List of Three's Company episodes

List of Three's Company episodes

This is a list of episodes of the American sitcom Three's Company that aired from 1977-84 on ABC.


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD set
release date
Season premiere Season finale
1 6 March 15, 1977 April 21, 1977 November 11, 2003
2 25 September 13, 1977 May 16, 1978 May 4, 2004
3 22 September 12, 1978 May 8, 1979 November 2, 2004
4 25 September 11, 1979 May 6, 1980 May 3, 2005
5 22 October 28, 1980 May 19, 1981 November 15, 2005
6 28 October 6, 1981 May 18, 1982 March 7, 2006
7 22 September 28, 1982 May 10, 1983 July 25, 2006
8 22 September 27, 1983 September 18, 1984 October 3, 2006


Season 1: 1977

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
1 1 "A Man About the House" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
March 15, 1977 (1977-03-15) 0101
Brunette Janet, who works in a florist shop, and Chrissy, a guileless blonde typist, find Jack asleep in their bathtub following a party for their ex-roommate. The two girls, who lack culinary skills, decide to share the apartment and expenses with Jack when they learn he is studying to be a gourmet chef. But first they have to find a way to overcome objections from their landlords, Stanley and Helen Roper, a romantically frustrated couple who live downstairs. 
2 2 "And Mother Makes Four" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
March 24, 1977 (1977-03-24) 0102

While Jack Tripper is moving in to share the apartment with Janet and Chrissy, Mrs. Snow, Chrissy's mother, phones to announce that she will be there in moments. Chrissy, whose father is a minister, panics at the news that her mother is coming. Janet is elected to take Jack to the local pub and keep him there until Mrs. Snow departs. As the evening lengthens, Chrissy's mom decides to spend the night.

Note: This episode is a remake of the second pilot episode, which Chrissy Snow was portrayed by actress Susan Lanier
3 3 "Roper's Niece" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
March 31, 1977 (1977-03-31) 0106
When Mrs. Roper accuses Mr. Roper of showing his visiting niece Karen a boring time, Roper decides to introduce Karen to Jack. Meanwhile Jack is involved in organizing a birthday celebration for Janet, so when Roper suggests to Jack that he would like Jack to take his niece out, Jack refuses. He says he couldn't leave Janet on her birthday, and when Roper leaves, he also admits to Janet and Chrissy that he can imagine what any niece of Roper's would look like. But when Roper brings Karen to meet Jack, he is surprised to find she is beautiful. He asks Karen out and tells Janet and Chrissy he'll be back in time for the party. When he isn't, Janet and Chrissy are angry, then realize that they are actually jealous. 
4 4 "No Children, No Dogs" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
April 7, 1977 (1977-04-07) 0105

When Jack brings home a puppy, roommates Janet and Chrissy remind him that landlord Stanley Roper doesn't allow pets on the premises. While the three tenants try to hide the puppy from Mr. Roper, Jack fails in attempts to give the little pooch away. Then Chrissy gets an idea when Mrs. Roper mentions that her husband will forget their approaching 20th wedding anniversary.

Note: This episode introduces Richard Kline in the role of Larry Dallas. Originally a one-shot character, Larry would become a recurring character in Season 2 and eventually a regular in Season 4. 
5 5 "Jack the Giant Killer" Bill Hobin Larry Balmagia,
Dennis Koenig
April 14, 1977 (1977-04-14) 0104
While Janet, Chrissy and Jack are taking a break from weekend chores at the Regal Beagle pub, Jeff, a large chap, approaches their table to make a rude play for Chrissy. His size intimidates Jack. The situation becomes more embarrassing for Jack when the Ropers drop in and Roper ill tempered from a toothache, puts Jeff in his place. But Jack feels he may have acted cowardly by avoiding a fight. 
6 6 "It's Only Money" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
April 21, 1977 (1977-04-21) 0103
Jack, Janet and Chrissy, believing a burglar has stolen their rent money frantically try to avoid landlord Stanley Roper until they can replace it. After Jack and Janet find their apartment door unlocked and the cash missing, Chrissy arrives and insists that she left the envelope containing the rent money on a shelf. Jack calls the police. While the three roommates worry about trying to get a loan, Mrs. Roper convinces her husband to invite them out to dinner. 

