Current characters of Neighbours

Current characters of Neighbours

The following is a list of the current main characters in the Australian soap opera "Neighbours".


;Ringo Brown :(Sam Clark)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 28
Parents: Graham and Prue Brown
Siblings: Johnny, George, Pauline and Paul Brown
Younger brother to George Brown, Ringo came to Erinsborough to find his older sibling, who had moved out of home when Ringo was only 10. He enrolled at Erinsborough High and developed a crush on Rachel Kinski. With his brother's true identity revealed, Ringo concentrated on getting close to Rachel and admitted that he had a phobia of water. As she helped to teach him to swim, they started dating, but the death of Stingray, her ex, came between them and they agreed to have a break. Meanwhile, Frazer was left paralysed following an accident and told Ringo that he'd have to go home. But Lolly, having secretly fallen for him, and not wanting him to leave, set up a tent for him at the allotment so he could still be nearby. Rachel and Ringo started dating again, though he has grown close to Carmella, and when she turned him down, Ringo grew upset and crashed the fruit ute. Afterwards, he and Carmella got closer, and kissed a few times, and she said she loved him, after the bus crash. He was seriously injured in the crash, and was in an induced coma for a few days. After waking up, he sneaked out and went to find Carmella, and she was forced to reveal in public that she didn't love him. He moved back home, but Frazer refused to let him run away and went too, and managed to persuade him to come back to Erinsborough. Ringo has recently developed an eating disorder, and has been taking diet pills and throwing up. His mother and brother Frazer have finally got Ringo to accept help from the school counselor on his condition. After Frazer and his wife Rosie left, Ringo went to live with the Kennedy-Kinski family.


;Carmella Cammeniti :(Natalie Blair)
Tenure: 2003-
Lives at: Number 24
Parents: Rocco and Lucia Cammeniti
Marital Status: Marco Silvani (deceased)
Children: Chloe Cammeniti
Siblings: Rosetta and Rosaria Cammeniti
The daughter of head of the 'Erinsborough Mafia', Rocco, Carmella first appeared in 2003 as his spoilt daughter, and over the two years that followed, made sporadic appearances in the life of Connor O'Neill. In 2006, he found her living in a convent and she became Sister Mary Catherine a few weeks later, but was later convinced to quit the convent and started dating Will Griggs. After she found out that he was actually Sebastian Barnes, heir to millions of dollars, he disappeared and her affections had moved on to his older brother, Oliver, who had come to Erinsborough to pick up the pieces. Carmella is also running herself ragged trying to prove that she is just as capable as Rosie, by running Celestial Fruits, the family's fruit and veg business, while her father is in prison. She started taking prescribed medication, and became addicted, as the medication had been incorrectly prescribed. Her relationship with Oliver was a mess because of this, and also thanks to the interference of Paul Robinson and his daughter, Elle, who wanted Elle to be involved with Oliver, so she could get her hands on his money. Oliver and Carmella later broke up, and he moved on to Elle.
Carmella was good friends with younger housemate, 17 year old Ringo Brown. He became infatuated with her, and helped her get off the medication. She began to think that maybe she did love Ringo, and they kissed a few times, but she realised that she still loved Oliver, and Ringo was just a distraction. Carmella found out she was pregnant, by Oliver. She doesn't want to split Oliver and Elle up, but does want Oliver to be part of the baby's life, but Elle broke up with Oliver when he told her, as it was so similar to her and Dylan.

;Chloe Cammeniti :(Sarah May)
Tenure: 2008-
Lives at: Number 24
Parents: Carmella Cammeniti and Oliver Barnes
The daughter of Carmella Cammeniti and Oliver Barnes.

