List of villains and monsters in Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

List of villains and monsters in Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

This article contains information on the villains and monsters in the anime Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, produced by Cartoon Network, Toei Animation, and Aniplex.

Like the Powerpuff Girls, most of the villains were normal everyday humans/animals/organisms/objects. The explosion of the chemical Z ray and the effect of the black light, however, transformed them into villains. The black light is drawn onto people, animals, organisms or inanimate objects that were dominated by negative emotions and not only affects the appearance of its victims and grants them powers, but it magnifies their desires and removes their moral inhibitions. The only exceptions to this are the Rowdyruff Boys and Him. Later villains/monsters become evil through the use Him's black powder. Whenever these villains cause trouble, the Powerpuff Girls Z must apprehend them and, for the most part, turn them over to Professor to be restored to their normal form.

Original PPG villains

These villains were major adversaries of the original Powerpuff Girls and have returned in the anime series. Their overall abilities and personalities may differ from their original counterparts. Most of them have also been given their own symbol and theme song that appears as the background from time to time.All these monsters kind of relate to the ppgz.

*: The most frequently recurring villain in the series. His speech follows the conventions of Mojo Jojo in the original Japanese dub of "Powerpuff Girls"; he does not speak quickly, but ends his sentences with "Mojo". He was a normal monkey mistreated by some humans in the Tokyo City Zoo until he was affected by a black light from Chemical Z making him highly intelligent, seeking revenge on all humans. Now he can fly and has some martial arts abilities. He is still about the same size as the original as the giant cape conceals his small figure (in some concept art, Mojo controls mechanical legs under his giant cape, which makes him look taller than he really is). Mojo also possesses a destructive - though largely redundant - robot called Mojo Robo, which is often modified in each episode. Mojo currently lives in an abandoned house next to the Tokyo City Tower, where he repairs Mojo Robo, builds other devices, eating whatever food he bought or stole, and spends some quality time watching TV. He seems to have an obsession with food, mainly sweets (which he shares with Blossom). Mojo Jojo's true plan is to take over the world, but it appears that food is important to him to accomplish his ambition. Like the original, he is also responsible for the creation of the Rowdyruff Boys. Unfortunately, the boys don't have any respect for him and use his parental love for them to their advantage. They refer to him as "Mama", until they abandon him when they no longer need to use him. Episode 33 hints that Mojo harbors feelings for Ms. Keane, who was very kind to Mojo despite both his appearance and his actions in episode 19. Like many recurring characters he has his own symbol, a bunch of bananas. However, in the TV airing of episode 1, Mojo had his Initials (M J Y, The first letter of each Kana of his name) in the background. During the DVD release, and reairings, they were changed to bananas. Mojo is one of the few monsters who as yet has not had Professor Utonium's reversion ray used on him.

*: The second villain shown in the series. Made his debut in episode 6. After the explosion of the Chemical Z ray, one of the black lights landed in the forest, creating the monster Fuzzy Lumpkins. In this incarnation, the PPG villain is more or less the same as the original Fuzzy Lumpkins. While his cabin and (boomstick) are missing, he is still very destructive and rude, although nice enough to at least move an old man out of the way and signing a girl's autograph before going on his rampage. To Fuzzy, whatever he touches is considered his property, which he usually marks with his paw print. Those around him are considered to be trespassers. He is incredibly strong and can withstand most of the Powerpuff Girls Z's attacks, until they became stronger and more experienced than him. His big weakness is that he has a crush on Miss Bellum. Fuzzy is also very talented when it comes to playing the banjo. It is never revealed what Fuzzy Lumpkins originally was before he was hit by the black light. Fuzzy ends all of his sentences with the phrase "De mon da". He is represented by a hand print, the same one he uses to mark what he wants as his property. He is among the unique villains in that the ray created by Professor Utonium to revert black light affected persons to normal had no effect on him.

* / nihongo|Princess|プリンセス様|Purinsesu-sama|Seiyū: Chigusa Ikeda English Voice Actor Kelly Sheridan: Although she made her appearance as early as episode 1, she officially appeared as a villain in episode 6. Based on the original villain Princess Morbucks, this incarnation of Princess is an incredibly snobby rich young girl who was affected by the black Chemical Z light. At first, it didn't take effect, but her anger towards the Powerpuff Girls Z became unbearable, and soon she turned into a psychotic looking version of her former self, which was appropriately dubbed "Princess-sama" (or Monster Princess by girls). Himeko is constantly looking for attention from her classmates, but the current popularity of the Powerpuff Girls Z infuriates her as well as anyone who gets more attention than she does (her reason for not liking Ms. Keane). This is all due to her jealousy towards her more talented older sister Miko, who gets her parents' attention and in turn causes them to neglect Himeko. Whenever Himeko's cat Sapphire screeches (usually by accident), she transforms into Princess. Princess' abilities change from episode to episode, but she possesses basic abilities similar to the girls such as flight and enhanced strength. She appears to have some sort of hammerspace as she can produce items at any time, such as a rocket launcher, her diamond claw, and money. In episode 16, Princess' hair style and abilities change based on which special collar Professor Utonium places on Sapphire, each of the collars has an animal on it. Himeko has no memory of Princess' activities. Himeko is also very suspicious of Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru's habit of skipping class. She tries to unveil the truth, although she fails to do so. A common running gag with Princess is whenever she is caught by the Powerpuff Girls Z, they knock her out of the air and catch her in a giant purse, often calmly saying 'yes, okay' before leaving. She is represented by a small crown, similar to the one worn on her head, as well as various monetary symbols. Like the girls she is given a henshin sequence.

*: Sapphire is a well-groomed cat, who officially appeared in episode 6 alongside her master, Himeko. She is Himeko's favorite pet and was hit by the black light along with its master. Since then, Sapphire is able to activate her master's transformation by screeching whenever Himeko accidentally harms Sapphire's tail (similar to Peach's activation of the girls' transformation). When finally captured, Sapphire was given special collars that changed the pitch of her voice in an attempt to neutralize her "trigger" effect on Himeko. However, "speaking" with those collars not only failed to halt Himeko's transformation, but Princess's hair and abilities changed depending on what collar Sapphire was wearing at the time. Apparently as vain as her master, Sapphire will get angry and scratch those who touch her too much, with Himeko being the only exception. She also shared a romantic night with Peach after he falls in love with her, but she later admits she just did it to pass her boredom. She is represented by Green Gemstones.