Season 2: 1977–78

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
7 1 "Ground Rules" Bill Hobin Rick Orloff September 13, 1977 0204
A conflict over lack of privacy comes to a head after Janet brings home a boyfriend, and roommates Jack and Chrissy have to cool their heels at the Regle Beagle pub. Jack goes to the pub where the trio's landlord, Stanley Roper and his wife also are spending the evening, and makes a date with a beautiful girl, Veronica. Janet is furious when Jack and Chrissy choose an inopportune moment to barge into the apartment where she is entertaining her date, Alex. Later, Jack gets Janet and Chrissy to agree to an "unbreakable rule" on taking turns using the apartment privately. Jack soon regrets this rule when Veronica calls to change their date night. 
8 2 "Jack Looks for a Job" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
September 20, 1977 0201
While roommates Janet and Chrissy are both employed, Jack has had a problem finding work to fit around his school hours. Jack Tripper's principles are at stake when he is hired as a male model and learns he is to pose nude for a magazine centerfold. Jack then sells encyclopedias as an alternative. 
9 3 "Janet's Promotion" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Alan J. Levitt,
Paul Wayne
September 27, 1977 0205
When the manager of the flower shop where Janet works, quits, Jack and Chrissy convince Janet that she should try to get the job. But the owner of the shop has other ideas, and hires a girl whose only qualification is her figure. Janet decides to fight fire with fire, and announces that she's going to have her figure enhanced. Though Jack and Chrissy try to talk her out of it, the only one who gets through to her is Chloe, the new manager. Chloe goes over to the apartment to explain that she 's quitting the job because the only thing the boss is interested in is her body, and she wishes she were like Janet, who's respected for her brains. 
10 4 "Strange Bedfellows" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Alan J. Levitt,
Paul Wayne
October 4, 1977 0203
Chrissy and Janet go away for the weekend, leaving Jack all alone. Jack throws a big, noisy party, and, when Mr. Roper comes upstairs to complain Jack entices him in to join the revelry. The next morning the girls come back to find the apartment a shambles and Jack in bed with someone. The someone turns out to be Roper, who is mortified to find himself in Jack's bed. Though Jack knows that the only explanation is that both he and Roper must have passed out from drinking too much, Roper can't remember a thing and is afraid of the implication of him being in Jack's bed. It takes Celise, who was at the party, to give them the real story, but not before Jack has confessed to the distraught Roper that he's not really gay. 
11 5 "Chrissy's Date" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
October 11, 1977 0202
Jack and Janet feel compelled to inform Chrissy that the mature sophisticated man she is dating happens to be married. Janet has already chided Jack about being jealous of Lloyd Cross who is dining at the apartment with Chrissy when they run into the Ropers at the Regal Beagle pub. Mrs. Roper's comment that she knows Lloyd's wife, sends the roommates rushing back to their apartment to break up Chrissy's romance. 
12 6 "Alone Together" Bill Hobin,
Michael Ross
Bryan Joseph October 25, 1977 0209
Roper goes off on a junket to check out some desert real estate, leaving Mrs. Roper all alone. She convinces Janet to come stay with her overnight, leaving Chrissy and Jack alone in the apartment. Afraid that Jack can't be trusted Janet warns Chrissy to play down her natural attractiveness. Though Chrissy does her utmost to follow Janet's instructions, appearing in a sloppy bathrobe and hair curlers, Jack just finds her more appealing as her natural self. When Janet returns in the morning she finds the remains of an apparent romantic dinner for two, a distraught Chrissy and an elated Jack. What she imagines has happened is hardly the case, however. Jack's crime is that he hasn't made a pass at Chrissy, and she's afraid she's losing her sex appeal. With Janet as intermediary Jack explains that he's a one-woman man, and right now he's got a girlfriend, otherwise he would certainly have attacked her. 
13 7 "Roper's Car" Bill Hobin Alan J. Levitt November 1, 1977 0206
Jack learns that Roper has agreed by phone to sell his 20 year old auto to a used car dealer. Jack convinces Janet and Chrissy that they should buy it, since Roper is selling it so cheap. Although Mrs. Roper chides Stanley about going back on his word to the dealer, Wagstaff, Roper takes the trio's offer of slightly more cash. The car leads to nothing but trouble for the trio, who can't work out a system of sharing the car, and then it turns out that the car will cost them more than they paid for it just to put it in running condition. Meanwhile, Wagstaff tells Roper that the car is a classic, and offers him $1000 for it. Roper cons the kids into selling the car back to him for what they paid, but he still loses out, because it turns out that the car is not what Roper thought it was, and Wagstaff rescinds his offer. 
14 8 "Cyrano De Tripper" Bill Hobin,
Michael Ross
George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
November 8, 1977 0210
Chrissy convinces Jack to secretly prepare dinner for her and her new boyfriend, a gourmet who she has told that she can cook. Burning up with jealousy, Jack bides out in the kitchen and listens to the boyfriend both praise and criticize his cooking, while also making advances to Chrissy. One criticism too many brings Jack stomping out of the kitchen, blowing the ruse and infuriating Chrissy. Jack and Michael the gourmet get into a heated argument until Michael reveals that he's friendly with one of the world's greatest chefs, and Jack suddenly looks on Michael with admiration. Meanwhile, Roper has been putting two and two together and has decided Jack's not gay. He storms down to the trio's apartment just in time to find Chrissy alone in the living room furious with Jack for stealing her boyfriend, and Jack and Michael huddled over the stove comparing notes. 
15 9 "Chrissy's Night Out" Bill Hobin Stuart Gillard,
Phil Hahn
November 15, 1977 0207
Jack and Janet panic when they discover that Chrissy isn't home yet from evening out with the girls from the office, and it's three A.M. When Chrissy does get home she's in tears because a cute guy she met at the Funky Fox bar has mistaken her friendliness for something else. A few minutes later the "cute guy" arrives at the apartment, and before he has a chance to identify himself as Detective Lannigan of the Vice Squad, Jack, in an angry burst of protectiveness, flattens him. Lannigan comes to and reads Jack his rights for having assaulted an officer. When Roper tells Lannigan he's been punched by a fairy, Lannigan decides his reputation would be better off if he bends the law a bit himself, and lets Jack off. 
16 10 "Stanley Casanova" Bill Hobin,
Michael Ross
Gary Belkin November 22, 1977 0211
Roper, dejected because Helen has told him that women don't find him attractive, goes down to the Regal Beagle where Jack is filling in as bartender for the evening. A sympathetic Jack promises Joan, a pretty girl at the pub, that he'll take her to dinner the next evening if she'll sit with Roper and feign interest in him to boost his ego. Roper is thoroughly enjoying himself until Chrissy and Janet arrive along with Mrs. Roper just in time to see him getting a kiss from Joan. Mrs. Roper quickly leaves, totally crushed, but when the girls tell Roper he's been found out, he's triumphant. Mrs. Roper is ready to leave Stanley until Jack reveals he set the whole thing up, and she decides the best thing for their marriage is that she let him go on thinking he's a heart—breaker, even if she knows the truth. 
17 11 "Janet's High School Sweetheart" Bill Hobin Dixie Brown Grossman November 29, 1977 0213
Janet runs into Peter, a high school hero who she used to have a crush on. She invites him over. Jack and Chrissy are amazed at how nervous their usually cool roommate is as she waits for Peter to arrive. When they meet him Jack is impressed but Chrissy spots him immediately for what he is -a real Don Juan. While Jack and Chrissy are at the pub, Janet is at home fending off Peter's advances, and getting more and more disenchanted, Peter chases Janet into the bedroom and hits his head on a table, knocking himself out. Just as Chrissy and Jack arrive home to find Janet a mess from Peter attacking her, Peter comes to and starts another attempt Chrissy comes to Janet's rescue and holds Janet protectively, making Peter come to the conclusion that the reason Janet isn't interested in him is that she and Chrissy have something going. Jack kicks him out. 
18 12 "Jack's Uncle" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Mike Marmer,
Paul Wayne
December 6, 1977 0212
In the midst of the trio's panic over Jack's inability to come up with his share of the rent, Jack's Uncle Fremont arrives for a visit. He thoroughly charms Chrissy and Janet, but Jack warns them not to be too charmed because Fremont Tripper has a habit of buying gifts for people with bad checks. No sooner does he reveal this problem then Roper shows up demanding the rent, and Fremont cavalierly dashes off a check for $100.00. The trio then tries to retrieve the check by sneaking into the Ropers' apartment while Roper is asleep on the couch but Jack gets caught in the act. Meanwhile, Fremont is telling Mrs. Roper about his talent for investing, and Mrs. Roper convinces Stanley he should invest too; all he needs is $100.00 to buy into Fremont's latest scheme. Roper gives Fremont the check. Since Jack is still mad, Fremont decides to leave, but when his wealthy lady friend arrives with an offer to give him marriage and security, he opts for his freedom. 
19 13 "Helen's Job" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
December 13, 1977 0208
Janet and Chrissy get involved in a squabble between the Ropers over Helen's allowance, taking Helen's threat to get a job as a sign of feminist enlightenment. Despite Roper's s warning that she's forbidden to work, Helen takes a job Janet has arranged for her at a cafeteria. Her first day of work turns out to be a disaster, and Janet and Chrissy are sorry they butt in, but Jack decides to take over and straighten things out. He tells Roper that his wife loves her new job, and he had better beg her to come back home before it's too late. Unfortunately, when Stanley comes to convince Mrs. Roper to give it up she lays it on a little too thick and tells Stanley she's s been given a raise. Money suddenly is more important to him than having a wife at home until Helen points out to him it will cost him more in expenses than she'll bring home. 
20 14 "Three's Christmas" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
December 20, 1977 0214
The trio decides to celebrate Christmas at home because they haven't been invited to any parties, even by their neighbors the Stevens. The Ropers invite them downstairs for a party, and they accept, but moments afterwards the Stevens call to reconfirm their invitation to the party, which must have gotten lost in the mail. Jack and Janet want to go, but Chrissy makes them go to the Ropers. The evening is spent listening to Roper sing silly songs, till finally the kids are able to excuse themselves. They go off to the Stevens' where they run into the Ropers, who also found out too late that they had been invited. Roper had spent the evening trying to bore them into leaving so he and Helen could go to the party. 
21 15 "The Gift" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
January 3, 1978 0215
Jack interrupts an argument between the Ropers over money and suggests a compromise: that Roper should buy his wife the leather coat she wants rather than a trip to Las Vegas. Jack offers to pick up the coat for him at a store where he can get a discount. He brings the coat home and leaves it on the couch for a moment. Just then Chrissy comes home mad at Jack for forgetting it's her birthday and discovers the gift-wrapped box. Before Jack can stop her, she unwraps it, assuming it's for her despite the fact that it's much too big. Jack can't get a word in to explain it's Mrs. Roper's coat because Chrissy is so excited. Jack tells Roper what happened, but Roper insists on having the coat back immediately. Then Mrs. Roper informs him she doesn't want it anymore because Chrissy has one, so now Roper just wants his $300 back. 
22 16 "The Rivals" Bill Hobin Bernie Kahn,
Charles Stewart
January 10, 1978 0217
Janet asks Chrissy to help her entertain a business prospect but gets jealous when the young, handsome prospect takes a liking to Chrissy. 
23 17 "The Baby Sitters" Sam Gary Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
January 17, 1978 0216
Jack and Chrissy agree to take over Janet's babysitting job for a night. To their dismay, they are met with a crying baby, no TV, and a locked liquor cabinet. 
24 18 "Home Movies" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
January 24, 1978 0218
Chrissy's new boyfriend, an aspiring filmmaker, gets her interested in making movies and her parents send her a 8mm movie camera. Larry wants to use Chrissy's projector to screen a porno film he has purchased for $50.00 from a stranger. Jack and Larry suddenly have an apartment full of people they think will accidentally see the porno, but it's revealed that Larry has been conned into buying an old Woody Woodpecker cartoon. 
25 19 "Jack in the Flower Shop" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Ziggy Steinberg,
Paul Wayne
January 31, 1978 0219
Janet hires Jack to help her in the flower shop. Their friendship is put to the test when Jack's relaxed attitude clashes with Janet's more hard-nosed work ethic, a clash that carries over into their homelife. When Janet's boss discovers that Janet missed an important order, Jack takes the fall for her. Jack is fired, but his friendship with Janet is mended. 
26 20 "Jack's Navy Pal" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Alan J. Levitt,
Paul Wayne
February 7, 1978 0220
The roommates plan a dinner for the Ropers but their evening is ruined when a blind guy that Jack knew in the navy shows up and won't leave until Jack hits him. 
27 21 "Will the Real Jack Tripper..." Bill Hobin,
Michael Ross
Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
February 14, 1978 0221
A woman claiming to be Jack's girlfriend tells Janet and Chrissy that she is pregnant. After they confront him, Jack proposes to his girlfriend who Janet and Chrissy later find out is a different girl. 
28 22 "Days of Beer and Weeds" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
February 21, 1978 0222
The roommates clean up the Ropers' garden and give some weeds to Mrs. Roper to use in her flower arranging class. They later discover that the weeds are marijuana plants. 
29 23 "Chrissy Come Home" Bill Hobin George Burditt,
Joyce Burditt,
Mort Scharfman,
Harvey Weitzman
February 28, 1978 0223
Reverend Snow asks Chrissy to move back home as he does not approve of his daughter's living arrangement. 
30 24 "Bird Song" Bill Hobin Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
May 9, 1978 0224
Jack and Chrissy take turns sucking up to Janet who has acquired a pair of Frank Sinatra tickets. The roommates are also entrusted to take care of a parakeet that Mr. Roper bought as a gift for his wife. 
31 25 "Coffee, Tea or Jack" Bill Hobin Madeline Di Maggio,
Kathy Donnell
May 16, 1978 0225
An old flame of Jack's shows up who broke his heart in the past. Chrissy attempts to persuade him to leave the girl so that she can get him to his surprise birthday party at the Ropers'. Loni Anderson guest stars. 

