Minor characters of Days of our Lives

Minor characters of Days of our Lives

The following are minor but notable fictional characters on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, whose connections to the major families are either weak or non-existent.


Recent/current minor characters

Dr. Richard Baker

Dr. Baker, played by John Callahan (2008–2009; 2010),[1] is a doctor Nicole blackmails into posing as her OB/GYN while she fakes pregnancy after miscarrying her baby. Though he claims to have altruistic motives in the running of his free clinic, he's involved in shady black market baby brokering in order to pay off his substantial debts, a fact Nicole uses to her advantage. He frequently goes to Nicole for money in exchange for keeping her secret until he is murdered by men Stefano DiMera hires. Stefano also attempts to frame Rafe Hernandez for the murder. In his last frugal efforts to tell Sami and Mia about the baby switch, he writes each of them a letter, both of which are destroyed by Nicole. However, it is discovered that he faked his death and later returns to Salem. He helps Hope,who under the influence of sleeping pills, mugs the men of Salem. He was caught and send to prison for helping Nicole switch babies and stealing money.


Henderson is Victor's butler. Ron Leath is the actor who plays Henderson.[2] He is routinely seen answering the door and serving meals in the Kiriakis mansion. He is extremely loyal to his boss Victor Kiriakis.[2]

Arianna Hernandez

Arianna "Ari" Maria Hernandez[3] (portrayed by Felisha Terrell (2009)[4] and Lindsay Hartley (2009–2010)[5][6] is Rafe's younger sister and older sister of Gabi.

Arianna is the manager at the Brady Pub. Sami first thinks that she is Rafe's former lover.[7] Arianna does not approve of Sami and Rafe's relationship, warning that it might end in disaster like his previous relationship with Emily Hudson. Arianna's fears intensify when she learns that Rafe wants to adopt Grace, believing that he is trying to recreate the family he lost years ago.

Arianna and Brady Black have a budding relationship, one that started off cool but has blossomed into mutual attraction. Arianna ends her relationship with Brady after his grandfather Victor Kiriakis finds out she deals drugs.[7] In reality, Arianna's mysterious connections to local drug dealers are related to her undercover assignment from Roman Brady and the Salem P.D. After Victor tells Brady she was a drug dealer, Brady confronts her and she tells him the truth. Their relationship suffers further difficulties due to Arianna's suspicions about Brady's close friendship with Nicole DiMera.

In July 2010, it was announced that Arianna's portrayer, Lindsay Hartley, would not have her contract renewed with Days of Our Lives.[8][9] Her exit storyline, presented in the October 26, 2010 issue of Soap Opera Digest Magazine, surrounds Arianna's interaction with EJ DiMera following his assault and shooting.

Arianna promised to help her friend, EJ DiMera, find out who shot him in October 2010. Discovering evidence that could incriminate Sami Brady for the crime, Arianna made plans to meet with EJ at the Pub. However, when she arrives at the Pub, she finds Sami's son there, and he confronts Ari with what she is doing to his mother. Arianna becomes upset and runs out of the Pub, and ends up getting hit by a car and being the victim of a hit-and-run accident. She is taken to the hospital and undergoes emergency surgery. After the surgery, EJ visits in order to share her findings. Unfortunately, she suffers cardiac arrest. On October 27, 2010, a priest is called to administer last rites and shortly there, with Rafe and Gabi at her bedside, Arianna succumbs to her injuries, unable to let EJ know that Sami shot him.

Gabi Hernandez

Gabriela "Gabi" Hernandez (played by Gabriela Rodriguez from November 2009 to August 2010, and Camila Banus from October 2010 to present[10]) is the younger sister of Rafe, Arianna & Dario Hernandez.

While walking on the pier, Gabi meets Nicole, who has just stolen Sydney from the DiMera mansion. Nicole makes up a story that her husband is abusive and she needs money for a bus ticket to get out of Salem. Gabi gives her money, and in return Nicole gives her a diamond bracelet. Gabi heads to the pub where Sami, EJ, and Rafe are handing out missing fliers for Nicole and Sydney. Sami notices Nicole's bracelet, and asked Gabi where she got it. Gabi tells them what happened and feels terrible for aiding Nicole, and they forgive her.

A few days later Gabi meets Chad at Java and they start talking. After Mia informed Chad she was taking Will to a school dance, not him, Chad and Gabi decided to go together, making Mia a tad jealous.

Rafe Hernandez

Rafe Hernandez
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Galen Gering
Duration 2008-presently
First appearance 2008
Nickname(s) Rafe
Gender Male
Residence Apartment 4B with Sami Brady

Rafael "Rafe" Hernandez (played by Galen Gering),[11] is the older brother of Arianna and Gabi Hernandez. He is the FBI Agent assigned to guard Sami Brady after she goes into witness protection following the murder of mayor Anthony Marino. Rafe falls in love with Sami while they are together, even after Sami learns she is pregnant with EJ's child. Nicole DiMera switched Sami's baby (Sydney) after she was born. Rafe agrees to stay in Salem to be near Sami and, together, they fabricate a story to make everyone believe Grace was adopted from an orphanage. Rafe initiates adoption proceedings to become Grace's legal father, but the baby suddenly dies from bacterial meningitis. He finds that Nicole DiMera miscarried her baby and switched Grace with Sydney, Sami's biological daughter. While trying to collect clues to support this theory, his deceased fiancee Emily Hudson's sister, Meredith, kidnapps him and holds him hostage. Meredith built a brick wall to hold him in so that he can't escape and dumps him into the harbor where Dr. Carly Manning saves his life. Rafe comes back trying to prove that Sami's baby is Sydney. He proves it by having a DNA test done on Sydney's teething ring and Sami's toothbrush. Stefano tries to kill him, but EJ saves his life.

Nathan Horton

Nathan (played by Mark Hapka from June 17, 2009 - March 28, 2011), a doctor, came to Salem in June 2009 to start an internship at Salem University Hospital. He is the son of Melissa Horton; his father has not been identified as of November 11, 2010. On his first day at the hospital, he meets Melanie Layton and they start a flirtation. Later, Melanie is surprised and alarmed when she returns home to Maggie Horton's house to find a half-dressed Nathan, fresh out of the shower, as she hadn't yet learned that he is Maggie's grandson; Maggie soon arrives and explains that Nathan would be living there. When Nathan learns that Melanie was the girl his cousin Nick Fallon had been involved with, he blames her for ruining Nick's life and speaks harshly to her about it. When Maggie informs Nathan that Melanie had been Nick's victim and that she spoke on his behalf in court, Nathan apologizes to Melanie and she accepts. He moves into Lucas's house after learning Maggie feels uncomfortable with him and Melanie dating while living under the same roof.

Quinn Hudson

Quinn Hudson, played by Australian actor Bren Foster[12] is the son of Vivian Alamain. He surfaces in Salem in 2011, and is part of a plot by Kate DiMera to bring down Chloe Lane.

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson
Portrayed by Amanda and Jessica Gunnarson (1990–1992)
Shayna Rose (2006–2007)
Shelley Hennig (2007-2011)
First appearance February 1990
Last appearance April 6, 2011
Created by Richard J. Allen and Anne Schoettle
Occupation Student, former race car driver
Residence Unknown

Stephanie Johnson is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, a long-running serial drama about working class life in the fictional United States borough of Salem.[13] Created by head writer Richard J. Allen the role was originated by actresses Amanda and Jessica Gunnarson.[14] Shayna Rose briefly stepped into the role in 2006–2007.[15] The role was taken over by Shelley Hennig in 2007.[16] Henning was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her role as Stephanie, in the category of outstanding younger actress in a daytime drama.[17] Her most recent appearance as Stephanie was on April 6, 2011.[18] Although the character's biography remains available on the show's official NBC website,[19] the site's "Bios" section no longer contains a link to it as of June, 2011.[20]

Stephanie is the daughter of super couple, Steve Johnson & Kayla Brady.[21][22][23] She is the ex fiance of Philip Kiriakis, and ex girlfriend of Nathan Horton. Stephanie is born to Kayla Brady in 1990 while Kayla is serving jail time.[24] She and Kayla depart the series in 1992. With a teenaged Stephanie, played by Shayna Rose returning without her mother in 2006.[15] Shayna Rose departed the series in 2007. A new looking Stephanie, played by Shelley Hennig arrives in Salem in 2007 with parents Steve Johnson, and Kayla Brady.[25] Hennig has portrayed the role since 2007, even being nominated in 2009 for a Daytime Emmy in Best Supporting Actress.[26] [27] In the summer of 2006, Stephanie returns to Salem, after being off screen for over a decade. She returns around the same time that her parents, Dr. Kayla Johnson and her presumed deceased father return to Days of our Lives.[28] Stephanie originally comes back to town as an up and coming race car driver, and upon arriving in Salem, begins to develop romantic feelings for her adopted uncle, Max Brady, a fellow racer.[28] At the time, Max is involved with Stephanie's cousin, Chelsea Brady. After Max and Chelsea break up, Stephanie and Max date for a short time. After a racing accident, Max breaks up with Stephanie and she leaves town for a job in Ohio.

Stephanie returns to Salem as a rebellious former race car driver with a new sexy wardrobe, on April 20, 2007, due to Steve's mental and medical conditions.[28] She becomes a flight attendant, along with Chelsea, for a private airline, Touch the Sky Airlines, run by her boyfriend, Jeremy Horton, and Jett Carver.[28] Jeremy shows his abusive side numerous times, including grabbing her by her arms, yelling at and degrading her, and holding her head under water in a hot tub, when she "upsets" him. Max Brady saves her on August 15, 2007, when a passenger on a plane threatens her. She and Max Brady share a kiss on August 16, 2007, in a hot tub, which leads to them almost making love. After Max discovers that Jeremy's business involves smuggling girls into the country to be escorts, Stephanie tries to help him save the girls, but in a shocking twist, the girls want to stay. Max and Stephanie are held at gunpoint and forced to jump out of a plane. Luckily they both have parachutes, and land in a forest. Taking shelter in a nearby cave, the two have time to talk about how they feel about each other. In the heat of the moment, and possibly fearing they won't be found, the two give in to their passion and nearly make love, until Bo and Kayla find them and bring them home. Stephanie and Jeremy eventually break up, shortly before he leaves town.[28]

Stephanie decides to try to get over Jeremy and Max and decides to sign up for school with Chelsea, at Salem University. The two join a sorority, Alpha Chi Theta (АХΘ), and make friends with the president, Morgan Hollingsworth, and a girl named Cordy. Stephanie and Chelsea come up with a plan to have an auction at the Cheatin' Heart, where they will auction off guys as dates to the girls in the sorority. Cordy wins a date with Ford Decker, and Morgan wins a date with Max, much to Stephanie's dismay. Max and Morgan begin to date. Chelsea's mother, Billie Reed, and Jett Carver are on-campus security. One night, during a party, Billie and Jett inform Chelsea, Stephanie, Max and Morgan that there has been a rape on campus. During this time Cordy becomes distant and decides to leave school. Stephanie and the girls try to help her and figure out what happened. Cordy's date, Ford Decker, becomes more and more obnoxious as he hits on every girl in front of him, and Cordy screams in fear when he touches her arm. This leads Chelsea to believe that something has happened to Cordy at Ford's hands. On another night, Stephanie sees more and more of how close Max and Morgan are getting. Unable to watch any longer, she leaves the party and goes to talk to her parents. Meanwhile, Chelsea is abducted by a man that wants the two boys that Nick Fallon, Chelsea's boyfriend, is caring for. Luckily she is saved. On Halloween night, the sorority throws a party. Chelsea and Stephanie again try to talk to Cordy about what happened. Finally, she breaks down and admits that she had been raped by Ford Decker. Stephanie runs from the room in tears while Chelsea comforts Cordy. Max sees a girl at the party, named Ashley, who looks bruised and disheveled. She tells him that Ford had gotten "rough" with her. Morgan, meanwhile, offers to drive a drunk Ford home. Before leaving, Ford drugs Morgan's drink, and Morgan later passes out in Ford's room. Ford takes advantage of this and takes her to his bed, where he tries to rape her. Luckily, Max and Jett, who see a live feed from Ford's webcam, manage to get to his room in time and stop him from raping Morgan. It is also at the time that Stephanie begins having visions of being on a bed, and a man standing over her undressing. She believes that she may have been raped the night she left the party, though she isn't sure and doesn't know who her attacker is. Ford Decker threatens Stephanie on two occasions, once at The Cheatin' Heart, going so far as to shatter a glass bottle and threaten her with it; the second when he goes to her parents' hotel suite yelling at her and states not to tell anyone about their night together.

