List of people with surname Miller

List of people with surname Miller

Miller is a surname primarily of Scottish origin but also of German, English, French, Spanish, Jewish and Italian origin. Notable people who share this surname include:


* Aaron Miller, an NHL player from New York
* Alexei Miller, Russian manager
* Alice Miller (psychologist), a Polish-Swiss psychologist
* Andrew Miller (baseball), a Major League Baseball pitcher
* Ann Miller, an American singer and dancer
* Arthur Miller, an American playwright
* Arthur C. Miller, an American cinematographer


* Bode Miller, an American alpine skier
* Buddy Miller, an American country singer


* Carlos Miller, discoverer of kinetin in 1954
* Cheryl Miller, an American basketball player
* Christa Miller, an American actress
* Christel Miller, film maker
* Coco Miller, basketball player
* Colby Miller, an American musician


* David Miller, (disambiguation)
* Dayton Miller (1866 - 1941), an American physicist, flautist and collector
* Dennis Miller, an American TV personality ("Dennis Miller Live")
* Donald Miller (author), the Christian author and public speaker
* Doris Miller, an American war hero
* Dorothy Canning Miller, American modern art curator


* Evgenii Miller, a Russian general, counterrevolutionary


* F. E. Miller, African American songwriter, lyricist and performer with Aubrey Lyles as "Miller and Lyles"
* Frank Miller (comics), an American comic book writer and artist
* Frank Miller (1898-1949), a newspaper comic strip creator
* Frank Miller (singer), a pop singer with The Easy Riders
* Frank Miller (politician), a Canadian politician (former Premier of Ontario)


* G. William Miller, an American businessman and political appointee
* Gail Miller (water polo), an Australian water polo player
* Gene Miller, journalist
* Geoffrey Miller (MG), a Major General in the United States Army
* George Miller, Several People
* Gerrit Smith Miller, an American zoologist
* Gifford Miller, a New York politician
* Gilbert Miller, Broadway producer
* Glenn Miller, a big band leader


* Harriet Mann Miller (1831-1918), an American naturalist, ornithologist and children's author
* Harry Arminius Miller, an influential American race car builder
* Henry Miller, an American author ("Tropic of Cancer")
* Henry Miller (actor) (1859-1926), theatre actor/producer
* Herman Miller (writer), an American writer and producer
* Hugh Miller, a 19th century Scottish geologist and man of letters


* Inger Miller, an American track and field athlete


* Jacques-Alain Miller, a 20th century French psychoanalyst
* James Miller (general), a 19th century American politician
* James Miller (parachutist), an American parachutist
* James Russell Miller (1840-1912), author, editor and Pastor
* Jason Miller (playwright) (1939-2001), American actor
* Jeffrey Miller One of four people slain during the Kent State Shootings
* Jeremy Miller, an American actor and chef
* Jimmy Miller (producer), a record producer
* Joaquin Miller, a 19th century American poet
* Jodi Leigh Miller, American female bodybuilder and fitness competition|fitness competitor
* Joe Miller, an early 18th century British actor and collector of witticisms
* Joe Miller (second baseman), 19th century baseball player & manager
* Joe Miller (shortstop), 19th century baseball player
* John Frederick Miller, an English illustrator, mainly of botanical subjects.
* John Miller, a builder of roller coasters
* John Milton Miller, a noted American electrical engineer;
* Johnny Miller, an American golfer
* Jonathan Miller, a physician and television presenter
* Jonny Lee Miller, a British actor
* José Miller, Cuban Jewish leader
* Judith Miller (journalist), U.S. journalist
* Julie Miller, an American country singer
* Julius Sumner Miller, an American physicist
* Justin Miller (baseball), a Major League relief pitcher


* Kei Miller, Jamaican writer
* Keith Miller, an Australian Test cricketer
* Kelly Miller (scientist), an African American mathematician, sociologist and essayist
* Kelly Miller (basketball), basketball player
* Kenneth L. Miller (born 1979), an American applications analyst extraordinaire
* Kenneth R. Miller (born 1948), U.S. biologist known for his opposition to creationism
* Kenneth G. Miller (born 1956), U.S. geologist
* Ken Miller (football coach), head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders
* Kenny Miller (born 1979), Scottish professional footballer playing for Rangers and the Scottish national teamkenneth miller (born 1967), Professional basketball player Usa and europe


