Current characters of Home and Away

Current characters of Home and Away

Home and Away is an Australian soap opera that has been broadcast on Seven Network since January 1988. Most of the characters appearing in it are residents of the fictional town of Summer Bay. The following characters currently appear in the show.


Main characters

Alf Stewart

Actor: Ray Meagher

Duration: 1988–

The only survivor of the original cast, Alf is descended from the original settlers and has been portrayed throughout the series as one of the town's leading residents. He has been married and widowed twice: his first wife, Martha Balvidis, died of cancer prior to the series, he married his second wife Ailsa Hogan in the show’s early days only for her to die of a heart condition in 2000. He has two legitimate children, both of whom have been regulars on the show: Roo (Ruth), his daughter by Martha, was one of the original cast and Duncan, his son by Ailsa was born in the series in 1989, remaining until 2001. There have been two storylines involving Alf discovering he had an illegitimate child: The first was in 1995 when he met Quinn Jackson, the result of a relationship he had whilst serving in Vietnam, the second was in 2004 when he learned a teenage girlfriend had given his son up to adoption only for said son Owen Dalby to die without appearing on screen. He has two grandchildren, Martha Mackenzie and Ric Dalby, both of whom are also former regulars. Of the other main characters, he was good friends with Tom Fletcher and Michael Ross, before their deaths, and Donald Fisher, before his departure. He has owned several local businesses, including the caravan park, the Diner, the local store and a number of bait shops. He currently owns the surf club bar and another bait shop. With one of the main themes of the show being fostering, he and Ailsa functioned as foster parents for many years and since 2005 he has lived at the caravan park house, the show's central location. He gets on well with Miles, who used to live with him, and has a quasi-paternal relationship with Marilyn. He is something of a surrogate grandfather to Romeo and also to Nicole Franklin prior to her departure.

Having played Alf since 1988, Meagher holds a Guinness World Record as the longest-serving actor in a serial.[1] In 2008, he was nominated for the "Most Popular Actor" award at the Digital Spy Soap Awards for his role as Alf.[2] He won the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television at the 2010 Logie Awards, where he was also nominated for the "Most Popular Actor" award.[3]

Irene Roberts

Actor: Lynne McGranger (1993-)

Duration: 1991, 1992, 1993-

The second longest-serving current cast member and longest-serving female, Irene was first seen during 1991 and 1992 as an abusive drunk, who had turned to alcohol after her husband abandoned her and mistreated her three children: her oldest, Nathan, had ended up in juvenile detention and her younger two, Finlay and Damian, ended up in care (and thus became regulars on the show). When she reappeared at the start of 1993, she had begun to turn her life around and rebuilt her relationship with her three children. She joined the show's regular cast towards the end of that year and since 1994 has been taking in foster children herself. She currently has April and Bianca Scott living with her. Irene worked as school secretary for many years and since 2004 she has been co-owner of the Diner with Leah. A storyline in 1995 allowed viewers to meet her estranged husband Murdoch, who was murdered after harassing one of her foster children, Selina. She has had a few relationships since then, nearly marrying fellow recovering alcoholic Ken Smith in 2000 before his death in an accident at a garage and also dating school principals Paris Burnett and Barry Hyde and local businessman Lou De Bono. As the senior female character on the show, she is something of a mother figure to the Bay’s residents.

The role of Irene was played by Jacqui Phillips during the character's appearances in 1991 and 1992. Lynne McGranger took over the role as a main cast member from 1993, having first appeared as a guest star.[4] In 2009, McGranger was nominated for the "Funniest Performance" award at the Inside Soap Awards for her role as Irene.[5]

