List of Charmed characters

List of Charmed characters
The triquetra symbol used frequently on Charmed to represent the Power of Three

The following is a list of characters from the Charmed universe, including the Warner Bros. television series Charmed and its spin-off material. The characters were created chiefly by Constance M. Burge and showrunner Brad Kern, as well as by other producers and writers affiliated with the Charmed franchise.

The characters can be divided into several categories:

  • Protagonists: franchise's heroes typically fairies and super heroes
  • Supporting characters: those who appear in the television series' introductory credits
  • Recurring characters: those who appear over more than one television season
  • Minor or guest characters: those whose duration is restricted to only one season (or extremely brief appearances over more than one)
  • Antagonists: the four evil Charmed ones


Main characters

Prudence "Prue" Halliwell

For full article, see Prue Halliwell

The eldest Halliwell sister and was part of the original Charmed Ones. Her powers were telekinesis and later astral projection. She was often considered the most powerful of the Charmed Ones; after Prue's death, Paige felt insecure about her own ability, believing she wasn't measuring up to Prue's legacy. After their mother died when they were young, Prue helped Penny (Grams) raise Piper and Phoebe, in the process becoming responsible and protective of her sisters, a trait that caused Phoebe and Prue to clash in earlier seasons. At the conclusion of Season 3, Prue was killed by a demon known as Shax who was sent by the Source of All Evil to assassinate a doctor the Charmed Ones were protecting. During the show, Prue held four jobs, the most notable being working at Buckland's Auction House, which she had for the majority of the seasons she was on the show. Prue's most notable romantic relationship is perhaps Inspector Andy Trudeau, childhood friend of the Halliwell sisters and first of many law-enforcement assistants of the Charmed Ones. He was killed at the end of Season 1, causing Prue intense grief and guilt. Prue's last job was protecting the innocent from evil demons. It is implied that, like Grams, Prue occasionally helps her sisters from the afterlife by turning pages in the Book of Shadows. She is the namesake of Piper and Phoebe's children, Prudence and Prue. Prue died in the third season finale.

Piper Halliwell

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Began the series as the middle sister and became the oldest after Prue's death. In the beginning, Piper's power was the ability to "freeze" people and objects, but advanced in the third season and she gained the power of molecular combustion – causing explosions. Piper was shy and submissive when Charmed first aired, but has gradually developed a much more assertive personality, especially after Prue's death. Piper usually had to keep the calm between Prue and Phoebe as the middle sister, which was ironically reflected in Phoebe when she was forced to play mediator at the times Piper and Paige butted heads. Piper is also identified as the sister who longs most for a "normal" life although she accepts her duties. She struggled with Prue's death the most and had trouble in accepting both Prue's death and Paige. Piper eventually moved on and has since built a strong bond with Paige as her sister. Initially Piper worked as a chef at Quake, a local restaurant before leaving Quake and opening up her own club, P3. However, her love for cooking never died and she continued to be a great cook for family and at times, friends. Piper had always wanted to open her own restaurant but her life just caught up with her so fast that she never really could find the right moment to open a restaurant. Her hands were already too full with magical issues, demons and warlocks trying to kill her husband, sons, and sisters, being wanted by the evil side for her powers, and having to deal with personal losses, especially the death of Prue. Still, Piper does open her own restaurant in the future, as is shown in the epilogue in the series finale. While she has had the least amount of romantic interests of the four female leads, Piper has also had the longest-running relationship, a forbidden love with Whitelighter Leo Wyatt. Despite many conflicts, Piper finally married Leo on a third attempt to do so, and gave birth to three children; Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell. Piper became a popular fan favorite during the series run. She married leo in the end

Phoebe Halliwell

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The youngest known Halliwell sister when the show premiered. Her first power was of premonition. Frustrated by her passive powers, she trained in martial arts to be able to fight demons, which has remained her main offense. Later, Phoebe developed the powers of levitation and empathy. Phoebe has often had to struggle with responsibility in using her powers, and is the sister most attuned to turning evil as a result of being the only sister born in the Manor. Phoebe's active powers were stripped in the sixth season as punishment for abusing them, but she has earned back her power of premonition. It is possible that she may have also earned back her powers of levitation and empathy yet this is not shown throughout the course of the series – perhaps Phoebe earns them back in the future. Phoebe was quite free-spirited and wild in the first three seasons. She initially had trouble in relating to Prue, whose serious and sensible personality contrasted her own. Their relationship had been further strained when Prue's then-fiance flirted with Phoebe, then lied about it to Prue and claimed Phoebe had flirted with him. Phoebe and Prue eventually reconciled. Having originally dropped out of college, Phoebe later returns to school to complete her degree and earns a job as the San Francisco advice columnist "Ask Phoebe", which remained her career until the series conclusion. Phoebe's love-life has been the wildest of the sisters. Her longest relationship (on-screen) was with Cole Turner, a half-demon that she married and divorced when she discovered he had secretly absorbed the Source of All Evil. Phoebe was at one point pregnant with his child. She vanquished Cole twice; the first time he gained incredible power and resurrected himself to pursue Phoebe, who'd already moved on. By the end of Charmed, Phoebe is seen to have married a cupid named Coop and have three daughters. In addition to her Ask Phoebe career, Phoebe (in the future) authored two books on the subject of love.

Paige Matthews

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The daughter of an illicit affair between the Halliwell sisters' mother and her Whitelighter, Sam Wilder. Paige was probably the first half witch, half-Whitelighter ever, or at least, she was assumed as such until the introduction of Simon Marks in Season 8. Her existence was concealed, and she was adopted by parents who died in a car accident. She was unaware of her magical history until the funeral of Prue, eventually joining Piper and Phoebe as the "new" youngest sister in Season 4 and moving into the Manor. She is ambitious, outspoken and stands firmly in what she believes in, beginning the series as a social worker before moving to full-time witch, to Headmistress of Magic School, and finally, after handing over the leadership of Magic School to Leo, she concentrates on being a witch and a Whitelighter, and not to mention later on, a mom. Paige initially had the power of telekinetic orbing – due to the Whitelighter in her, her power, which was supposed to be telekinesis, evolved to accommodate her Whitelighter side, thus expressing itself as a form of orbing. Initially, Paige has to call out the name of the particular object that she wishes to move but later on in the series, as her powers grew, there has been instances when she could move an object without saying out its name. Also, Paige could later on orb people towards her and also away from her. Paige also had the ability to orb right from the beginning – thus unlike her sisters, Paige was the only sister who had two powers to begin with. Perhaps due to her half-witch status, her basic powers never really advanced to form new powers, as was the case with Prue, who developed astral projection. However, Paige remains a formidable witch as she still has the ability to orb. Also, in the final season of the series, she gains the ability to heal, a power that belongs to Whitelighters that was triggered when the love of her life, Henry Mitchell, was shot. Her other powers include glamouring and the ability to sense her sisters. Both abilities are from her Whitelighter side. Paige has had her fair share of flings with men and certain strong relationships, most notably of which would probably be the relationships she had with Richard Montana and Kyle Brody (Kyle was later killed by the Avatars but he was resurrected as a Whitelighter by the Elders). Ultimately however, she marries Henry and has twin daughters and a son with him.

Leo Wyatt

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The Charmed Ones' Whitelighter. He also becomes an Elder. As a whitelighter/Elder he can heal, orb, levitate, has immortality, become invisible, assign charges, jingle other whitelighters, orb other objects/people, shoot electricity, and many other powers. He becomes the father of Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda. Leo later became an Avatar, which gave him almost unlimited power, almost being until the collective is drained. Such powers include but is not limited to: altering reality, waves of fire, resurrection, and manipulation of time. According to Chris, Leo wasn't around very much in the future and Leo favored Wyatt over Chris. Leo and Piper had to split up when Leo became an Elder, but later on, Leo clipped his wings to be with his family again.

Wyatt Halliwell

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The most powerful hybrid, if not the most powerful magical being, ever to exist. He becomes the master of Excalibur, which can only be wielded by the ultimate power. He is also half whitelighter and half witch. His powers include force fields, conjuring, orbing (both himself and other objects), healing, potion making, spell casting, telekinesis, and others. In Chris's alternate future, Wyatt is known to rule the world while evil. He tries to kill Chris multiple times, but Chris evaded him each time, ultimately returning to the past to prevent Wyatt from becoming evil. Wyatt and Chris fight demons together as adults.

Chris Halliwell

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Appearing first in "Oh My Goddess, Part 1" Chris uses the cover of being a Whitelighter from the future, so he can alter history for the better (preventing Wyatt from turning evil). While he successfully gains the Charmed Ones' trust, Leo remained initially suspicious. Because he comes from the future he can't give anything away about the future, which may change the events of the present and subsequently the future. At certain moments he becomes very vague saying things such as "You're about to find out" and describes events without describing them in intricate detail. As he comes from a future where evil Wyatt has taken over the world, he admits that he has come from the future to stop the demon or demons that turned Wyatt evil. He and Leo have serious issues with Leo not believing Chris is a good guy since he stranded him in Valhalla where he was trapped for 5 weeks and Chris hating Leo for not being there when he was growing up-in the evil alternate future. Chris is another hybrid: half Whitelighter, half witch. He has telekinesis, orbing (both himself and other objects), potion making, spell casting, and others.


For the full article, see Cole Turner

Cole is half-human and half-demon by blood, and better known to the demonic world for over a hundred years as the legendary demonic assassin Belthazor. Cole is dispatched by the Source of all Evil himself to kill the Charmed Ones only to fall in love with then-youngest sister Phoebe, renounce evil and become a close ally of the Charmed Ones. Though Cole eventually completely rids himself of his demonic nature, and marries Phoebe in the fourth season, he never gains the trust of new youngest sister Paige. Furthermore, when married to Phoebe, Cole unknowingly receives the powers of the Source due to him consuming "the Hollo" in order to save Phoebe. This eventually back fires on him as the Source's powers become too much for him to handle, which leads to his demise when the Charmed Ones are forced to vanquish him. However, in Series Five he escapes "the Wasteland" due to him stealing vast amounts of powers off other damned demons, which enables him to force himself into the Charmed One's lives again. Moreover, Cole is viewed as a threat by the sister's due to his past blunders and never regains their trust. Although Cole attempts to dedicate his new life to being good, his bewildering love for Phoebe and her rejection of his love, drive him to the point of insanity which again results in his demise. Finally, Julian McMahon (Cole Turner) makes a guest appearance during Series Seven, he acts as a spiritual guide for Piper in order to survive a previously related attack and to find her lost love (Leo). Throughout the supernatural drama Charmed, Cole is a highly popular character whom brings excitement, drama and anxiety to the show.

Darryl Morris

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Darryl followed in his father's footsteps by pursuing a career in law enforcement. At first Darryl is suspicious of the Halliwell sisters' recurring connection to mysterious murders and crimes. However, a few months after his partner's death, the Halliwells reveal to him that they are really good witches trying to bring justice and protection to the world. Over the years, he helps them cover up unsolved cases related to demonic activity, granting them favours and giving them general support.

Supporting characters

Supporting characters in Charmed varied season to season, and quite frequently by episodes. To save budget dollars characters were frequently written out of episodes. Dorian Gregory as SFPD Inspector Darryl Morris received this treatment in all seven of his seasons, and the character was dropped entirely the last season as the network finances faltered. Brian Krause's final season on the show was halved short due to budget cuts, though he did return for the final two episodes of the series.

Minor guest roles of single names

This section is a partial list of guest roles, where actors are not given in a script with a full name but by needs of the writers: Policemen, victims, minion demons, and so forth. Such actors are normally credited after the episode in the ending credits of the episode, which recaps both the Credited Guest Stars, whose names appear during the main title credits (normally after the first commercial interlude)

Episode 4.17

Joel Anderson as Billy, Tom Finnegan as Franklin, Rene Heger as Greg, Evie Peck as Maria, and Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as Surdez in "Saving Private Leo"

Episode 5.03

Kay E. Kuter  as the Keeper of the Fairy Tales, Carl Ciarfalio as the Huntsman in the fairy tales, Arturo Gil as Dwarf Stinky

Episode 5.13

Minor characters in "House Call"
  • Erinn Bartlett as the bride Jessica of Glen Belland victimized by Paige when ensorcelled by the suspicious council of witch doctors.
  • Googy Gress as Phoebe's porky chauvinistic competing columnist Spencer Ricks. Ricks appears to be loosely cast as a parody of and modeled on conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh save Limbaugh, doesn't write an advice column—no matter how much advice he gives people sanctimoniously on the air waves. Phoebe encounters the sexist pig and surprisingly avoids turning him into a porker, but transfigures him into a turkey—and takes him home to make it into a dinner entree.
  • Keith Sellon-Wright as the Chapel's Minister performing the no frills wedding ceremony for Glen Belland and either Paige (in disguise as Jessica) or with Jessica—and for a brief moment of confusion and revelation–both at once—whichever girl is there during the given moment and scene. Leo has his first success breaking the council of witchdoctors spells when he gets Paige to realize the hurt she's causing Jessica in the Chapel, breaking the obsession and the spell causing it so the two of them can then deal with Piper.
  • Todd Sherry as the magazine photographer doing the shoot for Phoebe and 415 Magazine. His 15 seconds of fame is his disagreement with Leo and desire for Phoebe to show more skin.

Alphabetical character biographical listings

This section is a comprehensive list of major characters who are credited as co-stars, guest stars, or special guest stars over the course of the eight years the show was produced. It also lists major villains and allies which have a recurring role in the series. In general, non-repeating supporting cast members (meaning those normally credited only in the post-episode closing credits) are not listed here, unless they were promoted into a more prominent and important character or villain. Some ancestral figures which impact and influence plot formation are also listed here, as is the next generation (progeny) of the Charmed Ones, that were foreshadowed or shown in the series time travel themed episodes.

