List of mountains

List of mountains


The 14 "eight-thousanders", 8,000 meters or higher above sea level, all in the Himalayas:
*Everest (8,848 m), Nepal-Tibet (China), Asia
*K2 (8,611 m), Pakistan-Xinjiang (China), Asia
*Kangchenjunga (8,586 m), Nepal-Sikkim (India), Asia
*Lhotse (8,511 m), Nepal-Tibet (China), Asia
*Makalu (8,463 m), Nepal-Tibet (China), Asia
*Cho Oyu (8,201 m), Nepal-Tibet (China), Asia
*Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Nepal, Asia
*Manaslu (8,163 m), Nepal, Asia
*Nanga Parbat (8,125 m), Pakistan, Asia
*Annapurna (8,091 m), Nepal, Asia
*Gasherbrum I (8,068 m), Pakistan-Xinjiang (China), [
*Shishapangma (8,027 m), Tibet (China), Asia

Seven Summits

The highest mountains of each continent (the Seven Summits):

* Gunnbjørn, Greenland, 3700 m. Highest mountain in Danish territories.
* Himmelbjerget, Skanderborgs kommune, Danmark, 147 m. Until year 1847 considered the highest peak in Denmark.


Sweden, Highest peaks per "landskap". Note that the "landskap" in Sweden is a bit un-exact since it is a historical denomination. Therefor other opinions exist.

Other Swedish peaks
*Åreskutan 1420 m (Sverige)
*Halleberg 155 m (Sverige)
*Hunneberg (Sverige)
*Kinnekulle 306 m (Sverige)
*Långtäktsberget ca 170 m (Sverige)
*Löpholsberget 264 m (Sverige)
*Ringkällmyrberget ca 250 m (Sverige)
*Gränsberget ca 220 m (Sverige)
*Gringsboberget ca 285 m (Sverige)
*Isaberg 309 m (Sverige)
*Saxberget (Sverige)
*Taberg 343 m (Sverige)

United Kingdom

*Ben Nevis (1,344 m), highest mountain in Scotland and the United Kingdom
*Cross Fell (893 m), highest mountain in the Pennines
*Kinder Scout (636 m), highest mountain in the Peak District
*Mam Tor (517 m), Peak District, England
*Scafell Pike (978 m), highest mountain in England
*Slieve Donard (850 m), highest mountain in Northern Ireland
*Pen y Fan (886 m), highest mountain in South Wales
*Pumlumon Fawr (Plynlimon) (752 m), highest mountain in Mid Wales
*Snaefell (621 m), highest mountain in Isle of Man
*Aran Fawddwy (906 m), highest mountain south of Snowdon
*Snowdon (1,085 m) highest mountain in Wales"See also"::Mountains of the United Kingdom:List of mountains and hills of the British Isles by height:Mountains and hills of Scotland

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*The Brocken - highest peak of Harz Mountains, eastern Germany (1,142 m)
*Etna - dominant volcano on Sicily, Italy (3,263 m)
*Feldberg - Schwarzwald, Germany (1,493 m)
*Mont Ventoux - France (1,909 m)
*Mount Circeo - Italy
*Mount Vesuvius - famous Italian volcano (1,270 m)
*Plöckenstein, Böhmerwald - Austria-Czech Republic-Germany (1,378 m)
*Fichtelberg - highest peak of Ore Mountains, eastern Germany (1,214 m)

