List of Weeds characters

List of Weeds characters

This is a list of characters from the television series Weeds.


Nancy Botwin's family

Nancy Botwin

Nancy Botwin, née Price (Mary-Louise Parker, leading character) — a.k.a. Lacey LaPlante (season two) and Nathalie Newman (season six) — was a PTA soccer mom until her husband, Judah, suddenly died of a heart attack. To maintain the upper middle-class lifestyle to which she was accustomed, Nancy entered the world of marijuana dealing. At the start, her regular clients include her accountant, her lawyer, and fellow suburban friends. However, as she expands and fights for survival, she is confronted with the violent realities of her business as she jockeys against competitors, gangs, and drug lords. Adding complications to the situation are her sudden relationship with Peter Scottson, a DEA agent who discovers Nancy's business but takes measures to ensure her safety. Peter eventually leaves Nancy's life and Nancy works for a gangster named U-Turn. During one of her runs, she meets Guillermo, a Mexican drug dealer who offers her a chance to move up in the drug game. Nancy declines, but changes her mind and leaves Agrestic after a fiery situation involving a rival dealer.

She excitedly jumps on the opportunity to traffic pot across the Mexican border for Guillermo at the beginning of season four, but is uncomfortable with transporting other drugs like heroin and child-prostitute smuggling. She also has trouble respecting the "chain of command" within the drug cartel and sometimes blatantly violates its rules. However, her insubordination leads to a romance with Esteban Reyes. Her attempt to shut down an underground tunnel almost leads to her death during the season four cliffhanger. Nancy takes a break from dealing in season five while building a relationship with Esteban, eventually giving birth to his only son. Complications arise with Esteban's boss Pilar Zuazo at the end of the fifth season, and the family is forced into living on the run from Esteban and his men, as well as the American and Mexican authorities. They visit Seattle, Washington, where Nancy learns how to make hashish, a concentrated form of marijuana, and sells it as a means of income during their trips to Montana and Michigan, until she and the family are discovered. The season six finale has the male Botwins on a plane to Europe, while Nancy goes to Plan "C" to escape her situation.

After pleading guily to manslaughter for Shane's murder of Pilar, Nancy is sentenced to Danbury prison where she starts a deep romantic relationship with Zoya. After serving three years in lockup, she is released to a halfway house in New York City. She tries to get back into to dealing by dealing grenades for weed with Zoya's brother. Zoya left the grenades to Nancy, which she stole from her brother. She wanted Nancy to give them to someone on the black market, but instead gives them back to Zoya's brother. She is shocked to learn that Andy, Doug, Silas, and Shane have come to find her, fleeing upon seeing them. However, she eventually meets Shane and Andy coming back from her job interview. During the confrontation, she is submitted for a random drug test, after smoking pot for the second time on screen.

At the beginning of the series, Nancy struggles to keep her drug dealing separate from her family life. However, Andy, Silas, and Shane find out about her dealing at different points in the series. While she is willing to risk life and limb for the love of her family, she also wants to protect them from the hazards of drugs and the drug trade. She is particularly hesitant to allow Silas to enter the business until her crisis with U-turn forces her to allow Silas to deal. She also struggles to keep Shane isolated from the chaos.

Nancy has smoked pot twice on screen.

Nancy has married three times and has three children. Her first son Silas was conceived out of wedlock with Lars Guinard. Judah Botwin, her first husband, believed Silas to be his son and raised him from birth. Judah and Nancy later conceived Shane. Peter Scottson, her second husband, was murdered by a rival drug cartel; she and Peter did not have children. She married Esteban after giving birth to Stevie Ray, her third son.

Andy Botwin

Andrew "Andy" Botwin (Justin Kirk, leading character) — a.k.a. Bill Sussman in season three and Randy Newman in season six — is Judah's brother, a fun-loving, irresponsible slacker. After Judah's death, Nancy reluctantly allows Andy to live at the house, and soon realizes his presence is needed for her business and as a father figure for the children. He is also an archetypal Shakespearian 'fool', behaving like a child but occasionally having moments of great insight. By the fifth season, Andy becomes more responsible in response to Nancy's absence as a mother to her children. He discovers that he is in love with Nancy, who does not reciprocate his feelings. He helps Nancy raise her and Esteban's son during their brief breakup, but relinquishes his paternal rights after they reunite. After this, he starts dating, and eventually proposes to, Dr. Audra Kitson, but abandons her when they are confronted by her anti-abortionist stalker. After fleeing to Denmark, Andy becomes a tour guide under the name "Wonderful Wonderful Tours", much like the season five premiere episode, "Wonderful Wonderful". He and the rest go back to the United States to find Nancy in New York City. He and Shane stay at the halfway house after Nancy fled, but Silas and Doug left. Shane and Andy eventually meet a baked Nancy who returned from a job interview.

Silas Botwin

Silas Andrew Botwin (Hunter Parrish, leading character) — adopting the clandestine alias Mike T. Newman in season six and the stage name Silas Guinard in season seven — is Nancy's first son. Although Silas is the biological son of Lars Guinard, Silas was raised by Judah and Nancy in Agrestic, CA for 16 years. Judah's death traumatized Silas, and he takes it out on his mother and younger brother. Silas is impetuous and impulsive, and has been sexually active since the beginning of the show. Although he operates as though he knows everything, he is often naïve - however; he does show some sense, especially when selling marijuana for his mother, which he is rather good at doing. In the season 6 episode where the "Newman" family is split up in order to sell drugs, Silas and Shane go to a children's concert to sell hash to the parents attending the show. Silas teaches Shane a valuable lesson about not trusting people and making sure you are responsible for your actions.

After encountering numerous challenges with girlfriends and the realities of the drug business, he decides that he wants in on the action — without his mother looking over his shoulder constantly. He pursues plant cultivation, and eventually goes into business with Doug, opening a medicinal marijuana dispensary in the middle of the show (season 5). He learns that the police are corrupt and take bribes — and also not to trust anyone, as one of his employees turns out to be a federal undercover agent.

During season 6, he attends college and realizes how fun it is and gets mad at Nancy for ruining his chance to go. Later in Dearborn, he meets his biological father, Lars Guinard. He tries to stay with Lars in Dearborn, but Nancy forces him to go to Copenhagen with the rest for his own safety.

In Copenhagen, he starts modeling for "some weird flower water" under the name Lars Guinard. He returns to the United States with Andy, Doug, and Shane to find Nancy. When they go to the halfway house where she was staying, he and Nancy make eye contact for the first time in 3 years, and Nancy flees. He gets angry at her again and decides to leave the halfway house and go try to start his modeling career in New York City.

Shane Botwin

Shane Gregory Botwin (Alexander Gould, leading character) — adopting the clandestine alias Shawn Newman in season six — is Nancy and Judah's only biological son, and was with Judah at the time of his death. Highly intelligent and poorly socialized, Shane's grief and desperation for a sense of assurance manifests itself in bizarre ways: he talks to his father like an imaginary friend and develops an obsession with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, repeatedly asking his mother to move the family there. Called "Strange Botwin" by his fellow students, he is viewed as a freak at school, and is the frequent target of bullies. At home, he is neglected by his family because of their drug businesses.

Shane's behavior grows more sociopathic after the move to Ren Mar. He frequently uses alcohol and other intoxicants, engages in casual sex and sells his brother's medicinal marijuana at a local skatepark. During this period, uncle Andy discovers that he has been masturbating to naked pictures of his mother that were taken by his father years ago. He also becomes increasingly violent and develops a disregard for rules, laws, and other social conventions. During the Season 5 finale, Shane overhears Pilar's threat to have his family assassinated and promptly murders her with a croquet mallet, casually remarking that he couldn't find a golf club. After the incident he demonstrates a complete lack of remorse, justifying his action as an inevitable necessity. His transformation reflects Nancy's absence as a proper mother to her children.

He gains Ignacio's respect by acknowledging that he would kill the hitman with no remorse to protect his family. He is viewed by Ignacio as a kindred spirit of sorts.

In season 7, after fleeing from Dearborn, he becomes a puppeteer in Copenhagen with his now ex-girlfriend. He returns to the United States to find Nancy. He and Andy eventually meet her before she gets submitted for a random drug test.

Stevie Ray Reyes

Stevie Ray Reyes (regular character, portrayed by uncredited babies in seasons 5-6, portrayed by Ethan and Gavin Kent in season 7) — given the clandestine alias Avi Newman by his mother in season six — is the third son to Nancy Botwin and first son to Esteban Reyes. Under pressure from Pilar, Esteban temporarily disowns his child to protect his political image. Andy, under pressure from Nancy, agrees to be the child's adoptive father. Following Jewish customs, the child is given a bris during which he is named Avi Melech Botwin. After Nancy and Esteban reconcile, Andy signs a release to legally alter Avi’s birth certificate as a wedding present.

Stevie lives with his biological father and mother until Nancy flees Ren Mar with her other sons. While the Botwins live on the lam, Stevie is cared for by his older brother Shane when not with Nancy. Early in season six, Esteban dispatches Cesar and Ignacio to "find his son"; however, the goons allow Nancy to escape. Late in season six, Esteban and Guillermo kidnap mother and child in a hotel in Dearborn. At the Detroit airport, Nancy uses "Plan C" to arrange for all four to be arrested by the FBI.

Jill agrees to raise Stevie while Nancy is in jail. After being disconnected from his mother for three years, Stevie views Nancy as his aunt and Jill as his mother. Jill asks Nancy for permanent custody of Stevie.

Botwin relatives

Judah Botwin

Judah Botwin (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, minor character in season 1) is Nancy's first husband, the biological father of Shane and brother of Andy, and was presumed to also be the father of Silas until Silas and Shane met Lars Guinard in Season Six. Judah dies of a heart attack weeks before the pilot episode. Although only seen in flashbacks and home videos, his memory plays an important role in the series.

Nancy met Judah Botwin while the latter was an avant-garde performance artist. Although his performance art attracts her and wins her love, he switches to study engineering so they can settle into a typical middle-class lifestyle. The sixth season establishes that Judah designed rollercoasters for a living. Approximately ten years after Shane's birth, Judah dies of a heart attack. Nancy’s grieving for her husband’s death is a significant theme in season one. She eventually recovers after she accepts her role as a drug dealer and starts to develop other relationships in her life. The last time Nancy mentions Judah is during season four when she discusses sex with Shane. Nancy curses at Judah for dying, consequently leaving her to take on the awkward conversations typically reserved for father/son relationships.

