Summer Bay

Summer Bay

Coordinates: 33°35′29″S 151°19′29″E / 33.5915°S 151.3247°E / -33.5915; 151.3247

Summer Bay
Palm Beach NSW.jpg
Palm Beach, where Home and Away exterior shots are filmed
Home and Away location
Genre Soap opera
Type Fictional township
Notable locations Summer Bay Surf Life Saving Club
Pier Diner
Summer Bay High School
Summer Bay Caravan Park

Summer Bay is the fictional town featured in the Australian soap opera, Home and Away. Palm Beach, north of Sydney, is used for the show's exterior scenes in order to depict the Bay. Lane Cove River Tourist Park at Macquarie Park is the current (Oct 2010) location for filming of scenes involving the Summer Bay Caravan Park.


Locations inside Summer Bay

Summer Bay Surf Life Saving Club

As with many real life Australian beaches Summer Bay has its own Surf and Lifesaving Centre. Over the years as well as serving its purpose as a centre for sea and land rescues it has been a place for the young people of the Bay to relax and socialise. Town meetings are often held in the Surf Club. It has also been used as a polling station and a private party/formal venue and has housed various food outlets, most notably the ill-fated Bonza Burger in 1998. Several characters have been trained as lifeguards over the years and surf competitions take place occasionally.

  • Angelo's - Located upstairs in the newly renovated SLSC is Angelo's, a restaurant replacing Noah's Bar as the only licensed premises in Summer Bay. It is a business venture by Angelo Rosetta after he was discharged from the Police force and it was always his dream to one his own restaurant after growing up with his parents running a restaurant. Darryl Braxton buys into the business and helps turn it into a successful pizza restaurant. Angelo and Darryl employ Xavier Austin and Casey Braxton to deliver pizza. Darryl eventually buys Angelo out.
Character Actor Duration
Darryl Braxton Steve Peacocke 2011–
Xavier Austin David Jones-Roberts 2011–
Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes 2011–
Liam Murphy Axle Whitehead 2011–
  • Gelato - Gelato is a small kiosk selling ice cream and smoothies located in the main area downstairs in the new SLSC, it replaces Noah's Juice Bar as the main hang out area for the local teenagers of Summer Bay. In this area of the Surf Club there is also a small workout area tucked in the corner replacing Summer Bay Super Bods which has been in financial troubles recently and is no longer visible as a separate area in the Surf Club. In this area of the Surf Club there is also a boutique selling magazines and surf, skateboard and fashion items and a pool table in the centre of the area. Gelato is owned and run by Alf Stewart.
Character Actor Duration
Alf Stewart Ray Meagher 2010–
Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons 2010–

Pier Diner

The third and newest incarnation of the Diner (previously known as the Bayside and Beachside diner respectively), currently owned by Leah Patterson-Baker and Irene Roberts. Colleen Smart also works here as a waitress. Belle Taylor and Aden Jefferies also previously worked here before Belle died from a tumour in her bowel and Aden left Summer Bay. Roman Harris, who owned a third of the business also left the Bay to serve a prison sentence.

Character Actor Duration
Leah Patterson-Baker Ada Nicodemou 2000–07, 2008–
Irene Roberts Lynne McGranger 1992–95, 2005–
Colleen Smart Lyn Collingwood 1999–
Indigo Walker Samara Weaving 2010–
Sasha Bezmel Demi Harman 2011–
Roo Stewart Georgie Parker 2011–

The original diner was the Bayside Diner run by Bobby Simpson and Ailsa Stewart and later Ailsa's husband Alf. For a while this diner included a Beauty Salon set up in a back room, this was run by Marilyn Fisher. This Diner was given a makeover around 1997 when it was revealed a Bonza Burger outlet was being set up in Summer Bay.

In 2000, the kitchen of the Bayside was badly damaged by fire, due to Colleen Smart mistakenly pouring water onto the flames of a chip-pan fire, making it worse and instead of repairing the building Alf and Ailsa decided to relocate the diner to an existing building in front of the beach, subsequently the diner became known as The Beachside Diner. Prior to the original diner fire Alf and Ailsa's home had been destroyed by a landslide and fire, as the new diner had a flat attached upstairs this is where Alf and Ailsa lived. Alf continued to live here following Ailsa's death and the flat was home to many other Summer Bay residents when Alf moved to the Summer Bay House at the Caravan Park.