North America


*5959 m Mount Logan – Yukon Highest peak in Canada
*5489 m Mount Saint Elias – Yukon
*5226 m Mount Lucania – Yukon
*5173 m King Peak – Yukon
*4850 m Mount Wood – Yukon
*4813 m Mount Vancouver – Yukon
*4671 m Mount Fairweather – British Columbia Highest peak in British Columbia
*4557 m Mount Hubbard – Yukon
*4507 m Mount Walsh – Yukon
*4289 m Mount Augusta – Yukon
*4240 m Mount Strickland Yukon
*4196 m Mount Cook – Yukon
*4019 m Mount Waddington – British Columbia Highest peak in the Coastal Mountains
*3959 m Mount Robson – British Columbia Highest peak in the Canadian Rockies
*3928 m Mount Queen Mary – Yukon
*3741 m Mount Columbia – Alberta/British Columbia Highest peak in Alberta.
*3741 m Mount King George – Yukon
*3731 m North Twin – Alberta Highest mountain fully in Alberta
*3664 m Mount Clemenceau – British Columbia Canadian Rockies
*3617 m Mount Forbes – Alberta Canadian Rockies
*3616 m Mount Assiniboine – Alberta/British Columbia Canadian Rockies
*3609 m Wood Peak – Yukon
*3567 m Mount Goodsir – British Columbia
*3555 m Monarch Mountain – British Columbia Coastal Mountains
*3540 m Mount Temple – Alberta
*3520 m Mount Upton – Yukon
*3519 m Mount Sir Sandford – British Columbia
*3516 m Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier – British Columbia
*3498 m Mount Lyell – on the border of Alberta and British Columbia
*3493 m Mount Farnham – British Columbia
*3491 m Mount Athabasca – Alberta
*3470 m Mount Brazeau – Alberta
*3433 m Mount Joffre – Alberta/British Columbia
*3417 m Tsar Mountain – British Columbia
*3413 m Mount King George – British Columbia
*3412 m Howser Spire – British Columbia
*3411 m Mount Sir Douglas – Alberta/British Columbia
*3399 m Whitehorn Mountain – British Columbia
*3394 m Mount Hector – Alberta
*3377 m Mount Dawson – British Columbia
*3373 m Mount Willingdon – Alberta
*3363 m Mount Edith Cavell – Alberta
*3361 m Mount Cline – Alberta
*3361 m Mount Fryatt – Alberta
*3360 m Mount Harrison – British Columbia
*3360 m Tusk Peak – British Columbia
*3342 m Mount Saskatchewan – Alberta
*3316 m Mount Chown – Alberta
*3315 m Sunwapta Peak – Alberta
*3313 m Simon Peak – Alberta/British Columbia
*3313 m Mount Mike – British Columbia
*3312 m Mount Saint Bride – Alberta
*3312 m Mount Stewart – Alberta
*3298 m Mount Queen Bess – British Columbia
*3295 m Howse Peak – Alberta/British Columbia
*3294 m Mount Ball – Alberta/British Columbia
*3275 m Mount Sir Alexander – British Columbia
*3274 m Mount Monashee – British Columbia
*3242 m Good Hope Mountain – British Columbia
*3236 m Iconoclast Mountain – British Columbia
*3234 m Dais Mountain – Alberta
*3225 m Mount Rae – Alberta
*3208 m Mount Rogers – British Columbia Rogers Pass. Gateway to British Columbia
*3205 m Hallam Peak – British Columbia
*3201 m Neptune Peak – British Columbia
*3200 m Mount Ida – – British Columbia
*3185 m Mount Galatea – Alberta
*3183 m Razorback Mountain – British Columbia
*3182 m Monmouth Mountain – British Columbia
*3181 m Mount Findlay – British Columbia
*3176 m Mount Ethelbert – British Columbia
*3162 m Mount Aylmer – Alberta
*3150 m Mount Seattle – Yukon
*3138 m Cerberus Mountain – British Columbia
*3132 m Mount Raleigh – British Columbia
*3126 m Mount Grenville – British Columbia
*3120 m Old Goat Mountain – Alberta
*3099 m Karluk Peak – British Columbia
*3098 m Mount Evan-Thomas – Alberta
*3094 m Mount Cooper – British Columbia
*3094 m Mount Moloch – British Columbia
*3090 m Mount Ratz – British Columbia
*3089 m Jeanette Peak – British Columbia
*3086 m Majestic Mountain – Alberta
*3085 m Cronus Peak – British Columbia
*3063 m Mount Tatlow – British Columbia
*3063 m Taseko Mountain – British Columbia
*3053 m Kates Needle – Alberta/British Columbia
*3050 m Mount Templeman – British Columbia
*3045 m Albert Peak – British Columbia
*3044 m Mount Moore – British Columbia
*3038 m Mount Quanstrom – British Columbia
*3037 m Talchako Mountain – British Columbia
*3035 m Carnes Peak – British Columbia
*3033 m Mount Washburn – British Columbia
*3032 m Pancake Peak – British Columbia
*3024 m Mount Ulysses – British Columbia
*3021 m Mount Tisiphone – British Columbia
*3018 m The Rajah – Alberta
*3008 m Mount Vishnu – British Columbia
*3002 m Mount Hornickel – British Columbia