Andy and Silas grieve Judah’s death in the first season but appear to recover with time. Andy deals with the loss by stepping up to support the family. Silas acts up from time to time during season one; particularly, he punches Shane in the face after Shane loses a brass cigarette lighter given to him by Judah. Shane has the largest issues regarding Judah’s death. At the beginning of the series, he has to see a grief counselor to help him deal with the loss. Various people, including counselors at his school, attribute his anti-social behavior to his father’s death. Shane apparently recovers until the end of season three when he starts "communicating with Judah."

At the end of season five, Shane tells Nancy that he spends a lot of time thinking about how he wishes they would have done differently after Judah died. After killing Pilar, he threatens Silas by saying, “I’m as serious as dad’s heart attack,” noting that many heart attack patients recover and lead somewhat normal lives.

Lenny Botwin

Lenny Botwin (Albert Brooks, regular character in season 4) is the father of Judah and Andy who lives in Ren Mar. He provided long term care to his incapacitated mother (Bubbie, portrayed by Jo Farkas) until she asked to be killed. He is on bad terms with Andy, who he blames for losing a "sure-bet" on a horse-race, with Nancy because he wished that Judah had married another woman who became a doctor, and with the rest of Nancy's crew. However, he is on somewhat good terms with Shane, with whom he first discusses the need to terminate Bubbie's life support. Lenny extorts Nancy for money when he discovers she is a weed dealer; however, he allows her use of his house. He leaves to join the world poker tour mid-way through season four. During season one he skipped the unveiling of Judah's headstone because he had made the final table of a pot-limit poker tournament.

Doug Wilson's family

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon, leading character) — adopting the clandestine alias Ted Newman in season six and nicknamed "Rocket Man" by his college buddy Whit Tillerman — is Nancy's fun-loving but irresponsible friend who is a heavy weed user. Doug begins the series as an accountant and city councilman for Agrestic. When Andy moves into the Botwin house, they quickly bond over their mutual love of smoking pot. He is also friends with Dean Hodes, another pot user and poker buddy. Doug has a wife named Dana whom he loves very much but who will not have sex with him. He has a deep love of ethnic food. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where, he claims, he bought pot from Laura Bush.

Doug helps Nancy establish her pot growing and sales operation early in the series. He provides her with an initial client base, sets up the sham bakery through which she launders money, and provides general financial advice. Although his behavior is very immature, Nancy tolerates it so they can maintain a working relationship. When Nancy establishes the grow house, Doug helps with the operation.

Doug’s life unravels during the second and third seasons. Although very popular in the Agrestic community and a shoe-in for re-election, he loses his seat to Celia when Dean forgets to file his ballot petition. Doug and Celia have an affair that leads to a divorce from Dana. He loses exclusive golf-club memberships due to the machinations of Sullivan Groff. When he fraudulently borrows a large sum of money from an Agrestic financial account, he feels forced to flee Agrestic/Magestic and follow Nancy to Ren Mar to avoid criminal prosecution. It is implied that he loses his CPA license.

Once in Ren Mar, Doug spends most of his time lamenting the privileged life that he lost. Doug rescues a Mexican “mermaid” that he falls for but loses her when she falls for Andy. Doug eventually opens a medical marijuana dispensary with Silas, but that dream dies when Celia and Dean steal their supply. After Celia pushes Dean out of her pot-selling operation, Doug teams up with Dean and Isabelle to steal it back. He ends season five by becoming co-team leader of Celia's pot-selling team.

In season six, he is abducted by Cesar and Ignacio and taken to Seattle. Cesar almost kills him, but Doug is miraculously saved. Knowing that he owes Dana thousands of dollars in child-support, he leaves with Nancy to live off-the-grid. When Nancy and her brood elect to leave the country, Doug returns to California to obtain his passport from Dana. Upon returning to his family, Doug determines that God saved him so that he could permanently reunite with them. However, he ultimately chooses to join Andy, Silas, and Shane in Copenhagen.

Doug moves to New York City with his adoptive family when Nancy leaves prison. After arriving, he lands a job as chief accountant at Vehement Capital Partners, a Ponzi scheme posing as a New York hedge fund. He suspects that he was hired solely for his softball pitching ability. To that end, Doug starts using anabolic steroids; the drug eventually induces side-effects including "roid rage." Doug hires Nancy as his personal assistant so that she can try to regain full custody of Stevie. It also provides Nancy with an opening to be a SEC informant against Vehement's CEO, Foster Cline.

Thanks to his synesthesia, Doug discovers accounting fraud at his new company, but his old college buddy encourages him to overlook them. Doug also discovers that the SEC retirement plan is tied into Vehement's Ponzi scheme and uses that knowledge to squash the SEC's investigation into the company. When Cline escapes New York City to dodge the SEC, Doug takes it upon himself to find new clients for Vehement to fleece. When that fails, he convinces Tillerman to partner with Nancy's drug dealing operation.

Dana Wilson

Dana Wilson (Judith Hoag, appearing in episode 6x12 only) is Doug's unseen wife during seasons one and two. Dana and Doug were high school sweathearts who were married for 25 years. They are depicted as having a good fit generally. They had a lot of sex early in their marriage; however, Dana later refuses to have sex with Doug because she "has a short cervix and may be a lesbian." The lack of sex creates a significant amount of resentment on Doug's part. During a fight with Dean, Doug divulges that he had to coax and trick Dana into having their children. "They could be named tequila shots, doing it for a Lexus, snuck it in while she was sleeping, and turkey baster." After Dean informs Dana of Doug's affair with Celia, Dana ends her marriage.

After divorcing Doug, she marries Wilfred (Beau Billingslea), a highly accomplished African-American man who designs sympathany halls for a living. They establish a new household in Regrestic, CA, which replaced the burned-down town of Agrestic/Majestic. Dana returns to being a housewife. Wilfred owns a boat, the Ms. Daisy, which he and Dana sail on from time to time. While living in New York City, Doug stalks Dana online and stores pictures of her in a folder titled, "My Bitch Ex-wife."

Wilson children

Josh Wilson (Justin Chatwin, appearing in the pilot episode only) is Doug's oldest child and only son. He sells pot to small children against Nancy's orders. When she learns that Josh has sex with other men, Nancy threatens to tell Doug about Josh's sexual preferences if Josh continues to deal against her orders. At the end of season six, he lives in Chicago, IL.

Jesse (Ava Acres, episode 6x12 only) is reunited with Doug at the end of season six, but she does not recognize him. Julie (Marielle Carrera, episode 1x06), was a participant in Shane's terrorist video. Jennifer has not been seen on screen.

Celia Hodes's family

Celia Hodes

Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins, leading character in seasons 1-5) is a typical housewife living in Agrestic. She is obsessed with her personal image and alternatively manipulates or ignores those around her that do not fit neatly into that image. She also undertakes disloyal, subversive actions against others, ostensibly to teach them lessons. This takes a significant strain on her interpersonal relationships and causes many of them to sour. She also has an alcohol abuse problem.

Celia is Nancy's neighbor in the first three seasons. They start as friends during the first season (during which Celia is otherwise socially isolated, due to both her general abrasiveness and her breast cancer diagnosis), but Celia puts upon Nancy in extreme ways. Notably, Celia asks Nancy to have an affair with her to retaliate against Dean’s infidelities. She also pressures Nancy to work on her campaign against Doug Wilson and eventually starts a fight with Nancy that ends her friendship. The beginning of season three, Celia discovers a large quantity of Nancy’s MILF weed that she ruins by dumping into the pool. Celia asks Nancy to thank her for the favor; however, under U-turn’s crosshairs, Nancy lashes out at her. Nancy even threatens to kill her later when she breaks into the Botwin’s home.

Celia and Nancy mend fences when Celia allows Heylia’s grow house to move into her house. When it is discovered by the DEA, she is pressured to travel to Ren Mar to serve as an informant against Nancy. Nancy is grateful that Celia “held that really large bag for her” and saves Celia from the DEA agents and Guillermo’s drug operation. Nancy also allows Celia to live at the house in Ren Mar and work at the sham maternity store at the USA/Mexico border. However, Celia’s drug dependency worsens, and she is checked into a rehabilitation facility.

Towards the end of the fifth season of weeds, Celia begins to deal marijuana with You're Pretty cosmetics as Makeup with a gift. She also disappears in Season 7 to never be seen in one episode

Dean Hodes

Dean Hodes (Andy Milder, regular character in season 3, guest character in seasons 1-2 and 4-7) is Isabelle and Quinn's father and Celia's husband, as well as Nancy's lawyer and Doug's poker buddy. Dean loves Isabelle, but has a constantly antagonistic relationship with Celia, which eventually leads to a divorce. Dean had a friendship with Doug until Doug slept with Celia. Dean recently performed a legal service for Silas and Doug, but not before slamming Doug's penis in a desk drawer.

He was seen in season 6 being questioned on video by the F.B.I.

In season seven Dean Hodes is living with Heylia James to whom he provides legal advice. Dean mentions to Silas that a couple months ago, Heylia James had a probate issue, and had Conrad contact him. Dean came up and never left, due to the fact that being a pot lawyer is big business, in the area where Heylia is staying.

Isabelle Hodes

Isabelle Hodes (Allie Grant, regular character in seasons 3-5, guest character in seasons 1-2) is Celia's younger daughter, who frustrates her mother with her open homosexuality. Celia is also frustrated with her daughter's unwillingness to lose weight; that frustration peaks when Isabelle becomes an advertising model for Huskaroo's, a clothing line for overweight/obese girls. Isabelle becomes close friends with Shane Botwin, who bond over their abnormal mothers; their relationship ends when Shane moves "off the grid" during season six. Isabelle resents her mother, but seems to enjoy her father's company.

Quinn Hodes

Quinn Hodes (Haley Hudson, appearing in 3 episodes: 1x01, 4x13, & 5x01) is Celia's older daughter and Silas's first known girlfriend. Celia sends her to a reform school in Mexico after Quinn tricks Celia into watching a video recording of Dean having sex with Helen Chin. The recording was made using a nanny camera that Celia uses to spy on her children.

While working her 12 steps, Celia travels to Mexico to apologize to Quinn. However, Quinn kidnaps Celia and holds her for ransom during the season four cliffhanger. Although she was apparently an average middle-class teenager in the pilot, reform school turns her into a "mean person." Quinn's anger toward her mother is so intense that she almost kills Celia to sell her organs on the black market. Fortunately for Celia, her cancer therapy makes her a poor source for organ harvesting.