;Lou Carpenter :(Tom Oliver)
Tenure: 1988, 1992-
Lives at: Number 26
Marital status: Kathy (divorced), Linda (divorced), Trixie Tucker (2003-2004, divorced)
Siblings: Brenda Riley
Children: Ling Mai Chan, Guy and Lauren Carpenter
Lou moved out of number 22, following a dispute with his new housemate and the house owner, Paul Robinson. He owns and runs the General Store with Harold Bishop and also owns local garage, Carpenter Mechanics. In 2006, Lou found love with Russian internet bride, Mishka, who, because she was an illegal immigrant, was taken back to Moscow. Lou visited her, but returned and announced that the relationship was over for good and he intended to move on with Janelle Timmins. When Mishka then returned, she and Lou picked up where they left off, but her attempts to be granted residency failed when she tried to bribe an official and was deported. Lou became an air steward with BonzAir in order to be able to visit her. His daughter Lolly, who had gone to live with her real father, returned for 6 months, before going back to her other father and brothers and sisters.


;Daniel Fitzgerald : (Brett Tucker)
Tenure: 1999-2000, 2007-
Marital Status: Samantha Grieves
Lives at: Number 30
Siblings: Lucas Fitzgerald
Daniel was a teacher at Erinsborough High School and briefly lived with colleague Tess at Number 32 Ramsay Street in 2000. He also had a crush on Steph. He recently has become a counsellor at the school and on the advice of departing colleague Pepper he has been helping student Ringo with his eating disorder. Recently his estranged wife Sam returned, when Dan tried looking for her to ask for a divorce. Sam has bi-polar disorder and Dan had not seen her for a while, as her illness made her difficult to live with. However, after she returned, they decided to give the relationship another go but did not work out and Sam left for New Zealand.

;Lucas Fitzgerald: (Scott Major)
Tenure: 2008-
Lives at: Outside Ramsay Street
Siblings: Daniel Fitzgerald
Lucas is Dan's brother who recently arrived in Erinsborough and has been romancing Libby Kennedy.

;Donna Freedman :(Margot Robbie)
Tenure: 2008-
Lives at: Outside Ramsay Street
Donna was introduced as the stalker obsessed with musician Ty Harper. She gained a rivalry with Rachel Kinski after Rachel pretended to be Ty's girlfriend, to Donna's disliking. She later tried to become friends with the teen group, though they generally saw her as an outsider, leaving Donna disappointed. She was accused of starting a bushfire which led to the death of Marco Silvani, however was found innocent later. She gained attention by claiming she saw the arsonist, though this turned out to be a lie. She recently obtained counselling from local school counsellor Dan Fitzgerald, and she gained a crush on him. She also transferred schools from Eden Hills Grammar to Erinsborough High.


;Mickey Gannon : (Fletcher O'Leary)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 26
Parents: Ned Parker and Kirsten Gannon
Mickey is the son of Ned Parker, who was dumped on him by his mother Kirsten. He has developed a bond with both his father and Janae Timmins. He is also the owner of a large black dog named Jake, who he is very dependent on.
He ran away after causing the bus crash which injured Ringo, but returned home when he found a poster Ned had put up, appealing for him to return.


;Ty Harper :(Dean Geyer)
Tenure: 2008-
Lives at: Number 32
Ty is a university drop out and the lead singer in a band. He is the cousin of Taylah Jordan, who attempted to set him up with her boyfriend's sister Rachel at an all-ages gig that his band performed at.

;Charlie Hoyland : (Aaron Auslebrook-Walker)
Tenure: 2006-
Lives at: Number 32
Parents: Max and Stephanie Hoyland
Siblings: Boyd (half-brother) and Summer Hoyland (half-sister)
The son of Max and Steph, born in March 2006. He was put in danger when the fraudulent doctor Charlotte Stone failed to immunise him, however no harm was done in the end.


;Callum Jones :(Morgan Baker)
Tenure: 2008-
Lives at: Number 30
Callum is a troubled 12-year-old boy who was taken under the care of Toadie Rebecchi, following the sudden illness of his grandmother. He caused a fair amount of trouble, including stealing (to try and look after himself as he thought he'd be left homeless) and he was also accused of starting a bushfire by local fire captain Jay Duncan, though he was later found innocent.