*: The Amoeba Boys made their debut appearance in episode 7. Despite their name, they are comprised of two males and one female. They were three ordinary amoebas before they were hit by one of the black lights. The Amoeba Boys wish to be real criminals, but like their original counterparts, they are unsuccessful, with their size, about the size of a persons foot, being the primary reason for their constant failure as well as their own incompetence. They also have the ability to merge and grow into a giant yellow amoeba that, despite its size, is too weak to cause any real damage. The Amoeba Boys, like Mojo, have yet to have the reversion ray used on them, and are unique in that they are the only villains to date who have "never" been captured by the girls.
** nihongo|Silk Hat|シルクハットShirukuhattoo|Seiyū: Minoruu Inabaa: This amoeba boy is the leader of the group. He has green eyes and blue 'skin'. Like his name suggests, he has a top hat and a pipe to go along. He is the equivalent of Bossman, the leader of Amoeba boys in the original Powerpuff Girls.
** nihongo|Poncho|ポンチョ|Poncho|Seiyū: Naoki Tatsuta: In spite of his name, he does not have a poncho. He does have a cowboy hat that is tied around his neck. Poncho has green skin and blue eyes. His blue eyes are often hidden by his hat. Poncho seems to be the "tough guy" of the group. The name and the hat are possible references to Clint Eastwood.
** nihongo|Lady|レディ|Redi|Seiyū: Sakiko Uran: As her name suggests, she is the only female in the group. She wears a feminine hat with a rose on the side. She has pink skin and yellow eyes. Lady is the only amoeba wearing lipstick. She appears to be the voice of reason in the group. She later leaves the group and joins Princess and Sedusa in episode 28. In this episode it is also revealed that Lady has the power to inflate herself for battle into an enlarged version of herself that's slippery enough to fend off most attacks. However, if she's not careful in this form she'll pop like a balloon and will have to reform herself.

*nihongo|Sakurako Kintoki|金時桜子|Kintoki Sakurako (Annie in English Dub)/ nihongo|Sedusa|セデューサ|Sedyūsa|Seiyū: Rumi Shishido: Sedusa officially appeared in episode 8. Sedusa can drastically alter her appearance by adding or removing makeup and is a master of disguise, which Sedusa was known for in the original Powerpuff Girls alongside her seductive manner. She takes the form of many people in order to get into stores and steal from them, including Bubbles and Buttercup. Sedusa is the alter-ego of the girls' friend, Sakurako. Sakurako works at a shop, well-known around the area for her desserts (Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru, Himeko, and Miss Bellum often visit the shop because of this). When working at her shop, she wanted to be sexy after seeing Miss Bellum. Sakurako has a crush on Souichirou (Jason in English Dub), a boy who comes to her shop often; this was her primary reason for wanting to be sexy like Miss Bellum. In order to become Sedusa, Sakurako must use lipstick. With a little makeup, she can take on the appearance of anyone, although anything like the scent of perfume won't be masked. She, with her looks, is also able to coax many nearby males into doing what she wants (although it comes off more naturally than the original, since the original Sedusa had to disguise herself). She is also able to perform the original Sedusa's signature hair whip/tentacle attacks. She was defeated and later transformed back into Sakurako through the use of Professor Utonium's Chemical Z Particle Ray. Sakurako was able to win Souichirou's heart at the end of episode 8, although the two are still shy to each other. Sakurako later appears in episode 25, receiving flowers from Souichirou and she also soothes Here, a flower who fell victim to the black powder. Like Himeko/Princess, Sakurako can still transform into Sedusa at any time as long as lipstick is applied on Sakurako. It was revealed in episode 28 that the lipstick doesn't even need to be applied directly to her lips; she will still transform into Sedusa if it's smeared on her face. Like Sakurako, Sedusa loves Souichirou, but Souichirou, although generally nice to her, does not love her the way he loves Sakurako. In episode 45, Souichirou finds out about Sakurako/Sedusa when Sakurako decides to visit him at the college he attends. Upon finding this out, Souichirou confesses that he loves Sakurako but hates Sedusa. This confuses Sedusa to the point where she faints out of stress. After turning back to normal, Sakurako has no memory of what happened as Sedusa. The viewer also is introduced to a new side of Sakurako, her jealous side. She is represented by the colors red and purple, while her Good Civilian side is represented by the same flower image as on her bandanna.

*: This series' Gangreen Gang, who appeared in episode 14. Like in the original series, they are more of a group of juvenile delinquents than criminals. Each of the Gangreen Gang members came from families that resemble themselves, except that the families do not share the gang's green skin color. Unlike previous villains, it is never shown how the Gangreen Gang received the black light, however they do emit the black aura that signifies a black light villain/monster. The Gangreen Gang continually seeks to cause trouble, going as far as playing a prank on the restaurant manager to get free food or spraying graffiti all over a building. Unlike the originals, the Gangreen Gang is less cowardly and will face those who stand in their way. Unfortunately, they're incredibly weak against the Powerpuff Girls Z and are unable to overpower or outsmart them. Besides Fuzzy Lumpkins, the Gangreen Gang are the only characters unable to return to normal through Professor Utonium's Chemical Z Particle Ray. True to their name, they are represented by the color green, instead of a symbol.
**nihongo|Ace|エース|Ēsu|Voice Actor: Mitsuaki Madono: Once again the leader of the Gangreen Gang. Ace lives with his parents, who constantly argue about how he has changed due to the lack of good parenting, and his four sisters. Ace is always at the forefront of the Gangreen Gang's schemes and always has final word on whatever the gang does. However, after their first defeat at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls Z, he begins to hold a grudge against them and swears revenge after being again defeated by Buttercup. He is well respected by the rest of the gang, especially by Snake. In battle, Ace tosses cards at his opponents, most of which are aces.
**nihongo|Big Billy|ビッグ・ビリー|Biggu Birī|Voice Actor: Toshiharu Sakurai: The muscle man for the Gangreen Gang. Unlike the original Big Billy, this incarnation appears to be capable of thought and can speak properly without having to say 'duuh'. Big Billy has a bigger and stronger aunt, uncle and older brother, who wish Big Billy would work for once. Like the original, he is a cyclops, but this time his eye is actually visible through his hair. Big Billy loves to eat and will gobble more junk than the rest of the gang. He uses his size and sheer power to his advantage in battle. However, his strength pales in comparison to Buttercup's.
**nihongo|Little Arturo|リトル・アートロ|Ritoru Ātoro|Voice Actor: Keiko Yamamoto: The shortest of the Gangreen Gang. Little Arturo is now a girl, but the fast speech pattern of the original remains. Little Arturo has seven siblings and is orphaned by her parents because of this. She is the least patient of the Gangreen Gang and will begin to fidget if she stays in one place too long. She is the fastest of the Gangreen Gang, but she doesn't use it to her advantage in battle. Furthermore, she tires out fairly easily.
**nihongo|Snake|スネーク|Sunēku|Voice Actor: Kouki Miyata: The second tallest of the Gangreen Gang. Snake's reimagining is a far cry from his original incarnation. Snake has a father, who appears to be involved in some high position or profession. Snake ends his sentence with 'su' and will occasionally toss in Engrish phrases. He appears to be the least confident of the Gangreen Gang. He does, however, have a lot of respect for Ace as he considers Ace to be the only true leader of the gang. Snake is very good at massaging and will use it to calm and distract his opponent.
**nihongo|Grubber|グラバー|Gurabā|Voice Actor: Kouichi Toochika: The oddest member of the Gangreen Gang. Like the original, Grubber ordinarily is unable to speak properly. Rather than blowing raspberries, Grubber instead makes an odd grunt. His father resembles him and has the same speech pattern. Possibly in reference to the original, Grubber can change his form to match anyone he wants. Unlike Sedusa, who has a similar ability, Grubber's disguise is never complete. His green skin, eyes, and tongue are still visible through his disguise. Oddly enough, with the exception of the Powerpuff Girls Z, no one can see through his disguise.