*2680 m Mount Meager – British Columbia Coastal Mountains. Major volcano
*2675 m Mount Garibaldi – British Columbia Coastal Mountains. Major volcano
*2385 m Mount Cayley – British Columbia Coastal Mountains. Major volcano
*2284 m Blackcomb Mountain – British Columbia Coastal Mountains. Ski Resort
*2195 m Golden Hinde – British Columbia Tallest Mountain on Vancouver Island
*2182 m Whistler Mountain – British Columbia Coastal Mountains. Ski Resort
*Bishop's Mitre – Kaumajet Mountains
*Brave Mountain (1,219+ m) – highest point in the Kaumajet Mountains; highest island peak on the Atlantic coast of North America
*Marble Mountain – Long Range Mountains
*Mount Caubvik (1,652 m) – highest point in the Torngat Mountains; second highest mountain in Canada east of the Rockies
*Man O'War Peak (1,050 m) – highest point in the Kiglapait Mountains
*Mount Thor (1675 m) largest cliff face in the world.


*Mount Gunnbjørn (3,694 m) – Watkins Range - highest mountain in Greenland

See also: List of mountains in Greenland


*Cofre de Perote or "Naupa-Tecutépetl" or "Nauhcampatépetl" or "Square Mountain" ( 4,282 m) – Veracruz
*Volcán de Fuego de Colima (3,860 m) – Jalisco/Colima border
*Iztaccíhuatl or "White Woman" or "Asleep Woman" (5,286 m) – México state/Puebla border
*La Malinche, or "Matlalcueitl" (4,462 m) – Tlaxcala/Puebla border
*Nevado de Colima or "Zapotepetl" (4,330 m) – Jalisco/Colima border
*Nevado de Toluca or "Xinantecatl" (4,577 m) – México state
*Pico de Orizaba or "Citlaltépetl" (5,636 m) – Puebla/Veracruz border, highest point in Mexico
*Parícutin or "Parangaricutirimicuaro" (3,170 m) – Michoacán
*Popocatépetl (5,465 m) – México state
*Cerro del Potosí (3,700 m) – Nuevo León
*El Coahuilón (3,500 m) – Coahuila/Nuevo León border
*Cerro La Cruz del Marqúes (3,931 m) – Mexico City
*Pico del Águila (3,894 m) – Mexico City
*La Martha (3,706 m) – Coahuila/Nuevo León border
*La Viga (3,600 m) – Coahuila
*Cerro Las Nieves (3,360 m) – Coahuila
*Yeloxochtl (3,919 m) – México state
*Tlalocatepetl or "Mount Tlaloc" (4,151 m) – México state
*Telapon (4,081 m) – México state
*Tacana (4,110 m) – Chiapas/Guatemala
*Sierra Negra (4,640 m) – Puebla
*Pico Piramide (1,960 m) – Nuevo León
*Pico Perico (1,980 m) – Nuevo León
*Pico Everest (1,960 m) – Nuevo León
*Pico Cuauhtémoc (2,020 m) – Nuevo León
*Peña de Bernal (2,515 m) – Querétaro
*Matacanes (1,800 m) – Nuevo León
*La Mota Grande (1,880 m) – Nuevo León
*La Calle (2,905 m) – Nuevo León
*Tres Virgenes (1,940 m) – Baja California Sur
*Evermann (1,050 m) – Islas Revillagigedo
*Ceboruco or "Volcan de Ahuacatlán" (2,280 m) – Nayarit
*Sangagüey (2,353 m) – Nayarit
*La Primavera (3,030 m) – Jalisco
*El Jorullo (1,820 m) – Michoacán
*Los Humeros (3,150 m) – Puebla
*El Chichón (1,150 m) – Chiapas
*Pinacate (1,200 m) – Sonora
*Volcan San Martín Tuxtla (1,650 - 1,700 m) – Veracruz
*Amealco (3,040 m) – Querétaro
*Cerro de la Estrella or "Star Mountain" (2,613 m) – Mexico City
*Cerro del Garbanzo (3,000 m) – Durango
*Holotepec (3,930 m) – México state
*Chichinautzin (3,450 m) – México state/Morelos
*Jahuey (2,000 m) – Durango
*Ololica (3,120 m) – Morelos
*Volcan de San Quintín (1,200 m) – Baja California
*Tepetiltic (2,020 m) – Nayarit
*Volcán de Tequila (3,000 m) – Jalisco
*Tetlalmanche (2,700 m) – Mexico City
*Los Tres Reyes Magos – México state

United States



*Mount Adams – Cascades, Washington
*Mount Adams – White Mountains, New Hampshire
*Mount Alyeska– Alaska

