Amiga Reflections

Amiga Reflections
Rendered with Reflections-Animator

Amiga Reflections is 3D modeling and rendering software developed by Carsten Fuchs for the Commodore Amiga. It was later renamed Monzoom.

The first Bookware release was 1989, and contained a book and a floppy disk. The book was the manual and had some tutorials explaining how a raytracer works. The Floppy contained the software with some models and examples. Carsten Fuchs extended the software with a more advanced modeler and an animation module in 1992 the Reflections-Animator.

As of version 4.3, in 1998[1], Amiga Reflections was renamed Monzoom or Monzoom 3D and distributed by Oberland Computer[2][3].

Monzoom Pro was available on CD with the March/April 2008 issue of the German print magazine Amiga Future[4][5][6]. Monzoom also became available for PC as Shareware[7].




  • Fuchs, Carsten (1992). Amiga reflections animator. Haar bei München: Markt-&-Technik-Verlag. ISBN 3877911668, 9783877911662. 
  • Fuchs, Carsten (1989-01). Amiga reflections. Haar bei München: Markt-&-Technik-Verlag. ISBN 389090727X, 9783890907277. 

Scientific articles

Glittenberg, Carl (2004). "Computer-assisted 3D design software for teaching neuro-ophthalmology of the oculomotor system and training new retinal surgery techniques". Proceedings of SPIE. Ophthalmic Technologies XIV. San Jose, CA, USA. pp. 275–285. doi:10.1117/12.555626. Retrieved 2010-03-01.  - discusses using 3D software, including Reflektions 4.3 (an alternate name for Reflections/Monzoom), to teach ophthalmology and train for retinal surgery.

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