The Go-ongers and the Go-on Wings. From left to right: Hiroto Sutō, Miu Suto, Hant Jō, Renn Kōsaka, Sōsuke Esumi, Saki Rōyama, Gunpei Ishihara.

The Go-ongers (ゴーオンジャー Gōonjā?) are the fictional eponymous protagonists of the Japanese Super Sentai series Engine Sentai Go-onger. To become a Go-onger, each member was chosen by fictional sentient vehicles known as Engines to battle the evil Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark.



The main team based out of the RV known as the Ginjiro-go (ギンジロー号 Ginjirō-gō?), named after Saki's family dog, the Go-onger team is composed of the core three and two back-up members who support the main team. Each of the Go-ongers has his/her own role call phrase and a nickname (emblazened on their "civilian" clothing[1]) before the group says "Persevering on the Road of Justice! Engine Sentai Go-onger!" (正義のロードを突き進む!炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー! Seigi no Rōdo o tsukisusumu! Enjin Sentai Gōonjā?), saying "Checker Flag" whenever they win thus finishing the episode usually still wearing their suits without theIr helmets. Advertisements for the series show that the first kana in the Go-ongers' surnames spell "ecology" (「え・こ・ろ・じ・い」(エコロジー) "E-Ko-Ro-Ji-I" (ekorojī)?) in Japanese. One kanji in each Go-onger's given name contains a variation of the radical for "car" ( kurumahen?). Each of the Go-ongers has a weapon called a Go-on Gear (ゴーオンギア Gōon Gia?). The Go-ongers each wear a necklace bearing the Go-onger crest, with a colored stone of their respective color in the center. During the events of Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, after losing their Engine Souls, the Go-ongers learn a new fighting style: Engine Fist (炎神拳 Enjinken?).

Sōsuke Esumi

Sōsuke Esumi (江角 走輔 Esumi Sōsuke?), nicknamed the "Speed King," was formerly a race car driver training under Tojiro Fuji. Possessing a sunny disposition, he was referred to by his racing team as "Miracle Esumi" for his belief in miracles. Unyielding to the point of obstinance and always full of confidence, he confronts all obstacles without hesitation. He is often seen flipping a Go-onger coin for good luck. When Speedor becomes rusted, Sōsuke crosses paths with his former mentor, who aids him by reminding him that a miracle takes more than one person to make by himself. He is very protective of his teammates; when Saki expresses that she wants to be pretty for a boyfriend who will appreciate her and makes a date with a young musician not long after, Sōsuke worries that she intends to leave the team to get married. Sōsuke is thought to secretly like Miu Sutō; in GP 30 ("Friendship's Punch"), while under the influence of a Gaiark energy drink, he gives her a ring. After the final battle, Sōsuke returns to racing, but because of his long absence from the racing circuit, he has to start from the bottom as a go-kart driver.

After transforming into Go-on Red (ゴーオンレッド Gōon Reddo?), Sōsuke says, "Mach Full Force!! Go-on Red" (マッハ全開!!ゴーオンレッド Mahha Zenkai!! Gōon Reddo?). Sōsuke and Speedor say, "The Burning Crimson Speed Kings!! We are the Go-on Mach Team" (真っ赤に燃えるスピードキング!!俺達ゴーオンマッハ組 Makka ni Moeru Supīdo Kingu!! Oretachi Gōon Mahhagumi?). With his high speed abilities, he uses the Mantan Gun in Rod Mode to perform the Go-on Thrust (ゴーオンスラスト Gōon Surasuto?), which skewers multiple enemies, and the Spin Rod Crash (スピンロッドクラッシュ Supin Roddo Kurasshu?). With Go-on Blue with the Cowl Laser and Go-on Yellow with the Bridge Axe, he can perform Go-on Bond Spirits (ゴーオンキズナスピリッツ Gō-on Kizuna Supirittsu?) with the Rocket Daggers.[2]

During the events of Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, Sōsuke learns an enhanced version of his Saber Straight combined with his own Geki manifested into an image of Speedor, dubbing it the Geki Speedor Saber Straight (ゲキスピードルサーベルストレート Geki Supīdoru Sāberu Sutorēto?). His Engine Fist move is the Drrr-Drrr Bullet (ドルドル弾 Doru Doru Dan?), performed with the Mantan Gun. With GekiRed and Rio, he can perform Fierce-Confrontation Engine Bullet (激臨炎神弾 Gekirin Enjin Dan?).

During the events of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!!, Go-on Red uses the Kyoryu Disk on the Mantan Gun to become Hyper Go-on Red (ハイパーゴーオンレッド Haipā Gōon Reddo?). In this form, Go-On Red's Mantan Gun gains the same powers as the Kyoryumaru.

Sōsuke is portrayed by Yasuhisa Furuhara (古原 靖久 Furuhara Yasuhisa?).

Renn Kōsaka

Renn Kōsaka (香坂 連 Kōsaka Ren?), nicknamed the "Cyclopedia" for his attention to the smallest detail, is a former bus driver who tends to be somewhat talkative. Because of his doting personality and cooking expertise, he has been referred to as the Go-ongers' "mother" (オカン okan?) by the other Go-ongers and even his own Engine partner, Bus-on; he takes no offense to and even revels in the reference. The son of a family that runs a beachside inn, Renn, as a young boy, prayed and offered omelettes every day to a guardian statue in the eventually futile hope that his sickly mother would recover. The guardian statue turned out to be the sealed form of the Arerunbra Uzumaquixote, which Renn learned only after Kitaneidas and Kegareshia tried to claim it. Renn carries a small memo notebook, which is the source of his massive knowledge; in it, he jots down notes about and draws doodles of the enemies the team faces, even in the middle of a fight. Not only is Renn the "mother" of the team, but he is also the chief technician; he made modifications to the Engines so they could come together in the G6 and G9 formations, developed the Kyuyu Soul and the Kankanbar, and assisted the Go-on Wings in fine-tuning the Go-Roader GT. After the final battle, Renn becomes Sōsuke's mechanic in the go-kart racing circuit.

As Go-on Blue (ゴーオンブルー Gōon Burū?), Renn's physical strength is magnified. After transforming into Go-on Blue, Renn says, "Just Correct!! Go-on Blue" (ズバリ正解!!ゴーオンブルー Zubari Seikai!! Gōon Burū?). With the Mantan Gun in Rod Mode, he can perform the Go-on Drift (ゴーオンドリフト Gōon Dorifuto?). With the Mantan Gun in Gun Mode he can perform the Sniper Shoot (スナイパーシュート Sunaipā Shūto?). His Engine Fist move is On-On Bullet (オンオン弾 On'on Dan?).[3]

Renn is portrayed by Shinwa Kataoka (片岡 信和 Kataoka Shinwa?).