*: The anime counterparts to the original Rowdyruff Boys, who first appeared in episode 20. Mojo Jojo broke into Professor Utonium's lab in order to steal a sample of Chemical Z for his own purposes. While leaving the lab, Mojo Jojo stole Momoko's curly straw, Miyako's used cotton swab, and one of Kaoru's smelly socks. Using a machine he recently created, Mojo poured the Chemical Z, the items he stole, and snips of his own hair. His machine exploded and the result was three boys containing Chemical Z, the DNA of the girls, and the evil black Chemical Z in Mojo's hair: The Rowdyruff Boys. The boys now appear younger than the girls, at approximately 10 or 11 years of age. When they aren't doing anything, the boys are often seen picking their noses, so as to offend their surroundings. Despite the fact that Mojo brought the boys to life, the Rowdyruff Boys do not have any respect for Mojo Jojo as well as the rest of Tokyo City. Instead of following their evil "Mama", as the boys called Mojo, the Rowdyruff Boys do nothing but play pranks and cause trouble within Tokyo City for their own enjoyment. The only time they show any respect for Mojo Jojo is when they need him to destroy the Powerpuff Girls Z, which is really them abusing the parental love Mojo has for the boys. As expected, they have even less respect for the girls as the boys gross out and humiliate the girls with their pranks, calling them hags by the end of the episode. At the end of the episode, the boys abandon their "Mama", no longer having any use for Mojo. They are each represented by a polygon in their color.
**nihongo|Brick|ブリック|Burikku|Voice Actor: Reiko Kiuchi: The most outspoken of the Rowdyruff Boys and most likely acts as their leader, although the boys often act in unison. Like the original, he wears a hat, but his hair is much shorter. He also has a band-aid on his cheek. His weapon of choice is Momoko's curly straw, which he uses as a spitball shooter. He is represented by a triangle.
**nihongo|Boomer|ブーマー|Būmā|Voice Actor: Touko Aoyama: Boomer, like the other boys, acts obnoxious, cheery and enjoys causing trouble. His hair style resembles the original Boomer's hair style in his second appearance, although the anime Boomer's hair is slightly longer and spikier. His weapon of choice is Miyako's used cotton swab to toss his ear wax. He is represented by an X.
**nihongo|Butch|ブッチ|Butchi|Voice Actor: Yukiko Tamaki: Although he acts like the other boys, he seems to be the least talkative and his voice sounds slightly more mature than the other boys. Butch's hair style resembles the original Butch's first hair style, although Butch's bangs in this version are longer and usually cover his right eye. Butch's skin is much paler than his brothers and his eyes are slightly longer and more "Asian" looking. Butch's weapon is Kaoru's smelly sweat sock, which he uses as a boomerang. The sock emits its odor when thrown. He is represented by a diamond.

Concept art of the Rowdyruff Boys hints that the boys were going to be parodies of the main character designs of the Dragonball Z Super Saiyans. They were to keep the same costumes, but all three were to be blonde with large spiky hair.

*nihongo|Him|カレ|Kare|Note that カレ means "he"|Seiyū: Nakao Ryusei: Appears in episode 22, his origins are explored in episode 30, and his true level of power exposed in episode 50. He has also effeminate manners and the new design has Him in more of a harlequin-esque motif/Joker-like. He now has a yellow skin color, but he retains the habit of changing the tone of his voice from soft and effeminate to loud and enraged. Like the original, no one can mention his real name, because of how frightening his name is (Professor Utonium actually tells Ken the name, but the viewer is unable to hear it. Just mentioning the name frightened Ken and Peach). In this version, Him is a demon who brought about chaos and destruction in Edo (the city that eventually became Tokyo City) long ago. However, he was eventually defeated by the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume, three super heroines who resemble the Powerpuff Girls Z. Him's powers were drained and his body was sealed in a coffin. The coffin was buried at Ueno Shrine, which later became an abandoned museum when the shrine was caught on fire long ago. It was there that Him remained dormant, until the most potent Chemical Z black light brought him back to life, although the seal prevented Him from escaping. In order for Him to escape, Him created a mummy whose sole purpose was to undo the seal by obtaining the white energy of the Chemical Z white lights. The mummy, although defeated by the Powerpuff Girls Z, was able to drain their energy, and its bandages returned to the abandoned museum and broke the seal on the coffin, allowing Him to bring about chaos and destruction once more. Him's main power is the ability to unleash an evil black particles. These particles is able to sway people/objects to the side of evil and transform its victim into a monster (The black particles eventually takes the place of the black lights). In addition, Him has total control over his particles. He is able to call them back at will, change the speed at which they move, communicate to his victims, and can view the memories of whoever or whatever was affected by his particles. In actual combat, Him is capable of stretching his limbs to lash out at his enemies. In episode 46, Him is able to control and unlock the true powers of the weapons used by the girls in a highly destructive nature. He also has several minor abilities, such as hypnosis. Him can travel great distances by forming a black tornado. Any more abilities is currently unknown, but by episode 51 it becomes clear that Him is the most powerful of all the villains in the show. His only known weakness is his hatred of cold temperatures. His second weakness discovered in episode 49 is the emotion of love. It was His weakness to cold weather that led to his defeat at the hands of the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume as well as prevent him from leaving the abandoned house. He has a deep hatred towards the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume, which is now directed at the Powerpuff Girls Z for their resemblance to the Musume. At the end of episode 30, he returns to the abandoned museum, but swears that he will destroy the Powerpuff Girls Z. Ken also believes that the box that contained Him's drained powers was unleashed and caused the world's climate shift. Ken's theory is proven to be factual in episode 52 when Him uses all of his power to control Mount Fuji and ends up causing abnormal climate shifts similar to the first episode. Utonium then reasons that the Chemical Z lights that resulted from the explosion may have actually been Kennainium He (the white lights that created the Powerpuff Girls Z, which also gave birth to the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume long ago) and Him's powers (the black lights that caused its victims to become villains/monsters). He is represented by a scorpion, and His theme is "The Rise of Him" from the OST.

When his body and mind are separated, his mind and powers take on the form of the Black Particles while his body turns into a rag doll version of himself with X's for eyes.


As with the original Powerpuff Girls villains, it is not uncommon for the villains in the Powerpuff Girls Z series to join forces in order to defeat the Powerpuff Girls Z. Also like in the original series, the alliance usually lasts only one episode.

Mojo and the Amoeba Boys: In episode 13, Mojo saw the Amoeba Boys, who were being ignored by the Powerpuff Girls Z, and wanted to use them to defeat the girls. The Amoeba Boys then regarded Mojo as "Mojo-sensei", wanting to be taught how to become evil. Mojo taught the boys to cause havoc using graffiti, and after getting the attention of the girls, Mojo sent them into space. They then rejoiced their victory by smashing the buildings of Tokyo City (Mojo in his Mojo Robo and the Amoeba Boys in their fused Amoeba form). However, the girls quickly returned and defeated Mojo Jojo. The Amoeba Boys left their master and fled into a dark alley. The Amoeba Boys often join Mojo on rampages, still calling him 'Mojo-sensei'.

