List of Tales from the Crypt episodes

List of Tales from the Crypt episodes

The following is a list of episodes for the television series, Tales from the Crypt which aired from 1989-1996. During the series' run, there were a total of 93 episodes and two feature length films. A third film was produced in 2001, after the series ended. The series ran uncensored in its original run on HBO, but subsequent airings on channels such as Syfy or Chiller had content removed or removed certain episodes from the rotation (including "The Secret" and "Strung Along").



Season 1 (1989)

# Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
1 "The Man Who Was Death" Walter Hill Walter Hill and Robert Reneau June 10, 1989 Crypt of Terror #17 (#1)
After a state prohibits capital punishment, a prison executioner (Bill Sadler) is laid off from his job and begins administering his own justice to acquitted murder suspects. He then learns the hard way when the death sentence is put in motion again, and he is caught. Gerrit Graham also stars. Comic book cover art by Shawn McManus.
2 "And All Through the House" Robert Zemeckis Fred Dekker June 10, 1989 Vault of Horror #35 (#24)
On Christmas Eve, a greedy wife, (Mary Ellen Trainor), kills her second husband (Marshall Bell) for his insurance money and is then visited by a hideous serial killer dressed as Santa Claus (Larry Drake), forcing her into a terrifying cat and mouse game for survival.
3 "Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone" Richard Donner Terry Black June 10, 1989 Haunt of Fear #21
A cat's gland is implanted into the brain of a homeless man, (Joe Pantoliano), told that it will grant him nine chances to cheat death. He soon gets greedy and uses his newly found gift for profit by becoming a top carnival act. He gets wrapped up in a web of stardom, murder, and betrayal, and then learns that karma has chosen a cruel fate for him, when, in his final act of being buried alive, he learns he doesn't have any lives left, for the cat died during surgery, only giving him eight lives to begin with. Also starring Robert Wuhl.
4 "Only Sin Deep" Howard Deutch Fred Dekker June 14, 1989 Haunt of Fear #24
A young, self-obsessed prostitute, (Lea Thompson), "sells" her looks to a voodoo-dabbling pawnbroker (Britt Leach) so she can use the money to snag a rich bachelor (Brett Cullen), but regrets it when her beauty begins to fade at an alarming rate.
5 "Lover Come Hack to Me" Tom Holland Michael McDowell June 21, 1989 Haunt of Fear #19
A newlywed couple retreat to the wife's (Amanda Plummer) aunt's mansion where the husband, (Stephen Shellen), plans to kill her for her inheritance, but soon learns that his wife's family has a dark past and is not what she seems herself.
6 "Collection Completed" Mary Lambert A. Whitney Brown, Battle Davis & Randolph Davis June 28, 1989 Vault of Horror #25 (#14)
An uptight elderly man, (M. Emmet Walsh), retires and soon discovers his wife's (Audra Lindley) obsession with adopting animals into their home, leading him to use the animals for a hobby of his own.

Season 2 (1990)

# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
7 "Dead Right" Howard Deutch Andy Wolk April 21, 1990 Shock SuspenStories #6
A selfish, gold-digging secretary (Demi Moore) follows the advice of a fortune teller (Natalia Nogulich) and marries a grotesque, obese man (Jeffrey Tambor), after being told that he will die shortly after inheriting a large sum of money. However, she finds that this rich bachelor isn't happy with gold-diggers and she may have gotten more than she bargained for. This episode features short appearances by Linda Cohn and Kate Hodge.
8 "The Switch" Arnold Schwarzenegger Richard Tuggle and Michael Taav April 21, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #45
A rich, elderly bachelor (William Hickey) wants to impress a young woman (Kelly Preston) by switching his body with a younger man (Rick Rossovich). However, there are unforeseen side effects. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who directed this episode, appears in the opening with the Cryptkeeper and introduces the story for him. Also stars Ian Abercrombie.
9 "Cutting Cards" Walter Hill Mae Woods & Walter Hill April 21, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #32
Two rival gamblers (Kevin Tighe & Lance Henriksen), who hate each other beyond belief, face off in a series of gruesome games to see who will leave town.
10 "'Til Death" Chris Walas Jeri Barchilon de Souza April 24, 1990 Vault of Horror #28
A hustling land owner (D. W. Moffett) woos a haughty, rich woman (Pamela Gien) with a potion from a voodoo priestess (Janet Hubert) that contains a deadly warning. Also stars Aubrey Morris.
11 "Three's a Crowd" David Burton Morris Kim Ketelsen and David Burton Morris May 1, 1990 Shock SuspenStories #11
For their tenth anniversary, a down-on-their-luck couple (Gavan O'Herlihy and Ruth de Sosa) are invited to a cabin owned by their wealthy former best man (Paul Lieber), but the unstable husband is convinced that his wife is having an affair and in turn, he commits an he kills both of them, only to receive a shocking surprise.
12 "The Thing from the Grave" Fred Dekker Fred Dekker May 8, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #22 (illustrated)
Haunt of Fear #1 (text)
A supermodel (Teri Hatcher) and her photographer (Kyle Secor) fall in love. When the model's abusive boyfriend (Miguel Ferrer) learns of their affair, he sets out to kill the photographer, but soon learns that true love is very hard to destroy.
13 "The Sacrifice" Richard Greenberg Ross Thommas May 15, 1990 Shock SuspenStories #10
An insurance agent (Kevin Kilner) kills his obnoxious client (Don Hood) in a plot to take his money and his wife (Kim Delaney). He soon finds out, however, that this will be difficult when someone shows up to blackmail him for the murder. Also starring Michael Ironside.
14 "For Cryin' Out Loud" Jeffrey Price Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman May 22, 1990 Shock SuspenStories #15
A crooked rock promoter (Lee Arenberg) hosting a benefit concert plans a scam to run off with all the money raised, but things get complicated when his equally greedy banker (Katey Sagal) blackmails him into splitting the takings down the middle with her. He kills her, but begins to go mad when his conscience (voiced by Sam Kinison) harasses him about his misdeeds. Also stars Iggy Pop in a cameo as himself.
