Amiga 1500

Amiga 1500
Commodore Amiga 1500
Manufacturer Commodore
Release date 1990
Introductory price 999 GBP
Discontinued 1991
Media 2 3½-inch 880 kB floppy disk drives
Operating system Amiga OS 1.3
CPU Motorola 68000 clocked at 7.14 MHz
Memory 1 MB on-board RAM, 256 kB ROM
Display 320 x 256 to 640 x 512 screen resolutions, 32 to 4096 colours
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The Commodore Amiga 1500, also known as the A1500, was a 16/32-bit home/personal computer released in 1990. It originally sold for £999. It was a variation of the Amiga 2000, and was released only in the United Kingdom. It differed from the A2000 by having two internal floppy drives instead of one, the second being in place of the hard disk drive. The A1500 had no hard disk drive as standard.

A1500s were easily convertible into A2000s by addition of a hard disk controller (and associated drive), and then simply peeling off the A1500 label revealing the A2000 label beneath.

The reason for the UK-only release may have been the existence of a desktop upgrade kit for the Amiga 500 made by Checkmate Digital and also called A1500[1], and Commodore trying to keep the name for themselves.


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