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University of Karachi

name =University of Karachi
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motto =رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً(Arabic)
O my Lord! Advance me in Knowledge
established =June, 1951
type =Public
endowment =
staff =
faculty =400
vice_chancellor =Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui
students =>30,000
undergrad =
postgrad =
doctoral =
profess =
city =Karachi
province =Sindh
country =Pakistan flagicon|Pakistan
campus = 1,279 acres [ [ Introduction - Karachi University] ]
affiliations =HEC, UGC
website = []
The University of Karachi (Urdu: جامعہ كراچى ) is located in the city of Karachi, Province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is the largest public university in the country with a student population of 30,000. According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, it is ranked among the top ten universities of the country. The university has made itself known by producing the largest amount of research output in terms of patent, international peer reviewed, journals and organizing regular academic conferences.


It was chartered by the "Majlis ash-Shura" in September 1950 via an Act of Parliament. The university was established in June 1951, the fourth oldest university in Pakistan and the first in Karachi.The campus of the university is spread over an area of nearly 1300 to 1700 acres. The university consists of 58 departments systemized into eight faculties: Arts, Commerce, Science, Pharmacy, Education, Medicine, Law, and Islamic Studies. In addition, there are 17 research centers and 130 affiliated colleges. It also offers morning and evening courses on Bachelors and Masters programs. The languages of instructions are predominantely Urdu and English.There are approximately 25,000 students in the morning session and around 22,500 students have been enrolled as private candidates. The University of Karachi has had the distinction of producing major personalities of Pakistan such as internationally acclaimed Islamic scholar and historian, Dr. Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi, Dr. Mahmud Husain, Dr. Manzur Ahmad, Dr. Jamil Jalbi, Dr. Abdul Wahhab. The alumni are also recognized for their participation in national politics.

Business School

Along with other reputable faculties, the University of Karachi has also pioneered in Business Education in South Asia since the mid fifties. Karachi University Business School was established on the pattern of well-recognized Business Schools in the western world in 1999. The Business School offers the four year degree of Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (Honors), two year degree of Master of Business Administration MBA (Days & Evenings) as well as MBA after-hours. It is ranked among the best Business Institutes of the Nation.

Dr. Mahmud Husain Library

Karachi university has library containing tens of thousands books on different topics.
* [ Dr. Mahmud Husain Library]

Karachi University Press

It is one of the biggest educational presses and publishes all the material for university along with books.

Distinguished Alumni

* Jamiluddin Aali - Urdu poet, critic, playwright, essayist, columnist, and scholar of Pakistan.
* Abbas Husain - leading Pakistani professor, educator and Islamic scholar.
* Abrar Hasan - prominent lawyer and a constitutional expert.
* Abul Khair Kashfi - author, researcher, critic, linguist and scholar of Urdu literature and linguistics.
* Ahmed Ali - Pakistani novelist, diplomat and scholar.
* Mohammed Ajeeb - former Lord Mayor of Bradford.
* Ajmal Mian - former Chief Justice of Pakistan.
* Aslam Farrukhi - noted Urdu author, critic, poet, linguist, scholar and broadcaster of Pakistan.
* Altaf Hussain - the leader and founder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
* Atta ur Rahman, Chairman HEC and Director H.E.J. Research Institute of ChemistryB
* Ansar Burney - leading Pakistani human rights and civil rights activist.
* Zahid Latif Butt - professor and a senior teacher of Biology.F
* Fauzia Wahab - Pakistani politician in the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).H
* Husain Haqqani - Pakistan Ambassador to the United States.I
* Imran Nazar Hosein - leading International Islamic Philosopher, Scholar and author.
* Israr Ahmed - a Pakistan-based Muslim religious figure.J
* Jameel Jalibi - a noted linguist, critic, writer, researcher, educationist and scholar of Urdu literature.K
* Khalida Ghous - eminent scholar of International Relations & Human Rights and a prominent activist.M
* Makhdoom Ali Khan - former Attorney General of Pakistan
* Masuma Hasan - first women Ph.D. and first women Federal Secretary of Pakistan.
* Moinuddin Aqeel - author, critic and linguist being an outstanding scholar of Urdu literature and Linguistics.
* Moonis Ahmar - eminent scholar of International Relations and Conflict Resolution.
* Prof Dr.Muhammad Ali Siddiqui - noted Philosopher and Critic of Pakistan.N
* Nazim Hussain Siddiqui - former Chief Justice of Pakistan
* Michael Nazir-Ali - current Bishop of Rochester in the Church of England.
* Nida Sameer - leading anchor person of Geo News.
* Nisar Memon, former Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting.
* Noon Meem Danish, poetcite news|work=Dawn|publisher=Pakistan Herald Publications|date=2007-12-09|accessdate=2007-12-13|title=AUTHOR: A poet in New York|last=Farrukhi|first=Asif|url=] P
* Parveen Shakir - Urdu poetess, teacher and a civil servant of the Government of Pakistan.
* Pirzada Qasim - noted scholar, Urdu poet and Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi.Q
* A. Q. Khan - Pakistani scientist and metallurgical engineer, widely regarded as the founder of Pakistan's nuclear program.R
*Riaz Ahsan, noted professor and former president of Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association.S
* Syed Sajjad Ali Shah, former Chief Justice of Pakistan
* Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui, former Chief Justice of Pakistan
* Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, former Citibank executive officer T
* Muhammad Taqi Usmani - an eminent Hanafi Islamic scholar from Pakistan who has served as a judge on the Shariah Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
* Talat A. Wizarat - noted scholar of International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies.


