Diocese of Africa

Diocese of Africa
Dioecesis Africae
Diocese of Africa
Diocese of the Roman Empire
314 – 432
Capital Carthage
Historical era Late Antiquity
 - Established 314
 - Arrival of Vandals 429
 - Vandals sack Carthage 432
Political subdivisions Africa proconsularis
Mauretania Sitifensis
Mauretania Caesariensis
Mauretania Tingitana

The Diocese of Africa (Latin: Dioecesis Africae) was a diocese of the later Roman Empire, incorporating the provinces of North Africa, except Mauretania Tingitana. Its seat was at Carthage, and it was subordinate to the Praetorian prefecture of Italy.

The diocese included the provinces of Africa proconsularis (also known as Zeugitana), Byzacena, Mauretania Sitifensis, Mauretania Caesariensis, Numidia and Tripolitania. In current geo-political terms, the Diocese of Africa included the entire coastline of Algeria and Tunisia, with some mountainous hinterlands, plus the western half of Libya's coastline.

The diocese existed from the time of the Diocletianian and Constantinian reforms in the last years of the 3rd century until it was overrun by the Vandals in the 430s. The provinces were retained under the Vandals, and after their defeat and the reconquest of Africa by the Eastern Roman Empire in the Vandalic War, they were grouped anew, but this time in a praetorian prefecture.

Administrative divisions of the Roman Empire at death of Theodosius I (r.379-395), showing the Diocese of Africa in light blue; it was part of the Prefecture of Italy, shown in dark blue.

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