Rhino (comics)

Rhino (comics)


caption = The Rhino.
Art by Khari Evans.
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character_name = The Rhino
real_name = Aleksei Sytsevich
publisher = Marvel Comics
debut = The Amazing Spider-Man" vol. 1 #41 (October, 1966)
creators = Stan Lee
John Romita, Sr.
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alliances = Sinister Syndicate
Sinister Six
Secret Defenders
Emissaries of Evil
Exterminators [http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix4/exterminatorschamln.htm]
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powers = Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability
Wears polymer armored suit with steel horns shown on top of head

The Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich) is a supervillain in the Marvel Universe. He is also a frequent adversary of Spider-Man and occasionally the Hulk. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr., he first appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #41 (October 1966).

As part of a Soviet super soldier program, a superstrong polymer was bonded to the Rhino's skin. A dim-witted criminal, the Rhino mostly robs banks and works for more ambitious villains.

Character biography


The Rhino was initially Alexander O'Hirn , a poor immigrant from Russia who was desperate to pay for the rest of his family to come to the United States. With little education and no real skills, the only paying jobs he could get were using his impressive strength as an enforcer for various criminal organizations. One day he was contacted by some Eastern Bloc agents, who offered him a vast sum of money for participating in an incredible experiment. O'Hirn agreed, and was subjected to intensive chemical and radioactive treatment, which bonded a superstrong polymer to his skin and greatly augmented his strength and speed. He was given the code name "Rhino," and was sent to work as a super-assassin.

Becoming a villain

Rhino's first job was to capture Colonel John Jameson for his military secrets. Spider-Man defeated the Rhino, leading to the supervillain's arrest. After escaping from prison, Rhino has taken on many other jobs over the years, and although he still hates Spider-Man and would love to crush him, he is professional enough not to let personal feelings distract him from a paying job.

Physically, he is one of Spider-Man's strongest foes with his favored attack being ramming into a target with a sustained charge. (His speed will increase as his charges, with his maximum being nearly 100 mph.) However, he is not very bright, which enables the wall-crawler to get a slight edge on him in their battles.

The Rhino has often tangled with The Incredible Hulk as well. He is significantly outmatched by the Hulk in terms of sheer brute strength, but the level of superhuman strength he possesses, coupled with his high invulnerability and ramming attacks, has always made him a good adversary.

Flowers for Rhino

Flowers for RhinoThe plot is based on the science fiction story by Daniel Keyes, "Flowers for Algernon".

Rhino decided to seek help to improve his mind the same way his body had been improved: through science. He sought out a scientist who had an experimental treatment to increase his intelligence. To his surprise the treatment actually worked and he was able to defeat Spider-Man, who had "always" outsmarted him in the past. Next, he took over the majority of the criminal operations in the city and started a law suit against Spider-Man that prevented the hero coming within 500 yards of him. However, his intelligence continued to increase exponentially and, with no intellectual competition, he began to find life boring; he even rewrote "Hamlet" because he found the writing style sloppy, and in his depression pointed out to Spider-Man that he was able to deduce Spider-Man was Peter Parker through a simple equation that could give him the identities of any costumed hero. When he began to approach omniscience he worried that such high intelligence would drive him insane so, although he briefly contemplated suicide, he elected to have the process reversed, actually making himself "a little MORE stupid than [he] used to be... Just to be on the safe side." ["Tangled Web of Spider-Man" #5]

Post Civil War

After Peter Parker/Spider-Man's exposure, Rhino was hired by the Chameleon to defeat Spider-Man. Rhino was even successful in this act; he wounded Spider-Man in the process, but was unable to collect payment as Chameleon had already been captured by Spider-Man. The Black Cat later tracks down Rhino, who by now is very drunk. She prevents him from murdering three sailors who were taunting him. She talks him down from his rampage but uses the bluff of the Puma having a device that could hurt him to back him up. Rhino is convinced by words to calm down and heads off. Secretly, the Black Cat had placed a tracking device on him so that he could be found by someone better armed to take him down.

A better armed man, the Punisher later attacks Rhino with the Satan Claw, a weapon of Baron Strucker, and leaves him in poor condition (Rhino's large horn is broken off). [Punisher War Journal #3.] Rhino later shows up for the wake of the dead supervillain Stilt-Man but ends up tussling with Armadillo, causing a brawl that was only stopped by Spider-Man. The wake was later bombed by the Punisher, who also posed as the bartender and poisoned the villains. Most of the attendees, the Rhino included, survive, and were treated for third-degree burns in addition to having their stomachs pumped. [Punisher War Journal #4.]