Colleen Smart

Actor: Lyn Collingwood

Duration: 1988-1989, 1997, 1999-

The third longest-serving current character, in terms of continuous service, Colleen made a few appearances in the show's early days as the mother of original regular Lance Smart but didn’t become a permanent feature on the show until 1999. She works in the Diner and is the town gossip. A storyline in the show's first year saw her husband abandon her for another woman and since she was made a regular in 1999 she has lived in Lance's old mobile home at the caravan park. She views Leah Patterson-Baker as a surrogate daughter and was the same with Sally Fletcher prior to her departure. In addition to Lance it was revealed during 2002 that she had a daughter, Maureen, who she gave up for adoption. They were reunited in 2003 but Maureen has not appeared since. In 2008, she learned she is the illegitimate daughter of Gordon Stewart, Alf's now-deceased father (portrayed by Ray Meagher in flashbacks), and thus half-sister of Alf. During 2011, she started dating Keith Irwin, a man she met at a crime support group, but they broke up when she learned he was taking marijuana for arthritis. In 2009, Collingwood was nominated for the "Funniest Performance" award at the Inside Soap Awards for her role as Colleen.[5]

Leah Patterson-Baker

Actor: Ada Nicodemou

Duration: 2000-

The fourth longest-serving current cast member, Leah, maiden name Poulos, is co-owner of the Diner with Irene, having previously been co-owned with Alf from 2001. She has been married and widowed twice: the first time was in 2001 to Vinnie Patterson, who was jailed for a crime he didn’t commit in early 2002, leaving the show, and apparently died off-screen in a fire at the prison in that year's finale before actually dying in a farming accident whilst in witness protection as revealed in 2010, in the meantime she married school counsellor Dan Baker in 2005, who died in an abseiling accident in early 2008, having left the show at the end of the previous year for a job overseas. She dated a few other men, notably Jesse McGregor and Roman Harris, and in 2010 was engaged to Elijah Johnson, only to break it off when he chose to take work overseas. She was good friends with Sally Fletcher and Rachel Armstrong and, of the current cast, Charlie Buckton. She is now dating Miles Copeland. Several members of her family have been seen during her time on the show, notably her parents and three brothers.

Upon joining Home and Away in 2000, Nicodemou originally intended to appear in the soap for just six months. She commented in 2009 that she had no plans to leave, feeling that her role as Leah was still evolving.[6] Nicodemou has received several award nominations for her performance as Leah. She was nominated for the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television at the 2001,[7] 2002 and 2006 Logie Awards, and also received "Most Popular Actress" nominations in 2002 and 2006.[8][9] She was nominated for the "Best Actress" award at the 2009 Inside Soap Awards,[5] and for the "Best Daytime Star" award the following year.[10]

Miles Copeland

Actor: Josh Quong Tart

Duration: 2007–

Miles is the fifth longest serving character and second longest serving male character. Miles arrived in town in the last episode of 2007 and in the early weeks of the following year it was revealed he was the twin brother of Summer Bay resident Sally Fletcher, who hadn’t seen him since they were three and had forgotten about him. He had ended up living on the streets after his wife and daughter were killed in the Boxing Day tsunami but with Sally’s help he took over the running of the caravan park when she left the show and got a job at the local school. He has also taken over Sally’s role as a foster parent. Of the other regulars, he was good friends with Roman Harris and has a strong platonic relationship with Charlie. He dated Kirsty Phillips for much of 2008 and 2009 but she left him after suffering a miscarriage. In 2011, he admitted to having feelings for his friend Leah and they started dating and moved in together. He has something of an "odd couple" relationship with his housemate Alf. Quong Tart was nominated for the "Best Actor" award at the 2009 Inside Soap Awards for his role as Miles.[5]

Charlie Buckton

Actor: Esther Anderson

Duration: 2008–

Since June 2010, Charlie is the local police sergeant, her father Ross appeared on the show prior to her debut and is a retired detective. She was introduced in mid-2008 as a very by-the-book officer joining the local police station but has softened greatly during her time on the show. A storyline in 2009 revealed that her supposed younger sister Ruby was actually her daughter, the result of her being raped by her boyfriend when she was fourteen. She dated Roman Harris for a while when she first joined the show and in early 2009 she briefly dated another woman, Joey Collins, one of the few occasions the show has featured a same-sex relationship. She was in an on-off relationship with her former colleague Angelo Rosetta for around two years. She gets on well with Leah, who she and Ruby live with, and Bianca. She is involved in a secret relationship with Darryl Braxton, but has found herself compromised since he ended up a suspect for drug trafficking.

