Damien Spinelli

Damien Spinelli
Damien Spinelli
Bradford Anderson as Damian Spinelli
General Hospital
Portrayed by Bradford Anderson
First appearance November 13, 2006
Created by Robert Guza Jr.
Spin-off appearances GH: Night Shift
Nickname(s) Spinelli
The Jackal (by himself)
The Ace of Cyberspace
Mr. Grasshopper
Assassin of the Internet
Tech Support for the Mob (by Mac)
Spaghetti (by Todd Manning in What If...)
Aliases Hudson Rorschach[1]
"Damian from Australia"
Gender Male
Occupation Computer hacker
Errand Boy
Private Investigator
Co-Author with Diane Miller
Residence 122 Harbor View Drive, Port Charles, New York (Harbor View Towers: Penthouse #2)

Damien Millhouse "Spinelli" Spinelli, a.k.a. "The Jackal", is a fictional character on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital, played by actor Bradford Anderson since November 13, 2006. Spinelli was also one of the characters in the first season of General Hospital: Night Shift, which premiered on July 12, 2007.[2]



In September 2006, General Hospital put out a casting call for a "college-aged kid" who was a cross between Seth Green and Spicoli, a character played by Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The part was won by Anderson, who says he tries to emulate Spicoli's speaking style when playing the character. Spinelli's dialogue, a rapid-fire mix of surfer lingo and Internet slang, has offered comic relief, and an unusual "tech-savvy" character to the show, that has been called "one of the quirkiest characters daytime has ever seen."[3] Anderson says he generally doesn't improvise the part, instead sticking to the script supplied a couple days before filming. The name of the specific writer or writers who create Spinelli's dialogue have not been identified.[4]

Anderson initially played the character on a "recurring" (non-contract) basis, but the character has proved popular,[5] and actor Bradford Anderson was offered a multi-year contract,[6] which he accepted in May 2007.[7] The character was added to the opening credits sequence on July 6, 2007.

There have been disputes about whether to spell the character's name as "Damien" or "Damian". In the show's closing credits he is referred to as Damien, but in a scene from General Hospital, in which Spinelli is holding a business card, it is spelled "Damian".

Spinelli is close friends with Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, and he is in love with Maxie Jones. Spinelli is known for using nicknames for a variety of characters, all of which are derived from one of their perceived attributes; for example, he has dubbed Jason "Stone Cold" for his taciturn and unemotional personality.

Spinelli is also one of the crossover characters that appeared in the Summer 2007 season of General Hospital: Night Shift.[2] According to his arrest records, Damian Spinelli was born in Tennessee on April 27, 1978.[8]


Spinelli, (Bradford Anderson) with Jason (Steve Burton), 2007

The character of Damian Spinelli was introduced to the show in 2006, as the computer hacker responsible for creating a flash drive containing falsified evidence against Sam McCall. Spinelli is hired by Lorenzo Alcazar to create the flash drive, which in turn is handed over to corrupt Port Charles District Attorney, Ric Lansing, who has a grudge against McCall's beau-at-the-time Jason Morgan. Jason and Sam find Spinelli and convince him to confess to creating the flash drive. Spinelli agrees, and hides at a safe house with Sam while Jason waits for the right time to make his move. But before this happens, they are ambushed by Alcazar's hitmen. In the ensuing fracas, Spinelli disappears.

He reappears a short time later, working in a study group with Lulu Spencer. The two are kidnapped by Alcazar, who was planning to kill them, but they are rescued by Jason. Spinelli runs again, but Lulu helps Jason track him down at Spinelli's grandmother's house in the (fictional) city of Oakfield, Tennessee. This is the first mention in the show of Spinelli having any family. The part of Spinelli's grandmother, Miriam Spinelli, is played by Emmy Award-winning actress Bonnie Bartlett, of St. Elsewhere fame.

Spinelli is convinced to return to Port Charles. Having nowhere else to go, he moves into the penthouse with Jason and Sam. While in Port Charles, he provides Mac Scorpio with the evidence to exonerate Sam. He also helps Jason and Sonny Corinthos keep tabs on Alcazar; is helping Lulu to prove her mother, Laura Spencer did not kill Rick Webber; and provides an ailing Alexis Davis with marijuana to ease the pain caused by her chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer.

