Objective Systems Integrators

Objective Systems Integrators
Type Private
Industry Computer Software for Communications service providers, Operational Support Systems
Headquarters Northern California
Products NetExpert
Website [1]



'OSI (Objective Systems Integrators) is a multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products which automate the monitoring, control, delivery, and management of services for multinational corporation service providers including:

OSI software and services manage

OSI develops and maintains the NetExpert software platforms. In the industry this is known as an Operational Support Systems (OSS).

OSI is headquartered in Folsom, California and has offices in the United States, India, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Sobha Group Ownership

OSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sobha Group, develops and markets an OSS suite targeted for Communications Service Providers.

February 2008, Longview Software and OSI sign an Asset Purchase Agreement for OSI to acquire Longview intellectual property, products and technology. Longview software is a maker of off-the-shelf tools and custom applications that add value to many Operational Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) frameworks in the telecommunications industry.

Agilent Technologies Ownership

Agilent acquired OSI in January 2001 for approximately $665 million. Agilent subsequently built an OSS business around this and other technology, but decided in 2007 to exit this market segment and focus on its test and measurement and life sciences businesses.[1]

2001–2007, OSI is acquired by Agilent Technologies to help integrate Test and Measurement into the OSS market. NetExpert integrated Test & Measurement probe solutions to provide overarching Service Management integration. OSI was under Agilent's OSS Division (Assurance Services Division) as a NETeXPERT' Business Unit.

Pre-Agilent OSI History

During the period of 1995–2001, OSI was traded on NASDAQ as OSII. OSI introduces the MASTER series of products to the market aligned around key technology areas such as fixed line networks, SONET/SDH network, and wireless networks. In 1997 OSI reached its 100th worldwide communications service provider (CSP) customer base.

1998–2001, OSI’s NetExpert' Virtual Service Management (VSM), and Virtual Process Management (VPM) frameworks leverage the UMA (Unified Management Architecture). OSI introduces several new applications in key Communications Service Provider functional areas namely Fault management, Performance Management, Configuration Management, and Accounting Management. Solutions are introduced to accelerate time to value for wireless, wireline, and the Internet Protocol Suite of services.


OSI launches NetExpert Neon May 2009 for service assurance solutions focused on services and customers:

    • Service Health - Service Quality and Impact management leveraging industry standard portal technology for a holistic view of critical customer services.
    • Customer Health - Customer SLA, Experience Analysis, and Insight of corporations, groups within corporations, and individuals.

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