List of minor characters in Dilbert

List of minor characters in Dilbert

This is a list of minor characters from the "Dilbert" comic strip.

=Accounting trolls= Sadistic trolls from the accounting department whose bodies are 95% saliva. As Dogbert shows, their brains are so hard-wired that seeing someone wearing a baseball cap backwards causes their heads to explode, which he referred to as a "paradigm shifting without a clutch." The trolls' accounting offices resemble a cavernous Hell. They were originally ruled by a witch who turned Dilbert into an accounting troll but was destroyed when Dilbert, assigned to budget erasing, erased the accounting department's budget. The company apparently employs human accountants to interact with other people since most accountants who appear outside the department are human.

In the television series one of the trolls was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.


She gave up exercise, sleep and nutrition for intravenous coffee. Appeared on October 4th 1994.


Appeared in four strips in 2006 from January 2528th. He can hypnotise people with his cuteness. He is a baby in the time-zone that Dilbert stays in because he has jet lag. He was an engineer, but was transferred to sales by Catbert because "no-one wants to hurt a baby".

Bank of Ethel

At the beginning of the series, Dilbert kept his money at the Bank of Ethel, a place that has lewd acts, steals money, charges a lot, and is evil. Bit bankers appear as a middle-aged woman with glasses who never cares about people, like the bank itself. After Dogbert became a millionaire as a used car salesman, he lost all his money by keeping it at the Bank of Ethel (in that strip, it was called "Ethel's Savings and Loan"). Dilbert realized the Bank was evil and stopped keeping his money there.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has appeared several times in "Dilbert". He once forced Dilbert to take a job as his towel boy after Dilbert buys an unnamed Microsoft product (his house shows up to "assimilate" Dilbert, in a manner similar to a Borg cube). Gates is normally seen in a Star Trek-like setting where he issues orders such as "Launch the competition keeper missiles" from a Captain's chair. Luckily, Dogbert is always ready with interception missiles (unnamed businessmen having a meeting on a giant catapult).


Dogbert's former friend, current arch-rival. In the early days of the strip, Scott Adams was told that Dogbert had to have a nemesis if the strip were ever going to be animated. Adams drew nine strips about Bingo, but never released them; the strip went in a different direction, turning into the work-oriented comic it is today.

In the first strip, Ratbert asks Dogbert about when he and Dilbert met. Dogbert recalls being at the pound, where a teenaged Dilbert adopted him (apparently because he looked "pretty"). Bingo was later adopted by a dairy farmer.

At the farm, Bingo created an army of "very" stupid cows, and used it to kidnap Dogbert. Using caller ID and Ruebert the robot, Dilbert tracked down and rescued Dogbert. Although Dilbert described the endeavor as a "certain-death rescue mission", all got out safely.

The strips are wordy and exposition-heavy, and Adams remarks that "if you hate them you're in good company with the other six billion inhabitants of Earth."

Bob, Dawn, and Rex, the Dinosaurs

Not extinct, just (usually) hiding. Bob issues wedgies to the deserving, and is often a lackey in Dogbert's schemes. He told Dilbert he was a thesaurus, although later admitted it was a joke. Dawn claims to be a "nobodysaurus" (a pun on "nobody saw us"). Since Bob and Dawn appear to be different species, Rex is presumably a hybrid. Bob cannot tell the difference between Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings, as he revealed in one strip when he told Dilbert that dinosaurs are incapable of lying. Dawn and Rex are seldom seen, while Bob is a semi-regular member of the cast. It is possible that Bob is just more outgoing.

Bob makes a cameo appearance in the teaser of one of the TV episodes, and can also be seen amongst several other prehistoric creatures in the opening title sequence.

Bottleneck Bill

Shaped like a bottle and, true to his namesake, believes that "anything worth doing is worth delaying". His neck is made of titanium, as he reveals when Alice tries to strangle him. Bill wears a hat in the shape of a bottle cap on his head, and he appears twice the size of his co-workers when sitting down.

Captain Bob

Captain Bob is an airline pilot and cannibal who eats people after crashing into a mountain repeatedly. Bob tricks people into being whacked by a tenderizer and pouring Worcestershire sauce all over their bodies, claiming that this is the best way to avoid frostbite. He is ultimately stopped when Dogbert hits his face with a snowball, causing his ovoid body to roll down the mountain.