Metro Court hostage crisis

In the 24-inspired storyline during the February 2007 sweeps, Spinelli helps as Jason Morgan's sidekick in an attempt to rescue the hostages who are being held at the Metro Court Hotel. It is also revealed he has a crush on Lulu Spencer, and he has a very vivid Walter Mitty-like imagination. His fantasies usually revolve around his desire for "The Blonde One", Lulu, portraying himself as a swashbuckling hero figure who rescues her from danger. In an August 2007 episode, Spinelli's fantasy involved him being attended by three beautiful blonde women, all of whom he rejected so he can attend to Lulu. The parts of the women were played as a cameo by Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson, the three girlfriends of Hugh Hefner who appear on the reality show The Girls Next Door.

Lulu used to live with Spinelli and Jason after having her heart broken by Logan. Later, she left to try to help put her torn-apart family back together. Spinelli also hit Logan Hayes once he found out Logan had hurt Lulu.

Georgie's death and the Text Message Killer

Jason and Spinelli talked frequently about Georgie Jones. "Stone Cold" told him it was obvious Georgie had a crush on him. Spinelli was stunned, but elated. He told Jason that Georgie was beautiful and smart and could have anyone she wants. He was confused why someone as wonderful as "Wise Georgie" would love someone like him.

Spinelli found Georgie's dead body while walking through the park on December 17, 2007, and discovered she was killed by the Text Message Killer. He tried fruitlessly to revive her as he called the police, sobbing, asking them to come quickly because "someone beautiful has died". After he was questioned by the police, a depressed Spinelli trudged back to the penthouse and told Jason that Georgie had been murdered, while downing shots of alcohol. He talked to Jason about who she was and the guilt he felt stemming from his inability to protect her. He lamented he lost the one person who thought he was special. Jason tried his best to comfort his grieving friend. Later, Spinelli lit a candle and made a remorseful offering to Georgie's spirit so she would know he would miss her. He also comforted Maxie and Dillon and attended Georgie's funeral.

The police had made Spinelli a major suspect in Georgie's murder, before other evidence pointed to different people. The evidence came in the form of e-mails she had never sent, stating that except around girls, Spinelli was the smartest, sweetest guy she had ever met and she thought she was falling in love with him. Lucky Spencer told Spinelli he was determined to prove he killed Georgie. Spinelli was incredulous at the idea he could have killed his closest friend. Jason told Lucky to back off Spinelli, and promised to help him get out of the trouble he was in. Spinelli later asks to keep the e-mails, which he dubbed "Georgie's secret pain". Later, he tried to write a reply, but was discouraged by the fact Georgie would not be able to read it.

Maxie Jones

Spinelli is distraught for not knowing about Georgie's love for him until it was too late. He still mourns Georgie's death and the loss of their potential romantic relationship, which makes him only more determined to prove Cooper is the Text Message Killer. However, after Cooper's apparent suicide, his girlfriend Maxie Jones enlists Spinelli's help in uncovering Cooper's killer. She believes whoever killed Cooper killed Georgie as well. The unlikely duo work together to find the killer, initially arguing constantly, but eventually developing a friendship. During a stakeout at Logan's house, Maxie kisses Spinelli to deflect the suspicion of a nearby police officer. The kiss marks the beginning of Spinelli's developing feelings for Maxie. He repeatedly has Sam Spade-like fantasies, with himself playing the detective, and Maxie being the femme fatale blonde. He no longer calls Maxie the "Bad Blonde One", but instead "the Wounded Blonde One". They successfully track down the Text Message Killer, Diego Alcazar, and engage in a physical confrontation, which ends with Diego falling off a ship and hanging himself from being tangled up in ropes.

After Dr. Ian Devlin's shooting of Michael Corinthos III, Spinelli and Maxie again work together to find evidence, and engage in a physical confrontation with the killer, who is himself shot and killed by Jason. It is during this trip that Spinelli reveals to Jason he has fallen in love with "Maximista". Spinelli seeks romantic advice from Jason, Diane Miller, and Sam McCall.