*Mount Baker – Cascades, Washington
*Mount Baxter – California
*Big Bear Mountain – California
*Mount Bona (16,550 ft) – Saint Elias Mountains, Alaska
*Mount Borah – Idaho
*Bridge Mountain – Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada
*Blue Knob (Pennsylvania)
*Bristol Mountain(NY)

*Camel's Hump – Green Mountains, Vermont
*Cannon Mountain – White Mountains, New Hampshire
*Cathedral Peak – California
*Mount Charleston – Spring Mountains, Nevada
*Mount Cheaha – [foothills of Appalachian Mountains, alabama
*Mount Churchill (15,638 ft) – Saint Elias Mountains, Alaska
*Mount Columbia – Colorado

*Mount Dana – California
*Denny Mountain – Washington
*Devils Thumb – Alaska
*Devils Tower – Wyoming
*Mount Diablo – California
*Mount Delano – (12,163 ft), Tushar Mountains, Utah

*Mount Elbert (4,401 m) – Sawatch Range, Colorado, highest point in the Rocky Mountains

*Mount Fairweather or Fairweather Mountain (15,300 ft or 4663 m) – Fairweather Range, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska & British Columbia, United States & Canada, highest point in British Columbia
*Mount Foraker – Alaska

*Gannett Peak – Wyoming
*Glacier Peak – Cascades, Washington
*Glass Mountain, California (11,138 ft/3395 m)
*Grand Teton – Wyoming
*Mount Greylock – Massachusetts

*Half Dome – California
*Mount Hood – Cascades, Oregon
*Horsetooth Mountain – Colorado
*Huron Mountains – Michigan

*Mount Jefferson – Cascades, Oregon
*Jobs Peak – Sierra Nevada

*Mount Katahdin – at north end of the Appalachian Trail
*Kings Peak – Utah (13,528 ft) coord|40|46|43|N|110|22|28|W|type:mountain_region:US 7th highest in the US [ src]

*Mount Lafayette – White Mountains, New Hampshire
*Mount Lassen – Cascades, California
*Mount Lemmon (2,791 m) – Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona
*Lone Peak, Wasatch Range – (11,253 ft) Utah coord|40|31|36|N|111|45|19|W|type:mountain_region:US
*Longs Peak – Colorado

*Mammoth Mountain – California
*Mount Mansfield – Green Mountains, Vermont
*Mount Marathon – Kenai Mountains, Alaska
*Maroon Bells – Colorado
*Mount Marcus Baker – Chugach Range, Alaska
*Mount Marcy (5,344 ft) – Adirondack Mountains, Highest peak of New York State
*Mount Massive – Sawatch Range, Colorado
*Mauna Loa – Hawaii; see Oceania.
*Mount McKinley or Denali – Alaska 6194m (20,320 ft) highest mountain in North America coord|63|04|10|N|151|00|13|W|type:mountain_region:US
*Mount Mitchell (6,684 ft) – highest mountain of the Appalachians
*Mount Monadnock – New Hampshire

*Newberry Volcano – Oregon

*Mount Olympus – Washington
*Mount Olympus – Wasatch Range, Utah (9,026 ft)

*Pikes Peak – Colorado
*Porcupine Mountains Michigan

*Mount Rainier (4,392 m) – Cascades, Washington

*Mount Saint Elias (5,489 m) – #2 in North America
*San Jacinto Peak (3,293 m) – California
*Mount Sanford (16,237 ft) – Saint Elias Mountains, Alaska
*Mount Shasta – California
*Mount Shuksan – Cascades
*Mount St. Helens – active volcano in the Cascades, Washington
*Mount Si – Cascades, short but popular
*Snoqualmie Mountain – Washington
*Mount Stuart – Cascades, Washington

*Mount Timpanogos – Wasatch Range, Utah (11,750 ft)
*Three Sisters – Oregon
*Mount Torbert (11,413 ft) – Tordillo Mountains, Alaska

*Mount Washington (1917m/6288') – highest peak in northeastern United States
*Mount Werner – Colorado – location of the Steamboat Ski Resort
*Wheeler Peak – second highest peak in Nevada
*Mount Whitney (14,497.2 feet or 4,421 m) – Sierra Nevada, highest mountain in the contiguous United States

