Slow (DJ)

Slow (DJ)
DjSlow Levi Finland 2011
Birth name Vellu Maurola
Also known as DJ Slow
Born 1975 (age 35–36)
Vantaa, Finland
Genres Nu jazz, hip hop
Occupations DJ, record producer
Years active since 1992
Labels Plastinka, Columbia

Slow or DJ Slow (born Vellu Maurola, 1975, in Vantaa, Finland) is a Finnish DJ and music producer. His first encounters with hip hop acts such as Run-DMC, Public Enemy and Eric B & Rakim led him to pursue career in DJing, later making music and remixing others tracks. Slow is known for his nu-jazz style and for his production of commercial music for high-profile projects for advertising, TV, and cinema.[citation needed]



In the year 1990 Slow met JA-Jazz who was also a DJ and worked at the same department store's music department, where Slow worked. With money accrued from his evening job, Slow bought a pair of Technics turntables and good bunch of records.

He participated in the Finnish DMC Mixing Championships and won the contest four years in a row: in 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995.[1] Winning performances were based on strong scratching skills, beatmatching and a little bit of acrobatics.[citation needed] Equipment used was two Technics SL-1200 direct-drive turntables and a DJ mixer and musical styles ranged from hip hop to funk and jazz.

Slow's friendship with JA-jazz continued and in 1995 Ja-Jazz introduced him to James Spectrum and together they formed a band called Pepe Deluxé. Their style could be described as a mixture of big beat, trip-hop, and hip hop. Bands first outing was an 1998 EP titled Three Times a Player, which was chosen as Record of the month on Muzik magazine.[citation needed] Pepe Deluxé's first full-length album, Super Sound was released 1999 by UK's Catskills Records. Due to clearance problems (the tracks were heavily sampled),[citation needed] they had to do a new version of the album with many of the tracks re-created with cleared samples or with live instruments. New version of the album were release subsequently in France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, the U.S., Australia, and Germany.

One track from the album, "Woman in Blue", later re-named Before You Leave was chosen by Levi's jeans' ad agency to be featured on their worldwide advertising campaign in 2001.[2]

During this time Pepe Deluxe guys were also asked to do remixes to artists like Tom Jones, The Cardigans, and Eminem. After lot of promoting and concerts around the world, Slow decided to depart from the group because he wanted to pursue solo projects.

Between 1999 and 2001 worked as Head of A&R at EMI Finland, launching a new dance label called Nozle. The label released singles from dance acts such as Campaus, Z-MC, and Jori Hulkkonen's Step Time Orchestra. Campaus was a dance act Slow started with a Finnish producer Rauli Eskolin.

In 2002 Slow formed SlowHill with Finnish saxophonist Tapani Rinne, known for his band RinneRadio. The band fused jazz sounds with electronic beats and got their first album Finndisc released on Blue Note Records. On the same year, DJ Slow's single called "Got to Funk" went to number 1 in the Finnish dance chart[3] and peaked at number 19 on the Finnish singles chart.[4] The track was originally made for Hartwall's Upcider drink commercial but due to the huge demand from the audience and DJ's, he decided to make it a proper track and release is as a single.[5]

In 2003 Slow worked on lot of remixes such as The Crash's track Star and TV series scores for Finnish television.

In 2004 Slow released his debut album This Is Now and started a weekly radio show Burner on Helsinki's Groove FM with hip hopper Paleface.

In 2005 SlowHill released their second album Fennika on Plastinka Records, did remixes e.g. To BWO's Sixteen Tons of Hardware. With Tapani Rinne, Slow made also the score for Finnish movie Koti-ikävä which was nominated for the Finland's equivalent to Oscar, the Jussi.[6]

Year 2006 was a turning point in Slow's career in many ways. He was invited to play a set at Midem International Music Market's 40th anniversary opening night in Cannes.[7] He also released his second album Pronto!, later that year the album was also released in Japan by Columbia Records. He also played at the Wallpaper magazine's design awards in London, Milan's furniture fair at Artek's pavilion, Klara Festival in Brussels, and produced music for Nokia, Ikea, and Finlandia Vodka among others,[8] developing into the most sought-after commercial music composers in Finland.[citation needed]

In 2010 SlowHill returned with their third album, titled Muzak.



SlowHill: Muzak

(Universal Music) Album 2010

1. Tenho

2. Parasol

3. Finnlite

4. Pohjalo

5. Shine

6. Le Vapour

7. Toiset Meistä

8. Saunatheque

9. Utu

10. Sshhh

Slow: Pronto!