When Spinelli asks Jasper Jacks for help in becoming a ladies' man, this results in Spinelli appearing at the Metro Court Hotel as a "mini-Jax", Australian accent and all. Kate Howard's rival, Giselle, becomes instantly smitten with the newly polished "Damian", but the facade crumbles when Maxie shows up and disapproves, causing Spinelli to lose his cool. He gets drunk and is discovered on the Port Charles pier by Claudia Zacchara, who brings him to Jason's penthouse. Spinelli succumbs to disease while quarantined with Jason and Claudia. As he laments about his self-perception as a loser, Jason explains how much he counts on Spinelli, and is honored by Spinelli's trust. Spinelli's illness also causes Maxie to divulge to him how much she counts on him, which lifts Spinelli's spirits.

After conspiring with Lulu and Johnny to cover up Lulu's murder of Logan Hayes, Maxie was threatened by Johnny's father, Anthony. Upon her release, she went to Spinelli and told him the truth. After Spinelli vows to keep Maxie safe, she kisses him. The two make love, but Maxie instantly regrets it, feeling she has used Spinelli for comfort sex.

Maxie and Spinelli remain close. One evening, they go on a stakeout to spy on Andre Karpov's lawyer, who, according to Spinelli's false theories, is having an affair with Jason. Spinelli gets out of the car to investigate further. Maxie tries to stop him. A car comes out of nowhere; Spinelli pushes Maxie out of the way and ends up being hit by the car. Maxie rushes him to the hospital, where Dr. Matt Hunter removes his ruptured spleen. Although the surgery itself is successful, Spinelli develops a post-operative infection. His fever becomes worse, presumably due to the use of counterfeit medication. At Maxie's insistence, Dr. Patrick Drake becomes his doctor, after which Spinelli recovers from his fever and is given a clean bill of health. Jason takes him to the penthouse to recover; Maxie promptly shows up and announces she will stay to take care of Spinelli while Jason is busy.

While Spinelli is recovering, he eavesdrops on a conversation between Maxie and Jason, in which she admits Spinelli brings out the best in her and makes her see herself in a better light. She implies she is in love with Spinelli. The following morning, Spinelli attends Johnny Zacchara's murder trial, at which Maxie has to testify, out of loyalty to her. Maxie is forced to admit under oath she threatened to ruin Logan's relationship with Lulu unless he had sex with her; she is made to look like a slut in front of the jury and Spinelli. When she is dismissed from the courtroom, she runs away from Spinelli, who attempts to talk to her.

After Maxie was attacked by the Russians because she saw them burn down Kelly's and beat up Mike, Spinelli finds her in the exact position and place he found Georgie's body after she was strangled by the Text Message Killer. Spinelli carries Maxie to General Hospital, where Dr. Matt Hunter tells him she'll be fine, but she'll just have a headache. Spinelli sits at Maxie's bedside and confesses his love for her. Mac comes to the hospital and forbids Spinelli from seeing Maxie. Spinelli vows revenge on whoever hurt his Maximista. Later, at Crimson, Mac finds Maxie and Spinelli talking and gives Maxie an ultimatum to either stop seeing Spinelli or move out. Defying her stepfather and choosing Spinelli, she moves into an apartment with Lulu and Johnny.

In late 2008, Spinelli stayed with Maxie while she waited for her cousin Robin Scorpio to have her baby. And Robin asked Spinelli to be Emma's honorary uncle. Throughout much of 2009, Maxie and Spinelli have remained quite good friends, and have both declared how much they love each other. Maxie has been helping Spinelli while he has worked as a private investigator on the Brianna Hughes murder case. But after two nights together that don't end well, Spinelli has begun to court Maxie, which she isn't quite sure about. But after singing karaoke at Jake's, they begin a romantic relationship.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2009, Spinelli proposed to Maxie. After karaoke night at Jake's, they went back to Jason's Penthouse and had sex. The next morning, Spinelli proposed. However, Maxie was shocked and could not give an answer due to the fact Kate had come back and she was already late for work. Spinelli then confided in Max and Diane for romantic advice on how to propose to Maxie once again, and what Maxie's reaction meant. When Maxie was at work, he proposed to Maxie once again, over the loudspeaker at the Metro Court. On September 24, 2009, Spinelli and Maxie had reached their wedding day, but while saying his wedding vows, which said how much he loved Maxie, he asked her to not marry him, shocking her and all of the guests. After each declaring their love and vowing to get married one day, they decided to not get married at this time, and enjoyed with friends and family all of the traditions that go along with a wedding reception, which was held at Jake's, and which included all the guests singing "I Want to Know What Love is" to them, just as Spinelli sang to Maxie at karaoke night.