Season 3: 1978–79

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
32 1 "Double Date" Dave Powers Bob Baublitz September 12, 1978 0302
Jack discovers he has made dates with his current girlfriend, Linda, and a new girl, Samantha, on the same evening. He feigns a bad cold (with Larry's help) to cancel the date with Linda to order to keep the date with Samantha. Meanwhile, Mr Roper is convinced he has caught Jack's "illness". 
33 2 "Good Old Reliable Janet" Dave Powers John Baskin,
Roger Shulman
September 19, 1978 0301
Janet and Mrs. Roper take part in a nude protest at the beach, after they feel put upon by Jack & Chrissy and Mr. Roper, respectively. However, the situation turns sticky when they are forced to run home without their clothes. 
34 3 "The Love Diary" Dave Powers Gary Belkin,
Deborah Hwang-Marriott
September 26, 1978 0304
Chrissy is hired to type up a diary belonging to a mystery person named Wanda X, which contains several steamy entries. Mr. Roper sees the diary and becomes convinced that Chrissy is enamored of him. 
35 4 "The Fast" Dave Powers Al Gordon,
Richard Christian Matheson,
Jack Mendelsohn,
Thomas E. Szollosi
October 3, 1978 0305
Janet wagers with Jack and Chrissy as to which one can go longest without their vice: women for Jack and snacking for Chrissy. At first it seems that Jack may clinch the contest, but Janet has an ace up her sleeve; Jack's girlfriend is in town, waiting for him in her hotel room. 
36 5 "Helen's Rendezvous" Dave Powers Jim Rogers October 10, 1978 0306
Mr. Roper has a falling-out with his friend, Jerry. In an effort to patch things up, Mrs. Roper meets with Jerry. However, Jack and Chrissy discover them, and are convinced Mrs. Roper is having an affair. This despite the fact that Mrs. Roper personally can't stand Jerry, who thinks she is interested in a fling. 
37 6 "My Sister's Keeper" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Franelle Silver,
Paul Wayne
October 17, 1978 0307
Janet's college-age sister, Jenny, comes to town and Jack offers to show her around. Despite Janet's concerns, Jack is a complete gentleman. However, things take a turn when Jack, having been relocated to the couch rather than his own bedroom, takes some medication before sleeping and winds up back in his own bed with Jenny. 
38 7 "Chrissy and the Guru" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Vicki King,
Paul Wayne
October 24, 1978 0303
Jack and Janet grow concerned when Chrissy falls under the spell of Rama Mageesh, a shady guru who seems more interested in Chrissy's more palpable attributes than in meditation. 
39 8 "Larry's Bride" Dave Powers Martin Roth October 31, 1978 0309
Larry brings his new fiancee Gloria to meet the roommates. Gloria makes a pass at Jack in the kitchen, and Janet & Chrissy accuse Jack of trying to steal her away from Larry, though he is innocent. In the end, Gloria leaves Larry when she discovers he is not the wealthy man she believed he was. 
40 9 "Chrissy's New Boss" Dave Powers Al Gordon,
Jack Mendelsohn
November 14, 1978 0308
Chrissy decides to be more assertive at work after being passed over for promotion. Her assertiveness lands her the position of secretary for J.C. Braddock, but the others fear that J.C. is only interested in Chrissy's physical attributes, especially as Chrissy is to accompany Braddock on a trip to Las Vegas. What they do not know is that J.C. Braddock is a woman. 
41 10 "The Crush" Dave Powers Al Gordon,
Jack Mendelsohn
November 21, 1978 0311
Janet and Chrissy angrily blame Jack for sending them on a wild goose chase to a nonexistent party, never dreaming that it is the Ropers' teenage houseguest who wants them out of the way so she can have Jack all to herself. 
42 11 "The Kleptomaniac" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Paul Wayne,
Bernie West
November 28, 1978 0312
Jack and Janet are shocked as evidence mounts that Chrissy seems compelled to steal, not only from them but also from the Ropers. 
43 12 "The Party's Over" Dave Powers Don Nicholl,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
December 5, 1978 0310
Landlord Stanley Roper plays such a dirty trick on Jack, Janet and Chrissy that his wife walks out on him. 
44 13 "Eleanor's Return" Dave Powers John Baskin,
Roger Shulman
December 12, 1978 0313
Jack believes Janet and Chrissy are going to oust him from the apartment when their former roommate suddenly shows up. 
45 14 "The Older Woman" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
January 16, 1979 0315
Janet and Chrissy think it's great when they learn that Jack is dating a "fantastic" older woman. 
46 15 "Stanley's Hotline" Dave Powers Sam Greenbaum January 30, 1979 0316

Chrissy is in hot water with landlord Stanley Roper when he eavesdrops and believes she is pregnant.