Ancestors of the Charmed Ones

Ancestors and family members of the charmed ones given historical background and a place in episode plots are: Priscilla Baxter, Victor Bennett, Pearl Rusell, Phoebe Bowen, Allen "Jack" Halliwell, Patricia Halliwell, Charlotte (of season three's All Halliwell's Eve) Melinda Warren, and for Paige, Samuel Wilder

Ancestral background of the Halliwells

The Halliwell family are descendants of the Warren line of witches that started with Melinda Warren, daughter of Charlotte Warren in the 17th century. One of the things that have made the Charmed Ones and all witches in the line so strong is their bond as a family.
Some of the named ancestors of the Charmed Ones includes Beatrice Warren, who was described in the season seven episode "There's Something About Leo" as a:
"stern, yet powerful woman, filled with wisdom and grace who confronted the demon Zorlaf during the mid 19th century. With the ability to stop her foes in their tracks, she was unable to withstand the might of Zorlaf and ended with one of her legs chopped off.
Brianna Warren was another ancestor, said by the Book of Shadows as able to telekinetically move a sword (belonging to one of the Lords of War, Gabriel) "hundreds of miles", a feat which Prue Halliwell admitted she probably couldn't do.
In the episode Charmed and Dangerous, the Charmed Ones call on the power of their ancestors to defeat The Source of All Evil. The spell includes a list of matriarchs of the Warren line: Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura, and Grace.
It was once mentioned by Patricia Halliwell that Phoebe was named after her favorite aunt and it was possible that Penelope Halliwell nee Johnson (Grams) was not the only daughter of Gordon Johnson and P. Baxter. It is possible that there was a second daughter named Phoebe Johnson. Another theory is that this aunt could in fact have been one of Patty's first cousins twice removed, and therefore one of P. Baxter's cousins shown in the season 2 episode "Pardon My Past", who Patty affectionately referred to as "Aunt" Phoebe. However, equally as likely, Phoebe could have also been the name of another of Allen Halliwell's sisters, which would also make her Patty's biological aunt.
In season six's "Witchstock", Allen Halliwell mistakes Paige for his sister, Janice, making Janice Halliwell Patty's biological aunt and the Charmed Ones' great aunt.
In the series premiere, "Something Wicca This Way Comes", Piper states to Phoebe that they have "an aunt who's manic, a cousin who's a drunk, and a father who's invisible". Since there has never been a record of Patty having siblings, it is highly likely that the aforementioned aunt and cousin come from their father, Victor Bennett's, side of the family.
In season four's "Size Matters", Piper makes a mention to Leo of their "Great Aunt Sylvia" who collects hummels because they are easier to deal with than real people. It is unknown whether this great aunt is on the Halliwell side of the family or the Bennett side of the family.
In the second half of the season four premiere, "Charmed Again", Paige is seen speaking on the telephone to her "Uncle Dave" and also asks about her "Aunt Julie's" bad hip. While these are not blood relations, they are still part of Paige's family via her adoption by the Matthews, though it is unknown whether Dave and Julie are related to Mr. Matthews or Mrs. Matthews.

Asmodeus, Triad member

The Demon Asmodeus, or Triad member Asmodeus (Soren Oliver) is one of the reconstituted Demonic Triad Council or "Second Triad" members who appear to plot against the Charmed Ones in season eight in the episode, "Engaged and Confused", when their plotting disturbs the wedding of Paige and Henry. Vanquished when Paige orbs him in front of Baliel's energy ball and destroyed as a spirit by a potion later.

Baliel, Triad member

The Demon Baliel, or Triad member Baliel (Steven J. Oliver) is one of the reconstituted Demonic Triad Council or "Second Triad" members who appear to plot against the Charmed Ones in season eight in the episode, "Engaged and Confused", when their plotting disturbs the wedding of Paige and Henry. Vanquished by Piper with molecular combustion and destroyed by a potion as a spirit.

Avenger, Emma the

Emma (Heather Dawn)
Emma Avenger (Emma, Emma the Avenger, or Emma Athame) has no last name in the episode script, so is designated here by her role, where the character took up demon hunting to avenge her demon-killed fiance using the carelessly lost Athame (A magical dagger) belonging to her fiance's killer.

In a plot twist, Emma's beau was killed by Belthazor under a contract, who in his Cole persona is very sad for he cannot even recall what the man looked like, but acknowledges that the athame is his and that he in all likelihood had killed the man. Emma is possessed of great determination and true grit, for outside the ceremonial weapon's magic powers, she would have been defenseless against such, and she'd hunted them systematically for a year and a half according to the dialog in the episode "Black as Cole".

In a further ironic twist, Emma joins the over tasked Charmed Ones near the end of the epic battle going on in the attic between Cole-Belthazor and Demon Sykes just after Belthazor defeats Sykes, but having had to surrender to his demon side to be strong enough to defeat the same racial demon type, Sykes. After the fight, the enraged excited post-battle animalistic state of Cole-Belthazor to be out of control and appears to be a threat, even Phoebe, who interposes herself between the demon and her sisters.

Emma coming up behind from the stairway takes her timely vengeance then upon Belthazor, and hurls a potion Phoebe'd dropped downstairs, a power binding potion she'd prepared several episodes back onto the demons back. The potion, cast on Cole's demon half-side, drives him back into his human-Cole form, binds his magic (or demoness) and according to Phoebe, Emma had vanquished the demon that had killed her fiance.


Baxter, P.

P. Baxter is the past life of Piper Halliwell, as well as a blood relative being the great-grandmother of the Charmed Ones, and mother to Penelope Halliwell (Grams).

Born- September 1897, Died – December 1970, Relationship – Mother of Penelope "Penny" Johnson. Contemporary cousins in the 1920s: P. Russell and P. Bowen

Marital Status – married Gordon Johnson.

Powers- Molecular Deceleration/Immobilization, family precursor to Piper Halliwell's broader powers.

She is the great grandmother of the Charmed Ones and mother to Penelope Halliwell. She is a past life of Piper Halliwell.

She is the mother of Penelope Halliwell née Johnson. Though it was not clearly stated it was implied that she may have had a second daughter named Phoebe.

In the 1920s, during Prohibition, Baxter ran a popular speakeasy at the Manor (which she may have most likely owned). (She mentions "giggle water" – a slang term for champagne – to her bartender.) She had a husband named Gordon Johnson, a mortal, and two cousins: P. Bowen and P. Russell, both of whom were also Warren family witches.

Unfortunately for her relationships with her cousins, P. Russell fell in love with an immortal warlock named Anton, so fell under the influence of evil, and as a result went after her cousins, P. Baxter and P. Bowen in a murderous way allied with Anton. In the midst of the battle, P. Russell was captured by her cousins and killed, part of the plot development experienced in part by Phoebe who is forced to live through the 1924's experiences of her cousin through development of her growing premonition abilities and empathetic senses in the second season episode Pardon My Past.

Penelope later describes Baxter as a "looker" and stated that her grand-daughter, Paige, bore a resemblance to her, which was ironic since Allen had described her as looking like his sister, Janice.

Belland, Glen

Glen Belland (Jesse Woodrow)

Glen was introduced in season four as Paige's best friend since kindergarten, and they have dated on and off since high school. Glen and Paige never had a very serious romantic relationship because of his ongoing travels around the world; however, Paige trusts him implicitly with her life and is willing to share the Halliwell's secret and the existence of magic and evil with him. This becomes a major part of the plot in "A Knight to Remember" and the quasi-sequel episode "Trial by Magic" later in the fourth season.

In "Trial by Magic" he learns about magic and the Halliwell's witchcraft. Paige spontaneously invites him to stay with her when he arrives back from Australia. This causes tension for both Piper and Phoebe, because magical issues, factors, the comings and goings of demons, as well as Glen himself, are all now at risk. Left alone in the manor, he finds odd potion ingredients while he searches for something to eat. Curious, he begins to look around the manor and soon finds juicy reading within the pages of the Book of Shadows. He is cured of any urge to stay as a permanent house guest, however, when a mid-level Rat Demon conjurs a magic beheading collar and attaches it around Glen's neck. The demon gives the Charmed Ones a one hour ultimatum or the collar will decapitate Glen. In time, he eventually marries Jessica, a girl he meets while climbing the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

One of the few innocents throughout the series who knows of the Charmed ones' magic powers and is okay with their wiccan ways, he joins Darryl Morris and his wife, Sheila, and later Paige's future husband, Henry Mitchell. In a later episode, "House Call", Glen tries to marry Jessica, but first he must deal with a bewitched Paige. While under a spell, Paige uses her powers to glamour into Jessica and stand in for the bride.

Although Glen does not physically appear in the series again after his season five engagement to Jessica, he is mentioned in the season eight premiere, "Still Charmed & Kicking", as the only (innocent) person to visit Paige's urn during the sisters' fake wake at the manor.


Bennett, Victor

Born – 16 January 1949.
Relationship – Father of Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell; Like a Father to Paige Matthews; Grandfather of Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell, and Phoebe and Coop's three children.
Marital Status – Married twice, first: Patricia "Patty" Halliwell, second: Doris (in 2003).
Powers – None (mortal).

Tony Denison (season 1), James Read (seasons 3–8) – The father of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. He divorced the Charmed Ones' mother, Patricia Halliwell, when the girls were young, after finding out that Patricia had an affair with their whitelighter, Sam. Victor wasn't present for much of the girls' lives; his eldest daughter Prue resented him for most of her life. He began building a relationship with his daughters after they rediscovered their powers in their twenties.[1] By end of the third season, he was on good terms with all three girls. At the beginning of the fourth season, he found out that Patty and her whitelighter Sam had a daughter named Paige together, and treated her like a daughter of his own.[2] He has also reconciled with Patty through conversations with her ghost (though he still doesn't get along with Grams' spirit). Victor travels a lot for work and only occasionally drops in for visits. In the future as told by his grandson Chris, he and Victor were close due to Piper's death; however, as the Charmed Ones and Chris put the future on a different course and Piper's death was averted, it is unknown if this will change. He takes custody of both Wyatt and Chris when the Charmed Ones have to fake their deaths at the end of Season 7.[3] Tony Denison portrayed Victor for one episode, after which James Read took over the role. Victor was originally written to have the surname Halliwell, but the family tree shown in "Pardon My Past" listed it as Jones. After that episode, he was known for a short time as Victor Bennet before settling on Bennett.

Bowen, P.

P. Bowen is a past life of Prue Halliwell and a blood relative depicted in the quasi-time travel based Pardon My Past which entangles the fate of the three Halliwell sisters in the now of 1999 with three cousins and a magical artifact of the events of the three cousin's "then" of 1924 and a warlock lover, the warlock Anton.

Born- June 1895, Died – May 1972, Relationships – Cousins – P. Baxter and P. Russell, Marital Status – Single.

Powers- Ice Breathing (Cryokinesis)

She is the daughter of Gregory Bowen who was the son of a Warren witch and Lola Mack. P. Bowen's powers were possibly a development of the Warren power to freeze time, as ice breathing was not a power of the Halliwell line (as inherited from Melinda Warren). P. Bowen was a good witch of the Warren Line. She is cousins with P. Russell and P. Baxter and is the past life of Prudence Halliwell. Her name could be Phoebe Bowen, hence Patty's aunt who she named Phoebe for.

During the "roaring twenties", she lived with her two cousins P. Russell and P. Baxter, and Baxter's husband Gordon Johnson in the family Manor. Baxter had turned it into a speakeasy during the prohibition, and Bowen worked there as a photographer. P. Bowen's passion for photography was later shown in her future life of Prudence Halliwell.

Brody, Kyle

Federal agent Kyle Brody of homeland security (Kerr Smith young Kyle played by Ricky Kurtz)
Prominent Supporting Character in season seven:

Episode 7.04, "Charrrmed!"—episode 7.13, "Charmageddon"

Kyle Brody (but only after the Charmed Ones come to trust him) becomes a love interest of Paige Matthews in season seven who among others (possibly the first) heralded the coming of The Avatars.

A mysterious federal agent who knows a lot about the supernatural world, Brody enters the series when a frustrated and emotional Inspector Sheridan begins punching phone buttons ostensibly calling for Federal Assistance with the Halliwell's mystery while in mid-argument with Lt. Darryl Morris. Agent Brody debuts in the series[4]:

Brody identifies himself as part of Homeland Security, and when asked "What department" he works for, answers "The Classified One".At the beginning of the next episode, "season seven" In the story it is told that Brody witnessed his parents' murder (by supernatural means) as a child and spent the majority of his life seeking vengeance against the beings he believed to be responsible for their deaths, whom he believed murdered them because they had the potion that killed Avatars. For the majority of his life, he believed those beings were the Avatars, an ancient supernatural race determined to end the battle between Good and Evil by imposing their own order on the world. Introduced to the series as the mysterious the "New Powers", or the "Coming Powers" which both demons and elders are worried about, the Avatars term is first used in the series by the Demon Shardon after capturing Brody while he questions him in the underworld. Agent Brody was left downstairs and charged to help the sisters in their attic battling Shardon from the safety of a magic circle so they first learn the name "Avatars" from Brody after they rescue him from the underworld.

Brody is an ordinary mortal armed only with an ancient potion that kills Avatars. His search for these beings leads him to the Charmed Ones; he helps keep their secret in exchange for their help. While Piper, Phoebe, Leo, and Darryl are wary of Brody's extreme methods, Paige overlooks his obsession as she falls in love with him. Despite being later convinced (with the help of Paige sponsored time travel to be observers at their death) that the Avatars were, in fact, not responsible for the death of his parents, Brody remained unconvinced of their motives, and consequently formed an alliance with the demon Zankou in an effort to stop the Avatars from success with their plan. Brody was killed while taking out the Avatar Beta, only to return as a Whitelighter to bid farewell to his beloved Paige. The Elders had decided to give him another chance due to his actions against the Avatars. Kyle Brody was the only victim of the Avatars reign not resurrected: the rest were resurrected when the Avatars were forced to rewind time and undo everything, but they were too weak to rewind it enough to bring him back. Before his death, Kyle finally got the revenge he was looking for in his parents murders: the leader of the demons was vanquished by Sarpedon and the other three were vanquished by Zankou in order to help convince Kyle to join him.

Callaway, Family

Characters appearing in episode 6.05 "Love's a Witch"

Burt Callaway (Carl Anthony Nespoli):

Appearing in the episode as a supporting character in a minor role. (See below)

Grandma Callaway (Christine Healy):

Appearing in the episode as a supporting character in a minor role. (See below)

James Callaway (James Sutorius):

Appearing in the episode as a supporting character in a minor role. (See below)

Olivia Callaway (Rachelle Lefevre):

Appearing in an episode featuring deadly strife between feuding witch families the vindictive Olivia is now a ghost, the ex-lover and fiance of Richard Montana and further proves to be the agitation causing stimulus behind the fresh outbreak of armed tension between the Callaway and Montana families as she can and has used magic to make attacks from beyond the grave as the families learn when she is summoned by the Charmed Ones in a seance who are making an intervention at Paige's urging.

