Regional corporations and municipalities of Trinidad and Tobago

Regional corporations and municipalities of Trinidad and Tobago
Regional Corporations and municipalities of Trinidad and Tobago
Location Trinidad and Tobago
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Trinidad and Tobago

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Regional corporations and municipalities of Trinidad
Corporation Area Population Population density Urban centres
km² sq mi /km² /sq mi
Port of Spain City Corporation 13.45 5.19 49,031 3,650 9,500 Port of Spain
San Fernando City Corporation 18.64 7.20 55,419 2,970 7,700 San Fernando, Marabella
Chaguanas Borough Corporation 59.65 23.03 67,433 1,130 2,900 Chaguanas, Cunupia, Endeavour, Felicity, Montrose
Arima Borough Corporation 11.15 4.31 32,278 2,890 7,500 Arima
Point Fortin Borough Corporation 23.88 9.22 19,056 800 2,100 Point Fortin, Guapo, Teschier
Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation 719.64 277.85 162,779 230 600 Claxton Bay, Couva, Point Lisas, St. Mary's, Tabaquite, Talparo
Diego Martin Regional Corporation 127.53 49.24 105,720 830 2,100 Carenage, Diego Martin, Maraval, Westmoorings
Penal-Debe Regional Corporation 246.91 95.33 83,609 340 880 Penal, Debe
Princes Town Regional Corporation 621.35 239.90 91,947 150 390 Moruga, Princes Town
Rio Claro-Mayaro Regional Corporation 852.81 329.27 33,480 40 100 Mayaro, Rio Claro, Guayaguayare
San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation 220.39 85.09 157,295 710 1,800 Barataria, Laventille, Morvant, St. Joseph, San Juan
Sangre Grande Regional Corporation 898.94 347.08 64,343 70 180 Guaico, Sangre Grande, Toco, Valencia
Siparia Regional Corporation 510.48 197.10 81,917 160 410 Cedros, Fyzabad, La Brea, Santa Flora, Siparia
Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation 527.23 203.56 203,975 370 960 Arouca, Curepe, Piarco, St. Augustine, Trincity, Tunapuna

Historically, Trinidad was divided into eight counties.


Tobago is governed locally by the Tobago House of Assembly.

Historically, Tobago was divided into seven parishes (Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Mary, Saint Patrick and Saint Paul). In 1768 each parish of Tobago had nominated representatives to the Tobago House of Assembly. On 20 October 1889 the British crown implemented a Royal Order in Council constituting Tobago as a ward of Trinidad, thus terminating local government on Tobago and formed a unified colony government.

In 1945 when the county council system was first introduced, Tobago was administered as a single county of Trinidad.

In 1980 provisions were made for the Tobago House of Assembly to be revived as an entity providing local government in Tobago. Under the revived system, Tobago is made up of 12 local electoral districts with each district electing one Assemblyman to the THA.

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