Mann (surname)

Mann (surname)

Mann is surname of Germanic origin. The word means "man", "person", "husband". The first uses of the name date to approximately the 9th century.[citation needed]


Mann is also a surname of Jat Punjabi origin.[citation needed] It is commonly found in India, Pakistan, and regions with an Indian diaspora such as Canada and the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

Persons surnamed Mann


  • Aimee Mann (born 1960), American rock guitarist, bass player, singer, and songwriter
  • Alex Mann (born 1976), Business leader, technology expert, and comedian
  • Alfred Mann (musicologist) (1917–2006), writer
  • Alfred E. Mann (born 1925), American entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Ammtoje Mann, Punjabi actor and director
  • Anthony Mann (1906–1967), American actor and film director
  • B. B. Mann (1858–1948), Wales national rugby union player
  • Babbu Mann, Punjabi singer and actor
  • Barry Mann (born 1939), American songwriter
  • Bernhard Mann (born 1950), German sociologist and public-health scholar
  • Bruce Mann, American professor of law and history at the University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Bruce Mann (civil servant), senior British civil servant
  • Carol Mann (born 1941), American championship golfer
  • Charles C. Mann (fl. 2000s), American journalist and author
  • Colette Mann (born 1950), Australian actress
  • Coramae Richey Mann (1931–2004), American professor emeritus of criminal justice at the University of Illinois
  • Daniel Mann (1912–1991), American film director: How the West Was Won, Butterfield 8, I'll Cry Tomorrow
  • Delbert Mann (born 1920), American television and film director
  • David Mann (songwriter) (1916–2002), American songwriter
  • David Mann (painter) (1940–2004), American artist, painter of motorcycles and biker culture
  • David S. Mann (born 1939), American politician, representative from Ohio 1993–95
  • Donald Mann (1853–1934), Canadian railway contractor and entrepreneur
  • Duane Mann, New Zealand rugby league footballer


  • Edna Mann (1926–1985), English painter
  • Edward S. Mann (1908–2005), educator and former president of the Eastern Nazarene College
  • Elisabeth Mann-Borgese (1918–2002), German environmentalist, daughter of Thomas Mann
  • Erika Mann (1905–1969), German actress and writer, daughter of Thomas Mann
  • Erika Mann (politician) (born 1950), German politician and Member of the European Parliament with the political party SPD
  • Frank Mann (disambiguation)
  • Gabriel Mann (actor) (born 1972), American actor
  • George Mann (rugby league), Tongan rugby league footballer
  • George Mann (cricketer) (1917–2001), English cricketer, son of Frank Mann
  • Golo Mann (1909–1994), German popular historian, son of Thomas Mann
  • Gother Victor Fyers Mann (1863–1948), Australian architect, artist and Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • Gurdas Mann (born 1957), Punjabi singer and actor
  • Gustav Mann (1836–1916), German botanist
  • Harbhajan Mann, Punjabi singer and actor
  • Heinrich Mann (1871–1950), German novelist, brother of Thomas Mann
  • Henry Mann (1905–2000), American mathematician and statistician (born in Vienna, Austria)
  • Herbie Mann (1930–2003), American jazz flautist and practitioner of world music
  • Horace Mann (1796–1859), American education reformer and abolitionist
  • Horace Mann Jr. (1844–1868), American botanist, son of Horace Mann


  • Jack Mann, MBE (1906–1989), Western Australian winemaker and underarm bowler.
  • James Mann (disambiguation))
  • Jimmy Mann (disambiguation)
  • John Mann (politician) (born 1960), British politician, Member of Parliament for the Labour Party
  • John Mann (musician) (born 1962), Canadian rock musician and actor
  • John Mann (actor) (contemporary), British actor
  • Jonathan Mann (1947–1998), former head of the World Health Organization's global AIDS program
  • Jonathan Mann (journalist) (contemporary), Canadian journalist working for CNN International
  • Jonathan Mann (born 1982), American internet celebrity known as GameJew
  • Kal Mann (1917–2001), American lyricist, writer of lyrics for several popular songs
  • Kevin Danell Mann, American rapper better known as Brotha Lynch Hung
  • Klaus Mann (1906–1949), German, son of Thomas Mann
  • Larry Mann (–1952), American racecar (NASCAR) driver
  • Larry D. Mann (born 1922), Canadian radio personality & television/film actor
  • Leslie Mann (born 1972), American actress
  • Madeline Mann (born 1989), American who once held the record for being the smallest known premature baby to survive
  • Manfred Mann (musician) (born 1940), musician from South Africa, after whom the eponymous band was named
  • Matthias Mann (born 1959), German scientist in the field of mass spectrometry and proteomics
  • Merlin Mann (born 1966), American writer and editor; author of productivity blog
  • Michael Mann (sociologist) (born 1942), British-born professor of sociology at UCLA
  • Michael E. Mann (contemporary), American climate scientist, professor, and member of United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
  • Michael Mann (director) (born 1943), American film director, screenwriter, and producer
  • Michael Mann (scholar) (1919–1977), German-born American musician and professor of German literature, youngest son of Thomas Mann
  • Monika Mann (1910–1992), German novelist, daughter of Thomas Mann
  • Murray Gell-Mann (born 1929), American physicist who received the 1969 Nobel Prize in physics


  • Otto Mann, fictional school bus driver from the animated TV comedy show The Simpsons
  • Pasi Mann (born 1969), Finnish contemporary artist
  • Paul Mann (1913–1985), Canadian film and theater actor
  • Ron Mann (born 1959), Canadian documentary film director
  • Ronnie Mann (born 1986), English mixed martial arts fighter
  • Sally Mann (born 1951), American photographer
  • Sean Mann (1932–1988), American linguist and bioethicist
  • Simon Mann (disambiguation)
  • Shwe Mann (born 1947), a Myanmar high ranked military commander and government official
  • Steve Mann (born 1962), Canadian professor, founder of the field of wearable computing
  • Steve Mann (guitarist) (born 1943), American songwriter and guitarist
  • Terrence Mann (born 1951), American singer and actor
  • Thaddeus Mann (1908–1993), Polish-English biochemist
  • Thomas Mann (1875–1955), German novelist, essayist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Thomas Mann (disambiguation)
  • Tom Mann (1856–1941), British trade unionist
  • Wesley Mann (1959–), American actor
  • William Mann (disambiguation)

Persons surnamed Manne

  • Anne Manne, Australian journalist, wife of Robert Manne
  • Criminal Manne, American rapper
  • Henry Manne, American academic in the field of law and economics
  • Robert Manne (born 1947), Australian professor of politics at La Trobe University, Melbourne
  • Shelly Manne (1920–1984), American jazz drummer

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