Note: Joyce DeWitt does not appear in this episode. The "third roommate" spot is filled by Jack's girlfriend, Linda, played by Anne Schedeen, the only time the spot is filled by a non-regular. 
47 16 "The Catered Affair" Dave Powers Al Gordon,
Jack Mendelsohn
February 6, 1979 0314
Chrissy nearly loses her job when Jack tries to save her from the lecherous advances of the firm's president. 
48 17 "The Best Laid Plans" Dave Powers John Baskin,
Roger Shulman
February 13, 1979 0318
When Janet is terrified by a mouse in their bedroom, Jack takes advantage of the situation by offering to move in with Chrissy until the rodent is captured. 
49 18 "The Harder They Fall" Dave Powers Al Gordon,
Jack Mendelsohn,
Susan Sisko
February 20, 1979 0317
Janet invites an attractive man to the apartment expecting that they will be alone, but to her surprise, she finds Jack and Chrissy in the bedroom. 
50 19 "The Bake-Off" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Jerry Kenion,
Paul Wayne
February 27, 1979 0322
Chrissy accidentally eats the pie that Jack was entering in a statewide baking competition and then tries to substitute a ringer from the bakery. 
51 20 "Triangle Troubles" Dave Powers Al Gordon,
Jack Mendelsohn
March 6, 1979 0321
Jack goes out with what he thinks is an "old-fashioned" girl, and doesn't want to tell her that he lives with two girls. What Jack doesn't know, and what the girl is reluctant to tell him, is that she lives with two other men. 
52 21 "An Anniversary Surprise" Dave Powers John Baskin,
Roger Shulman
March 13, 1979 0320

The gang believes that Mr. Roper is having an affair. The "other woman" is actually a real estate agent (played by Ruta Lee) who is helping Mr. Roper sell the building and find a new home in Cheviot Hills.

Note: This episode marks the departure of the Ropers to their own self-titled spin-off, which its pilot premiered after this episode on the same night. 
53 22 "Jack Moves Out" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Paul Wayne
May 8, 1979 0319

Jack angrily leaves and becomes a live-in cook for Larry's boss and his passionate wife.

Note: Jordan Charney appears in the role of Larry's boss, Mr. Layton; he would return in Season 5 as Jack's boss, restaurateur Frank Angelino. 

Season 4: 1979–80

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
54 1 "Jack on the Lam" Dave Powers Neil Lebowitz September 11, 1979 0401
When FBI agents come to the apartment asking for Jack, he is convinced it is because he finagled an early discharge from the Navy and that they intend to send him back to finish his duty. In truth, they want Jack to act as a character reference for an old Navy friend of his. 
55 2 "Love Thy Neighbor" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle September 18, 1979 0402

Jack wants to raise money to buy a gift for Janet and Chrissy. He takes Larry's place as a male escort and winds up with Lana Shields, an overly amorous older woman who falls hard for Jack.

Note: Ann Wedgeworth makes her first appearance in the role of Lana Shields
56 3 "The New Landlord" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
September 25, 1979 0403

Ralph Furley, the new landlord, gets off on the wrong foot with the roommates; the situation only worsens when the gang accidentally sells his furniture, thinking it was the Ropers' old furniture. Furley gives the roommates 24 hours to get out, until he meets (and falls for) Lana, who convinces him to let Jack and the girls stay.

Note: this episode marks Don Knotts' first appearance in the role of Ralph Furley in the series. 
57 4 "Snow Job" Dave Powers Rowby Goren October 2, 1979 0404
Chrissy gets a new job selling cosmetics door-to-door and unexpectedly finds herself in Ralph Furley's winner-takes-all strip poker game. 
58 5 "Jack the Ripper" Dave Powers Gene Perret,
Bill Richmond
October 9, 1979 0406
Jack has been feeling walked on by Furley, Dean Travers, and the girls lately, so he takes an "assertiveness training course". It works too well, and Jack becomes aggressive and unbearable, causing a dispute with Mr. Furley to become an angry shouting match. Jack and Furley realize they have been taking the same course, and Jack chooses to go back to his old ways, but not to let people push him around. 
59 6 "The Lifesaver" Dave Powers George Atkins October 23, 1979 0407
While working in a restaurant, Jack saves a man's life with the Heimlich maneuver. The man offers Jack a rent-free luxury apartment in exchange for a gourmet dinner, but the man is only looking for a handout. The roommates have insulted Furley and told him they are leaving. Meanwhile, Furley has told off his brother because the same freeholder has offered him a (nonexistent) manager's job in a luxury apartment building. Jack helps smooth things over between Furley and his brother when the truth comes to light. 
60 7 "Old Folks at Home" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
October 30, 1979 0409
Chrissy takes in an old man named Leo who has come looking for an apartment after he has recently become homeless. He makes a nuisance of himself when Jack brings home a date, but Jack makes her leave when she insults the old man. When Leo disappears the next day, the roommates become worried, but Leo returns to tell them he has moved in with some "buddies", a pair of older women. 
61 8 "A-Camping We Will Go" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
November 6, 1979 0405
Jack's weekend at Larry's boss' secluded mountain lodge turns into a hilarious scramble for beds when Chrissy and Janet show up with a crowd. 
62 9 "Chrissy's Hospitality" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle November 13, 1979 0408
Chrissy falls in the bathtub and suffers dizzy spells, so she lands in the hospital overnight. When Jack and Janet visit her in the morning, they find the doctor leaving her room in tears and saying that "it won't be long now". Assuming the worst, Jack and Janet are uncertain how to break the news to Chrissy. In actuality, the doctor (Keene Curtis) is tearing up from laughing at Chrissy's jokes and that Chrissy is due to be discharged that day in perfect health. 
63 10 "The Loan Shark" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle November 20, 1979 0410
Chrissy loses a check Jack planned to use to pay his tuition. Chrissy gets the money for Jack, who is horrified to discover she got it from a loan shark. The shark learns Jack is a chef, who will trade cooking lessons for his wife in lieu of paying interest on the loan. However, the shark's young, beautiful wife is more interested in Jack than in learning cuisine. When her husband catches her kissing Jack, she explains that she is congratulating Jack for the baby he and his "wife" Chrissy are "expecting". 
64 11 "The Love Barge" Dave Powers Gene Perret,
Bill Richmond
November 27, 1979 0411
Jack gets the opportunity to work as a chef on a cruise ship and the girls almost end their friendship over who Jack can take as his one guest. Lana tries to invite herself, under the pretense that Janet and Chrissy shouldn't end their friendship over a cruise. Jack doesn't relish being pursued by Lana, so he passes off the opportunity to a thrilled Furley. However, Lana returns less than thrilled and Furley spends the week-long voyage seasick. 
65 12 "Ralph's Rival" Dave Powers George Atkins December 4, 1979 0412
Furley's old rival, Merl Denker, has come into town and Ralph wants to look like a big-shot, because Denker has always been more successful. He talks Chrissy into posing as his trophy wife while Denker visits. Larry overhears Furley and Chrissy talking about her staying overnight with Furley, and he tell Jack and Janet that Chrissy and Furley are sleeping together. In the end, Furley is forced to admit the ruse, and Denker confesses that he is a perpetual failure. 
66 13 "A Black Letter Day" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Mark Chambers,
Kim Weiskopf
December 11, 1979 0413

Lana reads a letter in an advice column that mentions a man living with two girls and who is having an affair with one of them. She mentions this to Chrissy and Janet, and they each think the other is having an affair with Jack. Jack decides to teach the girls a lesson, but the girls eventually figure out the letter was not about them.

