Spider-Man (1994 TV series) Season 2

Spider-Man (1994 TV series) Season 2

The Neogenic Nightmare
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 14
Original channel Fox
Original run September 9, 1995 (1995-09-09) – February 24, 1996
Season chronology
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Season 1
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Season 3

"Neogenic Nightmare" was the name of the 14 part episode story arc in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which consisted of the entire second season. Executive producer John Semper said in an interview that he wanted to do a long story arc for Saturday morning TV exactly what Stan Lee did for comics in the sixties. The studios and network, however, were opposed to the idea, but the arc was still carried out, and became a trend for the rest of the series: the final four seasons consisted of long story arcs.[1] During this Neogenic Nightmare story arc, Spider-Man fights his growing Neogenic Mutation. The final episode ends with a cliffhanger with the disappearance of Mary Jane Watson, setting up the third season premiere and the theme of the season.[2]


The Insidious Six

"The Insidious Six/Battle of the Insidious Six"
Spider-Man (1994 TV series) episode
The Insidious Six
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 14-15
Written by John Semper
Production code 201-202
Original air date Part 1: September 9, 1995
Part 2: September 16, 1995
Episode chronology
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"Day of the Chameleon"
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List of Spider-Man episodes

"The Insidious Six" (a.k.a. the Sinister Six) and "Battle of the Insidious Six" is a two part episode from season 2 of Spider-Man (1994 TV series) and two-part second season premiere.

Neogenic Nightmare Chapter I: The Insidious Six

In order to finally kill Spider-Man for his enemy, Silvermane, the Kingpin hires six of Spider-Man's most heinous villains to take down Spider-Man. These villains are: the Rhino, the Chameleon, Dr. Octopus, the Scorpion, the Shocker and Mysterio. But an even worse threat is born and that threat is Dr. Farley Stillwell's invention of Neogenics which is taking away Spider-Man's strength and Spider-Man's powers have been on the blink due to the changes in his blood chemistry. In order to lure Spider-Man in one of the Kingpin's traps, Ock kidnapped Peter Parker's Aunt May by pretending he was a medical doctor and says that Peter had collapsed on the street near his clinic. Spider-Man goes to save Aunt May, but the Insidious Six beats Spider-Man because he had lost his powers. Part 1 of 2.

Neogenic Nightmare Chapter II: Battle of the Insidious Six

The six supervillains cannot believe their eyes when Spider-Man walks into their trap at the warehouse. Spider-Man attepts to battle the six, but is captured, tied to a chair, and unmasked by the Insidious Six, but he manages to convince them that he is a fraud. Peter tells them he will lead them to Spider-Man if they release Aunt May. Meanwhile, Silvermane and the Crime Lords grow more disenchanted with The Kingpin and want to put him out of business, so Kingpin kidnaps Silvermane and wages war with the Crime lords by using the Insidious Six to help. Later Peter escapes and becomes Spider-Man and defeats the Insidious Six and saves Silvermane, who pretended he was an innocent wealthy man. Part 2 of 2.


These two episodes were based upon the first Amazing Spider-Man Annual, a comic book storyline where Spider-Man was losing his powers and just when Dr. Octopus had banded together the Sinister Six to defeat Spider-Man.[3][4] Like the comics, Spider-Man regained his powers and defeated the Insidious Six except in the comics, he might have been losing his powers due to emotional problems after his Uncle Ben died but here in the series was a natural part of his evolution in his powers.[5] These two episodes introduce such characters as Silvermane, Hammerhead, Michael Morbius and the first episode of this two-parter introduces the only appearance of the Owl.[6]

