Pratt–Romney family

Pratt–Romney family

The Pratt–Romney Family is the name of a U.S. political family. It is linked by marriage to the Smith Family and the Matheson Family.

Jared Pratt
Anson Pratt
Parley P. Pratt
Orson Pratt
Sarah M. Pratt
William Pratt
Nelson Pratt
Emeline Billingsley
Helaman Pratt
Anna Wilcken
Hannah Hill
Miles Park Romney
Catharine Cottam
Rey Pratt
Anna Amelia Pratt
Gaskell Romney
George S. Romney
Vernon Romney
Lenore LaFount
George W. Romney
Marion G. Romney
Vernon B. Romney
(born 1924)
Ann Davies
(born 1949)
Mitt Romney
(born 1947)
G. Scott Romney
(born 1941)
Ronna Romney (née Stern)
(born 1943)
Tagg Romney
(born 1970)
Josh Romney
(born 1975)


Most notable living descendant is Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts.


William Pratt

(1609–1670), early colonial settler and lieutenant in the Pequot War. Representative to the General Court (Colonial Legislature) of Connecticut for 23 terms.

Jared Pratt

(1769-1839), Born Canaan, New York on November 25, 1769. Son of Obadiah Pratt and Jemina Tolls; married 1799 to Charity Dickinson; father of Parley P. Pratt and Orson Pratt.

Parley P. Pratt

(1807–1857) Original Mormon Apostle and member of the Utah Territorial Legislature in 1854. 3rd Great grandson of William Pratt. He married fourth wife Mary Ann Frost, sister of Olive Frost (who married Joseph Smith Jr.); Brother of Orson Pratt. Twelve wives.

Helaman Pratt

(1846-1909), Born outside Mt. Pisgah, Iowa, on May 31, 1846. Son of Parley P. Pratt and fourth wife Mary Wood; married 1874 to second wife Anna Johanna Dorothy (Dora) Wilcken; father of Anna Amelia Pratt (who married Gaskell Romney). Three wives, married first wife Emeline Victoria Billingsley Pratt when she was sixteen. Part of group of polygamous Mormons who fled the United States because of the federal government's opposition to polygamy.[1] Served as president of the Mexican mission in Mexico City before moving to the state of Chihuahua.

Rey Pratt

Son of Helaman Pratt. Was a member of the First Council of the Seventy and president of the Mexican Mission, president in exile, during the Mexican Revolution and on into the 1930s.

Anna Amelia Pratt

Anna Amelia Pratt (Salt Lake City, Utah, May 6, 1876 – Salt Lake City, Utah, February 4, 1926, bur. Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah). Daughter of Helaman Pratt and one of his wives, Anna Johanna Dorothy ("Dora") Wilcken. Married Gaskell Romney. Mother of George W. Romney.

Orson Pratt

(1811–1881) Original Mormon Apostle and member of the Utah Territorial Legislature 1869-1879. Brother of Parley P. Pratt. Ten wives.

Lorus Pratt

Lorus Pratt was a son of Orson Pratt. He was an artist.

Sarah Pratt

(1817–1888) First wife of Orson Pratt, central to his 1842 excommunication from the LDS Church. One of the first outspoken critics of polygamy and founders of the Anti-Polygamy Society in Salt Lake City. Mormon apostate, excommunicated 4 October 1874.

John Thomas Caine

(1829-1911) Delegate to Utah state constitutional convention, 1872, 1882; Utah territorial council (senate), 1874-82; Delegate to U.S. Congress from Utah Territory, 1882-93; Candidate for Governor of Utah, 1895; Utah state senate, 1896; Father of Agnes Ellen Cain (who married Arthur Pratt, son of Orson Pratt).

Alonzo Pratt Kesler

A. ( Alonzo) Pratt Kesler ( 1905-1984). Parley Parker Pratt brother Anson Pratt (1801-1849) daughter Jane Elisabeth Pratt Kesler. Son Alonzo Pratt Kessler (1868-1918). A. Pratt Kesler was the son of the first Alonzo Pratt Kesler. His mother was Donette Smith, a daughter of Joseph F. Smith. Republican. Salt Lake City Prosecuting Attorney (1935-40). Assistant Salt Lake City Attorney (1940-53). U.S. Attorney in Utah (1953 - 1961). Utah Attorney General (1961-1965). Republican State Chairman in Utah (1950 - 1953). Delegate to Republican National Convention from Utah, 1952. Member of the Republican National Committee, 1952-53.