Heylia James's family

Heylia James

Heylia Turner James (Tonye Patano, leading character in seasons 1-3, guest season 7) is Conrad's aunt and supplier for Nancy. She has a very practical, no-nonsense approach to life and weed dealing. When Nancy complains that Heylia’s policies are unfair, Heylia asserts that, “Fare is what you pay to get on the bus.” While Heylia becomes impressed with Nancy’s ability to sell pot, Heylia also becomes irritated with the novice mistakes Nancy makes and concludes that Nancy is growing too fast for her own good.

After Conrad attacks a college security guard who “jacked” Nancy, Heylia orders him to stay away from Nancy. His feelings for Nancy “brought out the stupid in him” and threaten Heylia’s interests. When Conrad goes against Heylia's instructions and starts growing MILF weed with Nancy, Heylia forms a grudge against her. This grudge becomes worse when Nancy's DEA "husband" attempts to bust her sales business. In retaliation, she helps Kashishian ruin the drug deal that ends season two.

After buying Conrad’s freedom from U-turn, Heylia starts her own grow house for Conrad’s MILF weed. She and Nancy eventually become reluctant partners when a surprise inspection almost closes the grow house down. At the end of season three, Heylia decides to give up growing pot to open a "compassionate care" dispensary.

Heylia is not seen on screen until season seven. She is growing MILF weed rural California when Nancy attempts to obtain pot from her. Heylia greets Nancy by shooting at her and her son, but Dean saves them. During their meeting, Heylia accuses Nancy of dispersing her family to the winds. “I had a full dinner table before you showed up.” She also predicts that Nancy will meet a bad end and encourages Nancy to leave her family for their own good. After an argument among the four of them, Helyia agrees to supply Nancy with weed if Silas lives with her and tends to the MILF weed crop.

Conrad Shepard

Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco, leading character in seasons 1-3) is Nancy's initial supplier, under supervision of his aunt. Nancy met him years earlier through Andy. Although Conrad is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of cannabis cultivation, his aunt never allowed him to grow plants, insisting that they keep their business small. Despite this, he had worked on developing his own signature genetic blend. He becomes Nancy's business associate using this strain, and it is revealed that he has apparently held very strong feelings for Nancy for a long time. He and Nancy have a brief relationship which ends abruptly after a fire destroys Agrestic/Majestic. He is not seen again after this. He establishes contact with Silas while the latter is in Copenhagen. During season seven, he is living in LA, and is engaged to marry.

Vaneeta James

Vaneeta James (Indigo, regular character in seasons 1-3) is a daughter and employee of Heylia James. She gives birth to Heylia’s grandchild in season one and alerts Heylia to a drop-off in their business during season two. She also helps with the operation of Heylia's grow house in season three. Helyia implies that Vaneeta is living away from Helyia during season seven.

Keeyon James

Keeyon James (Tyrone Mitchell, minor character) is the son of Heylia. He only appears in three episodes.

Peter Scottson's family

Lieutenant Peter Scottson

Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan, special guest character in season 1, leading character in season 2) is Nancy's second husband. He divorced Valerie when the latter cheated on him and broke his heart. Peter and Valerie have a son named Tim whom they share custody.

Nancy and Peter met at a karate tournament where Shane bites Tim’s foot. Although they took to each other immediately, Nancy has many problems committing to their relationship. At first, she is unable to move past Judah’s death. Later, she discovers that Peter is employed as a DEA agent. Peter wins her trust via crooked dealing including an off-the-radar marriage and selectively busting rival pot growers.

The relationship starts to sour when Peter believes Nancy and Conrad have a romantic relationship; Nancy and Conrad were only platonic at that time. When Peter tells Nancy that he plans to bust and arrest Heylia, Nancy tips off Heylia and ruins Peter’s operation which sours their relationship even more. Peter also has a rocky relationship with Nancy’s children. He mildly assault Silas for what Peter regards as insolent behavior.

Peter’s assault upon Silas convinces her to dump “Agent Wonderbread” after the current crop of MILF weed is harvested. After discovering Nancy's deception and betrayal, Scottson demands that he receive the proceeds from a forced sale of Nancy's pot crop. During the attempted sale, the Armenian drug cartel acts on a tip from Heylia and murders Peter as revenge for the bust he led against four Armenian grow houses.

In season three, it’s revealed that Peter and Agent "Fundis" Fundislavsky had run an illegal operation of unknown design. Nancy receives $119,000 life insurance benefit as part of a deal to keep her relationship with Peter under wraps. Nancy uses the money to re-enter the pot dealing market.

Tim Scottson

Tim Scottson (Daryl Sabara, guest character in seasons 1-3) is Peter Scottson's son. He was bitten by Shane during a karate match because Shane thought he was physically overmatched by him. Tim has an extreme anger management problem and is openly hostile to his mother, Shane, and Nancy in particular. He physically assaults his karate teacher on a regular basis.

Valerie Scottson

Valerie Scottson (Brooke Smith, special guest character in season 3) is a radiology technician. She divorced Agent Peter Scottson after cheating on him. She is a single mother who struggles to stay afloat financially and to control her son Tim, who suffers with an extreme anger management problem. After Peter's body is buried, Nancy follows her to the clinic where she works in an attempt to reach out to someone who knows Peter. Although she initially thinks Nancy is stalking her, she eventually comes to like and befriend her. After she finds out Nancy received the benefit on Peter's life insurance money, Valerie demands that Nancy pay her the money, as Valerie believes she is truly entitled to it. Despite the fact that Nancy is legally entitled to the money, Nancy promises to give it to Valerie. Even though Nancy begins paying in installments, Valerie doesn't trust her and becomes inpatient. Valerie hires a private investigator to spy on Nancy. After the investigator finds out Nancy is a drug dealer, he blackmails Nancy for $50,000, and Nancy is forced to pay it. Ultimately, Valerie is unable to receive the life insurance money as a result of her own distrust and impatience.

Other law enforcement characters


Cash (Todd Stashwick, guest character in seasons 1 & 3) is head of security at Valley State Community College, the school where Nancy starts dealing during the first season. Because Cash is a dealer himself, he steals Nancy’s supply of pot and pressures her to stay out of his territory. After Conrad roughs him up, Cash returns the pot and allows Nancy to deal on campus. During season three, she tries to sell Cash a large quantity of pot to pay off U-turn. Unfortunately, Agent Fundis has her under surveillance so she abandons the sale.

Captain Roy Till

Captain Roy Till (Jack Stehlin, guest character in seasons 2-5) leads a local DEA field office. He is the boss of Agent Scottson, Agent Fundislavsky, and others. Till investigates into Scottson's and Fundislavsky's illegal dealings; he fires Fundislavsky when Scottson's body is discovered. Till arranges for Nancy to receive Scottson's life insurance benefit and pension in exchange for her silence regarding Scottson. That prevents Till from the professional punishment that he would have suffered if Scottson's illegal dealings had surfaced.

Till eventually finds Nancy's grow house at the end of the third season. He initially arrests Celia. When he begins to suspect Nancy of drug trafficking with Guillermo, he enlists Celia to spy on both of them. When Celia is accepted into the Botwin's home in Ren Mar, Nancy uses Till's fear of being exposed in relationship to Peter Scottson to force him to let Celia go.

When Nancy can no longer accept her role in the operation of the USA/Mexico tunnel, she turns to Till for help in shutting it down. Later, Till's partner and lover, Agent Schlatter, was mutilated and murdered by Esteban's Tres Seis cartel. Till seeks personal revenge during the fifth season and trails Nancy back to her home in Ren Mar. Till kills Sucio before Ignacio incapacitates and captures Till. Nancy incapacitates Ignacio when Ignacio resolves to kill Till in Nancy's bathroom tub. When Ignacio and Till come to, they convince her that she must choose one to kill. To ensure the safety of her unborn child, she hands Till over to Esteban who orders Ignacio to kill Till.

Agent Fundis

George "Fundis" Fundislavsky (Shawn Michael Patrick, guest character in seasons 2-3) is Agent Scottson’s partner within the DEA. He has a severe esophageal dysfunction which causes him to constantly burp. After Scottson's death, he launches a solo investigation of Nancy Botwin that makes it difficult to move U-turn's product. After Scottson’s body is discovered, Fundis is implicated in a corruption probe that leads to his ouster from the DEA.

Agent Phil Schlatter

Phil Schlatter (Andrew Rothenberg, minor character in season 4) is Roy Till's partner at the DEA and Till’s life partner. Cesar discovers Schlatter’s role in the closing of the USA/Mexico tunnel and captures him. After extensive torturing, Schlatter reveals that Nancy Botwin was the DEA’s informant. Cesar shoots him dead immediately thereafter and hangs his body on the U.S./Mexico border fence.

Deputy C.P. Jones

Jones (Larry Joe Campbell, recurring season 5) is a corrupt police officer in Ren Mar who extorts Silas and Doug when they are running the pot store. Jones generates significant trouble for Doug and Silas with his immature behavior. He also hangs out around the store in his police uniform thereby scaring away customers. However, he does introduce Silas to the Wizard who agrees to supply him with pot products. Jones is arrested after an investigation by Ren Mar PD internal affairs.

Frank Caldarone

Caldarone (uncredited actor, guest season 5) is an internal affairs officer who works at Silas's pot club in Ren Mar while investigating C. P. Jones.

Agent Lipschitz

Agent Lipschitz (John Fleck, minor character in season 6-7) is the FBI agent who investigated Pilar's death. (The FBI has jurisdiction because she was killed on US soil.) After Nancy surrenders herself, she gives Lipschitz copious information about the Tres Seis cartel. That information leads to Esteban's conviction on multiple charges and the collapse of Tres Seis. In exchange for making his career, Lipschitz arranges for Nancy's early release from prison.

Director Shelby Keene

Keene (Debra Mooney, recurring character season seven) is the director and warden of Stability House, Nancy's half-way house in New York City. She is also a drug abuse councilor. Keene descended from Native American stock and actively embraces that culture. She often wears Native garb. She has a harsh and hostile personality and lashes out at Councilor Ed (due to his drinking). Kenne initially takes a positive view of Nancy, but ultimately concludes that she will meet a bad end.

