111.svgIFIS Reverse.svg Flag of Paraguay (reverse). Flag ratio: 3:5

Each corps has a weapons school run by its command. The logistical command manages 10 addresses materials, mobilization, health care, etc. The command of the Army Institute of Education administers three schools, commissioned and noncommissoned officers, a military academy, and the CIMEFOR (a center for pre-military study that trains Reserve officers).

Each of the nine divisions that make up the three corps has one or two regiments of infantry or cavalry, its platoon of engineers, its communications section, military police units, etc.

Order of Battle of the Paraguayan Army

    • Presidential Escort regiment with its base in Asuncion
        • 1st Corps of the army (Curuguaty)
    • Infantry Division no. 3
    • Infantry Division no. 4
    • Cavalry Division no. 3
        • 2nd Corps of the army (San Juan Bautista)
    • Infantry Division no. 1
    • Infantry Division no. 2
    • Cavalry Division no. 2
        • 3rd Corps of the army (Mariscal Estigarribia)
    • Infantry Division no. 5
    • Infantry Division no. 6
    • Cavalry Division no. 1
        • Special forces command (Cerrito)
    • One Special Forces battalion and one Special Forces school.
        • Artillery command (Paraguari)
    • Two artillery groups and one anti-aircraft groups, one artillery school.
        • One school and one regiment of infantry.
        • Command of engineers (Tacumbu)
    • One school and six battalions.
        • Command of communications (Tacumbu)
    • One school and one battalion.
        • The command of military institutes of education
    • One military academy, three military schools, and a noncommissoned officers' academy.
        • The longistic command (Asuncion)
    • The longistic command manages 10, addresses materials, mobilization, health care, etc.


Armored vehicles


  • 70 Mercedes-Benz Atego purchased between 2007–2008
  • n/a Toyota Land Cruiser light vehicles
  • n/a Mitsubishi L200 pick-up
  • 108 Ford Cargo 1517 4x2 including specialized versions purchased between 2005 and 2007
  • n/a Mercedes Benz Trucks. Several models purchased from Brazil in 1990–98
  • n/a Mercedes-Benz, several models Purchased from Brazil in 1990–1998
  • n/a MAN 630L2A Purchased in 1960–1970
  • n/a Unimog
  • n/a Chevrolet S-10 pick-up
  • n/a Engesa EE-25
  • n/a Engesa EE-15
  • n/a Several Light vehicles, some of Taiwanese origin.

Artillery pieces and mortars

Anti Tank Weapoons

Infantry Equipment

  • Beretta 92 (Batt.Special Forces donated by U.S.A. in 2009)
  • Browning Hi Power (general service) (standard sidearm)
  • SIG SG 540 5,56mm
  • Colt M16
  • HK MP5
  • Madsen M-50 9mm
  • Uzi 9.0 mm (general service)
  • Bren GPMG
  • Browning M1919A4 (limited service) (in use on tripods and as coaxial guns on M4A3 Firefly medium tanks)
  • M2 Browning machine gun (general service) (used on tripods and vehicles)
  • Beretta AR70/90
  • M4A1
  • G3 rifle A3 (general service) (part in reserve)
  • Steyr SSG69
  • Galatz
  • FN MAG GPMG (general service) (in use on EE-9 Cascavel armored cars)


Naval Jack of Paraguay

Although Paraguay is a landlocked country, it has a strong naval tradition by virtue of the fact that it has access to the Atlantic Ocean through the ParaguayParaná rivers. The Paraguayan Navy has six bases. The main base is the Puerto Saxony in Asuncion, followed by Bahia, Negra, Ciudad del Este, Encamacion, Salto del Guaria. Ita-Peru. It also has facilities in Puerto Saxony for helicopters and airplanes in SGAS. Naval personnel including Marine Corps aviation personnel, and the naval guard equal about 1,950. The Marine Corps have 800 marines, of which 400 are assigned to one commando unit with the rest being organized into a single battalion consisting of three companies.

In terms of vessels, the Navy has 34 surface ships, some of which will soon reach centenarian age. (This is due in part to limited use and floating in fresh water.) The main vessels and the flagship of the Paraguay is still the Humaita, which was commissioned prior to Paraguay's involvement in the Chaco War. It has a further four patrol vessels, of which the oldest was commissioned in 1908 and the newest in 1985. The Navy has 17 patrol boats of various drafts, four of which were donated by Taiwan and the USA, while the other 13 were built locally. The rest of the fleet is composed of tug boats, barges, landing craft, transports, and a presidential yacht.

The core assets of Paraguay's naval aviation wing are 2 attack helicopters, the Aeschylu Eurocopter AS350. It also has 6 training and liaison Cessna airplanes.


