Gaudi (musician)

Gaudi (musician)
Birth name Daniele Gaudi
Also known as Gaudi, Dub Alchemist, Groovekilla, Mad Master Moog, Lele Gaudi,
Born July 12, 1963 (1963-07-12) (age 48)
Bologna, Italy
Genres Dub, Reggae, Electronica, World Music, Breakbeat
Occupations Musician, Composer, Record Producer, Songwriter, Singer
Instruments Theremin, moog, Keyboards, Melodica, Singing
Years active 1981-present
Labels Polygram, Mercury Records, Six Degrees, Interchill, FAX, Em:t

Daniele Gaudi (born July 12, 1963 in Bologna, Italy) is a musician, composer, record producer. and solo artist. Gaudi's music is a fusion of dub, worldbeat and electronica. Despite the majority of his production work taking place at his studio in London, he is a busy solo artist/performer and spends a large proportion of his time touring - performing to club and festival audiences around the world. His career started in the early 1980s, his musical foundations were set in electronic and reggae music.[1]



Early days - Italy 1981-1995

Gaudi's professional career started in 1981 in Italy as a keyboard player in the new-wave band Wild Planet. Two years later he joined electronica band Red Light and following that in 1985 he became a member of Violet Eves, a band with an important role in the Italian underground music scene combining electronica, punk and traditional Italian melodies. Later that same year Gaudi joined the reggae band Bamboo Company who gave him the opportunity to develop his production skills and also increased his music knowledge in what was to become the heart and soul of his style from then on – Reggae music.

Gaudi started to gain recognition in the music underground scene for his production work and began to be approached by other bands for studio production and collaboration work. This included work with ‘The Gang’ (album “Barricada”, 1985) and ‘Disciplinatha’ (album “Abbiamo pazientato 40 anni, ora basta”, 1987).

In 1986 Gaudi and three members of his previous band Bamboo Company formed Raptus, the first Hip Hop band to use Italian lyrics. They released the single “Peggio della colla” with the Indie label Multimedia Attak Punk Records and were subsequently spotted by Italian popstar Vasco Rossi and his production team Terryball. Terryball produced the next single but although expectation for the project was high unfortunately exposure was low and the band split.

In 1987 Gaudi began his first solo project as a singer under the name ‘Lele Gaudi’ with the creation of what was to become the first ‘Raggamuffin’ album written in the Italian language.[2] In 1988 the album was finished however record companies were uneasy with the concept of an untried formula and unwilling to take the risk of releasing it. Gaudi spent the next 2 years meeting companies to find an appropriate record deal. During this period he also spent time in Jamaica , testing his project and getting valuable feedback on the quality of his work; it was well received.

Back in Italy, he teamed up with producers Ricky Rinaldi aka ‘Ohm Guru’ and Frank Nemola to form production company ‘Tubi Forti’. Together they produced many indie bands including icons of the Italian hip hop scene ‘Isola Posse All Stars’. This versatile production team also released many dance tunes under different names including: ‘National Rare Groove’, ‘Dr Muff & Crazy Stuff’, ‘4t Thieves’, ‘Etnotechno’ (Gaudi's first experiment using world music with a fusion of Egyptian chants and electro funk).

Two years on from the initial knock-backs Gaudi's signed his first major record deal with Polygram for his solo project. His first single “ Maliniconico Love” was recorded in London featuring Ragga artist ‘Crucial Robbie’ and the video which followed was given major attention by MTV.

Gaudi's debut album “ Basta Poco” was released in Italy in 1991. Massive national media exposure culminated in the winning of his first award as ”Best Italian New Coming Artist 1991”.

Gaudi's second single “1990 Anni Fa” was released later in the year by Polygram/Mercury Records and was promptly banned from Vatican City due to its ‘sensitive content'. Needless to say this did nothing to harm record sales.

For the tour that followed the success of the album, Gaudi was backed by reggae band WDX. This was the beginning of 4 years of continuous touring and live performances with major international reggae artists[3] including: Ziggy Marley, Third World, Sister Carol, I Threes, Sweetie Irie, Half Pint, The Wailers, Yellowman, Freddie McGregor, Mutabaruka, Maxi Priest, Shinehead and Jimmy Cliff .

