Bishop of Thetford

Bishop of Thetford

The Bishop of Thetford is an episcopal title which takes its name after the market town of Thetford in Norfolk, England. The title was originally used by the Normans in the 11th century, and is presently used by a Church of England suffragan bishop.[1]


Diocesan Bishops of Thetford

The Diocese of Thetford was formed when Bishop Herfast moved the episcopal see from Elmham to Thetford in 1075. This short-lived see continued until it was moved to Norwich in 1094.[2][1]

List of the Diocesan Bishops of Thetford [2][1]
No. Incumbent From Until Notes
1 Herfast 1075 1084 Transferred the see from Elmham in 1075; died 1084
2 William de Beaufeu 1085 1091 Nominated 25 December 1085; died or resigned before 27 January 1091; also known as William de Beaufai
3 Herbert de Losinga 1091 1094/95 Previously Abbot of Ramsey; consecrated before 27 January 1091; became Bishop of Norwich in 1094 or 1095
In 1094 or 1095, the see of Thetford was moved to Norwich.

Suffragan Bishops of Thetford

The present Bishop of Thetford is a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Norwich, in the Province of Canterbury, England. The title was resurrected under the Suffragan Bishops Act 1534. The Bishop of Thetford, along with the Bishop of Lynn, assists the Diocesan Bishop of Norwich in overseeing the diocese, and has particular oversight of the Archdeaconry of Norfolk.[1]

List of the Suffragan Bishops of Thetford
No. Incumbent From Until Notes
1 John Salisbury 1536 1570 Translated to Sodor and Man
in abeyance 1570 1894
2 Arthur Lloyd 1894 1903 Translated to Newcastle
3 John Bowers 1903 1926
no appointment 1926 1945
4 John Woodhouse 1945 1953
5 Martin Leonard 1953 1963
6 Eric Cordingly 1963 1977
7 Hugh Blackburne 1977 1981
8 Timothy Dudley-Smith 1981 1992
9 Hugo de Waal 1992 2001
10 David Atkinson [3] 2001 2009
11 Alan Winton [4] 2009 present


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