Saki Rōyama

Saki Rōyama (楼山 早輝 Rōyama Saki?), nicknamed the "Sweet Angel," was a concessions vendor who worked the stands of the Twin Ring Motegi racetrack. Cheerful and eager, she smiles and remains upbeat even in times of crisis, and exhorts her teammates to do the same. This is reflective of her personal mantra, "smile, smile," which she learned from a woodland spirit that she met when she was younger. While she and Hant are trapped in Junk World, she reveals that she dreams of opening a cake shop someday. Her Go-Phone has multiple charms on it, differentiating it from the boys' Go-Phones. She has an older sister named Sanae, a manipulative and devilish woman who often tormented her when they were younger and continues to make trouble for her in the present time. After the final battle, Saki goes to work at a cake shop before joining the other Go-ongers in traveling across the Braneworlds to defeat any remaining members of the Gaiark.[4]

After transforming into Go-on Yellow (ゴーオンイエロー Gōon Ierō?), Saki says, "Smile Blooming!! Go-on Yellow" (スマイル満開!!ゴーオンイエロー Sumairu Mankai!! Gōon Ierō?). In the G3 Princess idol group, she says, "The 3 G's are together today as a unit!! G3 Princess" (3つのGが集まって今日だけユニット!!G3プリンセス Mittsu no jī ga atsumatte kyō dake yunitto!! Jī Surī Purinsesu?). She can fight in any hard terrain, using the Mantan Gun's Rod Mode to execute perform the Go-on Spin (ゴーオンスピン Gōon Supin?). With the Mantan Gun in Gun Mode she can perform the Machinegun Shoot (マシンガンシュート Mashingan Shūto?). As part of G3 Princess with Go-on Silver and Kegalesia, she performs Princess Cannonball (プリンセスキャノンボール Purinsesu Kyanonbōru?), after performing G3 Triangle (G3トライアングル Jī Surī Toraianguru?) which passes the ball made by them. In the Go-on Princess, they say, "With the maidens prayer, we come into this world of flowers to make it a world of justice!! We three are the Go-on Princess!" (乙女の祈りはいつの日もこの世に花が満ちるよに正義がこの世に満ちること!!三人そろってゴーオンプリンセス Otome no inori wa itsu no hi mo konoyo ni hana ga michiru yo ni seigi ga konoyo ni michiru koto!! San'nin sorotte Gōon Purinsesu?). As part of Go-on Princess with Go-on Silver and Bearrv, she performs Princess Triple Attack (プリンセストリプルアタック Purinsesu Toripuru Atakku?) and Princess Triple Punch (プリンセストリプルパンチ Purinsesu Toripuru Panchi?). Her Engine Fist move is V-V Bullet (ブイブイ弾 Bui Bui Dan?).

Saki is portrayed by Rina Aizawa (逢沢 りな Aizawa Rina?).

Hant Jō

Hant Jō (城 範人 Jō Hanto?), nicknamed the "Vagabond," is a freeter working part-time at the Doki Doki Pizzeria until Gunpei's actions cost him his job. He becomes a Go-onger when he helps Gunpei return the Engine Casts to the others. Enthusiastic, kind-hearted, but immature, Hant seems to always have a part-time job of some sort; one of these was at a crepe stand so that he could talk with girls his age (he lied to his teammates, telling them that he was working to supplement their food budget so they could buy barbecue meat). Hant's love of amusement parks prevents him from getting nauseous when Birca uses his Bircutter. After the final battle, Hant is a freeter once again, and again working for the Doki Doki Pizzeria.[5]

After transforming into Go-on Green (ゴーオングリーン Gōon Gurīn?), Hant says, "Doki Doki Delight!! Go-on Green" (ドキドキ愉快!!ゴーオングリーン Dokidoki Yukai!! Gōon Gurīn?, [Note 1]). One of his attacks is his Cycle Punch. His Engine Fist move is Bir-Bir Bullet (バルバル弾 Baru Baru Dan?).

Hant is portrayed by Masahiro Usui (碓井 将大 Usui Masahiro?).

Gunpei Ishihara

Gunpei Ishihara (石原 軍平 Ishihara Gunpei?), nicknamed the "Chaser," is a former police officer with excellent marksmanship and a passion for justice. His code name as a police officer was "Handsome Detective," and he passed himself off as such until his former partner revealed that Gunpei had never been a detective. After witnessing the primary Go-ongers in their first battles against the Gaiark, Gunpei quits the police force; because the police had considered the Gaiark out of their jurisdiction, Gunpei decided that the police had lost their sense of justice. He eventually finds out the Go-ongers' true identities and demands to become one himself, going so far as to kidnap Bomper and steal the Engine Casts to achieve that end. After learning how and why Sōsuke, Renn, and Saki were chosen, he decided to return the Engine Casts to them and, along with Hant, was made a Go-onger by Bomper. Though he tries to come across as cool and serious, Gunpei is actually very insecure and, especially when he is around Hant, can be quite buffoonish. After the final battle, Gunpei returns to the police force and finally becomes a detective.[6]

Gunpei initially belittles Sōsuke, Renn, and Saki for being "just" kids and claims that he is "a man more qualified to be a Go-onger." Though Kenji Ebisawa, the actor who portrays Gunpei, is indeed older than Rina Aizawa and Masahiro Usui, who plays Saki and Hant, he is, ironically, younger than both Yasuhisa Furuhara and Shinwa Kataoka, the actors who play Sōsuke and Renn respectively.

After transforming into Go-on Black (ゴーオンブラック Gōon Burakku?), Gunpei says, "Dash Dynamic!! Go-on Black" (ダッシュ豪快!!ゴーオンブラック Dasshu Gōkai!! Gōon Burakku?). His Engine Fist move is Ganga Ganga Bullet (ガンガガンガ弾 Ganga Ganga Dan?).

Gunpei is portrayed by Kenji Ebisawa (海老澤 健次 Ebisawa Kenji?).