In 2008, the structuce of The Beachside Diner became unsafe and the building was condemned. The Diner was relocated to its current location as The Pier Diner; originally this Diner was located in a room to the left of the Kitchen which was central to the building with a room to the right being used as a youth centre known as The Den, this was started by Leah as a tribute to her late husband Dan. As The Den struggled to survive financially Leah made a decision to close The Den with The Pier Diner then moving to the location of The Den. The room used for the original Pier Diner was then used only as an additional store room.

On Australia Day 2010 a riot took place outside the Diner, which resulted in the Diner being badly damaged by fire. The Diner was given a major makeover inside with there now being two sets of sliding glass doors leading onto a terraced area overlooking the pier and one set of sliding glass doors on the opposite wall reflecting the real life location of the Pier Diner. The kitchen is now located to the left of the building and toilets on the right with the dining area central to the building, scenes can be filmed facing all walls as it is a 4-walled set unlike the previous set.

Summer Bay High School

The local co-ed high school for students aged 12–18. It is also used as a shelter in extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and has been the scene of a hostage situation. During Donald Fisher's reign as Principal, Adult Evening classes were often held. The school was rebuilt in 1996 following a major earthquake that occurred in Summer Bay that year. Most of the younger characters attend the school, and many of the adult characters have worked there including:


Character Actor Job Duration
Gina Austin Sonia Todd Principal 2009–
Miles Copeland Josh Quong Tart English Teacher 2008–
Bianca Scott Lisa Gormley Language Teacher 2010–


Character Actor Year Duration
Ruby Buckton Rebecca Breeds Year 12 2008–
Xavier Austin David Jones-Roberts Year 12 2009–
Dexter Walker Charles Cottier Year 12 2009, 2010–
April Scott Rhiannon Fish Year 12 2010–
Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes Year 12 2011–
VJ Patterson Felix Dean Year 7 2011–


  • Summer Bay High School library - The School library has been seen sparingly on screen throughout the years.

Other Locations in Summer Bay

  • The Bait Shop - The local Bait Shop, currently owned by Alf Stewart who had owned one in previous years before it was burned down. It was intended to be a business venture between Alf and his grandson Ric Dalby, but Ric instead moved to university with his girlfriend, Matilda Hunter. Bridget worked at the shop until she was arrested. Hugo Austin also works here as a diver. Alf also ran a Bait Shop around 1997 - 1999, Alf was a business partner with Jesse McGregor, this Bait Shop was destroyed by fire caused by Jesse after Jesse decided he no longer wanted to be part of the business.
Character Actor Duration
Alf Stewart Ray Meagher 2008–present
  • The Farm - Previously owned by Bruce Campbell - the grandfather of Geoff Campbell and Annie Campbell. In March 2009 Martha Mackenzie had bought the farm with the money from her husband Jack Holden after his death in honour of him. Martha sold the farm to he grandfather Alf Stewart in June 2010 before going on the run with Hugo Austin. Later in the year Sid Walker started renting the property, then a few months later bought the farm off of Alf and now live there with his daughter Indigo and son Dexter.
Character Actor Duration
Sid Walker Robert Mammone 2010–
  • The Beach - The beach is an important part of the Bay and several major story lines have revolved around it. It is the main outdoor location, often used for casual encounters between characters. It also serves to showcase the looks of the cast, who are often seen wearing beachwear. There is a small salt-water swimming pool at one end of the beach which is used occasionally.
  • The Lighthouse - The Lighthouse is mentioned as being located at Stewart's Point, and appears in establishing shots.
  • St. James Church - The Church has been used for weddings and funerals, and now with the introduction of Elijah Johnsons as a main character, it has become a central location within Summer Bay. Previous Ministers have included Reverend Flowers and Reverend John Hall.
  • The Library - The Library is somewhere around in Summer Bay, and students from Summer Bay High are occasionally mentioned as going there to study. However, it has never been seen on-screen.