;Karl Kennedy :(Alan Fletcher)
Tenure: 1994-
Lives at: Number 28
Marital status: Susan Smith (divorced 2004, remarried 2007)
Parents: Ronald Davies-Smythe (biological father), Tom Kennedy (adoptive father), Molly Kennedy (mother)
Children: Malcolm, Libby and Billy Kennedy and Holly Hoyland
Ex-local GP Karl is a respected member of the community and was dating Izzy Hoyland following the breakdown of his marriage to Susan in 2004. Karl split with Izzy after learning that she had lied to him about him being the father of their baby and gradually reunited with Susan in 2006. After taking some strong sleep medication, Karl ended up sleeping with Izzy, thinking she was Susan. The next morning, Izzy lied to Karl, claiming that she'd slept on the sofa, and Karl told Susan everything. Only Susan and Paul knew that Izzy was pregnant when she left town. After mistakenly thinking that Stingray was the father of Sky's baby, Karl decided to give up medicine. In early 2007, he and Susan went to London where they remarried, and came across into Izzy who ended up giving birth to baby Holly on their wedding day. Susan overheard Izzy in the ambulance, talking about Karl being Holly's father and, once back in Australia, she told him. Susan was shocked, but understanding, when he agreed to go back to London and see Izzy and Holly. He returned later and he is starting to perform medical duties, as Erinsborough currently has no local doctor.

;Libby Kennedy :(Kym Valentine)
Tenure: 1994-2003, 2004, 2007-
Lives at: Number 32
Parents: Karl Kennedy and Susan Kinski
Marital Status: Drew Kirk (2001-2002, his death)
Siblings: Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Holly Hoyland (half-sister), Katya Kinski (stepsister), Rachel Kinski (stepsister), Zeke Kinski (stepbrother)
Children: Ben Kirk
The only daughter of Karl and Susan, Libby left Erinsborough in 2004 to live with her teenage sweetheart Darren Stark in Shepparton but has returned for an extended visit to see her parents. Libby and Darren have since split up and she has moved back to Erinsborough permanently, resuming her teaching job at the high school. She almost began a relationship with colleague Dan Fitzgerald, but it never got off the ground due to the sudden return of his estranged wife. Libby and Ben moved in with Steph and Charlie early in 2008.

;Rachel Kinski :(Caitlin Stasey)
Tenure: 2005-
Lives at: Number 28
Parents: Alex and Francesca Kinski
Siblings: Katya Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Malcolm Kennedy (stepbrother), Libby Kennedy (stepsister), Billy Kennedy (stepbrother)
Rachel was home-schooled for several years, and she started at Erinsborough High, where she quickly struck up a friendship with Bree Timmins. Rachel's father, Alex, married Susan Smith, before dying. Rachel and Zeke went to live with older sister, Katya, but later the three of them moved back to Ramsay Street. Following her father's death, Rachel grew close to Stingray, four years older than her. The couple had many ups and downs, but they split up when it was believed that Stingray had fathered Sky Mangel's baby. After a month of work experience as a journalist in Shepparton, Rachel returned and got back together with Stingray. They quickly realised that they'd both changed and ended it later. After teaching Ringo Brown, who had a crush on her, how to swim, they started dating. Rachel went on to have a relationahip with her teacher Angus Henderson, he was sent to prison. She is now pretending to be the girlfriend of Ty Harper to deter his stalker Donna.