Cyrus the Virus

Cyrus is a man who attacks and replaces members of a company with old goons. He demotes the Pointy Haired Boss to engineer for a week, until he is eliminated and the old boss is promoted back.


Dilbert has many dating problems so he goes on blind dates. Among those he dated:

*A dog
*A two-headed telepath
*A woman with "puppetitis"
*A large woman, who Dogbert referred to as Jabba the Date
*A skeletal supermodel.
*A witch
*The lady at the library reference desk
*The wife of a Mafia boss
*Tina the Tech Writer

His failure is similar to Jon Arbuckle in Garfield, and he has also been seen in Stephen Pastis' strip "Pearls Before Swine" on a date with Pig's germophobic sister Farina.

Demon of Demos

The demon of demos appears when Dilbert is giving a technical presentation. The demon prevents the demo from working and displays for the audience "some files that 'the boys' keep on the file server".

Dilbert's Dad

Also known as Dadbert. An unseen character in the comic strip, although he does appear in the animated series, in which his appearance is like that of Mammy Two Shoes from Tom and Jerry or Wilson from Home Improvement. He lives at the all-you-can-eat restaurant in the mall because he has not eaten "all" he can eat.

Dilbert's Mom

Also known as Dilmom, she is homely and intelligent. She used to think Dilbert worked at a railroad because he is an engineer. She's often selfish and openly uncaring towards her son; in the TV series she states that, although she loved him, she did not actually like him. She has nearly the same level of technical knowledge as Dilbert, although she has him do technical work for her. She is obsessed with Scrabble, and has been accused of cheating with "counterfeit vowels". (This is a reference to Scott Adams' own mother.) She also is on an unnamed department store's "bad customer list", because she returned over a thousand items to the store, one scarf in particular 17 times.

Hammerhead Bob

Summoner and buttinski of long, boring conversations. He has a spring-loaded buttocks, handy for inserting himself into other people's discussions. He also uses ESP to read people's thoughts. Has appeared in six strips as of December 3, 2005.


Attempts to take over Dilbert's office and use it as a base to recreate the Ottoman empire.


Dilbert's girlfriend from 1994 to 1996. He met her at a soccer game, where she rebounded a ball off his head to score a goal. Adams eventually had her break up with him, after she started dating other men. She is Dilbert's longest ever relationship; in a series of rather ambiguous strips, it is suggested that Dilbert almost lost his virginity with her ("Seven Years of Highly Defective People"). Scott Adams clarified in a user interview that Dilbert is still a virgin and will remain so for a while. She appears to be religious, as she says she doesn't believe in "getting physical" prior to marriage. She is an engineer for another company. She also got along well with Dogbert.


Seems to be the perfect mate for Dilbert: beautiful and loves Star Trek.The only problem is she is high maintenance, mean spirited, and has the mouth of a sailor. Nevertheless, Dilbert believes he cannot do better so he puts up with her.

Appeared between 2nd and 7th May, 2005, she shared a cubicle with Dilbert and was very close to him, but ended up dividing and stripping his belongings (down to his eyebrow) when a new cubicle was available to her. A strip one year later (10th May, 2006) shows a woman resembling her dating Dogbert, possibly proving Dogbert's point of "taking your women" to Dilbert.

Loud Howard

Another coworker who, despite appearing in just a few comic strips (on 21 April 1995 and 17 March 2006, and again by popular request on 11 October 2006), became a regular character in the TV series.

Loud Howard is incapable of speaking quietly, and in the TV series his overpowering voice often breaks anything and everything around him, including people's eardrums. It has also shattered glass and slammed people against the wall. When he sneezes, it is highly advisable to take cover, as the resulting blast has blown the flesh off of people, leaving only a skeleton (at least among the folks in Marketing). In "The Merger", he mentions they "should merge with a company that keeps your fillings from vibrating when you talk", as his fillings fly out of his mouth, later putting them back in.

In the strips his loud voice is represented by huge lettering and his comically huge mouth (when talking), which takes up most of the available panel space and is therefore difficult to sustain as a running joke. Howard as a recurring character is better-suited to the animated series, where his voice actor can speak as loudly as necessary.

A strip on 14 April 2008 sees Alice, Asok and Dilbert complaining to PHB about Loud Howard insisting on using his speakerphone in his cubicle. The PHB made swift response by moving Loud Howard to a newly-available private office, much to the three employees' dismay.