Former Locations

  • Hogan's General Store - The local store was originally owned by Bobby Simpson's grandparents until they sold it to Ailsa Hogan in 1987, shortly after she moved to town and they moved away. The following year, Ailsa sold the store to her sister in-law, Celia Stewart before temporarily leaving town. The store was later destroyed in an arson attack by Brian "Dodge" Forbes, which resulted in the death of Philip Matheson, who was living on the premises at the time. Celia then merged with Alf's liquor store and that became the main store in Summer Bay until 1996 when it was destroyed in a major earthquake.
  • Sarah McKay Drop-in Center - After a teenage girl identified as Sarah McKay was found dead in a sewer drain. Mitch McColl and the Summer Bay community decided to start up a Drop-in Center. The Drop-in Center was run by Shelley Sutherland with several other volunteers. In 2004 the Drop-in Center was burned to the ground.


Summer Bay House

The House was originally owned by Alf Stewart, who lived there with his wife Martha and Daughter, Roo. In 1985 Martha drowned and Alf and Roo remained in the house until 1988 when Alf sold the property and the Caravan park that came with it to Tom and Pippa Fletcher who had moved from the city with their foster children. The house became a foster home for various kids over the years. Tom died in 1990 and Pippa married Michael Ross a year later and he moved in. Michael drowned in a flood in 1996 and Pippa was widowed again.

Two years later Pippa decided to move with new partner, Ian Routledge to The Carrington Ranges and let Travis and Rebecca Nash take over the tenancy on the house and the care of the remaining foster children who opted to stay behind, Sam Marshall, Tiegan Brook and Justine Welles.

Sally Fletcher, Pippa's adoptive daughter felt like her home was not hers anymore and moved in with Jesse McGregor and Vinnie Patterson at Travis' house. Within a year, Travis and Rebecca moved to Canada, Sam had moved in with Donald Fisher and Tiegan had joined Pippa in the Carrington Ranges and the house was now occupied by Travis' brother, Joel and his wife Natalie and their children Tom and Gypsy. During the Nashes tenure they took in Peta Janossi and Rachel McGregor. They eventually bought the house and caravan park from Pippa along with Alf Stewart and Colleen Smart.

In 2000, The family had ultimately split up and Joel sold the house. The Sutherland Family had purchased it and lived there for four years. The family merged with the Hunters when Rhys Sutherland married local widow Beth Hunter. The marriage didn't last as Rhys went back to his ex-wife Shelley. Beth, not feeling comfortable in Rhys' home, elected to house swap with Flynn Saunders and Sally Fletcher, selling the adjoining Caravan Park as a separate entity. In 2005, It was revealed Pippa had purchased the Caravan Park from Tasha Andrews for Sally and Flynn and they took in local teenagers, Ric Dalby and Cassie Turner.

After Flynn's death in 2006, Alf moved back in. In 2008, Sally left the Bay and let her long-lost twin brother, Miles Copeland take over the running of the house and caravan park. Ric's girlfriend, Matilda Hunter, who had lived there previously with her family also moved back in. Jai Fernandez, an orphaned youth Miles had met in Phuket came to live with them.

After Ric and Matilda moved to Perth together, Kirsty Phillips, Matilda's former stepsister and her son moved into the house. Nicole Franklin Roman's daughter moved in with Miles and his family after her father Roman Harris left Summer Bay in June 2009. In September 2009 Jai's friend from when he lived in a foster home Romeo Smith came to stsy and live in the Bay. In October 2009 Jai had left Summer Bay with Annie Campbell to go to Japan on a student exchange program. A week after Jai had left Kirsty and Ollie left Summer Bay with her mother Shelly after she had a miscarriage with her and Miles baby. Marilyn Chambers moved in when she returned to the Bay. Alf's daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) returned to Summer Bay in October 2010 moving into the house, after twenty years in New York City.