Mojo, Fuzzy, and the Gangreen Gang: The Magnificent Seven: In episode 18, Mojo, Fuzzy, and the Gangreen Gang were upset over the latest humiliating defeat at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls Z. Mojo, after noticing that the seven of them were dealing with the same problem, urged all of them to band together and defeat the Powerpuff Girls Z, naming their alliance "The Magnificent Seven". In their first battle against the Powerpuff Girls Z, the seven of them were split into three groups: Mojo and Snake used a modified Mojo Robo against Blossom, Fuzzy, Big Billy, and Little Arturo combined their power and speed to overcome Buttercup, and Ace and Grubber utilized Grubber's transformation ability to overwhelm Bubbles. They successfully defeated the girls, but eventually, their teamwork began to dissolve because Mojo, Fuzzy, and Ace wanted to be leader (with the rest of the Gangreen Gang wanting Ace to be the leader). They were then defeated by the returning Powerpuff Girls Z and sent to the moon. The Magnificent Seven is often regarded as the "Beat-Alls" of Powerpuff Girls Z. Their name is reference to the film The Magnificent Seven.

Princess, Sedusa and Lady: Monster Ladies: In Episode 28, due to a series of coincidences, Lady, Himeko, and Sakurako all end up transformed into monsters together. Angry about the news that Himeko's father has made a golden statue of Powerpuff Girls Z to be unveiled in the park, they set out to make themselves stand out more than the girls by stealing the statue and replacing it with one of themselves provided by Princess (which, not surprisingly, made Princess herself look better than her teammates), tossing "gifts" of smelly perfume, toys from the sewers, and rotten exotic fruits to the people from Princess' helicopter, and forming an off-key rock-and-roll band known as the "Pretty Princess and Ladies Monsters."

Miko Shirogane / Shirogane Z, Himeko Shirogane and Mojo In Episodie 41, Miko and Himeko join with Mojo to destruye Powerpuff Girls Z With the experiment Z, And then Miko Shirogane transforn in Shirogane Z.

Other characters affected by black lights or black powder

Alongside the returning Powerpuff Girls villains, many other anime-specific characters were created. Many of these are one-shot villains and are based on objects. Many of them often cause trouble due to various "abuses" by the citizens of the Tokyo City (eg. Noodler's reason for causing trouble is to force people to eat ramen the way it was original made without seasoning or other substances) Takaaki is the only exception to this as it has been confirmed that he will appear again in the future. After the vegetable monsters, many of the later monsters are brought to life through the use of Him's black particles.

* / nihongo|Great Michel|グレートミッシェル|Gurēto Missheru|Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe: The first original villain in the series, debuting in episode 10. Michel is an effeminate Italian beautician at the Hair Salon Charisma. He believes that he is a genius beautician and is very conceited because of this. However, his co-workers and customers are not very fond of Michel's cone-shaped hair style nor his attitude. Whenever he is upset, Michel pulls out a stuffed bear that compliments him. However, a stray Chemical Z black light engulfed him and the bear and now whenever Michel pulls the string, he turns into an even more conceited version of his former self. Michel has two forms. The first one, which he refers to as Great Michel, dresses in a fancy red attire and his speech begins to deteriorate as his Japanese starts to sound awkward and throws in English in some of his phrases. His main power is the ability to hypnotize others when his eyes turn red. He can also use his scissors to create cone-shapes on harder surfaces (such as Mojo's helmet). His second form appears to be more of a monster, which is the true form of Great Michel. In this form, his face turns green and looks a lot more comical than intimidating. His left hand turns into giant scissors and his right hand turns into a comb, both of which can shoot super hard hair gel. His legs can also function as scissors. He still has his hypnosis ability and can grow by hypnotizing himself with a mirror or a reflective object. Upon his defeat, Ken and the girls changed the recording in his stuffed bear to prevent any further transformations. He makes several short appearances in future episodes.

Due to his skills as a barber and Italian accent, Michel was based on the main character of the famous opera, "The Barber of Seville."

*nihongo|Takaaki|タカアキ|Takaaki|Voice Actor: Daisuke Kishio: Introduced as a new original villain in episode 12. Takaaki is Miyako's childhood friend, whom Miyako refers to as "Taka-chan". Momoko sometimes referred to him as the "Shabon (Bubble) Knight" in an effort to tease Miyako. In the past, Takaaki helped Miyako and a couple of her friends when they were bullied by a group of boys. He played with Miyako and the girls, blowing bubbles for them. He showed them a trick called "Shabon Freedom", a special trick that involves blowing small bubbles into a larger one. When the larger bubble popped, the small bubbles would fly away, free from the containment of the larger bubble. He and Miyako parted ways, promising to see each other again someday. Taka, however, has a chronic illness and is constantly hospitalized because of this. One day, he was engulfed by one of the stray chemical Z black lights. Depressed over his seclusion in the hospital, Chemical Z began to affect his body, transforming him into a wolf-lion creature with armor plating below his waist and on his shoulders. There is no specific name given for Taka's transformation. In this form, Taka has great power and even greater speed. He can only growl in this form and can do nothing but cause destruction. However, the original Taka's mind will occasionally take control, as seen when he innocently starts blowing bubbles and he is even able to save a young boy from being hurt. Unlike the previous originally human villains, he does not return to normal as he runs away after Miyako realizes that the monster is Taka. He re-appears in episode 48 where he is now able to talk, and through his anger of returning to his weak body makes wings grow out of his back. But after Miyako is able to calm him down he is returned to normal through Bubble's "Shabon Freedom Finish" special move exclusive to the episode. He still has his illness but Miyako now visits him quite often.

Because of his Monster form appearance and nickname, it is possible that he got the name "Taka" from Scar of "The Lion King". "Taka" was Scar's original name.

*nihongo|Camera Monster|カメラモンスター|Kamera Monsutā|Voice Actor: Naomi Kusumi: Another new villain who appeared in episode 13. This villain used to be an old camera that belonged to the Mayor. Unfortunately, the Mayor no longer had any use for the old camera which was taking black and white photographs only and had Miss Bellum throw it away. On the very same day it was tossed, the camera was engulfed in one of the black chemical z rays, and was turned into a monster. The Camera monster's main ability is the ability to use its flash to project a special light that causes his victim to lose its color, similar to the power of Mr. Mime in the original Powerpuff Girls episode "Mime For A Change". On the other hand,many of the victims were send to the hospital because of this. Usually, the flash only affects certain portions of the body (in the Mayor's case, it was the entire right side of his body). The Camera can also extend its legs and its tripod hands. Upon seeing the Mayor, the Camera's anger caused him to grow. However, Blossom's plan to use its own flash against the monster defeated it for good. Upon its defeat, photos of its victims scattered everywhere, and victims were cured upon touching their own respective photos. Since then, the Mayor has taken better care of the camera.