Note: This episode marks the last appearance of Ann Wedgeworth, the shortest stint of any of the series' regulars, with only 12 episodes. 
67 14 "The Reverend Steps Out" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
December 18, 1979 0414
Chrissy's father, Reverend Snow, has the given the opportunity to take over a church in Santa Monica. Chrissy is unaware of this when she sees him with another woman in an ice cream shop and jumps to the conclusion that her father is having an affair. The woman, Mrs. Claremont, is among those who will decide whether to accept Reverend Snow, but she does not approve of Chrissy's living with a man. Reverend Snow is passed on by Mrs. Claremont, but not before he straightens out the situation for Chrissy. 
68 15 "Larry Loves Janet" Dave Powers John Boni January 8, 1980 0415
Larry returns home after a big date goes bad and Janet decides to cheer him up. Larry is so won over by her "nice girl" attitude that he falls hard for her. Janet tries to dissuade him by playing herself as the vamp that Larry normally goes for, but this only bolsters his feelings. Jack and Chrissy come to her rescue by congratulating Larry for his new future filled with marriage and children, which frightens Larry back to his senses. 
69 16 "Mighty Mouth" Dave Powers Howard Gewirtz,
Ian Praiser
January 15, 1980 0416
Chrissy and Janet's efforts to get Jack into prime physical condition succeed beyond their wildest expectations when their voluptuous gym instructor falls for him. 
70 17 "The Love Lesson" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle January 22, 1980 0417
Jack faces eviction from the apartment when he inadvertently reveals to Furley his great passion for the opposite sex. 
71 18 "Handcuffed" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Len Richmond,
Kim Weiskopf
January 29, 1980 0418
A policeman, who is coincidentally Chrissy's cousin Jay, visits the apartment on a noise complaint and inadvertently leaves his handcuffs behind. Chrissy and Jack end up handcuffed together, and Jack even tries to bring Chrissy with him on a date to the Regal Beagle. Another cop spots Jack and Chrissy together and Jim the bartender gives them a heads-up. They go to Furley's to try to get the cuffs off, but the other cop catches up to them. Jay returns with the keys, but the other cop tells him that he's finished. Chrissy comes to Jay's rescue when she manages to get the other cop's badge due to his own carelessness. 
72 19 "And Baby Makes Two" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas February 5, 1980 0419
The three roommates talk about a friend of Janet's who had a child by advertising in the newspaper for a partner. When Janet bows out of a planned ski trip and men start responding to an ad she placed in the paper, Jack and Chrissy think she is doing the same thing. Janet is actually planning to redecorate their bedroom to surprise Chrissy and has been trying to recruit an art student to help her. 
73 20 "Jack's Bad Boy" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle February 12, 1980 0420
Jack Tripper finally meets his match when a twelve-year-old boy wins the girl's sympathy moves into the apartment. 
74 21 "Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
February 26, 1980 0421
Jack's older brother Lee has come to town and Jack is depressed, as he has always been in Lee's shadow. He gets even more upset when Lee takes Chrissy to a dinner in his honor and kisses her on the doorstep. Furley tries to cheer Jack up, but gets depressed when he starts thinking about his own more successful brother, Bart. Lee takes Jack and Chrissy to dinner, where Jack proceeds to make a fool of himself. Chrissy tells Jack she would rather be with him than Lee, who is too self-involved for her tastes. 
75 22 "The Root of All Evil" Dave Powers Howard Albrecht,
Sol Weinstein
March 4, 1980 0422
Chrissy gives Larry and Jack some money to place a bet for her when they go to the racetrack. Her crazy choices pay off, earning her $1,637.00 and she decides to split it with Jack & Janet and puts the money into a joint savings account. However, a big fight ensues when Janet buys a $75.00 bottle of wine and Chrissy buys a $200.00 stuffed giraffe. 
76 23 "Secret Admirer" Dave Powers Steve Clements,
Joyce Gittlin,
Mark Tuttle
March 11, 1980 0423
Chrissy has been receiving notes from a secret admirer and tries to meet with him at the Regal Beagle, but he never shows up. He leaves Chrissy another saying he will come to the apartment, and when he arrives, he turns out to be Gilbert Larwin, a shy, nebbish man. Janet and Jack try to get rid of him by having Larry pose as a date of Chrissy's. However, Gilbert tells Chrissy that he just wants to be friends and Chrissy tells him they already are friends. 
77 24 "The Goodbye Guy" Dave Powers Howard Albrecht,
Sol Weinstein
March 25, 1980 0424
The three roommates become convinced that Mr. Furley plans to kill himself after finding him depressed. In order prevent him from doing himself in, the gang decides to shower Furley with praise and friendship. However, Furley begins to take advantage of their concern for his well-being. 
78 25 "Jack's Graduation" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
May 6, 1980 0425
Jack's graduation from cooking school is jeopardized when a scheming classmate steals the dish Jack made for his final project. The gang puts together a plan to trap the thief in his lie with the unwitting help of Dean Travers. 

Season 5: 1980–81

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
79 1 "Upstairs Downstairs Downstairs" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
October 28, 1980 0503
Jack has promised to make a gourmet dinner for Janet and Chrissy, even canceling a date with his girlfriend Doreen to do so. Larry shanghais Jack into covering for him on a blind date for the same evening, but Doreen never receives the cancellation message. Jack is left having to prepare three gourmet dinners in three different apartments on the same night. 
80 2 "...And Justice for Jack" Dave Powers George Burditt November 11, 1980 0501
Jack's first day behind the grill at a diner heats up hilariously when his attractive boss tries to spice up her life. 
81 3 "A Hundred Dollars a What?" Dave Powers George Burditt November 18, 1980 0504

Darlene, a high school friend of Chrissy's, is in town for a visit. When Jack meets her, he invites her down to San Diego with him for his mother's birthday. However, Jack discovers Darlene is a high-priced call girl, who has invited an unwitting Chrissy to work with her as a "hostess" at a convention.

Note: This was Suzanne Somers' final full episode appearance on the show 
82 4 "Downhill Chaser" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
November 25, 1980 0505
Jack tries to back out of a ski trip with Larry and Janet until he meets a cute snow bunny named Inga. He impresses her with tales of his (non-existent) skiing prowess. All seems well until she challenges him to ski the "Flying Dutchman" run at her parents' ski lodge. 
83 5 "A Crowded Romance" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle December 2, 1980 0502
Larry and Jack congratulate each other on their fantastic new girlfriends, nicknamed "Twinkie" and "Bunny", respectively. However, Janet discovers through a flower shop delivery that Twinkie and Bunny are the same girl. A chance discovery of Larry and Twinkie together in front of a department store window (where Jack is employed as a mechanical man) reveals that Twinkie/Bunny has three other boyfriends on the side. 
84 6 "Room at the Bottom" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
December 9, 1980 0506

Jack quits his job at a hamburger joint and applies at Lucien's, an exclusive French restaurant. Unfortunately, his skills and Dean Travers' recommendation only succeed in landing him a job as a busboy. Jack can't bring himself to tell his friends the truth, especially when they show up at the restaurant one night, expecting to find him as the new chef.

Note: As a result of her ongoing contract battle with the producers, Suzanne Somers' role in the series is reduced to a single phone call per episode, starting with this one. This episode also marks the only phone call scene to come in the middle episode rather than at the end. 
85 7 "Chrissy's Cousin" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Budd Grossman
December 16, 1980 0507

Chrissy's trip to Fresno has left the roommates short on the rent this month. Jack, Janet, and Larry all maneuver to fill the "third roommate" spot with their respective choices. However, it's Cindy Snow, Chrissy's eager cousin, who comes to stay after a rather clumsy introduction.

