Stone (surname)

Stone (surname)


Real people

United States


*Bernard Stone (born 1927) is alderman of the 50th Ward in Chicago
*David Stone (1770-1818), governor of North Carolina (1808-1810)
*Frederick Stone (1820-1899), American politician from Maryland
*Harlan Fiske Stone (1872-1946), Chief Justice of the United States
*James W. Stone (1813-1854), American politician from Kentucky
*Jesse Stone (1836-1902), Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
*John Hoskins Stone (1750-1804), governor of Maryland (1794-1797)
*John Marshall Stone (1830–1900), governor of Mississippi (1876-1882 and 1890-1896)
*John W. Stone (1838-1922), American politician and jurist from Michigan
*Joseph Champlin Stone (1829-1902), American politician from Iowa
*Michael J. Stone (1747-1812), American politician from Maryland
*Richard Stone (born 1928). American politician from Florida
*Thomas Stone (1743–1787), a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a delegate from Maryland
*Ulysses S. Stone (1878-1962), American politician from Oklahoma
*William A. Stone (1846-1820), governor of Pennsylvania (1899-1903)
*William Henry Stone (1808-1901), American politician from Missouri
*William J. Stone (1848-1918), governor of Missouri (1893-1897)
*William M. Stone (1827-1893), governor of Iowa (1864-1868)


*Curt Stone (born 1922), American long-distance runner
*Daren Stone (born 1985), National Football League defensive back for Atlanta Falcons
*Dean Stone (born 1930), Major League Baseball pitcher
*Don Stone (born 1969), American ice hockey player
*George Stone (1877-1945), Major League Baseball outfielder
*John Stone (1905-1905), Major League Baseball outfielder
*Jordan Stone (born 1984), American soccer player
*Michael Stone (born 1978), a cornerback for the New England Patriots
*Mike Stone (born 1972), American ice hockey player
*Steve Stone, (born 1947), former Major League Baseball player and current sportscaster.
*Tom Stone, head coach of Texas Tech women's soccer team


*Charles Pomeroy Stone (1824-1887), American general
*Douglas M. Stone, a Major General in the United States Marine Forces Reserve.
*Elmer Fowler Stone (1887-1936), US aviator and Commander in the US Coast Guard
*James L. Stone (born 1922), United States Army officer and Medal of Honor recipient
*Michael P. W. Stone (1925-1995), Royal Navy pilot & later Secretary of the U.S. Army
*William S. Stone (1910-1968), superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy

Entertainment (Music and Television)

*Angie Stone (born 1961), American R&B singer
*Doug Stone (born 1956), American country singer
*Emma Stone (born 1988), American actress and singer
*George E. Stone (1903-1967), American actor
*George Lawrence Stone (1886-1967), American drummer
*Henry Stone (born 1921), record company executive and producer, owner of TK Records
*Jesse Stone (1901-1999), American R&B musician
*Jon Stone (1931-1997), children's television writer
*Leonard Stone (born 1923), television and film actor
*Lewis Stone, (1879-1953), American actor
*Mark Stone, bass guitarist from Mammoth
*Matt Stone (born 1971), comedian, a co-creator of the TV series South Park
*Mike Stone (born 1969), guitarist for progressive metal band Queensrÿche
*Milburn Stone (1904-1980), actor
*Peter Stone (1930-2003), writer for theater, film, and television
*Richard Stone (1953-2001), composer
*Sharon Stone (born 1958), U.S. actress
*Stone Gossard (born1966), guitarist for grunge band Pearl Jam
*Stone Phillips (born 1954), lead anchor of "Dateline" on NBC
*Terrence Stone (born 1955), Irish-American voice actor


*Galen L. Stone (1862-1926), American financier and philanthropist
*Arthur J. Stone (1847-1938), American silversmith
*Charles Stone III, film director
*Chic Stone (1923-2000), comic book artist
*Chris Stone (born 1968), pornographic actor
*Chuck Stone (born 1924), journalist and former Tuskugee airman
*Eddie Stone, gay pornographic actor
*Edward Durell Stone (1902-1978), American modernist architect
*Fred Stone (1873-1959), American theater and film actor
*Grace Zaring Stone (1891-1991), American author
*Hal Stone (born 1927), American author and psychotherapist.
*I. F. Stone (1907–1989), American journalist
*Irving Stone (1903-1989), American author
*James Stone (academic administrator), first president of Kalamazoo College
*Jeff Stone, children's author
*Jeremy Stone (born 1935), scientist and activist
*John Augustus Stone (1801-1834), American dramatist and playwright
*John Lemuel Stone (1852-1933), pioneer of agricultural education
*John Stone Stone (1869-1943), physicist and inventor
*Joshua David Stone (died 2005), author and meditation teacher
*Lucy Stone (1818-1893), women's rights activist
*Marshall Harvey Stone (1903-1989), an American mathematician
*Merlin Stone, sculptor, author, academic
*Michael Stone, a financier who is listed 507th in the Sunday Times Rich List 2005
*Mike Stone (born 1958), Detroit radio personality
*Oliver Stone (born 1946), U.S. film director
*Rob Stone, American football and soccer commentator
*Robert Stone (born 1937), American novelist
*Ruth Stone (born 1915), American poet
*Sandy Stone, academic theorist, artist, performer, and professor
*Sidra Stone (born 1937), American author and psychotherapist.
*Tawnee Stone, nude teen model
*Tori Stone, nude teen model
*William Stone (born 1953), expeditionary caver
*William Murray Stone (1779-1838), Episcopalian bishop of Maryland