By 1992 Gaudi was becoming an established figure in the Italian music scene and his next single “ Magari” was a top ten hit. The video was also a regular on the MTV playlist. 1992 also saw the release of the politically controversial single “ Legala” by To-sse , a landmark collaboration between many of the major names in the Italian underground scene of which Gaudi was one.

For his second album ‘Gaudium Magnum’ the tag ‘Lele Gaudi’ became simply Gaudi. The single “ Andavo a 100 all'ora” reached the top 10.

In 1993 Gaudi added his signature to a collaboration with socially conscious popstar Ricky Gianco (well known for his upfront social commentary). The exposure gained from this project, firmly established Gaudi as a household name.

In 1994 Gaudi wrote a vocal Ragga part for the single “ Lei sta con te” for pop singer Francesco Baccini

Pulling together previous influences and flavors Gaudi started experimenting with the Theremin in dub and world music, releasing several tracks under the name ‘Dub Alchemist’.

Gaudi 1981.jpg

Gaudi performing live in 1981

London - 1995 - present

In 1995 Gaudi made the decision to move to London where access to a growing international and more groundbreaking music industry would allow him to continue to develop both artistically and professionally.[2]

in 1996 Gaudi set up ‘Metatron Studio London’ which is his current creative HQ as well as the production company ‘Sub Signal’ .

Gaudi was also still exploring the frontiers of his field and wrote and produced a concept album “Sound of Anatomy” under the name ‘Ultraviolet Zero’ with Pauli Atzei.

Gaudi had risen to the challenge of re-establishing himself and in November 1996 he reached No.1 in the UK dance chart with his remix of Cool Jack's “ Jus' come” (AM PM Records) - it was released under the project name ‘Terra Terra’, a collaboration between Gaudi and DJ Angelino. This was followed in 1997 with his remix of English indie band ‘Mansun’s’ track “Taxloss” reaching No.15 in the UK Chart and in 1998 his remix of Peter Andre’s “All about us ” reached No.3 in the UK charts.

All this bought Gaudi recognition for his work as a remixer and in the following years he remixed an impressive line up including: Lamb, Simple Minds, Artful Dodger, Kinobe, Dusted, Trilok Gurtu, 1 Giant Leap, Africa Bambaataa, Apache Indian, Shpongle, Almamegretta, Elisa among others.

In 1997 Gaudi wrote the track ‘Non ti Scrivero’’ for Italian pop star Irene Grandi which featured on her double platinum selling album ‘Per fortuna purtroppo’.

Since 1997 Gaudi has also written and produced soundtracks for TV programs including the “MTV Europe Music Awards 1998”, and music for TV commercials including ones for Sony PlayStation, Longines, Fiat, Seat, Energie, Fiorucci and “ The Express” newspaper amongst others.

In September 1999, after receiving 3 gold discs and 1 silver, Gaudi's third album “Earthbound” (Bustin Loose Recordings) was released worldwide. Earthbound contains a mix of influences ranging from Indian ragas to African chanting and from Jamaican chatting to Italian traditional melodies; it’s one unifying factor being the flavors of reggae and dub. The album featured 39 musicians from around the globe, including Jamaican Ragga artist General Levy , Indian singers Kiren Sambhi and Sonal Varsani , Sardinian voice virtuoso Tenores di Neoneli with Trio Cocco, and Antonio Testa who provided the track “ Stalagmite” , which was recorded in a cave playing natural stalagmites.

Earthbound gave Gaudi worldwide sales recognition and the exposure led to many tracks appearing on various compilations. The album ‘Earthbound in Dub’ was also released later that year on Sub Signal.

In 2000 Gaudi spent time in Africa in Burkina Faso experiencing for himself the lifestyles and culture of the indigenous communities; for Gaudi it was a profound experience personally; his connections with many talented musicians and the subsequent recordings that he made out there were the catalyst for his next album ‘Bass, Sweat & Tears’.

2000 also saw the beginning of an important collaboration between Gaudi and DJ Pathaan, one of the biggest exponents on the World music scene at that time. Together they created ‘Orchestral World Groove’ (OWG), released several tracks for compilations and toured internationally over a four year period with performing at high profile venues world wide and festivals such as Roskilde (Denmark), Skol Beat (Brazil), The Big Chill and Gatecrasher (England).