The Marketing People

In one brief series of strips, Dilbert is transferred to marketing, where everyone dresses in togas, drinks wine, and hardly do any work. Every Tuesday they barbecue a unicorn, which, according to "Seven Years of Highly Defective People", resulted in complaints from "Unicorn lovers".


Ming is the Webmistress. She once dated Mordac and Dilbert. Like most people at Dilbert's company who control one of the tools he needs to do his job, Ming is sadistic and often creates regulations and procedures just to complicate things.


Preventer of information services who announces his title whenever he appears. His job is to refuse all requests for new computer hardware and the like; at one time (September 3, 1999), he had a policy to replace damaged equipment, causing a rain of technology from the roof of the building; he may or may not have rethought that policy. Mordac once dated Ming. Once, he changed Dilbert's password to the entire text of "The Da Vinci Code", excluding the parts he did not believe (jokingly implying his Roman Catholicism). He also configured Alice's screensaver to log her out after two seconds of inactivity, which she then avoided by using a bobbing bird toy. Note that he now has a different hairstyle and no longer has his trademark glasses.

In one strip, Catbert jumped over a cubicle wall and attacked Mordac for making his personal printer a shared device.

It may or may not be intentional that Mordac's name is almost a reversal of CD-ROM.

Mordac introduced himself on September 15, 1997 as "Mordac the Refuser". The following day, his name became "Mordac the Preventer".

Mother Nature

Mother Nature killed Dilbert in 1990 by having three deer shoot him with an arrow (she allegedly got the idea from a "Gary Larson cartoon") as an unorthodox example as punishment for littering. Dilbert was revived a month later when his garbageman cloned him from DNA samples in his garbage. She also appeared in several other strips, including one where she demonstrated to Dogbert "the beauty of nature" by killing a bird that she claimed was singing off-key. Dogbert saw Mother Nature smiling after doing so, and he accused her of enjoying being cruel, after which she promptly zapped Dogbert as well.


Ruebert was a robot Dilbert threw away, but which his garbageman rebooted. It taunted and irritated Dilbert because it did not have the Robot's Code (loosely based on Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics).

Ruebert's name came from Dilbert's comment that he "rued the day" he created him.

Dogbert put a shame module into his system and turned him into a worrying, guilt-ridden machine.

He then created a female robot that dumped him immediately. Ruebert would return in the strips never printed that were meant to bring in an arch-nemesis for Dogbert named Bingo, also a dog.

cott Adams

From January 2 to 7, 2006, a series of strips featured "Dilbert" cartoonist Scott Adams trapped in Dilbert's world where he had to escape by going through the Yellow Sticky Note Road and meet the wizard of landfill(Wally), parodying The Wizard of Oz. Scott also was anonymously portrayed in these earlier strips:
* Page 112, Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless: Dogbert comments on Scott's new humor book.
* 23–24 April 1998: as a cartoonist at a trade show Dilbert attended.
* In a series of strips printed on the first week of May 2007, he appears anonymously as an employee who writes comic strips satirizing the workplace as a side job (this character later quits because his comic writing job was going so well. his resignation letter to the pointy haired boss was "not so much a letter, but more of a drawing of your body with a manure head").
* 8 June 2007: Dilbert wishes happy birthday to a withered, skeletal looking man who has turned 50. 8 June 2007 is also Scott Adams' 50th birthday.


The Office Sourpuss hired by the Pointy-Haired Boss because "every office has one" — as the name suggests, he is very pessimistic. Appeared from December 7December 10 2005 as an engineer. True to his name, he resembles an anthropomorphic cat with pursed lips, as if he had just eaten something very sour. One of his better quotes was "when life gives you lemons, choke on 'em and die, you stupid lemon eater"

pecter of Unpaid Overtime

Visits Dilbert at the office, saying he is there to rake up the sticky notes, due to the fact that he had a rake instead of a scythe; aspires to the role of a Grim Reaper, so he hits Dilbert with this rake. When Dilbert tells Dogbert, Dogbert says that "I only enjoy stories when it involves you getting hit by a rake." Dilbert replies that that is the only time when he has been hit by a rake. Dogbert then plans to tell the gardener (unseen character) that Dilbert insulted his wife. First appeared 25 October 2005.


