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A syndesmosis is slightly movable articulation where the contiguous bony surfaces are united by an interosseous ligament, as in the inferior tibiofibular articulation. It comes from the Greek σύν, syn (meaning "with") and δεσμός, desmos (meaning "a band").[1]

Another example is found between the radius and Carpal bones forming the radiocarpal joint. (wrist joint)

If the syndesmosis is torn apart as result of bone fracture, surgeons will sometimes fix the relevant bones together with a syndesmotic screw, temporarily replacing the syndesmosis. The screw inhibits normal movement of the bones and, thereby, the corresponding joint(s). When the natural articulation is healed, the screw is removed.

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  1. ^ Dr. M. A. (Toby) Arnold; Deborah Bryce. "Arnold's Glossary of Anatomy". The University of Sydney. 

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