Stephanie confides in her mother about the rape but is insistent that Steve, her father, not find out because he would kill Ford Decker. Later on, the girls of the sorority come up with a plan to get Ford to confess and get it on tape. Things go badly when Chelsea ends up drugged. Ford, trying to go after Chelsea. falls down the stairs and dies. The girls, along with Max Brady, bury Ford in the basement. Ford's father finds out about this and tries to have everyone involved brought up on charges. They are subsequently dropped.[28]

After dealing with the Ford Decker issue, Stephanie moves on to get an internship with Anna DiMera, and starts dating Max Brady. Her parents welcome their new son Joseph "Joe" Johnson into the family, making her a big sister.[28] Soon after Max goes to France to locate his half sister Melanie, Stephanie soon follows him. They are arrested after Melanie claims that they are harassing her but is soon let out. Max and Stephanie break up after Max's biological father is murdered, and Stephanie believes that his sister, Melanie was to blame. It turns out that Nick Fallon, who is in love with Melanie, murdered him out of defense of Melanie. In November, Stephanie goes to work for Philip Kiriakis at Titan. The two become close, much to Melanie's dismay. But in February 2009 Stephanie ends her relationship with Philip after seeing him kissing Melanie. It is later revealed that Philip only kissed Melanie for business, but Stephanie still breaks up with Philip after seeing his competitive side. Philip tries to get her back and the two reconcile for a brief time. But, Stephanie breaks up with Philip for good when she learns that he had slept with Melanie during one of the periods when he and Stephanie were on a break.

Stephanie then set her sights on Nathan Horton, a young doctor who had been dating Melanie. They go on a few dates, but Stephanie sees that Nathan still has feelings for Melanie. As Melanie and Philip grow closer, Stephanie does everything she can to keep Nathan away from Melanie, including tearing up a love letter that Melanie asked Stephanie to give to Nathan on the day of her wedding to Philip.Nathan moves in with Stephanie, but she still worried that if Melanie was ever single again, Nathan would run back to her.

When Stephanie learns that Philip cheats on Melanie with Chloe, Stephanie convinces her friend, Ian, to hack into the hospital's data base to see the results of Chloe's paternity test. Stephanie learns that Philip was the father of Chloe's baby. But, someone changed the results of the test before Chloe saw them. Stephanie attempts to find who switched the results, and learns it was her grandmother,Caroline. She knows that Philip is the real father, but keeps quiet so that Melanie won't leave Philip.[29]

Daniel Jonas

Daniel Jonas
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Shawn Christian
Duration 2008-present
First appearance March 4, 2008
Gender Male
Occupation Physician
Residence Apt. 32
(110 Guilford Street)
Salem, USA

Dr. Daniel Jonas is a fictional character from the original NBC daytime soap opera, Days of our Lives. The character first appears on March 4, 2008, being portrayed by actor, Shawn Christian. Christian initially signed a one year contract, but he has since signed on for an extended stay.[30]

Before arriving in Salem, Dr. Jonas worked at various hospitals around the world. He was also instrumental in getting one hospital in Switzerland to "go green." While working at another hospital, he met and fell in love with a cancer patient, by the name of Rebecca. Though he knew her diagnoses was grim, Daniel married Rebecca and was determined to save her. However, her cancer proved to be too advanced and she died in Daniel's arms. Sometime in early 1990, Daniel had an affair with Dr. Carly Manning and Carly would later introduce him to Rebecca.

Dr. Daniel Jonas is brought to town by his godfather, Victor Kiriakis to deal with his son Bo's illness. After performing a live donor transplant on Bo, with the donor being his daughter, Chelsea, chief of staff, Lexie Carver offers Daniel a permanent job at the hospital. Originally, Daniel isn't interested in being a relationship because he is still so hurt from losing Rebecca, Chelsea is very persistent. The two soon start dating, despite the age difference. When Daniel was serving as Chelsea's doctor, he had a one night stand with her grandmother, Kate Roberts, and they decide that no one can find out. However, Chelsea soon learned the truth and ended her relationship with Daniel.[31]

Soon, Kate learned that she had lung cancer which leads to her and Daniel getting close again. Daniel worked hard to cure Kate, and even performed surgery with Chloe Lane as the donor. Kate's surgery was a success and Daniel soon developed feeling for Chloe who at the time was dating engaged to Lucas Horton, Kate's son. After one night of passion, Chloe pushes Daniel away hoping to work things out with Lucas. Kate witnesses their affair and poisons Chloe in an attempt to kill her; Kate also frames Daniel for the crime. Daniel saves Chloe's life and tapes Kate's confession. The near death experience brought Daniel and Chloe even closer together, and they decided to have a real relationship, after Chloe broke up with Lucas. The two would later become engaged and had dreams of starting a family.[31]

In the fall of 2009, Daniel is shocked to see his old friend Dr. Carly Manning in Salem. Daniel befriends Melanie Layton who doesn't really seem to like Carly. When Melanie is shot on her wedding day by Carly in February 2010, it is Daniel who performs surgery and saves her life. Everyone is shocked when Carly reveals that Melanie is her daughter and Daniel is Melanie's father. Daniel and Melanie quickly form a bond. Chloe becomes jealous and has a one night stand with Philip Kiriakis, Daniel's son in law.[31] Chloe immediately orders an amniocentesis and learns that Daniel is the child's father. They soon marry on October 14, 2010. A few weeks later, Chloe gives birth to a baby boy, and names him Parker in honor of Daniel's mother's maiden name. At Parker's christening, everyone is shocked when Caroline Brady reveals that she had changed the test results to keep Melanie from leaving Philip, and ruing her granddaughter Stephanie's relationship with Nathan Horton. Daniel is devastated and files for divorce in March 2011.[32]

He then meets Jennifer Deveraux, and they soon begin dating.[33] However, Jennifer begins pushing Daniel away when she learned that Carly was now addicted to prescription drugs and falling for Daniel.[34] Daniel goes to clear things up with Carly hoping to continue his relationship with Jen. Vivian Alamain takes advantage of Carly's fragile state, drugs her and then sends a picture of her passed out on the floor to everyone in town. Daniel, Melanie & Jennifer support Carly when she finally admits that she has a problem and checks herself into rehab. Daniel and Jennifer grow closer and soon confess their love for one another. In September 2011, they are shocked when Jen's ex-husband, Jack shows up at the Horton Town Square party. Jen later decides to date both Jack and Daniel to see where both relationships go.[35]

Melanie Jonas

Melanie Jonas
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Molly Burnett
Duration 2008–present
First appearance July 31, 2008
Created by Dena Higley
Gender Female
Occupation Nursing student
Candy Striper
Worked at Titan
Residence Daniel Jonas's apartment

Melanie Jonas (adopted Layton; formerly Kiriakis) is a fictional character on the NBC Soap Opera, Days of our Lives, created by head-writer Hogan Sheffer. She is portrayed by actress Molly Burnett.[36] Burnett has played Melanie since early 2008.[36] Melanie is married to Philip Kiriakis, and the couple have no children. She meets her brother Max Brady in 2008, who convinces her to return to Salem. Melanie is known for being a primary villain, she has since become a responsible young woman. Melanie is extremely close to her friend Maggie Horton, whom she often considers a mother to her. For her work as Melanie, Burnett has been nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Daytime Drama.[37] Melanie Layton, the daughter of Trent Robbins is living in a French Boarding School, known as a wild-party girl, with her own website about her glamorous life.[38] She meets Nick Fallon in Marseilles, France where she is attending boarding school. Max Brady goes there with his girlfriend Stephanie Johnson in search of Melanie whom he believes to be his half sister, even though she doesn't know about him.[38] Nick, Max's friend, also goes to Marseilles where he sees Melanie in a cafe. Melanie overhears Nick on the phone (he is pretending to be making a business deal and pretending to be rich in order to catch her attention) and she goes to talk to him. Later, Trent pimps Melanie out to settle a debt, and Nick investigates to see what is up. Nick ends up getting shot trying to rescue her. She is grateful for his help and the two share a kiss in the hospital where Nick's ex-girlfriend Chelsea Brady looks on. Furious with her father, Max convinces Melanie to move to Salem with him.[38]

Melanie moves in with Max's adoptive mother, Caroline Brady. Trent is stabbed and Caroline, Nicole Walker and Melanie are all suspects. Melanie is cleared and moves in with Nick. Melanie soon begins receiving threatening notes and she starts to believe that maybe she had killed Trent. Nick convinces her to go away with him to a hotel where they will go to Vegas and get married. Nick convinces Melanie that she killed Trent and the only way for him to protect her is if they get married.[38] While at the hotel, Melanie learns that it was Nick who killed Trent.[39] Melanie's quick thinking allows her to reach Stephanie, Phillip, Bo and Hope. They arrive at the conclusion of a fight between Nick and Melanie, where Nick drops Melanie off the balcony. Philip saves her while Nick is arrested for Trent's murder. Philip will come to Melanie's rescue several other times in the emotional aftermath of Nick's arrest. This is also the beginning of Melanie's infatuation with Philip.[38]

At Nick's trial, Melanie speaks up on his behalf. She says that although Nick killed her father, deep down, Nick is a good person. The judge says that Melanie's testimony is reason why Nick got a very light sentence. Nick also begs his aunt, Maggie Horton to let Melanie stay with her because Melanie has no one. Maggie reluctantly agrees. In time, however, Maggie becomes very fond of Melanie and the two are very close.[38]

Melanie then goes to work for Philip at Titan because Nick left her the rights to his alternative fuel project and she finds herself in the middle of a corporate war between Titan and the DiMeras. Philip, determined to keep the project, tells Melanie he loves her. They kiss while Stephanie oversees. Philip picks Melanie over Stephanie, an incident that begins a heated rivalry between the young women. However, Melanie soon learns that Philip is only after the fuels project. Melanie brings the project to the DiMeras where she was eventually scammed.

Melanie becomes a candy striper at the hospital in Salem and eventually begins attending nursing school.