* Larry Miller, one of several people:
** Larry H. Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz basketball team
** Larry Miller (actor), American comedian, actor and columnist
** Larry Miller (athlete) , representing Antigua and Barbuda at the 1988 Summer Olympics
** Larry Miller (baseball), a MLB pitcher
** Larry Miller (basketball), an American basketball player
** Larry Miller (politician), a Canadian politician
** Larry Miller (sports executive), president of the Portland Trail Blazers
** Larry Miller (video game designer) , involved with Enduro (video game)
** Laurence B. (Larry) Miller, an American guitarist formerly with Destroy All Monsters, Sproton Layer, M3, and Nonfiction
* Leah Miller, a Canadian actress and television personality
* Lee Miller, an American photographer
* Lenard Miller, Scholar UC Berkeley, Washington Center Fellow
* Leszek Miller, former Prime Minister of Poland
* Lewis Miller, 19th century Ohio businessman who invented the "combine"
* Lillian Miller ("Miss Miller"), a regular audience member "The Tonight Show" and "The Merv Griffin Show"
* Linda Lael Miller, an author of western historical romances


* Mandy Miller, a British child star
* Marcus Miller, a jazz musician
* Markus Miller, a German football goalkeeper
* Marisa Miller, an American model
* Marsha Miller, an American beach volleyball player
* Matthew Miller (disambiguation page)
* Merton Miller, an American economist, collaborator of Franco Modigliani (Modigliani-Miller theorem)
* Mesina Miller, American model
* Michelle Miller, CBS reporter and wife of former mayor of New Orleans
* Mike Miller (athlete), an American track and field sprinter
* Mitch Miller, an American singer and TV personality
* Montague Miller, an Australian radical and labour organizer
* Mrs. Miller (Elva Ruby Connes), an American singer


* Olive Thorne Miller, pseudonym of author Harriet Mann Miller
* Oskar von Miller (1865-1934), German engineer and founder of the Deutsches Museum


* Patrick Miller (soldier), an American soldier held as a POW during Operation Iraqi Freedom
* Paul A. Miller, former President of the Rochester Institute of Technology
* Perry Miller, American historian
* P. Schuyler Miller, American science-fiction writer
* Philip Miller, a British botanist
* Percy Miller, American rapper from New Orleans


* Ralph Miller, Oregon State University basketball coach
* Ralph Miller (engineer) , an American engineer of the Miller cycle
* Ralph Willett Miller, British Royal Navy captain
* Reggie Miller, an American basketball player
* Reverend Jen Miller, an American author, actress, prophet, preacher, painter and poet
* Rhett Miller, an American singer/songwriter and lead singer of the band The Old 97's
* Robin Miller (chef), an American chef, host of Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller
* Robyn Miller and Rand Miller, computer game creators ("Myst")
* Roger Miller, an American singer
* Roger Miller (rock musician), guitarist for Mission of Burma
* Russell Miller, British journalist and author
* Ryan Miller (hockey player), an American hockey player in the NHL

* Samuel Freeman Miller, a 19th century American jurist
* Saul Miller, a Canadian politician
* Sienna Miller, English actress
* Stanley L. Miller, an American scientist, collaborator of Harold C. Urey (Urey-Miller experiment)
* Stephanie Miller, an American comedian and talk show host
* Stephen Miller, a former Governor of Minnesota
* Stephen Decatur Miller (1787-1838), an American politician
* Steve Miller (musician), a blues and rock'n'roll guitarist (Steve Miller Band)
* Steve Miller (writer), a science-fiction writer
* Steven Miller, an American record producer
* Sue Miller, an American novelist
* Susana Miller, Argentine tango dancer and teacher


* Tina Miller, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.


* Walter M. Miller, Jr., an American science fiction author ("A Canticle for Leibowitz")
* Warren E. Miller, American politician
* Whitey Miller, a Major League Baseball pitcher
* William Miller (preacher), an American religious leader (Millerites)
* William Miller (disambiguation page)
* Wentworth Miller, an American/British actor


* Zell Miller, as American politician

ee also

* Miller (disambiguation)
* Millar
* Muller
* Müller
* Mueller

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