*nihongo|Noodler|ヌードラー|Nūdorā|Voice Actor: Takumi Yamazaki: A new black light monster who appeared in episode 15. After the explosion of the Chemical Z ray, one of the black lights engulfed a bag of flour, which was primarily used to make noodles or, in this case, ramen. The bag was carried to a ramen restaurant where a chef used the flour to cook ramen. When it was served, one of his customers used heavy seasoning on the ramen, much to the dismay of the chef. However, the seasoning had caused the ramen to transform into an angry monster, now known as Noodler. Unlike most black light monsters and villains, Noodler is not trying to harm anyone, commit any crime, or attempt domination over Tokyo City. Like the chef who created him, Noodler wishes that people would eat their ramen pure, without the addition of any seasoning or other substances. With the exception of Buttercup, most people didn't agree with him and were often annoyed with his constant ranting. When he lost his patience, Noodler began attacking customers in all the local ramen restaurants. The Powerpuff Girls Z chased after him, but every ramen shop they went into offered them food hoping that advertising "The Powerpuff Girls Z ate here!" would bring in more business. Because it is culturally unacceptable for them to reject prepared food that is given to them for free, the girls are forced to eat at every ramen shop Noodler has terrorized, making them sluggish and extremely full. When they catch up to Noodler, the girls are unable to fight him due to over eating. However, the chef who created him asked him to stop what he was doing, for the purpose of ramen was to make people happy, regardless of what people do when they eat it. Noodler returned to the chef's restaurant and became the chef's partner and mascot, making him the first black light monster to be spared by the Powerpuff Girls Z. Noodler also made a cameo appearance in episode 33. Unlike most one-shot villains it has its own symbol, a type of kamaboko called naruto, as in the picture, as well as as its own ending phrase, "dora".

*nihongo|Radio Wave Monster|電波モンスター|Denpa Monsutā|Voice Actor: Kenichi Ono: A black light monster who appeared in episode 17. The monster was originally one of the waves sent through the cell phone communication tower in Tokyo City. When the black light hit the top of the communication tower, the monster remained dormant transferring each cell phone's call. However, it was fed up with the Mayor and the Principal constant bickering through each other's cell phone. Their argument caused the Radio-wave Monster to awaken and attack Tokyo City. The Radio-wave monster has total control over all cell phones in the city. With this control, the monster is able to ring and levitate every cell phone in the city. He can also bring together all the cell phones and create a giant cell phone monster. The Radio-wave monster possesses great speed and can outrun the Powerpuff Girls Z. However, like all cell phones, his speed and abilities are weakened when underground. It is later revealed that the Radio-wave monster did not mean any harm and wished for the Mayor and the Principal to stop fighting. In the end, the Radio-wave monster returns to the communication tower. It becomes the second monster that was originally an object to retain its black light, the first being Noodler. He ends some of his sentences with "ji".

*nihongo|Piano Monster|ピアノモンスター|Piano Monsutā|Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa: The black light monster who appeared in episode 19. The monster was originally a piano in a piano school. It was hit by a black light during the Chemical Z explosion, but it remained dormant for quite some time. When Mojo broke into the school in order to use his "musical talent" to take over the world, the piano no longer had any patience and transformed into another black light monster. The piano monster loves those who can play it and hates those who can't play. As a monster, its main ability is the ability devour any human he sees, which allows him to grow in size and power. Although he can devour many people, he usually devours anyone with musical talent. However, Bubbles' musical talent and the cooperation of the piano monster's victims were able to create soothing music that allowed the monster to release its victim and shrink, weakening it in this process. At the end of the episode, Miyako kept the piano and played it for Momoko and Kaoru.

*nihongo|Piyo|プヨ|Puyo|Voice Actor: Chika Sakamoto: Appears in episode 21. Originally a toy duck, it's owner, a young boy, accidentally loses it and the duck ends up in the nearby river. During this time, the duck gets into contact with a black light, but does not move until Peach trips on it while retrieving a soccer ball. Since this meeting, Puyo begins to follow Peach. Peach originally wishes for Puyo to leave, but soon takes care of it by feeding it soap. At night, Peach and Puyo would usually play on the seesaw. However, as time passed, Puyo grew larger, eventually reaching the height of Tokyo City's buildings and soon became the concern of the Powerpuff Girls Z. Puyo eventually reaches its normal size when the girls squeeze the water out of it. By the end of the episode, its original owner squeezes the black light out of Piyo and takes Piyo home, leaving behind a saddened Peach.

*nihongo|Vegetable Monsters|野菜モンスター|Yasai Monsutā: Appears in episode 21. A group of three different vegetables that were hit by the black light just before they were shipped out to market. The light activated when Ken, while eating at a restaurant with the Prof. and Peach, refused to eat his vegetables and gave his to the Professor. This act cause the black light to transform his pieces of celery, carrots, and peppers into three-foot monster vegetable, disillusioned and angry that humans refused to eat each of their kind. When the girls confronted them and refused to fight them because they were each disgusted by a specific monster, they were even further insulted and thusly called out to every single celery, carrot, and pepper on the entire planet to join them on a massive global exodus of Earth. After a grueling fight, the girls finally defeated them by drenching them and their hoard of thousands of "trillions" of vegetables in salad dressing, allowing the girls to overcome their disgust, eat their fill, and beat back the plants. These monsters are the final beings effected by the Black Light. Similar storyline based on the Broccoloids from the original PPG episode "Beat your Greens".
**nihongo|Carrot Monster|ニンジンモンスター|Ninjin Monsutā|Voice Actor:Miwa Matsumoto Excelling in spinning and full body attacks, it is able to defeat Buttercup easily, due to her hatred of carrots. However, it is no match for Blossom, who "loves" carrots.
**nihongo|Celery Monster|セロリモンスター|Serori Monsutā|Voice Actor:Ryōtarō Okiayu Excelling in kicking, it is able to defeat Blossom easily due to her hatred of celery. However, it is no match for Bubbles, who "loves" celery.
**nihongo|Pepper Monster|ピーマンモンスター|Pīman Monsutā|Voice Actor: Motoki Takagi The apparent leader of the three. Excelling in punches, it is able to defeat Bubbles easily, due to her hatred of peppers. However, it is no match for Buttercup, who "loves" peppers.

*nihongo|Mummy|ミイラ|Miira|Voice Actor: Kenji Nomura Appears in episode 22. When Him first awakens inside his coffin, he's still trapped because of the Kennainium He (White light) seals on it. To escape, he used his black powder to bring a bundle of mummy bandages in his home to life as a mummy to track down the Edo Science Lab to steal the power of the White light from the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume, which could break the seals, not realizing that hundreds of years had gone by since they sealed him away. As the mummy rampaged through Tokyo, smashing open stores and asking the owners for directions, the Girls originally thought that it was just Mojo Jojo in disguise. However, the truth was revealed, and after defeating Mojo itself, the mummy then proceeded to drain away the Girls' white light and their powers (which also increases his own strength and size). Thankfully, they were able to recover and destroy it. Afterwards, the mummy's bandages flew back to Him unnoticed and broke the seals on his coffin, freeing him.

*nihongo|Kabuki Monster|歌舞伎モンスター|Kabuki Monsutā|Voice Actor: Masaya Onosaka: Appears in episode 23. A young boy who dresses like a comedian goes to an ice-cream shop where he is in love with the girl working there. He tells bad jokes but she laughs anyway. Her father comes in and tells the boy to go away unless he becomes a kabuki and instead of making people laugh, he would move their hearts. The boy doesn't want to because of all the makeup so the father kicks him into a trashcan, filled paint and makeup bottles. Black powder floats by and attached themselves to the discarded makeup and soon into the boy. It takes over the boy and turns him into the Kabuki Monster. He goes back to the father to tell him he would make him cry. He uses his Kabuki Beam and instantly makes him cry a lot. The PPGZ start to transform but the Kabuki Monster hits them with the beam, stopping their transformations. He goes around the city making people cry which causes the city to flood. The PPGZ aren't able to attack him because he would only make them cry. So what they had to do was tell bad comedian jokes which transformed him back to normal. This plot is similar to the original PPG villain Lou Gubrious, who used a ray to make all of Townsville cry in the episode "City of Frownsville".