Melanie is extremely jealous of Stephanie and Philip's relationship and she constantly is trying to break them up. She fails several times and it eventually seems that she will not give up. Because of the heated rivalry between the DiMeras and the Kiriakises, EJ DiMera hires a hitman to kill Philip. When Philip is rushed to the hospital, Melanie is there to comfort Stephanie. Also due to the rivalry, Stephanie is kidnapped by the Kiriakis gardener, Owen. Melanie teams up with Philip to track Stephanie down. The two, along with the help of Brady Black, manage to rescue her, showing that Melanie is growing into a more adult and responsible person.

Chelsea, Max's girlfriend, decides to move to London to be with her sick mother, Billie Reed. Max decides he is going to go with her and tells Melanie she should come too. She is excited to go with him and seconds after she quits her job at the hospital, she bumps into a handsome young doctor. He is later revealed to be Nathan Horton,[40] the grandson of Maggie Horton and cousin of Nick Fallon. Melanie decides that she didn't want to go to London and Max soon realizes that Nathan is the reason that Melanie wants to stay. At home, Melanie is surprised to see Nathan there. She soon learns that he is Maggie's grandson and that he is moving in. They have a flirty relationship and the two agree to a date. However, Nathan soon realizes who Melanie is (he blames her for everything that happened to Nick) and he tells her he doesn't want anything to do with her. Nathan argues with Maggie over why Maggie would let Melanie stay there. Nathan feels guilty and reconciles with Melanie after he realizes that everything that happened with Nick wasn't her fault.[38]

Things are rocky for Nathan and Melanie at the beginning. Melanie is furious because, while Nathan and Melanie are on a date, Melanie is in the bathroom and Stephanie shows up. Melanie overhears the two making plans to hang out. Melanie then storms out. Nathan doesn't feel guilty about what happened, saying he and Stephanie did nothing wrong. Once again, Nathan and Melanie reconcile.

When Melanie tells Nathan she wants to be more than friends he says no because he believes he has too much on his plate and Melanie might be a distraction. Heartbroken, Melanie and Philip (who convinced Melanie that he and Stephanie were over) spend the night at a motel where a seedy pornographer tapes them making love. Soon, Stephanie takes Philip back and Melanie is heartbroken when he begs her not to tell Stephanie. Soon, the pornographer puts the tape on the Internet, where Stephanie sees it while two girls are watching it at the hospital. Stephanie breaks off her engagement with Philip for the second and final time.

After much hardship, Melanie moves on from Philip and starts dating Nathan, but Maggie disapproves of them being together and hospital policy says they can not date. They have been having a Romeo-and-Juliet-style romance for a while. However, Philip eventually realizes that Melanie is the woman he wants to be with and he chases after her while she is dating Nathan. This makes Nathan angry and constantly paranoid and jealous of Philip.

Soon, Melanie begins to have feelings for both Philip and Nathan. After Nathan sees Melanie about to kiss Philip he breaks up with her. Philip tells Melanie that he still has feelings for her and after seeing Nathan with Stephanie and hearing that they were going to spend Christmas together Melanie decides to give Philip a chance. They spend Christmas together where Philip proposes. She isn't sure about it, but when Melanie can't get the ring off of her finger, Philip says it was a sign that they are supposed to be together. She agrees to marry him. After Philip finds out that Nathan is at the house with Melanie, Philip begins to worry that Melanie might still have feelings for Nathan. As soon as Philip sees Melanie, he suggests that the two elope on New Years. Phillip and Melanie are married on Valentine's Day in 2010.

Sonny Kiriakis

Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis is a fictional character on the NBC soap Opera, Days of our Lives. He is portrayed by actor Freddie Smith, known for his role as Marco Salazar in the 90210 franchise.[41] He is the son of supercouple Justin Kiriakis and Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. Sonny is the show's first full-time gay character, which caused a lot of publicity surrounding his casting.[42] Smith said of his character, "He is the center of attention kind of guy but in a good way. He’s very confident and mature, he’s traveled the world and is very open-minded. I’m very excited to portray him.”[42] Sonny's on-screen love has yet to be determined. He said, "I’m going to be surprised. There are a lot of guys on the show, so it’s going to be interesting to see who I end up falling for. Someone new? Someone on the show? We all make jokes, `who am I going to make out with first?’ It’s going to be fun to see.”[42]

Mia McCormick

Mia McCormick (played by Taylor Spreitler from January 6, 2009 – June 24, 2010), is a high school drop-out, who was introduced as a pregnant teenager. Nicole bought her baby, Grace, for $10K to replace her own, secretly miscarried, baby. She then secretly swaps Grace for Sami's baby, Sydney, who was born at the same time (January 28, 2009). Grace eventually dies of bacterial meningitis. Mia uses the money to fund a dancing career in Japan but when this fails she returns to Salem, determined to get her baby back. She then befriends Will, moves in with Maggie Horton and takes a job at Java Cafe. Her ex-boyfriend Chad, father of Grace, also has a job at Java Cafe. After overhearing information and investigating, he discovers what had happened to his daughter, although neither Chad nor Mia initially knew about the Sydney and Grace being switched. Mia eventually finds out that Grace was her biological daughter, and she and Chad mourn her. Meanwhile, Mia is attracted to, and dates, Will but is forced to break up by Chad in her efforts to keep her deal with Nicole secret. Chad, however, breaks his promise to stop looking for Grace. Will eventually learns all of this; he is surprised but thinks it all makes sense that Nicole can give the baby a better home.

Lee Michaels

Lee Michaels is a trustee in the prison where Hope Brady serves time in 2010. She is a doctor who was imprisoned for illegally prescribing pain killers to her patients. She is assigned to the prison's infirmary, where she works with Warden Jane Smith to kill inmates during routine medical procedures in order to harvest their organs. Lee is played by Robin Mattson and first appeared on October 5, 2010.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith is the warden of the Salem County Correctional Facility, the prison where Hope Brady serves time in 2010. She works with an inmate, Lee Michaels, to kill inmates during routine medical procedures in order to harvest their organs. Jane and first appeared on September 21, 2010 and was played by Stacy Haiduk, but the role was soon recast with Gina Gallego.

Chad DiMera

Chad DiMera
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Casey Deidrick
Duration 2009-
First appearance June 19, 2009[43]
Created by Dena Higley
Christopher Whitesell
Aliases Chad Peterson-Woods
(birth name)
Gender Male
Occupation Barista
Residence 430 Lakeview Drive
Salem, USA

Chad Michael DiMera [44] is a fictional character from the original NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Chad has been portrayed by Casey Deidrick since June 19, 2009. He was most recently revealed to be the newest member of the DiMera family.

Chad is first seen at the Java Cafe looking for his ex-girlfriend, Mia McCormick. He is hoping to reconcile with her but Mia rejects him.[45] To get closer to her, Chad transfers high schools and gets a job at the Java. Chad realizes that something isn't right with Mia and tries to find out about Mia's life while he was away in military school. He learns from a friend that Mia was in rehab while he was away. Chad knew Mia did not do drugs because when he experimented with them, she never even touched them.[46] Mia convinces Chad that she is really a recovering addict and introduces him to her sponsor, Nicole Walker. Chad does back off, but still believes Mia is hiding something.[47] He teams up with his friend, Kinsey to break up Mia and her boyfriend, Will Horton.[48] Chad overhears Mia talking to Will about "a baby" and demands to know where their child is.[49] Chad discovers that Mia gave their baby to Nicole and her husband EJ DiMera to raise.[50] Despite many people trying to get him to leave Sydney with Nicole, Chad fights for custody.[51] After months of going back and forth, Nicole shocks everyone by revealing that she'd switched Mia's daughter with Sami Brady's daughter. The baby, Grace Brady had died just 10 days before Chad's first appearance.[52] Chad and Mia become closer as they mourn Grace's death.[53] Chad is led to believe that he and Mia will eventually reunite despite the fact that she is still with Will. When he realizes there is no chance of them getting back together, he begins dating Gabi Hernandez. Mia is finally jealous and attempts to win Chad back and convinces him that she will dump Will soon.[54] Chad dumps Gabi to pursue Mia again, but he realizes that Mia is still with Will and returns to Gabi.[55]

Chad becomes intrigued by his mother's relationship with Kate DiMera, Will's grandmother. He notices the tension between them but Madeline warns him against hanging around with the DiMera family.[56] Meanwhile, Chad deals with Mia trying to win him back which doesn't work.[57] Chad and Will realize that Kate and Madeline are sharing a secret.[58] Chad finally learns from Will that Madeline was once a prostitute.[59] When Chad finally confronts Madeline about her past, she collapses from a brain aneurysm.[60] Meanwhile his father, Charles Woods blames him for Madeline's death.[61] Chad begins pressuring Kate to tell him more about his mother's past and is suspicious when Stefano avoids him at all cost.[61] Kate has a flashback of a conversation she had with Madeline before her death revealing that Chad is really Stefano's son.[62]

On November 8, Chad reveals to Will that he received an unmarked envelope with his birth certificate naming Stefano as his father.[63] Chad doesn't tell Will that he thinks Kate sent the birth certificate and he later confronts her. She doesn't say whether she sent the envelope to him but warns him about the dangers of telling Stefano that they could be father and son.[64] Chad confronts Stefano with a knife and Stefano thinks he is trying to kill him. Chad shocks him by revealing that they may be father and son and Stefano later confirms that he did sleep with Madeline. Kate suggests a DNA test so they can be sure.[65] On December 3, 2010, a DNA tests confirms that Stefano and Chad are father and son but Chad isn't as happy about it as Stefano is, claiming he wants nothing to do with the DiMeras.[66]

When he begins looking for work, he uses DiMera as his surname, and Will and Gabi encourage him to form a relationship with his new family[67] Lexie Carver, his new sister welcomes Chad with open arms, and EJ even reaches out and asks Chad to be his best man at his wedding.[68] In March 2011, Chad meets Abby Deveraux, the daughter of Jennifer Horton. Abby assumes that Chad and Johnny are father and son, and Chad doesn't appreciate her jumping to conclusions.[69] Chad later explains that Johnny is his nephew, and the two seem to be making a connection until Abby finds out that he is Stefano's son. Later, Chad overhears a secret between Will and Abby, that her parents are divorcing. Chad promises that he won't tell anyone and the two commiserate on how difficult it is dealing with their parents.[70]

  • Born: March 3, 1990 (1990-03-03) (age 21)[71]

Madeline Peterson Woods

Madeline Peterson Woods, portrayed by Jessica Tuck,[72] is the mother of Chad DiMera. Madeline died after falling down a flight of stairs during an argument with her son, Chad.

Dr. Ben Walters

Dr. Ben Walters., played by Ty Treadway,[73] is a specialist brought on to handle E.J.'s case, after he was shot in the head by Sami Brady.

Recent child characters

Ciara Brady

Ciara Brady
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Dakoda and Danica Hobbs (February 15, 2007 — April 30, 2008)
Lauren Boles (May 21, 2008 — present)
First appearance February 15, 2007

Ciara Alice Brady is the daughter of Bo Brady and Hope Brady.

While grieving over the death of their young son, Zack, Hope and Bo Brady found comfort in one another, and Ciara is conceived, although it takes several months for Hope to learn she is pregnant. When she eventually learns that she is pregnant, a classic "Who's the daddy?" storyline begins. Hope had been to Morgan Island with Patrick Lockhart where, in a moment of weakness, she had found comfort in his arms.

Tests were run and it was "determined" that Hope's unborn child was Patrick's. Unbeknown to Hope and Bo, Patrick had paid the doctor to fix the test. Despite believing Patrick to be the father of her unborn child, Bo and Hope get back together, pushing Patrick to the point he decides he needed to kidnap Hope. On December 29, 2006, Ciara is born in a warehouse, delivered by Bo. Patrick reveals her true paternity before being arrested.