G. Stanley McAllister

(1900-1970) was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 10, 1900, to George Stanley and Helen Janette Maeser McAllister.
In 1924, soon after returning to college, he was appointed Secretary of the U.S. Senate Public Building and Grounds Commission of the District of Columbia, a commission of which Reed Smoot, a Senator from Utah, was Chairman.
In 1929 Stanley went to work for Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) as Director of Buildings and Plant Operations until 1946. In 1946, Stanley left CBS and accepted a position as vice president and general manager of Lord & Taylor, a New York City department store. Stanley remained with Lord & Taylor until 1959 when he joined the parent company, Associated Dry Goods Corporation, as Vice-President of Properties and Operation Research, the post he held until the end of his life.
Stanley served as a director for Bonneville International Corporation, the radio and TV holding company for the LDS Church and Radio New York Worldwide. He was a member of This is the Place Monument Commission for the This is the Place State Park in Salt Lake City. He also served at various times as a Director of Allied Youth Inc. and The Advisory Council of the American Mothers Committee. Stanley served on the White House Advisory Council on Education, representing New York State.
In 1926 Stanley married Donnette Kesler, daughter of Alonzo Pratt Kesler (1868 - 1918) and Donnette Smith, and a niece of LDS Church President Joseph Fielding Smith. Donnette Kesler was a sister of A. (Alonzo) Pratt Kesler (1905-1984).

Thomas Fell

(1598 - 1658) Thomas Fell, of Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston, Lancs. (now Cumbria), was an MP, a judge, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. His wife, nee Margaret Askew (1614-1702), later married one George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, and was one of the five most famous Quaker leaders of the movement's founding generation. Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of Mitt Romney.


Jon Huntsman, Sr.

Born 1937 Blackfoot, Idaho. Billionaire, Founder & Chairman, Huntsman Corporation.
He is a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and serves as an Area Seventy and as a member of the Fifth Quorum of the Seventy. He has also served as stake president and mission president in the Washington, D.C. mission.
He is the father of Utah governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. and the son-in-law of the late member of the quorum of the twelve apostles of the LDS Church, David B. Haight.
Parley P. Pratt was great-great-grandfather of Jon Huntsman, Sr. He is a great-grandson of Parley P. Pratt's daughter Isabella Eleanor Marden Pratt (1854-1912).
He supported 2008 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is his cousin.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

(born March 26, 1960 in Palo Alto, California), Governor of the state of Utah 2005 - 2009 and U.S. Ambassador to China, 2009 - 2011. Grandson of David B. Haight.
Great-great-great-grandson of Parley P. Pratt. Parley P. Pratt's daughter Isabella Eleanor Marden Pratt (1854-1912) was a great-great-grandmother of Jon Huntsman Jr.


George Romney

(1734-1802) Born in Dalton-in-Furness, co, Lancaster on December 13, 1734. Son of John Romney and Ann Simpson.
British art's genius, one of the leading artists and noted portrait painter in Great Britain during the last quarter of the 18th century.
George Romney's uncle Thomas Romney (1709-1776) was a great-grandfather of Miles Romney.[2][3]

Miles Romney

(1806-1877), Born in Dalton-in-Furness, County of Lancaster, on July 13, 1806. Son of George Romney and Sarah King; married November 16, 1830 to Elizabeth Gaskell[4] at Dalton-in-Furness; father of Miles Park Romney. Was a convert to the LDS Church. Died St. George, Utah, May 3, 1877. He was an architect and designed the St. George Tabernacle and Brigham Young Winter Home and Office, the latter with his son, Miles Park Romney.

Miles Park Romney

(1843-1904), Born in Nauvoo, Illinois, on August 18, 1843. Son of Miles Romney and Elizabeth Gaskell; married May 10, 1862, to Hannah Hood Hill[5] at Salt Lake City, Utah; father of Gaskell Romney ; second wife Caroline Lambourne Romney (1846-1879) was a grandaunt of Sid Lambourne (1898-1984), wife Annie Maria Woodbury (1858-1930), wife Catharine Cottam. Expired Colonia Dublán, Galeana, Chihuahua, February 26, 1904. Miles P. Romney was the president of the St. George Social Hall Company and the St. George Dramatic Association.