Charlie's lesbian storyline was criticised by conservative family groups, with Pro-Family Perspectives director Angela Conway accusing producers of developing "sexualised plot lines" and marketing them to a very young target audience.[11] Anderson was nominated for the "Best Actress" and Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television at the 2010 Logie Awards.[3] She was nominated "Sexiest Female" at the 2009 Inside Soap Awards,[5] and "Best Daytime Star" the following year.[10]

Ruby Buckton

Actor: Rebecca Breeds

Duration: 2008–

Ruby was introduced in mid-2008 when she followed her family to Summer Bay after being expelled from boarding school for dating the junior caretaker. She was best friends with Annie Campbell and Nicole Franklin before their departures from the show. She didn't take the news Charlie was her mother well and ended up moving in with Irene, but is now back living with Charlie, Leah and Miles. Of the other regulars, she dated Xavier Austin and Geoff Campbell and had a crush on Liam Murphy, developing a drink problem after he rejected her. She also had a one-night stand with Romeo Smith and is now dating Casey Braxton.

Breeds was nominated for the "Most Popular New Female Talent" award at the 2009 Logie Awards for her role as Ruby.[12] She was nominated "Best Newcomer" at the 2009 Inside Soap Awards,[5] and "Most Popular Actress" at the 2010 Logie Awards.[3]

Xavier Austin

Actor: David Jones-Roberts

Duration: 2008-

Xavier appeared briefly in late 2008 as the nephew of then-regular Tony Holden. He returned in early 2009 and ended up moving there permanently with his older brother Hugo after his family discovered he was involved in drug dealing, giving him a fresh start and allowing him to join the show's regular cast. He was good friends with Jai Fernandez before his departure at the end of the year and more recently with Romeo Smith, Casey Braxton and Dexter Walker. He dated Ruby Buckton on and off for much of 2009 and the early part of 2010 but they twice broke up because she developed feelings for someone else, Geoff Campbell and Liam Murphy. He later dated April Scott until she left him for Dexter. He initially had a tense relationship with his mother's second husband John Palmer but they now get on well. He is a Year 12 student at Summer Bay High.

John Palmer

Actor: Shane Withington

Duration: 2009-

John was introduced in 2009 as the stepfather of Trey Palmer, a new student at Summer Bay High: Trey was institutionalised after suffering a breakdown and trying to blow up a school trip and John’s marriage to his mother Jenena broke down soon after, resulting in both characters leaving the show. John continued to appear, being elected to the local council and buying the gym, and is now president of the surf club having replaced Alf Stewart. During 2010, he had a brief fling with Jill Carpenter, Romeo’s mother, before getting together with Gina Austin. He proposed to Gina only to be rejected but in the season finale she changed her mind and they married. Around the same time, he discovered he has a grown daughter, Shandi, conceived in the late 1980s.

Liam Murphy

Actor: Axle Whitehead

Duration: 2009–

Liam was originally seen in one episode in early 2009 as a rock star, but when he reappeared a few months later drug problems had caused him to lose his career and near the end of the year he ended up moving to Summer Bay for a fresh start. He has an ex-wife and young son who were briefly seen on the show during 2009 and now live abroard. Liam has had flings with Belle Taylor, Nicole Franklin and Martha Mackenzie and has a vaguely older brother relationship with Romeo Smith. He worked as a guitar tutor and music teacher at Summer Bay High and dated Bianca Scott but lost both when he relapsed over his drug addiction, although he has since cleaned himself up.

Romeo Smith

Actor: Luke Mitchell

Duration: 2009–

Romeo arrived in town near the end of 2009 looking for Jai Fernandez, an old friend from foster care, and ended up being taken in by Miles Copeland, Jai's foster father, at the caravan park. At the beginning of 2010, he was persuaded by Gina Austin to go back to school. During the early part of that year, it was revealed that his family broke down when his mother killed his abusive stepfather to protect him from a beating and his sister took the blame. Both his mother Jill and sister Mink appeared on the show in 2010: he and Mink parted on good terms, he and Jill did not. He dated Annie Campbell for a while during late 2009 and early 2010 until she chose to return to Japan. He had a quasi-sibling relationship with Nicole Franklin whilst they were both living with Miles. He lost his virginity with Ruby Buckton, even though he was dating Indigo Walker at the time, and after he and Indigo split up he slept with another classmate, Emily Logan. Around the same time, he dropped out of school and currently works as a surfing tutor and boat charterer. He and Indigo later reunited and married in Hawaii. They lived on their own for a while but were eventually forced to move back in with Indigo's family.