Go-on Wings

The Go-on Wings (ゴーオンウイングス Gōon Uingusu?) are a two-man team composed of the Sutō siblings, who came from a Plutocratic lifestyle and chosen by the Wing Clan Engines due to their esper abilities, brought to the Machine World to become an elite fighting force under Jum-bowhale's guidance before the Go-onger team came to be. However, it is due to their training that the Go-on Wings see the Go-ongers as being too inexperienced to protect the Earth from Gaiark. However, after learning from Jum-bowhale about what truly made the Go-ongers who they are, the Go-on Wings join the Go-ongers as comrades. Living at their villa, the Sutō siblings come to the Go-ongers' aid whenever they feel an evil presence making its move. After transforming, they say "Take Off! Go-on Wings" (テークオフ!ゴーオンウイングス Tēku Ofu! Gōon Uingusu?), with their victory quote "Touch Down." The Go-on Wings each wear a necklace bearing the Go-on Wings crest and are fearful of ghosts since being told scary ghost stories by their grandfather. After the final battle, the Sutō siblings resume their family duties in high class society, though Hiroto was a bit reluctant to accept this role. With the Go-ongers, the groups' surnames spell "ecologist" (「え・こ・ろ・じ・い・すとう」(エコロジスト) "E-Ko-Ro-Ji-I-Sutō" (ekorojisuto)?). The two siblings' names both include the radical for feather ( hanezukuri?). In Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, the two also learn to fight using the Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts style from Gorie Yen.

Hiroto Sutō

Hiroto Sutō (須塔 大翔 Sutō Hiroto?), nicknamed the "Philosopher," is the cool and aloof leader of the Go-on Wings, and is amazing in combat. He trains extensively in boxing and kickboxing and possesses an esper ability that allows him to sense when danger is near. His seemingly cold exterior belies his fiery passion; he tells the Ancient Engines that, like them and like the Go-ongers and his sister, he will put his life on the line to protect those that he cares about. Because of this, and a separate incident which saw him care for a Wameikle from Sound World, the Go-ongers tab him as their "father." Hiroto, however, is not amused in the least by the reference, unlike Renn, who enjoys being the Go-ongers' "mother." During the Christmas incident, Hiroto, with encouragement from Saki, manages to overcome his deeply-seated fear of ghosts.[7]

After transforming into Go-on Gold (ゴーオンゴールド Gōon Gōrudo?), Hiroto says "Break the Limit!! Go-on Gold" (ブレイク限界!!ゴーオンゴールド Bureiku Genkai!! Gōon Gōrudo?). With the Rocket Dagger, he can perform the attacks "Burning Dagger," "Lightning Dagger," "Shining Dagger," "Freezing Dagger," and "Full-Power Dagger."

Hiroto is portrayed by Hidenori Tokuyama (徳山 秀典 Tokuyama Hidenori?), he previously portrayed the anti-hero Sou Yaguruma in Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Miu Sutō

Miu Sutō (須塔 美羽 Sutō Miu?), nicknamed the "Lovely Sensation," is Hiroto's younger sister. A girl with a bit of a princessy attitude, her fighting style is aikido. Like Hiroto, Miu possesses an esper ability; it allows her to see things though the flowers she tends to. She idolizes and is severely dependent upon her brother, who she always addresses as "Ani" (a shortened form of "aniki," the Japanese honorific expression for "older brother"). She has a tendency to try to "improve" those she sees as lesser than she is, which Hiroto refers to as her "bad habit." Though she initially had little regard for Saki, Miu eventually becomes good friends with her. Miu also develops a bit of a love on Sōsuke, though, at first, she is hesitant to acknowledge it. She later helps Saki and Renn in regaining their courage by telling them how they changed her and her brother for the better.[8]

After transforming into Go-on Silver (ゴーオンシルバー Gōon Shirubā?), Miu says "World Sparkling!! Go-on Silver" (キラキラ世界!!ゴーオンシルバー Kirakira Sekai!! Gōon Shirubā?). With the Rocket Dagger, she can perform attacks such as "Freezing Dagger," "Shooting Dagger," and "Full Power Dagger." As part of G3 Princess with Go-on Yellow and Kegalesia, she performs Princess Cannonball (プリンセスキャノンボール Purinsesu Kyanonbōru?), after performing G3 Triangle (G3トライアングル Jī Surī Toraianguru?) which passes the ball made by them.

Miu is portrayed by Yumi Sugimoto (杉本 有美 Sugimoto Yumi?).


Bomper (ボンパー Bonpā?) is a pink radar robot created by Jum-bowhale from the Machine World, supporting the Go-ongers by creating their arsenal and performing maintenance on the Engines. Everything relating to Bomper involves the number 66. All of his dimensions are 66 cm, weighing 66 kg with a top speed of 66 km/h. Bomper also reveals that his name is an acronym for "Born-to Outerdimension and Mechanic × Pitcrew-type ENGINE-support Robot." As Bomper is from the Machine World, he ends his sentences with "Bom-Bom!" (ボンボン! Bonbon!?). Before settling on Bomper's pink-and-white color scheme, Jum-bowhale had originally designed him to be covered with colorful dots.

Bomper is voiced by Akiko Nakagawa (中川 亜紀子 Nakagawa Akiko?).


The Go-ongers' technology revolves around the Engine Soul (炎神ソウル Enjin Sōru?), which is a chip-like item that holds the soul of an Engine, whose power they allow the Go-ongers to employ. When not in use, they are kept in the Engine Soul Holster (炎神ソウルホルスター Enjin Sōru Horusutā?).