Aside from a busy schedule of performances, production and writing, 2001 saw Gaudi getting involved in creating music for films. He remixes the title track for the Italian movie “ Luna Rossa ” (music by Dr Cat (musician), Pier Paolo Polcari and Raiz) by director Sergio Capuano which was presented at Venice film Festival. He also co-wrote tracks for the soundtrack of the movie “ Cuore scatenato ” by director Gianluca Sodaro , with Raiz and Pier Paolo Polcari (two members of Italian cult band Almamegretta) .

Two further movie projects followed in 2002 as Gaudi wrote the soundtracks for “High Speed” by Hollywood director Jeff Jensen and “The Ride” by UK director Andrea Strand . He also wrote the soundtrack for the theatre play “My Beautiful Launderette” by Hanif Kureishi, subsequently released on his Sub Signal label. This year also saw the production of the album “Recreational” (Sub Signal 2002) released under the name “Weirdub” - one of Gaudi’s side projects, this time in collaboration with Dr Cat (musician), Pier Paolo Polcari and featuring bass legend Bill Laswell.

2003 started with Gaudi producing a version of the song “The man who sold the world”, by David Bowie, for historic band Simple Minds. As a result of his work Gaudi then went on to work with Simple Minds front man Jim Kerr on the production and remixing of his single “Innerworld”.

In the summer of 2003 Gaudi put the final touches to his fourth solo album “Bass, Sweat & Tears” - a fusion of dub and nu-beat with a global mix of influences, inspired by native cultures from around the world.

In the summer of 2003 Gaudi collaborated with Italian classical composer Massimo Nunzi on a ground breaking project; the work was a symphonic/jazz interpretation of Shakespeare's “The Tempest” for 20 piece Jazz/Classical orchestra infused with live electronic elements and real-time manipulation. On stage with Gaudi were many of the major exponents of the world jazz scene such as: Gianluigi Trovesi, Mederic Collignon, Gianluca Petrella, Paolo Damiani, Ada Montellanico and Italian pop singer Niccolo Fabi. The Tempest was performed at a high profile concert at the Villa Borghese in Rome and also at the ‘Roccella Jonica Jazz Festival’ in the summer 2003.

With his reputation as a skilled producer and remixer growing and more high profile work taking place both within and out of the studio; 2004 saw Gaudi receive his most prized project to date when he remixed the track "Soul Shake Down Party" by Bob Marley. For a consummate reggae fan such as Gaudi, having the honor of working with the original vocals of an artist such as Marley was an awesome experience.

On the 14th September 2004 Gaudi, in collaboration with French musical inventor Michel Moglia and his unique ‘Fire Organ’, gave a spectacular double performance at The Coliseum, Rome. They performed 'Elemental' - an 'opera of electricity' for Fire Organ and Theremin composed and performed by the duo - to an international audience of more than 350,000.

Gaudi's fourth solo album "Bass, Sweat & Tears", released worldwide by Interchill Records in October 2004, was a huge success and is still today the labels best selling release to date.[4] The album reached number 2 in the iTunes European Chart and number 32 in iTunes US. Tracks from the album are featured in around 40 compilations with 2 film soundtrack licenses having been signed (2 tracks were featured in Pooja Bhatt's Bollywood 'film noir' "Rog" as well as appearing on the official CD soundtrack); One of the tracks 'Sufani' was used in the Indian Film "Fareb" and the track ‘Chant Thermique’ featured on the award winning soundtrack[5] for the film ‘Let it Ride’ about the life of snowboarding legend Craig Kelly.

In 2005 Italian pop star Irene Grandi selected 2 tracks written by Gaudi in a joint project with Riccardo Cavalieri for her album ‘Indelebile’. The track ‘Lasciala Andare’, which became the single for the album, was a huge success reaching no. 7 in the Italian charts and staying in the top 10 for 16 consecutive weeks.

The 2005 'Bass, Sweat & Tears’ summer tour saw Gaudi performing both solo and with his band "Live Dub Laboratory", completing a busy schedule of performances at clubs and festivals around the UK and Europe including Glastonbury, Glade Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, Sonica and Omni festivals.

Later in the same year Gaudi's fifth album CONTINVVM was released: created in collaboration with percussionist and Sound-therapist Antonio Testa, Continuum was a concept album blending experimental electronica with organic elements released worldwide by legendary UK label Em:t Records. The album reached no.3 in the iTunes European Electronic chart.