;Susan Kinski :(Jackie Woodburne)
Tenure: 1994-
Lives at: Number 28
Marital status: Karl Kennedy (divorced 2004, remarried 2007), Alex Kinski (2005, died 2005)
Parents: Grace Smith
Siblings: Carmel Tyler and Liz Conway
Children: Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Katya Kinski (stepdaughter), Rachel Kinski (stepdaughter), Zeke Kinski (stepson)
Erinsborough High School teacher, and former principal, Susan moved to Erinsborough with her family in 1994. Her three children have since moved out of home and she divorced her husband, Karl, in 2004. She married Alex Kinski in 2005, who died that evening from terminal leukaemia. She later gave up custody of Alex's younger children, Rachel and Zeke, so that they could go and live with their older sister, Katya. However, Katya struggled as a guardian and the kids moved back in with Susan. Susan has since re-discovered her feelings for Karl and, after a few hiccups with Rachel and Zeke, they are now officially a couple again and he has moved back in. Karl gave up medicine in late 2006 and, in early 2007, took Susan to London for the holiday of a lifetime where they were remarried and also came across Karl's ex-girlfriend, Izzy Hoyland, who subsequently gave birth. Susan overheard Izzy takling about baby Holly being Karl's and, once back in Australia, told him. He returned to London temporarily, though her ex-lover Tom Scully returned with his goal to win back Susan, though she rejected him, remaining loyal to Karl. After several dizzy spells and accidentally running over Bridget Parker whilst falling asleep at the wheel Susan has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She is currently on sick leave from Erinsborough High.

;Zeke Kinski :(Matthew Werkmeister)
Tenure: 2005-
Lives at: Number 28
Parents: Alex and Francesca Kinski
Siblings: Katya Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Malcolm Kennedy (stepbrother), Libby Kennedy (stepsister), Billy Kennedy (stepbrother)
Zeke was also home-schooled by his mother Francesca, until her death, when his father, Alex, took over. He started at Erinsborough High along with his sister and had an on-off relationship with Bree Timmins. Following his father's death, he became mute due to the grief. Rachel and Zeke went to live with older sister, Katya, but later moved back to Ramsay Street. He started dating Lolly Allen, though it seemed to break off when she left Erinsborough. He then went on to date Taylor, until her Dad removed her from Erinsborough High and sent her to boarding school.

;Ben Kirk :(Blake O'Leary)
Tenure: 2001-2003, 2004, 2007-
Lives at: Number 32
Parents: Libby Kennedy and Drew Kirk
The only son of Drew and Libby was born towards the end of 2001. Tragedy struck before his first birthday when his father died in a horse riding accident. He moved with his mother Libby to Shepparton in 2004 but has now returned to Ramsay Street to live with his grandparents Karl and Susan and the Kinski Kids. Ben quickly struck up a close friendship with neighbour Mickey Gannon and he also began to hero worship neighbour Daniel Fitzgerald. This made things awkward for his mother as she had almost started a relationship with Dan.


;Declan Napier : (James Sorensen)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 24
Parents: Rebecca Napier and Richard Aaronow
Siblings: Oliver Barnes
Declan is Rebecca's youngest child and Oliver's brother. Declan was raised by Rebecca, who had pursued relationships with numerous men over the years, none of whom Declan approved of. He knows nothing about his father, other than the fact that Rebecca refers to him as a "monster", but Declan has never questioned his mother about him any further. As a teenager, Declan turned to a life of petty crime in order to help his mother financially, and he has recently developed a friendship with 8-year-old Mickey Gannon, the runaway son of Ned Parker. In late July, 2007, Mickey became an unwitting pawn in Declan's criminal activities on two occasions: first helping him steal a man's briefcase, then breaking into a house to steal a laptop computer. It is revealed that he and Oliver are full blooded brothers, thus, sharing the same father. When he heard about Oliver being his brother he reacted in an angry manner because his mother lied to him. This meant that he doesn't know if he can trust her again. He appeared to change his mind and try to get to know Oliver, but only because he found out that Oliver was incredibly rich.