Candor, Triad member

The Demon Candor, or Triad II member Candor (Leland Crooke)
is one of the reconstituted Demonic Triad Council or "Second Triad" members who appear to plot against the Charmed Ones in season eight in the episode, "Engaged and Confused", when their plotting disturbs the wedding of Paige and Henry. Vanquished by Christy Jenkins who rammed her arm through him and destroyed as a spirit by a potion.

Collector, Gammill the

Gammill the Collector
Gammill the Collector (Robert Englund)
Also known simply as The Collector. Gammill is a demon that possessed a small, metallic, wand capable of emitting energy beams with two distinct functions:
  • a blue lightning beam that shrinks whatever is struck, and
  • a red disintegration beam.
  • He also possessed enough magical skill and power to create golems—magically created lifeforms from Greek mythology in imitation of humans—from clay, and then Frankenstein-like (Shelly likely got the idea from the much earlier mythos), then ennervated by the magic user/creator. Gammill was by one victim or by chance eventually cursed in the 1970s[5] to appear as ugly on the outside as he is internally, forcing him to create a golem in his previous image to lure female victims to his lair. Once captured, Gamill's victims were shrunk, covered in clay and baked into hideous one of a kind figurines for his macabre one-of-a-kind special figurine collection, to which he is delighted to add witches. He was not the least daunted in finding himself accidentally pitted against the Charmed Ones, even cocky, and taunted Phoebe after she fell to his trickery. Gamill's method of murder was grisly but he was not an aggressive foe, primarily choosing to hide instead of fight, or at least to set a trap and let the Charmed Ones come to him. That does not say he was not dangerous, for he caught all three sisters and immobilized them in clay suits. They only escaped because of the delay imposed for his kiln to come up to the high temperatures needed to fire ceramics (temperatures greater than 1,000 °F/540 °C). By turning his own wand against him, and using a power of three spell Phoebe had written since she had nothing better to do while surrounded in clay, The Charmed Ones were able to vanquish him.

Cowan, Bob

Bob Cowan (David Reivers)
Bob Cowan began as a regular series supporting character within the viewer's first scene introducing Paige Matthews in " Charmed Again (Part 1)" when he comes on scene asking for information and she answers rather rudely and slides out to attend Prue Halliwell's funeral rites, for Piper's spell to find a lost witch hadn't brought back Prue's soul, but the newspaper notice to her unknown half-sister Paige. Bob Cowan as Paige's boss is the somewhat rotund, congenial, and remarkably tolerant boss of Paige Matthews while she was working at South Bay Social Services as a worker bee, and eventually promoted her to full social worker. His supporting appearances in guest roles were typically credited after the program,

Clyde, the spirit

Spirit Clyde
The spirit Clyde, according to Leo Wyatt is the real world inspiration to Charles Dickens's "Ghost of Christmas Past", and when in "A Paige From the Past" (2002) Paige experiences an auto-accident which triggers repeat trauma and a load of guilt from the night her parents died in one, Leo calls down Clyde in an intervention to help Paige return to the morning of the day her parents perished to see what she could learn by reliving the days experiences as her younger self. Clyde helps her learn the accident had nothing to do with her, or the relationship troubles she's had with her folks the day of their death and was totally unavoidable since a heavy truck ran a red light and broadsided them. She further learned she'd survived when they perished because she'd involuntarily orbed placing her outside the car when it exploded, though rolling and tumbling along the roadway.

Later being reunited at the end of the episode with her "spirit" parents where they told her how much they love her and our proud of her.



race or type of magical entities
The angelic-classical greek Cupids of mythology in the Charmed universe became a race of supernatural romance builders in the episode "Heartbreak City" during the second season. The Initial Cupid had no scripted name, though the aired episode was clear in presenting the background that other Cupids existed and were going about their business around the world triggering romances.

Cupid, Initial or first Cupid

Charmed's first Cupid (Michael Reilly Burke)
The first Cupid appeared in the writing and production of the Charmed universe during the second season in the episode "Heartbreak City", and was given no distinguishing name, but just called "Cupid". The character initially was shown going about his business of promoting romance with the sisters as supporting characters, but soon after a demon entered the plot he sought their help but was unwise and initially entered Halliwell manor magically in order to elicit the Charmed Ones aid and so was subsequently beat up by the sisters' who were as yet unaware of "good supernatural entities".[6] This came about after a powerful Demon named Drasi stole Cupid's powerful ring and sets out to destroy all his recently influenced love matches which brings him back into the Halliwell Sisters' circle asking for help. But they initially repulse him, mistaking him for someone evil or a stalker, when he knows personal stuff he shouldn't. When the relationships of the Charmed Ones break, Cupid must convince the Halliwells to help him get his powerful artifact back before a world of Hate is created, which could result in him (Cupid) personally dying.
Cupid's future looks bleak as he watches the couples he's paired go from loving mates to sparring enemies and the bad vibes are spreading into the relationships of the Charmed Ones, but a dateless Phoebe comes to the aid of Cupid and brings the other sisters into the battle. Prue uses her newly discovered power of astral projection to help Piper and Phoebe kill Drazi, but Drazi returns from the dead to wreak havoc on the love lives of the Charmed Ones a second time. Phoebe convinces Piper to freeze the demon of hate and return Cupid's love ring. The second time they try, the demon is banished forever. All returns to normal in the love lives of the Charmed Ones and many others. Even Phoebe gets a thank you kiss from Cupid that leaves her smiling.


Darklighter: See main article Darklighter

Davidson, Reece

Keith Diamond as SFPD Inspector Reece Davidson appears as a minor recurring supporting character in the middle of the third season investigating the longterm impersonation of an Assistant District Attorney by the half-human demon Belthazor-Cole Turner. His main effect on plot lines and the writing of the series is to annoy and worry Phoebe, let her have a premonition, or to provide a time conflicting distraction keeping her from being someplace else when needed.

Dean, Jason

Jason Dean (Eric Dane)
The handsome jet-setter Dean was the new owner and hands-on boss of 'The Bay Mirror', the newspaper Phoebe wrote advice for, and became Phoebe's boyfriend for over a year of comical subterfuges and gaffs, as the three's lives complicated her work and romantic requirements. Phoebe fell in love with him and he loved her but she could not bring herself to reveal magic or her powers to him leading to a succession of procrastinations that became the seeds of hurt and betrayal in an irreconcilable misunderstanding.
Jason was very career-oriented, and Phoebe traveled all over the world with him, including living in Hong Kong for a while and orbing back and forth to help in Charmed Ones matters. Phoebe was always working to keep her witch life a secret from him, and when he found out it ultimately led to the decision that they should not be together anymore. Jason thinks that Phoebe, Piper and Paige do amazing things and it put his job into perspective. He says that they should both just take some time, however, they never start dating again.

Death, Angel of

The Angel of Death (Simon Templeman)
Tall, distinguished, the Angel of Death first appeared in season three to help Prue Halliwell cope better with her mother's death. The Angel of Death also made appearances in seasons seven and eight. While neither good nor evil, the Angel of Death was unconquerable; however, the girls often managed to thwart, or at least to "get around" the Angel of Death and his procedures. He used a magic list of names, which he could make appear or disappear at will, to show the next several people whose souls he had to gather. In one episode Piper Halliwell was killed (temporarily) by Death so he could recruit her to become an Angel of Death herself and help him "catch up" his list of souls.

Demon bounty-hunters

Demonic Bounty Hunters come in a variety of demon races and capabilities.

Driven by greed, these heartless low level demons will stop at nothing to collect their bounty, which frequently is their path to greater powers and an easier existence. They have the power to fire energy balls and/or lighting bolts and can materialize at will. Bounty hunter track down fugitive demons, but if the price is right, they can go after anyone, as they did in the early years before the demonic world realized such had little chance against the Charmed Ones.

Demon, Rat

Demon, Rat
In the episode Trial by Magic, mid-level Rat demons are behind a money-laundering operation fronted by a night club. When tricked into giving away their operation while being recorded by Piper and Paige, they counter by threatening Paige's on-and-off boyfriend, Glen Belland. They install a magic decapitating ring around Glen's neck and give the sisters one hour to give them the recorded tape. These demons can shapeshift from human forms to rats and back again.

Demons, Scabber

Scabber Demons from "Hyde School Reunion"
Scabbar Demons: are demons with the ability to spit a deadly and corrosive spray of yucky looking greenish-yellow (bile looking) fast acting acid. Scabbar Demons are immune to witches' powers and mortal weapons. Only their own venom can destroy them. In the story, Chris Perry (Halliwell) had stirred up a group of these demons going undercover and he is dodging them all through the timeline of the episode. Meanwhile Phoebe's class reunion experiences some wild magical side-effects which results in an unintentional prison break with Phoebe threatened by an old friend, Rick, now a shotgun wielding hardened criminal demanding she change his face using magic. She has Paige alter his appearance to Chris' face, and the scabber demons, able to track that semblance now attacks him believing him to be Chris.

Demon of Illusion

Demon of Illusion (Robin Atkin Downes)
Demon of Illusion is a demon type or race encountered first in "Chick Flick" which have the ability to animate inanimate objects, such as movie characters. They can walk between the real world and false ones and has immunity to common witch powers. His goal is to create violence in society. The Charmed Ones vanquished the Demon of Illusion by burning the film of the movie he was in, but it is not clear if there is a spell or a potion that would vanquish the demon magically.

Demoness, Julie

Cole's Personal Assistant Julie (Deborah Kellner)
Julie, a fetching blond demoness, enters the series after the Seer succeeds in the first part of her scheme to ally with and manipulate Cole Turner. As the new Source, Cole's love for Phoebe and vice versa is too strong for the Seer to pervert and subvert easily herself, so the Seer manipulates Cole/the Source into taking on and hiring her (secret) ally—the Seductress 'Julie' as his Personal Assistant and putative legal secretary[7] as the new Source of All Evil in the fourth season episode Saving Private Leo.
Hired during the fourth season episode "Saving Private Leo"
Later, Leo and the Charmed Ones, suspecting Cole has reverted to his demon ways, orb into his and Phoebe's penthouse and find Julie there with no good rationale. Phoebe figures out who and what she is, and when confronted, the two battle; Phoebe's pregnancy however allows her to telekinetically trap the weaker female against the wall above the mantle, and continually hosing fire (an upper level demonic power) at Julie until she's vanquished.

Episodes timeline: Charmed and Dangerous, The Three Faces of Phoebe, Marry-Go-Round, The Fifth Halliwheel, Saving Private Leo, Bite Me, We're Off to See the Wizard

Drake, Dèmon

"Good" Dèmon Drake, professor at Magic School
Dèmon Drake (Billy Zane)
Drake was a Mercury Demon who had never killed an innocent because his extensive readings of human literature had taught him about human feelings. Cole Turner's ghost directed him to a Sorcerer who made him human for a year – the condition was that Drake had to renew Phoebe's faith in love before his year ended (at which point he'd die). Drake retained his demonic powers, but would lose them to the Sorcerer if he used them for evil. He worked briefly at the Magic School and fulfilled his promise to Cole before he died (falling for Phoebe in the process). Afterward, he thanked Cole for giving him the chance to help Phoebe.

Drazi, Demon

The Demon Drazi, demon of hate (Clayton Rohner)

A powerful demon of hate, and who became the express enemy of the Cupids hunts down the first cupid to make himself known to the sisterhood after Drazi had fallen in a forbidden love with a mortal woman, but then experienced having her love redirected to another man by a Cupid many years ago. This made him bitter and vengeful against the cupids and he resolves to increase discord and sabotage love across the world creating a horrible "World of Hate", leading him to steal the victimized-first Cupid's ring in order to undo his recent love matches. With the ring reversing already established bonds of love, each of which has a mystical bond to the cupid, a sufficient number of reversals will kill that Cupid should enough loving relationships be undone and turned to mutual loathing and hatred. Further, linked to the rings powers, the disturbance-reversal can affect the work done by rings of other Cupids leading to a World of Hate as the magic feeds off itself and snowballs.

Eames, Warlock

The evil Warlock Eames (Steve Valentine)
Eames is a very dangerous warlock encountered along with marionette whitelighter Natalie during the shows' third season's episode "Blinded by the Whitelighter. Eames has been around a very long time steadily growing stronger through his ability to absorb magic powers from others. With his ambush victory over Natalie's most powerful witch Vivian, who gave him deflection, he became a major threat to the magical hierarchy that saw the Elders prophalactically recall whitelighters and ban their orbing to earth.

He has among others, collected the powers of cloning himself, self-transmogrification (Changing shape or form), deflection, Darklighter powers, Whitelighter powers and projecting fire. In 1991, Eames murdered a Witch in Glasgow and stole the Cloning power from her in the process. Eames also killed a Witch in Nairobi, Kenya in 1989 and took the power of transmogrification. Any witch should consider him to be a terrible threat. Eames tried to obtain the powers of witches and Whitelighters, to complete his master plan to orb up and kill all the Whitelighters, leaving witches unprotected. However, after acquiring a Whitelighter's powers, he is struck with a Darklighter's arrows, leading to his being vanquished.

for Gammill the Collector see the Collector Demon (below)

Fairy Tales, Keeper of the

The Keeper of the Fairy Tales (Kay E. Kuter
Is a fictional guardian of the master book of fairy tales and fairy tale objects such as Glass and Ruby Slippers, Poisoned Apples, Woodsman's Axe, Red Riding Hood's hooded cape, and so forth. In the fifth season episode Happily Ever After the fairly beautiful wicked witch of stereotypical powers and vanity (See Evil Witch here). The keeper had a brief scene, during which he was killed by the ruthless Wicked Witch. The actor died soon after, and this appearance may have been his last role.

Ghost, Charlene

Charlene, the grad student (Rebecca Cross [1]): In the second season episode Ex Libris, fellow student Charlene a car pool acquaintance of Phoebe meets with misfortune one night after renewing acquaintanceship with Phoebe during finals week—just days before proving the existence of demons in the publication of her thesis. The grave injustice allows her ghost to remain and, Phoebe encountering the shade the next morning not yet knowing she is dead, tries to help the ghost. She was killed it turns out, by a demon known as Libris to prevent the publication of her thesis, as both good and evil have a pact to keep their existences unrevealed and magic secret. With Prue's help, Phoebe and Charlene try to vanquish Libris before he can kill Phoebe, but are surprised to learn that Charlene's ghost cannot move on to the next plane of existence until she helps Prue solve the murder of another young woman, Tyra L. Wilson.