The censors thought the word "Sinister" was too frightening for a children's television series, so they renamed the Sinister Six into the Insidious Six.[4] Ironically, at the same time, in the X-Men animated series which was airing at the same time as Spider-Man, there was a villain known as Mr. Sinister. Producer of the show and Spider-Man fan, John Semper, also found this statement ironic. In the comics, the Sinister Six consisted of members such as Dr. Octopus, the Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio and the Vulture.[4] At this point, Electro and Sandman were completely banned from appearing on the show because of the proposed James Cameron live action Spider-Man film.[7] Kraven was no longer a villain in this show.[4] For the Insidious Six, the Scorpion, Rhino, Shocker and Chameleon take up Sandman, Kraven, Electro and Vulture's positions as members.[8]


Neogenic Nightmare Chapter III - Hydro-Man

Neogenic Nightmare Chapter III - Hydro-Man is an episode from season 2 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series which aired on September 23, 1995. This episode is known as "I Cried a River for You" in foreign countries.[9]


The episode begins with Hydro-Man stealing a two million dollar necklace, which was placed on display in a water tank. The guards hit the panic button and Spider-Man appears. He follows Hydro-Man and later Hydro-Man drops Spider-Man in the water tank. When the guards arrive, they think that Spider-Man had stolen the necklace. So, Spider-Man ties up the guards and flees.

Next day, Mary-Jane is with Peter at a restaurant and she gets a call from Hydro-Man, from which she gets very jumpy and goes home. So Peter decided to find out who called her and put on his costume and follow Mary-Jane's cab. Mary-Jane goes to meet Hydro-Man, there he gives her the necklace he stole, but Mary-Jane gives it back saying it's over between them, then she leaves. Later Hydro-Man follow her and shows her his powers and says that he can control all the water around him. Then Mary Jane runs away, so Hydro-Man creates a huge wave to capture her, but she is saved by Spider-Man. Then Spider-Man tries to use his powers and webbing to stop Hydro-Man, but they just go through him since he becomes liquid. Later Spider-Man finds Mary Jane and takes her to safety. She then tells him that she used to date him in high school.

Later Peter creates an antidote to stop Hydro-Man. The next day Hydro-Man kidnaps Mary Jane and takes her to his hideout. There he shows her all the stuff he stole. He tells her that his parents made him enlist in the Navy and later he had an accident which gave him his powers. Then Mary Jane says that she does not love him, so Hydro-Man says that he will flood the city and gets angry. Just then Spider-Man arrives. Spider-Man comes with a new batch of webbing which freezes Hydro-Man. But while Spider-Man is talking to Mary-Jane, Hydro-Man gets free and throws Spider-Man away with his powers and knocks him out. Meanwhile Mary Jane runs away and Hydro-Man follows her. She goes inside a paper factory. Spider-Man also goes there when he recovers. Mary Jane drops a huge bundle of paper onto Hydro-Man, which makes Hydro-Man weaker because there is not any water around so that he would become bigger. Mary Jane then drops some solution she finds in the paper factory on him and he starts evaporating. Then she goes up onto the roof and Hyrdo-Man follows. Spider-Man then comes and tells him that it's over and there is no more water to feed him. In anger, Hydro-Man attacks Spider-Man and he falls all over the roof and evaporates and his remains become hardened.


This is Hydro-Man's only appearance in the show. The Hydro-Man who goes on to appear in the season five two-part episode The Return of Hydro-Man is a clone which was created by Professor Miles Warren.[citation needed]

This show was the first appearance of Liz Allen, as well as the first appearance of Hydro-Man. The story he first entered in the comics was a different storyline.[10] Nevertheless, this was the episode was Hydro-Man's first appearance in a cartoon series.

The episode was originally titled "I cried a river over you".

The Mutant Agenda/Mutants' Revenge

"The Mutant Agenda" and "The Mutants' Revenge" is a two part episode which originally aired on September 30, 1995 and October 7, 1995. This two part episode was a crossover between X-Men: The Animated Series and Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The entire cast of the X-Men series was brought from Canada to LA to have its audio recorded.