Mitchell won the "Most Popular New Male Talent" award at the 2010 Logie Awards for his role as Romeo.[3] He describes his character as "cheeky and fun and a very big flirt", deeming him: "very good with the girls, but not in a sleazy way. He gets a kick out of seeing a girl smile rather than getting her phone number."[13]

Gina Austin

Actor: Sonia Todd

Duration: 2009–

Tony's sister and Xavier's mother first visited town for her nephew Jack's funeral in early 2009. She made occasional guest appearances on the show before being made a permanent character at the end of the year. She has two other sons: Hugo, her oldest, was a regular on the show during 2009 and is currently on the run after it was revealed he was involved in a people smuggling operation and middle son Brendan, who has made infrequent guest appearances on the show, is autistic and lives in a community house. It has been established that her husband walked out on her when the children were young. Gina is principal of the local high school. Before they left the show, she had a close if occasionally argumentative relationship with Tony and also got on well with her sister-in-law Rachel. She married John Palmer in the 2010 finale, taking over Bianca and Vittorio's wedding after Bianca had called it off.

Marilyn Chambers

Actor: Emily Symons

Duration: 1989–1992, 1995–1999, 2001, 2010-

Marilyn is currently in her third stint as a regular, having appeared between 1989 and 1992 and between 1995 and 1999. She is generally portrayed as a bubbly blonde whose behaviour often seems strange to those around her but who often manages to make people smile. Marilyn has dated a number of men during her time on the show including Lance Smart, Adam Cameron and Haydn Ross. Her first departure from the show in 1992 saw her leave to marry an older man, Philip Bryant, but when she returned in 1995 she revealed he had cheated on her. In 1996, she married Donald Fisher, her former headmaster, but her second exit in 1999 saw her walk out on him after their infant son Byron died. She returned to the show for a second time in 2010, believing she was going to die as a result of a prediction made by a psychic friend which eventually turned out to be misleading. She dated Sid Walker from the middle of 2010 to the middle of 2011. She took over the care of Nicole's child in an unofficial adoption, naming him George, and was devastated when Nicole decided she wanted him back. She currently lives with Alf and Roo and runs a mobile hairdressing business.

April Scott

Actor: Rhiannon Fish

Duration: 2010-

Environmentally minded April was first seen when she bumped into Xavier after catching him throwing photos of himself and Ruby into the sea, having recently moved to town. There was an instant spark between the pair and they soon became a couple. She is a Summer Bay High student in the same year as the other high school age regulars and has made various attempts to promote eco-friendly ideas. She lives with Irene and her sister Bianca and is now dating Dexter Walker, who helped her when she had OCD.

Sid Walker

Actor: Robert Mammone

Duration: 2009, 2010-

A doctor at the local hospital, Sid and his family appeared on the show for around six weeks in mid-2009.[14] His first episode saw his wife leaving him because of his constant womanising, leaving him looking after their two teenage children Indigo and Dexter. He left the show after being practically stalked by Nicole, leading several residents to assume they were having an affair. The family reappeared in June 2010 when they returned to town,[15] since when he has been working hard to try and prove his worth to the community. He moved the family into an old farm outside town and had relationships with Marilyn Chambers and Roo Stewart. In 2011, he learned he had another daughter, Sasha Bezmel.