Gaskell Romney

(1871-1955), Born in St. George, Utah, on September 22, 1871. Son of Miles Park Romney and Hannah Hood Hill. Married 1895 to Anna Amelia Pratt in Colonia Dublán, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico, February 20, 1895. Father of five sons: Maurice, Douglas, Miles Pratt Romney, George W. Romney, Lawrence and Charles. Candidate for County Commissioner 1931. Republican. Died Salt Lake City, Utah, March 7, 1955, buried. Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.[6]

Leonard Cahoon Romney

higher education administration; former assistant in high priests group leadership LDS Church, stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop's counselor and missionary in South and West German missions; assistant vice president at University of Colorado; president of Russia Moscow South Mission 2000 - 2003; received doctorate in university administration from University of Colorado; born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Miles Pratt and Janice Cahoon Romney; married Kathryn Cannon; born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Paul Bennion and Oa Jacobs Cannon.

George W. Romney

(1907–1995), CEO of American Motors Corporation 1954–1962; Governor of Michigan 1963–1969; U.S. Presidential candidate, 1968; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1969–1973. Great grandson of Parley P. Pratt.

Mitt Romney

(b. 1947), Governor of Massachusetts, 2003-2007; U.S. Presidential candidate, 2008; son of George W. Romney. LDS Church bishop in Belmont, Massachusetts 1982-1985; LDS Church stake president in Boston, Mass, 1985-1994; built LDS Church temple in Belmont, Massachusetts 1995.

Scott Romney

Trustee, Michigan State University, 2000-; Candidate for Michigan Attorney General, 1998; son of George W. Romney.

Lenore Romney

(1909-1998) Married to George W. Romney; former-mother-in-law of Ronna Romney; mother of Mitt Romney. Daughter of Harold Arundel LaFount. Republican. Candidate for U.S. Senator from Michigan, 1970.

Harold Arundel LaFount Birmingham, Warwick, England 5 Jan. 1880, d. Detroit, Mich., 21 Oct. 1952. Commissioner of Federal Radio Commission (FRC) 1927-1934, nominated by U.S President Calvin Coolidge. President of the National Independent Broadcasters.

Timothy Robinson

In 2004, Timothy Robinson was asked by Governor Olene Walker of Utah, the state’s first female Governor, to manage her re-election campaign. Timothy Robinson worked closely with uncle, the Governor of Massachusetts and Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. Timothy Robinson is the co-founder of Leatherwood Press. Republican.
Mother Jane Romney Robinson, daughter of Governor George W. Romney.

Ronna Romney

(b. 1943) Born in 1943. Former-daughter-in-law of George W. Romney and Lenore Romney. Republican. Alternate delegate, Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1988; member of Republican National Committee from Michigan, 1988; Republican candidate for U.S. Senator from Michigan, 1994 (primary), 1996. [7]

Kevin Romney

b.1964. Attended Brigham Young University. The Romney Group ( Nevada, Las Vegas) owner, former President. Mr. Romney served as Chief Executive Officer and director of the Company from April 2004 to November 2004. Former President of Keystone Executive Services, Inc. and former President of CEO of a Fort Myersbased (Fl.) company, WorkGiant 2007 - . Son of Scott Romney and Ronna Romney. Nephew of Mitt Romney.

Ann Romney

(b. 1949-) Married to Mitt Romney; From 2003 to 2007 she was First Lady of Massachusetts. Daughter of Edward Roderick Davies. HRH Princess Lilian of Sweden, Duchess of Halland ( born Lillian May Davies 1915 -) and Ann Romney are a relatives.

Edward Roderick Davies

(1915-1992), Mayor of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Father of Ann Lois Davies who married Mitt Romney, son of George W. Romney.