  • Transformation Cellphone Go-Phone (変身携帯ゴーフォン Henshin Keitai Gōfon?): The primary Go-ongers's transformation devices, installing a chip-like item called Change Souls (チェンジソウル Chenji Sōru?), based on the Engine Souls' design, and shouting "Let's Go-on!" to evoke the transformation. After their helmets materialize, they would say "'Met On!" to complete the transformation. By installing an Engine Soul in the Go-Phone, the Go-ongers can communicate with their Engine partners.
  • Self Changing Gun Mantan Gun (セルフ変形銃マンタンガン Serufu Henkeijū Mantan Gan?, [Note 2]): A team sidearm that resembles a gas pump dispenser and has both a Gun Mode (ガンモード Gan Mōdo?) and a Rod Mode (ロッドモード Roddo Mōdo?). It requires an Engine Soul to operate. The Go-ongers can perform the Go-on Cannonball (ゴーオンキャノンボール Gōon Kyanonbōru?) with the Mantan Guns Gun Mode and the Go-on Screw (ゴーオンスクリュー Gōon Sukuryū?) with the Mantan Guns Rod Mode. A special Kyuyu Soul (キューユソウル Kyūyu Sōru?, [Note 3]) is developed by Renn to fire at an Engine Formation, re-energizing it. With Go-on Silver with the Wing Booster, Go-on Yellow can perform the Flower Cannonball (フラワーキャノンボール Furawā Kyanonbōru?) with the Mantan Gun Gun Mode. When using the Kyoryu Disk as the Kyoryu Soul (恐竜ソウル Kyōryū Souru?), the Mantan Gun Rod Mode is able to extend over long distances.
  • Road Saber (ロードサーベル Rōdo Sāberu?): Go-on Red's personal weapon. With it, he can perform Saber Straight (サーベルストレート Sāberu Sutorēto?), Saber Straight Go-on Rendezvous (サーベルストレート・ゴーオンランデブー Sāberu Sutorēto Gōon Randebū?, with the Rocket Dagger), and Saber Spin Crash (サーベルスピンクラッシュ Sāberu Supin Kurasshu?).
  • Garage Launcher (ガレージランチャー Garēji Ranchā?): Go-on Blue's personal weapon. With it, he can perform Launcher Starter (ランチャースターター Ranchā Sutātā?) and Jumping Attack (ジャンピングアタック Janpingu Atakku?).
  • Racing Bullet (レーシングバレット Rēshingu Baretto?): Go-on Yellow's personal weapon. With it, she can perform the Bullet Crash (バレットクラッシュ Baretto Kurasshu?).
  • Highway Buster (ハイウェイバスター Haiwei Basutā?): The combination of the primary Go-ongers' Go-on Gear: the Road Saber, the Garage Launcher, and the Racing Bullet. When an Engine Soul is set in the weapon, the Racing Bullet is fired, unleashing the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine on the target. The primary Go-ongers can perform the 1-2-3 Finish (ワンツースリーフィニッシュ Wan Tsū Surī Finisshu?), setting in three Engine Souls.
  • Transformation Brace Shift Changer (変身ブレスシフトチェンジャー Henshin Buresu Shifuto chenjā?): The secondary Go-ongers's transformation devices, worn on the wrist. Its use is also dependent on the Change Souls.
  • Bridge Axe (ブリッジアックス Burijji Akkusu?): Go-on Green's personal weapon. With it, he can perform the Axe Touring (アックスツーリング Akkusu Tsūringu?).
  • Cowl Laser (カウルレーザー Kauru Rēzā?): Go-on Black's personal weapon. With it, he can perform the Laser High-beam (レーザーハイビーム Rēzā Haibīmu?).
  • Junction Rifle (ジャンクションライフル Jankushon Raifuru?): The combination of the secondary Go-ongers's Go-on Gear: the Bridge Axe and the Cowl Laser. When an Engine Soul is set in the weapon, it fires two beams that combine into the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine as it hits the target.
  • Super Highway Buster (スーパーハイウェイバスター Sūpā Haiwei Basutā?): The combination of the Highway Buster and the Junction Rifle. To form the Super Highway Buster, the Road Saber portion of Highway Buster pushes the top cowl of the Junction Rifle forward while the blades of the Bridge Axe fold up. Like the Highway Buster, an Engine Soul-powered Racing Bullet is fired, stopping for a split second to take on Go-on Black's cowl. Combined, they unleash the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine on the target. With the Go-on Wings, the Go-ongers use their Engineken to use the Super-Super Special Highway Buster (超超スペシャルハイウェイバスター Chō Chō Supesharu Haiwei Basutā?). With the Wing Boosters with Bus-on and Bearrv's Engine Souls, it can perform the Go-on Bond Special (ゴーオンキズナスペシャル Gōon Kizuna Supesharu?) with Speedor's Engine Soul.
  • Handle Blaster (ハンドルブラスター Handoru Burasutā?): The weapon which transforms into the handle of Engine-Oh G6, Engine-Oh G9 or Engine-Oh G12's cockpit. When using for Engine-Oh G6, Engine-Oh G9 or Engine-Oh G12's finisher, the Blaster Soul (ブラスターソウル Burasutā Sōru?) is set in it and it transforms into a Blaster Mode (ブラスターモード Burasutā Mōdo?) which uses as a gunsight and a trigger from a Handle Mode (ハンドルモード Handoru Mōdo?).
  • Transformation Grip Wing Trigger (変身グリップウイングトリガー Henshin Gurippu Uingu Torigā?): The Go-on Wings' transformation devices, handheld and dependent on the Change Souls. The Wing Triggers serve as joysticks when the Go-on Wings pilot their Engines and anything thing else they attach to.
  • Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger (スイッチ噴射剣ロケットダガー Suitchi Funshaken Roketto Dagā?, [Note 4]): Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver's sword sidearms. The Rocket Dagger has six different attack modes, referred to as 'Mission #' by the weapon's voice:
    1. Burning Dagger (バーニングダガー Bāningu Dagā?): Go-on Gold's primary attack, the blade emitting torrents of flame.
    2. Freezing Dagger (フリージングダガー Furījingu Dagā?): Go-on Silver's primary attack, the blade creating a freezing wind that encases the opponent in ice.
    3. Lightning Dagger (ライトニングダガー Raitoningu Dagā?)
    4. Shining Dagger (シャイニングダガー Shainingu Dagā?): Jumping Dagger (ジャンピングダガー Janpingu Dagā?)
    5. Shooting Dagger (シューティングダガー Shūtingu Dagā?)
    6. Jet Dagger (ジェットダガー Jetto Dagā?): Allows the Go-on Wings to fly, executing attacks like their Dagger Acrobat (ダガーアクロバット Dagā Akurobatto?) maneuver. The Rocket Dagger when set to mode 6, says "Mission 6, Full Power" compared to the others.
  • Wing Booster (ウイングブースター Uingu Būsutā?): The combination of the Wing Trigger and the Rocket Dagger, allowing Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver to perform a finishing attack by putting in any of their Engines' Engine Soul or with the Blaster Soul to perform the Engine-Oh G9 or Engine-Oh G12 finisher. With the Go-ongers, Go-on Wings can perform the Hyper Cannon Ball (ハイパーキャノンボール Haipā Kyanon Bōru?).
  • Double Engine Soul Kankanbar (ダブル炎神ソウルカンカンバー Daburu Enjin Sōru Kankanbā?, [Note 5]): Developed by Renn to utilize the Ancient Engines' power, the weapon is modeled like a crossing gate and can hold up to two Engine Souls at once, having a Gun Mode and Rod Mode like the Mantan Guns. Its technique is the Crossing Dodonpa (クロッシングドドンパ Kurosshingu Dodonpa?) with T-line and K-line's Engine Souls shot out in the form of fireworks. Its finishing attack is the Crossing Stopper (クロッシングストッパー Kurosshingu Sutoppā?) with T-line and K-line's Engine Souls shot out in the form of a railway crossing. With the Mantan Gun Rod Mode with Kishamoth Soul, it can perform the Double Cross Stopper (ダブルクロスストッパー Daburu Kurosu Sutoppā?) with T-line and K-line's Engine Souls.
  • Kankan Mantan Gun (カンカンマンタンガン Kankan Mantan Gan?): The combination of the Kankanbar and the Mantan Gun that can hold up to three Engine Souls at once. Its finishing attack is the Kankan Kong Express (カンカンカンエクスプレス Kan Kan Kan Ekusupuresu?) with Kishamoth, T-line, and K-line's Engine Souls and there are also versions with Speedor, Bus-on, and Bearrv's Engine Souls or Speedor, T-line, and K-line's Engine Souls named the Speedor Version (スピードルバージョン Supīdoru Bājon?).