Neogenic Nightmare Chapter IV: The Mutant Agenda

Spider-Man's progressing neogenic mutation is making him ill and he seeks the aid of Professor Charles Xavier. In doing so he meets the X-Men but is disappointed to learn that Xavier does not 'cure' mutancy, only helps those born that way to accept and control their abilities. Later Beast tells Spider-Man to go to Dr. Herbert Landon who is working on a cure for mutants. When Spider-Man leaves, Landon's men kidnap Beast. While Peter is watching Landon's demonstration Hobgoblin attacks the facility and brings down the ceiling because Landon tried to kill Hobgoblin earlier. Spider-Man saves everyone but the goblin escapes. Later Spider-Man finds the Hobgoblin has him beat, but suddenly Wolverine attacks Spider-Man, thinking he had something to do with Beast's disappearance. The episode ends with Spider-Man and Wolverine fighting and the Hobgoblin preparing to throw a pumpkin bomb at them. Note: The X-Men in this episode are those from the original X-Men series, and the music from the chase through the mansion was the original X-Men theme song.

Neogenic Nightmare Part V: Mutants' Revenge

Wolverine catches up with Spider-Man, hot on the trail of the missing Hank McCoy. Later Hobgoblin steals the mutant technology that Dr. Herbert Landon had prepared for the Kingpin. Spider-Man and Wolverine follow him and discover Beast's location and the plot to destroy all mutant-kind. The two team up and rescue Beast from becoming the first test subject of Landon's plot. But when Landon accidentally falls victim to his own experiment he is changed into a giant monster that feeds on electrical energy. So the X-Men and Spider-Man once again work together and defeat Landon and the Hobgoblin. At end of the episode Spider-man goes seeking help of Dr. Mariah Crawford for a cure for his Neogenics mutation.


All the actors and actresses who played the X-Men in these The Mutant Agenda and Mutants' Revenge also played these roles in the X-Men animated series which was running at the same time Spider-Man was running.[11] All of the X-Men cast members lived in Canada, while Spider-Man has its audio recorded in Los Angeles, USA. Between scheduling and other issues, thus making this and the next episode two of the most expensive of the series.[11] Because of this, the X-Men were not used in the fifth season Secret Wars story.[12] These two episodes' are adapted from an early 1994 comic mini-series entitled "Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda", which, in turn, was a "crossover" with the Spider-Man newspaper comic strip. Both the comic and the strip presented the same story, with different writers and artists.[13] Factoring in these episodes, it turns the endeavor into a crossover between three different mediums within the space of two years! Lewald, the spy working for the Kingpin, was named after the X-Men cartoon's story editor Eric Lewald.[12]

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The Morbius Saga

"Morbius", "Enter, the Punisher", "Duel of the Hunters", "Blade, the Vampire Hunter", and "The Immortal Vampire" is a five part episode from season 2 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series which originally aired October 28, 1995, November 4, 1995, November 11, 1995, February 3, 1996, and February 10, 1996.

Neogenic Nightmare Part VI: Morbius

Spider-Man (1994 TV series) episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 19
Written by Brynne Chandler Reaves & Lydia Marano (Story: John Semper)
Production code 206
Original air date October 28, 1995
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Mutants' Revenge"
Next →
"Enter the Punisher"
List of Spider-Man episodes

Dr. Mariah Crawford has developed a cure for Spidey's disease, but she's reluctant to give an untested serum to Spider-Man that may result in permanent loss of his powers or worse. But after an angry outburst from Spider-Man, she hands it over. Peter, at the ESU lab, is secretly observed by Michael Morbius, who then swipes the infected blood sample after Peter leaves for the night. Working alone in the campus bell tower with borrowed equipment, Morbius has an accident which transforms him into a plasma-sucking vampire. At end of this episode Spider-Man's Neogenic mutation worsens and he ends up having six arms. In this comics Spider-Man's four additional arms first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #100 during The Six Arms Saga, around the time Morbius first appeared in the series.[14] Similarly this is the first episode to feature Morbius as a vampire.