* [ Faculty of Science]
* [ Faculty of Pharmacy]
* [ Faculty of Medicine]
* [ Faculty of Islamic Studies]
* [ Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences]
* [ Faculty of Arts]

Departments of University of Karachi

The University of Karachi has a number of departments including:

Faculty of Science
* Department of Agriculture
* Department of Applied Chemistry
* Department of Applied Physics
* Department of Biochemistry
* Department of Bio-Technology
* Department of Botany
* Department of Chemical Technology /Engineering
* Department of Chemistry
* Department of Computer Science
* Department of Food Science & Technology
* Department of Genetics
* Department of Geology
* Department of Geography
* Department of Health & Physical Education
* Department of Mathematics
* Department of MIBM (Evening Programme)
* Department of Microbiology
* Department of Petroleum Technology
* Department of Physics
* Department of Physiology
* Department of Statistics
* Department of [ Zoology]

Faculty of Arts
* Department of Arabic
* Department of [ Criminology]
* Department of Bengali
* Department of Economics
* Department of Education
* Department of English
* Department of General History
* Department of International Relations
* Department of Islamic History
* Department of Library & Information Science
* Department of Mass Communication
* Department of Persian
* Department of Philosophy
* Department of Political Science
* Department of Psychology
* Department of Sindhi
* Department of Sociology
* Department of Social Works
* Department of Special Education
* Department of Urdu
* Department of [ Visual Studies]

Faculty of Pharmacy
* Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
* Department of Pharmaceutics
* Department of Pharmacology
* Department of Pharmacognosy

Faculty of Islamic Studies
* Department of Islamic Learning
* Department of Quran Wa Sunnah
* Department of Usulal Din
* Department of Sirah Chair

Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences
* Karachi University [ Business School]
* Department of Commerce
* Department of Public Administration

Faculty of Medicine
* MS (Surgery)
* MD (Medicine)

Research Institutes and Centers

* [ Applied Economics Research Centre]
* Area Study Center for Europe
* [ Center of Excellence for Women Study]
* [ Center of Excellence in Marine Biology]
* Center for Molecular Genetics
*H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry [] .
* Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine
* Dr. A.Q. Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
* Institute of Clinical Psychology
* Institute of Environmental Studies
* Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

* [ Institute of Marine Science]
* National Nema-. tological Research Centre
* [ Pakistan Study Center]
* [ Sheikh Zayed Islamic Research Centre]
*Institute of Space and Planet Astrophysics
*Institute for Sustainable Halophyte Utilization
* [ Marine Reference & Research Collection Center]
* [ Department of Chemical Engineering]
* Department of [ Zoology]
* [ Department of Computer Science]

Affiliated Colleges

Following is the complete list of affiliated colleges and institutes of University of Karachi [ [ Affiliated Colleges of University of Karachi] ]