Counselor Edward "Ed" Watson

Counselor Ed (Gary Anthony Williams, recurring character season seven) works at the half-way house where Nancy resides. He is a middle-aged, obese, African-American man who likes rhyming rules. "If you are a minute late, you seal your fate." That means that if a resident is AWOL for one minute from the house, the resident will return to jail. Keene accuses Ed of being incompetent and a drunkard for which she fires him. After that, he is "all over Nancy like butter on bread." Ed once served a prison term long ago. "Prison changes a man." Doug mistakes Ed for Marvin (S3) and tells Ed that Nancy is a drug dealer.

Agent Melnick

Melnick (Seth Isler, minor character season seven) is running the SEC investigation against Vehement Capital Partners. His employees offer Nancy freedom from the half-way house in exchange for serving as an informant against Clive. However, a botched wiretap yields no information on Clive and exposes Silas's pot dealing operation. Just as Melnick is about to turn Nancy over to the DEA, Doug arrives and informs him that the solvency of the government’s pension plan is dependent upon Vehement’s success. Melnick then gives Nancy the incriminating recording and releases Doug and Nancy.

Agent Jolene Wait

Wait (Karen Strassman, guest character, season seven) works for the SEC. After Doug uses his leverage over the SEC to end their investigation of Vehement, Wait visits Vehement to investigate their own pension account. She also demands that the SEC's account be separated form Vehement's larger Ponzi scheme. She discovers that Clive, the CEO who fled the US, took a large chunk of money with him. Doug later has sex with her to keep her from discovering Vehement's new marijuana operation.

Detective Frank Ouellette

Ouellette (Michael Harney, recurring character season seven) is a member of the NYPD and an adjunct professor at NY City College. Shane impresses the detective with his observational skills and ability to "work the system." Indeed, Shane sees right through detective Tyson Betz's attempt to pose as a rapist. Betz (Melvin Abston, minor character season seven) is Ouellette's partner. Ouellette hires Shane as an intern before Shane can be recruited by the criminal underworld.

The detective drinks Listerine, which contains ethanol, as an alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks because he is in Alcoholics Anonymous. He has a step son who runs track and has a shot at winning a college scholarship. The detective and his son Billy (Ian Hyland, minor) have a rocky relationship; Shane advises the detective to "be there for [your son] when he needs you … preferably not smelling of beer and mouthwash." Over beers, Shane tells Ouellette his history of growing up as Nancy's son and the death of his three fathers.

Shane accepts the internship to be Nancy's man inside the NYPD. Shane prints up a file of information on Pouncy House which gives Nancy a competitive advantage over her rival. After Ouellette discovers that Shane stole that information from the NYPD computer system, he arrests Shane. When Nancy learns that Shane has been arrested, she tells Ouellette that Silas and Shane are caught up in Pouncy House operation. Ouellette agrees to bust Pouncy House so Silas and Shane can get a second chance to live legitimate lives. However, Nancy lied to Ouellette so she could use the NYPD as muscle against Pouncy House.

When Ouellette realizes that Nancy played her, he confronts Shane and tells Shane that he intends to bring Nancy down. Shane tries to appease Ouellette by entering the NYPD academy.

Esteban and his associates

Esteban Carlos Reyes

Esteban Reyes (Demián Bichir, leading character in seasons 4-5, guest character in season 6) is -- within the universe of the TV show -- the Mayor of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico. He is also the leader of the Tres Seis organized crime cartel. He becomes Nancy's third husband and the father of her third child, Stevie Ray Reyes.

He is the child of a rich family living in Mexico City. He attended Columbia University. He moves to Tijuana in 1995 and is elected mayor in 2004. He owns a zoo, 3 malls, 5 hotels, and yacht. He owns three white tigers and enjoys watching them eat live animals. Despite being a Mexican national, he owns and lives in a large house in San Diego. Rumor claims he has dated Liz Hurley, but they are really just friends. During season four, he is previously divorced and has three female children: Adelita, Amelia, and Seville. However, he longs to have a son.

Nancy meets Esteban after walking through the underground tunnel between the USA and Mexico. In response, Esteban has Nancy kidnapped to give her a lecture and warns her not to walk through the tunnel. Guillermo refuses to sell pot to Nancy so she can make money to remodel the Ren Mar house, she appeals to Esteban directly. When Guillermo declares his desire to have her killed, Esteban squashes the order.

Esteban dates Nancy, and their relationship becomes physical and marked by kinky sexual activities including spankings and blood-drawing scrapes. He eventually declares his love for her. When Nancy starts suffering a series of headaches from job-related stress, he encourages her to take a hit of ayahuasca, a brew which has powerful psychedelic effects, "to unwind the knot in her soul." (At the time, Nancy was suffering with the moral guilt of managing the tunnel's drug front.) Esteban uses ayahuasca for medicinal purposes, and claims that using it has the effect of sitting for years of psychotherapy sessions all at once.

As their relationship grows, Nancy and Esteban discusses the morality of Esteban's profession. Esteban justifies the killings and the drug trafficking by building schools and hospitals. After witnessing Guillermo traffic child prostitutes through the tunnel, Nancy replies: "It's not enough." She successfully uses her influence to stop the child smuggling only after she tells Roy Till about the tunnel. After a DEA raid on the tunnel, Esteban learns of Nancy’s betrayal and orders her to his office for execution. Fortunately, Nancy is able to present evidence that she carries Esteban’s first son. After test results ordered by Esteban prove her correct, he spares her life and marries her.

Their relationship is complicated by Pilar Zuazo, who pushes Esteban to disown his son. This leaves Andy to become a father-figure to another of Nancy’s children. Esteban resents Andy’s “fatherhood” and Andy’s choice to raise Stevie in the Jewish tradition; Esteban is Catholic and wants Stevie to be baptized. However, when Esteban and Nancy ultimately marry, Andy steps aside and allows Esteban to assume legal custody of Stevie. After Pilar has Esteban arrested; Andy, Cesar, and Nancy have to secure his release. Andy is not overtly concerned because Esteban "is too big to fail," a reference to the 2008 US bank bailout.

After Shane kills Pilar, Nancy abruptly separates from Esteban. He orders Cesar and Ignacio to find Nancy and her family and to bring Stevie back to Mexico. Although Nancy successfully escapes Cesar and Ignacio in Seattle, Esteban eventually catches up with her in Michigan. He and Guillermo take her hostage and briefly reclaim Stevie Ray. After expressing their intent to kill her, they are confronted by the FBI just as they exit the airport, with Nancy confessing to Pilar's murder to save herself and protect Shane.

Nancy provides the FBI information that leads to Esteban's conviction on a long list of criminal charges. Within three years, he is murdered while serving his sentence. His murder triggers Nancy's release from prison. Nancy told Steward Havens that Esteban was killed by an Aryan Brotherhood affiliated prison gang.

Cesar de la Cruz

Cesar de la Cruz (Enrique Castillo, leading character in seasons 4-5, regular character in season 6) is Esteban's lieutenant within the crime cartel. Although very loyal to Esteban, it is revealed that he has alternative loyalties as well. As a part of Esteban's operation, he runs an auto repair shop that specializes in the repair of broken tail lights. When Shane was shot after an assassination attempt on Nancy, it was revealed that Cesar served as an army medic. Esteban assigned Cesar to pursue the Botwins after Shane killed Pilar. After Nancy shoots him in the leg with a crossbow, Cesar retires to live with his family.

Guillermo García Gómez

Guillermo García Gómez (Guillermo Díaz, regular character in season 4, guest character in seasons 3, 5, & 6) is introduced to Nancy while he is running Esteban's operations in Los Angeles. Guillermo is of Puerto Rican descent; Capt. Till notes that is unusual given his standing in Esteban's organization. He has a habit of speaking in allusions, metaphors, and similes. Guillermo gives Nancy the nickname "Blanca" which is the feminine form of white.

Guillermo first meets Nancy while running an errand for U-turn. At the end of season three, Nancy purchases protection against a rival pot distributor from Guillermo. This results in a wildfire that destroys Majestic. He then offers Nancy a job trafficking drugs into San Diego. Guillermo shows a sexual interest in Nancy; however, she blocks him by telling him that she is a lesbian and that Celia is her girlfriend.

Their relationship sours when Guillermo is ordered to give Nancy a cut of his pot shipments, and he then orders that Nancy be executed. Esteban squashes the execution order. After Guillermo is arrested during the raid of Esteban's tunnel under the USA/Mexico border, their relationship turns downright nasty. When he discovers that Nancy carries Esteban's child but does not have an engagement ring, he gloats that Nancy is about to be killed "like a whore who ends up in a landfill."

At the end of season five, Nancy arranges for him to be transferred to Mexico from the US prison system. This allows him to escape from prison as part of a plot to kill Pilar. After he escapes, Nancy learns that he works for Pilar, not Esteban. At the end of season six, he helps Esteban track Nancy to Michigan. He goes with Esteban and Nancy to the airport where they retrieve Esteban's son Stevie. As the four go to leave the airport he tells Nancy that he plans to kill her "gang bang style." However, the FBI is waiting for them outside. The season ends with himself, Esteban and Nancy about to be taken into custody.

Ignacio Morero, Jr.

Ignacio Morero, Jr. (Hemky Madera, regular character in seasons 4-6) is Esteban's finest hit-man, often paired with Cesar. He is introduced while watching over the US end of the underground tunnel to keep Nancy from going through it. While standing guard, he introduces Celia to cocaine to which she becomes addicted. He was in the maternity store during the DEA raid but was captured on the Mexican side of the border. He later escaped.

In season five, he serves as Nancy's bodyguard for Esteban and eventually becomes quite friendly with the Botwins. Still, due to his love of violence, sociopathic personality, and loyalty to Esteban, his presence remains an everlasting threat towards the family. He also introduces Shane to violent crime. He attends Esteban and Nancy's wedding in a gaudy tuxedo.

He joined Celia's pot selling team at the end of season five; however, he was ordered to help Cesar pursue the Botwins early in season six. After Cesar and Ignacio finally catch up with Nancy and Shane, Ignacio ultimately decides to allow the Botwin family to escape Esteban's grasp. Ignacio and Shane part on good terms, and each respects the other's willingness and ability to kill to protect their interests. He views Shane as a kindred spirit of sorts. In exchange for allowing them to flee, the Botwins give him a car belonging to Kimmy, a girlfriend of Silas. In season 6, it is revealed that he shared the Botwin's dislike of Pilar. This is discovered when Ignacio explains to kidnapped Doug who she was, describing her as an "evil witch".

Ignacio is an avid portable TV watcher and wrestler. His fate after the downfall of the Tres Seis cartel is unknown.