Note: This episode marks the debut of Jenilee Harrison in the role of Cindy Snow
86 8 "Jack to the Rescue" Dave Powers George Burditt January 6, 1981 0508
Janet learns that Cindy's boss is asking for favors above and beyond the call of duty. 
87 9 "The Not-So-Great Imposter" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
January 13, 1981 0509

Jack inadvertently assumes the identity of David Miller, a renowned chef whose culinary reputation gets Jack hired by Mr. Angelino. However, Miller's other reputation as a gambler and philanderer catches up to Jack on his first night on the job.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Jordan Charney in the role of Mr. Angelino. He had appeared previously as Larry's boss in the Season 3 episode "Jack Moves Out". 
88 10 "Jack's Other Mother" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle January 20, 1981 0510
Jack befriends an elderly woman, Gladys Moore, who comes to regard Jack as a surrogate "son". Gladys' doting nature soon proves rather troublesome when she begins to meddle in Jack's love life. 
89 11 "Make Room for Daddy" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
January 27, 1981 0511
Jack plays cupid to his girlfriend's widowed father, but his arrows misfire when the love-starved older man makes Janet his target. 
90 12 "Janet's Secret" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
February 3, 1981 0512
Janet's over-protective parents come for a visit after she tells them that Jack is her husband. This comes as a surprise to Jack himself, who has a date the same night that Janet's parents arrive. 
91 13 "Father of the Bride" Dave Powers Tom Dunsmuir February 10, 1981 0513
A wealthy man, Winston Cromwell III (Jeffrey Tambor), persistently tries to convince Cindy to marry him, despite her repeated refusals. He attempts to win over Jack and Janet by giving them lavish gifts. Despite his very tempting offers, they decide to help Cindy rid herself of Cromwell once and for all. 
92 14 "Furley vs. Furley" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
February 17, 1981 0514
Jack goes over Furley's head and complains directly to the building's owner, Furley's brother Bart, about Furley's failure to make repairs. Bart responds by firing Furley. Jack goes to meet Bart to explain the situation and inadvertently lands the job of manager himself. The gang conspires to convince Bart that Jack is wrong for the job and to convince him to rehire Ralph. 
93 15 "In Like Larry" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
February 24, 1981 0515
After getting upset with Janet and Cindy, Larry allows Jack to stay in his apartment while he moves downstairs to live with the girls. Jack comes to miss having his roommates around. Meanwhile, Larry unsuccessfully tries to get closer to the girls. 
94 16 "Teacher's Pet" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle March 3, 1981 0516
While teaching at his old cooking school Jack finds himself in trouble when Dean Traver's niece, Betty Jean, tries to seduce him in order to get an "A" in the class. 
95 17 "And Baby Makes Four" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
March 10, 1981 0517

Cindy breaks up with her boyfriend Doug after he persistently criticizes her. After talking with her pregnant friend about raising the child alone and returning home still upset about Doug, Jack and Janet become convinced that Cindy is pregnant. Jack decides to make an honest woman of Cindy and proposes to her, before the whole situation is straightened out.

Note: This episode marks Suzanne Somers' departure from the series. 
96 18 "Night of the Ropers" Dave Powers George Burditt March 17, 1981 0518

A surprise visit by the battling Ropers turns into a romantic triangle when lusty Helen seeks solace from Jack and Janet and lands in the arms of Ralph Furley.

Note: This is the Ropers' last appearance on Three's Company and on a TV show. Also, this is the only time that the Ropers and Mr. Furley appear together on screen, and the only time that the Ropers and Cindy Snow appear together on screen. 
97 19 "Double Trouble" Dave Powers Mark Fink,
Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
March 24, 1981 0519
Jack poses as his own twin to romance Ralph Furley's attractive visiting niece. 
98 20 "Dying to Meet You" Dave Powers Budd Grossman May 5, 1981 0522
Jack gets a preview of the great hereafter when Larry hatches a plan to save him from his girl's murderously jealous other boyfriend. 
99 21 "The Case of the Missing Blonde" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
May 12, 1981 0520
Jack and Janet believe Cindy is the victim of foul play after she is spotted climbing into a mystery man's car while crying. What they don't know is that Cindy has received a surprise visit from her knife-salesman father. 
100 22 "Honest Jack Tripper" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle May 19, 1981 0521
Jack vows to always tell the truth after being caught lying to yet another date. But his new policy of total honesty spells trouble for roommates and neighbors alike. 

Season 6: 1981–82

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
101 1 "Jack Bares All: Part 1" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
October 6, 1981 0601

Jack is preparing for Cindy's farewell party when Jack is called to Angelino's Restaurant when Janet goes out to look for a roommate. Felipe is annoying him and he cuts his finger. He goes to the hospital to get it checked out. Felipe scares him into rushing into the emergency room out of turn with a story of his cousin's infection. Terri, the nurse, refuses to serve him ahead of turn and he gets upset. While she is taking care of another patient the doctor is bandaging Jack's cut while he is complaining about how cold Terri is. She then tells him he needs a tetanus shot. After struggling for awhile she gives him the shot and he goes back to the restaurant. Janet, who had come to the hospital thinking he was more hurt then starts to talk to Terri when they decide she will be the new roommate. When Janet breaks the news to Jack later that day he is not pleased.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Priscilla Barnes in the role of Terri Alden, the last person to fill the so-called "third roommate" spot. It also originally aired as the first part of an hour-long episode that was split into two parts for syndication. 
102 2 "Jack Bares All: Part 2" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
October 6, 1981 0602

Terri tries to get on Jack's good side by flirting with him but insults male cooks which offend him even more. Furley tells her that Jack is gay and she further upsets him apologizing when she thinks he is gay. Larry (so his girlfriend can move in) and Jack want Terri out. They devise a plan to humiliate her during Cindy's party. After looking like a jerk Jack realizes he has made a mistake and apologizes to Terri and tells her she can move in.

Note: This episode originally aired as the second part of an hour-long episode that was split into two parts for syndication. 
103 3 "Terri Makes Her Move" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas October 13, 1981 0603
To boost Jack's confidence, Terri turns on the charm, causing Janet to suspect that her new roommate's interest in Jack is more than platonic. 
104 4 "Professor Jack" Dave Powers Laura Levine October 27, 1981 0604
Terri thinks an attractive older woman's visits to Jack are weekly lessons in lovemaking and, in disgust, decides to move out. 
105 5 "Some of That Jazz" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
November 3, 1981 0608
Terri and Jack believe that Janet will have to make it with her dance instructor if she wants to make it as a dancer. 
106 6 "Lies My Roommate Told Me" Dave Powers George Burditt November 10, 1981 0607
Jack breaks a date with Janet to coach a nervous Larry, who's hoping to romance Terri with smooth conversation. 
107 7 "Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman November 17, 1981 0606
Jack and Janet mistake Terri's psychiatrist friend for a patient from a hospital psychiatric ward. 
108 8 "Eyewitness Blues" Dave Powers Michael S. Baser,
Kim Weiskopf
November 24, 1981 0605
A plainclothes cop moves in to protect Jack whose life is in danger after witnessing an armed robbery at the flower shop. 
109 9 "Boy Meets Dummy" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas December 1, 1981 0610
Jack must come up with a "wife" to persuade his boss's man-hungry daughter that he's not available. 
110 10 "Dates of Wrath" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas December 8, 1981 0609
Janet fumes when she inadvertently fixes up Terri with a guy she wanted to date herself. 
111 11 "Macho Man" Dave Powers John Boni December 15, 1981 0611
Jack tries to subdue a drunk at the Regal Beagle, but it's Terri who takes care of the masher with her karate skills. 
112 12 "Strangers In the Night" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman January 5, 1982 0612
Jack concocts a plan to regain the favor of an attractive Southern Belle he insulted on a date. 
113 13 "The Matchbreakers" Dave Powers Bryan Joseph January 12, 1982 0613
The roommates are worried that the woman with whom Mr. Furley has fallen in love is a golddigger out to take Furley for all he's worth. Her only interest in Furley is buying the building she believes he owns so she can sub-divide it into condominiums. 
114 14 "Oh, Nun" Dave Powers Calvin Kelly January 19, 1982 0614
Jack panics when he suspects Terri's friend wants to give up her life as a nun to marry him. 
115 15 "Maid to Order" Dave Powers Laura Levine January 26, 1982 0615
The trio reluctantly take on former roommate Cindy as their cleaning woman. 
116 16 "Hearts and Flowers" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas February 2, 1982 0617
A faultfinding efficiency expert drives Janet to quit her job at the flower shop. 
117 17 "Urban Plowboy" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
February 9, 1982 0618
To avoid a woman's angry boyfriend, Jack joins his roommates for a weekend on a farm owned by Cindy's Aunt Becky. 
118 18 "A Friend In Need" Dave Powers James Ritz February 16, 1982 0616
Jack subs for the chef at Angelino's restaurant, where a mobster is so impressed with the bill of fare that he insists Jack be made permanent chef. 
119 19 "Jack's 10" Dave Powers Ken Hecht February 23, 1982 0620
Jack adopts a new image and changes his career plans to please an affluent woman who'd like to marry him. 
120 20 "Doctor In the House" Dave Powers John Boni March 2, 1982 0621
Jack pretends he's a doctor to impress his visiting grandfather, who's eager to observe Jack's hospital practice. 
121 21 "Critic's Choice" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman March 9, 1982 0619
Jack challenges a famous food critic to sample his cuisine, aiming for a favorable review in his newspaper column. 
122 22 "Paradise Lost" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman March 16, 1982 0622
Terri presents Jack and Janet with the opportunity to rent a huge house, at the same rate they pay for the apartment, from a doctor who is going out of the country for two years. Larry and Mr. Furley, not wanting to lose their best (and only) friends, plot to make them want to stay. 
123 23 "And Now Here's Jack" Dave Powers Hank Bradford,
Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
March 23, 1982 0624
Jack gets the opportunity to do a cooking demonstration on T.V. and recruits Janet & Terri to assist him. After the director changes the setup of the kitchen set (and displaces Jack's discreetly-placed note cards), the demonstration turns into a comedy of errors before the cameras. 
124 24 "Janet Wigs Out" Dave Powers Budd Grossman April 6, 1982 0626