After Wolverine confirms Captain America's death, a disillusioned Spider-Man goes to visit the grave of Ben Parker, his uncle. While there, his spider-sense leads him to Rhino who, at the time, was visiting his late mother. Spider-Man, suspecting wrongdoing, attacks Rhino, who inadvertently breaks his mother's tombstone. Enraged, he attacks Spider-Man, who reminisces to a similar situation when he wrongly attacked the Hulk, only to be saved by Captain America. Spider-Man rises and defeats Rhino, only to be confronted shortly after by Wolverine.

Rhino is next seen humiliating Deadpool by shrinking him via Pym Particles, gluing his head to a keychain (the same thing Deadpool had done to him during a previous encounter), then made him ride a urinal cake. The Rhino was satisfied by what he had done and the two parted ways, only to have Deadpool turn around and defeat the villain while still small.

Recently, Rhino has taken up robbing banks with two accomplices. During one heist, he mistakenly kills a security guard, attracting the attention of The Punisher. The Punisher finds his safehouse and kills his two partners. He then uses a rocket launcher on Rhino, who is almost destroyed, but Spider-Man swings in and pulls him from the explosion. After incapacitating Rhino on a rooftop, Alyosha Kravinoff, the son of Kraven the Hunter shows up and darts Spider-Man. He then tranquilizes Rhino and brings him to his headquarters, where he has been collecting a zoo of animal themed superhumans [Punisher War Journal vol.2 #13] , like Bushmaster II, Gargoyle II, Kangaroo II, Black Knight's former horse Aragorn, Vulture, Mongoose, Man-Bull, Dragon Man, Swarm, Mandrill, Grizzly I, Leap-Frog I, and Tiger Shark. After helping, Punisher stops Kraven and, recalling a recent innocent death at his hands, allows Rhino to leave freely. However, Rhino, feeling remorse from the accidental killing, does send a letter and money to the security guard's widow. [Punisher War Journal vol.2 #15]

Later, in Punisher War Journal #23, at the end of the Jigsaw arc, Rhino storms the Brooklyn Bridge during the attempt on the Punisher's life and battles a member of the Wrecking Crew, saving the Punisher's life and asking if they are even, declining Jigsaw's offer of a billion dollars to kill Castle. The Punisher allows him to leave, telling him to "be good."

Powers and abilities

As a result of being bonded to a powerful polymer suit, as well as being innately powerful, the Rhino possesses tremendous superhuman strength. He also has heightened levels of speed and stamina, and a high degree of resistance to physical injury and high impact forces. The Rhino's costume renders him highly resistant to conventional injury. He has withstood high caliber bullets, powerful lasers, temperature extremes, and great impacts without injury. In addition, the "horn" of the head of his costume is very durable and razor-sharp. Rhino tends to charge into his enemies with the horn extended, much like a real rhinoceros.

Originally the source of the Rhino's powers was his costume which resembles a rhinoceros, which was once permanently attached. Eventually, the abilities of the costume merged with the body of the wearer. He has been physically improved over the years by several other villains.

Portrayals of the Rhino's intelligence have varied over the years. While he has always been depicted as being rather dim, the Rhino occasionally shows himself to be streetwise or otherwise capable of cleverness when the situation calls for it.

Other versions

Age of Apocalypse

In this reality, Rhino is a member of Death's Inhuman Strike Force.

Ultimate Rhino

Ultimate Rhino (R.H.I.N.O.), has increased power from the suit that the old Rhino stole from the U.S. Military. Using the R.H.I.N.O. suit's incredible strength, the Rhino robbed a Manhattan bank, charging the vault head-first, destroying it. He then rampaged through a busy street to make his escape, destroying anything in his path, including police cars, with ease. Spider-Man tries to escape school in order to confront him but is stopped by various incidents. Iron Man arrives, stops the Rhino's assault, and captures him. The Rhino was then taken into military custody.

He was last seen in the first Ultimate Spider-Man Annual, this time soundly defeated by Spider-Man.