*nihongo|Insect King|昆虫王|Konchūō: Appears in episode 23. Originally the beetle belonged to a boy who wanted to enter a beetle tournament to see which beetle would be the strongest. It was given special power food banned from the tournament to do so because power food greatly shortens the beetles' life spans. The boy became obsessed with making his beetle the strongest because, when he was younger, he was disliked for playing with beetles at school. When he won the last beetle tournament, everyone wanted to be his friend because he won. He thought he would make more friends if he won again so he decides to cheat. Without his knowledge, a black powder slipped through his window crack and was put in his beetle. It gave the beetle super strength and started to knock the other beetles in his cage, surprising the boy. It also was able to talk but the boy was unaware that it was his own beetle that was talking. With this strength, he thought for sure he would win again and be number one. In the last match of the tournament, him and Ken were the finalist. The boy's beetle looks like it was going to win but Ken said with just strength and no love for his beetle, he could never win. Ken's beetle beats the boy's. When the beetle lost, it became 10 times its normal size with a purple color to it. It then started to fly around and zap people in the audience with a beam which would freeze anybody who got hit. It was about to ram Ken but Ken's beetle headbutted it and knocked it back, even though Ken's beetle was way smaller. The Powerpuff Girls Z were able to defeat it in the end. Afterwards, they don't actually show it turning back into normal or being taken to Prof. Utonium to be returned back to normal, but it's assumed it was. Some similarity to "Roach Coach" episode of the PPG as in Buttercup is a coach for Ken to train his beetle.

*nihongo|Penna & Gomma|ペンナ&ゴンマ|Penna & Gonma|Penna Voice Actor: Satomi Kōrogi, Gomma Voice Actor: Makoto Tsumura: Appears in episode 25. While Bubbles was working on some homework in a library, she opened a window to get some fresh air. Him's black powder floated past her without her noticing and was absorbed into her pen with a tank keychain on it and her eraser. They came to life with both having arms and eyes. Goma was given legs but since Penna had the tank key chain attached to it, the treads on the tank became her legs. Even though Goma was hit by the black spore, he seems to be quite good for a monster. Penna goes out in the city and pulls off a ton of pranks, jokes, and graffiti all over buildings, roads, and signs. Bubbles and Goma find Penna, who tells Goma to be more evil. Penna goes off continuing her fun and Goma doesn't want to get involved, but Bubbles drags him along to help. Penna brags about her work and trips and slides into an angry mob. Bubbles and Goma want to help so Bubbles says that Goma can erase all of Penna's work. He gets praised for being able to fix all the mess Penna has caused. Unfortunately, Penna becomes enraged with Goma for making himself look good at her expense and tells him that she never wants to see him again. Penna goes off while people are using Goma so much that he starts to wear down in size. Penna sees that he's in trouble and goes to help Goma. The mob gets into a fist fight with Penna and Goma, and Bubbles, who tries to help, gets caught in the fight. After the fight, Penna, Goma, and Bubbles sit near the river to talk. After they talk, Bubbles notices that they have turned back into an ordinary pen and eraser.

*nihongo|Holle|ヘレ|Here|Voice Actor: Masako Katsuki: Appears in episode 25. Feeling left out of being chosen by other flowers, it becomes jealous. A piece of the black powder turned the flower into a monster. It then gave off many seeds that floated around town, and whatever it touched, it sprouted flowers on that spot. When the next day came, the whole city was in a flower mess. The roads were covered, cars were covered, sinks wouldn't work, even the Mayor and Momoko had flowers right on their noses. A flower sprouted on Momoko's transformation belt and she wasn't able to pull the compact out to transform. It has the power to send seeds at you with speed and strength. It can also extend its "arms" with power to knock you down. With Momoko not able to transform, Bubbles and Buttercup tried but couldn't get near the flower. Sakurako was passing by and tried to talk to the flower. When she was done, the flower wasn't angry anymore and was transformed back into its normal self with the black spore in it gone.
*Sushi Monsters: Appears in episode 27. A sushi-making machine is hit by black particles and starts producing a variety of different sushi monsters due to the different types of sushis. The Sushi Monsters begin fighting over who is the sushi super star. Thus, to settle the dispute, they decide to see who is eaten the most by forcing humans to eat them. Unfortunately, since everyone's scared of them and they put too much wasabi on themselves, nobody wants to eat them. The Powerpuff Girls Z try to defeat the Sushi Monsters, but too many keep appearing. Buttercup then knocks the sushi machine to the moon. Then the Powerpuff Girls Z lure all the Sushi Monsters by creating a soy sauce fountain and lace it with Chemical Z solution. The Sushi Monsters are turned back into normal, but still have the wasabi sauce on them. The sushi machine is still churning out sushi monsters on the moon, though the monsters are now promptly eaten by aliens.
**nihongo|Tuna Moster|まぐろモンスター|Maguro Monsutā|Voice Actor: Wataru Takagi
**nihongo|Squid Monster|イカモンスター|Ika Monsutā|Voice Actor: Yasuhiro Takoto
**nihongo|Sea Urchin Monster|ウニモンスター|Uni Monsutā|Voice Actor: Eiji Takemoto
**nihongo|Horse Mackrel Monster|アジモンスター|Aji Monsutā|Voice Actor: Kazuya Ichijō
**nihongo|Salmon Roe Monster|イクラモンスター|Ikura Monsutā
*nihongo|Fever Man|フィーバーマン|Fībā Man|Voice Actor: Hiroshi Iwasaki: Appears in Episode 29. A highly anxious businessman is affected by black particles and turns into a clown-esque disco monster. His outfit sports gold and red clothes and he has a large red afro. He has the ability to transform other people to have gold clothing and a big red afro using a beam from his finger, including the Powerpuff Girls Z. Anyone who is transformed has to dance the Nsync with Fever Man, this making everyone exhausted from all the dancing. Since the Powerpuff Girls Z got transformed by Fever Man, they aren't able to attack. Ken, who was hiding in the bathroom so he wouldn't dance, comes out and asks Professor Utonium what's going on. He can't hear him due to the loud music so goes to control room to turn it down. He gets transformed but spins and gets dizzy and trips over the plug which turns off the music. The Powerpuff Girls Z are freed from Fever Man's spell and defeat him. They turn Fever Man back into normal but the man still has his big red afro. However, in the next episode he brushes out the black particles and causes his hair to return to normal. The character, as well as the title and plot of the episode he debuts, is a parody of the film Saturday Night Fever. This could be seen as a shout-out to the original series' Boogie Man.