2006 was kicked off by a great collaborative album release between Gaudi and legendary ambient music producer Pete Namlook; Their album "Re:sonate", combines Pete’s ‘trademark’ lengthy meandering structures and spacey pads with Gaudi’s dub vibes and unique ‘home-grown’ sounds, producing an end result that is both very Namlook and definitely Gaudi at the same time. Recorded at Klanglabor Hodeshof, Germany, in November 2005, it was released worldwide on 23 January 2006 by FAX Records.

As well as his own work Gaudi was also involved in a memorable studio collaboration with dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry and highly respected producer Dennis Bovell. His role, with fellow producer Charlie Redseal, was in the programming of new drum parts for the remakes of three iconic Bob Marley tracks written by Perry: "Kaya", "Sun Is Shining" and "Punky Reggae Party".

Gaudi’s production and performance skills saw him invited to collaborate on a number of different projects in 2006; He co-wrote and played Melodica, Theremin and Moog on the track ‘Palmprint' by electro-dub duo 'Sounds From The Ground' for their album "High Rising". He also produced and co-wrote the debut solo album of Ashtech "Walkin' Target" which includes 4 tracks featuring the inimitable voice of 'Cheshire Cat' from legendary production team Leftfield.

Gaudi's compilation "Sub Signals vol.1" - a selection of prime dub cuts from a pedigree stable of artists, was released on his label ‘Sub Signal’ in association with Interchill Records in November 2006.

By 2007, with 10 albums to his name, 250 music productions, over 80 remixes and more than 100 compilations featuring his tracks, Gaudi had become an artist and producer in demand. One high profile visitor to Metatron Studio that year was reggae legend Horace Andy who Gaudi recorded for the track ‘Just say who’ which featured, alongside Gaudi’s remix of the same, on Almamegretta’s album ‘Vulgus’. A busy and high profile international tour with performances in Australia, Canada, Russia, US and Europe kept him busy while not in the studio.

Gaudi's own very special album project "Dub Qawwali" featuring the amazing vocals of the 'Pakistan’s premier ambassador of Qawwali music' Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was released worldwide August 2007 by Six Degrees Records. It received massive critical acclaim internationally reaching no.2 in iTunes US Chart, no.4 in the UK and was the no.1 seller in’s Electronic Music section for a period. It also earned him a nomination for the BBC's World Music Awards 2008.[6]

In early 2008 Gaudi lent out his talents in a studio session with the legendary “hip hop pioneer” Grandmaster Flash, for his single “What if no more hip hop”. Alongside a busy tour schedule, Gaudi returned to Italy in the spring for 4 months to take on the role of 'vocal coach' for the hit TV talent show The X Factor;[7] he worked with the vocal groups category and emerged victorious with his group 'Aram Quartet' winning the show.

2009 started with a return to X Factor for the second series and once again to coach the groups category. It was another successful series with his group 'The Bastard Sons of Dioniso' winning the "critic's award" and their track 'L'amor Carnale' (co-written and produced by Gaudi) reaching no.1 in the Italian charts; Their debut EP also earned Gaudi his 4th Gold Disc. Subsequently, Gaudi also produced their debut album "In Stasi Perpetua" which was released by Sony Music in November 2009. After spending the summer touring America, Canada, UK and Greece, Gaudi returned to Italy again in the autumn for the 3rd series of XFactor where this time his female vocal trio "Yavanna" took 3rd place.

Gaudi’s 12th album 'NO PRISONERS' (feat. Michael Franti, Dub Gabriel, Elisa, Dr. Israel) was released in March 2010 by Six Degrees Records and his subsequent 'No Prisoners tour' (based mostly in the US and Canada) was hugely successful with practically all of the 68 performances sold-out.

He returned to London with multiple production projects scheduled which are now completed; including remixing a track from Metallic Spheres (the chart-topping collaboration between The Orb and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour) and ongoing collaboration work with The Orb’s Dr Alex Paterson - with whom he is remixing classic tunes from the Trojan Records catalogue including tracks by Desmond Dekker, The Upsetters and Bob & Marcia among others. Gaudi and Alex Paterson along with Chester Taylor have also formed a parallel project together called 'The Screen' and we can expect releases from them to start coming out in the early part of 2011. Next on Gaudi's list of high profile production projects is a production/collaboration project with Simple Minds front man Jim Kerr.