Great Britain

*Andrew Stone (1703-1773), MP for Hastings (1741-1761)
*Bill Stone (born 1900), living British veteran of WWI and WWII
*Christopher Stone (1882-1965), the first disc jockey in the UK (1927)
*Dave Stone, British writer
*Edmund Stone (1702-1768), Anglican clergyman who discovered the active ingredient of Aspirin
*Edward James Stone (1831-1897), British astronomer
*J. F. S. Stone (c. 1891-1957), British archaeologist
*St. John Stone, martyred Augustinian friar
*Sir John Benjamin Stone (1838-1914), British MP and photographer
*Joseph Stone, Baron Stone (1903-1986), physician and officer in the British Army
*Joss Stone (born 1987), British soul singer
*Julian Stone (born 1962), British actor
*Martin Stone, English professional wrestler
*Michael Stone (born 1960), English convicted murderer
*Michael Stone (born 1966), English author
*Mike "Clay" Stone (1951-2002), English recording engineer and record producer
*Nick Stone (born 1966), British thriller writer
*Norman Stone (born 1941), British professor of history
*Philip Stone (1924-2003), English film actor
*Sir Richard Stone (1913-1991), British economist
*Richard Stone (born 1951) Royal Portrait painter
*Robert Stone (1516-1613), English composer
*Robert E. Stone (1903-1990), British silversmith
*Steve Stone (born 1971), English football (soccer) player
*Walter Napleton Stone (1891-1917), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
*William Stone (1603-1695), English governor of Maryland colony
*Robert Stone (Actor) (born 1964), English TV and Film Actor


*Allan Stone (born 1945), Australian tennis player
*Douglas Maxwell Stone (born 1948), Australian geologist
*Sir Edward Albert Stone (1844-1920), Chief Justice of Western Australia
*John Stone (born 1929), former Senator and Treasury Secretary
*Joanna Stone (born 1972), Australian javelin thrower
*Julius Stone (1907-1985), professor of law
*Michael Stone, officer in the Australian Army
*Robert Stone (1956-2005), rugby player for St. George Dragons
*Shane Stone, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (1995-1999)
*Sharman Stone (born 1951), member of the Australian House of Representatives since 1996


*David Stone (born 1952), Canadian keyboardist
*Doug Stone (born 1950), Canadian voice actor
*Stu Stone, film, television, and voice actor


*George Stone (1708-1764), Irish Archbishop
*Michael Stone (born 1955), Northern Ireland, loyalist paramilitary


*David Stone (born 1972), French magician


*Tom Stone (born 1967), Swedish magician

ly & the Family Stone

*The members of the Stewart family who performed as part of Sly & the Family Stone:
**Sly Stone (born 1944), singer-songwriter, frontman
**Rose Stone (born 1945) singer/keyboardist
**Freddie Stone (born 1946) singer/guitarist
**Vet Stone (born 1949) singer

Fictional characters

*Karl Malden played Lt. Mike Stone in "The Streets of San Francisco".
*Joanna Lumley played Patricia "Patsy" Stone in the series "Absolutely Fabulous".
*Harry Anderson played Judge Harold T. Stone in "Night Court"
*Michael Moriarty played Benjamin Stone on "Law & Order"
*Adrian Lester played Michael "Mickey Bricks" Stone on the BBC drama series Hustle
*The members of the Stone family in the 2005 comedy "The Family Stone"
**Kelly Stone played by Craig T. Nelson
**Sybil Stone played by Diane Keaton
**Everett Stone played by Dermot Mulroney
**Ben Stone played by Luke Wilson
**Amy Stone played by Rachel McAdams
**Thad Stone played by Tyrone Giordano
**Susannah Stone Trousdale by Elizabeth Reaser
*Victor Stone, better known by his alias, Cyborg, one of DC's Teen Titans
*Steven Stone from the Pokémon series
*Callum Stone from The Bill

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