Central America and Antilles

*Volcan Tajumulco (4,211m), Guatemala, highest mountain in Guatemala and Central America
*Chirripo (3,820m), Costa Rica, highest mountain in Costa Rica, located in Perez Zeledon (Talamanca Range)
*Ventisqueros (3,812m), Costa Rica location Perez Zeledon (talamanca range) near Chirripo
*Volcan Baru (3,470m), Panama, highest mountain in Panama
*Cerro Fábrega (3,335m), Panama, in Bocas del Toro province
*Pico Duarte (3,175m), Dominican Republic, highest mountain in the Antilles
*Cerro las Minas (2,870m), Honduras, highest mountain in Honduras
*Mogoton (2,438m), Nicaragua, highest mountain in Nicaragua
*Blue Mountain Peak (2,256m), Jamaica, highest mountain in Jamaica
*Pico Turquino (1,975m), Cuba, highest mountain in Cuba
*Volcan Arenal (1,657m), Costa Rica, the most active volcano in Costa Rica
*La Grande Soufrière (1,467m), Guadeloupe, highest mountain in the Lesser Antilles
*Cerro de Punta (1,328m), Puerto Rico, highest mountain in Puerto Rico
*Doyle's Delight (1,124m), Belize, highest mountain in Belize



*Blue Mountains — New South Wales
*Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m) — highest mountain in mainland Australia — New South Wales
*The Victorian Alps — Victoria
*Mount Bogong (1,986 m) — highest mountain in Victoria
*Mount Feathertop (1,922 m) — Victoria
*Mount Hotham (1,861 m) — Victoria
*Falls Creek (1,842 m) — Victoria
*Mount Buller (1,804 m) — Victoria
*Mount Buffalo (1,695 m) — Victoria
*Mount Ossa (1,617 m) — highest mountain in Tasmania
*Cradle Mountain National Park — Tasmania
*Mount Dandenong — near Melbourne — Victoria
*Mount Keira — in the Illawarra escarpment near Keiraville, Wollongong, New South Wales
*Mount Kembla — in the Illawarra escarpment near Unanderra, Wollongong, New South Wales
*Mount Tallebudgera — Gold Coast, Queensland
*Mount Wellington (1,271 m)— Tasmania
*Bluff Knoll (1,095 m) — Western Australia
*Mawson Peak (2,745 m) — Highest peak in any state or territory of Australia, located in the southern Indian Ocean
*Uluru (Ayers Rock) (863m) — picturesque sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory


*Mauna Kea (4,205m) Hawaii Island - dormant volcano - the tallest mountain in the world when measured from undersea base with a total height of 10,203m (33,476 ft)
*Mauna Loa (4,170m) Hawaii Island - active volcano
*Haleakala (3,050m) Maui Island - dormant volcano

Malay Archipelago []

*Puncak Jaya (4,884m) New Guinea (also known as Carstenz Pyramid)
*Puncak Mandala (4,760m) New Guinea
*Mount Wilhelm (4,509m) New Guinea
*Mount Giluwe (4,368m) New Guinea (highest volcanic peak in Oceania)
*Mount Kinabalu (4,095m) Borneo
*Angemuk (3,949m) New Guinea
*Gunung Kerinci (3,805m) Sumatra
*Pegunungan Kobowre (3,750m) New Guinea
*Gunung Rinjani (3,726m) Lombok
*Gunung Semeru (3,676m) Java
*Undundi-Wandandi (3,640m) New Guinea
*Bulu Rantemario (3,478m) Sulawesi
*Gunung Leuser (3,466m) Sumatra
*Gunung Slamet (3,428m) Java
*Deyjay (3,340m) New Guinea
*Gunung Arjuna (3,339m) Java
*Gunung Raung (3,332m) Java
*Gunung Sumbing (3,320m) Java
*Gunung Lawu (3,265m) Java
*Gunung Dempo (3,159m) Sumatra
*Gunung Sendoro (3,150m) Java
*Gunung Merbabu (3,145m) Java
*Mount Agung (3,142m) Bali
*Gunung Argopuro (3,088m) Java
*Bukit Mugajah (3,079m) Sumatra
*Gunung Careme (3,078m) Java
*Tanete Gandangdewata (3,074m) Sulawesi
*Fuyul Sojol (3,030m) Sulawesi
*Gunung Binaiya (3,027m) Seram
*Pangrango (3,019m) Java
*Buyu Balease (3,016m) Sulawesi
*Gunung Bandahara (3,012m) Sumatra

