Court system of Gibraltar

Court system of Gibraltar

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The Court system of Gibraltar is made up as follows:


Privy Council

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London is the highest Court of Appeal for Gibraltar and hears appeals from the Gibraltar Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal

The next highest Court is the Court of Appeal. This Court is composed of an odd number of judges not less than three. The Chief Justice is an ex-officio member of the Court of Appeal but may not hear appeals of his own decisions.

Supreme Court of Gibraltar

The Supreme Court is composed of two judges — a Chief Justice and a further judge appointed by the Governor. The Court hears civil and criminal proceedings, including Family Jurisdiction, Court of Protection, Admiralty Jurisdiction and Ordinary (Chancery) Jurisdiction. The Supreme Court hears appeals from the Court of First Instance and the Magistrates' Court.

Subordinate courts

The lower courts are the Court of First Instance, comparable to a County Court in England and Wales — this Court deals with civil litigation up to the value of £1,000, the Coroner's Court and the Magistrates' Court — this Court hears mainly Criminal and Family cases. Below the Magistrates' Court, there are also tribunals for social security, tax and employment matters.

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