List of members of the eighteenth Knesset

List of members of the eighteenth Knesset

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The following is a list of the Members of the 18th Knesset, elected on 10 February 2009.


Knesset Members

Party Name Notes
Kadima (28) Tzipi Livni Leader of the Opposition
Shaul Mofaz
Dalia Itzik
Roni Bar-On
Meir Sheetrit
Ruhama Avraham
Avi Dichter
Marina Solodkin
Yoel Hasson
Gideon Ezra
Yaakov Edri
Eli Aflalo
Ze'ev Bielski
Ronit Tirosh
Nahman Shai
Shlomo Molla
Robert Tiviaev
Majalli Wahabi
Rachel Adato
Yohanan Plesner
Shai Hermesh
Yisrael Hasson
Aryeh Bibi
Otniel Schneller
Orit Zuaretz
Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich
Nino Abesadze
Doron Avital
Likud (27) Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister
Gideon Sa'ar Education Minister
Gilad Erdan Environmental Protection Minister
Prime Minister's Liaison to the Knesset
Reuven Rivlin Speaker of the Knesset
Benny Begin Minister without Portfolio
Moshe Kahlon Communications Minister
Silvan Shalom Vice Prime Minister
Regional Development Minister
Moshe Ya'alon Vice Prime Minister
Strategic Affairs Minister
Yuval Steinitz Finance Minister
Lea Nass Deputy Minister of Pensioner Affairs
Yisrael Katz Transportation Minister
Yuli-Yoel Edelstein Information and Diaspora Minister
Limor Livnat Culture and Sport Minister
Haim Katz
Yossi Peled Minister without Portfolio
Michael Eitan Improvement of Government Services Minister
Dan Meridor Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy
Tzipi Hotovely
Gila Gamliel Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office
Ze'ev Elkin
Yariv Levin
Zion Pinyan
Ayoob Kara Deputy Development of the Negev and Galilee Minister
Danny Danon
Karmel Shama
Ofir Akunis
Miri Regev
Yisrael Beiteinu (15) Avigdor Liberman Foreign Affairs Minister
Uzi Landau National Infrastructure Minister
Stas Misezhnikov Tourism Minister
Yitzhak Aharonovich Internal Security Minister
Sofa Landver Immigrant Absorption Minister
Orly Levy
Danny Ayalon Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister
David Rotem
Anastasia Michaeli
Faina Kirschenbaum
Robert Ilatov
Hamad Amar
Moshe Mutz Matlon
Lia Shemtov
Alex Miller
Shas (10) Eli Yishai Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Internal Affairs
Ariel Atias Minister of Housing and Construction
Yitzhak Cohen Deputy Minister of Finance
Amnon Cohen
Meshulam Nahari Minister without Portfolio
Ya'akov Margi Minister of Religious Services
David Azulai
Yitzhak Vaknin
Nissim Ze'ev
Avraham Michaeli
Labor Party (8) Isaac Herzog
Avishay Braverman
Shelly Yachimovich
Eitan Cabel
Binyamin Ben-Eliezer
Amir Peretz
Daniel Ben-Simon
Raleb Majadele
Independence (5) Ehud Barak Defense Minister
Deputy Prime Minister
Matan Vilnai Deputy Defense Minister
Shalom Simhon Minister of Agriculture
Orit Noked Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Labour
Einat Wilf
United Torah Judaism (5) Yaakov Litzman Deputy Minister of Health
Moshe Gafni
Uri Maklev
Eliezer Moses Deputy Minister of Education
Yisrael Eichler
National Union (4) Ya'akov Katz
Uri Ariel
Aryeh Eldad
Michael Ben-Ari
Hadash (4) Mohammad Barakeh
Hana Sweid
Dov Khenin
Afu Agbaria
United Arab List (3) Ibrahim Sarsur
Taleb el-Sana
Masud Ghnaim
Ta'al (1) Ahmad Tibi Deputy Speaker
The Jewish Home (3) Daniel Hershkowitz Minister of Science and Technology
Zevulun Orlev
Uri Orbach
New Movement – Meretz (3) Ilan Gilon
Nitzan Horowitz
Zahava Gal-On
Balad (3) Jamal Zahalka
Said Nafa
Haneen Zoabi
Whole Nation (1) Haim Amsalem


MK Party Replaced Date Notes
Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich Kadima Haim Ramon 2 July 2009 Ramon retired from politics to go into business
Einat Wilf Labor Party Ophir Pines-Paz 10 January 2010 Pines-Paz retired from politics
Raleb Majadele Labor Party Yuli Tamir 13 April 2010 Tamir retired from politics
Nino Abesadze Kadima Tzachi Hanegbi 9 November 2010 Hanegbi suspended following indictment
Yisrael Eichler United Torah Judaism Meir Porush 6 February 2011 Porush resigned as part of a seat rotation agreement.
Doron Avital Kadima Ze'ev Boim 18 March 2011 Death of Boim
Zahava Gal-On New Movement – Meretz Haim Oron 25 March 2011 Oron resigned his seat

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