Gordon, Dan

  • Greg Vaughan as the regular repeating support character Dan Gordon (1999–2000, Second season only)

Dan Gordon was a next-door neighbor of the Halliwell Sisters for the second season.[8] Dan moves into the house next door with his niece, Jenny the first episode of the second season, and quickly falls in love with Piper. They temporarily date, but Dan cannot take the place of Piper's first love, Leo. He later moves away, at the end of season two. He was a former baseball player for the Seattle Mariners until he blew out his knee sliding home, then worked in construction.

He was in a relationship with Piper Halliwell during most of the second season, but lost out to Leo Wyatt who thereafter was a regular supporting co-star in the series. While dating Piper, he notices the oddity of the girls' lives and often suspects that they are hiding something. Piper was attracted to Dan once he became their neighbor, because she felt that the relationship would be much less complicated than the on-again, off-again relationship she had with Leo.

However, Piper's sudden unexplained disappearances and avoidance of his questions drives Dan crazy and makes him feel insecure in their relationship. He also always feels threatened by Leo, because even though Piper does not see him often, he knew that they had been serious and that Piper still cares for him. Dan feels as though he is simply "geographically desirable" and that that is the basis of the entire relationship.

Piper finally breaks up with Dan after she realizes that despite loving Dan, she loves Leo more. Dan also becomes very suspicious of Leo and even asks his brother-in-law who works for the state department to check Leo's army records. When his brother-in-law discovers that Leo had been a soldier in World War II and had died in the war, Dan presents the information to Leo and finally to Piper. Dan moves away to Portland, Oregon when he was offered a job there, deciding that it was time for him to get on with his life.[9] Dan's past life in the 1920s was as Gordon Johnson, husband of P. Baxter (Piper's past life) and great-grandfather of the Halliwell sisters.[10] It is rumoured that in the Charmed Comic's, Dan will be revealed to have been killed in a car accident with Jenny and her mother.

Gordon, Jenny

  • Karis Paige Bryant as Jenny Gordon (1999 only, from opener of Season two)
Jenny is Dan Gordon's niece and temporary ward while her parents are abroad. Her father works for the United States Department of State as a diplomat and travels a great deal. She first appeared in first episode of the second season as a young teen needing female guidance on the day she and her uncle were moving in next door asking to use their phone. The day was the morning of an equinox and the anniversary of the day the Halliwells' had gotten their witch powers.[11] She was befriended by Phoebe Halliwell in particular, though she was usually left only 'half-helped' almost heartlessly on several occasions when Phoebe was otherwise preoccupied with more urgent (Power of Three witchcraft) situations.[12] She appeared sporadically in the first half episode of the second season, especially as the love interest between Dan and Piper developed but was written out of the series suddenly—ostensibly having returned to living with her parents when they returned to the US so she could attend American Schools. She was known to come to Piper, Phoebe and Prue for female advice when she was too embarrassed to talk to Dan.[12] She only appeared in few episodes, and in the end, she did not serve any major purpose in any of the plotlines, except for helping a boy realize that he is something he doesn't believe he is by giving him some advice.[13] She was then written to live with her parents again.

Gwideon, Kyle

Kyle Gwideon (Jay Michael Ferguson)

The high-school student Kyle Gwideon is the so called Chosen One, the seventh son of a seventh son who was the only entity in the second season episode "That Old Black Magic", besides The evil witch Tuatha, who could control and contend with her over her very powerful magic wand, that made her all but invincible. Even the magic of the Charmed Ones isn't powerful enough to do much more than force a stalemate, so it must be used to support Kyle so he can contend with Tuatha for the artifact.

Halliwell, Allen "Jack"

Died – 13 January 1967, San Francisco
Relationship – Brother of Janice; Father of Patty Halliwell; Grandfather of the (four) Charmed Ones.
Marital Status – Married: Penelope "Penny" Johnson.
Powers – None (mortal).

Patrick Cassidy – Allen Halliwell was the first husband of Penelope "Penny" Johnson, the father of her only daughter, Patty Halliwell, and grandfather of the four Charmed Ones (Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews).[14] Allen, a mortal who was completely accepting of witchcraft,[15] and his wife were peace-loving hippies during the 1960s, hosting many be-ins at the family manor and gatherings in the local park.[14] Unfortunately, Allen was killed by Penny's hoodwinked former best friend, Robyn, and Robyn's warlock boyfriend, Nigel who had used the relationship to set a trap that would have been a slaughter of the many witches at the "be-in" (party).

As a result to combat evildoers, Penelope became a fierce demon and warlock slayer, vanquishing Nigel in reaction to the slaying and entirely changing her pacifistic attitudes into those of a militant crusader the three sisters knew about.[14]

Allen was never able to witness the birth of his granddaughters; however, he met Piper, Phoebe and Paige when the three accidentally time-traveled to the gathering that encompassed his death.[14] According to his widow, Allen was a "good man" and, even today, his great-grandson Wyatt Halliwell has "a little" resemblance to him.[16]

Halliwell, Chris

  • Christopher Perry Halliwell: Drew Fuller – Chris was the second son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt who was represented in the womb, as an infant, and as a mysterious whitelighter that came back from the future to secretively aid Leo and the Charmed Ones. During the time when Piper and Leo separated (when Leo was promoted to becoming an elder) the couple accidentally traveled to the ghostly plane. It was here that, after discussing their true feelings for one another, they conceived Chris.[17] The future Chris, who is 22 in the 6th season, once traveled back in time, 'risking everything', as Leo put it, to change events so as to prevent his brother Wyatt from turning evil, and managed to save his family instead from being killed in the future by an evil Wyatt. During this season he also confessed that in his future, his mother (Piper Halliwell) died when he was fourteen, and is at first reluctant to get to know her in fear of losing her again. However later on the pair get closer, and he eventually reveals to her just how much he loves her. He is kind and humorous, although somewhat neurotic, due to his upbringing in a future controlled by evil Wyatt, who constantly targeted him and sent demons to kill him; he jokingly notes that Wyatt's multitude of powers has left him with an "inferiority complex" (on learning that Wyatt even had powers before his birth, Chris seemed somewhat outraged), and believes that family should always come first. Chris was named after Leo's father, Christopher. Future Chris is stabbed by Gidden, an elder, he later dies in Leo's arms in the episode It's a Bad Bad Bad Bad World (Part 2) trying to save Wyatt.

Halliwell, Patty

Main article: Patty Halliwell (Finola Hughes)
Mother of both sets of Charmed Ones wielding the Power of Three—Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige Halliwell—daughter of Allen and Penelope. She was married to Victor Bennett resulting in the three Halliwell daughters and then had an affair with her Whitelighter Samuel Wilder, resulting in her fourth daughter, Paige.[18] Patty kept her fourth pregnancy a secret, since the Elders wouldn't approve, and gave the baby up for adoption (resulting in the Matthews last name) shortly after giving birth.[2] Only her mother and lover knew about that child.

Born – 5 April 1950
Died – 28 February 1978, San Francisco
Relationship – Daughter of Penelope and Allen Halliwell; Niece of Janice Halliwell and "Aunt Phoebe"; Mother of the Charmed Ones; Grandmother of Phoebe and Cole's unborn son, Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell, Little Henry, Paige's twins, and Phoebe and Coop's three daughters.
Marital Status – Divorced: Victor Bennett; Lover: Samuel Wilder
Powers: Ability to freeze time – Like Piper, Patty possessed the power to freeze time,[18] and she was briefly able to have premonitions while carrying Phoebe, resulting from the power Phoebe gave her. While in the womb, Phoebe had such power to give Patty premonition when needed, and that is why Patty didn't have any more premonitions after the birth of Phoebe.[19]
She was killed by a water demon on February 28, 1978,[18] but her spirit occasionally visits her children.

Halliwell, Penelope (nee Johnson)

Main article: Penny Halliwell or "Grams" (Jennifer Rhodes)

Young Penny Halliwell[14] (in "Witchstock", Kara Zediker) :Grandmother of Prudence, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige; mother of Patricia, bereaved wife of Allen Halliwell[14]

Born – June 23, 1931, Boston
Died – March 5, 1998, San Francisco
Relationship – Daughter of Priscilla Baxter and Gordon Johnson; Sister of Gordon Johnson Junior; Mother of Patricia Halliwell; Grandmother of the Charmed Ones.
Marital Status – Married four and possibly six times;[20] first marriage: Allen Halliwell.
(and three other men).
Powers – Telekinesis.

Penelope Johnson born on June 23, 1931 and died March 5, 1998.[10] A powerful and no-nonsense woman, she possessed the power of telekinesis[19] and the skill with it to deflect or reflect many spells or powers used by evil adversaries and added a great many potions and spells to the Book of Shadows. She bound Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's powers temporarily when they were children to protect them from a warlock.[19] After Patty died, Grams raised the three girls on her own and kept the secrets of their Charmed destiny and Paige's existence from them. She died of a heart attack six months before the events of the first season,[21] but continues to watch over her grandchildren despite being dead (she's been overtly identified as one who flips the pages of the Book of Shadows in the early witch career years of the Charmed Ones, but Leo also set up some open pages to be found). "Women in our family keep their last name." became one of her mantra's as wiccan high priestess officiating at family ceremonies, and she became known both as someone with an earthy sexual appetite, but also one disdainful of men and of the need to keep them around.

During the early fifth season episode "Happily Ever After" baby Wyatt summoned her in corporeal form from the womb, and she was eventually eaten by the Big Bad Wolf and saved by Piper. During that episode she first met Paige and was able to make headway in establishing something of a relationship, during which she let out she'd periodically kept an eye on (spyed upon) the sisters, including Paige—"But never in private moments, if you know what I mean."[22]

Halliwell, Phoebe

Phoebe, born November 2, 1975, is the original baby of the family and is a spontaneous, free-spirited young woman. The power she was born with is premonitions, which grow to enable her to see into the past as well as the future. This later allows her to project herself into the future and the past. She later gains the powers of levitation, which she often combines with her martial arts skills, and the power of empathy but later loses the latter two due to misusing them for personal gain. She forces a premonition so she can leave for a date and is caught on tape by Inspector Sheridan. It is possible that she earned back levitation and empathy. She is a romantic, and later becomes a successful columnist and author. Early on, she often had a turbulent relationship with her older sister, Prue; later she mediates between Piper and Paige. Her longest relationships are with Cole Turner (with whom she conceived her first child and only son) for over a year, and with Coop. In 2006, the Angel of Destiny marries Phoebe and Coop, as seen in the series finale, and they eventually have three daughters. She continues to work at the Bay Mirror and writes a book on finding love. She is called the weakest Charmed One by some demons (like the Source) because of her powers being the weakest out of the four. This is because her power is based more on emotions which isn't really as powerful as the rest of the charmed ones powers. She is rarely ever considered a threat to demons unless she is with her more powerful sisters.

In the early episode where Phoebe has a premonition of herself being burned at the stake, the three sisters travel to the future to try to save her, and in the process gain some insight to the extent of what their powers have the potential to grow to. Phoebe discovers she is on death row in the midst of a modern day witch-hunt that is the equivalent to the Salem Witch Trials, for killing a man (who murdered someone she loved) with her evolved powers. She hovered her hands over each side of her victims head and sent a blast of psychic energy through him, killing him instantly. Sadly she never ends up actually acquiring these powers later on in the series. The witch-hunt is led by a non-magical human who, earlier in the episode, Piper freezes after his dog uses their driveway as a restroom, and Prue moves the excrement underneath the foot he was stepping with. This sparks his initial hate for witches, which leads to his crusades. Fortunately, after Phoebe performs the ultimate act of selflessness, the sisters are able to travel back to their time, before their actions of what could be considered personal gain are performed, and resist the temptation to teach a lesson, ultimately averting the witch-hating future.

Halliwell, Piper

Born on June 7, 1973, as the middle child but, upon Prue's death, assumes the role as the oldest sister. Her powers include the ability to freeze or to explode objects at will. She is most concerned with leading a normal life, and always has reservations about her life as a Charmed One. When she first becomes a Charmed One, she is quiet and reserved, often having to mediate between Prue and Phoebe. As the show progresses, she gains a stronger persona and takes more authority, especially after Prue dies when she becomes the more powerful central character, first among equals to Prue's dominance as the main character.

She eventually becomes the mother of two sons and a daughter, Wyatt Halliwell, Chris Halliwell and Prudence Melinda Halliwell, with her husband Leo Wyatt, and they frequently go to great lengths to protect their children in the last years of the series. In the series finale, the final montage shows her with a granddaughter.[23] Her love of cooking steers her to a career in the culinary arts, where she spends the first season as a chef managing another's restaurant. Realizing that this is not taking her where she wants to go, she quits her job, takes a risk and opens her own nightclub, P3, in the season opener of the second year. As revealed in the last episode of the final season, she eventually makes her dream come true and founds her own successful restaurant.

Halliwell, Prue

Born October 28, 1970, Prue is the original eldest Halliwell sister of Piper, Phoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews, and the earliest seasons of the show were written to showcase her as the most determined, best fighter, smartest and possessing the better magical powers—unlike the last five years of the television series when the Charmed Ones are far more equally balanced in magical powers, facetime and the plots behind episodes.

Born with the power of telekinesis, she later manifests an astral projection ability. In the early episode where Phoebe has a premonition of herself being burned at the stake, the three sisters travel to the future to try to save her, and in the process gain some insight to the extent of what their powers have the potential to grow to. Prue demonstrates how powerful she could have become by accidentally blasting a hole through attic with an enormous and awe inspiring beam of energy that thwarts Piper's molecular combustion. Strong-willed, feisty and intelligent, she would often take charge of situations and has always been overprotective of her sisters, Piper and Phoebe. Having spent her childhood taking care of her two younger sisters after the death of their mother, she became responsible, with a fierce determination at whatever she did, including fighting demons. This sense of responsibility occasionally leads to clashes with the more free-willed Phoebe, however, the two grow closer as the series progresses. Though at times Prue lets pride dictate her way of handling things, she tries never to let her personal life interfere with her work life, though faced dismissal on one occasion having been necessarily absent to combat evil. It is assumed that if Prue had lived and Paige joined them to form "The Power of Four" they would have been more powerful then the original "Power of Three".It is also assumed that if Prue and Andy had lived till the end of the series, they would have probably married and would have given birth to three children also. On May 17, 2001, three years into the craft, she is killed by Shax, a demonic assassin sent by the Source of all evil. Unlike other family members, including many long dead, she does not appear in the series after her death, even as a photograph. (except during trial with tribunal season 6 with Gideon as their lawyer and the demon of fear). The sisters miss her everyday but the sisters learn to move on.