Neogenic Nightmare Chapter VII: Enter, the Punisher

"Enter the Punisher"
Spider-Man episode
Punisher Spider-Man 1996.jpg
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 20
Written by John Semper
Production code 207
Original air date November 4, 1995 (1995-11-04)
Episode chronology
← Previous
Next →
"Duel of the Hunters"
List of Spider-Man episodes

"Enter the Punisher" is an episode from the second season of the 1994 Spider-Man animated series.


Spider-Man drinks a serum that makes him grow four extra arms. Marvel anti-hero Punisher thinks Spider-Man is a crook and chases him around. Spider-Man finds out that Michael Morbius has turned into a vampire and is drinking people's plasma. Spider-Man wants to help Michael, but the Punisher is trying to get rid of Spider-Man at the same time. After the Punisher finds Spider-Man, he tries to throw a rope at him, and it works. Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson tries to make the Punisher a hero, but his editor explains that the Punisher is an outlaw who is hunted by several people. The people of New York blame all of Michael's crimes on Spider-Man. Spider-Man escapes the Punisher's traps and goes to an abandoned warehouse. Punisher finds Spider-Man, but Spider-Man has turned into a monster known as "Man-Spider". The story is continued in the next episode, "Duel of the Hunters".



This episode marks the first appearances of the Punisher and Microchip into the series.[citation needed] By the end of the episode, Spider-Man becomes the Man-Spider, a giant human spider. As stated in the previous episode where Peter grew four extra arms as well as in the comics, he transformed into the Man-Spider likewise as in the comics.[citation needed] As noted before, the Punisher makes his first appearance in the series. Punisher made his own comic book debut in a Spider-Man comic where he was manipulated by the villain known as the Jackal to kill Spider-Man because Jackal made Spider-Man looked like he killed Gwen Stacy in an earlier comic book storyline while it was really his archnemesis, the Green Goblin, who committed the murder.[citation needed]

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VIII: Duel of the Hunters

"Duel of the Hunters"
Spider-Man (1994 TV series) episode
Punisher fights Man-Spider
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 21
Written by John Semper
Production code 208
Original air date 1995-11-11
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Enter the Punisher"
Next →
"Blade the Vampire Hunter"
List of Spider-Man episodes

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VIII: "Duel of the Hunters" is an episode from season 2 of the Spider-Man animated series.


Spider-Man's horrifying genetic mutation reaches its culmination as he transforms into the Man-Spider. Dr. Mariah Crawford summons Sergi Kravenoff, better known as Kraven The Hunter, to help her track down Spider-Man and cure him of his mutation with a newly developed antidote. Unfortunately, the Punisher seeks to destroy the monster. Later Crawford succeeds and gives Spider-Man the antidote and he turns back to normal.


This episode sets up the Debra Whitman-Flash Thompson relationship. They would begin dating later this season and continue to be together for the remainder of the series.[citation needed] The Man-Spider appeared in the comics in MARVEL FANFARE # 1-2.[15]


  • A review published by Toon Zone described the episode as the final and best part of The Man-Spider saga.[16]
  • Kraven's character proved to be more popular as a hero rather than villain, and his involvement is considered well-used.
  • Viewers were glad to see that Morbius did not play a large role, and that it works better when the character does not speak.
  • The main critical point the review made was its bad animation. However, it made an overall conclusion that the episode was interesting as of its difference.
  • One major criticism of the episode is with the portrayal of the Punisher's character as much less competent of a manhunter. In one particular scene, Punisher disturbs the spider web, something that a trained stalker like Punisher would have never done if hunting a spider-like creature.


Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter IX: Blade, the Vampire Hunter

The vampire hunter Blade arrives in New York to destroy Morbius, but Spider-Man wants to revert Morbius back into his human form. When Spider-Man reveals that Morbius is the victim of a Neogenic Recombinator experiment gone awry, Blade decides to destroy the equipment. Before he can, Morbius steals it.