15 "Four-Sided Triangle" Tom Holland James Tugend and Tom Holland May 29, 1990 Shock SuspenStories #17
After a long time of abuse, a farm worker (Patricia Arquette) goes mad and deludes herself into believing a scarecrow is her lover. When the owner (Chelcie Ross) finds out about this, he dresses in the scarecrow's garments in order to trick her into having sex with him, but things go awry. Also stars Susan Blommaert.
16 "The Ventriloquist's Dummy" Richard Donner Frank Darabont June 5, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #28
A young ventriloquist (Bobcat Goldthwait) seeks out help from an old hero (Don Rickles) who has a shocking secret to his trade.
17 "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today" Randa Haines Scott Nimerfro June 12, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #25
An elderly door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman (Frances Bay) visits the home of a young, vain and eccentric couple, Donald and Judy (Carol Kane and Brian Kerwin), and convinces her to try on a magic necklace that switches Judy's body with the her's.
18 "Fitting Punishment" Jack Sholder Jonathan David Kahn, Michael Allen Kahn & Don Mancini June 19, 1990 Vault of Horror #16
A cruel, crooked funeral home director (Moses Gunn) who cuts corners gets an unexpected new addition to his home when his 16-year-old nephew (Jon Clair), who was recently orphaned, shows up.
19 "Korman's Kalamity" Rowdy Herrington Terry Black June 26, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #31
A Tales from the Crypt comic book artist (Harry Anderson) discovers that his monstrous creations are alive and wreaking havoc. Also stars Cynthia Gibb, Colleen Camp, and Richard Schiff.
20 "Lower Berth" Kevin Yagher Fred Dekker July 3, 1990 Tales From the Crypt #33
The Cryptkeeper tells the story of how he was born in the form of a tale about a two-faced sideshow freak (Jeff Yagher) who falls in love with a 4000-year-old mummy said to be cursed. Also stars Lewis Arquette, Stefan Gierasch, and Mark Rolston.
21 "Mute Witness to Murder" Jim Simpson Nancy Doyne July 10, 1990 Crypt of Terror #18
After witnessing a murder, a woman (Patricia Clarkson) goes mute and is cared for by a psychiatrist (Richard Thomas) who committed the murder and wants the woman to be silenced forever.
22 "Television Terror" Charles Picerni J. Randall Johnson and G.J. Pruss July 17, 1990 Haunt of Fear #17
In a ploy to boost TV ratings, a tabloid news show host (real life TV talk show host Morton Downey, Jr.) and his camera crew investigate a house haunted by the ghost of a woman who slayed seven men. The host and the crew get more than they bargained for when a chain of supernatural happenings indeed begin taunting them.
23 "My Brother's Keeper" Peter S. Seaman Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman July 24, 1990 Shock SuspenStories #16
The relationship between Siamese twin brothers (Timothy Stack and Jonathan Stark) becomes strained when the good twin doesn't want to be separated from the bad twin. Also stars Jessica Harper.
24 "The Secret" J. Michael Riva Doug Ronning July 31, 1990 Haunt of Fear #24
A 12-year-old orphan (Mike Simmrin) is adopted by a rich, childless couple (William Frankfather and Grace Zabriskie) who harbor a dark secret. However, they discover that their new son is hiding something horrible from them himself. Also stars Larry Drake as the family's butler.

