Islamia Science College (Karachi)

Islamia Science College (Karachi)

Islamia College is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is one of the largest colleges in Pakistan. This college provides faculties of Science, Law, Commerce and Arts. This college is located just opposite Dawood College of Engineering and Technology. Islamia Science College, Islamia Law College, Islamia Commerence and Arts College are in one Complex which is founded by Quaid-e-Taleem Late Abdul Rehman Muhammad Qureshi. The college was inaugrated by Field Marshal Ayub Khan in August, 1961.

Late Abdul Rehman Muhammad Qureshi was the founder of seventeen schools and colleges which were operational under his own personal administration. Quaid-e-Taleem Mr. A. M. Qureshi introduced in Karachi the Qureshi Night College, and this night college was the first of its kind in Pakistan to bring quality education within easy reach of the employee-students who had previously not been able to pursue academic degrees due to the fact that they were working full time jobs during the day. Mr. A. M. Qureshi was involved with the Muslim League and he made significant contributions to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He stood side by side with Quaid-e-Azam Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, offering of himself and his services without hesitation. Quaid-e-Taleem Mr. A. M. Qureshi held the posts of M.N.A. and M.P.A. among other dignified and worthy positions. Quaid-e-Taleem Mr. A. M. Qureshi also served as the first President of the Karachi Muslim League in 1947. My grand father, Quaid-e-Taleem Mr. A.M Qureshi passed away on 22nd June, 1989 (17th Zeeqa'ad A.H.). He is no longer with us but his mission, his vision and his hopes and dreams are still alive in the form of the Islamic Education Trust & Islamia College Complex Karachi.

KARACHI (P/R) While addressing a Board Meeting of the Islamic Education Trust, Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain, the General Secretary of the Islamic Education Trust and also the Grandson of Quaid-e- Taleem Late Mr. A. M. Qureshi (Founder of Islamia College Complex Karachi), said that the IET board welcomes the bold and dynamic decision by the government to denationalize the educational institutions of Pakistan. This decision will enhance the education level in the institutions of the country and will in effect bolster the country’s economy. Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain also stated that once the government delivers possession of Islamia College Complex Karachi to the Islamic Education Trust, they will work tirelessly to safeguard the interests of the schools and college’s administration, staff and students. Islamia College Complex Karachi is built on approximately six acres of land in the heart of Karachi, near Jinnah’s tomb. Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain said that the Islamic Education Trust will keep Late Mr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Qureshi’s dream of providing quality education to the masses alive. He added that the IET will work to uphold the principles of serving the general public set forth by Mr. A. M. Qureshi, and fellow founder trustees in the IET registered in 1958.

Let it be known that Mrs. Mumtaz Muzakkir, Founder Trustee & Treasurer of Islamic Education Trust (Reg’d.) 1958, has got permission dated 16 August 2007 from Honorable High Court of Sindh Karachi to repair the graves of her father, Quaid-e-Taleem Late Mr. A.M. Qureshi (Founder Islamic Education Trust & Islamia College Complex Karachi), Khadim-e-Islam Late Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Mohadis-e-Azam Late Allama Suleman Nadvi, Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan Late Mr. Zahid Hussain and Khadim-e-Qaum Late Mr. Syed Ahmed Ashraf. As these graves are located in the confines of Islamia College Karachi and as interim caretaker of Islamia College Karachi, Mr. Kadir Bux Umrani is ordered by High Court of Sindh Karachi to supervise a repairing of graves, which Mrs. Mumtaz Muzakkir will personally finance.

The name of the present Trustees and their respective offices are mentioned below:-

Mr. Muhammad Hussain Qureshi, President & Founder Trustee Mrs. Mumtaz Muzakkir, Treasurer & Founder Trustee Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain, General Secretary & Trustee Mr. Mazhar Ali Nanjiani, Vice President & Trustee Mr. Khawaja Adnan Ali, Joint Treasurer & Trustee Mr. Inayat Ibadullah Khan, Joint Secretary & Trustee Mrs. Sarwat Qureshi, Member & Trustee


Notable Graduates

* Zaheer Abbas
* Shahid Afridi

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