Janet starts wearing a blonde wig in an attempt to boost her confidence. Her new condescending attitude alienates her friendships, as well as spoiling an opportunity to get closer to a nice guy she meets at the Regal Beagle.

Note: This episode marks the last appearance of Jenilee Harrison in the series. 
125 25 "Up In the Air" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman May 4, 1982 0623
Jack agrees to be Janet's date at a stuffy, formal party. After taking an invigorating drink, he becomes the life of the party, embarrassing Janet and causing a shambles. 
126 26 "Mate For Each Other" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas May 11, 1982 0625
Jack and Janet meet with friends, a couple who were paired together by a computer dating service. Initially dismissive of the idea, Jack decides to try out the service secretly. When Jack arrives at the designated meeting place, he is shocked to discover he has been paired up with an equally secretive Janet. 
127 27 "The Best of Three's Company: Part 1" Dave Powers George Burdett,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
May 18, 1982 0627

Lucille Ball hosts a one-hour retrospective looking back at the previous six seasons of the series. Part one includes Jack's arrival in the apartment and how the roommates have adapted to one another.

Note: This episode originally aired as a one-hour special that was split into two parts for syndication. 
128 28 "The Best of Three's Company: Part 2" Dave Powers George Burdett,
Michael Ross,
Bernie West
May 18, 1982 0628
Part two of a one-hour retrospective hosted by Lucille Ball. Part two highlights John Ritter's physical comedy and how the show's comedy relies on the classic sitcom misunderstanding. John Ritter also makes a brief appearance with Lucy. 

Season 7: 1982–83

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
129 1 "A Night Not to Remember" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Budd Grossman
September 28, 1982 0705
Janet's dinner date with an important, but lecherous man from the home office turns into a disaster when her "chaperone," Jack, gets drunk and falls asleep in her bed. 
130 2 "Jack Goes to the Dentist" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Budd Grossman
October 12, 1982 0701
When Terri breaks up with her ill-tempered boyfriend, he believes that Jack is the cause. 
131 3 "Diamond Jack" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas October 19, 1982 0702
Larry arranges a blind date for Jack — with a jewel thief who mistakes him for a fence. 
132 4 "Extra, Extra" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas October 26, 1982 0704

Janet's date, a newspaper writer, offers to do a column on the trio's methods of coping with inflation. The published article, however, insinuates that their living arrangement is more intimate than practical.

Note: This episode marks the last reference to Chrissy Snow. 
133 5 "Jack Gets His" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
November 9, 1982 0703
Jack is conned into renting a small restaurant - only to discover that it's a run-down disaster. 
134 6 "Opening Night" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman November 16, 1982 0706
Larry, who put the wrong date on the flyers announcing the opening of "Jack's Bistro," manages to "save" the day by inviting his Greek relatives. 
135 7 "Cousin, Cuisine" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
November 23, 1982 0707
Jack's attempted romance with Felipe's beautiful cousin, Maria, is plagued by many problems. 
136 8 "An Affair to Forget" Dave Powers Michael Weinberger November 30, 1982 0709
Janet is happy that her old friend, Randy, is dating Jack, until she discovers that Randy is married. 
137 9 "The Brunch" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Budd Grossman
December 7, 1982 0708
Jack hosts a Sunday brunch to convince the Reverend Gilmore that the Bistro is a respectable establishment. He succeeds until the newlywed couple at the next table begin their honeymoon. 
138 10 "The Impossible Dream" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman December 14, 1982 0710
Jack is grateful for Larry's suggestion of a free guitarist as a business boost, until he finds out his new vocalist is Larry. 
139 11 "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas January 3, 1983 0711
Furley discovers that the nice young man that Janet and Jack have fixed Terri up with is a convicted murderer. 
140 12 "Larry's Sister" Dave Powers Paul Wayne January 11, 1983 0714
Larry completely trusts Jack to show his teenage sister around town, until he discovers that they are still out at 2 A.M. 
141 13 "Bob and Carol & Larry and Terri" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
January 18, 1983 0713
By the time an innocent story is retold through several people, the trio believes Bob and Carol's marriage is on the rocks. Larry and Terri try to straighten things out with the couple, only to be "caught" by Mr. Furley. 
142 14 "Going to Pot" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman February 1, 1983 0712
When the Bistro's building inspector demands a bribe from Jack, Janet suggests that they tape the next conversation for evidence. The recording the police hear, however, is of Furley telling Jack he has the pot he wanted. 
143 15 "Star Struck" Dave Powers Lewis Colick February 15, 1983 0716
Terri is making plans for her wedding to a soap opera star, until Jack discovers that his sleazy reputation is well earned. 
144 16 "Jack Goes the Distance" Dave Powers David Mirkin February 22, 1983 0717
Jack challenges a guy who has insulted Furley to a boxing match. His opponent, the girls learn, is a Golden Glove contender with 22 knockouts. 
145 17 "Jack's Double Date" Dave Powers Budd Grossman March 1, 1983 0715
Furley helps Jack lose his "I can stay away from women for a week" bet with the girls. 
146 18 "Janet's Little Helper" Dave Powers David Mirkin March 15, 1983 0719
Jack and Terri believe that Janet is trying to seduce Furley's shy nephew. 
147 19 "The Apartment" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman March 22, 1983 0718
Instead of catching sleep in the dingy apartment above his restaurant, Jack catches Mr. Angelino with a young woman. 
148 20 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" Dave Powers Shelley Zellman April 5, 1983 0720
Terri falls for Jack when he buys a moustache, which makes him look like her old boyfriend. 
149 21 "Navy Blues" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
May 3, 1983 0721
A former cook in the Navy with Jack comes to town to con his way into a partnership in Jack's Bistro. 
150 22 "Borrowing Trouble" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas May 10, 1983 0722
The girls fake a contest to give Jack the rent money he needs for Jack's Bistro. Their good deed turns to disaster when Jacks spends the money on a leather coat. 

