Cold Front (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Cold Front (Star Trek: Enterprise)
"Cold Front"
Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no. Episode 10
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill
Written by Stephen Beck
Tim Finch
Produced by Dawn Valazquez
Production code 111
Original air date November 28, 2001
Guest stars

John Fleck
Matt Winston
Michael O'Hagan
Joseph Hindy
Leonard Kelly-Young
Lamont D. Thompson

Episode chronology
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"Fortunate Son"
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"Silent Enemy"
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"Cold Front" is the tenth episode (production #111) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.


Enterprise investigates a stellar nursery with several ships inside. Hailing one of the ships, Captain Fraddock responds. Fraddock is escorting a group of men on a pilgrimage to the Great Plume of Agosoria. Every eleven years, one of the protostars gives out a neutron blast that the pilgrims consider a sacred event. The eruption is due tomorrow. Archer invites Fraddock and the pilgrims to visit Enterprise.

In Engineering, Trip explains the Warp 5 engine to the pilgrims in simple language. One of them, who lagged behind earlier, turns out to be a warp field theorist. While Trip is distracted with a question, the alien disconnects an antimatter junction. His arm morphs to reach the junction, revealing him as Silik.

The ship shakes and T'Pol tells Archer that it is turbulence from a plasma storm. In the Mess Hall, Daniels looks worried. A plasma bolt causes an antimatter cascade, blowing out systems in Engineering. It almost reaches the reactor when it stops short. Trip has no idea why.

The pilgrims return to Fraddock's ship. Trip summons Archer to Engineering; he has found Silik's alterations. Trip does not think any of the Enterprise crew would have done this. The pilgrims deny visiting the conduit. Crewman Daniels approaches Archer, requesting to speak with him. Daniels believes one of the pilgrims is Silik.

In his quarters, Daniels tells Archer he is not a Starfleet officer. Daniels activates a handheld device, displaying an interactive vista of multi-coloured lines, nodes and spheres, surrounding both men. He points out his time of origin, the 31st century. Daniels tells Archer that the people who command Silik are from an earlier century and cannot materialise in the past, only transfer information.

The species who developed time travel technology agreed that it would only be used for research, but the temptation was too great, hence the Temporal Cold War. Daniels tells Archer that it was Silik who prevented the warp core breach and Daniels has been sent to capture him. Daniels asks permission to tie his Suliban tracking technology into the Enterprise's internal sensors. Daniels needs to identify who Silik is working for in order to stop them. Archer says he will need to inform some of his crew.

In the Ready Room, Archer briefs T'Pol and Trip. Hoshi hails to say that Fraddock's vessel is requesting permission to dock so that some of the pilgrims can observe the Great Plume in the Mess Hall. Archer orders T'Pol and Trip to help Daniels.

Archer studies the group of pilgrims, wondering which one is Silik. In Engineering, Daniels calibrates the internal sensors. T'Pol observes that a power relay is offline. Daniels repairs it with a device which he then places on his fingers before walking through a bulkhead.

As Archer feeds Porthos, the beagle barks, causing Archer to notice one of the pilgrims' cloaks on his desk. Silik deactivates his camouflage and asks Archer who is trying to find him. Archer denies all knowledge, and Silik claims that Daniels' group was responsible for the antimatter cascade - that faction is trying to alter history, not his own. The Temporal Accord is a lie. Silik does not know why he was ordered to save Archer, only that Daniels is a danger to the Enterprise and Archer should help Silik. T'Pol signals to say that Daniels has finished the modifications. Silik thanks Archer before stunning him.

In Engineering, Daniels detects Suliban bio-signs. Silik is near Main Engineering. Daniels asks Reed to seal off the deck and send a security team. Daniels evacuates Engineering and turns to find Silik pointing a phaser at him. Silik fires and Daniels derezzes, as though he were a hologram. T'Pol and Trip witness this, then summon Phlox to Archer's quarters when they receive no response to their hails.

Phlox revives Archer. Trip says that Silik killed Daniels. Archer hails Fraddock to see if any of the pilgrims has returned. Fraddock says no. Archer hails Reed and orders all outer hatches sealed and security details posted on every deck. Archer asks Trip to use Daniels' sensors to locate Silik while he and T'Pol visit Daniels' quarters to study the database that Archer saw earlier. The case is empty when Archer opens it. Hoshi informs them that someone on board used the ship's comm system to send an encrypted message.

In Engineering, Trip cannot interpret Daniels' readouts. Silik opens a service hatch, which Trip detects. Silik is trying to bypass the lockout codes for Launch Bay 2. Archer meets Reed and the security team at the junction, holding Daniels' phasing device. Archer takes Reed's phase pistol and walks through the bulkhead. On the other side, Silik works on Daniels' device. He tells Archer not to fire, to prevent another antimatter cascade. As they talk, the ship is rocked by another plasma wake. They fall to the floor and struggle, Silik losing his phase pistol. Silik tosses Archer aside before escaping to the Jeffries tubes. On the Bridge, a Suliban shuttlepod is detected.

Silik arrives in Shuttle Bay 4, Archer close behind. Silik refuses to surrender the device, so Archer shoots it from his hand. "You may have endangered your future, Jon." Silik snarls, before camouflaging himself. The doors to the Shuttle Bay open and Silik leaps into the void. Archer closes the doors and repressurises the room as Silik freefalls to the Suliban shuttlepod. T'Pol hails to say that the shuttlepod went to warp but Archer tells her not to follow.

T'Pol informs Archer that Fraddock's ship has left. Archer asks Reed to assign new quarters to Daniels' roommate and to seal off Daniels' cabin.

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