Keith Romney

(1913-2003). Automobile dealer. LDS Church branch president in Las Cruces, New Mexico 1941-1950; and a member of the El Paso Stake Presidency from 1952-1962; then bishop of the Las Cruces Ward 1962-65; mission president of the West Spanish American Mission in Los, Angeles, California 1965-67; then president of the Southeast Mexican Mission, Vera Cruz, Mexico 1967-69. Stake Patriarch in August, 1974. Member of Honorary Spanish Society at New Mexico State University; and received Master M Men award in 1972. Son of Miles Archibald Romney ( 1869-1939), grandson of Miles Park Romney.

Spencer W. Kimball

(March 28, 1895 – November 5, 1985) President of LDS Church 1973-1985; wife Camilla Eyring , daughter of Edward Christian Eyring and Caroline Cottam Romney; granddaughter of Miles Park Romney.

Sid Lambourne

(1898-1984) Utah State Treasurer 1953-1957. Miles Park Romney's (1843-1904) second wife Caroline Lambourne Romney (1846-1879) was a grandaunt of Sid Lambourne, a sister of Sid Lambourne's grandfather William Lambourne (1823-1887).


Commissioner of Salt Lake City. Democrat. Democratic candidate for Governor of Utah 1956. Kinsman of Mitt Romney. The baseball field that the neighborhood kids played the uniformed kids at in the movie "The Sandlot" was names L.C. Romney Baseball Park.

Miles Quintin Romney

(1919-1998) Attorney of the U.S House of Representatives. Poet.
Miles Q. Romney was the son of Miles Alonzo Romney (1888-1952) and Laura Eccles. This Miles Alonzo Romney was a son of Miles Alonzo Romney (1862-1923) and Ellen "Nellie" Taylor Smellie. The elder Miles Alonzo Romney was the son of George Romney (1831-1920) and Vilate Ellen Douglas, thus a half-brother of George Ernest Romney, the father of G. Ott Romney, who is also mentioned later in this article.
Miles Q. Romney's mother, Laura Eccles, was a daughter of David Eccles and a half-sister of Marriner S. Eccles.

John B. Romney

Company Romney Real Estate, Salt Lake City. Utah State Bar. The Huntsman World Senior Games, Board of Trustees, Vice President. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

John P. Romney

MBA from Arizona State University and a BS in Business Administration from Brigham Young University.
Managing Director of the Restructuring Advisory Services and the Capital Markets departments for Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas 1991-2003. Senior Managing Director for Howard Frazier Barker Elliott, Inc., supervising merger and acquisition advisory services and private placements 2003-2004. Levine Leichtman Capital Partners , Director, member of the firm’s deal origination group 2004-. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

Daniel S. Romney

Daniel S. Romney earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Accounting from the University of Utah in 1984, after which he obtained his CPA certificate. He graduated in 1986 with a Master of Business Administration degree from Brigham Young University. Former Vice President of Finance and CFO of iDirect, Inc., a venture capital funded broadband technology company. Prior to joining iDirect, he served from as Vice President of Finance for Host Marriott Services Corporation. Chief Financial Officer of SynTegra, LLC and Health Pathways, Inc. and a Board Member of Rx Distribution Network, LLC. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

Jerry E. Romney, Jr

Mr. Romney attended the University of Utah from 1972 to 1978. From 1980 until its sale in 1986, Mr. Romney founded and served as president of "National Inn-Formation Network" a company pioneering "video magazines" for broadcast in hotels. Mr. Romney was the founder of Teltrust, Inc. and served as its President from 1986 to 1998. Mr. Romney also founded the Utah Pay Phone Association in 1986 (serving as its President until 1994). From 1990 to 1998 he also served as a director of the nationally recognized "A.P.C.C.," lobbying successfully in Washington D.C. for a fair competitive marketplace and was instrumental in having language to that effect added to the landmark "Telecom Act of 1996." Mr. Romney was also President and a director of Videolocity, Inc. until 2002. Managing partner for Video Renditions LLC. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

David T. Romney

Lawyer. President, Barker & Romney, P.C. Romney Law Offices, APC. General HOA Counsel & Construction Defect. President of West Pasadena Residents Association. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

Robert E. Romney

Bob E. Romney. Senior director of Marvell Semiconductor Inc., California, 2006 -. President and CEO of Zenographics Inc., California, 1979-2006. Zenographics is a privately-held, Southern California-based software and firmware development company located in the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Research Park. The company has been supplying innovative technologies to the OEM imaging and printing systems industry for over 15 years. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

Larry Romney

Larry Romney joined the Arizona Farm Bureau on April 1, 1993. An agent with the Old Pueblo Agency, Safford office.
Romney was a member of Town Council of Chino Valley. Larry Romney was a president of Chino Valley School District. Kinsman of Mitt Romney.