Bands and pseudonyms

  • The Screen
  • Dub Alchemist
  • Lele Gaudi’
  • National Rare Groove
  • 4T Thieves
  • Dr Muff & Crazy Stuff
  • Mad Master Moog
  • Ultraviolet Zero
  • Weirdub
  • Groovekilla
  • Raptus
  • B.A.G.
  • Re-vinyl
  • Los Angeles
  • Terra Terra
  • Orchestral World Groove (OWG)



  • GAUDI "No Prisoners" (Six Degrees Records 2010)
  • GAUDI + NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN "Dub Qawwali" (Six Degrees Records 2007)
  • GAUDI & PETE NAMLOOK "Re:sonate" (Fax Records 2006)
  • GAUDI:TESTA 1105 "Continvvm" (Em:t Records 2005)
  • GAUDI "Bass, Sweat & Tears" (Interchill 2004)
  • GAUDI & KEITA "My Beautiful Laundrette" (Sub Signal 2002)
  • WEIRDUB "Recreational' (Sub Signal 2002)
  • GAUDI "Earthbound in Dub" (Sub Signal 2000)
  • GAUDI "Earthbound" (Bustin'Loose/Antenna 1999)
  • ULTRAVIOLET ZERO "Sound of Anatomy" (Sub Signal 1996)
  • GAUDI "Gaudium magnum" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1993)
  • GAUDI "Basta Poco" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1991)

Singles, EP's & 12in

  • GAUDI "Bad Boy Bass Remixes EP" (Six Degrees Records 2010)
  • GAUDI + NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN "Dub Qawwali Remixed" (Six Degrees Records 2009)
  • GAUDI "The Remixes" (Interchill 2008)
  • GAUDI "Sufani" (Absolutely Records 2004)
  • GAUDI " Desert " (Bustin'Loose 2000)
  • MAD MASTER MOOG "Cadillac kitsch" (Tube Trax 1999)
  • DUB ALCHEMIST "Retrospective" (Irma Records 1996)
  • LOS ANGELS "I want to break free" (Zac 1995)
  • LAINZ MEET GAUDI "Vinile" (Black note 1994)
  • GAUDI: "Andavo a 100 all'ora" (Polygram 1993)
  • GAUDI "Magari" (Polygram 1992)
  • GAUDI "Magari" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1992)
  • GAUDI "1990 anni fa" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1991)
  • TOSSE "Legala" (Vox Pop 1991)
  • GAUDI "Malinconico love" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1991)
  • ISOLA POSSE ALL STAR "Stop al Panico" (Century Vox 1991)
  • ASEO "Ghe Sboro" 7in (Srazz records 1991)
  • NATIONAL RARE GROOVE "Talking to you" (Calypso 1990)
  • NATIONAL RARE GROOVE "Let's dance" (Calypso 1989)
  • 4T THIEVES "Etnotechno" (Irma records 1989)
  • DR.MUFF & CRAZY STUFF "Don't forget this" (Mighty Quinn 1989)
  • RAPTUS "Peggio Della Colla" (Attak Punk records 1986)