Halliwell, Wyatt

  • Main article: Wyatt Halliwell also Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: Wes Ramsey (older man), Jason & Kristopher Simmons (as children and toddlers)
Wyatt, the first child of Piper and Leo, was born to a prophecy that he is the 'twice-blessed child'. Born February 2, 2003, the day of the Wiccan Festival of Lights,[24] he is gifted with much magical power, including being the heir to the sword Excalibur.[25] Leo Wyatt, his whitelighter-made-elder-father, eventually killed Gideon,[26] an elder gone bad who was secretly and secretively trying to kill Wyatt over several episodes.

This in fact becomes the dominant recurrent backplot theme driving series conflicts in the season six. Gideon's efforts were ultimately ineffectual in part due to time traveling little brother/big brother Chris, but only temporarily instead became the agency turning Wyatt evil which Chris Halliwell came back in time to combat.

Despite traumas presented to the toddler by various plots hatched by Gideon and his henchmen or allied demons, with a few glitches Chris had to smooth over, Wyatt grew to become a gentle and kind half-whitelighter-witch, who sacrifices his time in order to vanquish demons and warlocks and save innocents. Wyatt is named after his father Leo Wyatt and his youngest aunt, Paige Matthews. In the series, he is the most powerful magical being ever born, inheriting the powers of his aunts and parents, which having being foretold many times, also attracts those inimical evil elements able to sense powers to steal and exploit them, setting the stage for many episodes since Baby's First Demon early in season six.

Horsemen, Four

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, (Death, Famine, Strife, and War)
The Four Horsemen in the Charmed Universe of "Apocalypse Not" (2000 AD) were servants of The Source of All Evil employed to give the evil side a final victory at the correctly calculated time of the new Millennium. They were represented as non-demon humans clothed in business black attire by actors wearing capes or ties colored respectively as Death—Black, Famine—Yellow, Strife—Green and War—Blood Red.

In preparing for their coup over good, they ('Strife') ran across Piper and Leo, who investigating, ended up pitting the Charmed Ones power or three against their special evil magic, and the two opposed magic forces mixed and melded causing unwanted consequences for both sides, part of the effects of which trapped Prue in a dimensional vortex for most of the episode. Unwilling to let the world end on evil's timetable, Piper and Phoebe refused to cast a spell before the scheduled time of the correctly calculated New Millennium instant, which would have restored the four's ability to end history and given evil a victory. His plans to surprise good having failed, the Source thriftily reabsorbed the powers he'd given the four, doing them in—and opening the vortex himself to collect the powers of War trapped in the vortex with Prue. Phoebe realized there was a window of opportunity to try for Prue, who was then released by the girls prepared spell—now implemented too late for evils needs, maintaining a universe with a happy ending.

Ice Cream Man, The

In the guise of a man selling ice cream, this is a mortal agent of good responsible for capturing demonic children to help diminish the unchecked growth of evil in the world. To lure his prey, the Ice Cream Man plays the Devil's Chord, which is a series of notes that when sounded together specifically attract demon kids, all but unthinkably like moths to a flame. Once lured, the Ice Cream Man then sucks the demon youngsters inside the vehicle and through a dimensional gateway, where the children find themselves on a magical playground, and trapped in that world, the young demons must face ultimately The Nothing, which periodically appears making their eventual capture numerically certain.

In the Charmed season 3 episode, "We All Scream for Ice Cream", lead characters Prue and Phoebe are catapulted into a nightmarish alternate dimension by interfering with the operations of a seemingly evil ice cream man. Consequently, the girls mistakenly help demons and endanger an innocent. They must return to reality to enlist the help of Piper and reconnect with their estranged father, who surprisingly had useful prior experience with the dimension to undo their fatal mistake.

Jenkins, Billie

Billie is Paige's charge in her blossoming career as a new whitelighter. Billie is revealed as an impetuous college-girl charge as the eighth season begins. Magic has come to her quickly aiding her skill in martial arts already teamed with a great athletic ability. Billie has the power of telekinesis and towards the end of the series also develops the power of projection (which is " The ability to turn people or other objects into whatever comes to mind without a spell or a potion." As Phoebe put it.) Her skill acrobatically and in the martial arts lead her to over-confidence in her abilities as a novice witch, having enjoyed early successes as a vigilante crusader defeating several minor demons.

She eventually becomes a student of the sisters with an oft repeated goal of helping them to maintain their normal lives during the era when they were attempting to maintain the masquerade of being dead. After a long series of episodes in alliance with the Charmed Ones, she becomes obsessed with finding her long lost older sister Christy and eventually does. During a couple episodes she is duped and swayed by her sister Christy, still under the influence of demons, to betray the Halliwell sisters, which results in a timeline and series of events where Paige and Phoebe die. Piper and Leo manage to rewrite the circumstances using time travel and Billie eventually sides with them in the series finale where she is the one forced to kill her sister in self-defense. She is shown in the future to be babysitting Phoebe and Coop's children when Phoebe goes into labor.

Jenkins, Christy

Christy is the tragic older sister of the Charmed Ones' Protégé Billie Jenkins (see also the above) who was kidnapped by evil demons when she was seven and Billie was but five years old. Christy's abduction was engineered because the Scabber demons needed the power of two sisters according to a demonic prophecy to have some chance of opposing the Charmed Ones.

Ironically, the sisters become the tutors and protectors of the younger sister, while she works to find and free her older sibling from the forces of evil twisting and shaping the older Christy. As season eight's ratings fell off for the network as a whole, and the decision to end the series came to be embedded in the writing with Christy as the vehicle triggering a final battle which would allow Piper to regain Leo.

Kira, the Seer

main article: Kira the Seer (Charisma Carpenter)
A clairvoyant demon who uses a large pool to show her visions to her visitors becomes a repeating character. She said once that she had to touch to get premonitions at first, but eventually was able to get visions without needing a sense of touch. She foresees the Avatar's ascendance and attempts to make a deal with the Charmed Ones to become mortal after the Avatars threat is dealt with and Zankou rises as the ultimate threat opposing the Charmed Ones. She wanted to be able to feel and to love, and she said that being a demon never gave her that. She also had a lot of conflicts with fellow demons. In the process of being protected by the Charmed Ones, she and Phoebe become friends. She's vanquished by Zankou right before she has the chance to become human.

Kierkan, Alchemist

(Rainn Wilson) as the powerful Alchemist Kierkan

Kierkan in the third season episode Coyote Piper, creates a construct dream girl to be the love of his life whom he names Terra (Paige Rowland), but who has her own agenda including that she is so desperate for magical powers she kills herself so she can travel as the power seeking spirit Terra which takes the form of a smokey vapor, and can occupy and control others.

Korn, Cynthia

Cynthia Korn (Lori Alan)
was Paige's co-worker and theoretically the peer of Paige's boss Bod Cowan, who she'd lobbied successfully to get the power stripped Cole[27] a job as a legal aid lawyer during the Firestarter Witch's episode "Lost and Bound". In the episode, Cole became thoroughly disgusted at a slum lord and threatened him bodily, so Cynthia Korn (Director of Legal Aid) ended up as his "boss-for-a-day".

Lang, Nathan and Rick

Costas Mandylor as Rick Lang, Louis Mandylor as Nathan Lang,
are two brothers and very close friends who enlisted in the service with Leo Wyatt during the Pacific War during WWII and hold him responsible for their own deaths as is divulged in the fourth season episode "Saving Private Leo", when they come back as ruthless evil ghosts and manage to stab Leo (a bad thing), a school teacher that is one of his charges (a very bad thing) and Piper, Leo's wife (a good thing, all things considered). The two make a mistake in killing Piper as she becomes a ghost too and is then able to recite the Ghost Vanquishing Spell, a spell to destroy ghosts that only another ghost can say. Piper's spell works and the Lang brothers are destroyed. Leo manages to save Piper by healing her before her spirit moves on.

Lawson, Dex

Dex Lawson (Jason Lewis)
An artist who apparently has an interest in Phoebe in the beginning of the 8th season, after finding out that she was dead. Phoebe surprisingly has a premonition that they are going to get married. After an overnight trip with him, they get married, but only under the influence of a spell. She has no other choice but to tell him the truth: that she is a witch. She predicted that he was going to be her child's father and later on takes a pregnancy test believing she is pregnant. Her second test proved it was false. With that, she told Dex to annul the marriage and to take things slower.

Libris, demon

Libris demons: In the demonic hierarchy, there are none more insidious (to mankind's way of thinking) than those who belong to this order for the work of the Demon is to keep the world in Darkness and Ignorance. The haunting grounds of these monsters are found wherever humans have the potential to find unequivocal proof of the existence of Demons or magic. Libris lures his victims with a series of tantalizing clues, then drags them through a portal to another location and decapitates them with his Battle-axe-like scythe, in order to preserve the secrets of the supernatural world. As Leo might put it, they are "Team Evils" sanitation team preserving ignorance, as the Cleaners do for "Team good".

Ludlow, Demon

The upper level Demon Ludlow (Ray Wise)
  • Ludlow is an upper level demon who heads an academy for evil children seen in the fourth season episode "Lost and Bound", when Paige Matthews workplace again provides a stimulus for a plot. He is immune from the powers affecting kinetic energy of molecules, of Firestarters and Piper Halliwell's freezing powers, as his magic power of cyrokinesis is effectively a variant of both at the molecular level. He has the powers of telekinesis and cryokinesis.

Masselin, demon

A minor demon of the underworld, Masselin seduces a human agent by granting wishes for a price—to bring human innocents into his presence where he swallows them whole and feeds off their terror and despair. Masselin had surfaced after ensorcelling the music manager of the popular club band, Dishwalla (the actual band played in the episode, though the purported manager was an actor) leading to a string of alarming disappearances by young women around the country in "The Devil's Music", early in the second season of the series.

Leo Wyatt ticks Piper off by arranging for the band to play at her newly opened P3 Club without prior consultation. He and the Elders want that so the Charmed Ones could protect innocents for the trend of demonic attacks around this band is clear and their hopes that the Charmed Ones can deal with the deadly threat. His clear lack of consideration pushes her heart towards her new neighbor Dan Gordon, the by-play of which love-triangle plays out throughout most of the season.

Masselin is depicted as a tall (ca. 9 ft) shadowy shrouded figure with a jagged toothed mouth reminiscent of Darth Vader's famous mask, and is one of the fairly small group of demons where the costume designers managed a monstrous figure barely capable of being described as humanoid of form.

Matthews, Paige

Born on August 2, 1977, Paige a half-sister of the daughters of Patricia Halliwell, replaces Prue Halliwell as a Charmed One able to invoke the Power of Three, the major magical premise behind the series.

Backstory: After a secret love affair with her Whitelighter Samuel Wilder, the Charmed Ones' mother, Patty Halliwell, gave birth to a fourth daughter. They'd left Paige at the doors of a church because her parents' love was forbidden.

She was adopted when she was still a baby, and grew up as an only child of a couple. While in school, Paige would often get into trouble. Her personality is bold, vivacious, and vibrant, adding a new sometimes mischievous dynamic to the show from season four onwards. Paige's birth power is telekinesis, but because she is part Whitelighter this ability combines with her natural orbing to create telekinetic-orbing. She comes into the craft quickly, aiding in the vanquish of The Source of All Evil.

In Season 8, she gains the ability to heal those she loves, starting with Henry, as she further develops as a whitelighter herself. She is driven to become a "full-time witch", and has a hard time finding a career she is content with as she is pulled to fighting evil and service to others. She eventual settles with her heritage and embraces her destiny as a Whitelighter, like her father. After the death of Gideon, Paige begs the Elders to keep Magic School open and serves a year as its headmistress. They agree only if Paige becomes the headmistress and runs the school to guarantee the students' safety. Eventually, she resigns; handing the role onto her brother-in-law Leo Wyatt. Paige eventually marries eighth season mortal parole officer Henry Mitchell and they have twin daughters named Kat and Tamora and adopt a son, Henry Jr. in their future as the series ends.

Mitchell, Henry

Henry Mitchell (Ivan Sergei)
Paige's husband (married in 2006), and a parole officer. He knows she's a witch and at first was confused as to why Paige didn't use her witchly powers to end world hunger and other things. He later grew to understand how the battle between good and evil works and had no problem with Paige being a witch but often refused to hide when there was a demon attack. He and Paige first met in "Battle of the Hexes", where Henry was parole officer to Paige's new charge. While at first they didn't really like each other, their relationship grew over time. They had twin girls and a son named Henry Mitchell Jr.

Montana, Family

Characters appearing in episode 6.05 "Love's a Witch" as Richard's family members feuding with the Callaway Family

Montana, Benjamin (J. Michael Flynn)

Appearing in the episode as a supporting character in a minor role. (See below)

Montana, Rosaline, (Marjorie Lovett)

Appearing in the episode as a supporting character in a minor role. (See below)

Montana, Steve—Richard's brother Steve Montana (David Greene), a lawyer

Appearing in the episode as a supporting character in a minor role (See below) and also in the season six episode "Used Karma" where he is pressured by Richard for knowledge of where their father's grimoire is located.
The Montana family and most importantly, Richard Montana (below), are first introduced in episode 6.05 "Love's a Witch".
The modest, somewhat bumbling Richard becomes a series regular supporting co-star as Paige's love interest after this first appearance as the grieving fiance of the vengeance seeking ghost Olivia Callaway (played by Rachelle Lefevre).
The "Love's a Witch" episode features deadly strife between the two long-time feuding witch families—the Montana family and the Callaway family, with whom Paige Matthews has taken a temporary job as a home health assistant and nearly gets creamed by a magic attack from one of the Montanas, or so it seems.