Ciara's name was selected by fans in an online poll. Out of the five original choices, narrowed down to three, Ciara Alice Brady was the winner.[74]

Ciara lives with Hope and Bo the first couple of years of her life before living with Hope, Doug and Julie after her mother and father separate for a short while. Ciara's parents have since reunited and separated again.

She has two older brothers,Shawn and Zack Brady (deceased) and one older paternal half-sister, Chelsea Brady.

On July 16, 2009, despite being born on-screen December 29, 2006 Ciara celebrates her fifth birthday with several family and friends.

Ciara is kidnapped on August 12, 2009. Ciara is later safely returned to her family .

Claire Brady

Claire Brady
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Olivia and Ava White (2006–2007)
Alina Foley (2008)
First appearance 2005
Last appearance 2008
Cause/reason Left town
Created by James E. Reilly

Claire Brady is a character on the American soap opera Days of our Lives. She was previously portrayed by identical twins Olivia and Ava White from January 2006 to December 2007 and Alina Foley in 2008.

Claire is born in St. Luke's Catholic Church, delivered by her maternal grandmother Marlena Evans and Lexie Carver. She is the daughter of Shawn and Belle Brady and the granddaughter of Bo and Hope Brady and John and Marlena Black. At the time of her birth, it is not known that Shawn was her father. A little after Thanksgiving, Claire becomes sick for an unknown reason. Belle and Philip rush baby Claire to the hospital where she is hospitalized and eventually her liver fails and she is given last rites. In a horrible twist of fate, Claire's biological uncle, Zack who was only 5 at the time, dies in a hit-and-run. Zack's liver is a perfect match for little Claire and she receives his liver when he dies. Near her first birthday, the truth about her paternity is revealed.

Philip leaves Salem, and Shawn is ready to spend time with his daughter, but Belle turns him down. She tells him that he needs to straighten up his life before he can spend time with Claire. Just as he is straightening out, Philip returns, demanding full custody of Claire. Belle and Shawn plan, (along with Max and Mimi), to kidnap little Claire from Philip. They do and Belle, Shawn, and Claire soon leave for Canada. Once in Canada, they stay in a shelter until Chelsea and Nick come with more money for them. After the retrieval of the money, they soon stow away on a cruise ship that is heading for Australia. However, Philip is able to catch up with them on the cruise ship. They escape and jump ship with Claire in their arms. They soon land on a deserted island. They need to get off that island quickly, because Claire has cut her finger on Shawn's knife and has blood poisoning. Shawn build a raft and they soon land safely on an island called "Tinda Lao."

Luckily, that island has inhabitants, including Gabby and her father Duck who owned a local hotel. Claire receives the medicine she needs and they stay. Philip catches up to them, but Gabby lies and finally convinces Philip that they are not there. Soon, Philip discovers that Belle, Shawn and Claire are still on the island and confronts them. Duck comes out while the group is talking and shoots Shawn in the arm. In the midst of the chaos Gabby hands Claire to Philip who makes a run to get off the island on a boat. Shawn isn't seriously injured and he tells Belle to take off after Philip before he gets to far. Belle is able to catch up with Philip and tries to talk some sense into him, that all four of them could be a family. Meanwhile, Shawn is back the hotel being bandaged when Bo and Steve show up. Shawn runs off to track down Philip, Belle and Claire, but he is still shaky from the gun shot wound but he manages to find them. Shawn collapses from his wound and Philip tells Belle that she could stay, or leave with him on the boat. Belle reluctantly goes with Philip, but tells Shawn "God Punishes Sinners" leaving Shawn confused.

After Philip and Belledisappear from sight, Bo shows up and finds Shawn. Shawn tells Bo what Belle kept saying but he didn't understand why. The two head back to the hotel where Gabby puts together GPS out of God Punishes Sinners. Bo, Steve and Shawn all get on the helicopter Bo and Steve had flown to the island on and locate Philip's boat. Shawn is dropped on to the boat. Philip easily discovers Shawn and the two go down below since a typhoon is heading their way. During the storm the three adults talk again and Philip comes around to realize that all three could provide Claire with the home she needs. The storm is getting worse and eventually hits the boat tearing it to pieces. The rescue crew is able to save Philip, Belle and Shawn, but Claire is lost at sea.

The rescue squad search for Claire, but change the mission to recovery, devastating Belle who insists that her daughter is alive, especially when she is visited by her father, John, who is still in a coma. Soon after, Claire's life jacket is recovered, apparently cut with a knife. They relist Claire as missing, and soon track her to a baby beauty pageant called "USADORABLE". It is revealed that a woman by the name Evelyn Quarry had found Claire and brought her back to the States and began entering her in beauty pageants as a boy. Evelyn’s scam comes to a crashing halt when Belle is able to locate her daughter at the hotel the beauty pageant had been held at by singing her favorite song. In 2008, her parents leave to sail the world, taking Claire with them.

Grace Brady

Grace Brady
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Maggie and Bebe Vose (January - February 2009),
Ava and Grace Greeson (February - March 2009),
Lily and Sophie Gimbel (March - May 2009),
Ailish and Julia O'Connor (May 8, 2009 – June 10, 2009, July 27, 2009)
First appearance January 27, 2009
Last appearance July 27, 2009

Grace Rafaela Brady is the biological daughter of a young teenage mother, Mia McCormick and her ex-boyfriend Chad Peterson Woods, born on-screen on January 27, 2009.

She is believed to be the biological daughter of E.J. DiMera and Sami Brady until her adoptive father, Rafe Hernandez, reveals the truth to her legal mother, Sami Brady on November 12, 2009.

Sami Brady and Nicole Walker are both pregnant with E.J. DiMera's babies. Nicole miscarries but pretends to still be pregnant. She plans to adopt Mia McCormick's baby and pass it off as hers with E.J. Mia and Sami give birth on the same day. Nicole delivered Mia's baby and immediately falls in love with her, but she switches it with Sami's baby so that she and E.J. will be raising a child that is biologically his.

Sami, who is forced to enter the witness protection program during her pregnancy, decides to protect her child from the DiMeras by never telling E.J. about their baby. As a result, she leaves Grace at a convent orphanage. On March 30, 2009, Sami brings Grace home to Salem telling everybody she was her "adopted" daughter. The same day she makes Rafe, her former bodyguard and now lover, Grace's godfather. The baby is christened Grace Rafaela; Grace in honor of the convent and what Sami perceived as God's intervention in helping her to have and keep her baby, and Rafaela in honor of Rafe.

Grace dies on June 9, 2009 from bacterial meningitis. The people who saw themselves as her parents, Sami Brady and Rafe Hernandez, were at her bedside when she died. She had also been held on that day by her biological mother Mia. On June 11, 2009 Sami reveales to E.J. that he was "Grace's biological father," still unaware that the baby she has been raising is not really theirs.

Without Sami and Rafe's permission, E.J. changes Grace's tombstone name from Grace Brady to Grace DiMera. Mia is later heartbroken to learn that the late Grace had been her daughter.

J.T. Brady

J.T. Reiber
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Lauren and Alyssa Libby (2000–2001)
Brenden and Dillon Fisher (2000),
Jacob and Joshua Rips
First appearance 2000

John Thomas "J.T." Brady was the "adopted" son of Abe and Lexie Carver, but after an infant switch by Stefano DiMera he was believed to be the second son of Hope Brady and Bo Brady.

After years of trying for a baby the natural way, Abe and Lexie Carver decide that they will adopt a child. When Lexie's father Stefano DiMera hears about the news, he is over joyed at the prospect of finally becoming a grandfather and asks that Abe and Lexie adopt the child of one of his distant relatives. The birth mother Marlo is in fact the niece of Dr. Rolf, Stefano's long time assistant. However none the wiser to Lexie and Abe, Stefano is planning a plot whereby Marlo's baby would be switched with the baby of Bo and Hope's who Stefano at the time thought might be his or John Black's. After the births of the babies, Stefano has Dr. Rolf switch Hope's and Marlo's babies birth tags. So, the baby is instead taken home by Bo and Hope Brady and named John Thomas, getting his names from family friend John Black and "his" Great-Grandfather Dr. Thomas Horton.

Zack Brady

Zack Brady
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Jacob and Joshua Rips (June 2000)
Alyssa and Lauren Libby (2000–2001),
Max and Sam Christy (2000–2001)
Garrett and Spencer Gray (August 2001 — June 2006, December 2008, June 2009)
First appearance June 2000

Beauregard "Zack" Isaac Theo Brady (born Isaac Theo Carver) was the second son and child of supercouple Hope and Bo Brady, born June 9, 2000. For the longest time, Zack is known as Isaac Theo Carver, the long-awaited and much-beloved son of Abe and Lexie Carver. For years the two had tried unsuccessfully to have a child of their own with no success, until Lexie's father, Stefano, got them in touch with Marlo, a young pregnant woman. Abe and Lexie adopt the baby that Marlo has given birth to, unaware that Stefano had switched Marlo and Hope's sons.

Both Abe and Lexie are thrilled with their new son — he is everything that they had ever wanted. Even when the baby Hope had was found to have fetal alcohol syndrome and Isaac was normal, no one really thinks anything of it. Lexie falls deeper and deeper in love with her newborn baby, and when she learns that Stefano had switched the babies at birth, it devastates her. Hope is her best friend, but Isaac is the child of her heart.

In her desperation to keep the child she craves, there was no limit to what Lexie would do. Everything comes to a head when the boys are almost two years old. Paternity tests prove that J.T., the baby Hope and Bo are raising, is actually the son of Glen Reiber and Marlo, which meana that someone else was Hope's baby.

They eventually discover that Isaac is their son. Bo and Hope decide to keep both babies, and after they win custody of J.T. against his biological father and stepmother, they fight all that much harder for Isaac. Abe is prepared to give the Bradys their son, but Lexie fights against it. Isaac has been with them for nearly two years and thinks of them as his parents; why disrupt his world now? Unfortunately, when Lexie attempts to flee with Hope's baby, Abe has a judge grant custody to Bo and Hope, and Hope is finally reunited with her son.

When Bo and Hope reclaim their child, they rename him Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady. Rather than put the child through any more trauma (switching parents mid-stream was bad enough), they opted to refer to him by the nickname Zack.

Zack dies on January 12, 2006, after being run over by Bo's SUV, which is driven by his daughter, Chelsea. Upon his death, his liver is donated to his niece, Claire Brady, and his corneas are donated to Abe Carver; Claire's life is saved and Abe regains his eyesight. Zack's death and the revelation of Chelsea as the SUV driver drive a wedge between Bo and Hope – as well as the rest of the Brady family for most of 2006.

During the funeral of his "cousin" Grace, Hope tells Mia that she also knows the pain of losing a child when he was still so young and didn't grow up yet (she didn't know Mia was Grace's biological mother).

Zach has been involved in two of his father's visions since his death in 2006. He first leads his father to Theo when he went missing in December 2008 and the later, telling his father that if Ciara loses her tommy bear something bad will happen in June 2009.

Theo Carver

Theo Carver
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Chase and Tyler Johnson (2003— 2004)

Kavi Faquir (26 April 2006 – 22 June 2007)
Amyrh Harris (December 26, 2007)
Terrell Ransom, Jr (May 20, 2008 — present)

First appearance 2003

Theodore "Theo" Brandon Carver was born onscreen on May 29, 2003, to Lexie and Abe Carver.