This episode marks the first appearance of Blade in the show and Abraham Whistler in any media.[citation needed] Dr. Curt Conners first mentions the 'Toomes grant for Scientific Achievement' in this episode. The grant is awarded in the episode Shriek of the Vulture.[citation needed]

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter X: The Immortal Vampire

Morbius attempts to use the Neogenic Recombinator to turn everyone else into a vampire. Spider-Man and Blade manage to stop him, but Morbius' mutation worsens. Morbius kidnaps Felicia Hardy in order to transform her into a vampire. Blade and Spider-Man discover Morbius' hideout and interrupt him long enough for Felicia to force him give up his plans.

The Tablet of Time

"The Tablet of Time" and "Ravages of Time" is a two part episode from season 2 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series which aired on November 18, 1995 and November 25, 1995.

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XI: Tablet of Time

This episode begins with three men, dressed in explorer’s clothing, staring at the pyramid before them. They explain that it is ten centuries old, and that inside it is the Tablet of Time. A news segment describes the Tablet of Time, which supposedly grants the person who properly uses it eternal youth. It will be studied at Empire State University. The Kingpin watches the news, and when the news reporter informs the public that offers as high as fifty million dollars for the tablet have been rejected, the Kingpin decides that he must have it. Meanhile, Peter realizes that all of the criminals will be trying to steal the artifact. Meanwhile Silvermane’s also watching the same newscast. Silvermane picks up the phone and says to an unknown party that he “must have that tablet.”

Later, when the Tablet is being lowered down by a machine from the ship that it came from, a helicopter comes and drops two knock-out gas bombs. Hammerhead and three of his henchmen exit the helicopter, and force the man with the crank to let them lower it to Hammerhead. Spider-Man then, shows up, kicking the three henchmen. And a battle between Hammerhead and Spider-Man starts, Later Hammerhead head-butts Spider-Man and he is sent flying into the ship's fishnet. After Spider-Man gets out of the net, he sees the helicopter taking off with the Tablet. He throws a razor from the fish-shredder, which cuts the rope. He then, jumps and catches the Tablet.

Meanwhile, The Kingpin contacts Alistair about the new project that he’s working on, asking if it’s complete. Alistair tells him it’s ready and functioning. We then, see Dr. Connors, who gives Spider-Man his neogenic treatment, which he’s been having everyday once every twenty-four hours. Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense suddenly goes off, and a giant robot begins attacking Spider-Man with its lasers, though Spider-Man constantly dodges them. The robot knocks out Spider-Man and steals the Tablet, and takes to Alistair. Alistair demonstrates to Kingpin, that the Tablet reacts violently to light, as when he turns on a light switch that the Tablet is directly under, the Tablet begins giving off strong radiation. He tells the Kingpin that the Tablet may become dangerous, so the Kingpin tells him to kidnap Dr. Connors to help him decode the Tablet. Alistair then sends a robot.

The scene changes to Dr. Connors house. Dr. Connors explains to Spider-Man that the Lizard has been coming out again, whenever he is under extreme stress. Suddenly, the robot breaks through the wall and Spider-Man jumps in to defend them. The robot knocks Spider-Man through the front door and into Dr. Connor’s car. The robot launches a missile at Spider-Man, who jumps out of the way just in time. This stress turns Dr. Connors into the Lizard. The Lizard manages to take the robot to the floor, though the robot shoots a laser out of its fingertips, which knocks him out. Alistair explains to the Kingpin that he can no longer see Dr. Connors, so the Kingpin tells him to kidnap his wife. The robot then kidnaps Margaret. The Lizard regains consciousness, and then climbs into the sewer, forcing Spider-Man to follow him.

The scene cuts to Silvermane’s office, in which Tombstone is instructed to steal the Tablet of Time from the Kingpin, as well as kidnap Dr. Connors. The next scene shows a limousine in which Vanessa Fisk is kidnapped by Tombstone, who believes that if he captures the Kingpin’s wife, he will gain the Tablet of Time.