Government Colleges

* Abdullah College for Women, North Nazimabad, Karachi
* Adamjee Government Science College, off Business Recorder Raod, Karachi
* Aisha Bawani College, Shahrah e Faisal, Karachi
* A.P.W.A. College for Women, F.B. Area, Karimabad, Karachi
* Allama Iqbal Government Girls College, Shah Faisal Colony No. 2, Karachi
* City College, Opposite Ziauddin Hospital, F.B. Area, Karachi
* Government College of Commerce & Economics, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi
* Government College, Block 7, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi
* Government Degree College, Landhi/Korangi No. 6, Karachi
* Government Degree Science College, Old Haji Camp, Lyari, Karachi
* Government Degree Science College, Malir, Karachi
* Government D. J. Science College, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi
* Government Degree College for Women, Korangi No.4, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, Murad Memon Goth, Malir, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls Commerce College, Block-16, F.B. Area, Karachi
* Government College for Men, Nawab Siddiqui Ali Khan Road, Nazimabad, Karachi
* Government Degree College for Women, Nazimabad Chowrangi, Karachi
* Government Degree College for Women, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi
* Government Degree College for Women, Saudabad, Malir, Karachi
* Government Degree College for Women, Korangi No.6, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, New Karachi, Karachi
* Government Degree Science College, Malir Cantt. Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, P.I.B. Colony, Karachi
* Government Haji Abdullah Haroon College, Shah Waliullah Road, Khadda, Karachi
* Government H.I. Osmania Girls College, Osmania Colony, Karachi
* Government HRH Aga Khan Girls College, PIB Colony, Karachi
* Government Islamia College for Women, Gulshan-e-Zahoor, Lines Area, Karachi
* Government Islamia Arts/Commerce College, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
* Government Islamia Science College, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
* Government Jamia Millia College, Malir City, Karachi
* Government Jinnah College, Nazimabad, Karachi
* Government Karachi College for Women, Chand Bibi Road, Karachi
* Government Khatoon-e-Pakistan College for Women, Stadium Road, Karachi
* Government Khurshid Girls College, Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi
* Government Liaquat College, Kala Board, Malir, Karachi
* GovernmentScience/Commerce College, Orangi Town, Karachi
* Government National College, Off Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi
* Pakistan Shipowners Government College, Shahrah-e-Noor Jehan, North Nazimabad, Karachi
* B.A.M.M. PECHS Government College for Women, Street No.10, Above Green Nursery, Block-2, Karachi
* Government Premier College, ST-7, Block-H, North Nazimabad, Karachi
* Government Quadi-e-Millat College, Located in the premises of Government Degree Science College, Liaquatabad, Karachi
* Government Raunaq-e-Islam College for Women, Nawab Muhabat Khanjee Road, Karachi
* Rana Liaquat Ali Khan Government College of Home Economics, Stadium Road, Karachi
* Sir Syed Government Girls College, Nawab Siddiqui Ali Khan Road, Nazimabad, Karachi
* Government Sirajuddullah College, F.C. Area, Karimabad, Karachi
* Government S.M. Science College, Burns Gardens, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi
* Government S.M. Arts & Commerce College, Shahrah-e-Kamal Ata Turk, Karachi
* Government Superior Science College, Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi
* S.M.B. Fatima Jinnah Government Girls College, Nishter Road, near Zoo Karachi
* Government College for Boys, North Karachi, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, Block-M, North Nazimabad, Karachi
* Government Degree Boys & Girls College, Stadium Road, SRE Majeed, Karachi
* St. Lawrence Government Degree Girls College, St. Pedro Douza Road, Garden East, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, Sector 11-B, North Karachi
* Government Degree College for Men, Bufferzone, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, Zamzama, Gizri, Karachi
* Government Degree Girls College, Near Shaikh Zaid Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Armed Forces Colleges

* PAF Air War College Faisal, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
* Pakistan Navy Staff College, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
* Pakistan Marine Academy, Mauripur Road, Karachi
* Institute of Safety, PAF Base Masroor, Karachi
* Pakistan Naval Academy, PNS Rahbar, Manora, Karachi
* Fazaia Degree College, Faisal, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
* School of Ordinance, Malir Cantt., Karachi
* School of Army Air Defence, Malir Cantt., Karachi

Law Colleges

* Government Islamia Law College, Allama Shabbir Ahmed Road, Karachi
* Government S. M. Law College, Dr. Ziauddin Road, Karachi

Education Colleges

* Govt. College of Education, Off: Rashid Minhas Road, F.B. Area, Karachi
* Govt. Jamia Millia College of Education, Malir City, Karachi
* PAF College of Education, PAF Korangi Creek, Karachi


* Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Rafiqui Shaheed Road, Karachi
* Kulsoom Bai Valika Social Security Hospital, SITE, Manghopir Road, Karachi
* National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, (NICVD) Rafiqui Shaheed Road, Karachi
* Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, T.B. Senitorium, University of Karachi
* Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Nazimabad, Karachi
* Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SIUT), Civil Hospital Karachi

Medical and Dental Colleges

* Karachi Medical & Dental College, Block-M, Allama Rasheed Turabi Road, North Nazimabad, Karachi

PGD Metrology

* Institute of Metrology and Geophysics, Pakistan Metrological Dept., University Road, Karachi

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* List of Affiliated Institutes and Colleges with University of Karachi
* [ Department of zoology]
* [ Department of International Relations]
* [ Department of Criminology]
* [ Department of Mass Communication Network]


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