Rhino also appears in the Ultimate Spider Man video game where other information on his origin and appearance is revealed. Though stated to be canon, it has yet to be confirmed within the comic series. In contrast to his original counterpart and namesake, R.H.I.N.O. appears to be extremely intelligent, but outside his suit small and weak. It was confirmed in the game that the suit he wears was created at Trask Industries. Whether it was stolen or given willingly remains unknown.

Marvel Zombies

In "Marvel Zombies", a zombie Rhino first appeared alongside an entourage of undead supervillains attempting to defeat and eat Galactus. [ "Marvel Zombies" #4 ] After Galactus is defeated following a battle between various zombified villains and heroes, the zombie Hulk mentions that he tore off and ate the Rhino's head, which he regrets, as the Rhino "tasted terrible". [ "Marvel Zombies" #5 ] (It was earlier stated by Henry Pym that the zombies taste horrid to each other when one tries to eat another) [ "Marvel Zombies" #2 ] .

House of M

In "", the Rhino appears as the somewhat unneeded bodyguard of Spider-Man, who is a celebrity in this reality. In the end, it is the Rhino who finally unmasks the Green Goblin, revealing him to be a deluded Peter Parker.

Other Media


pider-Man (1967)

The Rhino (voiced by Ed McNamera) made two appearances in the first season of the 1967 "Spider-Man" cartoon, later "returning" in a third-season budget-saving "mishmash" episode.

pider-Man (1994)

The Rhino appears several times on "" voiced by Don Stark. He is an enforcer for the Kingpin, and a member of the Insidious Six. His origin is not detailed in the series and he first appears in "The Alien Costume" in Season One.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Alex O'Hirn appeared in "The Spectacular Spider-Man" voiced by Clancy Brown. Originally a common petty crook under Big Man, O'Hirn was partnered with Flint Marko, and (briefly) Shocker. The two friends had repeated run-ins with Spider-Man and were getting frustrated at constantly being dupes and punching bags. Eventually realizing Spider-Man must be made to get out of his way, Big Man had O'Hirn used as a guinea pig in Oscorp's illegal experiments. His body was infused with Otto Octavius' newest innovation: supertough polymer armor modeled after a rhinoceros. O'Hirn gleefully dubbed himself "The Rhino". In comparison to Flint, O'Hirn has no issue with his new found abilities as long as he could take down Spider-Man. However, his costume has one fatal flaw: it obstructs his pores. Without a proper (de)hydration system, Rhino must periodically stop fighting and drink water, lest he overheat. Thus, Spider-Man gained the advantage by realizing and attacking this weakness by leading O'Hirn into a steam tunnel and opening up the pipes. Suffering from heat exhaustion and severely delusional, O'Hirn gives Spider-Man The Big Man's real name just before passing out.

In "Group Therapy", he escapes from jail with Doc Ock, Shocker, Fancy Dan and Ox, Sandman, and Vulture by Electro and team up to take down Spider-Man as (the Daily Bugle dubs them) the Sinister Six, where rekindles his partnership with Flint Marko, who has now become Sandman. Despite scaring Spider-Man away during a confrontation (with Rhino ready to impale him), he is defeated by a symbiote-controlled Spider-Man, when he is accidentally hit at the same time by Shocker and Electro, causing him to pass out while standing, and thrown on top of Electro.

Video games

* The Rhino's first video game appearance was in the 1989 game "Doctor Doom's Revenge", along with other Marvel villains such as Electro, Batroc the Leaper, and Doctor Doom himself.

* The Rhino appears as a boss in "The Amazing Spider-Man" for the Game Boy.

* The Rhino makes an appearance in . He and Carnage team up to defeat Spider-Man at the end of his second level.

* Rhino appears as a boss in the The Incredible Hulk for the SNES, Sega Genesis, SMS, and Sega Game Gear.

* In the PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64 "Spider-Man" game, the Rhino surprises both Spider-Man and The Black Cat, and manages to incapacitate her. Spider-Man uses the surrounding machinery in his battle. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

* Rhino appears as a boss in the Game Boy Advance game "".