In truth, the daylight attack is made by the ghost of the vindictive daughter Olivia, the fiance of Richard who has sworn off magic. When The Charmed Ones end up making an intervention at Paige's urging the fiance further proves to be the cause behind the fresh outbreak of armed tension between the Callaway family and the Montana family as she can and has used magic to make attacks from beyond the grave as she searches for vengeance blaming one of Richards family for her death, as both the families learn when she is summoned by in a seance. In the event, it is revealed she was in fact the victim of "friendly fire", and had been killed by an attack from her own family.[citation needed]

Montana, Richard

Richard Montana (season 6 co-star Balthazar Getty—"Love's a Witch" (ep. 6.05) through "I Dream of Phoebe" (ep. 6.15))

Born as a member of an old venerable family of witches that showed up as co-hostiles in a feud between two ancient witch families in the season six episode "Love's a Witch", Richard becomes the sympathetic tragic co-victim of the feud who has lost his betrothed girlfriend the year before, and has since sworn off magic because of a related curse. During that era he appears as a series co-star and as Paige's good-natured, sweet love interest in the ten episodes centered about his appearance and disappearance in the series. Later in that span of episodes, because of some serious magical misfires, he agrees with the Charmed Ones to voluntarily not use magic anymore. He violates that agreement in the episode "Used Karma" and thus stimulates the crises within the episode. His use of magic causes Phoebe to become a modern day manifestation of the Dutch spy and French-German double-agent Mata Hari, which almost causes the death of Phoebe's boss and lover Jason Dean.

Because of that near disaster, Paige and Richard soon agree to bind his powers and to amicably end their relationship because of his problem with the use of magic. After mixing himself up and getting trapped in the bottle in the touch and go victory over the malevolent Genie in "I Dream of Phoebe", he voluntarily strips himself of his magic powers so he can lead a normal life. He prefers to move on and keep his distance from the magic-containing macrocosm, and concurrently ends his relationship with Paige. The bittersweet scene in "I Dream of Phoebe", when he has downed the potion that strips his powers and shows the empty potion vial to Paige, is his last appearance in the series.

Morris, Darryl

main article: Darryl Morris (Dorian Gregory)
Although Darryl is not a part of the Halliwell clan, he is like family to the girls. Darryl is a detective and is the reason the girls don't get arrested in the many times where they come close. No doubt about it, Morris looks after the Charmed Ones, he knows their secret and so does his wife throughout six seasons, while also appearing in the first. He is always sacrificing the strict interpretation of his job requirements to pull the strings helping them out against forensic evidence and circumstantial linkages.

In the second half of the sixth season, thanks to the advent of Inspector Sheridan, Darryl was very close to death after the Cleaners decided to hide magic and put Darryl at fault putting him into an alternate history timeline where he ends on death row facing execution without further appeal under duress of a ticking clock. After such a near-death experience and last minute reprieve, Darryl decided he didn't want to be involved with the Charmed Ones any longer, so his involvement in season seven becomes much diminished as the series shifts gears to deal with the magical big-threats of the Avatars and the ascendancy of the demon Zankou while he remains in the credits though appears briefly only every third or fourth episode. Unfortunately, he is maneuvered into becoming the unwilling partner of the crusading Inspector Sheridan but acts to keep their secrets even through the finale episode of season seven when Zankou and Sheridan both die.

Forced in the prequel to the season finale into an emotional confrontation with his wife, Sheila by Inspector Sheridan late in the seventh season, she forces him to move to another state during the eighth per the series canon, so he is written out of the series as having moved.

Darryl, who is Andy's partner, takes over the role as the Halliwells' police connection after Andy's death. He continues to cover up for the sisters once he learns their secret, even after the events which lead to him almost being executed through a lethal injection, if reluctantly, until his wife later forces him to move to the east coast. After almost being executed, he expresses his desired uninvolvement with the sisters angrily and refuses to talk to them, answer calls or help them get police files. However, he finds out the Charmed Ones were willing to give up their powers to save him and realizing how much good the sisters do for the community, Darryl forgives them and he still considers them family.

Morris, Sheila

Sheila Morris (Sandra Prosper)
Sheila is the wife of Inspector Darryl Morris. Darryl told her about the Halliwells being witches and she was able to cope with and understand it, which rather shocked the Halliwell sisters, she regarded them as family. She became frustrated when he spent so much time covering for them, and demanded that he stop after his life was put in danger when doing it. Darryl was the only friend of the Charmed ones who was in the series from the beginning almost to the end. His relationship with the girls was "family", and it started back in the generation of his father and Grams. His father was showcased in the episode when the sisters went back in time and met their grandmother during her flowerchild period. Other than Leo he had the longest run other than the sisters in the series.

Murphy, Agent

Agent Murphy (Brandon Quinn)
A federal agent from homeland security much like Agent Brody and Keyes, Murphy watches the three "cousins" and eventually Billie in early season eight episodes. In "Rewitched" he approaches Billie after observing her using magic saving good-samaritans being stalked by an upper level demon using an mercenary Imp-master demon to prey upon San Francisco innocents. He later confronts Piper and makes it plain he believes Homeland Security needs the sisters to go on doing whatever they had done against the supernatural occurrences now plaguing the west coast. Consequently at the end of the same episode, the sisters reveal to him that they faked their deaths and arranged for him to cover up their secret for them, explain away their faked "cover" identities in exchange for the occasional supernatural favor for the government.

After the sisters discovered a government strategy using demons to create super-soldiers, which nearly wiped out the magical community, the sisters and Agent Murphy decided to stop working together.

Natalie, Whitelighter

(Audrey Wasilewski) as the martinet 'Whitelighter Natalie'

was an old associate of Leo Wyatt, who had like him served in the Army during WW-II and been a whitelighter since her death. She and Leo have a long association and she comes onto the show at a time when Piper is on the war path against the strictures imposed by the elders, and the ongoing probation they have placed on her and Leo—as well as the general veil of secrecy that they impose preventing her from sharing talk about Leo's work, which from time to time, takes him away quite frequently and worse, does so at odd and inconvenient times.

The Necromancer

The Necromancer (Chris Sarandon)
Demon ex-lover of Penny Halliwell (Grams) in the fifth season, episode 21, "Necromancing the Stone". Grams also called him "Armand". When Grams is summoned to call upon the Halliwell matriarchs to bless baby Wyatt for his wiccaning, she and the charmed ones fall prey to the Necromancer demon, who has returned from the spirit realm seeking to absorb their magical spirits and achieve corporeal immortality. The charmed ones also learn secrets about their Grams' past love-life with Armand.

The Nothing

This dangerous force exists in the magical world within the Ice Cream Man’s vehicle that descends from above like a tornado from hell. The Nothing absorbs both good and evil beings without warning, leaving behind nothing in their wakes. Since this force does not discriminate in its choice of victims, it targets innocents and demons alike.It kills demon kids. The Ice Cream Man uses the Nothing to vanquish demon children after luring them into the special cross-dimensional capture area his vehicle accesses via a gateway. In that magical world, there is no escape from the nothing. Sooner or later, it comes for everyone.

It is in the episode "we all scream for ice-cream."

Odin, the Elder

Elder Odin (John de Lancie)
A very powerful and uncompromising Whitelighter Elder. He was one of the Elders who put Leo on his test to choose between being an Elder and not having Piper or being with Piper and being stripped of all power, but unfairly guided him to becoming an Elder on the way.
Perry, Chris

Prince, Adam

Adam Prince (Sean Patrick Flanery)
Adam Prince is a high profile businessman – in season five episode "Happily Ever After" – that is introduced as a potential buyer of the Bay Mirror by Cole Turner. That occurs when he was cast off by Phoebe who is trying to keep her distance, while Jason Dean travels the orient. Phoebe and Prince have immediate mutual attractions, but she declines graciously to attend the fancy charity ball he's giving that very evening, perhaps because of Cole's likely attendance. In the next little while, the Wicked Witch lands her first attack on the Charmed Ones desiring to resume the heavy weight title as most powerful witch of all, and sends Phoebe magical glass slippers.

Phoebe thinks that Cole sent them, so won't hurt her, but they are cursed, magically dress her in a knock out outfit, and make her start walking involuntarily—all the way down the street to where a horse drawn cab picks her up and takes her like Cinderella to his charity ball. In the hotels' elevator, the Wicked Witch has Adam Prince convinced he will die if he doesn't assist her. She will have Phoebe-erella enter the coach at midnight, or have his head. In the event, he interferes with Coles' attempt to interfere with the Witches plans and save Phoebe, who consequently gets in the coach which turns into a pumpkin. From afar, the witch issues an order for Prince to smash the pumpkin, but Cole arrests its motion in mid-air just short of hitting the ground. That is the last scene with Adam Prince. Cole takes the Pumpkin to the manor, and Phoebe is released after the witch is defeated by Piper.

Pryce, Claire

Claire Pryce (Cristine Rose)

She replaced Rex Buckland as Prue's boss and the head of Buckland's Auction House. She is very strict and does not accept mistakes, especially from Prue's sudden family emergencies that never stop coming. At one point, Claire even fires Prue while leaving a message on her home phone. In the end, Prue is not fired as Andy explains to Claire why Prue had been late for work, again. After Buckland's receives a new manager we never see or hear of Claire again.

Rodriguez, Inspector and demon

SFPD police Inspector and undercover demon Rodriguez (Carlos Gomez)
Near the end of the shows first season, the demon leader Source of all Evil (or The Source) sends a powerful upper level demon Tempus (Played by David Carradine) as a police-like backup to reinforce his undercover double agent the San Francisco police Internal Affairs (I.A.) Inspector Rodriguez.
Rodriguez is a demonic troubleshooter and hit man sent by the source to investigate and put an end to whatever forces of good had thinned out the ranks of evil doers in San Francisco over the past six to nine months. Appearing in several episodes, Rodriguez initially appears as a hard nosed Internal Affairs inspector pressuring Darryl Morris and partner Andy Trudeau as mundane mortal threats to their careers as he prys into why the occult and supernatural factors seem to run rampant through the rash of unsolved homicide cases the two have once investigated, and he and his human partner are claiming Andy (and perhaps Darryl) has covered up.
In the plot development, after hassling the recurring co-stars, Rodriguez, uses demon magic to kill his human partner and then framed Andy Trudeau for the deed in "Love Hurts", picking up the pressure in the season finale "Deja Vu All Over Again" where aided by Tempus he attacks and successfully kills one or more of the Charmed Ones over and over—each time learning from the experience and getting a little better in the attempt and closer to achieving the assassination of all three, before his own death and time repeats so he can try something a bit different that may work.

Rothman, Elise

Elise Rothman (Rebecca Balding)
Phoebe's boss and editor-in-chief at the Bay Mirror, Elise is generally credited as a credited guest star but also appears frequently in a supporting guest role (credited only at the end of the show), depending upon how central her role is to the plot in the given story arch.

As a character, she is pragmatic, sensible, hard and strict, but as the series progressed has become somewhat less so, especially towards Phoebe, who becomes the star circulation attraction featured on the company's billboards and in its promotions. When the Charmed ones faked their deaths at the end of its seventh season, Elise openly admitted in the season-eight premiere episode "Still Charmed & Kicking" that Phoebe "was" her best friend, caring for her so much that she considered her the daughter she never had.

Phoebe's reaction, under the disguise of a false cousin, was very emotional in itself, showing the two truly had grown a strong friendship over the four years Phoebe worked at the paper. In another episode, Elise stuck Phoebe with her management headaches (as well as her own column while demons were creating numerous time demands) uncharacteristically getting a little deliberate bit of pay back and haring off for an ad hoc vacation with a love interest of her own while claiming a family emergency (as Phoebe so often had done), and gets caught out by coming to the P3 Club with her date.

In one episode, Elise gives Phoebe advice, advising her not to be like the women that focused solely on their careers and ended up with that being all that was left that they had. Elise indicates in her advice giving that she's one of those women and its something she regrets.

Pearl Russell

Pearl Russell is the past life of Phoebe Halliwell,
and was a cousin to both Priscilla Baxter and Phoebe Bowen, who killed her in 1924.[10] As a blood relative of the Charmed Ones as is depicted in the quasi-time travel based Pardon My Past which entangles the fate of the three Halliwell sisters in the now of 1999 with three cousins and a magical artifact of the events of the three cousin's "then" of 1924 and a warlock lover, the warlock Anton.
Born- July 1894, Died – February 17, 1924, strangled by cousins. Cousins – Priscilla Baxter and Phoebe Bowen
Relationships – Lover – warlock Anton, a near immortal who stimulates Phoebe's parapsychological link to the twenty-four hour day preceding her death during her past life – when she was P. Russell and allied with Anton against her cousins when killed battling her cousins—past lives of her current sisters.[10]
Marital Status – In a relationship to Anton (warlock)
Powers- Pyrokinesis.
She is the daughter of an unknown Russell and Christina Bowen a Warren witch. During the "roaring twenties", she lived with her two cousins Phoebe Bowen and Priscilla Baxter, and Baxter's husband Gordon Johnson in the family Manor. Priscilla had turned it into a speakeasy during the prohibition, and Pearl worked there as a fortune teller. Pearl Russell's ability for parapsychology was later shown in her future life of Phoebe Halliwell. Her name could be Pearl Russell, as there is a couch in the attic belonging to an Aunt Pearl.
Pearl Russell was initially a good witch of the Warren line with the power of pyrokinesis that was turned evil by her lover Anton, a warlock, and killed by her cousins Priscilla Baxter and Phoebe Bowen. She was also the past life of Phoebe Halliwell, who had to relive her last day alive in 1924 in the second season episode Pardon My Past. Pearl Russell had the power to throw fire; due to her abuse of that power, Phoebe Halliwell has no active powers until her third year as a witch. Ironically, as the Seer's plot with The Source of All Evil progresses,[28] Phoebe as the Dark Queen of the Underworld in "Long Live The Queen" will also throw flames to vanquish lesser beings as her pregnancy progresses and her mood worsens—which the dialog credits or explains away as her baby's powers as it acts as did baby Wyatt from the womb.