Sucio (Ramón Franco, recurring season 4, guest season 5) is one of Esteban's hired goons that digs out the US/Mexico tunnel. He also helps Cesar torture Agent Schlatter. His name means "dirty" in Spanish, and that he never showers is a recurring joke. While assigned by Esteban to guard Nancy, he is killed by Captain Till after Nancy orders him to take a shower. Till leaves Sucio's body in a broken freezer in the garage at the Ren Mar house. Esteban arranges for the body to be destroyed by being dissolved in acid.

Pilar Zuazo

Pilar Zuazo (Kate del Castillo, regular character in season 5) is a politically powerful woman who is allied with Esteban and requires him to do her bidding. She knows the skeletons in Esteban's closet, and each is "documented and photographed."

She has a strong dislike of Nancy and regards Stevie as a "milk-dud" that could ruin Esteban’s political career in Mexico’s racially charged political environment. Initially, Pilar succeeds in separating Esteban and Nancy. However, when he dates a woman hand selected by Pilar, his desire for Nancy prompts him to return to her.

When they re-unite, Pilar orders a hit man to kill Nancy, which ends up hitting Shane in the arm accidentally. This prompts Nancy to ask Guillermo to kill Pilar in exchange for his freedom. After Pilar has Esteban temporally arrested, Nancy’s desire to have Pilar killed reaches fever pitch. At the end of season five, Pilar makes Nancy an overt threat against Silas and Shane. Shane overhears this threat and kills her with a croquet mallet without remorse.

Adelita Reyes

Adelita Reyes (Seychelle Gabriel, guest character in season 5) is one of Esteban's daughters. Like her two sisters, she was sent to Paris for prep school. She returns home sometime after her half-brother's birth. She shows modest hostility toward Nancy. Silas tried to seduce Adelita, but she sees him as lacking sufficient sophistication for her tastes. Esteban tells Nancy that Adelita is outside of Silas’s league. Adelita invites Silas and Shane to a party where she takes heroin; when two Mexican boys attempt to date rape her, Shane threatens them with a knife. During the season finale, it is revealed that she is a heroin addict, and Nancy arranges for her to enter therapy.

Other supporting characters in Agrestic


Lupita (Renée Victor, regular character in seasons 1-2, guest character in seasons 3-6) served as the Botwins' housekeeper in their days at Agrestic. Eventually, she discovers that Nancy is a pot dealer and uses this information as blackmail against Nancy so she does not have to work as much. She shrugs off her duties afterward but is eventually fired when Nancy experiences money troubles because of U-Turn. After Nancy fires her, Lupida moves Hollywood to work for Mr. Kaplin, a movie executive. During that time, she sells drugs to Kaplin's associates.

Nancy gives birth to Steven at about the time that Mr. Kaplin's business collapses. Nancy hires Lupita to be Steven's baby care-taker. She is very happy to see Shane again and offers to teach him to surf for an extra fee. Lupida develops a fondness for Stevie as well; "We both have that fierily Latin thing." When Nancy moves into Esteban's house, Lupida moves with her. Under pressure from Esteban, she stops feeding Nancy's breast milk to Stevie and starts feeding him baby formula. After Shane kills Pilar, she asks Nancy to drop her off at the bus stop, preferring to start anew rather than go on the lam. In her desire to protect Stevie, she asks Nancy to give the baby to her. Nancy accepts Lupida's resignation, but refuses to give up the baby. "I make them; I keep them."

Lupida observes that Nancy has a tendency to flee and is always ready to leave on five-minutes notice when working for Nancy.

Pam Gruber

Pam Gruber (Becky Thyre, guest character in seasons 1-4) originated as a minor character and member of the Agrestic PTA Associational during the first season. She eventually becomes an on-again-off-again side-kick to Celia who often shows her dismay directly to Pam. However, Pam puts up with it because she has fun being with Celia. Also, Celia also helps Pam shoplift from Forever 21. Pam dressed up as Sober the Sasquatch during Celia's "Drug free Agrestic" campaign. She often makes bizarre comments such as, "My sweat smells like peanuts," and evolves into a comic relief character. She travels to Ren Mar for Celia's intervention.

Megan Graves

Megan Graves (Shoshannah Stern, regular character in seasons 1-2, last name Beals in episode 1x01) becomes Silas' first serious girlfriend. She is functionally deaf high school girl with a somewhat unfair reputation among the school boys and Agrestic's parents. Nancy calls her "the blow-job queen of Dewey Street."

Megan meets Silas at a party in a unfinished home in the Agrestic development. Within seconds of meeting her, he asks Megan for a blow-job; she sprays his crotch with blue paint. However, she quickly takes a liking to Silas and agrees to date him. During their relationship, Silas is gets along very well with Megan's family — most notably her father, who becomes somewhat of a father figure to him. He spends lots of time at the Graves's home and confides in them about the difficulties of his family life.

Meagan and Silas make an agreement to move to LA together when Megan starts at UCLA. However, those plans are dashed when Megan is accepted to Princeton University. Upset that Meagan broke their agreement, Silas complains that he cannot get into Princeton because "I'm not deaf." Insulted, Megan storms out of Silas room. They become estranged until Silas apologizes and promises to make their last months together "really count."

Still unhappy that his relationship will end, Silas tricks Megan into having sex while he is wearing a busted condom. She becomes pregnant, and they decide to keep the baby. However, when Megan tells her parents, they take her to get an abortion. Silas and Megan's relationship ends on a very bad note. When Silas attempts to confront Megan at the Graves's house, he and Megan's father have a minor physical altercation. Heartbroken, Silas becomes depressed, withdrawn, and starts interfering with Celia's "Drug free Agrestic" campaign.

Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel (Maulik Pancholy, guest character in seasons 1-5) starts the series as a state college student at Valley State. Nancy hires him as a tutor and then as a pot salesman at the college. While dealing, he starts using pot and develops a “puppy love” crush for her. He has a tendency to flee from danger and then apologize later.

He starts the second season by “accidentally” burning down the bakery. Nancy then uses the fire insurance benefit as seed money to start the grow house. Sanjay continues to work for Nancy in the grow house until it is shut down by U-turn. He comes out of the closet as gay at the beginning of season three, and spends most of the season dressed up as a gay stereotype. After U-turn dies, he resumes selling pot for Nancy.

At the end of season three, he learns that he impregnated Clinique during a round of sympathy sex arranged by U-turn. He elects to settle down with her and their son Jimmy Jam. Although he is seen very little during the rest of the series, he is arrested during the DEA raid on the US/Mexico tunnel. The DEA ultimately releases him, and he is last seen joining Celia’s pot sales team.

Kat Wheeler

Kat (Zooey Deschanel, special guest character in seasons 2 & 3) -- aka Libby Cookstein -- is Andy's ex-girlfriend who visits Agrestic to drag him off on a traveling adventure. When Andy arrives in Agrestic at the start of the series, he refers to her as “the crazy chick from Alaska.” Kat is a kleptomaniac who has committed multiple felonies with Andy. They had a fun relationship and great sex; however, she stabbed him with an ice icicle for kicking one of her spirit animals. “It is all fucked up, but it’s never boring.”

She arrives in Agrestic to obtain a release from Andy to publish her book, Permafuck: A Journal of Spirit Rape, as non-fiction. However, it was only a rouse to convince him to join her on the road. Andy refuses to leave Agrestic because he has committed himself to raising Judah's children. Kat, who stole $1.3 million worth of poker chips, is being pursued by the bounty hunter Abumchuck, she steals Andy’s van and kidnaps Shane during the season two cliffhanger. She abandons Shane to travel with a truck driver shortly thereafter.


U-turn aka Louis Wardell (Page Kennedy, guest character in season 2, regular character in season 3) is a gangster operating in Los Angeles. Early in season two, Conrad turns to him for grow house start up money. He offers the money, but Conrad rejects U-turn's terms. While investigating the drop-off in her sales, U-Turn informs Heylia that Conrad and Nancy are growing MILF weed. When Peter Scottson turns on Nancy, Conrad approaches U-Turn again in order to make a quick sale. U-turn uses this as a set-up to steal the weed, but due to unforeseen circumstances (Silas and Celia), the pot is lost. U-Turn figures that Conrad and Nancy owe him the money the weed was worth.

Although Heylia tries to pay off Conrad's debt, U-turn insists that Conrad grow MILF weed for him instead. Nancy is forced to work her debt off by making illegal deals. U-turn scares Nancy not only for the debt that she owes him, but also because of the extreme nature of his crimes. While Nancy is willing to grow and sell pot, U-turn sells heroin and casually kills members of rival gangs. He buys a fleet of Prius for his crew because "it real quiet, good for sneaking up on (and shooting at) mother fuckers." After seeing talent within her, he starts grooming Nancy to become his lieutenant and eventual heir. After Conrad shoots Marvin (his underling), U-Turn starts a gang war with Guillermo's crew, but U-Turn is murdered by his cousin Marvin before it flares up. See Marvin

Once Nancy accepts her role as a drug dealer, she obtains a tattoo depicting a U-turn sign in his memory. It reminds her that, "Thug means never having to say you are sorry."


Marvin (Fatso-Fasano regular character in season 3; guest character in seasons 2 & 4) is U-turn's modestly incompetent foot-soldier. While holding Nancy hostage in S3E1, he makes small talk with her. Conrad shoots him in the buttocks during season three to start a gang war between U-Turn and Guillermo's crews. After years of maltreatment, he kills U-turn to assume leadership of U-turn's operation. Marvin quickly suffers a humbling defeat at the hands of Guillermo. The defeat ruins Marvin's "street cred," ends the U-turn/Guillermo gang war, and forces him to release Conrad and Nancy from his debt. Marvin is later seen working in Celia's grow house and selling pot for Nancy. He eventually moves to Oakland to put distance between himself and Guillermo. Doug has twice mistaken other overweight African American men for Marvin including Councilor Ed (S7).

Sullivan Groff

Sullivan Groff (Matthew Modine, leading character in season 3) is an unethical, womanizing real estate developer who has established multiple Christian-themed planned communities anchored with a megachurch. He bribes the Agrestic city-council to install a sewer-line to facilitate the growth of nearby Majestic, CA. Unfortunately, he makes an enemy of Doug Wilson when the latter discovers that Celia got a more valuable bribe than him. Doug then executes a series of juvenile pranks culminating with stealing a large Christian Cross from Majestic's megachurch and destroying a sewer line. When the other Agrestic council members learn that Celia got a house from Groff, they refuse Majestic's request to build a sewer line under their town.