Theo was considered a miracle by Abe and Lexie having been born more than a decade after the couple wed.

He was born on the same day that Abe learned Brandon Walker was also his son. Originally believed to be Brandon's son, a DNA test proved Theo to be Abe's son.

Theo was diagnosed with autism and his condition has caused major concern for Abe and Lexie.

This storyline was featured on NBC's The Today Show with the head writer of Days of our Lives and the actors currently portraying Abe and Lexie on June 24, 2008.

He has one paternal half-brother, Brandon Walker.

He was the ring bearer at his grandfather Stefano DiMera's wedding to Kate Roberts.

Johnny DiMera

Johnny DiMera
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Aaron and Griffin Kunitz (January 27, 2009 — present)
First appearance 2007
Doll (2007)
Ethan and Morgan ? (2007)
Ranger and Wiley Murphee (January 21, 2008 — June 2, 2008)
Gabriel and Gideon Lala (July — October 2008)
Jonathan and Jacob Velarde (2008)
Aaron and Griffin Kunitz (January 27, 2009 — present)

John "Johnny" Roman DiMera is a fraternal twin to sister, Ally.He was born October 23, 2007, to Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera. He was originally believed to be the son of Lucas Horton, but after the child's birth, E.J. begins to suspect that the fraternal twins might have different fathers because Johnny does not look like his sister. E.J.'s suspicions are correct. They do a second blood test that reveals E.J. to be the father.

Johnny's paternal grandfather, Stefano DiMera was pushing to meet his grandson and insisting that E.J. raise Johnny as a DiMera against Sami's wishes. E.J. first resists this notion because he does not want to betray his ex-wife, but since finding out that, Grace was "his" daughter he agrees to raise Johnny as a DiMera against his ex-wife's wishes.

Johnny has one older maternal half-brother, William Reed "Will" Horton, twin maternal half-sister, Alice Caroline "Ally" Horton, and one sister, Sydney Anne DiMera.

Sami has allowed Johnny to live with his father, Nicole Walker and his grandfather in the DiMera mansion, while under the protection of the federal government as a material witness to a murder.

Sydney DiMera

Sydney DiMera
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Hailey and Lauren Sinnema (February 25, 2009 — Step. 2010)
                  Elizabeth & Miriam Tovey   (oct. 2010- aug. 2011)
                  Isabelle and Sahara Roberts (step. 2011
First appearance February 25, 2009
Avery and Cade Seger (January 29, 2009 — February 18, 2009)

Sydney Anne DiMera is the daughter of Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera. Sydney is born in secret on January 28, 2009,[75] while her biological mother is in witness protection, and she is switched shortly after birth with the daughter of a teenage mother, Mia, who has agreed to give her baby up for adoption to Nicole Walker. Nicole, who has miscarried her fiancé E.J.'s daughter, has arranged in secret to adopt Mia's baby and pass the child off as E.J.'s, fearful that she would lose EJ without a baby.

When Nicole learns that Sami had just recently given birth to her and E.J.'s daughter the same day Mia gave birth to hers, Nicole switches the babies, preferring to have E.J.'s biological daughter over an unrelated child. Nicole instantly bonds with Sydney, and vows to always protect her no matter what happens. Sami and E.J. are none the wiser to Nicole's treachery, and Sami and Rafe bond with "Sami's" daughter, while EJ and Nicole bond with "their" daughter.

As Sydney is the daughter of Sami Brady and EJ DiMera, she has three siblings. A brother, Johnny DiMera, a maternal half-brother, Will Horton, and a maternal half-sister, Allie Horton.

E.J. has recently learned that Nicole had a miscarriage and he has now kicked Nicole and Sydney out of the mansion not knowing that Sydney is in fact his biological daughter with Sami.

On November 13, 2009 Sami learns that Sydney is in fact her biological daughter. On November 17, 2009 EJ learns that Sydney is his biological child with Sami, but on November 24, 2009 the family reunion turns into a nightmare when Brady Black bails Nicole out of jail and she kidnaps Sydney, but when Nicole has a change of heart and is just about to tell E.J. and Sami where Sydney is, she is knocked out and kidnapped by Anna DiMera. It is later revealed that Anna was hired by E.J. to kidnap Sydney.

Allie Horton

Allie Horton
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Carolyn and Campbell Rose (November 23, 2009 – present)
First appearance December 31, 2007
Doll (2007)
Elle and Ithaca Kremer (December 31, 2007 – June 4, 2008)
Charlotte and Stella Penfield (July 31, 2008 – December 2008)
Ella and Anna Gietzen (January 27, 2009 – August 11, 2009)
Carolyn and Campbell Rose (November 23, 2009 – present)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton is the only daughter of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton. She was born October 23, 2007, at her grandmother Marlena's house, she was delivered by Marlena. Allie went for several weeks without a name until the Thanksgiving Day wedding of Shawn and Belle where Lucas announces her name. This is a shock to Sami because Lucas did not consult her on the name. She is named after her great-grandmothers, Alice Horton and Caroline Brady. Allie has a big brother named William "Will" Horton, twin maternal half-brother, Johnny DiMera, and little maternal half-sister, Sydney DiMera.

Parker Kiriakis

Parker Kiriakis (Formerly known as Parker Jonas) is the biological son of Philip Kiriakis and Chloe Lane, though Daniel Jonas was previously believed to be his father. He was born on November 11, 2010 in the Horton cabin on after his mother Chloe Jonas goes into premature labor. There is complications with the birth (i.e. the umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck), and Chloe is assisted by Parker's older sister Melanie. His biological father Philip and legal father Daniel later show up, just as Parker is born. Chloe and Daniel go to the hospital and name him Parker Jonas, after Daniel's mother. Parker's true paternity is not known to either of his parents, as they are under the assumption that Daniel is Parker's father. Parker was conceived during an accidental one-night stand between his parents Chloe and Philip. When Chloe takes a paternity test, the results are changed by Caroline Brady to make her believe that Daniel is the father. When the truth came out Daniel left Chloe. On March 2, 2011 Philip became Parker's legal father and Parker's last name was changed to Kiriakis.

Characters are listed based on the decade in which they first appeared.


André DiMera

André DiMera is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of our Lives. He was played by Thaao Penghlis from 1983–1984, 1993 to 1995, 2002 to 2005 and 2007. He was also portrayed by Wayne Northrop in 1983. On July 17, 2007, it was revealed that André has been impersonating his cousin, Tony DiMera, for over 20 years.

Crawford Decker

Crawford Decker was Ford Decker's father. He used his influence with the president of Salem University to protect Ford from being punished for raping several female students. Crawford also urged the police to aggressively pursue Ford's subsequent disappearance.

Ford Decker

Ford Decker was a student at Salem University who was a serial date rapist. When his father Crawford, used his influence to protect Ford from being punished for drugging and raping numerous female students, the sisters of Alpha Chi Theta decided to take action. The women, who included three of Ford's victims or attempted victims, drugged him. When the partially incapacitated Ford then pursued Chelsea, whom he had also drugged, up the stairs of the sorority house, he lost consciousness and suffered a fatal fall down the stairs. The sisters buried his body in the basement. Subsequently, Chelsea Brady and Stephanie Johnson dug him back up and hid him in a water heater, which Max Brady removed from the premises.


Duck is a Vietnam War veteran who lives on the fictional island Tinda Lao with his daughter Gabby.


Gabby, played by Joy Bisco is a young woman who lives on the fictional island Tinda Lao. Her father is Duck. When Shawn was in Tinda Lao, she fell in love with Shawn, but Shawn stuck to his beloved soon to be wife, Belle.

Morgan Hollingsworth

Morgan Hollingsworth, portrayed by Kristen Renton, was President of Alpha Chi Theta sorority, where Chelsea and Stephanie pledged. Morgan dated Max Brady and was almost a victim of Ford Decker, the campus rapist. She and the Alpha Chi Theta girls conspired to stop Ford from raping again but their plan backfired and he fell to his death. Soon after Ford's death and the coverup was exposed, Max and Morgan broke up.

Morgan later went to work for Tony as his intern at the same time Stephanie interned for Anna's rival firm. Morgan's interests moved to Philip Kiriakis soon after her father, Paul, disappeared. John Black and Phillip were involved in a heated shipping rivalry that turned ugly when gun fire broke out. Phillip took a bullet intended for Morgan after one of Ava's goons tried to shoot her. Morgan helped Phillip with his recovery and they shared a short romance. After Paul was revealed to be alive, Phillip admitted to threatening Paul's life and was later caught kissing Chloe. Morgan left town to take a two year internship in Chicago.

Father Timothy Jansen

Played by three different actors from 1996–2008, Father Jansen has been a consistent figure for the church going citizens of Salem at weddings, funerals and death-beds. He has been played by Michael O'Neil (1996), Jim Beaver (96-97, 2000, 2002–03), and James Lancaster (2003–2005, 2008).

Bonnie Lockhart

Bonnie Lockhart is the mother of Mimi Lockhart, Patrick Lockhart, and Connor Lockhart. She has been portrayed by actress Judi Evans,[76] who also portrayed Adrienne Kiriakis. Bonnie marries Mickey Horton, after his wife is murdered by a serial killer in 2003. After Maggie shows up alive, Mickey divorces her. Bonnie is also the owner of Alice's, until she leaves town.

Angela Moroni

Angela Moroni was portrayed by Ayda Field from late summer of 2000 until March 2001. Angela Moroni is the daughter of Vincent Moroni, an Italian mob boss. She was introduced during Brandon and Sami's quest to get the tape back with Kate forcing Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly. Angela came into possession of the tape, but she would only give it to Brandon if he married her. When Brandon and Sami went back to Salem, she came with them and kept the tape with her. When they returned to Europe, Brandon and Angela got married. When a spy from her father saw Brandon and Sami kiss, he hired two gunmen to kill Sami and Brandon at the coronation of Greta Von Amberg. This backfired however, when Angela dove in front of Brandon. Before her death, Angela finally made her father give Brandon and Sami the tape.

Vincent Moroni

Vincent Moroni was portrayed by Carl Weintraub from summer 2000 until March 2001. Vincent Moroni was an Italian mob boss with one daughter, Angela. Upon meeting Brandon and Sami, he was immediately suspicious of them. After Kate told Vincent about the tape (containing Kate telling Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly) he took it from Angela. When Brandon married Angela anyway, Vincent was convinced he loved his daughter. Kate later slept with Vincent to convince him to kill Victor and manipulated him into spying on Sami and Brandon. When his spy told him about the kiss he ordered Victor, Brandon and Sami to be murdered at the coronation of Greta Von Amberg. Chaos erupted then and Angela threw herself in front of Brandon, saving his life. Vincent was so upset at the events that he set in motion, that he committed suicide.

Alex North

Dr. Alex North was portrayed by Wayne Northrop from August 1, 2005 to May 24, 2006. Alex North was brought to Salem by John Black to help John's wife Marlena recover from amnesia. Marlena had memories of Alex and, after discovering they had been married (North had been presumed dead after being captured on a mission in Vietnam), she chose him instead of John because Alex was controlling her mind. It was soon discovered that he had been an abusive husband and, after a fight with John, he was presumed dead after falling over the edge of a cliff. The Alex North storyline was very unpopular with viewers.