The Go-ongers' mecha are the Engines (炎神 Enjin?), denizens of Machine World with some of them pursuing the Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark, choosing the Go-ongers as their partners to fight the Gaiark with them. While in the Human World, the Engines cannot exist in their full size and thus remove their Engine Souls to assume small forms called Engine Casts (炎神キャスト Enjin Kyasuto?) which are kept in the Engine Attache (炎神アタッシュ Enjin Atasshu?) until they are needed, resuming their true size on Earth for only 10 minutes, or suffer fatal rusting. But to fight, the Engines need the aid of humans to resume their true forms, with their hearts allowing the Engines to assume more powerful forms. Among Engines are two races, the large Gian Race (ジャイアン族 Jaian Zoku?) that can combine with other Engines and the rare Wing Race (ウイング族 Uingu Zoku?) that are masters of aerial combat. After the defeat of Yogoshimacritein, the Engines depart back to their homeworld until Speedor later returns to ask their partner to aid them again with the Gaiark President.

While as Engine Souls, they can communicate via any henshin device to give advice to the Go-ongers and the Go-on Wings, appearing as cartoony holograms with features like teeth, mouths, and other body parts not present as an Engine.

With the Origami, the Engines can execute the Modikara Cannonball (モヂカラキャノンボール Mojikara Kyanonbōru?) attack.