Sandra, the Elder

Elder Sandra (Elizabeth Dennehy)
This female Elder is kinder to Leo and the sisters, even after they caused chaos in attempt to change the world with the Avatars episodes. When Paige received a ringing (like all the other whitelighters), she sent her out to help a whitelighter-to-be in order to stop the ringing. That helped Paige gain clarity to herself and Sandra helped her to accept her new destiny as a whitelighter. She later appears to advise the sisters on how to reclaim the Book of Shadows and the Nexus from Zankou, and then again to Piper on how to deal with Billie and Christy.

Shax, Demon

Shax is an upper level demon directly employed as the hit-man of The Source of All Evil, and was responsible for killing Prue Halliwell who had been the star of the series until the finale episode of the third season, "All Hell Breaks Loose" resulted in her death at his hands. While in the normal time line of history, Shax was dealt with by the just-in-time reconstitution of The Power of Three giving the climactic unwitting performance of Paige Matthew's very first spell in concert with her sisters, but returns in the backplot in the fifth season time travel episode "Centennial Charmed" when Cole Turner makes his last series appearance, now as an Avatar in his last futile attempt to remain married to Phoebe.

Shax is a greyish-sky-blue skinned hulk-like muscular hunk of a figure with unruly unkempt waist length hair that arrives in a whirlwind, burst through doors in a blast of wind, and in general conveys a sense of great power. He has been set upon an innocent, a Doctor who'd offended the Source when Phoebe'd had a premonition leading to the Charmed Ones acting to save the innocent. Shax attacked the doctor at the Manor, and when repulsed by the various defenses of the three sisters in a near-thing, is chased out into the street where Piper blasts him, albeit ineffectually as he shimmers elsewhere. The "vanishing" is however filmed in a live broadcast by a nearby news crew shooting nearby which pans onto the sister-demon battle because of the commotion.[29]

Sheridan, Jack

Jack Sheridan (Lochlyn Munro)
Jack worked alongside Prue Halliwell in Bucklands Auction House. A cocky, friendly, fun-loving man who is surprisingly competent at his job. Prue doesn't like him at first but she learns to deal with it. He dates Prue until she quits from her job at Bucklands. He has an identical twin brother named Jeff.

Sheridan, Inspector

Inspector Sheridan (Jenya Lano) enters the series during the sixth year in "Crimes and Witch Demeanors" as a low level mortal (Police) threat to the activities of the sisters, requiring her nominal superior police lieutenant Darryl Morris to cover for the Charmed Ones more than ever before as she conducts an independent investigation of the suspicious disappearances and deaths to which the three sisters have some connection. Overall she appeared in ten episodes[30] during seasons six and seven, her sense of duty and investigations finally leading to her demise when she encounters the demon Zankou when trolling the manor for evidence against the sisters. Along the plot timeline, she becomes suspicious of Lt. Morris, and is for a time taken out of active plotting by Federal Agent Brody of Homeland Security, who (unconstitutionally) sedates her and places her in isolation in a mental institution.

Later the sisters and Darryl team up to locate her and restore her to health, albeit with a convenient dose of Hollywood amnesia, which they constantly fear will slip leading her to recall her investigations. At the end of the seventh season, her suspicions rekindled, she recovers some of her memory, pieces other things together, and begins pursuing leads against the sisters once again. Confronting Darryl, he elects to take a sudden vacation rather than answer her direct charges of collusion and cover-up. In a second confrontation in the episode "Something Wicca This Way Goes", he tries one last time to warn her off, telling Sheridan that the sisters are beyond reproach and whatever she discovers won't stick because of it.

Cooperating with the Feds led by an agent who identifies himself as having been Brody's superior, Sheridan wears a camera and enters the manor in an attempt to gain evidence sufficient to prosecute the sisters by confronting them. Unfortunately, the manor and the Book of Shadows have both been taken by the demon Zankou during the previous episode ("Death Becomes Them") and Zankou blasts her magically on camera. Her Federal ally calls out the swat team and in a chaotic confused invasion, the Charmed One's manage to fool Zankou and the authorities—but not Lt. Daryll Morris—who intuits that the three and Leo, all in disguise are themselves watching the manor being attacked as part of the crowd.

The episode is the last and finale of the seventh season and marks the last appearance in the series of Zankou, the dutiful Sheridan and Lt. Darryl Morris—who is explained away in season eight as having been "transferred" (moved with new job).

Sorcerer, Love's a Witch

The Sorcerer (Mako Iwamatsu (Mako)
Academy award nominee Mako Iwamatsu (マコ 岩松?))
The Sorcerer in the sixth season episode 6.05, "Love's a Witch"

The sorcerer is ultimately behind the deadly feud between the Callaway and Montana witch families using magical attacks.

Source, The

The Source or more completely, The Source of All Evil (main)

This evil demon is one of the most powerful figures managing what Leo sometimes calls "Team Evil".
Vanquishing spell
Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda,
Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace.
Halliwell witches stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil from time and space.

St. Claire, Leslie

Leslie St. Claire, Ph.D. (Nick Lachey, ep 7.01 "A Call to Arms—ep 7.06 "Once in a Blue Moon")
A ghostwriter who prefers to be called "Les" and jokes his parents wanted a girl and so gave him his name, is an experienced advice columnist hired to guest-write Phoebe Halliwell's advice column at the beginning of the 7th Season so she can take a sabbatical to recharge her personal energies and psyche. St. Claire has a very successful background writing a similar column in Philadelphia for some time, had written his Ph.D. dissertation on "Woman's Intuition"[31] and has a doctorate in psychology.

Phoebe's managing editor, Elise Rothman, reveals he is "available", as he is relocating to the west coast where he will take up a position in Los Angeles about two months after Elise first introduces him to Phoebe in his rubberstamp-approval interview with her.

Although Phoebe was shocked to learn that her ghostwriter was a man, she nonetheless finds herself in a romantic relationship with him for the six episodes during which he appeared. When they meet she has been affected by the love magic driving Leo and Piper in "A Call to Arms", in which they accidentally take on the persona of two Hindu deities.

Tempus, demonic sorcerer

The Devil's Sorcerer, Tempus (David Carradine)
Tempus is sent to back up the Inspector/demon Rodriguez in the end episode of the shows first season by the demon leader Source of all Evil (or The Source). A powerful upper level demon Tempus can control time causing time loops so that the double agent, the undercover demon San Francisco police Internal Affairs (I.A.) Inspector Rodriguez can try over and over to successfully assassinate all the Halliwell sisters, one or the other of whom manage to survive and kill him as they all relive the day over and over, until he learns from his various mistakes to piece together a sequence of events in the battle so that he succeeds. Phoebe however, proves sensitive to the rebooting of the day and to key events that make it up and gradually piece together they are in a time loop, convinces the others, and the three realize they can defeat Tempus's tool, Rodriguez only by reaching the end of the day so Tempus can't reboot it, so Piper freezes him and the three cast a spell to speed time up, defeating both demons—but only in circumstances that had Andy Trudeau being killed as he provided a distraction, just as Phoebe's initial premonition had started the much repeated day.

Although he is never shown, Tempus is once again mentioned in the third season finale "All Hell Breaks Loose". He is called upon by The Source of All Evil, to reset time because the magical community had been exposed. Since he was weakened when the Charmed ones broke the time loop, turning back time ultimately destroyed him. However, the Source took pride in the fact that it also mananged to kill the eldest charmed one Prue Halliwell in the process. Tempus was also mentioned in passing during the season eight episode "Desperate Housewitches".

Triad, Demonic

The Triad is a shadowy power pulling strings behind the scenes of demonkind in the planes of the underworld that gradually became better and better known to the Charmed Ones in the second and third season as they pieced together different clues.

It was discovered through a bounty-hunter demon that the Soldier of Fortune had in reality, been employed by the triad to deal with the Charmed Ones. Working as Cole Turner, Belthazor eventually learned enough that he felt he might succeed, but was spontaneously seduced by Phoebe Halliwell, inaugurating their celebrated love affair and in turn, when threatened by the Triad, Belthazor took them out instead as he gradually moved to the side of good—and later spun a story that he'd discovered they were plotting against The Source.

The Second Triad (or The Triad II)

The second Triad returns reconstituted from forward planning individuals who'd been following demonic prophecies for over fifteen years to stalk the Charmed Ones late in the last season of the series, as the force behind the demons trying to oppose the Power of Three with two powerful witch sisters constituting a "Power of Two", wherein, one is a rare and powerful Firestarter witch raised by demons from early childhood, Christy Jenkins and her sister Billie, who is said to be the Ultimate power as she possesses not only telekinesis but the rare power of Projection, who has been mentored by the Charmed Ones.

Two of the three "Second Triad" members plotting against the Charmed Ones in season eight in the story arch leading up to the episode, "Engaged and Confused" fall afoul of an old Piper-Prue trick, when their plotting disturbs the wedding of Paige and Henry. Unable to vanquish such powerful upper-level demons directly (and getting an idea of how to do it from Cole's vanquish of the original Triad), the Paige-Piper team first freezes them during an attack, then translocates them in front of their own magical attack with no time to defend themselves—neatly and creatively causing the upper level demons to vanquish themselves. One is vanquished by the other's fireball which weakens the rest of the Triad (they have the same weakness as the Charmed Ones: their power is in their collective, take out one and the other two weaken) and Piper is able to vanquish a second with three molecular combustion blasts. The third gets away for the time, but is vanquished later by Christy Jenkins. The Triad returns later in spirit form and is revealed to be the original Triad reborn by a low-level demon named Nomed. According to him the Triad gets vanquished, but always come back, first in spirit form and then in physical form. The only way to kill them completely is to destroy their spirit form. The Charmed Ones destroy their spirit forms first with power from The Hollow and then with vanquishing potions once they travel back in time, vanquishing them for good.

Trudeau, Andrew "Andy"

Inspector Andrew "Andy" Trudeau (T.W. King, Jake Sakson)
Andy Trudeau grew up next-door to the Halliwell sisters in San Francisco. As a child he was close to them all, and, as a result, Grams had to frequently wipe Andy's mind of any intentional or unintentional magic he might have witnessed in the Halliwell household. In high school he dated Prue for a short period. After high school, they parted ways and he moved to Washington, and later to Portland. He married, and later divorced, sometime between his college years and before he returned to San Francisco, but he still remains on good terms with his ex-wife, Susan. Andy worked as an Inspector – the third generation in his family to do so – for the San Francisco Police Department and is coincidentally assigned to almost every police case that involved the Charmed sisters. He works with Darryl Morris as his partner, although he caused quite a bit of "grief" to Darryl by almost always being seemingly ahead of his partner. As an inspector of the SFPD, Andy had access to police files with which he helped to cover up the Charmed Ones' escapades.

Shortly after Andy finds out the secret, the sisters come up against a demon named Rodriguez, who, as it happens, was one of the Internal Affairs officers at SFPD investigating Andy's "unsolved freaky cases". However, Rodriguez hits Andy with an energy ball, and sends him flying across the living room and into a glass display case, killing him. While unconscious, Andy comes to Prue and tells her that she must stop time from resetting so that his death will not be in vain and that he does not blame her for his death because he chose to come into Manor after she warned him not to. He also tells her that she taught him that everything happens for a reason, as with this and they share a final kiss. When she regains consciousness she casts a spell to stop the time loop, thus defeating Tempus, and then deflects Rodriguez's energy ball, killing Rodriguez. The three sisters later attend Andy's funeral with Darryl, and Andy's name was cleared of the crime Rodriguez framed him for. Prue continually blames herself for not being able to save Andy and her faith is gone in being a witch if it means always losing people they care about, but she is soon able to rely on Andy's message he had given her. After Prue dies together they were reunited in the afterlife. It is believed that if Andy and Prue had lived until the end they would have married and had three children also like Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

Tuatha, the evil witch

The evil witch Tuatha (Brigid Brannagh)
*Tuatha is a very powerful and ruthless witch without compunctions, including not hesitating to kill in cold blood, that had been entombed in a cave for over 200 years when she last preyed upon humanity in the Bay Area. Tuatha came into the possession of a powerful artifact of unknown origin, perhaps by inventing it herself, for as long as it exists, she lives and can be killed only by a Chosen One –defined as the seventh son of a seventh son–but the last Chosen One hadn't the heart to actually kill her, hence her two hundred year incarceration, as he just walled her up underground.

Turner, Cole

Cole is Phoebe's long term love interest and eventual first husband; he is a half-demon, creating situations over which the sisters clash. He is originally a powerful villain seeking to take the sisters out and steal their powers, but later takes other forms and supporting roles throughout his character's history. After his final vanquishment at the hands of the sisters, he continues to watch over Phoebe, silently and unseen from a limbo-like other plane; wherein he is once able to advise an unwillingly visiting Piper how she can escape. He becomes a fatalist and resigned to the doomed fate of living in his lonely limbo for the evil he had done in his long career as powerful demon soldier of fortune.
Cole is Phoebe's first husband. When he first appears on the show, he is a powerful and legendary demon named Belthazor, trying to destroy the Charmed Ones. But because he is half-human, he ends up falling in love with Phoebe. Once his true self is revealed, Phoebe decides that she still loves him anyway and fakes his vanquish in order to save him. Upon his return, their relationship begins as a constant struggle to stay together through the disapproval of her sisters and trying to fight off countless demons who either want to kill Belthazor for being a "traitor" or try to lure him back to evil. After about a year of being together, he becomes completely human, but is soon tricked by the Seer into being possessed by the Source of All Evil.
The Charmed Ones vanquish him as the Source, but Cole finds a way to come back from the dead. He refuses to give up on Phoebe, who won't accept him back into her life. He ultimately ends up going mad in his inner struggle between good and evil. After his final vanquish, he is doomed to spend eternity in Limbo for all that he had done but continues to watch over the Halliwell family, unseen. He did reappear in one episode in the seventh season, The Seven Year Witch. In this episode, Piper passes out due to poison from a thorn demon and is put on a plane between life and death, a cosmic void. There, Cole waits for Piper, and states that he was put there for punishment of being the Source of All Evil. He said that he wanted to help Piper because he still wants to make sure that Piper doesn't let Phoebe give up on love. The Charmed Ones had discussed that no Halliwell has been able to 'hold on to their man' and that there is no reason to wait on love any longer. Cole could not let this happen to his one love, Phoebe.