Groff and Celia have a love affair after her divorce with Dean is finalized. Between their love affair and his need to bribe her, he gives her a house in the Majestic development. Groff helps Celia overcome her self-consciousness regarding her reconstructed breasts. Celia becomes a key ally in dealing with Agrestic and helps him win a referendum that allows Majestic to take over Agrestic. Groff has affairs with both Nancy (his secretary) and Celia. When Celia discovers Nancy's affair, Celia goes through his office destroying furniture.

At the end of the season, Groff reveals that he is a pot user and has a distaste for the religious nature of the communities he develops. When the police discover Celia's growhouse, Capt Till questions Groff, who then leaves Majestic to establish another community in Colorado Springs.

Tara Lindman

Tara Lindman (Mary-Kate Olsen, special guest character in season 3) is a Majestic resident who becomes Silas's third known girlfriend. Although she is a Christian fundamentalist, she rationalizes her marijuana uses by concluding that it is God's natural creation. In the wake of Megan's abortion, Nancy objects to the relationship until Tara pledges to retain her virginity by engaging in other sexual practices like outercourse. When Nancy restarts dealing marijuana, Silas suggests that she employ Tara as a seller. Despite Nancy’s initial misgivings, she allows Tara to deal. Silas becomes frustrated with Tara because she dates Silas for her physical needs but dates other Christian fundamentalists to meet her cultural needs. When Silas asks Nancy to cut Tara out of the pot growing operation, Nancy refuses. Silas ultimately ends the relationship when Tara charges into the burning grow house to save the Majestic cross; he realizes that her Christian fundamentalism is too much for him.


Chess Rod Rowland, recurring character in season 3) is the leader of the motorcycle gang that tried to push Nancy to buy their "ditch weed". Chess attempts to deceive Nancy from time to time, but she sees right through him. When Nancy cannot sell Chess’s lousy product, she stops buying it. Chess responds by beating up Silas. After Nancy enters into a partnership with Guillermo for protection, Guillermo burns Chess’s grow fields. This is the primary cause of the Majestic wildfire.


See Dana Wilson

Other supporting characters in Ren Mar

Lisa Ferris

Lisa Ferris (Julie Bowen, recurring character in season four) is Rad’s mother and Silas’s fourth known girlfriend. She is divorced; she obtained sole custody of Rad and sole ownership of the cheese shop in the divorce agreement. Lisa and Silas meet during the sale of Bubbie’s possessions. She takes a sexual interest in Silas, and he makes a successful move upon her after telling her that he is underage. When Silas discovers that Lisa is a pot user, she concocts a plan to use the stench of the cheese shop as a cover for growing MILF weed. Nancy confronts the duo and expresses her displeasure with their relationship and concern that Silas "doesn’t know what he's doing" regarding cultivation of the MILF. Their relationship sours when Silas declares his love for her, and she declares that their relationship will never be that serious. The relationship ends when Lisa’s ex-husband makes a surprise visit to her apartment while she is having sex with Silas.

Rad Ferris

Rad Ferris (Joey Luthman, recurring character in season four) is a juvenile Ren Mar resident who greets the Botwins when they arrive at Lenny’s house. He has a tendency to over share his experiences with others ("too much information"). Rad strongly believes that his parents will reunite in the future, and he develops a dislike for Silas who illegally sleeps with Rad's mother. He helps his father document the affair between Lisa and Silas even though it will further strain the relationship between his parents.


Maria (Onahoua Rodrigueza, recurring character in season four) is an illegal Mexican immigrant who attempted to cross the US/Mexican border by swimming around the western end of the border fence. Doug falls for her as she is arrested by an immigration officer and gives her the nickname “Mermex.” Doug smuggles her into the country as part of Andy's coyote operation. Unfortunately, Doug’s aggressive sexual overtures, boorish personality, hatred for his ex-wife, and admission that he embezzled money turn Maria off. When Doug learns that she fell for Andy, he reports her to the INS himself. Doug’s failure to win Maria’s affection reinforces his sense of worthlessness.

Harmony and Simone

Harmony and Simone (Hannah Marks and Jillian Rose Reed respectively, recurring characters in season four and guest characters in season five) are two teenage girls that become sexually involved with Shane after he assaults the most popular boy at the school. They are part of the Goth subculture; Nancy will later call them "skanks". He loses his virginity to them, and they give him an STD. They help Shane sell marijuana at the end of season four. Isabelle befriends them briefly; they may be bisexual.

Dr. Audra Kitson

Dr. Audra Kitson (Alanis Morissette, special guest character in season five and guest character in season six) is an OBGYN and abortion provider who delivers Nancy's baby. Nancy first meets Audra before confronting Esteban for the season four cliffhanger and performs the ultrasound that will convince him to spare Nancy’s life. Andy convinces Audra to date him after the birth, but Audra dismisses him as an under-achieving 30-something. However, she maintains ties with the family to witness the drama between Esteban and Nancy. She later repairs Shane's bullet wound and tends to Adelita. Ultimately, Audra falls to Andy's charms and then agrees to marry him. She rejects Andy when it becomes clear he still has deep feelings for Nancy and for leaving her alone with Gayle. She resents Nancy for using Andy as her "little puppy dog."


Gayle (Matt Peters, guest character in seasons 5 & 6) is anti-abortion activist with a deep and disturbed attraction to Audra. He takes Audra hostage as part of the season five cliffhanger. He is subdued by Andy and Nancy when the latter asks Audra for her minivan.

Other supporting characters in Dearborn, MI

Vaughn Coleman

Vaughn Coleman (Eric Lange, recurring in season six) is a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune (within the show's universe) posing as one of Nancy's former classmates, Ellis Tate. He is researching Pilar's death and develops a significant back file on the Botwins while tracking Nancy to Dearborn, MI. After he correctly deduces that Shane killed Pilar, Nancy makes a deal with Coleman to tell her story for a fee. Nancy is initially very evasive during the interview. For example, she tells Coleman that Esteban is bisexual and took a male lover, which is not true. She also destroys Coleman's high-end camera. However, in serious need of money, Nancy ultimately tells Coleman the real story of Pilar's death. Nancy also tells him that curiosity drove her to walk through Esteban’s drug tunnel. After the interview, Coleman tells Nancy that she and her family will always be on the run until someone accounts for Pilar's death. Esteban later kidnaps and kills Coleman to lay a trap to capture Nancy.

Hooman Jaka

Jaka (Assaf Cohen, recurring season 6) owns a bar named the Sand Storm in Dearborn. Nancy sells him a supply of drink made by Andy containing alcohol, hashish, Red Bull, and Ritalin. Jaka names it the "leg-spreader" because of its effect as an aphrodisiac. Jaka is a Shi’ite. See Daoud Mahmud While hiding from Mahmud in Schiff's house, he discovers that was admitted to college earlier in life. Unfortunately, the acceptance letter was one of thousands not delivered by Schiff.

Daoud Mahmud

Mahmud (David Diaan, recurring season 6) is a Sunni Muslim whose daughter is set to marry Jaka. Deeply upset at her daughter's choice to marry a Shi’ite, he asks Andy to kill Jaka in order to obtain fake passports that the Botwins need to flee to Copenhagen. Andy and Jaka attempt to stage Jaka's death so that Andy can get his passports while sparing Jaka's life. Just after Andy's attempt fails, Daoud's daughter discovers Daoud's hatred of Jaka and spurns her father. Daoud's wife sells the passports to Andy for a reduced fee.

Warren Schiff

Warren Schiff (Richard Dreyfuss, recurring in season six) is Nancy's high school mathematics teacher to whom Nancy lost her virginity. Jill and Nancy likely fought for his attention, and Jill resents Nancy because Nancy won. Schiff is obsessed with Nancy and mailed her notes "from the loony bin." His affair with her cost him his wife and his teaching job. After leaving the mental hospital, Warren becomes a mailman who habitually stockpiles his deliveries in his house. He is elated when Nancy returns to Dearborn and prepares to renew their relationship. When Shane tells him that the family is leaving the country, Schiff initially threatens to kill himself. Later he steals money from a post office to obtain tickets for himself and the Botwins. Just before their plane departs, he is arrested. As the police take him away, Schiff tells Nancy that he stole the money because he loves her very much. Schiff buys a lot of products from Sky Mall.

Other supporting characters in New York City

Foster “Chuck” Cline

Cline (Aidan Quinn, special guest character season seven) is CEO of Vehement Capital Partners. He is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission who suspects that Vehement is a Ponzi scheme. After Doug hires Nancy as his assistant, Cline hits on Nancy for a date. After Nancy exposes the office pot dealer, Cline changes his mind.

Nancy later becomes an SEC informant and dates Cline to pump him for incriminating information. The next day, Nancy tells Cline of the SEC investigation and her role in it. He initially kicks her out the door but later offers to take her to an exclusive/private island to hide. Nancy's maternal instinct kicks in and she refuses. He leaves her the keys to his New York City townhouse that Nancy later burns down to frame Zoya.

After Cline leaves Vehement, Tillerman informs Doug that Cline was Vehement's "money man," the person who recruited new investors into Vehement to maintain the Ponzi scheme. Doug then resolves to find the needed money himself.

Emma Karlin

Emma Karlin (Michelle Trachtenberg, special guest character, season seven) runs the Pouncy House Party Rental, the Botwin's principle rival operation. Most of the members of Emma's operation are graduate school students at Columbia University.

When Emma first meets Silas, she poses as an employee for her brother Denny. She takes a liking to Silas, they go out on a date, and Silas offers her a job. After touring Silas's office, Emma and her goons loot Silas's office and turns Andy's office up-side-down by bolting the bicycles to the ceiling. However, Emma realizes that the Botwins' sell a superior product so she agrees to a partnership where Pouncy House distributes the Botwins' product.

When Emma and Silas present the partership idea to Nancy, Nancy refuses because she knows the NYPD has an impending raid on Pouncy House. Emma breaks the deal and storms off. Hours later, she is arrested during the raid. Her arrest triggers her explusion from law school. After the raid, Emma offers her customer base to him for a 20% cut. Silas tells Emma about how Nancy played Ouellette; Emma then shares that information to obtain a lighter sentence.

Emma views Nancy and Silas's "mother and son" operation as adorable. However, she points out that Nancy and Silas working together to sell a product named Mother I’d like to Fuck is "weird," and she ultimately describes the Botwins' as "the most fucked up family I’ve ever met, and I went to private schools." Nancy views Emma as a younger, inexperienced dealer who cannot match Nancy's ability. Kohen describes Emma as a mini-Nancy.