*nihongo|Ghost Shepherd|羊飼幽霊|Hitsujishi Yūrei|Voice Actor: Yasuhiro Takato: Appears in Episode 30. When the girls are chasing some black particles from the business man who was Fever Man, the particles increase their speed by changing into the shape of a stealth plane and the girls aren't able to catch up. They lose the particles near an art museum, which the girls then decided to visit. As the black particles return to Him and tell him about being chased, he brings a painting of a ghastly shepherd in his home to life by blowing black particles into it. Him asks the ghost why he looks sad, and the Ghost Shepherd complains that one sheep is missing from his painting and he can't sleep until all 10 are accounted for. Him tells him that the girls that give off the white light stole his missing sheep and he should go beat them up. After getting a good scare from the Ghost Shepherd at the museum, the girls try and fight back, only to see that their weapons go right through him. As the girls run to Ken and the Professor, Ken suggests that he must have miscounted. As the ghost recounts his sheep, he slowly starts to become sleepy. Blossom interrupts the ghost asking what time it is. This causes the Ghost Shepherd to skip a number and counting the 9 sheep as 10 sheep. Now that all 10 were counted by the Ghost Shepherd, the tired ghost is turned back into black particles and he is returned back to his painting.

*nihongo|Funta|フン太|Funta|Voice Actor: Jūrōta Kosugi: Appears in Episode 31. Funta is a dung beetle who, naturally, rolls up dung. During the summer time, he is hit by a black light (which has confused some PPGZ fans who assumed all the black lights had already been accounted for by previous villains, although it is still unconfirmed how the Gangreen Gang came into being) and gains super strength, stamina, and a colorful pattern on his shell. He then bosses the other bugs around until he comes out of his home in winter and finds to his shock that all the bugs have disappeared due to the cold weather. He is now all alone and goes around town. One day he wonders into the lab and gets knocked out by Kaoru's shoe. Ken takes him to a bug sanctuary, which keep bugs sheltered from the freezing temperature, and leaves him boxed up for the night. During the night, after Funta eats rabbit protein food, he breaks out from the box and upon reaching the inside, he meets a female dung beetle, named Koroko, and instantly falls in love. Feeling an urge of bravery, Funta breaks Koroko out of the sanctuary to the outside in the cold weather. While having a friendly conversation with her, he knows that female dung beetles are generally impressed by whoever rolls the largest dung ball, and he can propose to Koroko if she is impressed. However, Funta get's carried away when he first mistakes a statue of ice-cream for dung. As he starts to roll around, his idea of a dung ball involves rolling up half of Tokyo City, even managing to roll up Blossom due to her yo-yo getting stuck after she tries to attack it. Suddenly, he senses that the Koroko has succumbed to the cold weather. Learning his mistake the hard way, he sacrifies his strength and stamina if Koroko could be saved by crying out the black light's effects. The Powerpuff Girls Z and Ken find both of them barely alive and they are taken to the sanctuary. In the end of the episode, Funta is rolling up dung like a normal dung beetle with Koroko watching him.

*Neopolitano: Appears in episode 33. A bowl of Spaghetti Neopolitan pasta affected by black particles. With a pride based around Italian food, Neopolitano argues about the lack of authentic Italian cuisines in restaurants, including a nearby dish of Spaghetti Bolognese, which is more popular overseas than in Italy. This lands him in trouble and he runs off, only to bump into a runaway Momoko. He talks to her about wanting to go to a faraway place and she agrees to join up with him. They head off to a ship leaving Tokyo City, but Neopolitano leaves Momoko behind, since she already has people who care about her. In the end of the episode, Neopolitano meets on the ship with Noodler on board.

*Kaasa Kaasa: Featured in episode 34, this is Miyako's house affected by black particles. When Momoko and Kaoru are invited for a sleepover there, Miyako asks them to help clean up the house since she never has enough time to finish cleaning. Momoko and Kaoru start cleaning, but they cheat a little bit by transforming into Blossom and Buttercup. They leave out one room because they did not notice it. Miyako's Grandmother explains that a house has feelings- if you clean it, it will be happy, but if you neglect to clean it, it will be angry. Since they forgot to clean the far room, the house became insulted and its feelings have been hurt. During the night, the house first starts to make noises, which freaks out Momoko and Kaoru while Miyako is too tired to notice. Then the house starts to move floor panels and doors around. Next brooms and mops start flying around, and the girls figure that the house is possibly possessed by ghosts. They run into a room that is completely filled with dust. Upon escaping the house from out the window, their nerves calm down when it turns out it's just a monster when they see the roof has a huge mouth with teeth. The Powerpuff Girls Z try to attack the house but their attacks are countered by the house using brooms, mops, dustpans, etc. to block them. Upon seeing the house coughing up dust by the girls, Momoko remembers what Miyako's Grandmother said about houses having feelings, so she tells Bubbles and Buttercup to start cleaning the room. After the room is cleaned, the black particles leave the house and it is returned to normal. This monster looks similar to a movie, "Monster House".

*nihongo|Grass Monsters|雑草モンスター|Zessō Monsutā|Voice Actor: Kenichi Ono: Featured in episode 35. When two super models are out for a photo shoot, they are taken to an area outside that has a lot of weeds by it and with a cow nearby. They are disgusted by the amount of weeds there are and leave. This angers the grass monsters because they actually aren't weeds. The models come back to the same spot after it was hit by the Black Light, and they once again call the grass weeds. The grass monsters finally emerge and transform into actual monsters. They attack the models. After the Powerpuff Girls Z are sent out, the grass monsters explain that they are grass and not weeds. They become visibly upset that nearly everyone in town doesn't know their proper names but knows the name of prettier plants like the rose. All they want is to be called by their names and stop being called weeds, which is why they got angry and became monsters. The models misunderstand this and believe they were attacked because they were so beautiful. Because of this false thinking, they want to be attacked more, believing that the more they are attacked, the more beautiful they must be. The other women near by see the Grass Monsters running past them and they think since they weren't attacked, they aren't beautiful, and so they chase the Grass Monsters. Blossom rescues the Grass Monsters from the mob of women, and brings them to the lab where they are turned back into their original state. The girls then replant the grass back where they belong. In an act of compassion, they call the grasses by their names as they plant them back into the soil.
*nihongo|Tokugawa Tsunayoshi|徳川綱吉|Tokugawa Tsunayoshi|Voice Actor: Eiji Yanagisawa: Featured in episode 35. Him watches a Jidaigeki show that deals with the old 'animal compassion law'. He gets an evil idea from that law and revives the ghost of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. The ghost then possesses the Mayor and, as the Mayor, announces that all monsters are protected under the newly established 'monster compassion law'. This in turn ables all of Tokyo City's monsters to cause chaos in town without consequences, and anyone trying to stop them will be arrested. This brings out all kinds of monsters in Tokyo City that have never been seen before and who seem to come from out of nowhere. The Powerpuff Girls Z try to stop the Gangreen Gang, but the Mayor sends out the police force to try and arrest the girls. Ms. Bellum calls Professor Utonium for help. Professor tries several things and comes to the conclusion that the Mayor is possessed by a spirit. He realizes that the 'monster compassion law' is just like the 'animal compassion law' from the past and tells the Powerpuff Girls Z about it. The girls trick the ghost to come out from the Mayor's body by making him eat a hot dog. Since they didn't have hot dogs back then, the girls tell him it's a hot dog and that makes him think it is a real hot "dog." In the end, Bubbles traps the ghost in a bubble and Buttercup sends him back to his grave. This plot is somewhat similar to the episode "Bought and Scold" where Princess Morebucks buys the City Of Townsville and makes crime legal.