Trent Robbins

Trent Robbins (played by Roscoe Born) was the biological father of Max Brady and the adoptive father of Melanie Layton. He abused Max as a child, causing Max to become socially isolated and mute for several years. Trent returned in 2008 as the Dean of the Physics department at Salem University. It was revealed that he was still married to Nicole Walker. He re-entered Max's life by awarding Nick Fallon a grant for his "work" on a fuel cell. Unbeknownst to Trent, Max was responsible for the majority of Nick's design. Max became short-tempered upon seeing Trent and confronted him. After Max insisted that Trent take responsibility for his abusive actions, Trent offered to pay him off in order to keep his past a secret.

Trent was murdered via a stab in the back. Among the suspects were Caroline Brady, Trent's children Max and Melanie, and his wife Nicole. It was revealed that Nick was responsible for the murder. Nick maitained that he killed Trent in Melanie's defense, and that his addiction to alcohol and painkillers played a role in his bad decision. He remains incarcerated as of December 2008.

Jan Spears

Jan Spears
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Natalie Ramsey (1999)

Heather Lauren Olsen (1999 to 2004)
Heather Lindell (2004 to 2005)

Duration 1999-2005
First appearance April 1999
Last appearance 19 May 2005

Jan Spears, played by three actresses: Natalie Ramsey (1999), Heather Lauren Olsen (1999 to 2002; November 2003 to 6 April 2004) and Heather Lindell (6 April 2004 to 19 May 2005), was introduced as the mean bitch at Salem High. Jan was one of the first girls to taunt Chloe Lane and call her "Ghoul Girl" and was responsible for putting naked pictures of Chloe up on the internet. Jan's boyfriend, Jason Masters, was a real jerk and she had finally had enough of him while on an Island with Nicole's father, Paul Mendez. Paul raped Jan, giving her gonorrhea and leaving her pregnant. Jan was humiliated but Shawn felt bad and promised to marry her and raise the baby as their own, devastating Belle. Jan lost the baby and left town. When Jan returned years later, her parents were dead and she was still obsessed with Shawn. Nicole also convinced a deeply disturbed Jan into helping her kill Victor Kiriakis which she did (later it was revealed that Victor survived). Jan kidnapped Shawn and held him prisoner in a cage. When Shawn escaped he crashed his motor cycle and lost his memory. He woke up thinking that he wanted to be with Jan and she manipulated him until he regained his memory. Jan's grip on Shawn was loosening so she blackmailed Mimi to help her keep Shawn. Mimi and Jan argued and Jan fell, hitting her head on a rock. Jan remains in a coma. Jan was last mentioned by Nicole while on a dinner date with Phillip Kiriakis, April 2008.

Willow Stark

Willow Stark was played by Annie Burgstede from October 2006 to June 2007. Willow was a former prostitute who Shawn Brady met one evening. Shawn got Willow a job at Chez Rouge and started dating her after he broke up with his ex-wife Mimi Lockhart. She became more controlling and obsessed with Shawn and disliked that Shawn tried to see Claire or Belle. Shawn broke things off with her so he could be a better father so she set fire to his loft. Weeks later, EJ Wells paid her to break into the Brady home and she accidentally set fire to the place. She planted Chelsea Brady's brush at the scene, but Nick Fallon hid the brush, so she was sent to jail. Once Nick bailed her out, he helped her find a place to live. Willow attempted to blackmail Nick and eventually fell to her death on an episode that aired June 5, 2007. She has a younger brother named Jed Stark who attended Salem University.

Conner Lockhart

Conner David Lockhart is the youngest child of David and Bonnie Lockhart. The character was played by Austin Wolff as a child during the summer of 1999, and Noah Segan took over the role on a temporary basis on January 8, 2007. Recasting Segan in the role aged the character to his late teens. Conner left town with Mimi to live in Arizona.

Ava Vitali

Ava Vitali, played by Tamara Braun from February 2008 to August 2008, is the ex-lover of Steve Johnson, who kidnapped him in 2008 and also kidnapped Hope Brady, whom Ava thought was Steve's wife Kayla. It was revealed that her father, Martino, was drugging her, which caused her to behave irrationally. She dated John Black for a while and eventually left town fearing she would go to jail over the death of Shawn Brady.

Harold Wentworth

Harold Wentworth, played by Ryan Scott from 2001 till 2003, was introduced during a storyline in which Jack Deveraux pretended to be gay in order to spare Greta von Amberg's feelings, as he didn't return her affection. Greta tried to set Jack up with Harold, an openly gay man. Harold worked with Greta to set up situations where he and Jack could be intimate, but Jack would always find a way to escape. Jack eventually admitted that he was not gay, which led to Harold criticizing him for his cowardice. Harold later happened to be in Las Vegas at the same time as Jack and Greta, and he helped them hide from mob hitmen by disguising themselves as showgirls. To his dismay, Jack then learned that Harold was the son of Oliver Wentworth, the owner of the Spectator. This was the local newspaper, which Jack hoped to run; Jennifer got the job instead, due in part to Harold's recommendation. Harold then worked at the Spectator, and was able to maintain a friendly, professional relationship with Jack. He last appeared during the summer of 2003, shortly before the Salem Stalker storyline started. By 2006, though not shown on-screen, Harold had become editor of the Spectator; Jack and Jennifer learned that he was offering them a job running the London Bureau of the paper, which they accepted.


Hattie Adams

Hattie Adams is a woman who bore a slight resemblance to Marlena Evans. Under the guidance of Wilhelm Rolf, she had plastic surgery to increase this resemblance. Stefano DiMera planned to use Hattie in a plan against Marlena, but never implemented such a plan. Hattie eventually had further surgery to look identical to Marlena. Hattie was played mainly by Andrea Hall, the real-life identical twin sister of Marlena's portrayer, Deidre Hall. Hattie was also played by Deidre Hall in one appearance after the character's final surgery.

Bart Beiderbecke

Bart Beiderbecke is a longtime DiMera family associate portrayed by Steve Blackwood. Introduced in 1997, he was originally the right-hand man of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Following his death, Bart became Tony's loyal assistant. He appears to be the only member of the DiMera organization who feels any remorse for the pain that is inflicted upon the citizens of Salem as a result of the DiMeras' influence. However, he is smart enough to keep his mouth closed around Tony and Stefano when it comes to this. After Tony's failed attempt at escaping from prison, Bart was seen occasionally for a little longer before vanishing from the canvas completely. When Bart returned two years later, he was assigned the task of killing Samantha Roberts, a task which he attempted to complete by drugging her and tying her up inside her car, which was filling with Carbon Monoxide. He failed, however, when EJ DiMera rescued her.

On August 3, 2007, Bart died when he was stabbed by André DiMera during a swordfight between Andre and Tony DiMera. Stefano mourned Bart's death and is now concerned that Bart may not have made sure that the key to ending the vendetta was kept out of Tony's possession.

Jamie Caldwell

Jamie Caldwell, played by Miriam Parrish, was Sami's best friend between 1993 and 1996. Jamie discovered Sami's bulemia Jamie but also frowned on many of Sami's many schemes to break up Austin and Carrie, including drugging Austin into sleeping with her. Friends later discovered that Jamie has been raped by her father and Jamie moved out of her house and into the Brady Pub. Jamie's character vanished soon after she revealed to Kate that Sami drugged Austin. It is assumed that Jamie left Salem when the actress' contract was not renewed in late 1996. Throughout her time in Salem, Jamie had a on and off flirtation with Lucas.

Edmund Crumb

Edmund Phineas Crumb, played by Adam Caine from January 8, 1998 to May 8, 1998, was a soft-hearted and somewhat dimwitted pilot who fell in love with Susan Banks after Susan came to stay at his mother Violet's pub in England. Edmund came to Salem to find Susan, who was suspect in Kristen's murder, and proposed to her. It wasn't Susan, however, but actually Kristen posing as Susan without anyone else knowing. Edmund and Kristen married while the real Susan was held prisoner in an island harem. Susan escaped and found Edmund and Kristen shortly after Edmund confessed to "Susan" that he accidentally killed Kristen. When Edmund saw both Kristen and Susan he was confused as to who he had accidentally murdered. It turns out it was Susan's other sister, Penelope Kent. Susan forgave Edmund and they locked Kristen up in the harem and raised baby Elvis together in England.


Eliana, played by Ann Werner,[77] was the long-time maid of Stefano Dimera who also answered the door at the DiMera mansion. Ann Werner left the show to pursue a writing career, and the character of Eliana was said to have retired.

Lili Faversham

Ms. Faversham, played by Millicent Martin from 1998–2001, was an eccentric older woman from Lugano, Switzerland. Ms Faversham had lost a great deal of art treasures due to theft and was close friends with Princess Gina Von Amberg. Ms. Faversham recognized Hope as one of her European high society friends, Princess Gina von Amberg and believed that the resemblance meant that Hope was Gina. At one point, Ms. Faversham insisted that Hope accompany her on the Empress Express. Stefano was one of the honored guests of the gathering, and is using the name Rudolfo Meradi. The train derailed with them all aboard but there were no serious injuries. Ms. Faversham learned the truth about the real Princess Gina but befriended Hope and Greta anyways. She moved briefly to Salem where she recognized Vivian Alamain. Lili was the one to finally recognize that the real Princess Gina was posing as Hope in Salem because of a scar that only Gina could have had. She returned to Switzerland and has not been seen since.

Steven "Jonesy" Jones

Jonesy, played by Robert Mandan from 1997–1998, was Vivian's bizarre husband and caretaker of the DiMera townhouse in Salem. Vivian was first interested in Jonesy because she thought he owned the expensive townhouse and all of its treasures. Vivian accomplished this by hosting a mock séance in which the real Flora Dora told Jonesy to move on with Vivian. Jonesy was not a well man and Vivian and he married in England, with Susan Banks and Edmund Crumb standing up for them. Jonesy died of a heart attack after consummating the marriage. Vivian inherited all of Jonesy's treasures which forced Stefano, the original owner of the townhouse, to marry Vivian in order to reclaim his possessions.

Franco Kelly

Franco Kelly, played by Victor Alfieri from June 1996 to October 1998, first came to Salem to model for Titan. It was soon revealed that Kate Roberts hired him to break up Bo and Hope Brady so that her daughter Billie Reed could reunite with her former lover. After Franco was exposed he tried to con Sami Brady into marriage to he can hide from his mob past and obtain a real green card. Kate planned revenge on Sami by exposing Franco's true motives at their wedding. Before the wedding could take place, Sami discovered the truth and announced that she was going to "kill that bastard". Franco meanwhile, attempted to beat and kill Kate for threatening him but was stopped when Lucas Horton shot Franco, killing him.

Kate wanted to protect Lucas and staged the scene to look like Sami killed Franco. Sami was put on trial and sentenced to death by lethal injection. In early June 1999, Sami nearly died but was saved when Lucas and Franco's old mob boss, Roberto, both confessed to the murder at the last minute. Although Lucas was the real shooter, the police believed a dying Roberto's confession. The truth of Franco's real murderer was never revealed except to Sami and Brandon Walker.

Barb Reiber

Barb Reiber, played by Tamara Clatterbuck, is the wife of Glen Reiber, the biological father of J. T. Brady, who was switched at birth with Zack Brady, resulting in a complicated custody battle.

Glen Reiber

Glen Reiber, is the biological father of J. T. Brady, who was switched at birth with Zack Brady, resulting in a complicated custody battle.