Zoya Ravitch

Zoya (Olga Sosnovska, recurring character season seven) is Nancy's girlfriend in prison. They were cellmates at the time of Nancy's release. Ravitch gave Nancy a pair of oven mitts, the first clue in a scavenger hunt that leads to a cache of weapons. She is serving a long prison term for burning her boyfriend alive. However, she is released midway through season seven after making her own deal with the Feds.

After leaving prison, she reunites with Nancy, but it is initially unclear if Nancy really wants to be with Zoya on the outside. After Zoya interferes with and tries to steal from both Andy's and Silas's operations, Nancy burns down Clive's townhouse to scare Zoya out of the city. (Clive had already left for a private island.) Zoya leaves for Burlington, VT to open a world class hotel for dogs. Nancy promises to move to Burlington later without Andy.

Zoya appears to have a very unstable personality. "The Sarge" describes Zoya as a "kleptomaniac with sociopathic tendencies." While in prison, she made fermented yam wine in the toilet of her cell. Sosnovska is Polish-born.

Demetri Ravitch

"The Sarge" (Pablo Schreiber, recurring character season seven) is Zoya's brother. Formerly an army soldier, he makes his living trafficking consumer electronics and antiques. Zoya stole a cache of weapons from him before she went to prison. In exchange for returning the weapons, the Sarge agrees to supply Nancy with high quality marijuana for resale. Although he often buys pot for personal use, he did not resell it wholesale until meeting Nancy. Nancy and he have an affair that Zoya discovers after she is released from prison.

When Nancy and Silas set up separate marijuana operations, the Sarge has his army buddies jack a pot shipment from Dean and Heylia to Silas. Nancy did not what that to happen and tries to make thing right with Silas. When Nancy and Jill make one last visit to Demetri's apartment, they discover that he has been arrested and thrown into the brig. However, Nancy and Jill recover the stolen pot and return most of it to Heylia.

Whit Tillerman

Tillerman (Bruce Nozick, recurring character, season seven) is a senior fund manager at Vehement Capital Partners. He and Doug were close friends while they were in college. When Doug returns to the US, Whit hires Doug to fill an empty senior accountant's slot at Vehement. When Doug discovers irregularities in Vehement’s accounting reports, Tillermen encourages Doug to overlook them. However, when Clive leaves the country, Tillerman turns to Doug for money to keep the business afloat. Doug eventually convinces Tillerman to start dealing marijuana to keep the books balanced.

Charles and Maxeen Vanderlest

Charles and Maxeen (David Clennon and Lindsay Sloane respectively, both recurring characters, season seven) are in a 16-year long polyamorous marriage. He is a retired English professor suffering with terminal pancreatic cancer. She is an artist who hires Silas for an underwear modeling gig. For a performance art piece, she slid a popsicle up her vagina and posted video of the performance on the Internet. She builds Charles a special bedroom in an effort to fight his illness.

Andy meets Maxeen at Silas’s performance art show. When Andy saves Silas from suffocation, Maxeen falls for him. "I want ... to probe your higher self." Andy and Maxeen have a sexual fling; however, Andy breaks off the relationship after witnessing Charles suffer a hypoglycemic attack. "I cannot be polyamorous with Bubbie," a reference to his infirm grandmother who died in season four.

Charles inspires Andy to make a bold move with his life. To that end, Andy elects to start selling the Copenhagen bicycle wheel in New York. After Charles dies, Andy discovers that Maxeen is pregnant and has set up an unusual household arrangement. This inspires Andy to set up an unusual family arrangement himself.

Minor characters

Recurring characters

Actor Role Seasons Notes
Tressa DiFiglia Maggie 1 One of the gossipy women who serve as a “chorus” early in season one. She attempts and fails to unseat Celia as PTA chairwoman after Celia’s cancer diagnosis. Her home is annexed into the near-by city of Summer Canyon during S1.
Laresca, VincentVincent Laresca Alejandro 1 - 2 Rival pot dealer in Agrestic with whom Nancy has a brief sexual encounter. At first, he tries to intimidate Nancy to leave the drug business, but he later aligns himself with her to sell Conrad’s MILF weed. Leaves Agrestic to play with the Toronto Blue Jays.
Doty, DavidDavid Doty Mr. Dodge 1 - 2 He is the principal at Agrestic Elementary. Shane often makes trouble for Dodge, which makes him "best friends" with Nancy. He sometimes wears a whistle.
Thomas, BruceBruce Thomas Howard Graves 1 - 2 Megan's father. He teaches Silas how to box "to show Silas that he can kick Silas's ass" (quoting Nancy). Punches Silas after Megan terminates her relationship with Silas.
Sher, EdenEden Sher Gretchen 2 She is Shane's first girlfriend at Agrestic Elementary School. Their relationship was mildly antagonistic at first. Unable to ask her out, he kicks her in the shins. She lashes out at him during a debate round. However, she is impressed when he stands up to Celia Hodes during an anti-drug lecture at school. She is jealous of Shane's friendship with Kat. Her relationship with Shane ends when Kat kidnaps him.
Dohan, MeitalMeital Dohan Yael Hoffman 2 Admission director of Ha Midrash L’Torah, the rabbinical school that Andy attends. She dismissively rebuffs Andy's initial request for admission; however, she provisionally admits him after reading a moving admission essay that she assigned him to write. Andy's sexual interest in Yael is transparent, and she toys and flirts with Andy. After a special cultural event at the school, she agrees to have sex with him. However, she turns the tables on Andy with a pegging encounter. She angrily dumps Andy when he quits rabbinical school. Andy refers to her as "the one" in both season four and season five.
Canada, RonRon Canada Joseph 2 Suitor of Heylia James. His membership in the Nation of Islam is a sore point with Vaneeta. Joseph provides protection to Heylia during an anticipated raid by Peter Scottson. Joseph and Heylia part on friendly terms when they realize her business dealings and his faith are incompatible.
Arthur Darbinyan Aram Kashishian 2 Leader of the Armenian drug cartel rivaling U-Turn's gang and the Conrad/Nancy MILF weed operation. When Nancy sets up the grow house in Kashishian's neighborhood, Kashishian threatens to shut Nancy down. Nancy asks Peter for help, and Peter organizes a bust of Kashishian's operation in which Kashishian is arrested. After Peter's botched bust of Heylia's house, Heylia reaches out to Kashishian to exact revenge upon Nancy. This leads to Peter's death and Conrad and Nancy being held hostage.
Robert "Bonecrusher" Mukes Abumchuck 2 - 3 Alaskan bounty hunter that follows Kat to Agrestic. He helps Andy pursue Shane, whom Kat kidnapped. When they reach the roadside diner where Kat and Shane separated, Abumchuck abandons Andy. Because Andy insulted Abumchuck several times, Abumchuck injures Andy very badly before he departs.
Grayden, SpragueSprague Grayden Denise 3 Female member of a biker gang that tries to sell “skank weed” to Nancy. Denise seduces Andy to lure Nancy into Chess's operation.
Sharon Sachs Eve Meriweather 3 Upstanding citizen of Majestic. She leads the charge into the burning grow house holding the Majestic cross. She is prone to suffering seizures when speaking in tongues.
Don Perry Mr. Mertes 3 Majestic resident who lives at the community's senior citizen center. He is a heavy pot user.
Darr, LisaLisa Darr Ann Carilli 3 - 4 Head of the Majestic city council who investigates Doug's embezzlement of funds during season three. She confronts Doug one last time before he flees to Ren Mar.
Julanne Chidi Hill Clinique 3 - 4 Prostitute that works for U-turn and carries Sanjay's child in season three. In season four, she sells pot for Nancy and then takes a job at the sham maternity store.
Richard Azurdia Davenport 4 An illegal Mexican immigrant who crossed the US/Mexican border with El Coyote. He helped Andy and Doug establish their coyote business. His real name is not established in any episode. He is given the nickname "Davenport" because of his desire to resettle in Davenport, Florida, which he confuses with Davenport, Iowa.
Rivera, EmilioEmilio Rivera El Coyote 4 A smuggler of illegal Mexican immigrants across the US/Mexican border. Andy follows him away from the border fence after Nancy strands him there. Andy is outraged by the inhumane way El Coyote treats his customers and later shoots him in the knee cap. After El Andy becomes famous, El Coyote confronts him to take revenge, but a group of Mexicans stand up to protect him.
Majors, LeeLee Majors Minute-man leader 4 The character leads the minute-man cell that Doug joins as part of the coyote operation. Doug provides Andy with intelligence on movements of the other cell members so he can cross the border. The leader expels Doug once he discovers the operation. The leader also has a fetish for female body builders who inject male hormones.
Alejandro, KevinKevin Alejandro Rudolfo 4 - 5 Revolutionary leader who kidnaps Celia with help from Quinn. Although Rudolfo genuinely loves Quinn, she treats him badly. After Quinn and Rudolfo cannot get a ransom for Celia and they discover that her organs cannot be sold on the black market, he kicker her out of his life. “You are a mean person.” Celia attempts to convince Rudolfo to allow her to stay with him, but he sends her back to Texas.
Carlos Gómez Dr. Brisas 5 He is the Mexican OBGYN that Esteban selects to perform a CVS procedure on Nancy early in season five. Nancy, who is still under the gun after the shutdown of the drug tunnel, compares her treatment at the clinic to being abducted by aliens. Esteban is nonplused. Either Nancy complies, or Caesar will kill her.
Anna Paquin Danielle 5 A co-worker of Celia's during the middle of season five. She later buys pot from her. She is a softball player and is attracted to Isabelle.
Stephanie Erb Margaret 5 She works as a teller at a bank in Ren Mar. When Andy discovers a passbook issued by that bank in Judah's name, Andy encounters her when he presents himself as Judah in an attempt to claim the money in the account. She tells Andy that the only way to gain access to the money is to date her and to make love to her as Judah to satisfy her unrequited desire for Judah. Sarcastically noting that, "There's nothing weird about that," Andy begrudgingly agrees.
Denbo, JamieJamie Denbo Raylene 5 Regional sales director for "You're Pretty" make-up. She is a lesbian and claims to be sexually aroused by financial success, leading her to become attracted to Celia once her sales career takes off.
Todd Robert Anderson Mr. Sundasky 5 Shane's Englsh teacher in Ren Mar. He has a sour personality and assigns his students depressing books such as The Kite Runner. Shane sells Silas's pot to Sundasky. After he steals $4,000 of pot from Shane, Ignacio helps Shane to steal the pot back.
Smith, Jamie RenéeJamie Renée Smith Kimmy 6 She is Silas's girlfriend while he is pretending to be a student at a local college in Seattle. They start dating after they compete in a trivia contest. He dumps her after Ignacio steals Kimmy's car.
Hinds, AishaAisha Hinds Latrice 6 She is a house maid and Nancy's hotel co-worker. Latrice is sympathetic to Nancy plight until she discovers Nancy's hashish operation. She then tries to steal Nancy's money during two confrontations and fails. Latrice has a boyfriend with outstanding arrest warrants.
Hamilton, LindaLinda Hamilton Linda 6 She is a very eco-conscious hippie who sells pot in Seattle. She lives with her female-partner Fiona (played by Stephanie Beard) and Fiona's son Kish (played by Taaryn Cooper). Although she usually only sells pot for personal use, she agrees to supply Nancy with marijuana trimmings that would otherwise be thrown away. Nancy uses the trimmings to make hashish.
Stormare, PeterPeter Stormare Chef Wagner 6 He is the hard-nosed boss at the resuturant in the Seattle hotel. While assigned to dish-washing duty, Andy successfully convinces him to grant a promotion to sous chef before Nancy drags Andy out of town.
Alex Schemmer Denny 7 At the beginning of season seven, he works as a pot messenger to the employees at Vehement. Nancy prints up fliers to out him as a "known drug dealer" open up that territory for her operation. He and his sister Emma later pay Silas a shake down visit where he poses as the head of Pouncy House Party Rental, a rival dealing operation. He is arrested during the raid on Pouncy House.
Martin Short Steward Havens 7 Nancy's pro bono lawyer in New York City. He derives sexual pleasure from collecting stories of misfortune from his clients. He became very wealthy by suing the makers of faulty silicone breast implants whose patients developed thyroid disease. He should not be let loose in San Francisco.
Foster, KatKat Foster Kiko 7 She is a talent scout and agent at Logan Modeling Agency who takes Silas as a client. She is reluctant to do so because Silas is older and less hunky than most New York models; however, she secures him a one-time gig as an underwear model. After Silas quits modeling, he turns to her for hunky messengers to sell MILF weed. In addition to her taking a cut of the sales, she orders him to lose a boxing match in which she has bet heavily. Silas knocks out his opponent, but she is so impressed with him that she seals the deal anyway. She later supplies Nancy with A-list female models for Nancy's operation with Vehement.