*Octi: Shown in episode 36. At a hotel resort, Him is relaxing while his black particles come to his attention and reveals the possible identities of the Powerpuff Girls Z. He decides that if he wants to beat them, he would have to separate them. So in order to do that, he spots Octi while Miyako is being shown by the black particles and creates a plan. He then sends black particles to possess Octi. Octi then secretly causes trouble for the girls. Among doing so, Octi cuts a heart-shaped hole in Momoko's gym shorts then plants the piece in Miyako's sewing kit. Next Octi empties Momoko's and Miyako's lunches, which causes them to blame Kaoru for eating their lunches. Later in the episode, Him makes Octi grow several times his height to become a giant. Octi captures Ms. Bellum and forces the Powerpuff Girls Z to be sent out. They reach Octi, save Ms. Bellum, but Bubbles is captured right afterwards. Octi threatens to kill Bubbles if Blossom and Buttercup do not surrender. Bubbles tries to talk to Octi and explain how much she loves him. She cries out a tear which sends Him into a panic, not knowing what this love is, forcing out the black particles from Octi and returning him to normal. The episode is clearly based on the original Powerpuff Girls episode "Octi Evil", in which the original Him used a similar plot involving the original Octi. Him controls Octi a second time in episode 46, but only long enough to ruin Miyako's collection of dresses.

*nihongo|Musao Tetsukazu|手津数ムサオ|Tetsukazu Musao: Appears in episode 37. A manga artist whose work isn't good enough and who is seeking to become better. His name, bulbous nose, curly hair, beret and glasses are parodies of Osamu Tezuka. During an argument with this boss, some black particles floating around overheard it. When he went home, the black particles went into his sketchbook and became a living sketchbook with Him's mind. Anything he drew in his sketchbook would come to life when he folded it up like a funnel and blew through it. Monsters he created are:
**A fire-breathing Godzilla-esque kiju monster (the first case of the girls defeating an original giant monster much like in the American cartoon; defeated by Buttercup's Swing Sonic)
**UFOs (defeated by Blossom's yo-yo attack)
**Powerpuff Girls Z Gekiga style named nihongo|Herculian Bubble Girls Z|怪力発泡少女隊Z|Kairiki Happō Shōjotai Z|lit. "Powerpuff Girls Z", the Herculian Bubble Girls Z's Blossom and Bubbles were defeated by the cuteness of Blossom's and Bubbles' attacks. The group's Buttercup was defeated when she ran towards the setting sun, following the example of a personality of hot-blooded characters, and Buttercup whacked her on the head. Also, she resembles Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star
**2 monsters he made up in his sketchbook out of spite towards the Manga bosses who rejected his work and mocked him (defeated with a tap on the head from Buttercup's hammer)
**Mangaish version of Him (never came out from sketchbook but was alive on the notebook. The girls try to erase him and thus forces Him's black particles to flee from the sketchbook)

His sketchbook is returned to normal and he is given a job creating a shōnen manga of the Powerpuff Girls Z.

*nihongo|The Torimakees|トリマキーズ|Torimakīzu|lit. "The Supporters": Appear in episode 38. Himeko's lackies, Fumika and Hanayo, get turned into The Supportive Hana and Fumi by the black particles after a falling out with Himeko. When the Powerpuff Girls Z came to the rooftop of the school while they are having lunch, Fumika and Hanayo pay more attention to them than to Himeko. The Followers are dressed in Victorian dresses, powdered wigs, and want nothing more than to live off of someone else's power and influence. Their main power is amplifying a person's ego through praise, often accompanied by throwing confetti and fanning the person. The confetti itself is actually a weaker form of the black powder. Whomever they are praising ends up temporarily turning into a self-absorbed snob of their former self, performing rash and socially damaging actions. They only praise the person they believe will benefit them the most with the least amount of effort (literally, whoever they call "the strongest"). When Himeko turns into Princess at the party, the praises of The Torimakees amplify Princess' power to the point where she is more powerful than the Powerpuff Girls Z. Once the praising stopped, so did the power boost. The Torimakees are contained by Bubbles and then knocked out by Buttercup's Swing Sonic Flash, a weaker version of Swing Sonic. Fumika and Hanayo are turned back to normal at the end of the episode by the Professor and retain no memory of their alter egos.

*Panda Mask: Appears in episode 44. A wrestler, who wears a panda mask, is set to be the opponent of Kaoru's father, Mask de Torio. The mask becomes infected with black particles and takes over the wrestler's body, giving him more strength then normal. When the PPGZ arrives on the scene, the Panda Mask wrestler is powered even more by the black particles and becomes giant with super human strength. It also turned the wrestler's skin purple and gave him red glowing eyes. Mask de Torio demands to defeat his opponent in the respected lucha fashion. After being defeated, the mask is removed and destroyed.

*nihongo|Prince Kaeru/The Frog Prince|カエル王子|Kaeru Ōji|Voice Actor: Toshio Furukawa: Appears in episode 45. Discovered long after the black particles were introduced, this opera-singing frog was in the middle of mating when it was struck by one of the Black Lights. As a result, it turned into a humanoid creature wearing a royal prince outfit. Since then, he has been looking for his one true love to turn him back into his true form, though explained in a rather fairy tale fashion. Momoko ends up falling into this misunderstanding and believes that kissing Prince Kero would turn him into a cute prince like in the fairy tales. Eventually, his frog mate finds Prince Kero, kisses him, and turns him back into a frog. Another of the few one-shot monsters where the professor could not turn him back to normal with the ray gun. He ends almost all of his lines (singing and speaking) with a ribbit using the words "kero kero".

Other characters not confirmed to be affected by black lights/spores

*nihongo|Miko Shirogane / Shirogane Z|白金神子/シロガネーZ|Shirogane Miko/Shiroganē Zetto|Voice Actor: Mariko KōdaHimeko's sister. Whilst she is first made known of in Episode 16, she makes her formal debut in Episode 41, having been out of town for a while. She doesn't appear to have been affected by either the white or black lights or black spores.She is multi-talented in many areas such as cheerleading, art and even flying a jetplane, and thus gets a lot of attention from her parents, much to Himeko's dismay. Despite the jealousy it causes Himeko, usually resulting into a transformation into Princess, she and Miko care for each other when they finally get time together. In previous episodes, Miko has been shown with a nice personality, but in fact, just like Himeko, she has a hatred for the PPGZ for standing out even more than her. Working with Himeko and buying the assistance of Mojo, Miko forms a plan to humiliate the girls.Mojo causes havoc in the town and the PPGZ gets to work, unaware that Miko and a group of scientists are studying their abilities and weapons. When Mojo is vanquished, Miko makes her move in a PPGZ-esque outfit, calling herself 'Shirogane Z', but she can only be in this form for a three minutes. Using a device that can transform and mimic the PPGZ's weapons, she counters all of their attacks. She then calls Mojo to finish them off, only to blast him with her Shirogane Blaster. She then shakes the hand of a confused Blossom and flies off.The nature of Miko's plan is revealed in a news report where, thanks to some clever video editing, it appears that Mojo is beating the girls and Miko swoops in and saves the day. After succeeding in her plan, Miko once again leaves town. Possible she was a normal person but she is jelous about powerpuf girls z similar to her sister.

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