(Plastinka Records) Album 2006

1. Suite #431

2. Little By Little

3. Back In L.A.

4. Sambesque Tin-Tin

5. Track Down Pronto!

6. Fall Upon Love

7. Again And Again

8. Carnivále Mystique

9. Lullaby At 8:45 pm

SlowHill: Fennika

(Plastinka Records) Album 2005

1. Come Back As A Butterfly

2. Fundador

3. Riekko

4. Everyone Is A Star

5. La Noche En La Isla

6. Ammulla/Illalla

7. Thursday

8. Fennika

9. Lost Friends

10. Niko's Dream

DJ Slow: This Is Now

(Tiger Helsinki/BMG) Album 2004

1. These Jeans (R Way 2 Hotta!) feat. L.A. Skin 3.50

2. Feel The Vibe feat. Jungle Brothers 4.28

3. Got To Funk 3.47

4. (I'm Over You) Pablo feat. Teemu Brunila 5.49

5. Sunshine feat. Max C 3.56

6. Top-20 People feat. L.A. Skin 4.06

7. Start To Pray 4.10

8. Get Down, Give It Up feat. L.A. Skin & Élancy 4.32

9. Keep Moving feat. Midnight Sun 5.13

10. This Is Now feat. L.A. Skin & Christa Renwall

SlowHill: Finndisc

(Blue Note) Album 2002

1. Slowjazz 6.28

2. Super Blue 3.38

3. Positive 4.53

4. Fishbass Fusion 3.57

5. Just A Phrase 4.47

6. Valo 5.04

7. Yesterday Star 5.08

8. Small Stone 5.55

9. Fragonardo 4.15

10. Song For eetu 1.35


Various Artists Eat&Joy vol.1 - mixed and compiled by DJ Slow

(Plastinka Records) Album 2005

1. Slowhill:La Noche En La Isla 3:39

2. Husky Rescue: Rainbow Flows 5:51

3. ToneKroup: Mood Division 4:19

4. Lightman: Oil On Canvas 2:31

5. ACCU: Out Of the Blue 3:38

6. Teddy Rok Seven: Feel (Featuring Okou) 4:36

7. Korpi Ensemble: Everything’s All Right 4:05

8. Infekto: Beautiful (Instrumental) 2:38

9. Ro*danmaa: Track 7 5:38

10. Quintessence: Friday 5:25

11. Jazzgangsters: Feeling Sad Tonight 3:53

12. Uusi Fantasia: Fantasia 4:00


DJ Slow: (I'm Over You) Pablo (Tiger Helsinki/BMG) CD-single 2004

1. (I'm Over You) Pablo Radio Edit 3.48

2. (I'm Over You) Pablo Dallas Superstars Remix 6.32

3. (I'm Over You) Pablo Fu-Tourist Remix 5.47

4. (I'm Over You) Pablo Album Version 5.49

5. (I'm Over You) Pablo Video

DJ Slow: This Is Now

(Tiger Helsinki/BMG) Album 2004

1. These Jeans (R Way 2 Hotta!) feat. L.A. Skin 3.50

2. Feel The Vibe feat. Jungle Brothers 4.28

3. Got To Funk 3.47

4. (I'm Over You) Pablo feat. Teemu Brunila 5.49

5. Sunshine feat. Max C 3.56

6. Top-20 People feat. L.A. Skin 4.06

7. Start To Pray 4.10

8. Get Down, Give It Up feat. L.A. Skin & Élancy 4.32

9. Keep Moving feat. Midnight Sun 5.13

10. This Is Now feat. L.A. Skin & Christa Renwall

DJ Slow: Keep Moving

(Tiger Helsinki/BMG) CD-single 2004

1. Keep Moving 5.13

2. These Jeans (R Way 2 Hotta!) 4.06

DJ Slow: These Jeans (R Way 2 Hotta!)

(Tiger Helsinki/BMG) CD-single 2004

1. These Jeans (R Way 2 Hotta!)

DJ Slow: Got To Funk

(Tiger Helsinki/BMG) CD-single 2003

1. Got To Funk (Radio)

2. Got To Funk (OG Club Cut)

Paleface with DJ Slow: ´Til The Break Of Dawn

CD-single (BMG) 2003

Paleface with DJ Slow: Wannabe MC (Album Track) (BMG) 2003

SlowHill: Super Blue

(Blue Note) CD-single 2001

1. Super Blue 3.38


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