Current Residents

Character Actor Duration
Alf Stewart Ray Meagher 1962–1988, 2006–
Roo Stewart Georgie Parker 1970–1988, 2010–
Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons 2010, 2011–

Past Residents:

  • Tom Fletcher: 1988-1990
  • Pippa Fletcher/Ross: 1988-1998,
  • Frank Morgan: 1988-89,
  • Carly Morris: 1988 -1991
  • Lynn Davenport: 1988
  • Bobby Simpson: 1988-89,
  • Steven Matheson 1988-1991, 1995,
  • Sally Fletcher: 1988-1998, 2004–08,
  • Sophie Simpson: 1990-93
  • Michael Ross: 1991-96
  • Hadyn Ross: 1991-92, 1994, 1996
  • Finlay Roberts:1991-94,
  • Damian Roberts:1992-95
  • Sam Marshall: 1993-98
  • Jack Wilson: 1994-96
  • Shannon Reed: 1994-97
  • Tiegan Brook: 1997-99
  • Justine Welles: 1997-2000
  • Travis Nash: 1998-99
  • Rebbeca Nash: 1998-99
  • Joel Nash: 1999-2000
  • Natalie Nash: 1999-2000
  • Tom Nash: 1999-2000
  • Gypsy Nash: 1999-2000
  • Peta Jannossi: 1999-2000
  • Rhys Sutherland: 2000-04
  • Shelley Sutherland: 2000-02, 2009
  • Dani Sutherland: 2000-03
  • Kirsty Sutherland: 2000-04, 2008–09
  • Jade Sutherland: 2000-04
  • Brodie Hanson: 2000-02
  • Max Sutherland: 2002-04
  • Beth Hunter: 2003-04
  • Kit Hunter: 2003-04
  • Robbie Hunter: 2003-04
  • Henry Hunter: 2004
  • Matilda Hunter: 2004, 2008
  • Flynn Saunders: 2004-06
  • Ric Dalby: 2005-08
  • Cassie Turner: 2005-08
  • Ollie Phillips 2008-09
  • Melody Jones: 2008-09
  • Jai Fernandez: 2008-09
  • Mink Smith: 2010
  • Mitzy Frazer: 2010
  • Nicole Franklin: 2009-11
  • Romeo Smith: 2009-11
  • Morag Bellingham: 2010-11
  • Miles Copeland: 2007-11

Summer Bay Caravan Park

Character Actor Duration
Colleen Smart Lyn Collingwood 1988, 1997–
Elijah Johnson Jay Laga'aia 2011–
Liam Murphy Axle Whitehead 2011–

Past Residents:

  • Floss McPhee: 1984–89
  • Maxine Irons: 1984–89
  • Nevile McPhee: 1984–89
  • Lance Smart: 1988-1990
  • Martin Dibble: 1988-1990
  • Grant Mitchell: 1990–91
  • Irene Roberts: 1992–94
  • Adam Cameron: 1993-94
  • Alex Poulos: 2007
  • Viv Anderson: 2007
  • Miles Copeland: 2008
  • Kirsty Sutherland: 2008
  • Ollie Phillips: 2008
  • Kane Phillips: 2008
  • Aden Jefferies: 2009

Leah's House

Current Residents

Character Actor Duration
Leah Patterson-Baker Ada Nicodemou 2000, 2001–
V.J. Patterson Felix Dean 2002–
Charlie Buckton Esther Anderson 2008–10, 2011–
Ruby Buckton Rebecca Breeds 2008–09, 2010, 2011–
Miles Copeland Josh Quong Tart 2011–

Past Residents:

  • Travis Nash 1995–98
  • Kelly Watson 1995–97
  • Steven Matheson 1995–96
  • Stepahnie Mboto 1996-97
  • Rebecca Nash 1997–98
  • Lachlan Fraser 1997
  • Jesse McGregor 1997–2000, 2002–04
  • Vinnie Patterson 1998–2002
  • Sally Fletcher 1998–2000
  • Tom Nash 2000
  • Alex Poulos 2001-04, 2007
  • Dan Baker 2005–07
  • Rachel Armstrong 2006
  • Drew Curtis 2006–08
  • Amanda Vale 2008
  • Jazz Curtis 2008
  • Joey Collins 2009
  • Nicole Franklin 2009
  • Ross Buckton 2008, 2009
  • Morag Bellingham 2009

33 Saxon Avenue

Character Actor Duration
Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes 2011–
Darryl Braxton Steve Peacocke 2011–
Heath Braxton Daniel Ewing 2011–