Season 3 (1991)

# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
25 Loved to Death Tom Mankiewicz Joe Minion and John Mankiewicz June 15, 1991 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #25
Writer Edward Foster (Andrew McCarthy) learns the hard way that doing anything for love can have undesired consequences when he gets a potion that turns its object of desire freakishly obsessive. A variation on "The Chaser" by John Henry Collier; also stars Mariel Hemingway as his love interest, David Hemmings as his mysterious landlord, and Kathleen Freeman as a neighbor.
26 Carrion Death Steven E. de Souza Steven E. de Souza June 15, 1991 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #9
A rowdy escaped con (Kyle MacLachlan) running for the Mexican border ends up killing a state trooper (George DelHoyo), but in the process is cuffed to him and has to drag the heavy corpse across the desert to freedom. To make matters worse, he finds himself being stalked by a hungry vulture.
27 The Trap Michael J. Fox Scott Alexander June 15, 1991 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #18
After recently losing his job as a pizza delivery man, hot-headed Lou Paloma (Bruce McGill) hatches a plan to fake his own death and collect his life insurance money. However, the plan backfires when his wife and brother (who were also part of the scheme) become convinced he's really dead. Also stars Teri Garr as his wife Irene, Bruno Kirby as his brother Billy, James Tolkan as the investigating police officer, and Carroll Baker as Lou and Billy's mother. Michael J. Fox, who directed this episode, has a cameo at the end as the prosecutor.
28 Abra Cadaver Stephen Hopkins Jim Birge June 19, 1991 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #37
Years after causing his mild-mannered brother (Beau Bridges) to suffer a heart attack as the result of a cruel practical Birthday joke, an arrogant doctor (Tony Goldwyn) finds revenge can be a harrowing event.
29 Top Billing Todd Holland Myles Berkowitz June 26, 1991 (HBO) The Vault of Horror #39
A struggling actor (Jon Lovitz) kills off his competition (Bruce Boxleitner) in order to secure a part in a strange, off-off-Broadway production of "Hamlet". Also stars John Astin, Paul Benedict, Louise Fletcher, Kimmy Robertson and Sandra Bernhard.
30 Dead Wait Tobe Hooper A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler July 3, 1991 (HBO) The Vault of Horror #23
A thug (James Remar) attempts to steal "The Black Pearl" from Duval (John Rhys-Davies), a small island plantation owner on a war-torn tropical island. Also stars Whoopi Goldberg as herself during the Cryptkeeper segments and Peligre, a voodoo priestess and Vanity as Kathrine, the plantation owner's adulterous wife.
31 The Reluctant Vampire Elliot Silverstein Terry Black July 10, 1991 (HBO) The Vault of Horror #20
A sensitive modern vampire (Malcolm McDowell) abandons the time-honored tradition of sucking blood from mortals by working as a night watchman at a blood bank, but the owner (George Wendt) soon realizes his business is being sucked dry, so the vampire has no choice but to begin killing real victims. Also stars Sandra Dickinson, Michael Berryman, and Paul Gleason.
32 Easel Kill Ya John Harrison Larry Wilson July 17, 1991 (HBO) The Vault of Horror #31
Jack Craig (Tim Roth) is a struggling artist who can't seem to sell any of his work. However, after painting a morbid piece of art depicting the gruesome accidental death of a tenant in his building, he encounters Malcolm Mayflower (William Atherton), a collector of morbid artwork. When Malcolm seeks more paintings Jack begins to kill for the sake of his art.
33 Undertaking Palor Michael Thau Ron Finley July 24, 1991 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #39
A group of kids aspiring to be horror filmmakers break into the local mortuary to see a real dead body. In the process, they discover a conspiracy between the town mortician (John Glover) and a local pharmacist to rip off the townsfolk. Also stars Jonathan Quan and Jason Marsden.
34 Mournin' Mess Manny Coto Manny Coto July 31, 1991 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #38
An alcoholic, down-on-his-luck reporter (Steven Weber) investigating several homeless murders discovers they may be related to an organization called the "Grateful Homeless Outcasts and Unwanted Layaway Society" ("G.H.O.U.L.S."), whose charitable façade hides a horrific secret. Also stars Ally Walker, Rita Wilson and Vincent Schiavelli.
35 Split Second Russell Mulcahy Richard Christian Matheson August 7, 1991 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #4
Looking for a little security and excitement, a barmaid (Michelle Johnson) marries a once gentle lumberjack (Brion James) and brings him over the edge when she begins seducing another lumberjack (Billy Wirth).
36 Deadline Walter Hill Mae Woods and Walter Hill August 14, 1991 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #12
When a down-on-his-luck reporter (Richard Jordan) swears to give up drinking to get his old job back, he meets a sexy woman (Marg Helgenberger) and the two begin having a fling. Meanwhile, he is given one chance to find a good murder story and comes up dry until, by chance, he witnesses an attempted murder in a diner. Also stars Richard Herd, Rutanya Alda, and contains a cameo by Jon Polito.
37 Spoiled Andy Wolk Connie Johnson and Doug Ronning August 21, 1991 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #26
A soap opera-loving housewife (Faye Grant) bored by her workaholic scientist husband (Alan Rachins), begins an affair with the cable guy (Anthony LaPaglia), but she doesn't count on her husband making them part of his experiment for a new anesthetic.
38 Yellow Robert Zemeckis Jim Thomas, John Thomas, A.L. Katz & Gilbert Adler August 28, 1991 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #1
After being ordered to take a patrol of troops on a dangerous mission and causing their deaths, the lieutenant son (Eric Douglas) of a cold-hearted WWI general (Kirk Douglas in an Emmy-nominated performance) is branded "yellow" and sentenced to death by firing squad. Also stars Dan Aykroyd as Captain Milligan and Lance Henriksen as the ill-fated Sergent Ripper.