The all-too-slick marketer. Temporarily turned into a weasel (4 July 1995) by the power of suggestion when Dilbert told him he could alter his DNA through his LAN. Dilbert eventually changed him back into a human via the Placebo effect by telling him about a rumour of a focus group, who might have said something which, taken out of context, could imply that he wasn't becoming a weasel.


Steve is a decorated United States Army combat veteran. He first appeared on September 5, 2006. Steve has a hard time adjusting to office life, the joke being that the office is a more miserable work environment than a war zone. He recently appeared in a strip with Topper; during a meeting, Steve talks about a mission where he took RPG fire from the roof and Topper tops it off by saying he killed 900 insurgents with his bare hands.

Techno Bill

One of the most popular bit characters, Techno Bill was shown briefly in 1992. Techno Bill wears a belt of electronic tools, and uses auto-dialing to defeat Dilbert's lesser assortment of personal electronic devices. He was voiced by Phil Hartman in the Desktop Diversions game "Techno Raiders."

Ted, the Generic Guy

At first was meant to be a main character, as he is seen in most comics in the early years of the strip, but didn't turn out as interesting as Adams had hoped, so he became the Generic guy. Never the focus of events himself, but appears wherever an otherwise-insignificant employee character is required. People who have known him for years still cannot describe him. He has taken on various roles, and often does not speak. There is certainly more than one Ted roaming around since he is fired (or killed) again and again in various strips, or perhaps security just can't remember his face. He has a brief appearance in the animated series.

Tina, the Brittle Tech Writer

A radical feminist, but less inclined to react than Alice. She once had a crush on Dilbert, but it ended when she was "darned to Heck" by Phil. Tina feels that her job (writing and editing product instructions) is not appreciated by anyone in the company. However, it is implied that Tina is merely blaming gender discrimination for her work problems instead of her own incompetence (she once thought of blaming immigrants when she learned that Alice is the highest paid person). She asked Alice, once, to teach her to be an engineer after tech writers were downsized. In more recent strips, however, the feminist aspect of her character has been comparatively played down.

In response to allegations that Scott Adams portrayed Tina in a sexist fashion, Adams also created the character of Antina (according to "Seven Years of Highly Defective People", the name stands for antidote to Tina), who did not act or look like a woman (with the exception of a rather large pair of breasts), for one strip. According to "Seven Years", a large number of readers thought he was referring to lesbians with the character.


A male character who constantly tries to "win" conversations. He cannot start a conversation, as it "ruins his system". He has appeared several times, in 2001 on the 1st of January to the 4th. He then reappeared on 24 August 2004, in 2005 from the 16-19 of August and 12 December, in 2006 on 22 April and from 13-15 November, and in 2008 on 6 January. Topper has been known to pick on everyone in the office, including Alice and the Boss, and his one-upmanship ensures that he is unbeatable in a conversation. He has even gone so far as to repeatedly slam his head on a table because one of his co-workers had a headache. It has never been made clear whether or not any of his ridiculous claims are factual, and he tends to cover his tracks when people ask for proof of his supposed feats of greatness. For example, he once claimed to have caught and captured a dinosaur, then when someone wanted to see it, he said "Too late, I also make the world's best barbecue sauce."

The Useless Guy

A person who never works at all. He would rather take up the space of other coworkers and eat their donuts. Sometimes he will clip out articles and publications and leave them on other people's chairs. He makes an appearance in the TV series in Y2K, where he attempts to do research on "history" upon hearing the word.


Proclaimed as "the world's most desperate venture capitalist", he funds a garage-based start-up of Dilbert, a garbage-based city of Dogbert and stalks people so that he can fund any idea they may have. "Vijay" is a common Indian name.

Wally Lookalikes

Adams in the beginning used people that looked like Wally. According to Adams, once Wally became a main character, the Wally clones were replaced with Ted the Generic Guy. Many of them are:

*Les: A stunted man with a short-temper from New York City. Name is pronounced "Lez". he gets annoyed when someone pronounces it "less" because he is very self conscious about his height
*Norman: A victim to a woman with a large nose by being "snorted"
*Bud: A worker who acted like he had been with the company for many years. Actually was only there a week before he changed into an angry, balding, cynical lowlife
*Johnson: told by the Pointy-Haired Boss that a drug test proved he "live(d) on Cheetos and Diet Pepsi, and. . . dress(ing) in grass skirts and making fun of the lawnmower."
*Bruce: Accused (correctly, it appears) of having an affair with the wife of his obnoxious co-worker, Brad (9/29/1991).