  1. Engine Speedor (炎神スピードル Enjin Supīdoru?) is Go-on Red's partner, a hybrid between a condor and a racing car who ends his sentences with "Drrrr Drrrr!" (ドルドル! Doru Doru!?). When fully introducing himself, Speedor says, "Full tank of courage! The highway star! Engine Speedor" (勇気満タン、ハイウェイスター!炎神スピードル Yūki mantan, haiwei sutā! Enjin Supīdoru?). His engine pipes spout out flames in his Speedor Burst (スピードルバースト Supīdoru Bāsuto?) attack. His speed is unmatched and able to travel the length of Japan at full speed of 1000 km/h within three hours. Speedor can assume "Accel Full Throttle", a "semi-flying" mode where Speedor uses his talons for attacks, but he can only glide. He forms the upper body and head of Engine-Oh. Speedor is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa (浪川 大輔 Namikawa Daisuke?).[9] Namikawa previously voice N Ma, the main villain in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
  2. Engine Bus-on (炎神バスオン Enjin Basuon?) is Go-on Blue's partner, a hybrid between a lion and a bus who is the Edokko spirit of the group and ends his sentences with "Onon Ooonn!" (オンオン! On'on!?). He is able to hold 100 to 200 people in his body. When fully introducing himself, Bus-on says, "The chic and gallant safe ride! I'm Engine Bus-on" (粋でいなせな安全運転!炎神バスオンでい Iki de inase na anzen unten! Enjin Basuon dei?). He has brute strength and Bus-on Missiles (バスオンミサイル Basuon Misairu?). He uses his destination sign as a secondary form of communication, changing it to say words such as "Stop" and "Fire!" He forms Engine-Oh's hip, legs, and Go-on Sword. Bus-on is voiced by Hisao Egawa (江川 央生 Egawa Hisao?).[10]
  3. Engine Bearrv (炎神ベアールV(ブイ) Enjin Beārubui?) is Go-on Yellow's partner, a gutsy hybrid between a bear and an 4WD truck who speaks Kansai-ben and ends her sentences with "Vvvvv Vvvv!" (ブイブイ! Bui Bui!?). When fully introducing herself, Bearrv says, "The loving and compassionate tough girl! I'm Engine Bearrv" (愛嬌と度胸のタフガール!炎神ベアールVや Aikyō to dokyō no tafu gāru!! Enjin Beārubui ya?). Her spunky pep is due to her not being a picky eater, eating even enemy aircraft in her Bearr Attack (ベアールアタック Beāru Atakku?), and her technique is Bearr Press (ベアールプレス Beāru Puresu?) and V V Missiles (ブイブイミサイル Bui Bui Misairu?). She previously had romantic feelings for Jetras, though her impression of him as a strong person is ruined due to the Nigorl incident. She forms Engine-Oh's lower body and V-Shield. Bearrv is voiced by Miki Inoue (井上 美紀 Inoue Miki?).[11]
  4. Engine Birca (炎神バルカ Enjin Baruka?) is Go-on Green's partner, an easy-going hybrid between an orca and a motorcycle with a fondness for foreign words, having used Spanish, Italian, French, English, and Mandarin Chinese terms so far. He ends his sentences with "Bar Barrrca!" (バルバルーカ! Baru Barūka!?). When fully introducing himself, Birca says, "The easygoing dreamer! I'm Engine Birca" (気楽なドリーマー!炎神バルカだよ Kiraku na dorīmā! Enjin Baruka da yo?). He is best at quick movements, though can be stubborn and rush into things without second thought. In battle, Birca uses his tail, the Bircutter (バルカッター Barukattā?) as a weapon. He forms a left arm in formations, bestowing them with his slicing abilities as well as part of Engine-Oh G12's right foot. Birca is voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi (保志 総一朗 Hoshi Sōichirō?).[12]
  5. Engine Gunpherd (炎神ガンパード Enjin Ganpādo?) is Go-on Black's partner, a lonewolf hybrid between a German Shepherd and a police car who ends his sentences with "Ganga Gaaaan!" (ガンガガーン! Ganga Gān!?). When fully introducing himself, Gunpherd says, "The hard emergency dispatch! I'm Engine Gunpherd" (ハードな緊急出動!炎神ガンパードだ Hādo na kinkyū shutsudō! Enjin Ganpādo da?). Known as a sniper for his cannon nose, the Gunpherd Gun (ガンパードガン Ganpādo Gan?), Gunpherd pursues enemies in a hot chase with an equally burning sense of justice and precise sense of smell. He was a bit annoyed with Gunpei, chastising him once for having three stray bullets when they scrapped Speaker Banki. He forms a right arm in formations, bestowing them with his sniping abilities or part of Engine-Oh G12's left foot. Gunpherd is voiced by Kenji Hamada (浜田 賢二 Hamada Kenji?).[13]
  6. Engine Carrigator (炎神キャリゲーター Enjin Kyarigētā?) is a hybrid of an alligator and a semi-trailer truck with a samurai persona, able to carry two Engines on his back. He ends his sentences with "Geta Gaaaatoor!" (ゲタゲータ! Geta Gēta!?). When fully introducing himself, Carrigator says, "The giant star! I am Engine Carrigator" (ジャイアントな千両役者!炎神キャリゲーターでござる Jaianto na senryō yakusha! Enjin Kyarigētā de gozaru?). Being of the powerful and legendary Gian Clan, Carrigator can combine with any Engine without need of a human partner. Though he came on Earth to fight the Gaiark, he teams up with Gunpei and Hant to understand the concept of "partner". His only known flaws are that he takes much more time being charged than the other Engines, as well as being a voracious eater (in fact, his Engine Soul is slipped into his mouth). He forms the main body and head of GunBir-Oh and the feet of Engine-Oh G6, G9, and G12, as well as the helmet of Engine-Oh G6. Carrigator is voiced by Kyousei Tsukui (津久井 教生 Tsukui Kyōsei?).[14]
  7. Engine Toripter (炎神トリプター Enjin Toriputā?) is Go-on Gold's partner, a hybrid of a chicken (ニワトリ niwatori?) and a helicopter with a lively prankster personality who is a master in aerial dogfights while ending his sentences with "Batabata Bata!" (バタバタバタ! Batabatabata!?, an onomatopoeia of a helicopter's rotor blades whirring). When fully introducing himself, Toripter says, "Flying free. Tricky! I'm Engine Toripter" (縦横無尽トリッキー!俺っち炎神トリプター Jūōmujin torikkī! Orecchi Enjin Toriputā?). He is one of the two Wing Clan Engines who arrived to the Human World before Speedor and the others. With his rotor blades, he can perform the Toripter Batariot (トリプターバタリオット Toriputā Batariotto?), firing an endless supply of bullets from his turrets. He can form the right arm in formations as well as the right shoulder of Engine-Oh G9 and G12, with his tails forming "goggles" for Speedor. Toripter is voiced by Shizuka Ishikawa (石川 静 Ishikawa Shizuka?).[15]
  8. Engine Jetras (炎神ジェットラス Enjin Jettorasu?) is Go-on Silver's partner, a steamlined hybrid of a tiger (トラ tora?) and a fighter jet with a calm personality and ends his sentences with "Geeeeeeeeeeen!" (ギーン! Gīn!?, an onomatopoeia of a jet flying by at supersonic speeds). When fully introducing himself, Jetras says, "The silver air master! I'm Engine Jetras" (白銀のエアマスター!炎神ジェットラス Shirogane no ea masutā! Enjin Jettorasu?). He is one of the two Wing Clan Engines who arrived to the Human World before Speedor and the others. Jetras has the utmost respect for Jum-bowhale. With his wings and amazing offensive abilities, he can fire the Jetras Torahawk (ジェットラストラホーク Jettorasu Torahōku?) cruise missile from his mouth. He can perform the Jetras Phantom (ジェットラスファントム Jettorasu Fantomu?), creating clones to confuse the enemy. He can form the left arm when in formations as well as the left shoulder of Engine-Oh G9 and G12, with his rudder and elevators forming G9's helmet and part of G12's helmet. Jetras is voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima (古島 清孝 Furushima Kiyotaka?).[16]
  9. Engine Jum-bowhale (炎神ジャン・ボエール Enjin Janboēru?) is a hybrid between a baleen whale and a jumbo jet, with a French accent and ends his sentences with "Bowhaaaaaale!" (ボエール! Boēru!?). When fully introducing himself, Jum-bowhale says, "Everything about me is first class! It's Engine Jum-bowhale" (我輩、すべてがファーストクラス!炎神ジャン・ホエールであ~る Wagahai, subete ga fāsuto kurasu! Enjin Janboēru de āru?). He is the Go-on Wings' Instructor and a veteran fighter who leads the Wing Engines, forming the main body of Seiku-Oh and the back of Engine-Oh G9 and G12. Jum-bowhale can perform the Bowhale Beam (ボエールビーム Boēru Bīmu?), spray water from his back, and assume Jet Mode (ジェットモード Jetto Mōdo?) for highspeed tackle attacks. In his Soul form, he has a captain's hat and his moustache is more visible. Jum-bowhale is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura (西村 知道 Nishimura Tomomichi?).[17]
  10. Engine Kishamoth (炎神キシャモス Enjin Kishamosu?) is a hybrid between a mammoth and a steam locomotive, one of the Ancient Engines (古代炎神 Kodai Enjin?) that battled the Horonderthal before entering a deep sleep as the "Golden Dragon", which is the train formation that the Ancient Engines formed with Kishamoth in the lead. Because he and the other Ancient Engines came to the Human World during the time of the dinosaurs, which was called Dino World (ダイナワールド Daina Wārudo?) at the time, they are unable to speak the human languages like the modern Engines. However, Kishamoth has a peaceful nature in spite of trying not to sound rough, and he easily trusts both the humans and the modern Engines. The onomatopoeic description of Kishamoth's trumpeting is "Pao pao!!" (パオパオー! Pao Paō!?). When fully introducing himself, his trumpets are translated as "Departing from ancient times, full speed ahead. Engine Kishamoth" (古代発で出発進行!炎神 キシャモスだよ Kodai hatsu de shuppatsu shinkō! Enjin Kishamosu da yo?). His nose spouts out freezing mist in his Ice Age Express (アイスエイジエクスプレス Aisu Eiji Ekusupuresu?) attack. He can break his body to either form the head, torso, and arms of Kyoretsu-Oh or form the hip armor, "face armor" for Buson, and part of the feet of Engine-Oh G12, with its head forming part of G12's helmet.[18]
  11. Engine T-line (炎神ティライン Enjin Tirain?) is a hybrid between the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Shinkansen, one of the Ancient Engines who has an intense hatred for the Savage Machine Clans. He is the more primitive of the three. The onomatopoeic description of T-line's roars is "Gao gao!!" (ガオガオー! Gao Gaō!?). When full introducing himself, his roars are translated as "Going up. Engine of wishes, T-line" (上るぜ!のぞみの炎神ティライン Noboru ze! Nozomi no Enjin Tirain?). While forming the middle car of their train formation, T-line forms the right leg of Kyoretsu-Oh and right arm of Engine-Oh G12.[19]
  12. Engine K-line (炎神ケライン Enjin Kerain?) is a hybrid between the Triceratops and the Shinkansen, one of the Ancient Engines whose talent is in charging, breaking through anything with his three horns. The onomatopoeic description of K-line's roars is "Gyao gyao!!" (ギャオギャオー! Gyao Gyaō!?). When fully introducing himself, his roars are translated as "Going down. Engine of Light, K-line" (下るよ!ひかりの炎神ケライン Kudaru yo! Hikari" no Enjin Kerain?). While he forms the back car of the Engines' train formation, K-line also forms the left leg of Kyoretsu-Oh and left arm of Engine-Oh G12.[20]

Engine combinations

The Go-ongers' four Engine robots and Go-Roader each have a role call phrase and a nickname which they say when fully introducing themselves, before the group says "Invincibility's Thundering Sound! Go-On All-Stars!" (無敵の音を轟かす!ゴーオンオールスターズ Muteki no Oto o Todorokasu! Gōon Ōru Sutāzu?). Four Engine robots and Go-Roader can perform co-operative attacks such as the Go-on Kick (ゴーオンキック Gōon Kikku?) and the Go-on Punch (ゴーオンパンチ Gōon Panchi?).