Season 4 (1992)

# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
39 None but the Lonely Heart Tom Hanks Donald Longtooth June 27, 1992 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #33
Scheming con man Howard Prince (Treat Williams), known for marrying elderly women to murder them and collect their money, finds a new wealthy widow (Frances Sternhagen) excited to have his company. But it seems someone is on to him as he gets a series of notes warning him to stop what he's doing. After disposing of her, her nosy butler (Henry Gibson), and several others he suspects are sending the notes to blackmail him, he kills the true blackmailer only to find himself still being pursued. Also stars Tom Hanks (who also directed this episode) and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.
40 This'll Kill Ya Robert Longo A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler June 27, 1992 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #23
A cocky scientist (Dylan McDermott) is injected with an experimental virus cell with no antidote that kills its host. Believing that he was double-crossed by his lab partners, he decides to get revenge. Also stars Cleavon Little in one of his final performances, and Sônia Braga.
41 On a Deadman's Chest William Friedkin Larry Wilson June 27, 1992 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #12
A despicable rock star (Yul Vazquez), who can't stand his bandmate's (Paul Hipp) new wife, (Tia Carrere) misleadingly gets a chest tattoo of the woman he hates, which seems to have a life of its own and won't go away even after he murders the object of his hatred. Also stars rapper Heavy D as the tattoo artist, Sherrie Rose, and Gregg Allman. Cameo by Steve Jones.
42 Seance Gary Fleder Harry Anderson July 4, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #25
Two con artists (Ben Cross and Cathy Moriarty) attempt to swindle a rich tycoon (John Vernon), but after he is killed in an accident, they move on to scamming his wife by holding a fake seance for the widow, however, their plan soon backfires. Also stars Ellen Crawford.
43 Beauty Rest Stephen Hopkins Donald Longtooth July 11, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #35
An aging model (Mimi Rogers) resorts to murdering her younger rivals in order to jump-start her career—and gets her big break as a contestant in a rather macabre beauty pageant. Also stars Kathy Ireland, Buck Henry, and Jennifer Rubin.
44 What's Cookin' Gilbert Adler A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler July 22, 1992 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #12
A couple's (Christopher Reeve and Bess Armstrong) failing restaurant gets a huge boost when a drifter (Judd Nelson) gives them a steak recipe with a horrific origin. Also stars Meat Loaf.
45 The New Arrival Peter Medak Ron Finley July 25, 1992 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #25
An arrogant child psychologist (David Warner) attempts to boost his sagging radio show ratings by doing a series of episodes from the home of a strange woman (Zelda Rubenstein) who wants help for her deeply disturbed child. Also stars Robert Patrick, Twiggy, and Joan Severance.
46 Showdown Richard Donner Frank Darabont August 1, 1992 (HBO) Two-Fisted Tales #37
After killing a Texas ranger (David Morse), a remorseless gunslinger (Neil Giuntoli) gets his comeuppance when all of his past victims come back to haunt him.
47 King of the Road Tom Holland J. Randal Johnson August 8, 1992 (HBO) This episode is based on an original script and is not based on any particular EC comic story
A police officer (Raymond J. Barry) revives his past life as a drag racer when a young, cocky racer (Brad Pitt) kidnaps the officer's daughter.
48 Maniac at Large John Frankenheimer Mae Woods August 19, 1992 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #27
A shy, timid librarian (Blythe Danner) becomes obsessed with a serial killer and believes that she is his next victim. Also stars Adam Ant, Obba Babatundé and Salome Jens.
49 Split Personality Joel Silver Fred Dekker August 26, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #30
A con man (Joe Pesci) tricks a pair of reclusive twin sisters (Kristen Amber Citron and Jacqueline Alexandra Citron) into dating him, so that he can steal their inheritance. What he doesn't know, however, is that he has chosen the wrong women to cross. Also stars Academy Award-nominee Burt Young (Amityville II: The Possession, Rocky) and Joe Pantoliano in an uncredited cameo role.
50 Strung Along Kevin Yagher Yale Udoff and Kevin Yagher September 2, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #33
A game of deception ensues when a golden age puppeteer (Donald O'Connor) with a young, dominant wife (Patricia Charbonneau) is given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on an animatronic puppeteer (Zach Galligan) as his new assistant.
51 Werewolf Concerto Steve Perry Scott Nimerfro September 9, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #16
A group of guests at a secluded hotel suspect that one of them may be a werewolf. Stars Timothy Dalton, Dennis Farina, Reginald VelJohnson, Walter Gotell, Charles Fleischer, Beverly D'Angelo, and Wolfgang Puck in a cameo.
52 Curiosity Killed Elliot Silverstein Stanley Ralph Ross September 16, 1992 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #36
An elderly man (Kevin McCarthy) is let in on the secret of a youth potion whilst camping in the woods, and entrusts his friend and his wife (J.A. Preston and Madge Sinclair) to keep it from his own bitter, overbearing wife (Margot Kidder).

Season 5 (1993)

# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
53 Death of Some Salesmen Gilbert Adler A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler October 2, 1993 (HBO) The Haunt of Fear #15
Judd, a sneaky cemetery plot salesman (Ed Begley, Jr.) with a talent for scamming people into buying phony burial plots, finds new victims in the form of a strange hillbilly family (Tim Curry in a Emmy-nominated triple role) with a fortune buried in their basement and a burning hatred for conning salesmen. Also starring Yvonne DeCarlo.
54 As Ye Sow Kyle MacLachlan Ron Finley October 2, 1993 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #14
Thinking his wife (Patsy Kensit) is cheating on him, a jealous husband (Hector Elizondo) hires a detective (Sam Waterston) and is led to believe she is having an affair with the local priest (John Shea). Also starring Adam West and Miguel Ferrer in an uncredited cameo.
55 Forever Ambergris Gary Fleder Scott Rosenberg October 2, 1993 (HBO) Tales from the Crypt #44
After playing second fiddle to an up-and-coming photographer (Steve Buscemi), a seasoned but washed-up combat photographer (Roger Daltrey) cooks up a deadly scheme to take him out and get his wife (Lysette Anthony). Also stars Marshall Bell.
56 Food for Thought Rodman Flender Larry Wilson October 6, 1993 (HBO) Tales from the Crypt #40
Set around the 1920s or 30's, a heartless insane freakshow clown and part-time cook (Ernie Hudson), being taught how to read minds by his abused wife (Joan Chen), goes off the deep jealous end when he finds out she is in love with the show's fire-eater (John Laughlin).
57 People Who Live in Brass Hearses Russell Mulcahy Scott Nimerfro October 13, 1993 (HBO) The Vault of Horror #27
A small-time crook (Bill Paxton), with the help of his dim-witted brother (Brad Dourif), sets out to get revenge on an ice cream truck driver (Michael Lerner) who put him in prison years ago, but get a nasty surprise when they attempt to rob the driver's ice cream warehouse.
58 Two for the Show Kevin Hooks A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler October 20, 1993 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #17
A murderous husband (David Paymer) and a cop with his own marital issues (Vincent Spano) get caught up in a game of cat and mouse aboard a train. Also stars Traci Lords.
59 House of Horror Bob Gale Bob Gale October 27, 1993 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #21
Three fraternity pledges are challenged to get to the top floor of a "haunted" house as part of their initiation by their cruel leader (Kevin Dillon). The leader himself soon learns that the house is connected to the member of a neighboring sorority who he is attracted to (Meredith Salenger) and that she and the rest of her sorority share a sinister secret. Also stars Brian Krause, Michael DeLuise, Jason London, Keith Coogan, Courtney Gains, and Wil Wheaton.
60 Well Cooked Hams Elliot Silverstein Andrew Kevin Walker November 3, 1993 (HBO) Tales from the Crypt #27
In a desperate attempt to spice up his act, a turn-of-the-century hack magician (Billy Zane) kills his mentor (Martin Sheen) and steals his mentor's famed prop called "The Box of Death". Also stars Maryam d'Abo.
61 Creep Course Jeffrey Boam Jeffrey Boam November 10, 1993 (HBO) The Haunt of Fear #23
A young, quiet bookworm (Nina Siemaszko) is tricked by the dim-witted school jock (Anthony Michael Hall) and their evil Egyptologist professor (Jeffrey Jones) into becoming a virgin sacrifice for a long preserved mummy, but uses her wits to get the mummy to become her weapon for revenge.
62 Came the Dawn Uli Edel Ron Finley November 17, 1993 (HBO) Shock Suspenstories #9
A mysterious female hitchhiker (Brooke Shields) catches a ride with a seemingly timid man (Perry King) who reveals a dark secret to her while they spend the night together at his cabin. Also stars Michael J. Pollard and Valerie Wildman.
63 Oil's Well That Ends Well Paul Abascal Scott Nimerfro November 24, 1993 (HBO) Tales from the Crypt #34
A con artist (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his girlfriend (Priscilla Presley) plan their next caper by tricking some Southern boys into thinking there is oil underneath a cemetery. However, the girlfriend soon realizes she has been double-crossed. Also stars Alan Ruck and John Kassir appears in a cameo role as another character. As an in-joke, the Crypt Keeper specifically compliments his performance.
64 Half-Way Horrible Gregory Widen Gregory Widen December 1, 1993 (HBO) The Vault of Horror #26
A two-faced businessman (Clancy Brown) about to debut a new preservative discovers that all his key partners are being murdered and the killer may be closer to him than he thinks. Also stars Martin Kove, Jon Tenney, Grand Bush, Costas Mandylor, Charles Martin Smith, and Cheech Marin.
65 Till Death Do We Part Peter Iliff Peter Iliff December 8, 1993 (HBO) The Haunt of Fear #12
A young stud (John Stamos) involved with a female mob boss (Eileen Brennan) begins an affair with a young waitress (Kate Vernon) and is ordered to kill her himself when his Mafia girlfriend finds out about the liaison. This episode is clearly influenced by the short story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce. Also stars Robert Picardo and Frank Stallone.