Also, Dilbert was called "Wally" for a company TV commercial in the 9/20/1991 strip.

The World's Smartest Garbageman

Philosopher and scientist. Sometimes solves extremely complex problems for Dilbert. When Mother Nature had a deer shoot Dilbert with a bow and arrow, he saved Dilbert's life by repairing a cloning device that Dilbert had thrown out. In the TV show, it was revealed that he was the only garbageman in the entire city, and was able to accomplish this by traveling from house to house instantaneously with wormholes. The World's Smartest Garbageman owns a working phaser, a "chaos driven weather control device", and an "anti-stupidity gun" which destroys the stupid part of a person while leaving the rest intact. Dilbert borrows the anti-stupidity gun in one strip, and uses it on the pointy haired boss. However, the result of this was that the PHB was reduced to an empty suit and a couple of points of hair. Dogbert borrows the phaser in another strip because Dilbert refuses to make one for him. Dogbert uses it to zap stupid people for a couple of strips, then returns it. After the Garbageman asks him if he used it in anger, Dogbert replies that he was wagging the entire time and probably wouldn't stop for a couple days. In one particular strip, the Garbageman completes an almost-fully operational robot Dilbert throws out, and sends it to harass him. Adams claims that the irony of a genius working as a garbage man is that we really have no right to question his choice of careers as we are not as smart as he is. In fact, when asked by Dilbert about why is he a garbageman, he replies by saying the most adequate question would be why is Dilbert an engineer. Further displaying his electronic talents he and Dogbert invented dial-up Internet, to see "how long people would sit in front of a screen waiting for a barely recognizable blotch", taking no credit for the feat, "blaming it on a drunken college student", who was seen later with people bringing him baskets full of money.


A monkey who humiliates Dilbert and Wally by constantly outperforming them. He uses his tail to operate the computer mouse while using both hands to type and is therefore the fastest programmer at the company. Not unlike Dogbert, he appears to be superior to humans as a species. This could be yet another indicator that Scott Adams does not think much of the human race. This is also supported by some of his comments in the "Seven Years of Highly Defective People": "I support equal rights for pets" (80) and "Imagine an advanced race of aliens who talk to the average human; do you think they'll be impressed?" (112). Zimbu also appeared in the TV show, helping Wally prevent the company's computers from crashing on Y2K, and also represented the CEO when the CEO visit was canceled.


There are many others that were created and are known, such as:

*Alan the Sycophant: Also had a remora-like mouth as he was a "suck-up" to the Boss.
*Albert Einstein: Dogbert puts forth a hypothetical situation in which Albert Einstein works in marketing. Einstein comes up with a great idea for increasing sales, but the Pointy-Haired Boss rejects it. Dismissing the possibility that he may have not understood Einstein's idea, the PHB tells Albert (who he calls "Allan") to "work smarter, not harder." As a frustrated Einstein storms off, the PHB thinks to himself: "I worry that a guy like that will go off and build a huge bomb."
*Alien PHB Impostor: A highly-intelligent alien who posed as the Pointy-Haired Boss after his race kidnapped the real PHB in order to learn the secrets of human management. The Impostor PHB's competence and kindness while on the job aroused the suspicions of Dilbert and the others. The real PHB accidentally foiled the aliens' plans by giving them some bad managing advice which resulted in the aliens crashing their ship into a snow-covered alp.
*Ann, the woman who likes to swear at work: The title says it all. When Ann goes on a swearing rampage, her tongue appears forked and the vulgarity of her swearing causes all manner of destruction, such as setting Ted's hair on fire, scorching Wally's genitals, knocking an office door off its hinges and making Asok's ears fall off.
*Big Stubborn Dumb Guy: a guy placed on Dilbert's project for no apparent reason other than to disrupt it. He at one point tells Dilbert "I will fight you to the end of the Earth!" (a phrase Adams claims was said to him by a co-worker at Pacific Bell) and delegates his son, "Little Stubborn Dumb Guy", to help him impede Dilbert's efforts. However the BSDG and LSDG soon start impeding each other's efforts to impede Dilbert, and he leaves it at that
*Brett: a homicidal young boy and friend of Dogbert's who appeared in several strips in 1991. He went on a three-week killing spree and somehow acquired a hydrogen bomb.
*Bob, the Unluckiest Insurance Agent: An insurance salesman who has terrible luck; whenever he sells insurance to someone, a disaster promptly occurs. These disasters include an insurance buyer dying and the Pointy-Haired Boss buying insurance and then discovering that the room is filling with toxic gas.
*Bullysaurus: The bully to Bob. Once, after Bob tried to cultivate a zit as a third eye, used a zit cream. This is his only appearance in the strip.
*Bungee Boss: A manager who was dropped into the department to change everything but was pulled back out of it before he could do anything. the phrase "bungee boss" actually became a workplace term
*Camping Carl: A coworker of Dilbert, who spends the day carrying around his coffee cup and complaining about all the work he has to do.
*Cold Turkey: A turkey wearing a coat that jumps on Asok's back when he went "cold turkey" on his email addiction.
*The Consultick: A business consultant that actually attaches himself to the PHB, draining his wallet of cash.
*Cubicle Cockroach: an anamorphic cockroach who annoys his co-workers. He could not be destroyed, as Alice tore off his head, but died when the Boss assigned him to a morale-boosting project.
*Dennis the Sadistic Nut: Hired by the PHB because "Every office has a sadistic nut." His constant expression is one of clenched-teeth rage. He shouts twisted epithets to his coworkers, such as, "You'll all die in your own vomit!" and "Why does your body lotion smell like the rotting flesh of a thousand dead camels?" Wally and Dilbert enjoy watching Dennis tell Asok why he'll never have a date. Alice eventually killed him by rigging the shredder to do so.
*Elmer Oakley: An activist for trees in the episode "The Off-Site Meeting" of the animated series (he was suing Dilbert's company for harming trees), and president and only [seen] member of the Tree Lover's Society. He dropped the charges after he killed the neighbors' elephant in the off-site meeting.
*E-mail Monkey: A monkey that jumps on Asok's back during his email addiction.
*Ernie the Unpackageable: Tried to retire when the company offered a generous severance package, but too many people volunteered and he had to keep his job. "Now he's nothing but an organic vessel for transporting self-pity," says Dilbert. Asok makes eye contact with Ernie and is left utterly horrified.
*The "Exactly" Man: Shouts out "EXACTLY!!" whenever people correct or challenge him.
*The Feature Creep: An ugly adviser who always insists on adding unnecessary features to products. He walks with a cane and cape. He likes topper because whenever the Creep suggests an unnecessary feature, Topper immediately suggests one or more features which are even more unnecessary then the Creeps suggested features. Feature Creep once said to Topper, "I like your style," to which Topper replied, "That's nothing! I want to marry you in a civil union!"
*Floyd Remora: A man with a trumpet-like mouth who lives by claiming partial credit for the success of others while contributing nothing. He apparently died from Dilbert’s lack of success. Similar to a leech.
*Another Floyd: A man who takes his anger out on everyone. He becomes one of Dilbert's many accidental victims when he chokes to death on his own bile while Dilbert was in the room.
*Harry Middlepart: Exchanged for Peri Noid at a store; parts his hair in the middle, causing Carol the secretary to ban his presence near her.
*Incredulous Ed: Acts incredulous at anything that anyone says to him. For example, when asked if he has a family, he replies "Do I have a "WHAT"?!"
*Juan Delegator: a co-worker who avoids work by delegating away all tasks to other workers, in the name of Teamwork.