Indigo Walker

Actor: Samara Weaving

Duration: 2009, 2010-

Sid's oldest child, Indigo was portrayed during the family's initial stint on the show as somewhat hostile towards her father because of the past trouble he had caused the family. She was good friends with Nicole Franklin until she made a play for her father, after which she left the show to live with her mother. When they returned in 2010, it was revealed that her mother ran off with her boyfriend, prompting her to move back in with Sid and soften towards him. She made moves towards a reconciliation with Nicole when they met again and is a Business Studies student at the local university. She dated Romeo Smith and, despite his cheating on her with Ruby Buckton, married him in a ceremony in Hawaii. Weaving describes Indigo as "forward and not afraid to ask questions and confront people." She believes the character has "grown up a lot" since her initial appearance in the soap, explaining: "She is still dealing with her parents divorce and her father’s infidelity, but has a newfound maturity and ability to deal with her anger towards her father."[16]

Dexter Walker

Actor: Charles Cottier (2010-)

Duration: 2009, 2010-

Sid's geeky younger child, Dexter briefly dated Annie Campbell during his first stint on the show, leaving at the same time as Indigo. He was reintroduced alongside her when they moved back in with Sid. He has a close sibling relationship with Indigo and frequently teases her. Dex had a cute schoolboy crush on Marilyn, despite the fact she was dating his dad, but eventually accepted his feelings were inappropriate. He is friends with Xavier Austin and Casey Braxton and recently starting dating April Scott. During the character's 2009 appearance, he was played by Tom Green ,[14] with Charles Cottier taking on the role when he returned as a regular in 2010.[15]

Bianca Scott

Actor: Lisa Gormley

Duration: 2010-

Bianca is April's older sister and arrived in the show with a back story about a broken engagement, having caught her boyfriend with his previous fiancé. She works as a language teacher at Summer Bay High. Her first few scenes saw her attracting the attention of Liam Murphy and they became closer after spending a night in the library together. When her ex-boyfriend Vittorio, an Italian Prince, arrived in town, Bianca spent several months being torn between him and Liam until, in the season finale, she halted her wedding to Vittorio partway through the service and ran off with Liam. She and Liam lived together for a while but she is now back living with April and Irene and split with Liam when he developed a drug addiction, having a fling with Heath Braxton. She was subsequently raped at a charity ball.

Roo Stewart

Actor: Georgie Parker (2010-)

Duration: 1988-1989, 2010-

Roo, or Ruth, is Alf Stewart's daughter. She was a member of the show's original cast, making her debut in the third episode after the pilot. She was originally a somewhat selfish and manipulative character and was strongly opposed to Alf's relationship with Ailsa, which frequently brought her into conflict with Bobby Simpson, who was both a friend of Ailsa and her rival for the affections of Frank Morgan. She became pregnant after a fling with a rich boy, Brett Macklin, and convinced Frank he was the father so he'd marry her, only telling him the truth at the last minute. She gave the baby, Martha, up for adoption and the experience softened her considerably, with her ending up on friendly terms with Ailsa and Bobby. She left with Frank in 1989 to give their relationship another go but they split up off screen. She returned in October 2010 after an absence of over twenty years and settled in town, setting up a business as an events co-ordinator. She shared a house with Angelo and Liam for a time and, after having a brief relationship with Sid Walker, now lives with Alf and Marilyn at the caravan park.

Roo was originally played by Justine Clarke and Parker took over the role when she returned in 2010.[17]

Darryl Braxton

Actor: Stephen Peacocke

Duration: 2011-

Darryl, or Brax, is a prominent member of a surfer gang known as the River Boys, from the neighbouring town of Mangrove River. He has a reputation as a troublemaker and has intimidated some of the locals but also seems to be intelligent and has made attempts to build a better relationship with the Summer Bay residents. He has been having a secret relationship with Charlie Buckton but he and the other River Boys have been shown to be involved in illegal activities. He invested in Angelo's restaurant and was forced to buy him out when Angelo got proof that he'd ordered one of the River Boys beaten up.

Heath Braxton

Actor: Daniel Ewing

Duration: 2011-

Heath is the middle Braxton brother. Whilst he defers to Brax, he is the most short-tempered of the three and has a history of violence. In contrast to Brax, he is keen for his younger brother Casey to be involved with the River Boys. He has occasionally shown a heroic side, such as rescuing VJ from drowning but was later revealed to be heavily involved in a drug trafficking operation run by Brax. He has since had a fling with Bianca Scott.

