Lynch (surname)

Lynch (surname)

Lynch is a surname of Irish origin. In Gaelic terms, its original form was Ó Loingsigh; there were at least three unrelated families of this name in Gaelic Ireland, located in what is now Clare, Cork and south-east Ulster. Its English roots lie in the word Linch, a placename, often rendered as de Linch or de Lynch in Ireland. Lynch was one of the 14 Tribes of Galway.

Coat of Arms

Unlike English heraldry the Irish did not limit the use of the symbols to just one person. The 'coat of arms' in Ireland was used by the whole extended 'family', although most Irish didn't really see the need for elaborate heraldry so it wasn't actively displayed. Most Irish coats of arms date back to well before English times. Originally each 'clan' would have their colours (for the Lynch's this was blue (azure) and yellow/gold), then it became 'fashionable' to adopt a motif that was significant to the clan.



*Lynch, Aidan, (born 1970), Irish soccer player
*Lynch, Alastair, (born 1968), Australian football player


*Lynch, Benito, Argentinian writer of Irish descent
*Lynch, Benny, (1913-1946), boxer
*Lynch, Brian, American writer, director, and actor, best known for writing and directing the movie Big Helium Dog.
*Lynch, Brian, NBA player
*Lynch, Brian, American jazz musician


*Lynch, Colonel Charles, (1736-1796), Virginia militia officer in the American Revolutionary War and probable source of word "lynching"
*Lynch, Charles, (1783-1853), United States politician
*Lynch, Cynthia, (born 1963), wrestler
*Lynch, Christopher, current Chief Financial Officer of BHP Billiton Ltd


*Lynch, David K., (1946-), American film director
*Lynch, David, (1961-) American Jazz musician
*Lynch, David,(1991-2007), Kells Co. Meath Ireland


*Lynch, Edward Australian soldier and author
*Lynch, Eliza, mistress of Francisco Solano López, Paraguayan dictator
*Lynch, Evanna, Irish actress


*Lynch, Finian, Irish politician


*Lynch, Genevieve Springston (1891-1960), American artist
*Lynch, George, (born 1954), American heavy metal guitarist
*Lynch, George DeWitt, retired American professional basketball player
*Lynch, Gerard, United States Federal Court judge
*Lynch, Grayston


*Lynch, Holly, American model


*Lynch, Jack, (1917-1999), Irish politician
*Lynch, Jarvis, (born 1933), American general
*Lynch, Jennifer, (born 1968), American film director
*Lynch, Jessica, (born 1983), American soldier and prisoner of war
*Lynch, Joe (1898-1965), American boxer
*Lynch, Joe (1925-2001), Irish actor
*Lynch, John, actor from Northern Ireland
*Lynch, John H., (born 1952), American politician and governor of New Hampshire (2005- )
*Lynch, John M. "Jack", sports star and fourth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland
*Lynch, John R. (1847-1939), a black U.S. politician after the American Civil War
*Lynch, John T., (born 1971), American football player


*Lynch, Kathleen, Irish politician
*Lynch, Kelly, (born 1959), American actress
*Lynch, Kelly A., (born 1989), Virginia Tech Soccer Player
*Lynch, Kevin A., (1918-1984), American urban planner and author
*Lynch, Kevin G., Canadian civil servant
*Lynch, Kevin, Irish republican


*Lynch, Liam, (1893-1923), Irish general
*Lynch, Liam, (born 1970), musician, puppeteer, and director


*Lynch, Mark, footballer
*Lynch, Marshawn, American football player
*Lynch, Michael, Technology Entrepreneur
*Lynch, Michael, footballer


*Lynch, Nancy, professor at MIT.
*Lynch, Noel, British politician


*Lynch, Patricio, Chilean Rear-Admiral
*Lynch, Patrick, Irish emigrant to Argentina and ancestor of Che Guevara
*Lynch, Patrick, Catholic bishop during the American Civil War
*Lynch, Patrick, Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark
*Lynch, Patrick C., incumbent Attorney General of Rhode Island
*Lynch, Patrick J., artist, author, Yale University
*Lynch, Patrick J. Author
*Lynch, Peirce, first Mayor of Galway
*Lynch, Peter, (born 1944), investor


*Lynch, Quinten, an Australian Football League player for the West Coast Eagles


*Lynch, Ray, (born 1943), American musician
*Lynch, Richard, American actor
*Lynch, Richard, Montreal taxi dispatcher

*Lynch, Sandra (b. 1946), first woman judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
*Lynch, Shane (b. 1976), Irish singer
*Lynch, Simon, European Entrepreneur
*Lynch, Simon, Canadian Footballer
*Lynch, Stan, former drummer for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
*Lynch, Stephen (b. 1955) American Congressman
*Lynch, Stephen (b. 1971), American singer/comedian
*Lynch, Stephen (b. 1973), English Entrepreneur
*Lynch, Stephen (b. 1976), New Zealander
*Lynch, Sybil, American singer


*Lynch, Thaddeus, (1980-present), Florida builder and developer, missionary to Kenya
*Lynch, Thomas, (1727-1776), South Carolina delegate to the Continental Congress
*Lynch, Thomas Jr., (1749-1779), Signed U.S. Declaration of Independence
*Lynch, Thomas, (1844-1898), U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin
*Lynch, Thomas C., (1904-1986), California state attorney-general (1964-1971)
*Lynch, Timothy W., critic
*Lynch, Tommy, British rugby league footballer


*Lynch, Valeria, (born 1952), Argentine singer


*Lynch, William

People with hyphenated Lynch surname

*Lynch Cotton, George Edward, (1813–1866), English educator and churchman
*Lynch Scott, David, (1845–1924), Canadian justice
*Lynch-Staunton, John, (born 1930), Canadian senator
*Lynch Williams, Jesse, (1871-1929), American author


* [ Origin of the name in Ireland]

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