    • Gunboat
  • Humaitá – C2 - 1 1931 - Italy - Preserved as a museum, both boats were purchased for the Chaco War.
  • Paraguay – C1 - 1 1931 - Italy - Flagship is planned to re-powered diesel. Armed with two 2 × 120 mm, 3 x 76 mm and 2 x 40 mm.
    • Patrol
  • Cap. Cabral – P01 1 - 1908 - Netherlands - Modified diesel engine, 40 mm Bofors cannon, 2 Oerlikon 20 mm and 2 × 12.7 mm
  • Tte. Fariña – P04 1 - 1939 - Argentina - 40 mm Bofors in 4 double rooms, 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm, track for mines.
  • Itaipú – P05 - 1985 - Brazil - 1 Bofors 40 mm, 2 mortars of 81 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns 4
    • Patrol boats
  • Cap.Ortiz P06 , Lt.. Robles P07 - 2 - 1996 - Taiwan - armed with Oerlikon AA gun 20 mm and 12.7 mm machine gun
  • Yhaguy – and Tebicuary P08 – P09 - 2 - 1999 Taiwan - Also donated by Taiwan, armed with 7.62 mm machine guns
  • Clase patrol the LP 7-LP11 - 5 - 1991 - Paraguay Armed with 12.7 mm machine guns
  • Class patrol LP101 – 108 - 8 - 1967/1971 - U.S. - Armed with 12.7 mm machine guns
    • Remolcador Tug
  • Triumph R4 - 1 - 1960 - U.S.
  • Angostura R5 - 1 - 1960 - U.S.
  • Stella Maris R6 - 1 - 1970 - Paraguay
  • Hope R7 - 1 - 1970 - Paraguay
    • Varios Several
  • landing craft type - 3 - 3 - 1980 - Brazil
  • DF-1 Floating Dock - 1 - 1944 - U.S.
  • Training Ship Guarani - 1 - 1968 - Spain - Inoperative, modernized in 1975.
  • February 3 Presidential Yacht - 1 - 1972 - Paraguay
  • Transport Lt. Herreros—T1 - 1 - 1964 - Paraguay
    • 43 small patrol boats, all built in Paraguay 2006-2009
  • Pira 500 SL 5 x 1.60 m. Yamaha 25 hp.,Paraguay
  • Pira 170 SVX 5.20 x 1.60 m. Yamaha 40 hp.,,Paraguay
  • Pira 240 SVX 6.50 x 2,40 m. Yamaha 90 hp.,Paraguay
  • Pira 4.80 x 1.80 m. Yamaha 50 hp.,Paraguay
    • ORBAT
    • COMANFLOT: Comando de la Flota de Guerra.(Command of the Fleet)
    • COMIM: Comando de Infantería de Marina.(Command of the Marines)
  • BIM 1 Rosario (Naval InfantryBattalion)
  • BIM 2 Vallemi
  • BIM 3 Carapegua
  • COMAVAN: Comando de la Aviación Naval.(Naval Aviation Command)
    • Grupo Aeronaval de Helicópteros (GAHE), Sajonia
  • Escuadrilla de Helicópteros de Ataque (EHA)
  • Escuadrilla de Propósitos Generales (EPG)
  • Grupo Aeronaval de Propósitos Generales (GAPROGEN)
  • Grupo Aeronaval Entrenamiento (GAEN)
    • COAPCOM: Comando de Apoyo al Combate.(Combat Support Command)
    • CINAE: Centro de Instrucción Naval de Enseñanza.(Naval Training Centar)
    • PGN: Prefectura General Naval.(General Naval Prefecture)
  • PREFECTURA ZONA PILAR (Area Prefecture)
    • DIRMAT: Dirección del Material.(Material Directorate)
    • DIAPSER: Dirección de Apoyo al Servicio.(Service Support Directorate)

Naval aviation

Aircraft Origin Type Version In service Notes
Helibras HB350 Esquilo  Brazil utility helicopter HB350B 2 [3]
Trainer aircraft
Cessna 150  United States training aircraft 150M 2 [3]
Utility aircraft
Cessna 210  United States liaison aircraft 210 1 [3]
Cessna 310  United States liaison aircraft 310 2 [3]
Cessna 401  United States transport aircraft 401 1 [3]

Air Force

Paraguayan Air Force Roundel

The air force, the newest and smallest of the services, has about 1,100 personnel. The Paraguayan Air Forces is organised in an Air Brigade of seven air groups and a brigade of paratroopers on battalion level. Almost all operating units are based in premises at Silvio Pettirosi internacional airport (SGAS) in Asuncion.

The units compromising the force are: the Aerotactico group (TAG) with three fighter squadrons (numbered 1 to 3), respectively equipped with the MB-326, T-33 and EMB-312.It is noteworthy that the first two are in storage or operating either by withdrawal of this aircraft. The squadron "Moros", equipped with Tucanos, has only one squadron (3 airplanes active). The Air Transport Group (GTA) operates aircraft of the CASA, DHC-6, and Beechcraft types. The Helicopter air group (HLG) has a SAR squadron, a utility squadron, and a squadron of attack craft, and is equipped with ex-Taiwanese UH-1H and Brazilian HB-350B aircraft. The Air Group Instruction (AFI) has materials and T-25 and T-35 aircraft. Photogrammetric called air group (GAF) and group aviation maintenance section (SEMAER) do not have aircraft assigned. The Parachute Brigade operates CASA aircraft.