* Rhino appears briefly in the "Spider-Man 2" video game voiced by John DiMaggio. The player briefly engages in a "Boss Battle" with him. This version's game of the Rhino has spikes on parts of his costume. In the PC version of "Spider-Man 2", the Rhino is the first villain Spider-Man battles in the game. In the first battle, the Rhino escapes his maximum security prison after Spider-Man takes out numerous crooks. Later on in the game, Spider-Man and Rhino meet multiple times in OsCorp. In the PC Game, after Spider-Man defeats several crooks trying to make a jail break at the Maximum Security Prison in New York, Rhino breaks out and starts a fight with Spider-Man. Rhino then makes a run for it and is caught in a laser cage made by the police. Spider-Man engages Rhino in the cage and makes him smash into the cage until its power wears down. Rhino eventually gets through the cage completely after Spider-Man dodges him once more, but the villain is defeated when he rams a pole into a gas station that blows up and sends Rhino flying away from the blast. Rhino's unconscious body is taken by Dr. Octopus, leaving Spider-Man to take down the fire with fire hydrants. Rhino is later seen again in the game when Dr. Octopus attacks OsCorp, and Spider-Man has to fight Rhino in a generator room, defeating him by making him smash into six generators that electrocute him into submission. However, Rhino meets up with Spider-Man again in a small room with four tubes containing (what seems to be) liquid nitrogen.Evading Rhino, Spider-Man destroys the tubes and escapes the room as it freezes, leaving Rhino frozen in the chamber.

* Rhino is a boss Spider-Man fights in the 2005 "Ultimate Spider-Man" game voiced by Bob Glouberman. When he first appeared, Spider-Man attempts to chase him while he causes destruction on the way. When he goes into a car lot, Spider-Man attempts to take him down by hitting him on his back multiple times. After Spidey defeated him, he was revealed to be a short man. He speaks mostly in Latin, seems to be very smart, and works for Bolivar Trask, a greedy business man who funded the Venom project. Strangely, this makes him the exact opposite of the original Rhino. In the characters page, R.H.I.N.O.'s name is shown to be Alex O'Hirn, and the web site for the game reveals that he originally designed the armor to be controlled by a computer before concluding that his own mind was more powerful than any computer and using the suit for himself.

* Rhino appears as a boss in the video game "". He is a member of Doctor Doom's Masters of Evil. He and Shocker were first seen working with Arcade. They are later seen guarding a defeated Heimdall. Rhino has special dialogue with Thing and Venom. He is in Thing's simulation disk which takes place on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Omega Base where Thing must protect a frozen Mister Fantastic.

* John DiMaggio reprises his role of Rhino in "". In the game, Rhino was one of the many villains that Mysterio kidnapped and placed under his control. He was sent to Tangaroa Island to guard a meteor shard. After Spider-Man defeats him and frees him of the mind control, Rhino agrees to help Spider-Man and becomes a playable character.

* In the Spider-Man 3 video game, Dr. Stillwell hires Rhino (voiced by Steven Blum) to take out Scorpion. After Rhino defeated Scorpion, he runs off. When Spider-Man and Scorpion reach Dr. Stillwell's hidout, Stillwell orders Rhino to destroy them. Rhino defeats Scorpion again, but Spider-Man defeats Rhino by tying him up with web lines and dropping several enormous ceiling blocks on top of him, knocking him unconscious. This version of Rhino doesn't don a full costume, but rather a large part of his body is scaly and bumpy like that of a rhinoceros, while his mask resembles that of his traditional costume.

* Rhino has been confirmed to appear in "" voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


* The Rhino appears in Jim Butcher's Spider-Man novel "", in which he and Spider-Man are forced to ally against the family of Morlun, and the two old foes gain a deeper respect for one another. Indeed, listening to Aleksei's life story, Peter finds out that the two of them aren't all that different and have had many of the same problems in life. Also, Rhino points out that he hates his costume, but must wear it because it's what his clients expect.

Toys & collectibles

* The Rhino has been reproduced in action figure form several times by Toy Biz, first as part of their Spider-Man: The Animated Series line, then as part of Spider-Man Classics, and finally as part of their Marvel Legends series. The Spider-Man Classics figure was later repainted and reissued by Hasbro.

* The character has been reproduced in mini-bust form by Art Asylum (as part of their Rogues Gallery collection) and as both a bust and statue by Bowen Designs.


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* [http://www.spiderfan.org/characters/rhino.html Rhino's profile at Spiderfan.org]
* [http://marvel.com/universe/Rhino_%28Aleksei_Sytsevich%29 Rhino on the Marvel Universe Character Bio Wiki]

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