Artist Track Title Label
The Orb & David Gilmour Metallic Spheres Columbia
Delhi 2 Dublin Raise it up D2D
The Upsetters The good, the bad and the upsetter Trojan
Kaya Project Calico Stomp Interchill Records
Desmond Dekker Wonderful World Trojan
The Orb Vuja de Liquid Sound
Zion Train What a situation Universal Egg
Ojos de brujo Naita Fabrica de Colores
Lamb Sweet Mercury
Bob Marley Soul shakedown party Universal
Bob & Marcia Trouble in mind Trojan
Kinobe Butterfly Pepper/Jive
Almamegretta feat. Horace Andy Just say who Sanacore
Tripswitch Exiles Liquid Sound
Noiseshaper Walls of Silence Echo Beach
Simple Minds The man who sold the world Absolutely
1 Giant Leap The way you dream (OWG rmx) Palm Picture
Spiral System T.O.P. (Taste of Punjab) Macro Records
Omnimotion Japan Chillosophy
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Bethe Bethe Kese Kese Six Degrees
Elisa Gift Sugar
Fatboy Slim Don't let the man get you down N/A
INXS Need you tonight Rhino Records
Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb N/A
Scotty Monkey Drop Trojan
Mansun Taxloss Parlophone
Cast History Polydor
Artful Dodger feat. Romina Johnson Movin' too fast XL
Meditronica Ki Eshmera Shabbat Rare Noise Records
Trilok Gurtu Future Heat (OWG rmx) Silvascreen
Africa Bambaataa You ask for the moon Jam It UK
Mazzy Star Roseblood Capitol
Apache Indian Real People East West
General Levy feat. Space Police Renegade Cat Records
Morgan Crash Columbia
The Dum Dum Project Hey diwani, hey diwana Silvascreen
Innerworld feat. Jim Kerr Pascal Life Absolutely
Matt Coldrick Sweet as rain Absolute Ambient
Karen Ramirez Lies Bustin' Loose
Irene Grandi Che vita e' East West
Jestofunk feat. Jocelyn Brown Special Love Irma Records
Karunesh Punjab (OWG rmx) Stoned Asia Music
Peter Andre All about us Mushroom
Black Star Liner Bollywood Radio (OWG rmx) BST
Dusted Under the sun (OWG rmx) Go Beat
Patty Pravo Pensiero stupendo Epic
Shpongle Dorset perceptions Twisted Records
Cool Jack Jus' come AM PM
Raiz Astrigneme Nun
Rebbie Jackson Yours faithfully Sony Music
Rey Over my shoulder Volume Records
Janet Rushmore Pleasure Free Town
Emilia Singular formula Bustin' Loose
Angelmoon All I want V2
Cosmic Rocker Liquid medium Kickin Music
Siamese Minds Life Positiva
Almamegretta O mmeglio d'a vita BMG
Doof Star over Parvati (OWG rmx) Twisted
New Clear Family Generation of love Warner
Daniele Groff If u don't like it BMG
Francesca Lago Venere e Marte Edel
Infernal Serengeti (OWG rmx) Flex Records
Capucino Genetica Electronica Cavernjatt
Love City I Found Lovin' East West
B.A.G. feat. Taka Boom Back up 2R Records
Jeanie Tracy Happiness Deconstruction
Pino Donaggio Theme from Brian de Palma's movie 'Carrie' Six Degrees
Indiana Who's in my vein Platipus
L.A. Believers She Said Jam It UK