New Zealand

*Aoraki/Mount Cook - 3,754 m. highest mountain in New Zealand
*Mount Alaska
*Mount Anglem
*Mount Aspiring
*Mount Dampier
*Mount Edgecumbe
*Mount Hikurangi
*Mount Hopkins
*Mount Hutt
*Mount Matthews
*Mount Maunganui
*Mount Ngauruhoe
*Mount Owen
*Mount Pirongia
*Mount Ruapehu
*Mount Silberhorn
*Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont
*Mount Tarawera
*Mount Tasman
*Mount Tongariro
*Mount Wellington

South America


Cordillera de la Costa, Venezuela

*Pico Bolivar, (4,981 m), Venezuela

Colombian Andes

*Pico Cristóbal Colón (5,700 m), Colombia
*Nevado del Huila (5,365 m), Colombia
*Nevado del Tolima (5,215 m), Colombia
*Nevado del Ruiz (5,321 m), Colombia

Cordillera Occidental, Ecuador

*Chimborazo (6,267), Ecuador
*Iliniza Sur (5,263), Ecuador
*Iliniza Norte (5,116), Ecuador
*Carihuairazo (5,018), Ecuador
*Cotacachi (4,944), Ecuador
*Corazón (4,782), Ecuador
*Pichincha (4,776), Ecuador
*Chiles (4,723), Ecuador
*Atacazo (4,455), Ecuador

Cordillera Real, Ecuador

*Cotopaxi (5,897), Ecuador
*Cayambe (5,790), Ecuador
*Antisana (5,758), Ecuador
*El Altar (5,319), Ecuador
*Sangay (5,230), Ecuador
*Tungurahua (5,023), Ecuador
*Sincholagua (4,873), Ecuador
*Cerro Hermoso (4,571), Ecuador
*Sumaco (3,780), Ecuador
*Reventador (3,562), Ecuador

Interandino mountains, Ecuador

*Rumiñahui (4,722), Ecuador
*Imbabura (4,621), Ecuador
*Pasochoa (4,199), Ecuador

Peruvian Andes

*Huascaran (6,768 m), highest mountain in Peru
*Cerro Bravo (3,923), Peru

=Cordillera Real, Bolivia=

*Nevado Sajama (6,542 m), highest mountain in Bolivia
*Illimani (6,438 m), Bolivia
*Ancohuma (6,427 m), Bolivia
*Illampú (6,368 m), Bolivia
*Huayna Potosi (6,088 m), Bolivia
*Chachacomani (6,074 m), Bolivia
*Pico del Norte (6,070 m) , Bolivia

outhern Andes

*Llullaillaco (6,738 m), Argentina/Chile
*Ojos del Salado (6,891 m), highest mountain in Chile, second highest of the Andean peaks
*Monte Pissis (6,774), Argentina
*Cerro Mercedario (6,720 m), Argentina
*Aconcagua (6,962 m), Argentina, highest mountain outside Asia
*Volcán Antuco (3,585), Chile
*Villarrica (2,847), Chile
*Lanin Volcano (3,776m), Argentina/Chile
*Tronador (3,491), Argentina/Chile
*Cerro San Valentin (4,058), Chile
*Cerro Torre (3,133 m), Patagonia, Argentina/Chile. Long considered the hardest mountain climb in the world.
*Fitz Roy (3,375 m), Argentina/Chile
*Monte Sarmiento (2,300), Chile

Brazilian Highlands

*Pico da Bandeira (2,892m) - highest peak in the system.
*Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro's famous landmark

Guyana Highlands

*Pico da Neblina, (2,994 m), highest mountain in Brazil
*Mount Roraima, (2,739 m), Guyana, Venezuela

Mid-Oceanic Islands (excluding Iceland and Oceania)

Atlantic Ocean

*Teide (3,717 m) - on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, officially the highest point in Spain
*Mount Paget (2,935m) - on South Georgia Island
*Mount Fogo (2,829m) - on Fogo Island in the Cape Verde Islands
*Roque de los Muchachos (2,423m) - on the La Palma in the Canary Islands
*Pico Alto (2,351 m) - on the Azores, officially the highest point in Portugal
*Queen Mary's Peak (2,060) - on Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena
*Pico de São Tomé (2,024m) - on São Tomé Island

Arctic Ocean

*Beerenberg (2,277m) - the world's northernmost active volcano, located on Jan Mayen island

Indian Ocean

*Piton des Neiges (3,069m) - on Réunion Island
*Mawson Peak (2,745 m) - highest peak in any state or territory of Australia, located on Heard Island
*Mount Karthala (2,361m) - on Grande Comore Island in Comoros

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