Besides these groups is a command of Institutes of Education and one of regions air, this latter has nominal jurisdiction over 12 tracks and airports as six of these are considered Air Bases.[3]


    • 1º BRIGADA AÉREA( Air Brigade) (Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu Guazú)
  • Grupo Aerotáctico ( Air Tactical Group)(Asunción/Base Aérea Pettirossi)
  • 1º Escuadrón de Caza 'Guaraní' (Escuadrilla 'Orion' y 'Centauro'),no longer active
  • 2º Escuadrón de Caza 'Indios' (Escuadrilla 'Taurus' y 'Scorpio'),no longer active
  • 3º Escuadrón de Reconocimiento y Ataque 'Moros' (Reconnaissance and Attack Squadron)(Escuadrilla 'Gamma' y 'Omega'): EMB-312
  • Grupo Aéreo de Instrucción (Instrucción Air Group) 'Escuadrón Fenix': T-25A
  • Escuadrilla 'Antares' / 'Pantera' / 'Halcón': T-35A/B
  • Grupo de Transporte Aéreo(Transport Air Group) (Asunción/Base Aérea Pettirossi)
  • Escuadrilla de Transporte aéreo: C-212 (Asuncion/Base Aérea Ñu Guazu)
  • Escuadrilla Presidencial: DHC-6 (Asunción/Base Aérea Pettirossi)
  • Grupo Aéreo de Helicópteros(Helicopters Air Group): UH-1H / HB-350 (Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu-Guanzu)
  • Grupo Aéreo de Transporte Especial(Special Transport Air Group): CE u206, Ce 210N, Ce 402B, PA 32R, PZL 104 (Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu Guazu)
  • Grupo Aéreo Fotogramétrico (GAF)(Photogrammetric Air Group)
  • Grupo Aéreo Mantenimiento (SEMAR)(Maintenance Air Group)
    • BRIGADA AEROTRANSPORTADA 'SILVIO PETTIROSSI' (Airborne Brigade)(Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu Guazu)
  • Bat. Paracaid. (Para.batt.)
  • Bat. Apoy.Sev (Longist.Batt).
  • Escu. Paracaid. (Para. School)
  • Bat. Inf. Aeromo.( Airmobail batt.)
  • Bat.Securit. (Sec.Batt)
  • Comando Reg.Or.
  • Comando Reg. Oc.
  • Direcc. Meteo.
  • Unid. de Apoyo
  • Unid. de Servicio
Aircraft Origin Type Version In service Notes
Attack Aircraft
Embraer EMB 312 Tucano  Brazil COIN 6
Trainer Aircraft
Neiva N621 Universal  Brazil basic trainer T-25 6
ENAER T-35 Pillán  Chile basic trainer T-35 10
Transport Aircraft
Cessna 206 Stationair  United States liaison aircraft 206 3
Cessna 210 Centurion  United States liasion aircraft 210 1
Embraer EMB-721 Sertanejo  Brazil liasion aircraft EMB-721C 1
Baron 58  United States liasion aircraft Baron 58 1
Beechcraft Bonanza 33 Debonair  United States liasion aircraft Beech 33 1
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Bonanza  United States liasion aircraft Beech 33 2
Cessna 310  United States transport 310 1
Cessna 402  United States transport 402B 2
de Haviland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter  Canada utility aircraft DHC-6 1
CASA C-212  Spain transport
Piper Seneca  United States transport aircraft PA-34 1
Piper PA-23 Aztec  United States transport aircraft PA-23 1
Helibras HB-350 Esquilo  Brazil transport helicopter HB-350 3
Bell UH-1 Iroquois  United States transport helicopter UH-1H 9

Military Ranks

Officer Ranks

The stars worn by Army and Air Force lieutenants (Sub-Teniente, Teniente, Teniente 1ro) and captains are silver in color. The ones worn by the Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel are gold. The army officers branch is denoted by the color of circular pads under the stars, which is also the same color used for the chevron. Red denotes branches such as Infantry and Artillery, while Cavalry is denoted by a pink. A darker red denotes support branches such as Engineering Corps, Communications, and Intelligence. Green means Supply and Transportation, while purple is reserved for the Medicine Branch. Generals' special chevron consists of a woven depiction of the olive and palm found in the national emblem in gold threads.

Paraguayan Officer Ranks and their US Military counterpart

Enlisted Ranks

As in the case of the army officers, the army enlisted branch is denoted by the color of their chevrons and bars. The colors and meanings are the same as the ones explained above.

Paraguayan Enlisted Ranks and their US Military counterpart

See also

  • List of wars involving Paraguay


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