After that, we see Spider-Man and the Lizard in combat. Spider-Man grabs the Lizard, and slaps his tail on to the electrical subway track, which knocks him unconscious. Spider-Man takes the Lizard to his lab, where he gives him treatment and turns him back into Dr. Connors. Just as the process is completed, Tombstone shows up and attempts to kidnap Dr. Connors. Spider-Man tries to stop him, though he’s grabbed by Tombstone, who possesses incredible strength. Tombstone throws a smoke bomb which contaminates the air, and then grabs Spider-Man to prevent him from leaving. Spider-Man tells Tombstone to stop before they both suffocate, though Tombstone simply says “I don’t breathe.”.


Hammerhead and Silvermane make their first appearance since "Battle of the Insidious Six".[citation needed] Hammerhead's head is made of pure adamantium steel, which is how he's able to slam it through solid steel and remain unharmed. The X-Man Wolverine, who previously appeared in the series in this season, has his entire skeleton made of adamantium.[citation needed] This episode marks the first return of the Lizard since "Night of the Lizard".[citation needed] This episode marks the first appearance of Tombstone, Alicia Silvermane, and Vanessa Fisk. Vanessa makes her last appearance in the next episode.[citation needed]

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XII: Ravages of Time

With the Tablet of Time, Silvermane's youth is restored, but he continues to grow younger until he finally becomes an infant. The Tablet of time is delivered, by Hammerhead, to Adrian Toomes.

Shriek of the Vulture/The Final Nightmare

"Shriek of the Vulture" and "The Final Nightmare" is the two part season finale of season 2 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series which aired on February 17, 1996 and February 24, 1996.

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XIII: Shriek of the Vulture

When Norman Osborn attempts to take over Toomes Aeronautical, Adrian Toomes, using the Tablet of Time to steal youth from anyone he touches, suits up as the Vulture to destroy Norman Osborn. The Vulture drains the youth from Spider-Man turning him into an old man.


This episode borrows heavily from the mid-1990s Spider-Man comic storyline that had the Vulture obsessed with restoring his youth, albeit with some differences in the animated adaptation.[citation needed] This episode was banned after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, due to similarities to the attack.[citation needed] In a special marathon airing on Toon Disney from December 31, 2008 through January 1, 2009, this episode was finally rebroadcast. It has since been shown in regular rotation on Disney XD.

Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XIV: The Final Nightmare

Spider-Man seeks Curt Connors' aid to help reverse the aging effects of the Vulture's talons. After absorbing Spider-Man's youth, and DNA, the Vulture mutates into the Man-Spider. The Scorpion grabs Dr. Farley Stillwell to seek a cure for his own mutation. Spider-Man eventually regains his youth, and manages to stop the Vulture and Scorpion.

Cultural Reference

The dumpster that the elderly Spider-Man falls into says 'General's Fried Chicken' a play on KFC. The founder of KFC was Harland Sanders, often referred to as 'The Colonel' or 'Colonel Sanders'. Both are military terms with General being the higher rank.


The episode ends with a cliffhanger, setting up the third season premiere and the theme of the season.[2] This is Farley Stillwell's last appearance in the series, although he appears in a flashback retelling of Spider-Man's origin in the next season.[citation needed] This is Landau's last performance of the Scorpion, as he would be unavailable after winning an Academy Award for his work in Ed Wood. Richard Moll would perform the voice of Scorpion in future episodes.[17] This episode was banned after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, due to similarities to the attack.[citation needed] In a special marathon airing on Toon Disney from December 31, 2008 through January 1, 2009, this episode was finally rebroadcast. It has since been shown in regular rotation on Disney XD.


A review of the episode described the subplot in which shows Mary Jane disappearing confusing, however the episode being a good set-up to the following season. The reviewer also considered Scorpion's role in the episode to be unnecessary.[18]



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