Wilhelm Rolf

Dr. Wilhelm Rolf has been portrayed by William Utay from September 19, 1997 to June 12, 2003 and June 4, 2007 to present. Introduced in September 1997, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf was the DiMera family's jack-of-all-trades and was responsible for: saving Roman's life from jungle fever, brainwashing Hope in order to turn her into Princess Gina, orchestrating the infamous baby switch using his niece Margo's daughter, creating the Gemini Twins (Rex and Cassie Brady), and erasing Patch's and John's memories. He was 'killed' in June 2003 when a crate landed on him and his corpse was subsequently used to fake Larry Welch's death.

Rolf returned from the dead, explaining that his death "didn't take." He assumed his old position as a lackey for the DiMeras when he was instructed to kill Sami by poisoning her food at the hospital. After Marlena put Stefano in a coma, Rolf became John's butler. Unbeknownst to John, Rolf began helping Marlena try to repair the disc that contains his memories. Rolf obeyed both John and Marlena in order to avoid jail time for many of his past evil deeds. His character frequently provided comic relief by dressing up in silly costumes or cracking one-liners.

Dr. Debra Thomas

Debra, played by Paige Rowland, was an ex-girlfriend of Mike Horton's of whom he reunited with in Rome, in 1997. Debra and Mike did not reunite romantically but this did not stop Carrie from getting jealous. Sami became aware of Carrie' feelings towards Debra and Mike and used this turn of events to push Mike and Carrie closer together so she could be with Austin.

Eugenia Willens

Eugenia Willens, played by Daphne Bloomer from 2002 to 2006,[78] worked at Salem University Hospital as a lab tech, but she lost her job and her pension after Sami blackmailed her into looking the other way while Sami switched the results of a paternity test. She later conspired with Kate against Sami and also worked as Lucas' personal assistant at Titan. She briefly dated Lucas.


Eugene Bradford

Eugene Bradford
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by John de Lancie
First appearance 1981
Last appearance 1989
Cause/reason Left Town
Aliases Bettina Lovelcraft
Residence New York City

Eugene Bradford is a fictional character on the American soap opera Days of our Lives. He was played by John de Lancie from 1981 to 1986 and again in 1989. Also known as Gene and Euge, he went by the pseudonym Bettina Lovecraft while working as a Salem Today columnist.

Eugene was a distant relative of the DiMera family through a prior marriage, and referred to Tony DiMera as a cousin. Prior to marrying Calliope Jones on December 31, 1985, Eugene had been married four other times. Eugene's first two wives were murdered, while his third marriage to Marlena Evans Brady was actually a cover-up (Eugene pretended to be married to Marlena when she was pregnant with Roman Brady's twins; at this time Roman was believed to be dead) and not legal. He later served as the namesake for Roman and Marlena's daughter Samantha Gene.

Eugene's fourth marriage, to a dowdy heiress named Madeleine, was arranged by his mother in an attempt to regain the Bradford fortune, and was never consummated. Eugene stood to inherit millions upon marrying with his mother's approval, but Eugene's mother did not approve of the woman Eugene really loved, Calliope Jones.

In order to get Madeleine to divorce him, Eugene posed as advice columnist Bettina Lovecraft, knowing the Madeleine religiously followed advice columns, encouraging her to leave him. Bettina was outed at a charity function which Eugene attended in drag. He revealed the truth and announced he would leave his wife for Calliope. His wedding to Calliope almost didn't happen because Emma Donovan arranged for them to get lost on the way to their wedding venue in an attempt to get everyone to go to her wedding to Alex Marshall instead. At the last minute they tied the knot, with Marlena serving as Eugene's best woman.

Eugene would lose his inheritance to Linda Anderson, owner of Salem Today, when she sued him for fraud. Later on, he regained his wealth through winning the lottery.

Throughout the show, Eugene was portrayed as having psychic premonitions, and on a number of occasions they were useful in helping Salem Police and the ISA.

In the last Days episode in which appeared, he created a time machine type device and used the device. Upon activiation, there was a big explosion and Eugene disappeared. He has not been seen on Days since. In 2006, Calliope returned as the fashion designer hired to make Mimi Lockhart's wedding dress. She told all that she and Eugene remain happily married.

Calliope Jones Bradford

Calliope Jones Bradford
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Arleen Sorkin
First appearance 1984
Last appearance November 10, 2010

Calliope Jones Bradford is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives. She was played by Arleen Sorkin from 1984 to 1990, 1992, 2001, 2006 and 2010[79][80]

Calliope came to Salem in 1984.[81] She was employed in Liz Curtis's clothing business and her first scenes featured her making a dress for Anna DiMera. One of her trademarks was her endless collections of hats, which were very creative and sometimes very outlandish. However, Calliope soon came to possess a diamond necklace which was originally owned by Daphne DiMera. She claimed it as her own, but didn't realize that Stefano DiMera was after it, for it contained one of three prisms he was after. Her white lie unknowingly thrust her into a major storyline.[81]

In November 1984 Alex, Anna, and Tony picked Haiti for a photo shot for their newly formed fashion company. In addition to Calliope and her partners, on board the plane to Haiti were Carlo, Daphne, Eugene Bradford, Bo Brady, Hope Williams, Liz Chandler, and, stowaway, Andre DiMera. In midflight, Andre surprisingly popped up but, when he threatened the pilot to change his course, the pilot died of a heart attack, and the plane crashed on a remote island.[81]

As a result of the plane crash Daphne died in Andre's arms. When Tony learned about his mother’s fate, he attacked his cousin and Andre met his demise in a patch of quicksand. Tony gave the necklace with the prism to an island girl, but Stefano managed to get it back. Roman Brady showed up to rescue everyone, but ended up fighting with Stefano atop of a nearby cliff as Bo watched from below. Roman eventually fell and died on the beach in Bo's arms. However, when Bo left Roman to get help, Roman's body was gone when he returned. Eventually, the Coast Guard arrived to rescue everyone.

In 1985, Eugene and Calliope became engaged, but their engagement hit a roadblock.[81] In order for Eugene to collect his inheritance he had to marry a rich and high class woman. Calliope faked the part well, and Eugene was allowed to marry her. However, most of Eugene's inheritance had already been spent by his extravagant mother, Vanessa Van Kessler.

But there was a bigger problem, if his mother was discovered she could face a jail sentence, so in order to help her, Eugene married the wealthy Madeline Rutherford, and also took a job at the paper Salem Today writing a "Dear Abbey" like column under the name Bettina Lovelorn.[81] To pass as Bettina, Eugene often had to dress up in drag. Eventually, Bettina's true identity was revealed. Eugene was fired and sued for fraud. Madeline left him, and with what little money he had left, Eugene and Calliope married on Dec 31, 1985. Sadly, and quite amazingly, in early 1986, shortly after they were married, Eugene disappeared in a time machine he was working on.

Eugene returned in 1989 and hid in Kimberly Donovan's basement. Eugene had traveled into the future and built an android version of Calliope, which he brought back to the present. Eugene and the real Calliope were finally reunited, but men from the future came seeking Eugene's Calliope android and inadvertently took the real Calliope captive by mistake. Eugene managed to free Calliope and the two settled back down. Eugene hasn't been seen since then.[81]

Calliope went on to co-host a daytime talk show with Jennifer Horton-Deveraux. The show was a success, but Calliope would eventually turn over the show over to Jennifer and leave town. However, since her departure in 1990, Calliope has visited Salem several times.

In 2006, Calliope returned to town as a successful wedding planner. Although hired to plan her good friend Marlena’s wedding to Alex North, she was also able to help Shawn-Douglas Brady and Mimi Lockhart with theirs, despite normally being booked two years in advance. Still eccentric, Calliope butted head with Mimi’s mother Bonnie Lockhart, a fellow eccentric, but with different wild taste. During her trip, Calliope also commented Eugene was doing just fine and she was now living in New York City.

Calliope briefly returned in 2010, when she was hired by Rafe Hernandez to collect evidence to prove that Anna Dimera was hired by EJ to kidnapped Sami and EJ's daughter Sydney Dimera. She also briefly returned later that year as part of Days of Our Lives 45th anniversary week on November 5 through November 9.

Shane Donovan

Shane Donovan
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Charles Shaughnessy
First appearance 1984
Gender Male
Occupation Retired ISA Agent
Residence Los Angeles, California

Shane Donovan is a fictional character on Days of Our Lives. He is an agent of the ISA and husband to Kimberly Brady Donovan.[82] Donovon and Brady were a supercouple.[83]

In 1984, Shane came to Salem to keep an eye on Stefano DiMera's illegal dealings. He posed as Larry Welche's butler, and eventually learned of Stefano's acquisitions of two of three rare prisms designed by Larry's father. Shane teamed up with Bo, and the two intended on taking Stefano down. Later that year Shane learned that Stefano was about to acquire the third and final prism through a Russian ice skating troop that came to town. Hope and Bo got the prism from the troop, but after a long chase with Stefano's men the prism ended up embedded in the ice rink.

In 1985, Shane, along with Kimberly, Bo, and Hope, went to England to stop the Dragon, a terrorist who planned to kill Lady Joanna. Bo and Hope chased the Dragon, and managed to trap him in the Tower of London. Later the Dragon escaped, and made his way back to the US. Shane learned the Dragon was his old friend the Duke of Earl, and when he tried to kill Shane he fell to his death. Shane and Kim fell in love, and Kim began to experience attacks of temporary blindness. While in England they were shocked to find Shane's supposedly dead wife Emma alive. She had been brainwashed by the Dragon to kill Bo and Hope. Emma returned to Salem, and Kim backed away from a now married Shane. Later Shane and Emma divorced, and Kim and Shane reunited.

Shane bought what would become Donovan Manor, complete with the famous secret ISA room. Shane's ISA mentor and friend Levina "Peachie" Peach came to Salem and played the role of Shane's housekeeper. Shane and Peachie had been assigned a new case – to take Victor Kiriakis down. In 1985, Kimberly came into the possession of a roll of film that contained some prints to the location of a treasure that Victor, and Stefano where after, which would again come into play years down the road.

In Miami, Bo, Hope, Kim, and Shane were all out to destroy Victor's plan. Shane had been imprisoned by Victor, but Kimberly slept with Victor in order to spare his life. Shane escaped, and managed free Bo and Hope who were trapped with an explosive that was meant to end their lives. Later Victor, Savannah Wilder, and Steve "Patch" Johnson were arrested for their parts in the crime syndicate in Salem. They were all freed when Victor blackmailed Larry Welch into taking the fall for everything. Victor knew Larry killed Megan Hathaway, Stefano’s daughter, and used it against him.

By the end of the year Shane and Kimberly became engaged, but Kimberly soon learned she was pregnant, and she feared Victor was the child's father. In 1986, Shane and Kimberly became engaged, but Kimberly hid the fact that she thought her child was Victor's. One day, Shane heard Kimberly talking her about her fears and quickly broke off the engagement. Later, when paternity tests were done to determine the father, Emma switched the results, and everyone believed Victor was the father.

During a trip to West Virginia, in hopes of reuniting, Kimberly went into labor in a remote cabin in the woods. Shane delivered the baby, and he pledged his love for Kimberly and the child, and they planned to marry even though they believed Victor was Andrew's father. This news infuriated Emma, who tricked Kimberly into signing adoption papers. Emma took little Andrew and planned to sell him on the black market, but was eventually caught, and pleaded insanity and said she was still in love with Shane. However, Andrew wasn't found, and Shane and Kimberly split up.

