Mees' lines

Mees' lines
Mees' lines
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ICD-9 985.1

Mees' lines or Aldrich-Mees' lines are lines of discoloration across the nails of the fingers and toes.



Mees' lines appear after an episode of poisoning with arsenic,[1] thallium or other heavy metals, and can also appear if the subject is suffering from renal failure.[2]


They are typically white bands traversing the width of the nail. As the nail grows they move towards the end, and finally disappear when trimmed.

Eponym and history

Although the phenomenon is named after Dutch physician R.A. Mees, who described the abnormality in 1919,[3] earlier descriptions of the same abnormality were made by Englishman E.S. Reynolds in 1901[4] and by American C.J. Aldrich in 1904.[5]

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