;Rebecca Napier : (Jane Hall)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 24
Parents: Alan Napier
Siblings: Marcus Napier
Children: Oliver Barnes and Declan Napier
Rebecca is the daughter of Alan Napier, and has recently been revealed to be the biological mother of Oliver Barnes. Rebecca and Oliver met in mid-July, 2007, but after a short conversation an emotional Rebecca walked out, making it clear she did not want to see Oliver again. However, she returned, and mother and son got to know each other. Rebecca grew closer to Paul Robinson, who she had had a fling with 20 years ago. She eventually told Oliver about his father, and that he was abusive so Oliver decided not to contact him. Rebecca is terrified of Richard, who has returned due to a mistake of Elle's. Richard and Rebecca had a confrontation which lead to Richard needing a kidney transplant which Oliver agreed to give so that Rebecca could see him in court but Richard returned a few months later to die in the hospital from renal failure. 2008 brought Paul's old cheating ways to the surface as he began an affair with Kirsten. Lyn Scully began blackmailing Paul, which eventually led to her return, and her admitting to Susan about the blackmailing and the fact that Paul cheated on Rebecca. Susan eventually told Rebecca, which led to her and Paul breaking up.


;Bridget Parker : (Eloise Mignon)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 26
Parents: Steve and Miranda Parker (adoptive)
Siblings: Riley Parker
Tomboy Bridget or "Didge" as she prefers has moved to Erinsborough with her parents for a fresh start. Didge started drag-racing with Declan Napier until they were cautioned by the police. Bridget was knocked over by Susan Kinski and suffered serious injuries. During her recovery, she began to date Josh. She was trapped in the warehouse with Declan, they had a heart to heart, which lead to the end of her relationship with Josh. She went on to date Ringo Brown, but this didn't last. She briefly went out with Chris Knight, however while trying to escape from him she accidently killed her. After this she began dating Declan.

;Miranda Parker : (Nikki Coghill)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 26
Marital Status: Steve Parker
Siblings: Nicola West
Children: Riley and Bridget Parker (adoptive)
Steve's wife she's moved to Erinsborough with her husband and daughter for a fresh start. Miranda quickly struck up a friendship with Susan Kinski which was put under extreme stress when Susan accidentally ran over Bridget. It was recently revealed that when Miranda was younger, her sister Nicola was her bone marrow donor.

;Steve Parker : (Steve Bastoni)
Tenure: 2007-
Lives at: Number 26
Marital Status: Miranda Parker
Parents: Kitty Parker and Gary Fuller (biological), Jim Parker (adoptive father)
Siblings: Stuart and Ned Parker (half-brothers)
Children: Riley and Bridget Parker (adoptive)
Steve is Ned's older brother and a vet. He has moved to Erinsborough with his wife and daughter for a fresh start. Steve was stunned when he found out that he was the product of an affair his mother had with one of his father's best friends. He tried to take the rap for Bridget attacking Chris Knight.


;Jarrod "Toadfish" Rebecchi :(Ryan Moloney)
Tenure: 1995-
Lives at: Number 30
Marital status: Dione "Dee" Bliss (2003, died 2003)
Parents: Kev and Angie Rebecchi
Siblings: Shane and Stonefish Rebecchi
Local lawyer Jarrod "Toadfish" Rebecchi has been in the area for twelve years and in that time, changed from a troublemaker to a respected member of the community. He works for local law firm Tim Collins & Associates. He was supporting Steph in the wake of her husband Max running over Cameron Robinson, and Max's subsequent disappearance. The pair grew extremely close when Toadie was shot in the back during a siege at number 32, but Max returned and Toadie stayed at Susan and Karl's, as Steph decided to give her marriage another try. Though Max and Steph split up and he moved away, Toadie moved on with Abby Stafford, a girl he met through a dial-a-date service, though he has since admitted that he is not truly over Steph, and him and Steph got together, and moved in with her. Toadie recently quit his job with Tim Collins after the pressure from his boss caused a panic attack. He's now started up a new law firm with Rosetta Cammeniti.