Notable non-recurring characters

Actor Role Episode Notes
Adam Taylor Gordon Devon Rensler 1x01 One of Shane's elementary school classmates. While at a soccer game, Devon insulted Shane for licking licking blood from his own wound. After Devon calls Shane "orphan boy," Shane throws a can of soda at Devon and runs off. At the end of the episode, Shane ambushes Devon and sprays him with pink paint. In a later episode, Shane composes a rap about killing Devon.
Jina Song Helen Chin 1x01 1x02 Tennis instructor who has sex with Dean Hodes early in season one. Celia confronts Chin in the second episode. Chin also appears very briefly in a sex recording with Dean at the end of the pilot. The affair opens a Pandora's box between Celia and Dean about the state of their marriage.
Lynch, JaneJane Lynch The Candyman 1x04 She bakes THC-laced candies and baked goods. She is also obsessed with personal fitness. Nancy buys from her immediately after Andy moves into the house in an effort to keep him in the dark about her business. The Candyman's track suit and fitness talk are reminiscent of Sue Sylvester, Lynch's character on Glee; Lynch's appearance in Weeds pre-dates Glee.
Janney, AllisonAllison Janney Ms. Greenstein 1x05 Greenstein serves as Andy's lawyer after he is arrested for simple pot possession in season 1; she also advises Nancy about legal issues surrounding selling pot. Greenstein is an avid pot user herself.
Tomei, ConcettaConcetta Tomei Grand Pat 1x07 Celia's mother visits her family while her daughter is in the hospital. Unfortunately, she becomes a nuisance and is ejected from the house. Her presence prompts a fight between Celia and Doug during the next episode.
Carey, ClareClare Carey Eileen Dodd 1x07 Mother of Max (Forrest Landis). Andy and Eileen have sex together, but Eileen plays too rough for Andy’s tastes. When Nancy finds out that Andy had sex with the mother of Shane’s first good friend, Nancy orders him to have sex with Eileen “until Shane and Max apply to separate colleges or you run out of soft tissue.” Fortunately, Eileen agrees to end the affair without ending the boys’ friendship. Nancy later thanks Andy “for taking one for the team.” This is the first time Nancy gives Andy credit for helping the family.
Lily Knight The dog lady 2x08 She led a group of Agrestic residents who heckled Celia Hodes after Celia closed down the animal park. This was Celia's first taste of voter discontent after defeating Doug Wilson.
Fisher, CarrieCarrie Fisher Arlene Cutter 3x03 Celia’s divorce lawyer. Although Cutter is known for her aggressive approach to legal negotiations, she drops Celia once it becomes clear the latter is not a profitable client.
Justin Huen Private Rodriguez 3x03 3x04 Andy's battle buddy during their period of Army basic training. Since both perform very badly by Army standards, the pair are assigned to a special mission where he is murdered by a missile-type weapon. Andy uses the evidence of his death to obtain a discharge from the Army.
Henry Rollins Drill Sergeant Lewis 3x03 3x04 Andy's drill sergeant during his period of Army basic training. He constantly makes homophobic remarks toward Andy, Rodriguez, and others. He assigned Andy and Rodriguez a special mission during which Rodriguez is murdered.
Brent Sexton Cliff Haskel 3x11 Private investigator whom Valerie hired to investigate Nancy. Valerie was angry with Nancy for receiving the benefit on Peter's life-insurance policy. Cliff successfully blackmails Nancy for $50,000, an event which ends the friendship between Nancy and Valerie. This event also plays a significant role in Nancy's later admission of being a drug dealer.
George, BrianBrian George Dr. Tupelo 3x14 Black market doctor who cares for drug dealers, gangsters, and other criminals. He removed a bullet from Marvin "fat ass" and tended to Silas after he was beaten up by Chess's gang. Maree Cheatham plays Dr. Tupelo's nurse.
unknown Francine 4x01 She is an eye-doctor in the San Diego area. Lenny constantly reminds Nancy that he wanted Judah to marry Francine. Indeed, Lenny calls Nancy "not Francine." She married a Jewish cantor and has children. Francine is only seen in a picture owned by Lenny.
Jocelyn Aguilar Amparo 4x10 Girl in the blue dress that is transported through the underground tunnel; she likely becomes a child prostitute. Nancy sees her emerge from the tunnel and images of her later haunt Nancy. Nancy's guilt drives her to report the presence of the underground tunnel to Capt. Till.
Gosselaar, Mark-PaulMark-Paul Gosselaar Jack 6x08 He owns a small bar near the town where the Botwins spend one night while traveling from Montana to Denver. He has sex with Nancy, prompting his wife to chase the family out of town.
Charles C. Stevenson Pediatrician in Denver 6x09 While the Botwins travel through Colorado, Stevie starts producing green poop. When Nancy takes him to see the doctor, the doctor expresses concern that an irregular routine and poor diet may be hampering Stevie’s development. This prompts Nancy to try to flee the US and move to Copenhagen.
Christian Wennberg Gunder 7x01 He is and adverting producer in Copenhagen who works for the manufacturer of Hyldeblomst flower water. He hires Silas as an advertising model. Silas's work double the sales of Hyldeblomst.
Charlotte Bjornbak Renata 7x01 7x06 She is an avant-garde puppeteer in Copenhagen. She is Shane’s girlfriend and puppeteer partner. She has an obsession with having a child that puts off Shane and that leads to their break-up. She appears in Andy’s hybrid-bicycle sales video.
Maile Flanagan Sauna lady 7x01 Loves saunas. Flanagan is an Emmy-award winning comedian.
Ali Dean Ammad 7x04 He is a marijuana grower in Afghanistan. He started an affair with his wife's sister. Ammad's wife (Kiran Deol) discovered this betrayal. She killed Ammad and his friend Abhul (Zarif K. Sadiqi) as they discussed the affair via a murder-suicide.
Andy Umberger Judge Franklin 7x05 7x12 He is a family court judge in Alameda County, California who presides over Stevie's custody case between Jill and Nancy. When Nancy flies to Oakland for the first hearing, Jill's lawyer convinces the judge to grant a continuance. The postponement infuriates Nancy (as intended by Jill's lawyer), but Silas convinces the judge to give Nancy a private audience. The judge encourages Nancy to seek the help of those who helped he raise Silas. Upon receiving several good reports on Nancy's progress, he calls her to tell her that she will likely win full-custody.
Ian Reed Kesler unknown 7x13[1] He is also signed on for season eight if the show is renewed.

Appearing as themselves

Actor Seasons Notes
Craig X Rubin 1 - 2 In the TV show, he runs a medical cannabis club in Los Angeles which is implied to be quite far from Agrestic. During season two, he invites Nancy to the Mohasky Cup, a major marijuana convention. In real life, Craig X is a pro-legalization activist who was arrested for possession.
Snoop Dogg 2 He is a famous rap artist who makes a cameo appearance at a recording studio when Conrad and Nancy are selling their signature strain of pot. Dogg is so impressed with the pot ("smoke-a-licious") and Nancy's sexiness that he names the strain MILF weed and records a rap song about it. MILF stands for "mother I'd like to fuck." The name becomes a point of contention given Conrad's romantic interest in Nancy. Dogg is an avid pot smoker in real life, and Heylia exclaims, "Damn girl! You buying enough weed for a Snoop Dogg pool party," when Nancy makes a particularly large buy.
Steele, LexingtonLexington Steele 3 Real-life porn actor, participating in a porn movie shot in Majestic, alongside Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price.
Howser, HuellHuell Howser 4 He appears as the host of a veterinary TV show in 4x03. Howser's show was playing on TV in Dean Hodes's hotel room when Celia broke into it. He appears with a vet tech (Maia Madison) as she discusses the fate of a dead San Acitos Dirt Shrew with her child.
Kohan, JenjiJenji Kohan 6 Cameo appearance as extra walking through the airport in the final episode of season six. She is the creator and executive producer of the show. Kohan admitted that her appearance was an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's movies upon which she modeled the season finale.


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