Season 6 (1994-1995)

# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
66 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime Russell Mulcahy Ron Finley October 31, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #33
An ambulance-chasing lawyer (Catherine O'Hara) finds herself being sent to a nightmarish court for petty crimes. Also stars Peter MacNicol.
67 Only Skin Deep William Malone Dick Beebe October 31, 1994 (HBO) Tales from the Crypt #38
Coming off a bad relationship, a man with a history of violent behavior (Peter Onorati) picks up a mysterious masked woman (Sherrie Rose) at a costume party, who is even more unstable than he is.
68 Whirlpool Mick Garris Gilbert Adler and A. L. Katz October 31, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #32
A struggling comic book artist (Rita Rudner) finds herself in a time warp where her day is in an endless loop with a different tragic outcome. Also stars Richard Lewis, Blake Clark and Corin Nemec.
69 Operation Friendship Roland Mesa Rob Ross November 9, 1994 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #41
A computer nerd (Tate Donovan) is tormented by his imaginary friend (Peter Dobson) after ignoring him for years. Features a cameo by Ethan Suplee.
70 Revenge is the Nuts Jonas McCord Shell Willens November 16, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #20
A sadistic caregiver at a home for the blind (Anthony Zerbe) gets his comeuppance by the many victims he abused. Also stars Isaac Hayes, John Savage and Teri Polo
71 The Bribe Ramon Menendez Scott Nimerfro November 23, 1994 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #7
A fire inspector (Terry O'Quinn) gets more than he bargained for when a sleazy strip club owner (Esai Morales) bribes him with a dangerous offer. Kimberly Williams-Paisley plays his daughter and Benicio del Toro plays Bill, a security guard at the strip club.
72 The Pit John Harrison John Harrison November 30, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #40
Two martial artists (Mark Dacascos and Stoney Jackson) are forced to fight to the death by their overbearing wives (Debbe Dunning and Marjean Holden). Also stars Wayne Newton.
73 The Assassin Martin von Haselberg Scott Nimerfro December 7, 1994 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #17
A group of operatives invade the home of a housewife (Shelley Hack) in search of her husband whom they believe is an AWOL CIA assassin. Also stars Corey Feldman, Jonathan Banks and Chelsea Field. A cameo by William Sadler as The Grim Reaper, his character in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, is in the bookends of the episode.
74 Staired in Horror Stephen Hopkins Colman Dekay and Teller December 14, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #23
A man (D. B. Sweeney) on the run finds refuge in a house owned by a woman (Rachel Ticotin) whose house and stairway are cursed. Also stars R. Lee Ermey.
75 In the Groove Vincent Spano Colman Dekay and Jack Temchin December 21, 1994 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #21
A talk radio show host (Miguel Ferrer) finally becomes successful and resorts to murder to keep himself on top. Also stars Slash, Wendie Malick and Linda Doucett.
76 Surprise Party Elliot Silverstein Colman Dekay and Tom Lyons December 28, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #37
A man (Adam Storke) murders his father (Rance Howard) to inherit a house, but gets a big surprise when he learns the place harbors a horrible legacy. Also stars Jake Busey.
77 Doctor of Horror Larry Wilson Larry Wilson January 4, 1995 (HBO) Vault of Horror #13
Two bumbling security guards (Hank Azaria and Travis Tritt) aid a mad doctor (Austin Pendleton) in his quest to steal the souls from recently dead corpses. Also stars Ben Stein.
78 Comes the Dawn John Herzfeld Scott Nimerfro January 11, 1995 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #26
Two cheating U.S. Army poachers (Michael Ironside and Bruce Payne) become the hunted while on a trip in the Arctic. Also stars Vivian Wu and Susan Tyrrell.
79 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror Rodman Flender Rodman Flender January 18, 1995 (HBO) Vault of Horror #23
A narcissistic young artist with a penchant for gore (Cristi Conaway) goes on a rampage when her husband (Bruce Davison), a soap company magnate, fires her.
80 You, Murderer Robert Zemeckis A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler January 25, 1995 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #14
A corpse who bears a striking resemblance to Humphrey Bogart tells a tale of deception, lust and murder in a morbid homage to film noir. Also stars John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and Sherilyn Fenn.