Engine Gattai Engine-Oh (炎神合体エンジンオー Enjin Gattai Enjin'ō?) is the Go-ongers' primary robot, referred to as the "Giant King of Engines" (巨大なる炎神の王 Kyodai naru Enjin no Ō?). Its finishing attack is the Go-on Grand Prix (ゴーオングランプリ Gōon Guran Puri?), charging the enemy at fullspeed with its Go-on Sword (ゴーオンソード Gōon Sōdo?), landing the deathblow as it moves past. It has the V Shield (Vシールド Bui Shīrudo?). With GunBir-Oh and Seiku-Oh, it can perform Go-onger Storm (ゴーオンジャーストーム Gōonjā Sutōmu?), Triple Punch (トリプルパンチ Toripuru Panchi?), and Grand Prix Festival (グランプリフェスティバル Guranpuri Fesutibaru?).[21] It is composed primarily of Speedor, Bus-on, and Bearrv, but can receive power-ups by performing Engine Armaments (炎神武装 Enjin Busō?):

  • With Birca, Engine-Oh becomes Engine-Oh Birca (エンジンオーバルカ Enjin'ō Baruka?), using the Bircutter in its Bircutter Slash (バルカッタースラッシュ Barukattā Surasshu?) attack.[22]
  • With Gunpherd, Engine-Oh becomes Engine-Oh Gunpherd (エンジンオーガンパード Enjin'ō Ganpādo?), using the Gunpherd Gun in its Gunpherd Gunfire (ガンパードガンファイヤー Ganpādo Ganfaiyā?).[23]
  • With Jetras and Toripter at the same time, Engine-Oh becomes Engine-Oh Jetripter (エンジンオージェットリプター Enjin'ō Jettoriputā?), using its right arm's Toripter Rotor (トリプターローター Toriputā Rōtā?) for defensive/offensive attacks while its left arm is used as the Jetras Bow (ジェットラスボウ Jettorasu Bō?) in the Jetori Bullseye (ジェットリブルズアイ Jettori Buruzuai?) attack.[24]
  • When armed with Jetras only, Engine-Oh becomes Engine-Oh Jetras (エンジンオージェットラス Enjin'ō Jettorasu?). It fires the Go-On Sword with Jetras' bow.


Engine Gattai GunBir-Oh (炎神合体ガンバルオー Enjin Gattai Ganbaruō?) is the Go-ongers' secondary robot formed from Birca and Gunpherd combining with Carrigator, referred to as "Another King of Engines" (さらなる炎神の王 Sara naru Enjin no Ō?). Its techniques include Bircutter Storm (バルカッターストーム Barukattā Sutōmu?) and Bircutter Wrist Return (バルカッター小手返し Barukattā Kote Gaeshi?). Its finishing attack is the GunBir Grand Prix (ガンバルグランプリ Ganbaru Guran Puri?), for which Carrigator says "Herculean Strength Unrestricted" (剛力無制限 Gōriki Museigen?), then performs a 3-fold attack of its Engines. GunBir-Oh can also use the Gunpherd Gun and Bircutter Slash attacks. With Engine-Oh and Seiku-Oh, it can perform Go-onger Storm, Triple Punch, and Grand Prix Festival.[25]

  • With Toripter, GunBir-Oh becomes GunBir-Oh Toripter (ガンバルオートリプター Ganbaruō Toriputā?), using the Gunpherd Gun and Toripter's turrets in its Toripgun Batariot (トリプガンバタリオット Toripugan Batariotto?).
  • With Jetras, GunBir-Oh becomes GunBir-Oh Jetras (ガンバルオージェットラス Ganbaruō Jettorasu?), using Jetras's wings and the Bircutter in its Trabircutter Slash (トラバルカッタースラッシュ Torabarukattā Surasshu?) attack.

Engine-Oh G6

G6 Formation Engine Gattai Engine-Oh G6 (G6フォーメーション炎神合体 エンジンオーG6 Jī Shikkusu Fōmēshon Enjin Gattai Enjin'ō Jī Shikkusu?) is the combination of Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh, created when Renn modified the GunBir-Oh components for a new G6 Formation based on Carrigator's fusion ability and Bomper's knowledge of Engines. The "G6" stands for "Go-onger 6." Its technique is the G6 Kick (G6キック Jī Shikkusu Kikku?) and its finishing attack is the G6 Grand Prix (G6グランプリ Jī Shikkusu Guran Puri?), firing all its weapons in the energy form of its components at the enemy.[26]


Engine Gattai Seiku-Oh (炎神合体セイクウオー Enjin Gattai Seikūō?, [Note 6]) is the combination of the winged Engines Toripter, Jetras, and Jum-bowhale, referred to as the "Sky Punching Aerial King" (空を制する天空の王 Sora o Seisuru Tenkū no Ō?). Its techniques include the Toripcutter (トリプカッター Toripukattā?), the Jetras Boomerang (ジェットラスブーメラン Jettorasu Būmeran?), the Jetori Turbulence (ジェットリタービュランス Jettori Tābyuransu?), and Seiku Sonic (セイクウソニック Seikū Sonikku?). Its finishing attack is the Seiku Impulse (セイクウインパルス Seikū Inparusu?). With Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh, it can perform Go-onger Storm, Triple Punch, and Grand Prix Festival.[27]

  • With Birca, Seiku-Oh becomes Seiku-Oh Birca (セイクウオーバルカ Seikūō Baruka?), using the Bircutter and Jetras's fangs in its Birtras Torahawk (バルトラストラホーク Barutorasu Torahōku?)
  • With Gunpherd, Seiku-Oh becomes Seiku-Oh Gunpherd (セイクウオーガンパード Seikūō Ganpādo?), using Toripter's turrets and the Gunpherd Gun in its Guntori Gunfire (ガントリーガンファイヤー Gantorī Ganfaiyā?).