Meeting Winifred

While helping Maxie rewrite a Crimson article that she failed to back up on her computer, Spinelli finds his computer has been hacked. Later, on the pier, he finds a girl named Winifred, with similar computer troubles. After helping her, he finds she's been spying on him after being outed by Maxie. When she mentions the Saga of Stone Cold, Maxie begins to call her names which could be used to describe Spinelli as well, causing him to distance himself from Maxie and grow closer to Winifred, who he calls "The Priestess". After he makes it clear to Winifred his love remains with Maxie, Maxie calls him to her apartment and they have sex. However, when he finds out she only used sex to take his mind off of Winifred, the two get into a heated argument. Before Maxie can apologize, Spinelli is arrested by the FBI for treason and homeland security violations, with aid from Winifred, who is an undercover FBI agent. Despite the seriousness of the charges against him, FBI Agent Rayner tells him not to confess to anything, as he's merely bait to get to Jason Morgan, Sonny Corinthos, and the Zaccharas.

2009 Hospital crisis

This new turn of events made Spinelli feel helpless, as Jason ordered him not to use his hacking skills anymore, and Rayner preferred to keep him as a bargaining chip to keep Jason under the FBI's thumb, than to give him any real use. He eavesdropped on Jason and Rayner's conversations over a missing Equinox truck carrying deadly cargo. After Jason's repeated rebuffs, he called Winifred for information. She provided most of her information to Jason, but kept some to himself so Jason would still retain his services. They discovered an accident victim matching the description of one of the buyers of the stolen cargo, Earl Bragg, had been admitted to General Hospital, but they were too late to do anything about it before the deadly biotoxin within Bragg's stomach was released into the hospital.

Spinelli made his way into the hospital and tried to stop the surgery as the hospital was placed under quarantine by the FBI. When he learned the FBI had been ordered to turn the remaining spheres of biotoxin to Equinox, he tried to convince Jason and Dr. Patrick Drake not to do so, as the corporation had already let Bragg escape with the stolen biotoxin; in Spinelli's view, this was tantamount to taking responsibility for the crisis, and it therefore made Equinox unfit to take the biotoxin again. As he failed to convince Jason and Patrick, he began to trail the FBI team sent in to retrieve the biotoxin. As he argued with Winifred, who was leading the team, he noticed the anesthesia equipment in the operating room had been left on when the anesthesiologist died, and he led Winifred from the room as it exploded into flames. Spinelli stayed behind as others were evacuated, communicating with the FBI from inside the hospital; as the hospital's wireless Internet signal faded, he tried to find another way to contact them, and became locked inside a utilities closet. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall stayed behind in the hospital to try and find Spinelli. They tracked him down to an air duct he had climbed into, in an attempt to escape. Spinelli heard their voices, kicked out a grate in the duct, and jumped into a room full of oxygen tanks. The explosions ensuing from the fire knocked Spinelli unconscious.

After Sam administered CPR, she, Jason, and Spinelli made their way down the burning stairwell. As they reached the bottom floor, they discovered the door handle was too hot. They couldn't open it. They kicked down the door, joined hands, and ran through the fire. Jason and Sam were first out of the hospital, with Spinelli close behind; the first person he saw was Maxie, who had tried to rescue him but had been knocked unconscious. Spinelli and Maxie reunited with a passionate kiss.

Winifred's warning

The day after the hospital crisis ends and Spinelli, Sam, and Jason have escaped the burning building, Sam is standing next to and staring at the burned-down hospital. Rayner, with Winifred in tow, comes up to her and tells her what could happen if Anthony Zacchara is not found: Spinelli will be sent to prison. Sam and Winifred defend Spinelli to Rayner, with Winifred saying he was a hero during the crisis. Later, Winnie knocks on the door to Spinelli's bedroom and walks in, just as he is stepping out of the shower wearing only a towel. Extremely flustered, she tells him why she is there and suggests it might be best if he were to go on the run so he wouldn't be arrested. Spinelli ask her if she really wants him to run away. She tells him it is the last thing she wants, then runs out of the room, mortified.