Season 7 (1996)

# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
81 Fatal Caper Bob Hoskins Gilbert Adler, Colman Dekay & A.L. Katz April 19, 1996 (HBO) Tales From the Crypt #20
An elderly rich man adds a stipulation in his will, stating that his two sons must find their long-lost brother or risk having their inheritance given away to charity. Also features Natasha Richardson and Bob Hoskins (who also directed this episode).
82 Last Respects Freddie Francis Scott Nimerfro April 26, 1996 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #23
Three sisters (Emma Samms, Kerry Fox, and Julie Cox) think they have found a way out of their troubles when they discover a monkey's paw that grants them their wishes.
83 A Slight Case of Murder Brian Helgeland Brian Helgeland May 3, 1996 (HBO) Vault of Horror #33
A game of cat and mouse ensues between a female mystery novelist and her jealous husband (Christopher Cazenove), when he accuses her of cheating on him with her nosy neighbor's son.
84 Escape Peter MacDonald Gilbert Adler and A.L. Katz May 17, 1996 (HBO) Vault of Horror #16
During World War II, two Nazis, a traitor (Martin Kemp) and the man he betrayed, are trapped in a prison camp, where they must work together to escape.
85 Horror in the Night Russell Mulcahy John Harrison May 24, 1996 (HBO) Vault of Horror #12
A jewel thief (James Wilby)hides out in a hotel after being shot and meets a beautiful woman (Elizabeth McGovern) that only he can see.
86 Cold War Andy Morhan Scott Nimerfro May 31, 1996 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #43
Cammy and Ford (Ewan McGregor) are two lovers on the wrong side of the law, but when Cammy has had enough and decides to get out, she brings home a man that reminds them why they're perfect for each other. Also stars Colin Salmon and John Salthouse.
87 The Kidnapper James H. Spencer John Harrison and Scott Nimerfro June 7, 1996 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #12
A simple young man (Steve Coogan) takes in a homeless pregnant woman (Julia Sawalha) and falls in love with her but becomes jealous when her child is born, so he sets out to get rid of the kid forever.
88 Report from the Grave William Malone William Malone June 14, 1996 (HBO) Vault of Horror #15
After creating a machine that collects thoughts from the dead, resulting in his lover's death, a young man (James Frain) becomes obsessed with resurrecting her at any cost.
89 Smoke Wrings Mandie Fletcher Lisa Sandoval June 21, 1996 (HBO) Vault of Horror #34
A young man (Daniel Craig) with a strange device is hired onto an advertising company by an esteemed executive, but what the executive doesn't know is that the young man is in cahoots with her enraged ex-partner (Paul Freeman) who is out for revenge.
90 About Face Tom Sanders Gilbert Adler, A.L. Katz and Larry Wilson June 28, 1996 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #27
A corrupt priest (Anthony Andrews) discovers that he is the long-lost father of two twin daughters: a beautiful, gentle girl named Angelica and an angry, deformed girl named Leah (played in a double role by Anna Friel), the latter of which goes mad when she thinks her father will leave her again. Also stars Imelda Staunton.
91 Confession Peter Hewitt Scott Nimerfro July 5, 1996 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #4
A screenwriter (Eddie Izzard) finds himself as the prime suspect when a serial killer is on the rampage decapitating female heads in the city. Also stars Ciarán Hinds.
92 Ear Today...Gone Tomorrow Christopher Hart Ed Tapia July 12, 1996 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #11
A gambling safecracker (Robert Lindsay) with a slight hearing loss gets entangled in a game between a mobster and his exotic wife and ends up getting the auditory system of an owl.
93 The Third Pig Bill Kopp Bill Kopp and Pat Ventura July 19, 1996 (HBO) Original story
In this demented animated retelling of the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait) slaughters two of the three pigs (voiced by Brad Garrett and Charlie Adler), leaving the third pig (voiced by Cam Clarke), convicted of the murders. To exact revenge, the ghosts of the third pig's brothers inspire him to create a Franken-swine monster to take out the Wolf.

Motion pictures

# Film Title Director Writer(s) Year
1 Demon Knight Ernest R. Dickerson and Gilbert Adler Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris & Gilbert Adler 1995
2 Bordello of Blood Gilbert Adler Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis and A.L. Katz & Gilbert Adler 1996
3 Ritual* Avi Nesher Rob Cohen and Avi Nesher 2001
*Originally produced as a TFTC movie, Ritual was never released in theaters in the U.S. and the Cryptkeeper intro/outro and TFTC banner were removed for the foreign release.
The TFTC banner and Cryptkeeper portions were restored for the 2006 DVD release.

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