1986 ended even worse for Kimberly and Shane when Emma was found dead on New Year’s Eve and Kimberly was arrested and charged for the crime. Kimberly was innocent, and Shane worked to free her. Eventually, Shane learned that Barbara Stewart had adopted Andrew from Emma. Barbara tried to flee town, but was killed when she crashed her car. Eventually Shane learned that his old partner Gillian Foster had killed Emma and set Kim up in hopes of ruining Shane and Kim's marriage. Andrew was returned to Kim and Shane, and the two reunited.

On May 4, 1987 Kim and Shane married. Later that year Andrew was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. When a blood transplant was needed it was discovered that Victor could not possibly be Andrew's father, Shane was indeed his real father.

Shane's problems mounted when his old partner Gabrielle Pascal returned. Gabrielle pretended to be a Russian Spy who had an affair with Shane in exchange for secrets. When she let this evidence leak to the ISA Shane was fired. He was later reinstated after Gabrielle was exposed.

In 1987, Shane learned he had a daughter named Eve by Emma Donovan. Eve was a troubled young prostitute that Kimberly had befriended and eventually hired to watch over Andrew. However, Eve was out to break up her father's marriage because she blamed Kim for breaking up her parents, which she felt lead to her mother’s death. Shane took Eve into his house, but she continued to be a problem for Kim, who was pregnant for the second time.

Shane soon adopted Eve, but she was soon forced back into prostitution by her old pimp Nick Corelli. Eve called Kimberly for help, and as a result Kimberly was attacked and lost her baby. Eve was also assaulted and a slash to her face from a knife left her with a permanent scar. Shane soon learned that Eve's mother was Gabriel, not Emma. An upset Kimberly left Salem to sort through her life. Shane began to have mixed feelings for Gabriel while Kimberly was gone, and even filed for divorce from Kimberly, who eventually returned to Salem.

When Eve was attacked by the “Riverfront Knifer,” Kimberly decided to go undercover as a prostitute to catch him. Kimberly was attacked, and lost the child she was carrying. When Shane learned what Kim was doing he helped her, and as a result they reunited. They renewed their vows in 1988 and honeymooned in England.

While honeymooning, Kim ran into a man she thought was Shane, only it turned out to be Shane's twin brother, Andrew "Drew" Donovan, III. Shane thought Drew was dead, but he had only been on a secret ISA mission. Drew returned to Salem with Shane and Kim, but Shane was suspicious of his brother. In the end it turned out that Drew was actually a crooked agent who was working for Stefano all along.

In 1989, Shane accepted a dangerous ISA mission that sent him undercover. However Shane was double crossed by an old ISA friend, Colonel Jerico, who abducted Shane and help him prisoner while the ISA and his family believed him to be dead. Shane eventually escaped and he and Jericho duked it out atop a mountain cliff, but, when a bomb Jericho had planted went off, they both went over the cliff. Shane lost his memory from the fall, but both Shane and Jerico were presumed dead once and for all.

In the mountains, Shane, who had amnesia, stumbled on Rebecca Downey. Rebecca had been on the run from her controlling husband and was camping out in the mountains outside of Salem. Unfortunately Rebecca's husband Arthur showed up and Rebecca got into a fight, both Rebecca and Shane thought Arthur was killed. Shane and Rebecca went on the run and told people they were man at wife.

At a small Cabin they were staying at Rebecca found Shane's wallet which contained his real ISA badge, but she hid it from him. Rebecca wanted to use Shane to help her escape her husband, plus she had fallen in love with him. Shane eventually found out the truth about who he was, but he still couldn't remember anything. Shane and Rebecca returned to Salem, and when Shane went home he found Kimberly making love to Cal Winters in his bedroom. Shane quickly left and he and Rebecca went to Chicago to try to clear Rebecca's name, not knowing that Arthur was still alive. After Rebecca was cleared, and Arthur was dealt with, Shane and Rebecca returned to Salem.

Cal plotted to have Shane killed, and when Rebecca opposed him he shot and killed her. Shane came home, only to be shot by his wife Kimberly. She had thought Shane was an intruder because Cal had staged some phony break-ins and had given her a gun to protect herself with, but it was all part of his plan to have Kimberly kill Shane. Shane survived and in the hospital he learned that his wife had shot him.

Shane eventually forgave Kimberly, but another obstacle came in their way. Kimberly was pregnant, and she believed the baby was Cal's, not knowing Cal had blackmailed a doctor on staff to alter the baby's paternity tests. Kimberly tried to secretly have an abortion, but Shane learned about the baby and stopped her. The baby was too much, and Shane and Kimberly broke up. Kimberly left Salem and gave birth to baby Jeannie a few months later.

When Kimberly returned to Salem, Cal broke out of jail. Desperate to have Kimberly, he kidnapped her, and her sister Kayla. Shane managed to save them both and Cal was taken into custody. Kimberly became suspicious about Jeannie and concocted a story that Jeannie had been hurt and she needed a blood transplant from her closest blood relative. Kimberly told this to Cal, and said that her blood type was different from Jeannie's so she couldn't donate the blood. Cal broke down and told Kimberly that Shane was Jeannie's father. Shane bonded with Jeannie, but it wasn't enough to reunite Shane and Kimberly. Kimberly eventually left Salem and Shane plunged himself into his work.

After Steve Johnson was murdered, Shane asked Kayla and baby Stephanie to move in with him. They grew close and bonded as they worked to find out who murdered Steve, who they suspected was murdered by Lawrence Alamain. Shane and Kayla grew closer and fell in love in 1991.

Shane's old ISA partner, Peachie, returned to Salem to ask for Shane's help. Peachie had contracted a virus that was slowly killing ISA agents and she needed Shane's help. Once again, Lawrence was the prime suspect behind the deadly virus. Things got complicated when Kimberly returned to Salem and was partnered with Shane to investigate Lawrence.

At a museum party in 1992, Shane's attempt to disarm a bomb planted by the Torres failed and he was left paralyzed. Shane refused to have surgery that could restore the use of his legs. Shane put up a wall that only Kayla could penetrate. She helped Shane recover and the two realized that they had fallen in love. Shane eventually regained the use of his legs, but the tension between Kim and Kayla put a strain on his relationship with Kayla. Kayla eventually moved to Los Angeles to work in a clinic and Shane left Salem to return to England.

Shane returned to Salem briefly in the winter of 2002 when Hope was kidnapped by Larry Welch.

Shane later returned in 2010 and was revealed to have been held prisoner in a South American prison while on assignment with the ISA. Shane escaped with the help of Rafe and both returned to Salem in time for Alice Horton's funeral. Shane reconnected with Kimberly, who was in town for Alice's memorial service, and admitted that he wanted his future with her and the family and not with the ISA. Shane and Kimberly reunited and moved to LA to be together as a family.

Kristina Andropolous

Kristina is the sole daughter of Teodor Andropolous. The Andropolous were wealthy neighbors, business partners, and friends of the Kiriakis. Thus, She grew up in the Greek island of Naphleon along with Justin Kiriakis, and she even attended the same Swiss boarding school as he. Kristina and Justin had always been fierce rivals in everything they did, but at the same time kept a very close relationship that turned into a high school romance. After they graduated, they went their separate ways. Kristina eventually became a savvy business woman, as her father prepped her to take over the helm of the Andropolous business.

In August 1988, Kristina and her father were invited by Victor to spend a couple of days at his home in Salem while they took care of some business matters. When Kristina saw Justin, she wanted to restart their old relationship. However, one tidbit that Victor had forgotten to mention was the fact that Justin was married. Indeed, Kristina was fortunate to meet his wife, Adrienne. However, she noticed that there was tension between Adrienne and Justin, and decided to try to get Justin back. Kristina was invited by Victor to stay and live in the mansion while they continued their business together. This arrangement also benefited Victor, who found Kristina a much more suitable daughter-in-law for Justin and who wanted Adrienne out of the picture. But no matter how close Kristina came to seducing Justin, he always had only Adrienne in his mind. Before long, Kristina began to give up.

Just when she thought that she had no chance with Justin, Kristina discovered that there was something going on between Adrienne and one of the Kiriakis gardeners, Emilio Ramírez. Justin also noticed, and he began drifting away from Adrienne. To Kristina's chagrin, he didn't drift to her. To soothe her bruised ego, Kristina seduced Emilio. But to make things worse, Kristina couldn't hold on to Emilio either; she lost him to none other than Adrienne.

Kristina's time in Salem was running out as the business with Victor concluded, and the last thing she wanted was to return to Greece and go back underneath her father's thumb. While working with Victor, Kristina state assemblyman Jack Deveraux. Jack's successful record and future career as governor attracted Kristina, not to mention his wealth. Soon, she began to carry on an affair with him even though he was engaged to be married to Melissa Anderson. After the affair was exposed, Kristina begged Jack to marry her, claiming that she loved him. They say that you can't con a conman. In this case, that saying was true. Jack saw right through Kristina and basically told her to take a hike. With no purpose left for her in Salem (she didn't have much to begin with), Kristina returned to Greece.


Petrov was portrayed by Kai Wulff from 1983 to 1986 and for a few episodes in 1991. With the exception of Bart and Rolf, Petrov is the most well known henchman of Stefano. In comparison to Bart, he mostly succeeded and completed his assignments. Petrov assisted Stefano in a few of his many schemes. When Stefano kidnapped Marlena Evans & Liz Chandler in early 1983, Petrov was the one who kept an eye of them so they wouldn't escape. He then had small assignments in Stefano's devilish Salem Slasher plot. When Stefano had to escape after some failures of both himself and André DiMera, Petrov was already in the car. But Roman and Abe were ready as well and chased them. After struggling to shake off the police, and a drunk Alex Marshall caused some problem, the car drove off a bridge and fell down into a river. Alex was found but neither Petrov or Stefano.

A few months later, Stefano was seen very much alive looking for the three prisms, and soon Petrov was seen taking orders from Stefano. He kidnapped Hope Williams for Stefano in an attempt to faster lure Roman into Stefano's trap. He also got instructions from Stefano on how to activate the volcano. After locking up a noisy Shane Donovan, he fulfilled his orders and activated the volcano successfully.

Vern Scofield

Vern Scofield, played by Wayne Heffley from 1988 to 1993 and again in 2002, 2003, and 2006 raised three children (Brian, Tanner, and Cassie) after the death of his wife. Vern's primary role was to be Jack's right-hand man at the Spectator and supported Jack's relationship with Jennifer. Vern began dating Jo Johnson, Jack's mother, in 1999 when both characters left the canvas. In 2002, it was revealed that Vern and Jo had married and were still living in Salem. They returned for Jack's "funeral" in 2003 and later for Jack and Jennifer's wedding and farewell in 2006.

Larry Welch

Larry Welch, played by Andrew Hyatt Masset from 1983 to 1985 and again from 2002 to 2003, was a constant obstacle in Bo and Hope's supercouple love story. Larry blackmailed Hope into marrying him but on the day of the wedding Bo rode in on his motorcycle and kidnapped Hope from the wedding. In 1985, Larry killed Stefano's daughter, Megan, and dumped her body in a hot tub; Hope was the prime suspect. Victor Kiriakis learned the truth and forced Larry to take the fall for the crime syndicate that he was running.

Larry returned in 2002 when he again kidnapped Hope in an attempt to get his revenge on her, Bo and Victor. He was presumed dead after a prison break, but in reality, was helping Nicole in her plans to murder Victor. Larry was hit and killed by a car in early 2003.


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