*Karl The Habitual Liar: a man who simply could not tell the truth. Even when he died and was cremated by Alice, he continued to insist that he was alive, and taking salsa dance lessons in his urn. He appears in strips between March 30th and April 2nd 2005.
*Lulu: A woman who has no sense of proportionality for problems. She won the "Employee of the week" award after her name was randomly picked.
*Man-Hating Supervisor: a large, short-tempered, male-hating woman who was hired as Dilbert's supervisor because the Pointy-Haired Boss was "kinda turned on by angry women in pantsuits." The Man-Hater tried to make life miserable for all the male engineers. She quit after discovering that she couldn't make their lives any worse than before.
*Meeting Moth: attracted to all meetings. Like all moths, has an appetite for clothing. Asok held him off with a cedar-flavored donut, and hasn't been seen since.
*Mike the Vegan: appeared in several strips. In his first appearance, he prevented Dilbert, Alice, and Wally from eating at various restaurants because he was a vegan. In the next strip, Dilbert turned the table on him by saying that his clothes are made on machines that used oil products, "and those come from dead dinosaurs". Mike subsequently took off his clothes, claiming that he would now make exceptions to his rule.
*Noriko: A young girl that looked like one of Adams' girlfriends when she was in kindergarten. She appeared in several strips complaining that Dilbert and other adults are to blame for all of the world's problems. She also has a karate black belt.
*One-Dimensional Ed: A coworker of Dilbert, who tends to shout everything he says, and does not listen to anyone.
*Patty: A new co-worker of Dilbert's who constantly criticized everyone. She was fired after two muinnets (which Dilbert said was "longer that Timmy the "Facilitator").
*Paul Tergeist (a wordplay on "Poltergeist"): A man who is channeling the angry energy of a thousand dead souls, Paul's presence causes inexplicable computer failures and other various phenomena, such a CRT monitor launching itself into the air, and onto Dilbert's head.
*Paul Ooshen (a wordplay on "pollution"): A man who gets what he wants by any means necessary (I.e. bad cologne, putting oil on Alice's Computer, having his breath smelling like onions, etc.)
*Peri Noid (a wordplay on "Paranoid"): One of Dilbert's defective co-workers who constantly accuses others of plotting to exclude her from meetings. Dilbert eventually "exchanges" her for a guy whose hair is parted in the middle.
*Pig: A recurring pig in Elbonia. At one point, Elbonia's Secretary of State.
*Rasputin: a parody of the historical Rasputin, he is hired because he healed the Boss's paper cut. His "charisma" causes Asok to pass out, but Wally's "anti-charisma" has the same effect on him.
*Rex Tangle (a wordplay on "rectangle"): a polygon-shaped coworker. He was specifically bred to work in a cubicle. He thinks that having a social life is the same as stealing from the company and he enjoys a square meal. Wally refers to Rex as "the future".
*Roboboss: A pointy-haired robot programmed to give employees very shallow compliments, such as "You're giving 110%" or "You are a valuable asset." Alice dated him because his shallow compliments made her feel good. He delegates even more trivial tasks to his assistant "Plywoodboss."
*ROFL: this is another name for the e-mail monkey that jumps on Asok's back when he got addicted to e-mail. After Asok's email addiction, when he started chatting, the e-mail monkey said, "I'm ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)" which may have been misinterpreted as an introduction.
*Ron the Sociopath: A sociopath. Alice dated him because she liked everything about him. He doesn't tip, he rifles through Alice's purse, and he only rings once when he makes telephone calls. He met Alice when she complained to him about his using of his speakerphone to do voice mail.
*Scapegoat: A goat briefly employed at the company that everyone blamed for their problems (he once gets shot, and is blamed for being in the way, because the real target was "the messenger," a pun on the phrase "Don't Kill the Messanger"). He was transfered to sales so they could "make bad products and blame you for the low sales." He mentions having stumbled across the National Rifle Association's annual Chili cook-off.
*Several members of the media, such as Geraldo Rivera, have appeared at some point.
*Single-Task Bob: Appeared in a Sunday strip singing a song proclaiming that "I can't multi-task, I only do one job!" Adams apparently feels an affinity towards him; in the collection "It's Not Funny If I Have To Explain It", he writes that "Us single-taskers should have our own theme song."
*Skunk: Sneaked into Dilbert's house and threatened to spray him (saying he "couldn't control [his] fear response") unless he made him a big bowl of strawberry ice cream and sang the songs from "Cats" while he ate.
*Technology Prima Donna: A character who boasts that he is "the best" without producing anything. He lives outside the rules because he is supposedly irreplaceable, and signifies this by declaring the office a personal "pants optional" zone, and struts around in his underwear. he always has his nose turned up.
*Turnaround CEO: A demon-like figure hired to turn around the poor performance of Dilbert's company; he uses Dilbert as a mole in order to find out what the company's problems really are.
*Toby: A man who sent his resume to the Department of Human Resources. Catbert makes him change his name to "Tubby".
*Uncle Ned: A relative that shoots everything, even his neighbors, and posts their heads as trophies.
*The Weasel of Layoffs: A weasel dressed in Grim Reaper attire who delivers notices of layoffs to unfortunate employees.

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