Education in Gibraltar

Education in Gibraltar

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Education in Gibraltar generally follows the English system operating within a three tier system. Schools in Gibraltar follow the Key Stage system which teaches the National Curriculum.

Primary education

The first year of education in Gibraltar is done in nursery or pre-school. Attendance is from 3 to 4 years and is not compulsory. Compulsory education starts at the age of 4 years with primary education. The first year is known as Reception, where attendance is up to 5 years. In Gibraltar Primary education lasts for 8 years (First and Middle school). [ Government of Gibraltar - Education & Training.] ]

econdary education

At the age of 12 Gibraltarian students enter a single-sex secondary school (all education before this age follows a coeducational system). Following a four-year course preparing for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), where students sit for final examinations at the age of 16. Students can take on up to 10 GCSE subjects including the core 5 (English, mathematics, science, religious studies and Spanish). Students willing to continue their studies after taking their GCSEs can move onto sixth form (in the same school) providing they have obtained a minimum requirement of 4 subject passes at grade C or higher (generally including English and mathematics). Here the student will go onto a two-year A-Level course, sitting Advanced Subsidiary (AS) examinations at the end of the first year and Advanced 2 (A2) examinations at the end of the course. Gibraltarian students can take up to 4 different A-Level subjects simultaneously.


Gibraltar has fifteen state schools, one MOD school, one private school and one college.

Primary schools

* Governor's Meadow School
* Loreto Convent First School and Nursery (private)
* Notre Dame First School and Nursery
* [ St Bernard's First School and Nursery]
* St Christopher's First School (MOD)
* St Joseph's First School and Nursery
* St Mary's First School
* St Paul's First School and Nursery

Middle schools

* Bishop Fitzgerald School
* Loreto Convent Middle School (private)
* [ Sacred Heart Middle School]
* [ St Anne's Middle School]
* St Christopher's Middle School (MOD)
* St Joseph's Middle School

econdary schools

* Bayside Comprehensive School (single-sex)
* Westside School (single-sex)

pecial needs schools

* St Bernadette's School
* St Martin's School

Religious schools

* Hebrew School (first and middle school)


* [ Gibraltar College of Further Education]

Higher education

There are no facilities in Gibraltar for full-time higher education, and consequently, all students must study elsewhere at degree level or equivalent and certain non-degree courses. The Government of Gibraltar operates a scholarship/grant system to provide funding for students studying in the United Kingdom. [ [ A Profile of Gibraltar - Language and Education.] ] All Gibraltarian students follow the student loans procedure of the UK, where they apply for a loan from the Student Loans Company which is then reimbursed in full by the Government of Gibraltar.


All teacher-training takes place in UK universities and colleges, where students can opt to enrol on a teaching degree or a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE). Students obtaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in any constituent country of the UK and who have a registration number issued by the DfES (UK) is eligible to teach in Gibraltar.


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* [ List of schools in Gibraltar.]

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* Education in England

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