;Lucinda "Elle" Robinson :(Pippa Black)
Tenure: 2005-
Lives at: Number 22
Parents: Paul and Gail Robinson
Siblings: Cameron, Robert, Amy (half-sister) and Andrew Robinson (half-brother)
Elle grew up in Tasmania with her mother and twin brothers, and moved to Erinsborough to stay with her father in 2005. After dating Ned Parker, she was almost killed by her twin brother, Robert, when he put a bomb in her car. After getting together with Dylan Timmins, she pretended to be sick to keep him, but the pair got back together later. Paul planned to keep them apart, eventually succeeding and luring her to Oliver Barnes, the heir to a multi-million dollar empire. Paul's plan involved blackmailing Ned into helping him to split up Elle and Dylan, but Ned has since told Elle the truth and she planned revenge on her dad. She later forgave him after he gained amnesia. She started dating Oliver truthfully, and was suspicious of his mother. SHe found his father, but later that day discovered that he was abusive. Unfortunately, although she decided not to contact him again, he managed to trace her, putting the Napier's in danger. Now, she has broken up with Oliver, not wanting a repeat of the past, after finding out that Carmella was pregnant by Oliver.

;Paul Robinson :(Stefan Dennis)
Tenure: 1985-1992, 1993, 2004-
Lives at: Lassiter's
Marital status: Terry Inglis (1985-1986, her death), Gail Lewis (1987-1989, divorced), Christina Alessi (1991-unknown, divorced), Lyn Scully (2006, annulled)
Parents: Jim and Anne Robinson
Siblings: Julie Martin, Glen Donnelly, Scott Robinson and Lucy Robinson
Children: Amy, Elle, Robert, Cameron and Andrew Robinson
Paul was on the show from the beginning until his departure in 1992, however he returned to the show at the end of the 2004 season finale. He lost a leg after being pushed from a cliff, and was almost killed when his son, Robert, trapped him in a mineshaft, and shot him after the previous plan failed. After his 2004 return, he became involved with Liljana Bishop, Isabelle Hoyland, Rosetta Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger as well as marrying and splitting up with Lyn Scully. He worked with his daughter Elle to get her together with Oliver Barnes, in order to reclaim the majority share of the hotel. However, Paul blackmailed Ned Parker into splitting up both Elle and her then-boyfriend Dylan Timmins, and Oliver and his then-girlfriend Carmella Cammeniti as well. When she found out the truth from Ned, Elle secretly plotted to bring her father down. Though she forgave him after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and he started seeing a hallucination of a troubled teenager named Fox. He had an operation to get it removed, though he now has amnesia and cannot remember the last twenty years of his life. His ex-wife Gail returned though he failed to get together with her again. He has now grown close to Oliver's mother, Rebecca Napier.

;Stephanie Scully :(Carla Bonner)
Tenure: 1999-
Lives at: Number 32
Marital status: Max Hoyland (2004-2007, divorced)
Parents: Joe and Lyn Scully
Siblings: Jack, Felicity, Michelle and Oscar Scully
Children: Charlie Hoyland
Steph married Max Hoyland in 2004 and is stepmother to his two kids, Boyd and Summer. During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. Her refusal to have treatment seriously threatened her marriage, as Max tried to have her declared mentally incompetent. They reunited, and Steph gave birth to Charlie and underwent radiotherapy. Steph started to rely on her friendship with Toadie more and more, following an accident in which Max ran over and killed Cameron Robinson, and his apparent mental breakdown, caused by Elle Robinson. During Max's absence, Steph and Toadie started seeing each other, but when Max returned, Steph realised that she had to give the marriage a chance, though both she and Max soon came to the conclusion that their feelings had changed irreparably. Max has now moved away, and Steph and Toadie are dating. Toadie proposed to her but she turned him down, but in order to show her commitment to their relationship she agreed to change her surname back from her married name of Hoyland to her maiden name of Scully.

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