Casey Braxton

Actor: Lincoln Younes

Duration: 2011-

The youngest of the three Braxton brothers, Casey was introduced as a new student at Summer Bay High, having been expelled from the school in Yabbie Creek. He looks up to his brothers, especially Darryl, but seems uncomfortable with their intimidatory behaviour. He has something of a rivalry with Romeo and is friends with Xavier and Dexter. He is dating Ruby Buckton and works part-time as a delivery boy at the restaurant Brax runs.

Elijah Johnson

Actor: Jay Laga'aia

Duration: 2010, 2011-

Elijah is an Anglican minister who was first seen in early 2010. He started a relationship with Leah and they became engaged but they split when he chose to take a job as a missionary overseas. He returned in early 2011, having married Grace Manthengo, a woman from Zimbabwe, so her son Thabo could received medical treatment, only for Thabo to die and Grace to be deported. He ran a local homeless shelter before returning to the church. He is good friends with Miles.

Sasha Bezmel

Actor: Demi Harman

Duration: 2011-

The newest addition to the regular cast, having made her debut in August 2011, Sasha is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Sid Walker, the result of an affair he had with her mother Regina. He was unaware of her existence until after her mother was killed in a car accident. She has a younger half-brother, Felix, who was taken in by his father: Since he had no interest in Sasha, she was forced to go and live with the Walkers.

Recurring characters

VJ Patterson

Actor: Felix Dean (2007-)

Duration: 2001-

VJ, or Vincent Junior, is Leah’s pre-teen son from her first marriage to Vinnie. He was born on screen in the 2001 finale (although he is now portrayed as 12 years old and in high school) and has a supporting role in the series. He was born profoundly deaf and can only hear by using a cochlear implant. VJ has no memories of his father, who was jailed when he was only a few weeks old. He got on well with his mother's second husband Dan Baker and also with Roman Harris, Miles Copeland and Elijah Johnson. He is accepting of Leah's relationship with Miles. Having been on the show since birth, VJ was portrayed by several different babies during his early appearances. He was played by Cooper Scott for around two years as a pre-schooler before Felix Dean took over the role in 2007. Dean was nominated for the "Best Young Actor" award at the 2009 Inside Soap Awards for his role as VJ.[5]

Constable Georgina Watson

Actor: Jaclyn Albergoni

Duration: 2008-

Georgina Watson is one of the constables serving under Charlie at Yabbie Creek police station. She was introduced in mid-2008, around the same time as Charlie. She was antagonistic towards Angelo for a time because of his part in their colleague Jack's death. She appears on a recurring basis but no background has been revealed about the character.

Constable Avery

Actor: Clayton Williams

Duration: 2009-

Constable Avery is another officer at Yabbie Creek Police Station. He was introduced in the first half of 2009, during a storyline when the local police investigated a people smuggling ring, and has continued to make appearances as a minor character. No background has been revealed about him.

Summer Horgan-Jones

Actor: Jaimee Taylor-Nielsen

Duration: 2011-

Introduced in the first week of 2011, Summer was a new student at Summer Bay High, who Ruby tried to set up with Xavier when April had temporarily left town. She later went on a double date with Dexter, Xavier and April but left when she realised Dexter was more interested in April than her.

Cheryl Braxton

Actor: Suzi Dougherty

Duration: 2011-

Cheryl is the mother of the three Braxton brothers. Her husband walked out on the family ten years previous, leaving her bringing them up alone. She shows little interest in what her sons are up to and eventually drove Brax and Casey into leaving home, with Heath following.

Darcy Callahan

Actor: Alea O'Shea

Duration: 2011-

Darcy is Tegan Callahan and Heath Braxton's daughter. She is acquainted with the three Braxton brothers and gets on well with them. Her mother died in a car accident, since when she has been living with her grandmother.

Harvey Ryan

Actor: Marcus Graham

Duration: 2011-

Harvey is a local charter boat captain. When Romeo tried to set up a charter boat business in town, he mistakenly accused Harvey of vandalising his boat, sparking off a feud between them.

Stu Henderson

Actor: Brenton Thwaites

Duration: 2011-

Stu is a student at Summer Bay High. He joined the River Boys, which resulted in him being attacked by a rival gang.

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