Philipp O. Peay

(b. 1945 -) Philipp O. Peay is the father of Stewart O. Peay. New York Times 10.08.2007 "Iowa hosts Romney family reunion": "Afterward, he ( Mitt Romney) visited with relatives... Among those in attendance were Stewart Peay and his wife, Misha, from Salt Lake City... “It’s a reunion of the cousins,” Mrs. Peay said."
Philipp O. Peay is a brigadier general retired. Deputy Adjutant General, Utah National Guard 1994 - 2000. Republican.

G. Ott Romney

George Ottinger Romney was born December 12, 1892, in Salt Lake City.
George Ottinger Romney was the third head football coach at Brigham Young University (BYU). He coached for nine years from 1928-1936. His national positions included Chairman of the National Recreation Policies Committee; National Director of the Recreation Section of the Works Progress Administration or WPA; assignments with the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; and membership on President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Council on Youth Fitness. During World War II he served as Chief of Recreation and Club Unit Services to the United States Armed Forces through the Red Cross.
He married Ruth Harding in 1919, and they are parents of three children - two girls and one boy. George Ottinger Romney was a son of George Ernest Romney (1868-1940), grandson of George Romney ( 1831-1920) and great-grandson of Miles Romney (1806-1877).
This line gets particularly confusing because George Romney (1831-1920) had three wives and each of them had a son that they named George.[8]

Miles Romney Sr.

b. Dec. 18, 1872 St. George, Utah , d. March 31, 1943, in Hamilton, Montana. Democrat. Member of the State Democratic Central Committee. Mayor of Hamilton, Montana 1902 - 1904. Montana state senator from Ravalli County from 1906 to 1910. He was unsuccessful in three primary bids for Montana governor. State director of the National Recovery Act. He also organized the Federal Housing Administration in Montana and the National Emergency Council, which became the U.S. Office of Government Reports. President of the Montana Press Association, owner and publisher of the newspaper of Hamilton Western News.
Grandson of Miles Romney (1806-1877), son of Hiram Thomas Gaskell Romney (b. 1845). His uncle was Miles Park Romney (1843-1904). Father on Miles Romney Jr.

Miles Romney Jr.

b. Dec. 6, 1900, in Hamilton, Montana d. Feb. 19, 1976. Member of the Montana House of Representatives 1966 - 1970. In 1971 he was elected as a delegate to the state Constitutional Convention. He was appointed to the Montana Senate in 1973 and elected to a full term in 1974. Owner and publisher of the newspaper Hamilton Western News.
Son of Miles Romney Sr, great grandson of Miles Romney (1806 -1877), grandson of Hiram Thomas Gaskell Romney (b. 1845). His granduncle was Miles Park Romney (1843-1904).

Daniel T. Romney

(1926-2008) Member of the VFW, Masonic Lodge, served on the Arco City Council and also as Mayor of Arco, Idaho. Son of Daniel Gaskell Romney and Lois Louella Taylor. Wife Mary Ellen Jackson. Great-great-grandson of Miles Romney (1806 -1877).

Clyde Anderson Romney

(1943-2006) Chief of Staff in Washington D.C. to U.S. Congressman Ron Packard, California 1983-1986.
Bishop of the LDS Church San Dieguito Ward 1974-1979. Bishop of the LDS Church Carlsbad Ward. LDS Church Regional Public Affairs Director for the county of San Diego. Bishop of the LDS Church Palomar Ward, Escondido South Stake 1998-2006. Chairman of the San Luis Rey Indian Water Rights Task Force, Congressional Facilitator of the San Luis Rey settlement act. Candidate for the San Diego County board of supervisors in 1986 and the Palomar College Board of Trustees in 1988. Republican.
Son of Clyde Romney and Almera Anderson. Grandson of Miles Alonzo Romney , great-great-grandson of Miles Romney (1806-1877).