Past Residents:

  • James Fraser 1999-2000
  • Harry Reynolds 1999-2000
  • Leah Patterson Baker 2000-01
  • Sally Fletcher 2000-04
  • Shauna Bradley 1999-2001
  • Gypsy Nash/Smith 2001-02
  • Charolotte Adams 2002
  • Flynn Saunders 2003-04
  • Beth Hunter 2004-07
  • Matilda Hunter 2004-08
  • Henry Hunter 2004-05
  • Robbie Hunter 2004-06
  • Scott Hunter 2005
  • Tasha Hunter 2005-06
  • Kit Hunter 2006-07
  • Tony Holden 2006-2010
  • Lucas Holden 2006-08
  • Jack Holden 2007-08
  • Geoff Campbell 2007
  • Annie Campbell 2007
  • Jazz Curtis 2008
  • Rachel Holden 2008-2010
  • Gina Austin 2009
  • Xavier Austin 2009
  • Hugo Austin 2009
  • Harry Holden 2009-2010
  • Charlie Buckton 2010-11
  • Ruby Buckton 2010-11
  • Angelo Rosetta 2010-11
  • Nicole Franklin 2011
  • Liam Murphy 2011
  • Roo Stewart 2011
  • Indigo Walker 2011
  • Romeo Smith 2011

Beach House

Character Actor Duration
Irene Roberts Lynne McGranger 1994-
April Scott Rhiannon Fish 2010, 2011–
Bianca Scott Lisa Gormley 2010, 2011–

Past Residents:

  • Marlyn Fisher 1989-1992, 1995-96
  • Adam Cameron 1989-1993
  • Bobby Simpson 1990-93
  • Greg Marshall 1991-93
  • Sam Marshall 1991-93
  • Selina Cook 1994-97, 1998
  • Chloe Richards 1995-99, 2005
  • Joey Rainbow 1996-99
  • Kim Hyde 2004-05
  • Barry Hyde 2005-06
  • Tasha Hunter 2003-06
  • Robbie Hunter 2006
  • Hayley Lawson (née Smith) 1998-2002, 2005
  • Will Smith 1998-2002, 2010-11
  • Nick Smith 2000-03
  • Gypsy Nash 2002, 2011-
  • Lily Nash 2002, 2011-
  • Ollie Phillips 2008-09
  • Kirsty Phillips 2004-05, 2008–09
  • Belle Taylor 2006-09
  • Geoff Campbell 2007-10
  • Claudia Hammond 2009
  • Amanda Vale 2009
  • Ryan Baker 2009
  • Annie Campbell 2007–09, 2010
  • Ruby Buckton 2009-10

31 Saxon Avenue

Character Actor Duration
Xavier Austin David Jones-Roberts 2008, 2009–
Gina Austin Sonia Todd 2009–
John Palmer Shane Withington 2010–

Past Residents:

  • Tony Holden 2005-06
  • Lucas Holden 2005-06
  • Kim Hyde 2006-07
  • Michael (Macca) Mackenzie 2006, 2007
  • Rachel Armstrong 2006-08
  • Jack Holden 2005-09
  • Brendan Austin 2009
  • Martha Holden 2006, 2008–09, 2009
  • Hugo Austin 2009-2010
  • Bianca Scott 2010
  • April Scott 2010

The Farmhouse

Character Actor Duration
Sid Walker Robert Mammone 2010–
Dexter Walker Charles Cottier 2010–
Indigo Walker Samara Weaving 2010–
Romeo Smith Luke Mitchell 2011–
Sasha Bezmel Demi Harman 2011–

Past Residents:

  • Bruce Campbell 2007
  • Geoff Campbell 2007
  • Annie Campbell 2007
  • Martha Mackenzie 2009-2010
  • Hugo Austin 2009, 2010
  • Xavier Austin 2010
  • Liam Murphy 2010
  • Marilyn Chambers 2010-11

The Townhouse Apartment

Past Residents:

  • Brad Armstrong 2007
  • Tamsyn Armstrong 2007
  • Heather Armstrong 2007
  • Roman Harris 2007-09
  • Martha Holden 2008
  • Morag Bellingham 2008, 2009
  • Nicole Franklin 2008-09
  • Aden Jefferies 2008-09, 2009-2010
  • Ross Buckton 2008
  • David "Gardy" Gardner 2009
  • Belle Taylor 2009
  • Liam Murphy 2009-2010
  • Justin Jefferies 2010

Angelo's Old Apartment

Past Residents:

  • May Stone 2009
  • Angelo Rosetta 2008-2010

Liam's Old House

Past Residents:

  • Liam Murphy 2010-2011

The Field House

Past Residents:

  • Liam Murphy 2011
  • April Scott 2011
  • Bianca Scott 2011

Locations outside Summer Bay

Mangrove River

Mangrove River is neighbouring suburb to Summer Bay, often mentioned in the earlier years of the programme. Its first mention came in 1989 when Tom Fletcher and Alf Stewart were hospitalised there after being lost at sea. Tug O'Neale lived there and attended school until Year 10 when he transferred to Summer Bay High. Vinnie Patterson originally lived in Mangrove River before coming to the Bay. Mangrove River began to be mentioned more frequently and has been started to become involved in many storylines including Nicole Franklin inviting some guests from suburb to a party and David "Gardy" Gardener coercing Roman Harris into a robbery on the Wharf. The River Boys, who were introduced in 2011, come from Mangrove River. Wilson's Beach is Mangrove River's main beach for surfing.

Yabbie Creek

Yabbie Creek is Summer Bay's nearest neighbouring town where various characters either dine out, shop or take in movies.

  • Yabbie Creek High School - Ric Dalby originally attended here until he was expelled, as did Nick Smith following a temporary expulsion from Summer Bay High following accusations of sexual assault by Angie Russell. In the earlier years, the school had a soccer rivalry with Summer Bay High School.
  • Northern Districts Hospital - The closest hospital to Summer Bay. Current employees are Dr. Sid Walker and nurse Julie Cooper and Nurse Gloria. Past employees have include Dr. Kelly Watson, Dr. Lachlan Fraser, Dr. James Fraser, Dr. Charlotte Adams, Dr. Flynn Saunders, Sam Holden, Rachel Holden and nurse Eve Jacobsen. The hospital is located in Yabbie Creek (or at least was during the early years of the programme, but moved during continental drift that also caused an earthquake that destroyed the Beachside Diner in 2008).
  • Yabbie Creek University - The local university where many characters have enrolled over the years including Noah Lawson, Hayley Smith, Dani Sutherland and Irene Roberts. Current students attending include Indigo Walker.
  • Yabbie Creek Police Station - The closest police station to Summer Bay. The police station was used frequently when Nick Parrish lived in Summer Bay. After his departure, it was only seen occasionally, when Joel Nash became the main resident police officer. The station was used regularly again when The Summer Bay Stalker began terrorising the town in 2004 and Detective Peter Baker was on the case. Jack Holden was the main resident constable from 2005 until his death in 2008 at the hands of colleague Angelo Rosetta. Past Officers have included Sergeants Bob Barnett, Chris Hale and Darren McGrath, and Lara "Fitzy" Fitzgerald. Constables Terri Garner, Pia Corelli and Ken Harper. Inspector Mike Carter. Senior Detective Robert Robertson and Detective Senior Constable Doogie Graves have been based at the station while in town on the Grant Bledcoe and Penn Graham murder cases.
Character Actor Rank Duration
Charlie Buckton Esther Anderson Sergeant 2008–
Georgina Watson Jaclyn Albergoni Constable 2008–
Patrick Avery Clayton Williams Constable 2009–

Other towns

Indiana Evans, Mark Furze and the crew during filming
  • Reefton Lakes - Another suburb where Reefton Lakes High is situated. The School and Summer Bay High were under threat from closure in 2002. It was most resently mentioned by Angelo Rosetta in 2010 when he offered to take his girlfriend Charlie Buckton on a date there.
  • Sydney (Commonly referred to as The City) - The Capital city of New South Wales, and is seen often on the show when residents visit.
  • Melbourne - Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, it was featured on the show in 2009 - when Melody Jones ran away from home and lived on the streets of Melbourne with Miles Copeland and Charlie Buckton looking for her.

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