Productions & Projects

Reference/Artist Job Date
Yavanna track "Una donna migliore", Production + arrangement 2009
Grandmaster Flash track "What if no more hip hop", Theremin studio session 2008
Hardage feat. Gaudi track “So Bright”, Co-writing 2008
Aram Quartet track “Chi (Who)”, Vocal arrangements + Co-writing with Morgan 2008
Almamegretta feat. Horace Andy track "Just say who", studio engineering and remix 2008
Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Album “Dub Qawwali”, production and writing 2007
Let It Ride movie soundtrack, track writing 2007
Ashtech Album “Walkin’ Target””, production and writing 2007
Sounds From The Ground feat. Gaudi track "Palmprint", co-writing and featuring 2006
Gaudi & Greg Hunter track "Gyp", co-production and writing 2006
Sub Signals Vol 1 Album compilation, selection & mixing 2006
B+ track "Make your move", production & writing 2006
Sali Siva tracks "Fly", "Raga", production 2006
Laxula album “In Xile”, mastering 2006
Saros 133 track “Then whip R.T.”, production and writing with Random 2006
Dub Alchemist track “M.F. Rainbow” , production and writing 2006
Gaudi track “Polar storm”, production & writing 2006
Gaudi & Pete Namlook Album "Re:sonate ", production and writing with Pete Namlook 2006
Saros 133 track “To the source”, production and writing with Ash 2006
Lee Scratch Perry tracks "Kaya", "Sun is shining", "Punky reggae Party", programming 2005
Irene Grandi tracks “Lasciala andare” & “Lady picche”, writing 2005
Gaudi & Tripswitch track "on the edge", co-production & writing 2005
Gaudi:Testa Album "Continuum ", co-writing with Antonio Testa & production 2005
Trispswitch track "Exiled", percussion session 2005
Elemental Soundtrack, production 2004
Gaudi Album "Bass, Sweat & Tears", production & writing 2004
Red Seal track "Voices from beyond", vox sample 2004
Echology track "Canzone Sporca", co-production with Begey 2004
The Egg track "Walking on the snow" co-production with The Egg & Theremin session 2004
Gaudi vs Tripswitch track "Subdown", co-production & writing with Tripswitch, 2004
Sansura track "This is India", production & co-writing 2004
The Dum Dum project feat.OWG track “Monsoon tears” co-production/writing with Sean Dinsmore 2003
Infected Mushroom Track "Drop Out" (Redseal rmx), Theremin session 2003
Orchestral World Groove Track “Mastani” production, co-writing with Swati Natekar 2003
Shakespeare's “The Tempest symphonic adaptation for classical and electronic instrumentation, co-production with M.Nunzi 2003
Simple Minds track “The man who sold the world” production rmx 2003
Trance Pause track “I was made for loving you” co-production with Bacci Bros 2003
Biofeedback –session 1 cd compilation, production 2003
Gaudi track “Sufani”, production and writing 2002
Bag feat.Taka Boom track “Back up” co-production with Bacci Bros + rmx 2002
My Beautiful Laundrette soundtrack and production album 2002
High Speed movie soundtrack 2002
The Ride movie soundtrack 2002
Weirdub album “Recreational” co-production with Dr.Cat & P.Polcari 2002
X-Sample track “All night Tong” co-production with Bacci Bros 2002
Kakatsitsi track “Fron on front” production 2002
The Pipeline track “It's gaz!” production/co-writing with Jesper Mattsson 2002
Re-Vinyl track “Lead man holler” co-production with Bacci Bros + rmx 2001
Luna Rossa movie soundtrack “Astrigneme” rmx 2001
Karin Lopez 2 tracks co-writing/production with Claudio Gela 2001
Cuore scatenato movie soundtrack, co-production with Raiz & P.Polcari 2001
Linda Berton track “Million dollars” co-production with Dr Cat 2001
Shawn Lee French tour as Theremin player 2001
C&D track “Wake up everybody” production 2001
Ethnosphere 3 track co-production with Antonio Testa 2001
Elisa album “Asile's world” Theremin session 2000
Native soul track “Da mi alma ” production 2000
Romina Johnson feat Wess track “Love & happiness” production 2000
Ruby Sue track “Be strong” production 2000
Ornella Vanoni & Delta V track “L'infinito” Theremin session 2000
R-Cyia Track “True to love” co-production with P.Polcari and Dr.Cat 2000
Z Star 2 traxx production 2000
Una 3 traxx co-production with Roberto Vernetti 2000
I choose TV 4 TV programs soundtrack 2000
Nerice 3 traxx production 2000
Gaudi album “Earthbound” production/writing 1999
Rey feat.General Levy track “Something that you remind me” co-production with Dr.Cat 1999
Sony PlayStation TV commercial soundtrack 1999
Camouflage 2 traxx production 1999
Africa Bambaataa track “U ask for the moon” rmx 1999
Jasper Mattsson track “Natural” co-production with R.Vernetti 1999
Lia 4 traxx production 1999
Fiorucci TV commercial soundtrack 1999
Newblood soundtrack on-line drama 1999