Melbourne Romney III

b. 1948. Mr. Romney is an officer and shareholder in the firm Pritchett Siler & Hardy PC. He also works in the area of real estate transactions and 1031 exchanges. Predident of Romney Lumber Company, Salt Lake City. Wife Karen Greene b. 1949. Son of Melbourne Romney Jr and Janice McCune Romney. Grandson of Melbourne Romney (1895-1973) and LaRue Peterson Romney. Great-grandson of Orson Douglas Romney (1860-1941) (brother of Miles Alonzo Romney) and Emma Phillips Romney. Great-great-grandson of George Romney (1831-1920) and Vilate Ellen Douglas Romney. Great-great-great-grandson of Miles Romney and Elisabeth Gaskell.
Cousin of Clyde Anderson Romney.

Vernon Romney

(1896-1976) Born in Colonia Juárez, Chihuahua, July 3, 1896. Son of Miles Park Romney and Catherine Jane Cottam; married 1923 to Lois Bradford, descendant of Plymouth Colony Gov. William Bradford. Vernon later married Helen Hackett Brown. He was the father of Vernon B. Romney. Member of Utah Republican State Executive Committee, 1936-62; delegate to Republican National Convention from Utah, 1944, 1948, 1952, 1960, 1964; Utah Republican state chair, 1944-50, 1958-62; member of Republican National Committee from Utah, 1944-50, 1958-62.[9]

Helen Hackett Brown Romney

(1917-2004) Wife of Vernon Romney, m. 1964. Vice Chairman of Utah Republican Party. She served on the state Health Board, the state Parks and Recreation Board. Founding and Charter Member of Utah State Heritage Foundation. First husband Vernon C. Brown (1912-1955).

Vernon B. Romney

(b. 1924) Served two terms as Attorney General of the State of Utah[9] from 1969 to 1976. Defeated in 1976 by Democratic candidate Scott M. Matheson, an attorney for the Union Pacific Railroad, in his bid for governor. He is married to Patricia (Pingree) Romney. They have six children. Son of Vernon Romney.

Keith Bradford Romney

Son of Vernon Romney, brother of Vernon B. Romney. In 1960, the first condominium in the Continental United States was built in Salt Lake City, Utah. The legal counsel for the project, Keith B. Romney is also credited with authoring the Utah Condominium act of 1960. Romney also played an advisory role in the creation of condominium legislation with every other legislature in the U.S. Business Week hailed Romney as the "Father of Condominiums". He soon after formed a partnership with Don W. Pihl called "Keith Romney Associates", which was widely recognized throughout the 1970's as America's preeminent condominium consulting firm. He was a largest financial supporter his brother, politician Vernon B. Romney.

Keith Bradford Romney II

born 22 Dec 1955. Romney received a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Brigham Young University in 1982. From 1982 to 1986, Mr. Romney was Executive Vice-President of Keith Romney Associates. He served as Executive Vice President of Dayna, beginning in 1986. From 1991 until its sale to Intel Corporation in October 1997, Mr. Romney served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dayna Communications, Inc. Utah General Business Manager, Intel Corporation. Business Unit Manager of Small Business Networking Operation , Intel Corporation. The former chairman of the Utah Information Technologies Association. Son of Keith Bradford Romney.

Thomas Cottam Romney

(1876-1962) Logan LDS Institute of Religion, director. President of the Central States Mission. Father Miles Park Romney, mother Catharine Jane Cottam. Brother of Vernon Romney (1896-1976).

Marshall B. Romney

B.1950. Doctor of Philosophy (1977). Professor, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University. Mission President in the Dominican Republic for the LDS Church 1988-1991. Son of Ianthus Barlow Romney (1919-1998) and Eleanore Brown ( 1922-2001), grandson of Eugene Romney (1883-1946) and Ethel Ventencia Call (1886-1985), great-grandson of Miles Park Romney.

Brent Wayne Romney

Romney earned his BS and MAcc in accountancy from BYU in 1982, with an emphasis in audit. He is corporate director of internal audit at UICI, a company that offers insurance through its subsidiaries and provides selected financial services to niche consumer and institutional markets. He was recently named president of the National BYU Alumni Board. He also has served as president of the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the BYU Management Society and as chair of the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the BYU Alumni Association.
He and his wife, Ella Ann McDaniel, have six children. Son of Ianthus Barlow Romney (1919-1998) and Eleanore Brown ( 1922-2001), great-grandson of Miles Park Romney. Brother of Marshall B. Romney.

