Meanings of minor planet names: 3201–3300

Meanings of minor planet names: 3201–3300
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Name Provisional designation Source of name
3201 Sijthoff 6560 P-L Albert Georg Sijthoff, a Dutch publisher whose family backed the construction of the Sijthoff Planetarium in The Hague in 1934.
3202 Graff A908 AA Kasimir Romuald Graff, German astronomer*
3203 Huth 1938 SL Hans Huth, German astronomer*
3204 Lindgren 1978 RH Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren, Swedish writer
3205 Boksenberg 1979 MO6 Alexander Boksenberg, British astronomer*
3206 Wuhan 1980 VN1 Wuhan, China
3207 Spinrad 1981 EY25 Hyron Spinrad, American astronomer*
3208 Lunn 1981 JM Borge Lunn, Danish civil engineer and metallurgist [LDS]
3209 Buchwald 1982 BL1 Vagn Fabritius Buchwald, Danish meteoriticist*
3210 Lupishko 1983 WH1 Dmitrii Lupishko, Ukrainian astronomer*
3211 Louispharailda 1931 CE Louis Pierre Van Biesbroeck, and Pharailda de Colpaert Van Biesbroeck, parents of the discoverer [LDS]
3212 Agricola 1938 DH2 Georg Agricola, German scientist, "father of mineralogy"*
3213 Smolensk 1977 NQ Smolensk, Russia
3214 Makarenko 1978 TZ6 Anton Makarenko, Soviet teacher and writer
3215 Lapko 1980 BQ Konstantin Kuz'mich Lapko, Soviet surgeon
3216 Harrington 1980 RB Robert Sutton Harrington, American astronomer
3217 Seidelmann 1980 RK Paul Kenneth Seidelmann, American astronomer*
3218 Delphine 6611 P-L Delphine Jehoulet Delsemme, wife of American astronomer Armand Delsemme of Toledo, OH [LDS]
3219 Komaki 1934 CX Kōjirō Komaki, Japanese amateur astronomer
3220 Murayama 1951 WF Sadao Murayama, Japanese astronomer
3221 Changshi 1981 XF2 Changshu, China
3222 Liller 1983 NJ William Liller, American astronomer
3223 Forsius 1942 RN Sigfrid Aronus Forsius (also known as Siegfried Aronsen), Finnish-born Professor of Astronomy in Uppsala, Sweden. His 1611 manuscript propounding his theory of colours was discovered in the Royal Library in Stockholm in 1969*
3224 Irkutsk 1977 RL6 Irkutsk, Russia
3225 Hoag 1982 QQ Arthur Allen Hoag, American astronomer*
3226 Plinius 6565 P-L Pliny the Elder (or Pliny the Younger)*
3227 Hasegawa 1928 DF Ichirō Hasegawa, Japanese astronomer*
3228 Pire 1935 CL Georges Pire (Father Dominique), Belgian monk (Dominican Order), winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize for Peace*
3229 Solnhofen A916 PC Solnhofen, south (SSE) of Nuremberg in Germany and known for its limestone and fossils*
3230 Vampilov 1972 LE Aleksandr Valentinovich Vampilov, Soviet playwright
3231 Mila 1972 RU2 Lyudmila Pakhomova, Soviet ice dancer
3232 Brest 1974 SL Brest, a city in Belarus
3233 Krišbarons 1977 RA6 Krišjānis Barons, Latvian folklorist
3234 Hergiani 1978 QO2 Mikhail Vissarionovich Hergiani, famous Soviet mountaineer
3235 Melchior 1981 EL1 Paul Jacques Léon Melchior, Belgian geophysicist*
3236 Strand 1982 BH1 Kaj Aage Gunnar Strand, Danish and American astronomer [LDS]
3237 Victorplatt 1984 SA5 Victor Platt, British actor*
3238 Timresovia 1975 VB9 Nikolay Timofeeff-Ressovsky, Soviet biologist
3239 Meizhou 1978 UJ2 Meizhou, China
3240 Laocoon 1978 VG6 Laocoön, Trojan priest of Poseidon
3241 Yeshuhua 1978 WH14 Shuhua Ye (or correct Chinese style: Ye Shuhua), Chinese astronomer
3242 Bakhchisaraj 1979 SG9 Bakhchisaray, a town in Crimea, the center of the same district where Crimean Astrophysical Observatory was created
3243 Skytel 1980 DC named after Sky and Telescope magazine for its 50th anniv.
3244 Petronius 4008 P-L Petronius, Roman writer
3245 Jensch 1973 UL5 Alfred Jensch, German astronomer*
3246 Bidstrup 1976 GQ3 Herluf Bidstrup, Danish caricaturist
3247 Di Martino 1981 YE Mario di Martino, Italian astronomer*
3248 Farinella 1982 FK Paolo Farinella, Italian astronomer*
3249 Musashino 1977 DT4 Musashino, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan*
3250 Martebo 1979 EB Martebo, Gotland island, Sweden
3251 Eratosthenes 6536 P-L Eratosthenes, Ancient Greek scientist
3252 Johnny 1981 EM4 Johnny Carson, American TV host and comedian, and amateur astronomer [LDS]
3253 Gradie 1982 HQ1 Jonathan Carey Gradie, American astronomer
3254 Bus 1982 UM Schelte John Bus, American astronomer
3255 Tholen 1980 RA David James Tholen, American astronomer
3256 Daguerre 1981 SJ1 Louis Daguerre, French chemist and artist, pioneer of photography (the Daguerreotype process)
3257 Hanzlík 1982 GG Stanislav Hanzlík, Czech meteorologist and climatologist
3258 Somnium 1983 RJ Kepler's Somnium, sive opus posthumum de astronomia lunaris (The Dream, or Posthumous Work on Lunar Astronomy), which combined a serious study of lunar astronomy and the fictional account of a journey to the Moon
3259 Brownlee 1984 SZ4 Donald Eugene Brownlee, American astronomer*
3260 Vizbor 1974 SO2 Yurii Iosifovich Vizbor, Russian actor, poet, writer, composer and playwright
3261 Tvardovskij 1979 SF9 Aleksandr Tvardovsky, Soviet poet
3262 Miune 1983 WB Miune, mountain in Kōchi, Japan
3263 Bligh 1932 CN William Bligh, captain of the Bounty
3264 Bounty 1934 AF HMAS Bounty, ship
3265 Fletcher 1953 VN2 Fletcher Christian, Bounty mutineer
3266 Bernardus 1978 PA Andres Bernardus Muller, Dutch astronomer
3267 Glo 1981 AA Nickname of Eleanor F. Helin, American astronomer, comet hunter, and advisor to the Planetary Society
3268 De Sanctis 1981 DD Giovanni de Sanctis, Italian astronomer*
3269 Vibert-Douglas 1981 EX16 Alice Vibert Douglas, Canadian astronomer
3270 Dudley 1982 DA H. Dudley Wright, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and benefactor of science, education and the arts in California and in Geneva, Switzerland. Name endorsed by E. M. ShoemakerMPC not Dudley Observatory, in Albany, N.Y. and later Schenectady, N.Y.. Originally noted for its work in astrometry and latterly (1956-1976) in the study of micrometeoroids. It now functions as an educational foundation*
3271 Ul 1982 RB Ul, a lunar deity in the mythology of Vanuatu [LDS]
3272 Tillandz 1938 DB1 Elias Erici Tillandz (Elias Tillander), Swedish physician and botanist*
3273 Drukar 1975 TS2 Ivan Fyodorov, one of the first printers of books in Russia and Ukraine. The word Drukar means ‘printer’ in Ukrainian and old Russian. [LDS]
3274 Maillen 1981 QO2 Maillen, Belgium*
3275 Oberndorfer 1982 HE1 Hans Oberndorfer, German amateur astronomer, director of the Volkssternwarte München (Munich Public Observatory)
3276 Porta Coeli 1982 RZ1 Porta Coeli ("Gateway to Heaven") convent in Tišnov, Czech Republic
3277 Aaronson 1984 AF1 Marc Aaronson, American astronomer
3278 Běhounek 1984 BT František Běhounek, Czech physicist
3279 Solon 9103 P-L Solon, Greek lawmaker*
3280 Grétry 1933 SJ André Ernest Modeste Grétry, Belgian (Walloon) composer
3281 Maupertuis 1938 DZ Pierre Louis Maupertuis, French mathematician and astronomer
3282 Spencer Jones 1949 DA Sir Harold Spencer Jones, British astronomer, former Astronomer Royal
3283 Skorina 1979 QA10 Frantsisk Skorina, first doctor of medicine in Belarus, printer and publisher*
3284 Niebuhr 1953 NB Reinhold Niebuhr, American theologian*
3285 Ruth Wolfe 1983 VW1 Ruth F. Wolfe, American geologist, colleague of Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker at the United States Geological Survey*
3286 Anatoliya 1980 BV Anatoly V. Karachkin, brother of the discoverer's husband [LDS]
3287 Olmstead 1981 DK1 C. Michelle Olmstead, American astronomer*
3288 Seleucus 1982 DV Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great and heir to the