Tyler, Firestarter

Tyler the firestarter (Alex Black)

An 11-year-old orphaned Firestarter child with little knowledge of magic, Tyler runs away from his foster parents home when they have plans to place him in the school run by the Demon Ludlow. He finds his way to the social services center where Paige is employed in the fourth season episode "Lost and Bound" and feels his gift is only a burden. After he accidentally sets fire (when emotionally stressed) to a waste can's contents and flees, Paige pursues, gains his trust and gets him to the protection of Leo and Piper, who begin teaching him control of his powers, and some of its potential blessings. He was under the care of two Demonic Bounty Hunters disguised as foster parents, who then attack the manor when they track his powers in use there, where he protects Piper in a involuntary use of his talent and vanquish them both. Tyler, like many firestarters, has his powers triggered by overwhelming anger or fear. Tyler then allows himself to be captured in order to help the Charmed Ones destroy the upper level demon Ludlow, in charge of the demonic magic school. In the end, he feels he doesn't understand his powers well enough, and has Piper bind them. Paige helps him find a new foster family, who lives nearby, which Piper is happy about, joking she intends to make sure she has visitation rights.


Finn(Reynaldo Rosales)
Finn was a golem made from clay and brought to life by his master and creator, the demon Gammill the Collector who uses Finn's good looks and youthful appearance to lure potential victims to his lair in the episode "Size Matters". Finn's first appearance in the episode (and purpose in life) is to lure the young lady Claudia to Gammill's lair so he can shink her down and make her part of his collection. He is later approached by Paige when she suspects something evil about his (Gammill's) house. He allies himself readily enough with Piper and Paige based on this mutual attraction and helps them invade the demons house to rescue Paige and Claudia the victim of Gammill. He is killed for his betrayal.


Claudia victim of Gammill (Heather Marie Marsden)

Claudia was the first victim shown trapped by the demon Gammill the Collector in "Size Matters" where she plays a young lady attracted to the face and pheromones of the golem Finn.


Vinceres, demon

In episode Primrose Empath Vinceres appears to be a young innocent who is being driven mad by empathy. He tricks Prue into relieving him of his curse of empathy, but the power is only transferred to her. She is almost driven mad, but she masters the power and vanquishes Vinceres.

Wilder, Sam

Sam Wilder

Samuel "Sam" Wilder, is a fictional character on the WB television series Charmed. He is played by actor Scott Jaeck.

Sam Wilder is a Whitelighter and Paige's father. Not much is known of his life as a mortal, but he did receive New York's Teacher of the Year award for 1872. After his death he became a whitelighter, one of his charges was Patty Halliwell.[18]

During the end of her marriage to husband Victor Bennett, Patty fell in love with Sam and he fathered her fourth child. Fearing repercussions if their relationship were to be discovered by the Elders, Sam and Patty took their newborn daughter to a church and gave her up to a nun there. They requested only that her name start with a "P" like the rest of the members of the Halliwell family.[32]

When a water demon began attacking children in the lake at a camp, Sam told Patty not to interfere because it was too strong. He feared for her life and tried to stop her. Patty was forced to freeze him with her powers of temporal stasis, but in the time it took her, the water demon attacked and killed Patty.[18]

Blaming himself for the death of his charge and lover, Sam "clipped his wings" and stayed to live out his days at the camp, doing odd jobs there.[18]

When the Charmed Ones start to investigate the water demon, Sam tries to use some memory dust that he had been saving for years. In an effort to protect them, he wants to keep them away from the camp, but the sisters break the spell and return. Together, Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Leo, and Sam are able to use Patty's plan of electrocuting the water demon to kill it. Sam, however, is mortally wounded during the fight.[18]

Leo tries to heal Sam, but can't because he was not meant to. Sam is content to die, however, and is reunited with Patty, whom he sees as a specter, returning to greet Sam and take him into the afterlife.[18]

Sam, however, does not die, he is made a Whitelighter again and once again stops using his whitelighter powers. In Season 5, he is made Paige's first charge, and at the same time she finds out who he is and understands what happened.[33] He reappears in season 8, where Paige felt she again had to get over her issues with Sam. His James Dean-esque charge from the 1950s, J.D., required extra help, which is why Sam contacted his daughter for the case.[34]

Sam's powers include: Orbing, healing, glamouring, sensing charges, limited telepathic communication with charges, thermokinesis, and hovering.


Whitelighter: Good beings assigned by The Elders to guide and watch over witches and heal them when needed. They also possess the power to orb, levitate, glamour, throw energy balls and telekinesis. In their previous life, they were mortals who did exceedingly good deeds. As a reward, they are given eternal life to continue to work for the power of good. The only real form of danger they have are Darklighters. The primary whitelighters in the episode Blinded by the Whitelighter are Leo and Natalie, an old friend of Leo's and a by-the-book Whitelighter

Witch, Firestarter

Firestarters, Firestarter witch

An extremely rare and coveted magical talent, usually possessed by a hereditary mortal or witch, who possess the ability of pyrokinesis. The strength of their magical power is linked to their emotions.

Like Piper Halliwell's power of molecular immobilization or molecular acceleration (of blowing things up, a Hyper-acceleration of Molecules), the firestarter talent operates at the molecular level by changing the speed of the constituent molecules. A Firestarter's abilities first manifest in adolescence with the onset of puberty. If subjugated while still impressionable, Firestarters can be persuaded to use their power for evil, which is the backplot in the episode "Lost and Bound". Because of this, they are often trained to be bodyguards of the Source of All Evil.

Another notable firestarter that appears in the series is the final big villain Christy Jenkins, whose power was predicted, sensed, and coveted by forward thinking upper level demons (See Triad II) when she was just six years old—so much so that they kidnapped her and raised her in the Demonic Underworld for fifteen years until she was discovered by her sister Billie.

Witch, Vivian

Vivian was a powerful witch with the power of deflection, the ability to repel or (frequently) reflect back in full the magical power of offensive magic. She was victimized from ambush in a well planned attack by the Warlock Eames in the third season episode "Blinded by the Whitelighter", and the acquisition of her powers caused a magic state of emergency to be called by the Elders.

Wyatt, Leo

Leo is the sisters' handyman in the beginning, and soon becomes romantically involved with Piper. As the first season progressed he became the Charmed Ones' protective Whitelighter—a quasi-guardian Angel provided to guide and protect good witches by a Council of Elders. Later in the evolution of the series, Leo himself becomes one of the Elders, and then becomes one of the Avatars, which seek to eliminate all conflict from the world. Leo's magical promotions provide the show's portrayal of a supernatural universe with a backdrop of a career ladder of success and his plot conflicts frequently involve a struggle between career and family. His relationship with Piper is the first of many conflicts between the Halliwells and the Elders.
During the second half of the first season (1998–1999) and the first-half of the second season (1999), Brian Krause was listed in a recurring role. Subsequent to that, he became a credited co-star with credits presented along with guest stars and production crew credits.

Xar, Demon

the Demon Xar was the 'Triad member Xar' (Larry Cedar)
According to the backplot writing in the episode "Engaged and Confused", until he had a dispute with other members of the reconstituted or Second Triad in the season eight guest role where he hatches a plot devised to have the sisters take on his demonic opponents on the Triad Council. Paige and Piper manage to drastically weaken the Triad by having two of them kill one another reprising an old trick used by Prue and Piper.

Yen-Lo, the Zen disciple

Yen-Lo is a disciple of the zen master whom Piper witnesses (in "Enter the Demon") attacking his elderly chinese mentor from behind with a sword after emerging from a puddle serving as a dimensional gate to Limbo. He had learned how to enter the plane and had survived there despite the wounds he received upon turning traitorous, the last time he attacked his master. As Piper and the Master's daughter An-Ling both witness, after wounding his master, the Zen Master's powerful disciple reopens up the portal to limbo and drags his grievously wounded master through it, to taunt and ridicule him for spiteful amusement as they both suffer from their wounds in the very slow time passage characteristic of that dimension. While wounded mortally, Yen-Lo won't bleed-out for a very long time in the limbo plane because time moves very slowly, so was a handful to defeat (Primarily by Phoebe's martial arts, and Paige's faltering attempt to use her new powers deliberately) when the Charmed Ones finally found a way to travel to Limbo. Yen-Lo was the first foe Paige had to help counter growing into her new life as a witch and Charmed One.


Zankou is a powerful upper-level demon important directly and in the backplot behind the writing of many episodes on the seventh season of the television series Charmed beginning with "Witchness Protection" and ending in the season's finale episode: "Something Wicca This Way Goes". He is portrayed by actor Oded Fehr and portrayed as more powerful than any of the single Charmed Ones requiring their united "Power of Three" to oppose him successfully.

Children of the Charmed Ones

Child of Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner

  • Baby Boy: Phoebe and The Source (while inhabiting Cole Turner's body) conceived their son on the night of the Harvest Moon, after Phoebe had been fed magical chocolates created by The Seer to ensure conception. Their biological son was the first ever conceived Charmed Heir. The Seer and The Source arranged for him and Phoebe to be married in a dark ceremony, without Phoebe's knowledge. The Seer's visions showed that Phoebe and The Source's son would be the most powerful magical being in history, but if it was born after Cole and Phoebe married in a normal wedding ceremony, it would be Cole and Phoebe's child, and a threat to the Underworld. Cole/The Source eventually tricked Phoebe to marry him in a private ceremony that was real a dark wedding, ensuring the conception of his child. The Seer, after The Sources death, used a spell to transfer the child from Phoebe's womb to her own womb. The child's powers proved to be too great for The Seer to handle, however, resulting in the vanquishing of herself and Phoebe and Cole's unborn son.

Children of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
  • Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell was born February 3, 2003 and is the first son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. His aunts, Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews delivered him. He is the twice blessed child. A bounty was put on him as a baby and he was kidnapped several times. His little brother, Chris came from the future to save him from turning evil. Gideon, a friend of his father was revealed to be the one who turned him evil and Leo killed Gideon and saved Wyatt from turning evil. He is named after his father Leo Wyatt and his aunt Paige Matthews.
Christopher Perry Halliwell
  • Christopher Perry Halliwell: Christopher Perry Halliwell was born November 16, 2004 and is the second son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. Chris's future self once traveled back to the past to save his big brother, Wyatt, from turning evil. He was conceived while his father and mother were split up. His future self broke up his parents as a way to change the future. His father was an elder and was unable to maintain a stable family while doing so. Chris is named after his grandfather Christopher Wyatt.
Prudence Melinda Halliwell
  • Prudence Melinda Halliwell: Melinda Halliwell is the third child and only daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. In the Comic series (released in July 2010, published 18 months after the events of "Forever Charmed") we learn that Melinda was born in early 2007. We also know that Melinda has been blessed by the Elders with the same power as her aunt Paige despite being conceived when her father was a mortal. Melinda is named after her aunt Prudence Halliwell and the Charmed Ones ancestor Melinda Warren.

Children of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop

  • Prudence Johnna Halliwell: In the finale, she is seen with her younger sister being babysat by Billie while Phoebe is in labor with her youngest sister. In the Comic series (released in July 2010, published 18 months after the events of "Forever Charmed") we learn that Prue was born in late 2007. It is also revealed that she has the power of beaming. Prue is also named after her aunt Prudence Halliwell and her great-grandmother Penelope Halliwell. She has also been nicknamed "P.J." by Grams.
  • Middle daughter Halliwell: Phoebe and Coop will be blessed with a second daughter who is portrayed only once throughout the run of Charmed. In the finale, she is seen with her older sister Prue being babysat by Billie while Phoebe is in labor with her younger sister.
  • Youngest daughter Halliwell: Phoebe and Coop have been blessed with a third daughter who is portrayed only once throughout the run of Charmed. In the finale, Phoebe is in labor with her.

Children of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell

  • Kat Mitchell: It is revealed in the Comic Series (released in July 2010, taking place 18 months after the events of "Forever Charmed") that the Mitchell twins were born in mid 2007. It is also confirmed that their last name is Mitchell. Despite being older than their cousin Prue, they came into their powers much later. Kat has the power to slow things down, a form of her aunt, Piper
  • Tamora Mitchell: It is revealed in the Comic Series (released in July 2010, taking place 18 months after the events of "Forever Charmed") that the Mitchell twins were born in mid 2007. It is also confirmed that their last name is Mitchell. Despite being older than their cousin Prue, they came into their powers much later. Tamora is a firestarter and she also has the power to speed things up, also a form of her aunt Piper's powers, the opposite of Kat's power.
  • Henry Mitchell, Jr.: It is revealed in the Comic Series that Henry, Jr. was born in early 2009. He is the only adopted child of a Charmed One, his biological mom was a homeless teenager who was killed by a darklighter. Paige saved Little Henry by orbing him out of the womb. It is unknown at this point if Little Henry will even have powers since he was adopted from a mortal.

Alternate Children of the Charmed Ones

Child of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

  • Melinda: In the second episode of season two, The Charmed Ones travel ten years into the future to stop Phoebe from being burned at the stake. In this timeline, Piper discovers that she has a daughter named Melinda (portrayed by Clara Thomas), who is named after her ancestor, Melinda Warren. She also discovers that Melinda is the daughter she had with her whitelighter, Leo Wyatt, whom she married and later divorced, because she wouldn't allow him to clip his wings for her. In this universe, Wyatt and Chris do not exist and Melinda is Piper and Leo's only child. She has powers which are never seen or stated but, we know she had because she promises Piper that she won't use them, and even though Piper intends to bind Melinda's powers, she can't bring herself to go through with it, so Leo promises to take care of her.

Grand Children

  • Matthew Halliwell: is played by Jordan Timsit. During the final episode, Matt is portrayed with his grandfather, Leo Wyatt, in magic school. He possesses the power of telekinetic orbing, indicating that he could be the son of Wyatt, Chris or Melinda Halliwell since it is revealed in the Comic Series that Melinda has been blessed by the elders with the power of telekinetic orbing.
  • Prudence Halliwell: is portrayed by Julia DiAngelo. According to the Forever Charmed commentary, the little girl that is portrayed with her grandmother, Piper reading the Book of Shadows in the final episode is named Prudence Halliwell. Prudence could be the daughter of Wyatt, Chris or Melinda Halliwell. She is seen telekinetically swinging the manor doors closed at the end of Forever Charmed, using her Great-Aunt's Prue's distinctive flick of her hand.
  • Posie: She is the daughter of either Kat or Tamora Mitchell and granddaugther of Paige Matthews. Posie appears in the book The Warren Witches.


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