United States Army Pacific

United States Army Pacific
United States Army Pacific
USARPAC insignia.svg
United States Army Pacific shoulder sleeve insignia
Active October 2000 – present
Country United States
Branch United States Army
Type Army Service Component Command
Role Theater command
Size ~7,300 soldiers
Garrison/HQ Fort Shafter, Hawaii
Motto One Team
LTG Benjamin R Mixon
Charles P. Summerall
Fox Conner
Hugh A. Drum
Frederick C. Weyand
Distinctive Unit Insignia US Army Pacific DUI.gif

United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) is an Army Service Component Command (ASCC)[1] of the United States Army and is the army component unit of the United States Pacific Command, except for units in Korea. The main areas that this command has jurisdiction in include Hawaii, Alaska, the Pacific Ocean, and Japan. It also performs missions in Southeast Asia, in the countries such as the Philippines and Bangladesh. Eventually Eighth United States Army in Korea and USARPAC headquarters will merge.[citation needed]

However, subordinate units of this command sometimes perform humanitarian missions in places such as Haiti, Cuba, and the Middle East.


General information

Command Group

Current structure

Army Pacific Structure (click to enlarge

USARPAC insignia.gif Army Pacific, Fort Shafter


Commanders, District of Hawaii

  • COL Walter S. Schuyler 1910
  • LTC Homer W. Wheeler 1910–1911
  • BG Montgomery M. Macomb 1911

Commanders, Department of Hawaii

  • BG Montgomery M. Macomb 1911–1912
  • COL George K. McGunnegle 1912–1913

Commanders, Hawaiian Department

  • BG Montgomery M. Macomb 1913
  • BG Frederick Funston 1913–1914
  • BG Montgomery M. Macomb 1914
  • MG William H. Carter 1914–1915
  • BG John Philip Wisser 1915–1916
  • BG Robert K. Evans 1916
  • BG Fredrick S. Strong 1916–1917
  • BG Charles G. Treat 1917
  • BG John Philip Wisser 1917
  • BG Augustus P. Blocksom 1918
  • BG John W. Heard 1918–1919
  • MG Henry C. Hodges, Jr. 1919
  • COL Thomas Ridgway 1919
  • MG Charles G. Morton 1919–1921
  • MG Charles P. Summerall 1921–1924
  • MG Charles T. Menoher 1924–1925
  • MG Edward M. Lewis 1925–1927
  • MG William R. Smith 1927–1928
  • MG Fox Conner 1928–1930
  • MG Edwin B. Winans (Acting) 1930
  • MG William Lassiter 1930–1931
  • MG Briant H. Wells 1931–1934
  • MG Halstead Dorey (Acting) 1934–1935
  • MG Hugh A. Drum 1935–1937
  • MG Andrew Moses 1937–1938
  • LTG Charles D. Herron 1938–1941
  • LTG Walter C. Short 1941
  • LTG Delos C. Emmons 1941–1943
  • LTG Robert C. Richardson, Jr. 1943–1945

Commanders, U.S. Army Forces, Middle Pacific

Commanding Generals, U.S. Army, Pacific

Commanders-in-Chief, U.S. Army, Pacific

U.S. Army CINCPAC Support Group

  • MG Donnelly P. Bolton 1975
  • MG Thomas U. Greer 1975–1977
  • MG Herbert E. Wolff 1977–1979

U.S. Army Western Command

  • MG Herbert E. Wolff 1979–1981
  • LTG Eugene P. Forrester 1981–1983
  • LTG James E. Lee 1983–1985
  • LTG Charles W. Bagnal 1985–1989
  • LTG Claude M. Kicklighter 1989–1990

U.S. Army, Pacific


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