largest part of his empire [MPC 10046] not Seleucus of Seleucia, Greek astronomer*

3289 Mitani 1934 RP Tetsuyasu Mitani, Japanese astronomer not Takefumi Mitani, Japanese astronomer*
3290 Azabu 1973 SZ1 Azabu, a district of Tokyo, Japan
3291 Dunlap 1982 VX3 J. Lawrence Dunlap, American astronomer*
3292 Sather 2631 P-L Bob Sather, research assistant Lunar and Planetary Laboratory[1] not Robert E. Sather, American astronomer*
3293 Rontaylor 4650 P-L Ronald C. Taylor, American astronomer*
3294 Carlvesely 6563 P-L Carl D. Vesely, American astronomer*
3295 Murakami 1950 DH Tadayoshi Murakami, Japanese astronomer
3296 Bosque Alegre 1975 SF Named after the astrophysical station of Cordoba Observatory in Argentina
3297 Hong Kong 1978 WN14 Hong Kong, China
3298 Massandra 1979 OB15 Massandra, town in Crimea [LDS]
3299 Hall 1980 TX5 John Scoville Hall, American astronomer and director of the Lowell Observatory from 1958 to 1977[MPC 10312] not Asaph Hall, American astronomer, or Donald Hall, American astronomer*
3300 McGlasson 1928 NA Scottish Surname of a small clan located in the highlands of Scotland.

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