Henry Eyring

Prominent physicist. Son of Caroline Cottam Romney.

Henry B. Eyring

(b. May 31, 1933) First Counselor in the First Presidency of LDS Church 2008 -; son of Henry Eyring, grandson of Edward Christian Eyring and Caroline Cottam Romney , great-grandson of Miles Park Romney.

George S. Romney

(1874-Dec. 19, 1935) president of Bannock Stake Academy 1917-1930, now Brigham Young University–Idaho and was also known as Ricks Normal College from 1917-1923 and Ricks College from 1923-2001. President of the Northern States Mission of LDS Church 1930-1935.
Romney's son was Marion G. Romney. Romney was uncle of George W. Romney.

Antone Kimball Romney

(1902-1982) Dr. Antone K. Romney, president of Brigham Young University Stake of LDS Church, dean of the College of Education, dean of students . Elder Antone K. Romney was a president of the Provo Stake too. Dean Antone K. Romney was one of the very few American educators who had the privilege of visiting the Soviet Union on two extensive trips in 1959/1960. Son of George S. Romney, brother of Marion G. Romney. Wife Gretta Parkinson (1904-1982).

A. Kimball Romney

Born in Rexburg, Idaho on August 15, 1925. B.A. Brigham Young University (1947) Sociology, M.A. Brigham Young University (1948) Sociology, Ph.D. Harvard University (1956) Social Anthropology, Social Relations Department. 1955‑56 Assistant Professor, University of Chicago. 1957‑60 Assistant Professor, Stanford University. 1960‑66 Associate Professor, Stanford University. 1960‑65 Director, Anthropological Research, Stanford University. 1966‑68 Professor, Harvard University. 1969‑71 Dean, School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine. 1969-1995 Professor, University of California, Irvine. 1995- Research Professor, University of California, Irvine. 1956‑57 Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford. 1994 - Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 1995- Member, National Academy of Sciences. Son of Antone Kimball Romney (1902-1982).

Marion G. Romney

(September 19, 1897—May 20, 1988) Apostle in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and cousin to George W. Romney. He was elected to the Utah state legislature in 1934 as a Democrat. Marion G. Romney was an assistant prosecuting attorney in Salt Lake City.

Ariel Smith Ballif

(1901-1995) He was elected to the Provo, Utah City Council in 1958 and served as Mayor of Provo from 1960 to 1961. War Relocation Adjustment Advisor for the Intermountain area. State chairman of the Utah Council on Family Life. Husband of Artemsia Romney (1904 - 1993), sister of Marion G. Romney.


Ariel S. Ballif Jr.
(May 29, 1926 – April 21, 1994) was a prominent stage designer. He was one of the founders of Theatre 138, the first "alternative" theater in Salt Lake City.
Ballif was born in Rexburg, Idaho. His father was Ariel S. Ballif and his mother was Arta Romney, a daughter of George S. Romney and a sister of Marion G. Romney. His younger brother Jae, was a professor and administrator at Brigham Young University (BYU). Ballif received his bachelors degree from BYU in 1948, and his MFA from Yale University in 1952. He later served on the theater faculty at the University of Utah and designed major productions for many organizations, including Ballet West and the Utah Opera. With Tom Carlin and Stu Falconer, Ballif operated Theatre 138 in Salt Lake City from 1966 to 1986.

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  • Rey Pratt — Infobox person name=Ray Lucero Pratt birth date=birth date|1878|10|11 birth place=Salt Lake City, Utah parents=Helaman Pratt (father), Emmeline Victoria Billingsley Pratt (mother) death date=dda|1931|04|14|1878|10|11 Rey Lucero Pratt (11 October… …   Wikipedia

  • George S. Romney — George Samuel Romney (1874 December 19, 1935) was the president of Bannock Stake Academy, now Brigham Young University–Idaho, at the end of the First World War. He was a key figure in helping it to survive the postwar depression. Before its… …   Wikipedia

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