Season 8: 1983–84

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate PC
151 1 "Jack, Be Quick" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
September 27, 1983 0803
Cheryl asks Jack to father her child, but Jack refuses. Janet thinks Cheryl wants to marry Jack because she's going to have his baby, so she talks Jack into complying with Cheryl's wishes. 
152 2 "She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not" Dave Powers Arlan Gutenberg,
Babette Wilk
October 4, 1983 0805
Larry discovers an answered magazine quiz and he and Jack think one of the girls wants to have an affair with Jack. They take the girls on a weekend trip to find out who answered the quiz so Jack can talk her out of it. 
153 3 "The Money Machine" Dave Powers Mike Weinberger October 18, 1983 0804
Jack receives $1000 by mistake from an automated cash machine. He hides it in the couch for the weekend, not realising that Mr Furley is going to replace it that day. 
154 4 "Out On a Limb" Dave Powers David Mirkin October 25, 1983 0801
Jack writes a nasty letter to a famous food critic, thinking the critic is going to give his bistro a ruinous review. When the critic assures Jack the review will be favorable, Jack tries to retrieve the letter from the critic's desk. 
155 5 "Alias Jack Tripper" Dave Powers Mark Tuttle November 1, 1983 0802
Jack has two dates, so he talks Larry into posing as him and spending the day with his unwanted date, Janet's childhood friend, who is visiting from out of town. 
156 6 "Hearing Is Believing" Dave Powers Neal Marlens November 8, 1983 0806
Jack is dating a therapist who wishes to keep her job a secret. Janet, concluding she is a prostitute, is nasty to her and no one understands why - especially when Janet's father has become so friendly with her. 
157 7 "Grandma Jack" Bob Priest,
Michael Ross
Garry Ferrier,
Aubrey Tadman,
Mike Weinberger
November 22, 1983 0810
Jack believes he has won a baking contest that is open only to women. Disguised as "Grandma Tripper," he goes to collect the check and learns that he is a finalist and must bake his cookies for the company's executives to win the prize. 
158 8 "Like Father, Like Son" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
November 29, 1983 0812
Jack's father (Jack, Sr.) visits unexpectedly and resumes his good-natured meddling. Jack explodes and tells him to stay out of his life, but when he learns his father has lost his job, Jack gives him the opportunity to be useful. 
159 9 "The Odd Couples" Dave Powers Ellen Guylas,
Neal Marlens,
Shelley Zellman
December 6, 1983 0813
Terri is up for a promotion and tells Dr. Kenderson she is married to ward off his advances. When he invites himself and his wife over for dinner, Jack poses as Terri's husband while Janet and Larry pose as French-speaking houseguests. 
160 10 "Now You See It, Now You Don't" Dave Powers David Mirkin December 13, 1983 0807
When Jack attends a charity ball with a socialite and loses $15,000 gambling, Larry and the girls attempt to help him recover the money. 
161 11 "The Charming Stranger" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Budd Grossman
December 20, 1983 0808
The girls flip over a handsome Englishman who moves in next door, but Jack become convinced that he is one of London's most sought-after criminals. 
162 12 "Janet Shapes Up" Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
January 4, 1984 0809
Janet is thrilled with her new job as an aerobics teacher, and her new boss Tina is thrilled with Jack. When Tina blackmails Jack into being at her beck and call, Larry offers to take her off Jack’s hands. 
163 13 "Itching For Trouble" Dave Powers Chet Dowling,
Sandy Krinski
January 10, 1984 0815
Jack meets an old flame at the park who is seeking advice about her jealous husband. Furley joins them, and they all get poison oak. Later, at Jack's house, Furley tells the husband they were all in the bushes together. 
164 14 "Baby, It's Cold Inside" Dave Powers Chet Dowling,
Sandy Krinski
January 17, 1984 0814
Jack and Furley get locked in a freezer together. Convinced they are going to die, they have a heart-to-heart talk, and Jack confesses that he really isn't gay. Once safe, Jack worries because Furley knows the truth about him. 
165 15 "Look What I Found" Dave Powers David Mirkin January 24, 1984 0811
The trio plants a stray cat at Furley's door, hoping he'll bend his rules and keep it. When a girl appears looking for her kitten, Furley lies and says he took it to the pound; so Jack and the girls search the pounds and bring home three different cats. 
166 16 "Jack's Tattoo" Dave Powers Ron Bloomberg,
Prudence Fraser,
Al Gordon,
Robert Sternin
January 31, 1984 0817
After a night on the town with his old navy buddies, Jack discovers he has a tattoo on his derrière. When Jack goes to the hospital to have it removed, Janet thinks he is having a vasectomy and Furley thinks he is having a sex change. 
167 17 "Jack Takes Off" Dave Powers David Mirkin February 21, 1984 0818
Jack offers to model for a beautiful art teacher and finds himself nude in front of her classroom when Furley walks in. Jack begs Furley not to tell, but the secret is out when a nude portrait of Jack appears at the Regal Beagle. 
168 18 "Forget Me Not" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Budd Grossman,
David Mirkin
February 28, 1984 0816
Jack borrows Janet's new car to drive a gorgeous model to a photo session and totals the car on the way home. He pretends to have amnesia in the hospital, but Janet gets suspicious and concocts a plan to help him regain his memory. 
169 19 "The Heiress"
"The Inheritance"
Dave Powers Martin Rips,
Joseph Staretski
March 8, 1984 0819
A customer of the flower shop names Janet in his will, and she receives a vase. His nephew, Phillip an art collector visits Janet, and Jack thinks he lied about the value of the vase and is trying to get it back. 
170 20 "Cupid Works Overtime" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Michael Ross,
Bernard West
March 15, 1984 0820
Jack meets an attractive stewardess, Vicky Bradford, but between her father and her dates, she doesn't seem to have time for Jack. Janet announces her engagement to Phillip, while Jack is lovesick over Vicky. 
171 21 "Friends and Lovers: Part 1" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Michael Ross,
Bernard West
September 18, 1984 0821
Janet is upset because she cannot have the wedding at the church but Jack convinces her to have it at the apartment. Jack thinks that Vicky wants a job far away (due to her being misrepresented by her father) and so he encourages her to take it. She does not really care about the job and thinks Jack does not love her; they break up. Vicky interrupts Janet's wedding to tell Jack she still loves him and they realize they had a misunderstanding. They make up just before Janet come in to get them back together. Jack gives her to Philip, neither of her parents being present. Vicky catches the Bouquet. Everyone heads downstairs for the reception, while Jack proposes to Vicky; she declines. 
172 22 "Friends and Lovers: Part 2" Dave Powers George Burditt,
Michael Ross,
Bernard West
September 18, 1984 0822

Vicky explains that her parents' failed marriage and fighting have scared her from marriage to anyone, though she loves Jack. She offers to live together but Jack wants something more; they break up. Terri reminds Jack that he loves Vicky and she is worth it, so he decides to agree to live with her. One week later, after Janet's honeymoon, Jack, the girls, and Larry are packing. Jack explains his moving in with a woman to Mr. Furley by telling him that he is no longer gay, and will be moving in with Vicki above his restaurant. Terri says she will be moving to Hawaii. They all say goodbye: Janet goes off to live with her husband, Jack to live with Vicky, and Terri to move to Hawaii. Later, Jack and Vicky are settling into their new apartment. They have a toast and Vicky suggests they go to bed. Jack is very nervous because Vicky is so special to him. To calm him down, she says she is nervous as well. Just as they start to kiss, Vicky's father barges into the room, announcing that he has bought the building and is their new landlord.

Note: Series finale. Continues in Three's a Crowd 


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