Engine-Oh G9

G9 Formation Engine Gattai Engine-Oh G9 (G9フォーメーション炎神合体 エンジンオーG9 Jī Nain Fōmēshon Enjin Gattai Enjin'ō Jī Nain?) is the combination of Engine-Oh, GunBir-Oh and Seiku-Oh, which is referred as the "Air and Earth Reigning King" (空と大地に君臨する王 Sora to Daichi ni Kunrin suru Ō?), achieved after Bomper and Jum-bowhale remodel the Wing Engine casts. It was used once the Go-on Wings finally join the Go-ongers. Its finishing attack is the G9 Grand Prix (G9グランプリ Jī Nain Guran Puri?), a stronger version of the G6 Grand Prix.[28]


Engine Gattai Kyoretsu-Oh (炎神合体キョウレツオー Enjin Gattai Kyōretsuō?, [Note 7]) is the combination of the three Ancient Engines, referred to as the "Powerful King of Trains" (強大な列車の王 Kyōdai na Ressha no Ō?), piloted by Go-on Red, who apparently understands them. Extremely powerful, Kyorestu-Oh uses Kishamoth's ability to shoot out a gust of cold air from his trunk, which is cold enough to cool magma. Its techniques include the Railway Chop (電車道チョップ Denshamichi Choppu?), the Dinosaur Kick (ダイナソーキック Dainasō Kikku?), the Kyoretsu Dino Bite (キョウレツダイナバイト Kyōretsu Daina Baito?) kick, and the KishamoSteam (キシャモスチーム Kishamosuchīmu?). Its finishing move is the Kyoretsu Express (キョウレツエクスプレス Kyōretsu Ekusupuresu?), using the freezing mist to execute a burning-chop attack.[29]

Engine-Oh G12

G12 Formation Engine Gattai Engine-Oh G12 (G12フォーメーション炎神合体 エンジンオーG12 Jī Tuerubu Fōmēshon Enjin Gattai Enjin'ō Jī Tuerubu?) is the combination of all 12 Engines, the largest Engine combination made with a height of 93m and a weight of 12000t referred to as the "Ultimate King Who Triumphs Over Evil" (全ての悪を制する究極の王 Subete no Aku o Seisuru Kyūkyoku no Ō?). Due to its massive weight, the formation lasts for a few minutes. Its techniques are G12 Punch (G12パンチ Jī Tuerubu Panchi?) and G12 Kick (G12キック Jī Tuerubu Kikku?) and its initial finishing attack is the G12 Grand Prix (G12グランプリ Jī Tuerubu Guran Puri?), generating aura versions of Engine-Oh, GunBir-Oh, Seiku-Oh, and Kyoretsu-Oh to attack the enemy before charging while generating an incinerating aura. G12's ultimate attack is G12 Final Grand Prix (G12ファイナルグランプリ Jī Tuerubu Fainaru Guran Puri?), temporarily transforming into a massive bird of flame that bursts through the opponent. With SaiDaiGekiRinTohja, it can perform Engine Beast Grand Prix (炎神ビーストグランプリ Enjin Bīsuto Guran Puri?).[30]

Go-Roader GT

Armored Wheel Go-Roader GT (装甲車輪ゴローダーGT Sōkō Sharin Gorōdā Jī Tī?, [Note 8]) is the wheel-like robot referred to as the "Running Wheel of Justice" (爆走する正義の車輪 Bakusō suru Seigi no Sharin?) created by Hiroto and Jum-bowhale, appearing as a palm-sized wheel and in the development stage due to the defective Power Souls (パワーソウル Pawā Sōru?) created by Hiroto to activate it, causing the Go-Roader to go on a rampage. However, with the Tokon Soul (トーコンソウル Tōkon Sōru?, [Note 9]) developed by Renn, Go-Roader can enlarge and can assume a humanoid Action Mode (アクションモード Akushon Mōdo?), able to change to Wheel Mode (ホイールモード Hoīru Mōdo?) to execute the Go-Roader Strike (ゴローダーストライク Gorōdā Sutoraiku?) attack with Engine-Oh G9 or Engine-Oh G12's energy. Action Mode technique is the Go-Roader Kick (ゴローダーキック Gorōdā Kikku?). Another feature of the Go-Roader is its ability to house an Engine Soul, assuming a human-sized Action Mode with the mind of the very Engine controlling it. However, staying too long in Action Mode exhausts the Engine's energy over a period of time. A human-sized Wheel Mode performs the Go-Roader Attack (ゴローダーアタック Gorōdā Attaku?).[31]

Samurai Formation 23

The Samurai Formation 23 (サムライフォーメーション23 Samurai Fōmēshon Tuentisurī?) is a formation between Samuraihaoh and Engineoh G12 in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!!. In this form, Shinkenoh, Daikaioh, Mougyudaioh, Kyoretsu-Oh, and Engine-Oh G9 use the IkaTenku Buster to execute the Samurai Engine Super Grand Release (侍・炎神・スーパー大開砲 Samurai Enjin Sūpā Daikaihō?) attack.


  1. ^ "Doki doki" (ドキドキ Dokidoki?) is a Japanese mimetic word for the throbbing heart.
  2. ^ "Mantan Gun" (マンタンガン Mantan Gan?) comes from the Japanese phrase for "fill 'er up" (満タン mantan?).
  3. ^ "Kyuyu Soul" (キューユソウル Kyūyu Sōru?) comes from the Japanese phrase for "refuel" (給油 kyūyu?).
  4. ^ Following the Akihabara massacre, the toy version of the Rocket Dagger was renamed the "Switch Jet Sword Rocket Booster" (スイッチ噴射剣ロケットブースター Suitchi Funshaken Roketto Būsutā?) to avoid negative connotations. The item retained its name in the show.[32]
  5. ^ "Kan kan" (カンカン Kankan?) is a Japanese mimetic word for a clanging noise, like that at a crossing gate.
  6. ^ "Seiku-Oh" (セイクウオー Seikūō?) comes from the Japanese phrase for "air superiority" (制空 seikū?).
  7. ^ "Kyoretsu-Oh" (キョウレツオー Kyōretsuō?) comes from the Japanese words for "dinosaur" (恐竜 kyōryū?) and "train" (列車 ressha?), and the contraction of the two words is homophonic with a word for "intense" (強烈 kyōretsu?).
  8. ^ "Goroader GT" (ゴローダーGT Gorōdā Jī Tī?) comes from the Japanese phrase for "rolling about" (ゴロゴロ gorogoro?).
  9. ^ "Tokon Soul" (トーコンソウル Tōkon Sōru?) comes from the Japanese phrase for "fighting spirit" (闘魂 tōkon?).


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