Fowler (surname)

Fowler (surname)

Fowler is an English and/or Irish surname with a linguistic origin in the Old English "fugelere", indicative of a person occupied as a bird-catcher.cite book
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Notable Fowlers

Notable people who share this surname include:

Born after 800

:"though his surname is not "Fowler", Henry I is included here as an example of usage of the term in relation to a name prior to the broad introduction of surnames in Europe"
* Henry I of Germany (861–936), the Fowler, Duke of Saxony and King of the Germans

Born after 1500

* William Fowler (c.1560–1612), Scottish poet, writer, courtier, and translator

Born after 1600

* Edward Fowler (1632–1714), English churchman, Bishop of Gloucester
* Eliza Haywood (born "Elizabeth Fowler" 1693–1756), English writer, actress and publisher
* Constance Aston Fowler (born "Constance Aston"), English author and anthologist

Born after 1700

* Charles Fowler (1792–1867), English architect
* John Fowler (politician) (1755–1840), American national politician
* Thomas Fowler (1777–1843), English inventor

Born after 1800

* Orson Squire Fowler (1809–1887), American phrenologist
* Sir John Fowler, 1st Baronet (1817–1898), English railway engineer
* Joseph S. Fowler (1820–1902), American national politician
* John Fowler (agricultural engineer) (1826–1864), English agricultural engineer
* Henry Fowler, 1st Viscount Wolverhampton (1830–1911), English national politician, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State for India
* Charles Henry Fowler (1837–1908), Canadian-American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
* Frank Fowler (1852–1910), American artist
* Charles N. Fowler (1852–1932), American national politician
* Henry Watson Fowler (1858—1933), English schoolmaster, lexicographer and commentator on the usage of English
* Edmund John Fowler (1861–1926), Irish soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross
* John Edgar Fowler (1866–1930), American national politician
* Alfred Fowler (1868–1940), English astronomer
* Sir Henry Fowler (engineer), (1870—1938) English locomotive engineer
* Francis George Fowler (1871–1918), English writer on English language, grammar and usage
* Henry Weed Fowler (1878–1965), American zoologist
* Robert George Fowler (1884–1966), American aviation pioneer
* Ralph H. Fowler (1889–1944), English physicist and astronomer
* Jesse Fowler (1898–1973), American professional baseball player
* Thomas Fowler (fl. 19th Century), Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford
* Henry Fowler (died 1896), Victorian murderer
* George Fowler (born before 1900), early photographer

Born after 1900

* Boob Fowler (1900–1988), American professional baseball player
* Henry H. Fowler (1908–2000), American lawyer and Secretary of the Treasury
* William Alfred Fowler (1911—1995), American astrophysicist
* Thomas W. Fowler (1921–1944), World War II American Army officer, recipient of the Medal of Honor
* Art Fowler (1922–2007), American professional baseball player & pitching coach
* Jim Fowler (born 1930), American zoologist and television personality
* David Fowler (mathematician) (1937–2004), English math historian
* Norman Fowler (born 1938), English national politician and peer (Lord Fowler)
* Daphne Fowler (born 1939), English quiz show champion
* Calvin Fowler (born 1940), American Olympic basketball player
* Wyche Fowler (born 1940), American national politician and diplomat
* Tillie K. Fowler (1942–2005), American national politician
* Bruce Fowler (born 1948), American trombonist

Born after 1950

* Karen Joy Fowler (born 1950), American fiction author
* Tom Fowler (musician) (born 1951), American musician
* Christopher Fowler (born 1953), English fiction author
* Charlie Fowler (1954–2006), American mountain climber, writer, and photographer
* Mick Fowler (born 1956), British mountaineer
* Graeme Fowler (born 1957), English professional cricket player
* Kevin Spacey (born "Kevin Fowler", 1959), American actor
* Ally Fowler (born 1961), Australian actress
* Brian Fowler (born 1962), New Zealand Olympic cyclist
* Chris Fowler (born 1962), American sports journalist
* Simon Fowler (born 1965), English musician
* Donnie Fowler (born 1967), American political activist
* Pete Fowler (born 1969), Welsh illustrator
* James H. Fowler (born 1970), American political scientist
* Jason Fowler (born 1974), English professional footballer
* Robbie Fowler (born 1975), English footballer
* Martin Fowler (footballer) (living), former English professional footballer
* James Fowler (born 1980), Scottish professional footballer
* Ryan Fowler (born 1982), American professional football player
* Martin Fowler (living), English-American software architecture author
* Tom Fowler (artist) (living), Canadian comic artist
* Dennis Fowler (living), American surgeon and hospital executive
* Donald Fowler (living), American national politician
* Hal Fowler (living), American amateur World Champion poker player
* James W. Fowler (living), American psychologist, academic and Methodist clergyman
* Jason Fowler (living), New York City Ballet soloist

Compound forms

* Christopher Brocklebank-Fowler (born 1934), British politician


"based on information in listed articles
* Brothers: Henry 1858 <=> Francis 1871


The "Fowler" surname evolved from an original use of "Fugelere" in the early 13th Century. The surname is uncommon in the United States, appearing with a rank of 250 in the 1990 Census, 27½% of the American population being accounted for surnames in the ranks of 1 to 250.cite web
url= | title= Name Search Results
accessdate= 2008-01-31 | date= 2000-09-07 | format= Database query | publisher= United States Census Bureau
quote= NAME (last):FOWLER; %FREQ:0.042; CUMM FREQ:27.535%; RANK:250
] In 19th Century England, "Fowler" was widespread, appearing in 35 of the 39 historic counties, with higher density in the north of England, in the 1891 Census of England and Wales.cite web
title= Fowler Families Living in England and Wales in 1891 | accessdate= 2008-02-01 | work= Family Facts
publisher= The Generations Network, Inc.
] Meanwhile, in 19th Century United States, "Fowler" appears in every surveyed state in both the 1880 US Census and 1840 US Census, showing a higher concentration in New York state in each case.cite web
url= | title= Fowler Family History Facts 1880
accessdate= 2008-02-01 | work= Family Facts | publisher= The Generations Network, Inc.
] cite web
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Fictional characters

* Several characters in the BBC soap opera "EastEnders" share the "Fowler" surname: Arthur Fowler, Lisa Fowler, Mark Fowler, Martin Fowler (EastEnders), Michelle Fowler, Pauline Fowler, Sonia Fowler, Vicki Fowler
* From the NBC soap opera "Another World" come Sam and Amanda Fowler

ee also

;Human name disambiguation pages
* Charles Fowler (disambiguation)
* Henry Fowler
* John Fowler
* Tom Fowler


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