On the run

A very thankful Spinelli throws a party in Jason's honor after he thinks he has been saved from the Feds. He invites Sam McCall and Maxie Jones over to Jason's penthouse to help him celebrate. After the party is over, he inadvertently eavesdrops on a conversation between Jason and Sam, and finds out the Feds are still after him after all. Although Jason had given Anthony Zacchara to the Feds, they still wanted Sonny Corinthos, and were going to use Spinelli in order to make Jason give Sonny up. Spinelli learns Jason was planning on getting him out of the country, thereby setting himself up to be charged with aiding and abetting. Spinelli doesn't want Jason to be in an impossible situation, so he decides to leave on his own. He shares a sad good-bye with Maxie, and writes Jason a good-bye letter explaining why he was leaving. When Spinelli boards the plane to L.A., however, he finds Winifred Leeds on the plane with him. Winifred took a leave of absence so she could leave with Spinelli. Spinelli allows her to become his companion, and Spinelli and Winifred go on the run, planning to go throughout the world helping those in need.

While in L.A., Spinelli is kidnapped and forced by an art thief named Cassandra Prescott to break into the security system of an art gallery's safe in order to steal a $10 million painting. Spinelli manages to sneak off a coded message to Winifred, who is unable to decipher it without Maxie's help. The two of them, together with Jason and Sam, are able to get to the gallery in time to rescue Spinelli and capture Cassandra. Jason later tells Spinelli he has to leave the country, but Maxie says there has to be another way. While Sam and Jason try to come up with another way to keep Spinelli out of trouble with the FBI, Maxie tells Spinelli she loves him; words Spinelli has been waiting to hear. Spinelli tells Sam and Jason he's going back to Port Charles, against Jason's determination he go out of the country. However, his out comes by way of Winifred, who, because of her actions in L.A. (she covered for the other three by taking sole credit for busting the art heist) has been promoted, and thus has access to Agent Raynor's office and the incriminating files. However, she needs the Jackal's help in planting the computer worm which would destroy the evidence. He is unable to do so remotely, so he dons a disguise and heads to the federal building, despite there being an APB out on him considering him "armed and dangerous" (news to which he reacts with glee for being designated as a "man of action"). He succeeds in destroying the evidence stored electronically, but needs Sam's help to destroy the physical evidence against him.

Maxie and Johnny missed another date to a club opening for Crimson in order to help Claudia get Ric's stomach pumped (because she had drugged him). Because of this, Lulu gets a call stating Maxie and Johnny never arrived, causing both Spinelli and Lulu to become suspicious. Spinelli confronts Johnny about the incident, stating he will fight for Maxie.

Spinelli then catches Maxie and Johnny kissing on the pier. Spinelli confronts them and gets into an altercation with Johnny, asking him to leave. Spinelli then confronts Maxie on her actions and asks if Maxie has the sexual feelings for him like she has for Johnny. When Maxie fails to respond, Spinelli tells her he knows she doesn't and wishes Maxie good luck with Johnny. He then finds Johnny and tells Johnny to treat Maxie right or else he will come after him. Spinelli later discovers Jerry Jacks is still alive.

During the hostage crisis caused on June 19, 2011 by the crazed Lisa Niles, Spinelli takes a bullet for Maxie. Upon awakening from surgery, he appears to be stuck in his Jackal P.I. persona, which he used for his novel.

General Hospital: Night Shift

While playing around with Jason's gun, he accidentally shoots himself in the foot. Jason takes the fall for it. As a form of thanks, Spinelli designs a game based on Jason, called the "The Stone Cold Saga". He also harbors a small crush on one of the nurses, Jolene Crowell. It is also revealed Spinelli harbors an immense fear of clowns. He helped Jason with Stacey Sloan's C-section in the elevator. He blames himself for Stacey dying because he pushed the elevator button hard. He also had a one-night stand with Jolene. Spinelli later finds out from Jason that Jolene may be the one who has been sabotaging the hospital. Jason tells Spinelli to see if he can find anything that might prove Jolene is a killer. Spinelli checks it out on his computer, wanting to prove Jolene isn't capable of murder. In the season finale, Spinelli goes to Jason and tells him that he was right about the Angel of Mercy (Jolene). There is later a shootout at the hospital. Spinelli throws his laptop at one of the gunmen. Surprisingly, Jolene jumps on top of him, knocking him to the floor to shield him from a bullet. When the shootout is over, Spinelli is kneeling on a corridor floor wondering why Jolene saved him. After visiting Touissant he goes to see Jolene, who is in a coma. He thanks her for saving him, without looking at her. He finally looks at her and calls her Fair Jolene.


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