Gaudi track “Desert” production/co-writing with Sonal Varsani 1999
Wuber TV commercial soundtrack 1999
Da click 2 traxx production 1999
Gaudi album “Earthbound in dub” production/writing 1999
Nicole Lacy 4 traxx production 1999
Mad Master Moog track “Cadillac kitsch” production/writing 1999
Hanna P. 4 traxx production 1999
MTV 8 TV program soundtracks 1999
Dub alchemist feat. Tribe track “Matre terra” production/co-writing with A.Testa 1999
Kieran vibes 4 traxx production 1999
Moni track “Giant” production 1999
Caroline Henderson track ‘Bigger” co-production with Jesper Mattsson 1999
Longines TV commercial soundtrack 1999
Xango 4 traxx production 1999
M.K Ultra 4 traxx production 1999
Nerise 3 traxx production 1999
MTV Europe Music Awards TV show, music production/writing 1998
Mas que nada film soundtrack co-writing with D.Mantovani 1998
Str8 playaz 3 traxx production 1998
Dub alchemist feat.Shade track “Kala” co-production/writing with D.Mantovani 1998
Patty Pravo track “Pensiero stupendo” rmx with R.Vernetti 1998
Manuela Panizzo 2 traxx production 1998
Lo Williams 2 traxx production 1998
Express newspaper TV commercial soundtrack 1998
Jesper Mattsson track “More” production 1998
Lancia TV commercial soundtrack 1998
Dub Alchemist track “Love planet” production/writing 1998
Margaux 2 traxx production 1998
Irene Grandi track “Non ti scrivero”, album “Per fortuna purtroppo” writing 1998
Masq 2 traxx production 1998
Energie Jeans TV commercial soundtrack 1998
Diane Charlemagne track “Star people” production 1997
Dub alchemist track “ Honolulu spaceship” production/writing 1997
Noel McCoy 2 traxx production 1997
NTT album “Tranquilandia” co-production/writing 1997
Jane Kumada 1 track production 1997
Top Cat track “Ashes to ashes” production 1997
Why track “Sweet like chocolate” production 1997
Antoniette 2 traxx production 1997
Tangina Skye album “Lost boys” production 1996
Dub alchemist track “Wild strawberry” production/writing 1996
Ultraviolet Zero album “Sound of Anatomy” co-production/writing with P.Atzei 1996
Lippy Lou track “Stress” production 1996
Valerie Malcolm 2 traxx production 1996
Jackie Quinn 2 traxx production 1996
Los Angeles track “I want to break free” co-production with Angel Eno 1995
Dub Alchemist track “Retrospective”and “3 o clock” production/writing 1995
Ohm Guru album “The groove improver” 2 traxx production/writing 1994
Gaudi track “Vado via” production/vocals/writing 1994
D.I.F track “Der berlinger” co-production with Ohm Guru 1994
Gaudi 4 traxx co-production with Roberto Costa 1994
Lainz Ep “Vinile” production/vocals/writing 1994
Francesco Baccini track “Lei sta con te” co-production/writing with Glezos 1994
Gaudi track “Andavo a 100 all'ora” vocals/production 1993
Ricky Gianco track “Anche un vagabondo” vocals 1993
Aseo track “Ghe sboro” production/vocals/writing 1993
Gaudi album “Gaudium magnum” vocals/writing/production 1992
To-sse track “Legala” vocals/writing 1992
Gaudi track “Magari” vocals/writing/production 1992
Gaudi album “Basta poco” vocals/writing/production 1991
Gaudi album “Basta poco in dub” 1991
Gaudi track “Malinconico love” vocals/writing/production 1991
Gaudi track “1990 anni fa” vocals/writing/production 1990
Katia Sandrolini track “Aspettando niente” production/writing 1990
Isola Posse All Star track “Stop al panico” Tubi forti production 1990
National Rare Groove track “Talking to you” co-production/writing with LTJ, Ohm Guru and Pedro 1990
Dr Muff & Crazy Stuff track “Don't forget this” Tubi forti production 1989
National Rare Groove track “Let's dance” co-production/writing with LTJ, Ohm Guru and Pedro 1989
Rettore track “Zan zan zan” co-programming with Ohm Guru 1989
Xango ep “Raggheddafi” Tubi forti production 1989
Deep signs ep “Behind the wall” Tubi forti production 1989
4 T thieves track “Etnotechno” Tubi forti production 1989
Africa bosso 2 traxx Tubi Forti production 1989
Mia Martini keyboards 1988
Disciplinatha album “Abbiamo pazientato 40 anni..” keyboards 1987
Raptus ep “Peggio della colla” vocals/writing/co-production with Ohm Guru 1986
Crocodile tears 4 traxx production/keyboards 1986
Bamboo company track “Non sai” co-writing/keyboards 1985
Violet Eves keyboards tour “Incidental glance” 1985
The Gang album “Barricada” keyboards 1985
XXX track “Skate X” co-production with Roberto Vernetti 1985
Sold Out movie soundtrack co-writing/keyboards with Bamboo Company 1985
Red Light Album AAVV “Italian rock invasion” track “We can” co-writing 1984
Wild Planet track “He's a woman” keyboards/arrangements 1981
Paranoise album “Doctor, I'm a fish” co-production/writing 1980


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